From 28/10 to 21/12: Part 2

It is said by some, now that 21/12/12 is behind us, that a Shift of the Ages has taken place. It has even been claimed that the ‘Birth of a New Earth’ has already happened on foot of this. Let us consider the first of these propositions to begin: according to Mayan calendar tradition, a baktun-governed cycle of 13×202 tuns (c. 5,125 years) is the old ‘age’ that has just come to an end while the ‘New Age’, its succeeding cycle, has just begun. The Mayans, we hear, hold a cyclical notion of time and so expected the cycle to repeat. Yet the ‘new age’ is also associated with a shift in consciousness and such a shift can’t be accounted for by cyclical repetition only. There is no doubt that we are involved in a time of great change and that this entails a potential for great transformation but it requires another principle, a developmental principle, to account for phenomena of change. Until this principle has been illuminated, it is gratuitous to invoke the authority of the calendar when claiming that great change has taken place, and much less that a New Earth has been born as a result.

The living Maya simply don’t know. They haven’t used the Long Count (5,125 years cycle) for a thousand years, even before their culture was subjected to the devastating trauma of an invasion that sought to eradicate all traces of indigenous spirituality. This means that they, like the rest of us, are remembering. The authority of their still fractured tradition cannot be used to legitimate the validity of whatever notions modern sources project on to the calendar and its alleged end. This is true even though their ancestors were able, remarkably, to foresee a time of great change in our present. They knew that a particular astronomical phenomenon would be under way – an approximate alignment of our Earth and Sun with the centre of the Milky Way – and associated this phenomenon with the occurrence of great change. The most likely explanation for their ability to do this is that they inherited the knowledge of earlier generations of star-watchers and were transmitting an empirically established correlation between upheaval and alignment via prophecies associated with the Long Count, which is now usually dated from 11 August, 3113 BCE.

This can be true even if the Maya weren’t especially concerned about precessional events in other respects (1). An approximate alignment is evident in our time and has been since1980. It will last until 2016 and achieved its strongest form in 1998. This means that there was no ‘precise celestial alignment’ on 21/12 and no unique energies to trigger any signal transformation. The window was somehow accurately predicted but this merely establishes the alignment as a sign, not a cause. Further, the tun-based sacred calendar is not tied to physical phenomena like orbital patterns and recurring stellar configurations. That said, the Maya also associated upheaval with baktun shifts within the Long Count, implying that a developmental principle applies there too. Calleman has demonstrated a pattern that backs this up, drawing on modern historical evidence. His interpretation of the 13 Heavens as a developmental schema formalises our awareness of this pattern and is also consistent with the Mayans’ own implicit sense of development within the cyclical round(s) of time.

He also made an effort to theorise this principle with regard to enigmatic multi-level entries on the Coba stone, referred to in Part 1 of this writing. Doing so permits some specification of the missing developmental principle across levels. As indicated, I believe his approach to be an invaluable complement to more prosaic assertions that the purpose of the stone is just to draw attention to a 4 Ahau date that we have come to associate with 21/12/2012. These simply ignore higher orders cycles of time that imply a start date for ‘Creation’ 2 quintillion times longer than the estimated age of our universe! This is a staggering oversight (which Calleman repeats having helped draw attention to the issue). I also noted that if a new baktun-based cycle of the calendar was due to start over on 22/12/2012 as indicated by Coba stele 1, there is no reason why the higher order time cycles it also indicates shouldn’t continue as well.

The problem with this is that it’s not possible for the cycles to start over together unless their forerunners also end at the same time, as in Calleman’s 28/10 proposal. This offers the required symmetry and an account of nested cycles that dovetails coherently with the evolutionary record. A 21/12 turning point, by contrast, would be a shambles for many reasons. Chief among these are

1) Rhythms with higher frequency and shorter duration than the baktun never get to be experienced, contrary to widespread awareness of the phenomenon of apparent time acceleration;

2) An end-date of 4 Ahau is ultimately arbitrary, notwithstanding the connotations of 21/12 in the modern world. (Some ‘doctoring’ took place to render it precisely as 21/12/12. Nevertheless, it is highly significant that it came down to modern popular consciousness in this way, complete with pre-established associations of renewal.)

3) The baktun cycles would be embedded near the start of higher order cycles, were they repeating, and would be the only one recurring if they aren’t. Neither scenario makes sense with regard to the evolutionary record.

These points suffice to discredit 21/12/12 as a plausible end date. In order for a ‘shift of ages’ to be possible, all levels of the calendar must pass through it. In order for this to be possible, all must finish at the same time, like Calleman’s series of sequentially emerging nested waves.

It might be objected that he contrived his model in this way, reverse engineering it so that it would fit with implications of the Coba stone according to his reading. Even if this were so, it still wouldn’t discount the fact that there actually is a plausible start date for the Long Count inscribed at Palenque that does yield an end date of 28/10/11; that this does fall on 13 Ahau; that it matches the criteria required for a ‘shift of ages’ noted above, and that it accords more than passably with modern scientific accounts of the evolutionary record. In addition, and most significant for me, I was able to track the unfolding 9th wave very closely and was astonished by the accuracy with which it mapped frequencies from March 9 to October 28, 2011, when the fusion of 9 primary creation waves created by far the strongest energy I have ever engaged. This gave me direct experiential grounds for taking Calleman’s proposals seriously back through higher order cycles of time, including unnamed ones he neglects to mention.


I was not expecting great material changes so I was neither surprised nor disappointed when they failed to occur. Rather, my experience of the 9th wave inclined me to think that its impact would register primarily in consciousness and so it proved. As I have noted many times since, this impact overwhelmed my processing capacities and it took several months before I was able to articulate my experience with clarity, partly because I waited for inner unpacking to occur in its own time without imposing any theoretical agenda. The stages of this unpacking are now recorded in three series of ‘9th Wave’ articles at .

I remember the aftermath of 28/10 very clearly. Unlike 21/12, I experienced a major shift of energies and this was reflected in a vigorous exchange of emails with others (including Calleman) who were also unable to account rationally for what had taken place. It was never disputed that something fundamental had shifted, despite a lack of material indicators. Although it was also not possible to state clearly what this was, it did feel as if our experience of time had altered. After a while, personal-theoretical agendas started to reconstitute themselves and expert speculations rather than primary impressions began to be exchanged.

That said, in the run-up to 28/10, nobody really knew what was going to happen – this despite Calleman’s predictions of earthquakes and global financial collapse. The first thing that became apparent in retrospect was a sense of time having slowed down as the rapidly accelerating, wave-impelled pre-shift build-up of evolutionary complexity peaked. Wave-driven accelerations abruptly dropped away. Barbara Hand Clow spoke of having entered a still-point. This would be a fair description of the first weeks but it also became apparent, as sensibilities recovered from overwhelm, that the waves were in some sense going on and that the whole series of 7th Days had now shifted into a Night. This was unprecedented. Eternal Now had not been globally decreed but a cessation of apparent time acceleration had: whence Barbara’s still-point impression.

Calleman urged that the 7th Days had dropped into a 7th Night, suggesting that an 8th Day and Night, then a 9th, 10th etc. would follow. This would be clearest in the case of the 9th wave since it was still moving with a x20 times higher frequency than the 8th, 400 times higher than the 7th and so on. His aim was to signal that while the 9 levels (Underworlds) of the calendar had completed, the waves themselves were still going on (and time with them). Peculiarly in the context of a shift that implies discontinuity, this suggested that the waves were still continuing as if nothing of fundamental import had happened on 28/10.  Admittedly, nothing outward had but the 9 waves had fused momentarily in time. This meant that 9 primary vehicles of a sustained manifestation of Divine Creativity in time – which previously had functioned separately and in parallel – had now come together, become One in a fleeting singularity that was quite different than the enigmatic ‘concrescence’ Terence McKenna had anticipated.

If the impact of this fusion could be absorbed in the embodied consciousness of a human being – a member of the species whose flourishing has been systematically favoured by the 9 waves – that would herald an unprecedented transformation. As indicated, I made myself available for this but was unable to comment for some time due to effects of overwhelm. I had seen that the focus of the 8th wave appeared to involve the cultivation of an alignment-based spirituality – whereby we align with energies of (visible) Source emanating from a Point of Creation at the Origin of the Universe and feel ourselves empowered by its creative force. What happened for me through the course of the 9th wave was that I found myself experiencing more and more in terms of a Source-based Consciousness that was located inside me, at the centre of my spiritual Heart (chakra).

I also posited ahead of 28/10 that the seed of the 9th wave would serve to awaken this Source-based spirituality in anyone who took pains to attend to it. A ritual staged on the night of 28/10 facilitated this process so powerfully that I was unable to realise it in consciousness in the moment. (I have however done so since, including on the night of 21/12.) Had I not been so overwhelmed, I might have noted that the 9 waves, fusing and merging in my Heart, activated a new awareness of Source Consciousness within me. Playing over the symbolism of classic western numerology, the emergent Unity of 1 streams out from the Void of 0 (Zero) and passes through 9 stages of unfolding (1-9) before coming into a new relationship with the 0 of Void/Source, in order to manifest as a ‘higher’ (more differentiated or richly articulated) of the One that it has always been – that is to say, more conscious: which is, after all, the goal of conscious/ness evolution.

This also provides a compelling modern gloss on Calleman’s account of the Mayan 9-part ‘god’ who descends at the ‘end’ of time. This doesn’t imply an end of the world, whatever that might mean, or even the wholesale retirement of all clocks. Rather it implies a direct, experientially grounded intuition of a timeless state out of which all manifest orders of time arise (see Part 1 with reference to the Coba stone). This is a contemporary reading. I am not suggesting that the ancient Maya shared it, any more than they are likely to have shared Calleman’s vision of the 9 Underworlds. Bearing in mind Gebser’s discovery of the creative relationship between Integral and earlier consciousness forms, it is worth noting that such initiatives are too easily dismissed as modern impositions on an essentially cyclical native view of time (2).

It is no surprise that later consciousness structures should hark back to the revelations of earlier ones and find new patterns there, new revelations, and vice-versa. This is why Consciousness evolves. The fact that a later account is not endorsed by earlier ones is no reason to dismiss it, especially in a time-developmental universe where consciousness evolves. In addition, we should recall that the ancient Maya as well as modern Mayanists associate the emergence of new consciousness with the arrival of a New Age. Again, this is more than a purely cyclical view of time can explain. There has to be some developmental power at work, ideally one that accounts for gradual changes within given evolutionary phases and abrupt transformations across them. Calleman’s treatment of 9 Underworlds and 13 Heavens manages both down to the time of the Shift, at which point our accounts diverge.


I saw the 7th Days entering a 1st Night rather than a 7th after 28/10. There are several reasons for this. To start, it suggests that the waves repeat under transformation rather than merely going on.  Hence the 9th wave, for example, repeats as a structural unit of 13 Heavens, each of 18 days duration (13×18x200). This preserves its relationship of fractal resonance with the other waves. Also, a massive discontinuity is introduced by the fusing of all 9 creation waves in time. This is our ultimate stimulus to a new Unity (Consciousness). Its first ‘repetition’ (October 2011-June 2012) is marked by 7 Nights and 6 Days rather than vice-versa. Within it, ‘deities’ that formerly governed Days are now paired with Nights and vice-versa. This introduces a dampening effect and, together with the end of time acceleration, accounts for Barbara Hand Clow’s impression of a prolonged ‘still-point’.

This changes with the second repetition (June 2012-February 2013), when the deity-Heaven relationships return to what had been the norm pre-Shift in a 7 Day, 6 Night cycle that replicates the original pattern except for the capping of time acceleration. This means that every second repetition has a different energy profile which balances their continued unfolding after the Shift: 7 Nights/6 Days balances 7 Days/6 Nights, by contrast with a systematic favouring of Days in the build-up of the pre-Shift era. The focus of unfolding time is now on balance and integration rather than the production of novelty per se. The implications of this are entirely missed if we think that the waves just ‘continue’ in the sense that their Heavens continue to accumulate in an unstructured way, without rhyme or reason.

The difference follows from a marked discontinuity that was introduced on 28/10 after 16.4 billion years, namely an arresting of the 7 Days’ constantly triumphing over 6 Nights. This happened so that increasing structural complexity could be brought into the Light show of existence, in order that Consciousness-in-existence could attain ever greater span and, eventually, a capacity of reflexive-reflective awareness that allows it to recap its own origins and note that these are found Beyond. Once this level of complexity was attained, at the end of (wave-driven) time as we knew it, the Light-Dark relation could be equalised in a repetitive pattern that allows (embodied human) Consciousness-in-time to raise questions of its origin, destiny and co/creative responsibility as never before.

Thus, after an externally impelled build-up of light brings us to a level of complexity from which we can ponder our origins and deliberate possible futures, the drivers are abruptly discontinued and we, having been carried to a threshold of new freedom, are asked to complete the pattern alone – or, rather, to remember that we are the Ones we have been waiting for, embodiments of Divine Consciousness in time experimenting with gifts of new freedom, awareness, creativity and response-ability. The Divine Plan, if it may still be called such, is not determinate beyond this point. Steiner was not being melodramatic in noting that realising our powers of love and freedom was crucial to fulfilment of the Consciousness Soul, and its mission to redeem effects of splitting induced by our once cosmically dissociated Intellectual Soul (3). We need to fix this now. It has not been done yet nor can it be done by anybody other than ourselves, drawing on all the inspiration we can muster.


The calendar now models balanced rounds of Light and Dark so that more and more of us might have greater opportunities to discern an underlying Unity in the waxing and waning of its underlying yin-yang creation waves (4). With regard to 2012 itself, and especially its fabricated talismanic date of 21/12, there is little to say. While there was a marked shift in energies before and after the ‘end’ of 28/10, there was no change at all after 21/12 (apart from the impact of co-ordinated human activity: 5). Availing of the solstice imagery of my native tradition, I set myself to see if energies of 28/10 could still be accessed and found that they could, with absolute clarity. My sense is that this can now be repeated with representative human groups at any time and we will test this shortly (6).

This exercise will be part of a series that continues to develop around a central symbol of the Divine Child as a human being who has remembered her/his origin in Divine Consciousness. This remembering has been assisted by the Mayan calendar and by its 9th wave in particular. Above all, it continues to be inspired by the fusion moment of 28/10. The cumulative impact of all 9 waves at that point can still be focused in our Hearts to ignite a literally vital sense of Source-based Consciousness and creativity. This informs our self-recollection as Divine Children who are capable of stepping up to assume full response-ability as spiritual adults now that driving waves of the pre-Shift era have given way to steadily alternating frequencies that offer ongoing support for our continuing efforts to awaken and assume a coherent stewardship role in the ‘birthing’ of a New Earth. This has long been the mythically mandated focus of our species’ essential creativity.

The implication could not be clearer: what happens in time from now is down to us. It always has been in a sense but we were unaware. In the last 100 years, we have begun to remember our origins and creativity. We have come to realise that we co/create our reality with other Powers of the Universe even when we act unconsciously. Now we are asked to discover what we might achieve if we set about this process consciously, with awareness of all that we are and have been. This doesn’t mean that the Divine has retired from the course of evolution but rather that S/He has awakened in it and expresses through it in the guise of ‘Ones’ who look exactly like us. Consciousness in time, having awakened in time (and ‘ended’ it by realising its origins in a timeless Beyond), now exercises its creativity not from any vantage point outside of time but within the self-remembering fabric of space-time existence. This is a realisation that makes whole holy. For us the only difference is an awareness that evolution has served to promote.


(1) Earth’s orbit is affected by a phenomenon called ‘precession’. This refers to a wobble in her axis that causes it to lean away from centre, describing a circle in the heavens as she rotates. This circle is symbolised by the Zodiac. It takes Earth’s axis, imaginatively extended, 2160 years to pass through each of the twelve houses and 25,920 years to make a complete circuit.

(2) See ‘2012: Then, Later, NOW’ (in preparation).

(3) See ‘The Spirituality of 2012’, part 2

(4) This means that my sense of how the calendar is currently behaving, expressed in ‘Rounds of Light and Dark’ (Piece 13 of ‘9 Little Pieces’), is correct and that 28/10 was the turning point. In terms of an unqualified cyclical vision of how the calendar works, it offers a perfect axis, showing how the ‘visible’ tun-based rhythms noted by Calleman’s reading of the Coba stone do end and start over at the same moment of symbolic midnight on a particularly fateful 13 Ahau date. It also shows how the order built up pre-Shift is conserved and utilised after it.

(5) Regarding the Shift of the Ages film, we might note that if Don Alejandro Cirillo Oxlaj, aka Wandering Wolf, was truly destined to preside over the Shift, it must have happened over 28/10 rather than 21/12 since he was no longer the Mayan Grand Elder at the later date.

(6) I will restage ‘Birthing a New Earth’ with a veteran Irish group in February 2013. A new wave of work, adapted to post-Shift conditions, will follow from this.

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