10. Temple, Calendar, Merkaba

The uinal goes from 201 during the 8th wave to 200 during the 9th. This means that its 20 aspects become implicit (hidden) during the 9th just as they were before the 1st, when the tzolkin first manifested Sacred Time. The 9th wave discloses something meta-physical, a generative impulse from Beyond that animates the order of Cosmos. This became explicit as the yin-yang phases of a 9 up/9 down 18 day count. It also evokes our ascent through levels of the Sacred Temple/Tree of Life (which are equivalent images) and back down so that we may clarify unresolved elements of our first, largely unconscious passage through the Underworlds.

While I was praying into the roots of the Tree of Faith and Life, I had a vision of my prayer issuing from a 9th plus level of embodied consciousness down to a 1st minus. This ‘9th plus’ comes of integrative effects that are catalysed by the 9th wave but aren’t reducible to it. It corresponds to Gebser’s Integral Consciousness and applying it to the 1st wave brings a realisation that while the Big Bang may count as a visible Source (in the sense that its background radiation has been observed by science) it doesn’t exhaust the Mystery of Source as a metaphysical realisation.

What caused the Big Bang, for example? Claims that it was just a random event are expressions of ignorance masquerading as tough-mindedness and are also belied by evidence of progressive structure to which the Big Bang gives rise. Ultimate Source has been more honestly characterised as a Great Mystery, usually by indigenous peoples. This represents a carry-over from Archaic Consciousness into Mythic and the application of Integral (9th wave plus) consciousness to it produces a 1st wave minus awareness of (invisible) Source beyond (visible) Source.

I also ‘saw’ that this vision might apply to levels of the Sacred Temple, since it too is a mythological image. This happened on the Mayan day 11 Seed, when I planted the Seed of my Vision into the Roots of the Tree and Heart of Earth. Nine days later (7 Reed) I knelt on a toposcopic hill overlooking Grahamstown and prayed that Dragon and human energies might come together again in a new, mutually renewing relationship. On that day I had a further image of Self, Earth, Cosmos and All That Is enveloped in a unitary Merkaba form, breathed out and in across various levels of being, infinite to infinitesimal, from the edges of manifestation to a Point of Creation, over and over. Surplus to contract, this piece is an explication of that image.


Mystics speak of a Love that reaches up and a Love that reaches down. These strains are of One Love and may be represented by ascending and descending triangles.  Descending Love reaches ‘down’ into Creation from a Source that transcends it while ascending Love reaches up through Creation back towards its transcendent Source. (‘Transcendent’ here refers to Being/Consciousness beyond space, time and reason.)

- Insert Descending and Ascending triangles -

These ascending and descending streams meet at the level of the Heart chakra and, marrying there, precipitate a major awakening of Divine Consciousness in time. This happens through the agency of human consciousness and may be represented by means of a 6-pointed star.

- Insert 1: 6-pointed star -

This 2-dimensional representation is known as the Star of David. Its 3-dimensional form is the Merkaba, or star tetrahedron, a dynamic structure that expresses the ideal form of our light body (20). In mythic terms, these ascending and descending streams correspond in turn to the Love of Father Sky/God and Mother Earth/Goddess. Their union at Heart level is a major factor in birthing a Divine Child – i.e. an embodied consciousness that has reclaimed its powers of innocence, origin and spontaneity, all of which centre in our spiritual Heart. We may picture this attainment as follows:

- Insert 3: Sacred Heart in Merkaba -

Seeing Love that reaches down and Love that reaches up from a 21st century point of view, it translates as a dual process of spiritual involution and evolution that seems to have always been under way. Spiritual involution is the process whereby Spirit vests itself in matter and evolution the return journey, as typically understood. That is, there is a tendency to assume that Spirit first becomes completely vested in matter and only then does its return ‘Home’ get under way. However, if we trace this process imaginatively back to Origin – which we can as expressions of its unfolding, cued by the 9th wave to look back – we see that it involves a gradual materialisation of Spirit/Consciousness and gives rise to a gradual ascent through successive material forms until a point of self-remembering is reached.

This latter aspect is known as the phase of spiritual evolution and is usually dated from the ‘visible’ Source of our Big Bang. Despite this, even the involution phase must be seen as evolutionary, since it moves Consciousness/Spirit beyond whatever it may have been before and is therefore developmental. Logically, the involution phase of Love reaching down must precede the evolution phase of Love reaching (back) up, but not absolutely nor all at once.

This is a valuable reflection because it reminds us that All is a projection of One Love. The unfolding of the Mayan calendar up to and after 28/10 is an outpouring of this Love which needs to reach down in order that it can also reach up. The calendar itself is an expression of it and continues to be so. All starts when a ‘Divine Intent’ that underpins Creation as a highly structured, purposeful process initiates a graduated sequence of spiritual descent whereby pure Spirit/Consciousness comes to be vested in matter.

Our ‘Big Bang’ represents the first tangible manifestation of this ‘descent’ (21) and is located at the precise beginning of the calendar. Calleman’s great achievement was to map the principal stages of this ascent up to 28/10, when additional factors came into play. I will return to these. The point I want to stress here is that Love has been reaching towards Creation from before its manifest beginning and ever since. The Mayan calendar articulates the visible unfolding of this process in terms of 9 waves, 20 aspects and 13 tones. It also establishes the unfolding as a gradual, multi-level process in which Love continued to stream down in order that it might also reach up.


The un-manifest beginning of Creation begins with the Dreamtime, when Being/What Is first dreams of Becoming (Being more). Since the first nature of All That Is is self-evidently Love, which reaches out and draws in, Becoming must always have been part of Being’s Dream. And since such wondering leads to more enfolded depths of Mystery, I focus here only on what follows the manifest beginning of our Big Bang. Great Mystery is more than just what we can’t understand: as expressions of it, we already know All That (It) Is but tacitly, darkly, archaically. Hence Consciousness chooses to evolve by making us the instruments of its self-explication.

Spirit as Divine Love pours into matter via our Big Bang at the calendar’s beginning, with the rise of a 1st Creation wave. This then unfolds across the 13 Heavens (7 Days, 6 Nights) of a modal genesis pattern. It sees Consciousness project and become vested in mineral and plant forms before birthing a first living cell. 95% of the way across the first step of what will become a 9-stepped Temple, it drops a seed (figuratively). This gives rise to a second wave and, finally, projects Consciousness as mammalian forms. The pattern is then repeated such that a 3rd step/level/wave gives rise to primate consciousness forms that are also projections of Consciousness (expressions of its Love). Then a 4th gives rise to hominid forms and most remarkably Home Erectus, our direct ancestor, 1.9 million years ago.

By the middle of the next (5th) wave around 50,000 years ago, we are at the Heart of the calendar’s qualitative unfolding of all that had been enfolded and implicit in Consciousness before. Our species – Homo Sapiens – has begun to flourish as the primary vehicle of this unfolding. This is usually attributed to our distinctive mental endowment but while it is true that bulging forebrains and the cognitive abilities they support are prerequisite, there is also more going on than can be explained in terms of physical adaptation alone. Our ancestors are not only ‘adjusting’ across diversely challenging material environments, they are also making art and burying their dead in ways that clearly imply an opening of spiritual consciousness in them. Consciousness that projected itself across mineral, plant and animal forms has now begun to express directly in time, leaving clues that it can ponder and build from.

So far we have been viewing this process from the perspective of Love that reaches up (evolves visibly in time). We also need to remember that, at the same time as this is happening, Love that reaches down continues to pour steadfastly into existence and time, where its energies are fashioned into enabling structures in accordance with calendar provisions. The calendar doesn’t cause this. It too is a reflection of Consciousness, a projection that charts the unfolding of Consciousness through form(s) in time and also, in conjunction with the Tree of Life, regulates it. This continued up to 28/10, by which time Love that was reaching down in the form of 9 primary creation waves had emptied itself into time, such that an infrastructure of 9 Underworlds was completed.

We can diagram this process as follows, bearing in mind that for practical reasons it’s not possible to draw the 9 steps of the temple to scale. The diagram is idealised but reveals an essence that eluded me for a long time. The descending triangle again represents a Love that reaches down while the ascending one represents a Love that reaches up through progressive forms of material evolution.

- Insert 4: 9-tiered Temple and its inverse -

By 28/10, let us say, ascending Love has become entirely ‘visible’ via the now fully articulated infrastructure of 9 Underworlds. We may speak of these Underworlds as infrastructure in that they now serve as a foundation for something which has yet to manifest fully. Our diagram, although schematic, conveys the essential truth that Divine Love has been reaching into existence all this time, propagating in wave form as the Dragon lines of 13 Heavens across all of the 9 levels. It makes this descent process visible and indicates that it too is complete in the form that we have known it up to 28/10.

This insight occurs in retrospect, after Consciousness has broken through the final step of Divine Love reaching down/up, and after a facility of spiritual review and overview has been engendered (by the 9th wave) that allows us to be explicit about such things. The same is true regarding the bottom level, since inner realisation of the descent process entails a tacit intuition of a ‘No Time’ before Time started with a Big Bang. It’s hard to evoke this in terms of language that comes pre-adjusted to material space-time environments. Note the prominence of spatial metaphor in the following paragraphs.

As a first ‘wave’ of Love reaches ‘down’, it stimulates the release of a first wave of Love that reaches ‘up’. This establishes the first step of our pyramid. When a second wave reaches ‘down’, it stimulates release of a second reaching ‘up’ and so on until our diagram is complete, apparently building from the bottom as a third wave reaching down releases a third reaching up etc. But every visible reaching up pre-supposes an invisible/metaphysical reaching down. The calendar tells us that this succession has unfolded with increasing speed due to the x20 time acceleration factor.

From March 9 to October 28 2011, the series completed as a 9th wave reaching ‘down’ stimulated a 9th wave reaching ‘up’, leaving a structure of 9 Underworlds intact in time and all waves ‘continuing’ subject to periodic inversions that balance yin-yang, Dark-Light energies across consecutive iterations on all levels. This means that every repetition of every wave (7 Days, 6 Nights) is balanced by its inverse of 7 Nights and 6 Days, such that the build-up of driven expansive yang energies that was systemic up to 28/10 is no longer observed.  Balance and integration have become our new priority.

This development is particularly associated with a 9th wave that still foregrounds a 9 up/down (and even an 18 up/down) rhythm within the enveloping ascensionist thrust of all earlier waves. Its role has been to prepare us for gracious participation in a new post-shift way of being that is balanced and integrative rather than driven and assertive. This difference was catalysed by the unprecedented momentary fusion of all 9 Creation waves in time on 28/10/11. Anyone who lacks a sense of this lacks a sense of the substance of the shift, reducing it to a rhetorical trope that cannot be spoken or written of with authority or conviction.

Our pyramid metaphor is not good for making this clear but does serve to remind that it is a metaphor, providing images to think with but not for Consciousness in time to be dominated by. Our wave and temple images, like the calendar itself, were always in service to Consciousness (in and out of time) and never the other way around. It is time now to remember this in order that Consciousness in time can, through us, break free of all conceptual-metaphorical schemas in terms of which it has been arraigned for purposes of intellectual access, including the present diagram.

Happily, Consciousness in time has always been primarily influenced by the most recent wave of Love that reaches up/down. For us, this is and will always be the 9th. It is now repeating with 201-8 times more frequency than its ‘inferior’ waves, giving us ample opportunities to achieve healing, balance and integration in relation to them. Powers of will, insight, discretion and intentionally aligned (co-)creativity that we bring to this process can now supplant the determinate driven-ness that used to obtain. I live in accordance with these principles and see how easily they unfold every day. This makes it much easier to write about the nature of ‘the shift’, beyond a primarily theoretical engagement.


Note similarities between our last diagram and the Star of David structure featured earlier. This pattern has been crystallising in my Unconscious since the meditation overlooking Grahamstown on August 6, when the image first figured prominently but without understanding. It came in a sudden rush of felt awareness complete with a vision of my body wrapped in its Merkaba form contained within that of Earth and Cosmos. There were also intermediate levels, perhaps Solar and Galactic, but this wasn’t clear. What was clear was the immediate intuition of a micro-merkaba rotating left and right around stillness at the centre of my spiritual Heart, with the possibility of a yet smaller one within that, and another, and another…

I had a sense that this Heart-centred, Merkaba-framed Consciousness encompassed space and time across all levels of  expansion/contraction. This impression carried vastly more information that I could register in the moment but there was a clear realisation that all phenomena arise within the expanded sphere of One Heart. There was also a definite image of two 9-stepped Sacred Temples, one upright and the other inverted, overlapping in Merkaba form as per diagram 4. Understanding wasn’t part of this experience and I didn’t feel able or inclined to reflect on it till now, when it has begun to clarify and connect with my earlier experiences at the Tree.

Now, if I put a representative human figure into the abstract form of the calendar-as-Merkaba above, I get an almost complete image of my experience

- Insert 5: figure sitting within 4 -

i.e. that of a human being sitting in meditation while experiencing her/himself as the still centre of an awareness within which dysfunctional elements of a conditioned past are brought forward for clarification at the same time as s/he becomes increasingly aware of her/his human, global and cosmic light bodies. Viewing the still point at the centre of my Heart as the Centre/Point of Creation, this becomes

- Insert 6: radiating Sacred Heart at centre of 5 -

with the Universe expanding out in all directions, driven by waves of Creation that emanate from a Point of Creation at the centre of every awakened human Heart in time. This realisation engages an inner power that carries us (initially as individuals) beyond a condition of relative stasis that now prevails with respect to pre-shift rates of change. Seeing this brings new opportunities for fulfilment of our innermost creative potential. It is also an occasion to examine differences between our awareness of the calendar as it is now and as it was before 28/10.

Up till then, the waves were driven by a Consciousness outside time with a view to awakening Consciousness inside it. 28/10 was a major occasion of this awakening, the point at which a possibility was established for all humanity to become collectively aware of its origins beyond time by following the threads of our unfolding back to their visible Source in a Big Bang and beyond that into the Heart of a Great Mystery. But because Mystery is in the course of awakening to itself through us, our awakening couldn’t be presented as a fait accompli. We are Mystery in the throes of awakening to itself through our selves. So we are still dealing with possibility rather than its fulfilment. Bridging this gap is our response-ability.

For the moment this possibility – this seed of a ‘10th wave’ – is being nurtured by a spiritual vanguard whose reflections affect collective consciousness as they register within the broader culture. (The term ‘vanguard’ is used here in a purely descriptive sense, without elitist connotations.) This needn’t necessarily involve teaching people about the calendar but it does involve freeing our repressed powers of creativity and imagination.


At the beginning, middle and end of the 9 waves, from the Big Bang to October 2011, we can discern 1) the materialisation of Spirit in space and time; 2) the emergence of a spiritual consciousness in time through Homo Sapiens, and 3) the dawning of an explicitly reflexive spiritual (self-)consciousness in time, again through us. This last stage is happening in our present. It entails intuiting an order of timelessness beyond time which alters the nature of our relationship to time and our experience of it. This has been the biggest single change that I have noted in my own life since the shift of 28/10.

It may seem problematic to refer to a ‘shift’ during October 2011 which relatively few people even suspected and which most of these are now embarrassed by, having failed to note significant changes since. Such change was never going to happen suddenly but it once seemed reasonable to imagine that it could have been delivered over 14-16 billion years. The problem here has always been that as long as our ascent towards a recollection of Unity Consciousness was driven by spiritual forces outside our control, we could never align freely with them. The process was determinate and therefore pointless. Consciousness never had anything to learn from an experiment whose outcome was already predetermined.

Thus we had to be carried to a point where we could take responsibility for a freedom which it has been the goal of spiritual evolution to develop and exercise responsibly, having done so. Our species stands now on this threshold, as a fractured whole whose many parts exhibit different wounds, tendencies and potentials. These can only be healed, integrated and developed as we review them within the frame of our still-evolving Unity Consciousness, the key to which can only be found in Heart-centred awareness. I cite my experiences in Africa as an example of why this must be so.

It is amazing in this regard that the Heart of our sitting meditator should coincide in the macro-structure of two Temples with a decisive moment of spiritual awakening in the middle of the Regional Underworld, when Archaic-Magico-Mythic consciousness first became aware of itself in a compact reality in which it remained integrally embedded. The Bushmen carry this awareness still, although the sphere of reflection known as human culture also became prominent 50,000 years ago. Our participation in reality was no longer immediate as a result but subject to growing powers of interpretation and distortions induced by them. It led eventually to myths of Babel and a ‘Fall’ from which we have yet to recover. This imposed a rift between Archaic, Magical and early Mythic consciousness and later Mythic-Mental consciousness. It was in order to repair this rift in myself that I felt motivated to visit Africa and the Bushmen. I will write more about this at another time (See Piece 12).


The ‘ascent’ of Consciousness doesn’t start after the ‘descent’ is complete but as it is happening, especially after the Big Bang precipitates physical manifestation.  It is all one journey, in which the ascending structure of our Sacred Temple is raised exactly as descending energies pour in via the Tree of Life/calendar schedule. This accounts for our dual Temple structure, upright and inverted. But the ‘driven’ nature of this process applies only up to 28/10, when the point of self-remembering was reached as all waves fused momentarily in time. It engendered a promise of Unity that has been stirring towards fulfilment in me ever since. Grahamstown was a watershed occasion, as a result of which the process became fully explicit (22).

This doesn’t mean that Love no longer reaches up and down, but with habituation and the absence of driven time acceleration we need to make good any apparent shortfall by bringing our creative-imaginative powers, latent and repressed, into Sacred Play. I have been attending vigilantly to this and the unfolding of my life has continued even faster than it was pre-shift. Innovation that is ignorant of the Constant has never been involved. On the contrary, willingness to follow as inspired has made the difference. Constancy within this arrangement has prevented me from getting lost. It would not be otherwise for you.

As in our beginning, Heaven is an experience of feeling safe and letting go. This allows Consciousness to become focused in us, effortlessly, in time and through Heart. Diagrams, concepts and images become secondary and we realise – like the Creators we are – that the whole Light Show of existence is a Sacred Play that arises in the expanded sphere of our (One) Heart(s). After this realisation, this awakening of Creator in the midst of Her/His Dream, there is little more to be said; only limitless possibilities of Beauty and Love to help unfold.


(20) The Merkaba is a particular manifestation of the human light body. Established through meditative practice, it entails a star tetrahedron with male and female polarities that rotate in opposite directions around a central structure that remains unmoving and invariant. Its cultivation affords direct experience of stillness in motion and vice-versa. I have found it to be invaluable by way of long-term preparation for absorbing nuances of the 28/10/11 shift. See Drunvalo Melchizedek ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life’

(21) The use of spatial language here reminds us that we are speaking metaphorically here, and in a mythic vein.

(22) There are unnamed intervals on the stone found at Coba whose inscriptions underpin Calleman’s reconstruction of the calendar as a quantised unfolding process. Intervals associated with the ‘ascent’ through 9 Underworlds have names, from hablatuns to uaxacahunklins. Those that come before our Big Bang don’t. It seems to me that these are best regarded as frequencies that mediate a ‘descent’ from Pure Consciousness towards materialisation. There are also unspecified intervals on the stone after 28/10; perhaps in deference to a freedom that we can never again deny, even if we continue trying.

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