2. Lectures and the Calendar

Moses cannot enter the Promised Land and stay identified with the condition of being Moses for it is this which separates him from the experience of Unity. Unity is not an insight. It is a full-blown existential realisation and it changes everything… Knowing about the Mayan calendar can be a hindrance or a help in its attainment. It depends on how attached we are to being Moses.

The above paragraph is from ‘Reflections on the End of Time’, written in July 2011. It reminds me how relevant Piece 1 is to Calendar discourse. Let us consider this now:

Heaven is a state of Unity (Consciousness), of non-separation. Those who only attend or give lectures are distanced from it by their efforts, especially if it is urged that the shift – whether of 28/10 or 21/12 – can secure change without engaging our personal courage and response-ability.

At first it was conjectured that our egos wouldn’t have to die. We would be reborn into Unity without having to do anything but let the clear light of the 9th Underworld illuminate our forebrains. This didn’t happen on 28/10 but a similar naïve expectation is now being projected on to 21/12, again because we can’t countenance ‘dying’.

There is a story about a man who visits a therapist. Asked about his desired outcome, he replies that he wants to be the same as he is now, only happy. This resembles the attitude of people who crave enlightenment but are unable to ‘die’.  They imagine a mysterious, divinely ordained rapture that will see them through but, since mind is polarised and they are in fear, they also project its opposite: catastrophe. Really, they want to be changed without changing.

This isn’t an option. We are involved in evolution to a degree we can’t control. We can only open to it or resist. The latter course brings suffering. Transformation entails a shift in consciousness, the leaving behind of given organisational patterns followed by the assumption of new ones. In between lie uncertainty and seeming chaos, when old structures have been abandoned and new ones not yet disclosed.

This intermediate phase of helplessness and vulnerability is familiar to anyone with experience of spiritual surrender but a source of terror to many who are now being called to move. Monitoring trecenas can be a source of aid and comfort in such times but of itself will resolve nothing. Just doing that is like attending an endless lecture, as if 9 waves had never fused in time and changed everything.

Their promise was never to pre-empt the rigours of spiritual freedom but rather to bring more and more of us within its range. And now that former adherence to a 28/10 ‘end date’ has become an embarrassment to some, a new Glory Day of 21/12 is feted instead. When nothing outwardly extraordinary happens on that day, levels of reactive discourse will become even more confused (1). Rather than fixating on this, I want to review a Bigger Picture:

The purpose of the evolutionary process is to promote consciousness growth through space and time. This happened in an organised way driven by the unfolding of 9 primary Creation waves up to 28/10/11. It involved catastrophic disruptions that had an effect of shaking things up, such that movement from one level of structure to the next could ensue. Following completion of the Underworlds, we have reached a point where a particular consciousness form can say ‘It’s now possible to facilitate this process so that it happens in another way.’ This expresses the whole purpose of Consciousness awakening in time.

It involves aligning our human powers proactively with powers of the Universe that continue to unfold in and around us at all times, devoting our ego capacity of self-reflection to this end rather than allowing it to impose the patterns of its conditioned wilfulness unchecked (as we moderns have done through the Planetary Underworld). This requires a more nuanced view of ego than is currently the norm.

(1) Nothing extraordinary will happen on 21/12 except by virtue of co-creative human intentionality. If this is all over the place, so will be what happens. Effects will register initially on a local scale because nobody can make it happen for others, although potentials for the collective will be transformed if the momentum is coherently maintained.  Otherwise, waves of disillusionment will follow when no global rapture or devastation ensues, leading to news of postponement and other speculative extravagances.

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