3. Evolution and the End of Time

The ‘End of Time’ doesn’t come when all our clocks are broken and Cosmic Wheels implode. It is an attainment of consciousness, supported by the orderly unfolding of 9 Underworlds as the Mayan calendar describes. This attainment involves a recollection by (human) consciousness-in-time of its origins beyond time. Calleman’s account of the calendar as proceeding from a Point of Creation or Big Bang is already a mythic declaration of this consciousness.

The build-up of 9 Underworlds to 28/10 was directed towards promoting realisation of our origins beyond it. This was the end (purpose) of time up to that time. Admitting consciousness of the Beyond brings an end of time as previously known. This has been achieved before by isolated mystics but the capping of the rate of evolution on 28/10 makes it possible for everyone to achieve Presence now. 28/10 also established an enabling platform for clearing towards this but an appropriate response is needed for anything to come of it (2).

A Universal Speed Limit means that our rate of evolution has stopped accelerating in ways that are externally decreed (by moving up the levels of Calleman’s Pyramid). It doesn’t mean that communications technology will stop getting faster. Inertia alone dictates that they will but we no longer have to stay addicted. Now that frequency acceleration is not cosmically mandated, we have an option of stepping out of frenzied ‘evolving’ into intuitions of timelessness (3), an experience that radically alters dispositions.

Events in my life have continued to move fast since 28/10, not because of residual driven-ness but as a result of consciously incorporating shift energies. I attend early to potentials that are pressing to unfold and co-operate so thoroughly with this process that it manifests with extraordinary speed. For example, a spiritual pattern that built in my life from January 2004 to May 2012 was recapped with higher awareness from May 27 to June 27. It became especially rapid from June 19, which marked the beginning of a repeating 9th wave and peaked on June 27, the mid-point of its 1st Day.

This was not an automatic process but required co-creative engagement with patterns of a quantum reality which is now available to us as never before. It is not due to the rate at which external frequencies ‘vibrate’ us but rather our availability to let patterns whose origins lie outside time enter the flow of existence via conscious mediation. Engaging with multi-dimensional reality is crucial for this. It requires an attitude of trust, surrender and allowing that takes us out of lecture mode and into Heaven.

I became increasingly aware of this following a breakthrough in meditation at the start of 2012. Inspiration for ‘The Spirituality of 2012’ and ‘Birthing the Divine Child’ both grew from this same root. The latter was presented as a Sacred Play last May and offered a condensed dramatised framing of developments that I experienced over several months in the course of its preparation.

The birth of my ‘Divine Child’ on May 27 consolidated my realisation of a potential that was triggered by the shift of 28/10. The essence of this shift consists in an ability to live ‘in between’ the developmental unfoldings of time and a timeless state of pure Creator Consciousness out of which time was originally dreamt (4).

(2) See ‘The Spirituality of 2012’, especially Section 9 ‘The Calendar in Prospect’.

(3) It has been suggested that people who use Twitter are more advanced than users of Facebook, for instance, since they are closer to a constantly evolving edge. This is a secondary reflection that misses the centrality of awareness while continuing to obsess over novelty and speed. When the Tao Te Ching cautions against innovating while ignorant of the Constant, the issue it names is ignorance (lack of awareness), not innovation. I explain how ‘intuitions of timelessness’ can now be more easily secured in ‘The Calendar in Prospect’.

(4) See the closing sequences of ‘Birthing the Divine Child’ and especially the last, ‘The Impossible Transcendence of I AM’.

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