8. Dragons of the Drakensberg

My sense of Dragon energy is based on Taoist geomancy and Celtic Druidry, together with spiritual intuitions that I have become capable of in recent years. What I write here draws on these sources. It is also relevant that all but one of 9 repeating calendar waves are still in an initial Dragon phase (taking Imix/Crocodile as the Mayan equivalent). Dragon energy is the first manifestation of Divine Intent. Ancient peoples represented it as zig-zag lines that express primal creativity and shape our world.

I experienced this directly on 29/10/11. Having been reduced to a near catatonic state by energies absorbed the night before, I lay out as a stone embedded deep in the body of Earth. Music of the Dreamtime played. I felt strong currents of energy rippling through me, creating wormholes from which worms and dragons, meridians and leys slowly emerged. Plants and animals followed soon after, then humans (14).

Dragon is a versatile symbol in that it has power to evoke transformation across various structural levels. Earth Dragon (Base chakra) evokes our connectedness with Earth and the passion that motivates our animal forms. Water Dragon (Sacral) evokes our relationship with that element and also the inner life of e/motion with which it is associated. Fire Dragon takes us to the Solar Plexus and the sphere of personal intellect/will. Air Dragon evokes (via metaphors of flight) what happens when the Sun of personal awareness rises into the transpersonal spaciousness of Heart.

Refined intuitions of Love, Transcendence and Higher Will become accessible as this happens, followed by an appreciation of spiritual creativity, sacred sound, space/ proportion and, eventually, Divine Consciousness/Mind. I focus on Heart awareness in my work because this is a potential that is becoming available to all humanity as we move beyond conditioned ego dispositions to assume it. Every Worm(hole) holds the promise of a Feathered Serpent.

My trip to the Drakensberg, I intuit, will entail raising Dragon energies from depths of archaic consciousness in which they have become lost to modern people. This relates to a spiritual legacy that Africa holds in trust for all of us right now. It entails an integral sense of Earthed-ness and primal generative power. It also entails finding a new relationship with Dragons trapped beneath the foundations of fortified ego structures and cultivating them towards benign expression in a world that more than ever must evolve according to human co-creative response-abilities.


In Celtic myth, warring (yin-yang) Dragons are trapped under the foundations of a castle where the Divine Child Arthur will be born. As indicated, modern Dragons are imprisoned beneath the fortified castles (defence mechanisms) of our embattled egos and religious-political institutions. Divine Children, after they have birthed, want to ‘fly’. This is a spiritual metaphor for transcendence and involves riding over liberated Dragon energies. It is left to Merlin, Arthur’s mentor and noted Dragon Caller, to free and bind these in right relationship so that a Golden Age for Camelot might ensue.

All of this is a language. It gives us ways to talk about issues that modern discourses can’t easily engage, especially regarding patterns of awareness that connect trans- logically with the being and welfare of Earth. It is especially true for Archaic, Magical and early Mythic consciousness structures that see Earth as alive within a Sacred Cosmos. Dragon lines are primary manifestations of formative spiritual energy in this frame. They even express as 9 Creation waves of the Mayan calendar, whose Day-Night structure exactly resembles the zig-zag representation used by primal peoples.


My intuition following experiences at the Tree of Faith/Life was that the Seed of Purity (Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love) planted at its root would somehow permit a new opening in the Drakensberg (Dragon Mountain), which is located in an entirely different part of the country. This being so, we returned to Cape Town and set off again after a short period of rest and integration.

The Drakensberg is a powerful range that extends 1,000 kilometres from Queenstown to Durban, reaching heights of over 3,400 metres above sea level. Anthropological evidence suggests that Bushmen communities lived there from 40 to 100,000 years ago. We drove up from the Cape, which was the earliest and is still the most emphatically colonised part of the country. Dutch settlers first arrived in the 17th century and were followed by British in the 19th. All later settlement activities started from here. Indigenous energies were repressed in the process. In my vision they took refuge in the vast body of a Dragon Mountain.

Their repression is symbolically indicative of historically conditioned conflict in our psyches between modern (‘progressive’, ‘rational’) energies and archaic (‘primitive’, ‘atavistic’) ones. Early settlers lived in fear that Dragon energies of Africa might erupt destructively around them and implemented programmes of missionary and military containment to forestall this. There was a tangled mess of piety, opportunism and expropriation in play and its imprint is still far from resolved.

This is why I was moved to approach the Tree of Faith as a modern person in a state of innocence. Now my purpose is to go to the head of the Dragon and call forward, again innocently and without agenda, repressed primal energies that are concentrated there with a view to integrating them towards creative expression in due course. In retrospect, it appears that this pattern extends a process initiated in me on 29/10/11, the day after the shift (14).


My first instinct was to head for a place called Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. This was the first frontier settlement established by the British in 1812 and the site of their first major clash with native opposition. Tourism placards proudly announce it as ‘Frontier Country’ and it retains a settler mentality to this day. I received many impressions on our long drive up and felt this would be a good place to begin the task of calling Dragons of the Drakensberg (repressed spiritual powers of southern Africa) to come forward and rise peacefully in the midst of a genetically diverse, multi-cultural human population. My part, I gather, is to act as a representative human, neither modern nor archaic, without personal ambition or agenda.

That night I dream of being in a large house with many unexplored rooms. My family has grown ‘down’ by several generations so that all rooms teem with brilliant, vivacious children, from toddlers to teens. They represent potentials that await development after repression (which cuts off access to ‘below’) has been lifted.

Sean has arranged to meet a local hiker, who directs us to a commanding overview point. We follow his directions along a ridge to a ‘toposcopic hill’. This overlooks the town and offers a view back along the road we had followed from the Cape. It also looks forward to the Drakensberg, now less than 200 kilometres away. Its summit is capped by a stone pavilion which displays the distance and direction to prominent cities and local towns. The Indian Ocean ripples in the distance.

Reassured by a firmer sense of the terrain, I look for a place to meditate. We find a hollow that had been obscured by bushes. It has the energetic intensity of a ritual space and is appropriately located so I choose to make my prayer there. Its first purpose is to call in all human energies of the area, ancient and modern, settler and indigenous, from the shores of the Cape to the threshold of this ‘Frontier Country’. A frontier is concerned with boundary, distinction, expansion, consolidation and defence. It is a domain of colonizing ego rather than surrendered Heart.

There is no judgment involved in these impressions. My role is simply to summon energies and hold them in my Heart, adopting the same attitude of innocence that I had at the Tree of Faith/Life. I kneel, spill some water, drink a little and, closing my eyes, go into meditation. When my Heart is fully open I call in Peoples of the Shore, the hunter-gatherers, early herders, waves of settlers – Dutch, English, French… allowing these strands to flow and mingle in my Heart. Then, picturing the Drakensberg as a vast landscape Dragon stretched behind me, I call forward all its ancient energies and bid them rise up out of Earth and into Heart.

The resulting experience is impossible to word. I remember energies rising, slowly at first, and splitting into fe/male streams at each of my major chakras only to cross again at the next. Then they rise more powerfully en bloc. I let them be, apart from opening my Heart infinitely (Green expansion) to admit them. My consciousness is awash with pure (Pink) love throughout. A Gold expansion serves to evoke latent creative potentials towards actualisation. Most importantly, I feel, the Clear liquid quartz streaming that I experienced at the Tree serves to keep the mingling process coherent and in flow. Beyond that, there is little I can say.

Although the rising energies move through my Throat, Brow and Crown, their primary engagement is at Heart level. All this occurs in a fullness of pure love, the inner feeling of which is overwhelmingly moving. At one point I ‘see’ all peoples of this region as my extended family of last night’s dream and the brilliant, colourful children as untapped creativity waiting to pour forth. I then see myself as a Divine Child sitting in a pearl at the Heart of my Mer-Ka-Ba. This expands into that of Earth and out through intermediate levels to envelop Cosmos. It contracts then through a series of ever smaller replications towards an infinitesimal Point of Creation. Then I am sitting in a 9-tiered temple that later becomes a Star of David, with a second inverted temple reaching down. This image triggers a flood of beautiful emotion that feels at once purifying and exhilarating.

I don’t often entertain such imagery and it wasn’t until several days later that it translated into an intelligible pattern (15). In the moment, feeling was to the fore and I was almost overwhelmed by its intensity. I had absolutely no understanding and just knelt, waiting for stillness to return. When it did and I could sense that all energies had been incorporated, I opened my eyes and got up slowly, resolved to wait and see what might come of the upheaval.


We are due to leave for Queenstown next day. I feel drawn to visit Grahamstown’s Church of England cathedral beforehand. Its energy is completely static, frozen in time. A commemorative plaque remembers soldiers killed in the Basuto war of 1880-81, which I understand to be a conflict with indigenous tribes. Nothing moves.


The first part of our drive, to Fort Beaufort, takes us through archetypal African landscapes conjured from memories of childhood films. Approaching yet another breathtakingly beautiful pass, I get a vivid sense of how this indomitable terrain must have looked to early settlers, pressing forward slowly in their ox wagons, vulnerable, exposed and far from the sureties of home. Such people needed to believe in the sanctity of Empire and of the Great White Mother (Queen) who ruled over it. Now, as in the calendar, all our great consciousness-building cycles have played out. No physical frontiers remain open. Quantitative expansion no longer serves.

Our remaining frontiers are found in consciousness, where they persist as traces of an earlier adaptive mode that no longer fits. In a flash, I see why all calendar waves had to end at the same time: so that higher potentials of consciousness would be available when ego-driven expansions of the National and Planetary Underworlds ran out of places to conquer. What does Genghis do when the whole world lives under his flag? Entertain fantasies of colonizing space – more of the Same – or let go and surrender on a new level where internalized frontier stances can dissolve? I feel the latter happening in me as Sean drives.


We find an 1880-1 monument in a park at the centre of Queenstown, commemorating the same Basuto war. We know from the names, English and Dutch, that these often antagonistic settler groups then made common cause. Beside the park is a cathedral and across the road from it a museum. The cathedral is closed so we go to the museum, which I find endlessly moving. Exhibits from the Basuto war include a display of indigenous weapons. They look pathetic ranged against the might of a technological Empire. Tales of courage are noted regarding warriors from whose fallen bodies the artefacts were taken.

We walk through a reconstructed colonial house, crammed with the comforts of home – investments to be cherished, defended and feared for. The style is pre-eminently English, making me realise just how cornered local Afrikaners must have felt. Busts of men with fierce eyes and thick moustaches abound. Newspapers document troubled history from Basuto to apartheid. There is even a stand devoted to Bushmen and rock art. It is said their time is drawing to a close.

Our next stop was an Afrikaans kerk. For privacy and because residual energies were so concentrated, I felt drawn to conduct my meditation in a church. The cathedral was closed and the kerk offered the nearest spire. It was not only closed but also fortified against intrusion. Peculiarly, so were all the other churches in town: steel-fenced and padlocked against possible violation of sanctity within. This had been my impression of Queenstown as a whole when approaching: a tightly closed ring (of ox wagons) set against a boundless vitality in the land.

I knew now why I felt drawn here: if Grahamstown had been a place to call human and Dragon energies together for reconciliation, here was a centre where resistance to this was most strongly focused energetically. There being no alternative, I resolve to pray in the cathedral grounds. We go there and Sean keeps watch while I kneel and enter meditation. Dragon mountains loom as I prepare to address the lingering rule of Queen Victoria over Mother Africa/Earth.

The first stage, it transpires, is once more to let diverse human energies mingle freely in my Heart, holding them in spaciousness and love towards an undisclosed creative manifestation of renewed innocence, spontaneity and trust. The prevailing energy is one of Universal Compassion and, after a while, it works. A way is cleared for the next step. Once a state of inner receptivity has been achieved, Dragon energies surge powerfully in my Heart, down from high mountains and up from deep Earth. I take some time to let them settle before rising and returning to Sean.

The next day we drive to Knysna, which is roughly half-way on our journey back to the Cape. We stop short of our destination in mid-afternoon and visit an indigenous forest aptly named ‘The Garden of Eden’. The forest covers 500 square miles in all and is too dense for navigation but one section has been board-walked, allowing easy access. Away from the road, we find ourselves in silence and the company of old trees. The trickle of a nearby stream is the only sound that I can hear. Sean goes off making movies. I close my eyes and, taken unawares, start to cry.

These tears have little to do with John. Rather they express my soul’s response to the unspoilt Beauty of Creation; Creation’s response, Consciousness’s, to the Beauty of Creation. This feeling is before words. It encompasses awareness of Nothing and of All; without name, rank or distinction. It is just GOOD, good to be here and alive. I feel cleansed and renewed; redeemed past all need for redemption. Tears flow softly, recognisable now as expressions of pure joy, untrammelled in the simple resonance of Being. I am Home and continue to be subtly overwhelmed as I follow the boardwalk. Something inside me has eased back into place. If asked I would call it innocence.


We have a relaxing evening and I fall into a deep sleep. At dawn, I awaken from a challenging dream:

I crouch behind a wall, carrying a sniper’s rifle. I’m under attack, I think by the SS. If I don’t kill them, I and my family will be ruthlessly annihilated. This whole dream is bound by an atmosphere of terror.

The dream surprises me after my experience in Eden, and my radical clearing before praying at the Tree. I have no idea why it’s coming to me now but experience has shown that a reason will soon be declared. The first thing I must do, in any case, is resolve the strains of conflict in my dream. I acknowledge it as a Holocaust residue that arises out of work I started many years ago and completed (as I thought) in 2006 (11). It feels important for me to clear it right away so I get up early and go into meditation to integrate a part of me that is resisting (sniper) and the part that is trying to come ‘Home’ to consciousness (SS). I manage this in my Heart as before.

We go for breakfast and are discussing the day ahead when the man of the house enters and starts talking. He likes to feed birds with breakfast scraps. Africa gets under your skin so you can’t live anywhere else. South Africa is still a wonderful country. People don’t realise how close it was to civil war in the early 90’s. Everyone thinks Mandela is a hero but it was de Klerk who went to him. Full marks for taking the opportunity but he is a terrorist and a murderer, pure and simple. The bombings in Pretoria that killed innocent women and children are unforgiveable. He (our host) is racist. There were white people he wouldn’t want to associate with either but they definitely had a different mentality. He had given five youngsters, 17-18, a lift in his truck. All the girls were pregnant and intended to get pregnant again as soon as they pumped out. That’s what they do for money: child welfare. He knew another girl who only had an old rag to wrap her baby in. He asked why she hadn’t made preparations and she said there was no point till she knew the child would live. A completely different mentality than ours! A friend of his, a German who travelled extensively in Africa, came to an area where there was a food shortage. There were apples growing on a tree so the natives picked them. There still some at the top so they cut the tree down! We can imagine what a German would think of that. He asked them why they cut the tree down. To get the apples. But why not use a ladder? Then you get the apples and still have the tree for next year. Because they didn’t have a ladder and were hungry now! They just didn’t get it: a completely different attitude. If someone came into his house to murder him and rape his wife he would feel completely within his rights to shoot them. All the talk about human rights was rubbish. The government was doing nothing about theft and pilfering. A guest, a man who had become a great friend, said they had no trouble where they lived. His wife heard noise in the garage one night and went to investigate, followed by her husband. They caught him in the street outside. She said ‘Enough was enough’ so they stretched his hand on the pavement, got a hammer and pulverised the hand. Then they stretched his leg, pulverised the ankle and told him to ‘get’. Now they walk around, not through. It was a bit like Riyadh, where they cut a hand off thieves. The Mercs and Audis are pulled back, engines still running for the air con, and a block is produced. The thief is led out and his hand chopped off. His family has to clean up the mess…

Our host laughs nervously as he concludes his tale of how the practised rich manage their poor. I listen calmly as he speaks. Sean moderates politely from time to time. I know I am not to react and am never tempted. The episode is somehow creative and I absorb it as a gift. I even thank him sincerely as I leave.

A half hour later, in the car, all I have absorbed begins to stir. Inwardly I cry, not for personal reasons but for sadness that such things can be done and spoken as they are. Here is my test: the 3D manifestation of a settler mentality that I have been processing generically over recent days. This morning’s dream prepared me to empathise and clarify. Now I must attempt integration of traces that make me physically sick. If I can’t manage this, all that has happened so far will be a sham.

For two hours I throw open my Heart, flooding it with Love and bathing it in liquid crystal flows of innocence (or trying to: it takes a while). We stop then at the ocean before visiting a pre-historic shore-dwellers’ cave: Peoples of the Shore, evoked at Grahamstown! I feel a little clearer. A short walk on high cliffs helps some more. Later we turn off the main road and drive through stirring vistas towards Bredasdorp, which is known as a conservative settler town. Energies are taut there but my Heart feels disencumbered. Back in open country it responds with joy to the beauty of the land.

Soon after, we reach Hermanus, a coastal city renowned for whale-watching. I made this connection naively on our way up, associating signposts with Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick and also much pre-occupied with innocence. Sean says it’s out of season but hopes that we might see a whale. None are visible in the bay where we park but there is a crowd of people staring out to sea further on. As we walk towards them, a huge humpback breaks surface eighty metres out! When we reach them, I seem to see whales rising everywhere I look: 5 in all, I think, in less than a half-hour.


The next day we visit Cape Point, which juts like a Stone Dragon into endless Ocean. I call my relations from the Drakensberg into this End of Earth and feel Serpents of the Deep throb under me. These words are carved in foam on Dragon lines: Energy is Eternal Delight!


Table Mountain rises 1000+ metres over Cape Town. The following morning we ascend by cable car and walk down. As we begin our descent through a steep gorge, I call the Dragon Home one last time. Sean has photos of it rising on the mist.

Our ‘walk’ is perilous but I manage well enough, then fall very near the end. Sean is alarmed but I am perfectly composed. Such things happen to break a spell and make it known when a story is coming to its end.

On our way to the airport I say that it feels like only seconds before when we were driving from it, as if all that happened in between has been a Dream: a Time of No Time lived by Heart.


(14) See ‘The 10th Wave, Part II: the Last Day and the First’ under ‘9th Wave/Later’

(15) See ‘Temple, Calendar, MerKaBa’ (Piece 10).

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