9. Calendar: Structure, Process and Beyond

I believe that what I have written about the Mayan calendar since 28/10 is essentially correct and that it is now possible to extend this understanding. A basic point to stress is that the calendar is continuing on all 9 levels in a still exquisitely structured way. It supports our current efforts to awaken but because it is no longer determining, it is also no longer predictive. This follows from 1) the later waves’ foregrounding of our ability to align with and act from Source, or not (i.e. our freedom); 2) a cessation of the waves’ driving power as experienced prior to the shift and concomitantly, 3) an end of time acceleration.

The shift also established a structure of 9 completed ‘Underworlds’. This has the potential to assist human beings to awaken in time to our origin beyond it and hence to remember our spiritual nature. It supports such awakening without forcing it. Awakening cannot be imposed because it encompasses an element of freedom that the process of evolution has served to empower (16). The shift of 28/10 brought us to this point. Consciousness in time must now awaken of its own volition and can do so by aligning with its highest trajectory from origin to end. This possibility comes of remembering our first nature, which the 9th wave specifically supports.

Completion of the 9 Underworlds was sealed by a fusing of the 9 Creation waves in time, establishing them as a platform on which future consciousness evolution would be based (but not by which it would be driven). As Underworlds they make available to Consciousness-in-time a record of what has been the largely unconscious process of its evolution, including primary stages of its development and how these have been negotiated. This offers the equivalent on a species level of an articulated psychology of personal unfolding.

And just as the availability of such an account helps us to understand and re-order the patterns of our individual lives, so the finished structure of the Underworlds helps us understand how our present conditions came to be and what we can do to transform them.  (Compare Jung: Freedom is the ability to do gladly that which I must do. We retain a freedom not to do what we must in order to fulfil our first nature. Seeing this is what makes consciousness evolution conscious, not having it imposed.) The continuing calendar assists this process but cannot guarantee it, just as humans who are already awake can assist awakening in others but not secure it for them.


The profile of all waves up to the Galactic was dominated by a cyclical process of time known as the uinal: a 20 day cycle corresponding to 20 ‘aspects’ of reality symbolised by the Day-lord glyphs. This basic unit  combines with the ascending pattern of the trecena (13 days corresponding to 13 numbered ‘tones’ that map a seed to fruit progression through 7 Days and 6 Nights of a core genesis pattern) to yield the tzolkin base of the sacred calendar.

This 13×20 matrix evokes a pattern that is observed on all levels of scale, including the 8th and earlier waves. It describes an essential template that regulates the flow of sacred time within and across the quantized levels of its unfolding. The number 20 figures prominently in this arrangement, both as the number of aspects that constitutes the uinal and as the factor of acceleration that distinguishes each wave from the one before (since every wave has a 20 times higher frequency than its predecessor).

These ‘aspects’ of unfolding time are unambiguously carried by all waves up to the Galactic, which lasts 4,680 ordinary days, i.e. 13×18x201. With the 9th wave, the uinal becomes compressed and implict. It disappeared along with the tzolkin in a 234 day cycle (13×18x200) as the 360 day, tun-based rhythm of the 8th wave (18x 201) made its quantum leap to the 18 day uaxacuhunklin-based rhythm (18×200) of the 9th. As 201 becomes 200 according to the formula for time acceleration, the 20 ‘aspects’ become enfolded and invisible at this more abstract level. Such compression happens across all waves but its final impact is not disclosed until the highest level is reached.

With hindsight we may liken this to the drawing back of a veil, the ‘curtain’ of the uinal (201-8) which dominated our perceptions of the calendar up to early 2011. Then, following virtual withdrawal of the 20 factor (its reduction to the power of zero), the 9+9 count of the 9th wave became starkly visible. It is astonishing but true that this had scarcely been noted prior to January/February of 2011. The effect was to reveal an essential generative principle that has always informed the calendar’s unfolding, even if it hadn’t been identified due to masking by the role of uinals in the tun.

Most importantly, it revealed that the alternating pattern of Days and Nights exhibits a dynamic yin-yang structure that is significantly different than the schematic version around which Calleman based his ‘Round of Light’ model (17). There are no abrupt transitions involved but rather a graduated series of continuous functions that maps the repeated yielding of yin to yang and vice-versa. This entails that they are not ‘opposites’ but rather complementary poles that operate across a sequence of internal stage boundaries at all levels of scale throughout the calendar (uaxacuhunklin to hablatun, waves 9 to 1). The process may be represented as below:

-          INSERT -

Here we have the essential structure of the 9th wave, for example: a series of 7 Days above the line and 6 Nights below it. Each Day lasts 18 days and divides into ascending yang (1-9) and descending yin (9 to 1) phases. Each Night also lasts 18 days and divides into a descending yin (-1 to -9) and ascending yang (-9 to -1) phase. The yang phase of a Night is passive because it is contained by prevalent yin energies until Day breaks; so is the yin phase of a Day, because its active power is not released till Night falls. There is a still (0, zero) point between every Day/Night and Night/Day shift, where yin and yang energies neutralise each other.

Always, when the maximum yin value is reached after -9 descending, a turning point follows at which the minimum value of its complementary yang aspect is secreted to begin its slow ascent from mid-Night up towards a new Day. A converse pattern is observed at mid-Days, when maximum yang secretes minimum yin. Hence the extreme values of each of these complementary polarities contains the seed of its ‘opposite’. This means they aren’t really opposites’ although they must appear to be for the purpose of manifesting Flow, as in the Seed-Fruit progression over time.

If we strip away all elaborations and nomenclature, we are left with a wave-like form that resembles the zig-zag ‘dragon lines’ used by primal peoples. These represent fundamental energy currents that shape the manifest universe, from wormhole to worm and reflex to reflective being.


In any case, re-viewing the tzolkin as a structural pattern that governs the unfolding of time over the first 8 waves, we may better appreciate the 9th as introducing an even more fundamental generative principle that informs and animates expressions of the whole. These are the dual but properly complementary (yin-yang) ‘dragon’ energies that sages have sought to balance for the common good and egotists to manipulate for exclusive gain. We need to know them well if we want to build a coherent world.

I see them as radical emanations of a Creator Consciousness that will remake me over coming months. Already, they are writing these words. For now, with respect to the calendar and where we stand in relation to it, I stress that these Dragon lines – unveiled as we moved from the 8th Underworld into the 9th – represent primary intimations of Divine Will from Beyond. They are a first expression of Consciousness in form, even prior to the Big Bang: Love becoming Lover and Beloved. We know about the ascending course of this generative power over 9 levels of Creation and how it was veiled by derivative forms (say 20 tangible aspects) of space and time.

This continued until the 9th Universal wave began. ‘Universal’ doesn’t just evoke an expanding physical frame but a Consciousness that is present behind this and pre-contains All That Is (including What Might Be). It is present from the first stirring of the first wave (when Consciousness first manifested to itself as energy) and through all intermediate waves until its Presence is disclosed by the 9th, at least to human Consciousness forms that look back and, in so doing, remember origin and destiny.

In my case, this happened through becoming increasingly conscious of Timelessness (the Eternal) while in time. It has radically altered my experience of time and identity, which became spiritual rather than historico-temporal in nature. Now, a knowledge of developmental principles that the calendar still exhibits serves to help all who have yet to awaken. As a species, we can’t discern or fulfil our role in Creation until we integrate this knowledge. Hence I turn now to a consideration of developmental principles as they apply to the calendar’s continued unfolding.


In the aftermath of 28/10 Calleman proposed that the tzolkin was defunct and that only the 9+9 count introduced by the Universal wave still mattered. It is evident that the first of these assertions was wrong and follows that the second must be also. Calleman’s sense evidently linked to his expectation that a continuing 9th wave only would continue to ‘grind out Unity’. This betrays a scientistic assumption typical of the (still largely unconscious epistemological frame of the) planetary Underworld – i.e. that what comes later supersedes what went before. (He even proclaimed himself a man of truth rather than tradition, as if there were no overlap.)

His proposal is also misleading for two other reasons: firstly, no spiritual purpose is served by waves grinding anything out. This notion removes all merit from our human round of suffering, learning and accomplishment. It also misses the point of Steiner’s philosophy of freedom and, more importantly, of what this was written to remind us of. Secondly, Gebser’s developmental model makes clear that Unity consciousness can only be realised by integrating all the consciousness forms associated with different evolutionary levels.

Having clarified these points, I wish to review certain core themes that are now important regarding the calendar and our present relationship with it:

1) 28/10 didn’t confer Unity Consciousness; rather it established a potential for all humans to awaken by attuning to energies of the 9th wave and availing of these to remember our origins before time and our destiny beyond it. Until we do this we must continue to make a mess as the only species that hasn’t realised its place in Creation. How we do it is down to our response-ability, individual and collective, as we work in conjunction with repeating waves.

2) But what if we missed the 9th wave and failed to align with its energies? This is where the fact that waves are repeating rather than ‘continuing’ makes a difference, because it means that people who missed the first iteration can catch the second or third and so on. These continue to become more accessible since the base frequency is already in place and residual effects of quantum acceleration will become less prohibitive as time goes on.

3) Time is still going on and the calendar, including the tzolkin, continues to provide support for people who wish to align with the flow of Sacred Time. This is necessary to realise what makes it sacred: namely that it manifests a Dream of Consciousness that arises outside of time. To realise this is to realise what Mayan elders currently refer to as a ‘Time of No Time’. Such realisation was always the ‘end’ of a calendar whose ultimate purpose is to carry us beyond all need for dependence on it (18).

(4) Nevertheless, habituation builds and we may expect continuing calendar waves to become less potent stimuli to transformation as this happens. That is why those who have already awakened continue to shape culture as a sphere of collective reflection. It is still possible to help those who aren’t awake by making formerly unconscious frames of thought and judgment in which we still operate by default (Underworlds) conscious and then going beyond them. These words are an example of my response-ability in this regard. See also ‘The Spirituality of 2012’.


9 waves didn’t just ‘complete’ on 28/10, they also fused momentarily. No attention has been paid to this, nor has it been asked what the nature of ‘the shift’ could be if the waves simply go on. There is no coherent answer to this question but all waves are repeating and it was their fusion that constituted the essence of the shift. (I was looking right at this and it knocked me out!) It did so by bringing together in time frequencies that had only run parallel before. This changed everything and provides a perfect platform for the kind of conscious harmonisation that Gebser associates with his Integral structure. It is also a reason why the waves must be repeating rather than just ‘continuing’.

Another is that Spirit doesn’t spend 14-16 billion years cultivating exquisite structure  only to throw it away, whether in the mode of Calleman’s 9+9 count or Mayan Majix’  dogged 13 only focus. The full significance of 13 x 360 = 18 x 260 = 20 x 234 needs to be addressed if ‘expert’ commentaries are to be any more than acts of gratuitous self-indulgence. All waves entered a Night simultaneously after 28/10. This had never happened before. It therefore constitutes a radical discontinuity which it is churlish to leave unremarked. The purpose of this unprecedented descent was to allow integration after a rapidly accelerating build-up of complexity from the Big Bang to 28/10.

During the ensuing intervals of 7 Nights and 6 Days across all waves, ‘deities’ which had formerly been coupled with Days were now paired with Nights and vice-versa. The result was an effect of energetic dampening and impressions of ‘stillness’ relative to pre-shift frequencies. It is hard to imagine anything more radically discontinuous with what had gone before. For this reason I said that the waves had entered a 1st Night rather than a 7th, followed by a 2nd Day rather than an 8th and so on.  As of 19 June 2012, the 9th wave re-entered a 7 Day, 6 Night sequence. This is a first repetition or second iteration of the 9th wave as a structural unit marked by a 13 x 18 x 201 rhythm. The fact that it was preceded and will be succeeded by a Night-dominant, stasis-promoting inverse again entails that it is not continuing in the sense of heading for a 147th Day.

Waves can only ‘continue’ as structural units that preserve levels of coherence established over billions of years. Therefore they repeat, but now in such a way that periods of expansion and discovery are punctuated by periods of integration and assimilation. This happened before the shift also but the balance was always tilted to favour a build up of complexity and novel structure (7 Days > 6 Nights). Now this pattern has been reversed, not to favour a symmetrical decline (7 Nights > 6 Days) but rather progressive integration across structurally distinct phases of innovation and consolidation, whereby 7 Days/6 Nights are balanced at potentially ever higher levels of equilibration by 7 Nights/6 Days.

The building up process served to commission and empower our freedom – or rather, the freedom of Consciousness living through us – such that, as now, we have power to destroy ourselves and degrade our planet further or, potentially, to pursue our awakening actively and become conscious stewards of a reality we consciously create. I use the word ‘potentially’ advisedly because a stage has been set for us to discover and discharge our role in Creation but we have yet to do it. To miss this is to miss the point of the shift, or even that there has actually been one.

The purpose of our long build-up was to bring Consciousness in form to a point of willed awakening. This point has been achieved and its moment is upon us; otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it and you wouldn’t be interested. It is up to us to express our creative power consciously from now, having expressed it in mostly unconscious ways so far due to incomplete awareness of all we are and have been. Now we have an option to do otherwise. Now is the time of great change towards which indigenous prophecy has pointed for millennia. This is all that can be said predictively. Beyond that it’s a matter of response-ability.


Because the 9th wave recurs as a structural unit 20 times more often than the 8th, 400 times more often than the 7th and so on, it has now become an even more potent integrative platform in relation to them. Consider the implications of this with regard to Gebser’s Integral structure, whose purpose is also fulfilled by harmonising relations across earlier consciousness forms. Heightened consciousness as informed by the 9th wave can bring about effects of integration with respect to patterns of wounding engendered at earlier levels, individual and collective. In my life, for example, it has been easy to identify dysfunctional patterns arising from reactive institutional forms of the National and Planetary Underworlds. It is much easier to heal these now that expanded consciousness forms of the 8th and 9th waves are available. All we have to do is consciously assume and apply them.


Arriving on the highest level of a 9-tiered temple structure, it becomes possible to look back over earlier levels, applying our new consciousness to resolve disharmonies that may have arisen there but we must realise the potential of this new consciousness first. The 9th wave repeats at such high frequency to facilitate this, given that its theme is to help us look back and remember (19). Once this potential has been realised and Consciousness awakened in us as a result, its intentional expression becomes a vital aspect of our renewed evolutionary project. Indeed, consciously espoused intentional pursuit of our unfolding takes the place of externally driven, determining Creation waves. This maximises the role of freedom and permits escalations that can be even faster and more beautiful than before the shift.

Such participation is necessary because the completed Underworlds serve only to establish a potential. Our human consciousness must choose to avail of this it, as I did by going on my journey. I planted a Seed (Pure Drop) of my clarified post-modern consciousness at the root of the Tree of Life and Faith. This is an ancient symbol of human perfectibility. It evokes a need for us to have faith in our highest Dreaming and pursue this for the sake of our fulfilment, harmonising relations within and between all levels of evolving consciousness through which we have passed. The support of the calendar continues to be important in this regard, bearing in mind that every day of the 9th wave still corresponds to 20 of the 8th, 400 of the 7th and so.

That is to say, the principle of fractal resonance continues to obtain. Now, however, it may be applied with respect to our future as well as our past. Yesterday, for example, marked the 2nd Night of the actively repeating 9th wave. If I were to conduct healing meditations over each of the 18 days of this Night, I could also specifically target 360 (18 x 20) as yet unlived days on the Galactic level, 7,200 on the Planetary and so forth. This not only exemplifies the unique healing potential of the 9th wave in relation to all others, it also shows that now – post shift, in our Time of No Time – it is possible to re-member our future as well as our past, drawing both into an over-arching Consciousness of Now.

This means that we don’t have to wait 12.8 years for problems associated with the Galactic Underworld to be resolved (as if by a simple passing of time), 256 years for the Planetary and so on. We can induce this now by pursuing right relationship across waves and the consciousness structures associated with them. In my opinion, efforts to predict a future as if it were somehow pre-patterned independently of our powers of agency and will are countervailing as well as spurious. The calendar is no longer a strong predictive means but does offer guidance and support for those transiting out of separation and into Flow. I had intended to write more about its role vis-a-vis Beyond but will now do so in another piece that integrates visionary content from my African journey with the critical clarifications of this one.


(16) See Steiner’s ‘The Philosophy of Freedom’, summarised in ‘The Spirituality of 2012, Section 2’.

(17) I have detailed the shortcomings of this elsewhere. Rather than repeat them, I refer interested parties to ‘Days, Nights and the Breath of God’ under ‘9th Wave’. The yin-yang schema posited here overcomes these earlier problems and could support a refloating of the model.

(18) This is a basic point that calendar commentators tend to overlook whether they’re telling you about a trecena that recurs every 260 days (but does it really, when we can’t step in the same river twice?) or the 147th Day of the 9th wave. None of this helps unless cognisance is taken of the impact of the 28/10 shift, which aims to move us beyond dependence on outer ‘expertise’ and into awareness of our own clarified intuition.

(19) See ‘Reflections on the 9th wave’ under 9th Wave/Early.

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