Birthing a New Earth: 21/12/2012

a Sacred Play in story, magic, music, dream and dance


The shift of 28/10/11 saw the fusion in time of 9 creation waves described by the Mayan calendar. This brought an end to the compelling of human action by ostensibly outside powers. It challenges us to find the wellspring of our Passion/Creativity and express always from this inner Source. Our Play facilitates this process, coordinating it with fusion energies of 28/10 as remembered at the Turning Point (Solstice) of 21/12/12. It shapes this accomplishment towards birthing a New Earth, fuelled by awakened potentials of our dormant creativity and empowering energies of 28/10, duly integrated to release a long envisaged project of human stewardship.

This report outlines an extended ritual process created to help integrate the ‘highest quantum state’ energies of 28/10/2011 into active human consciousness. I staged it privately so that I would be able to track issues arising without having to attend to other people’s needs. Only one female companion took part. This meant that I had to speak, articulating the process in ways I wouldn’t have had the event not been shared. My account focuses on themes central to the link between the so-called ‘end dates’ of 28/10/11 and 21/12/12. I will provide details of individual sequences after the Play has been staged publicly in spring 2013.



As indicated elsewhere (1), my approach to 21/12 followed an intuition that – due to the focusing of human attention it helped to inspire – its primary significance had to do with integrating energies of 28/10 into active awareness. I engaged these directly at the time and was overwhelmed. Since then, I have come to perceive that they remain in principle accessible and that 21/12 would be an excellent opportunity to prove this. A detailed account of the implications will be given in ‘From 28/10 to 21/12: Part 2’. My purpose here is simply to communicate what I learned in the course of my Play.

‘Birthing a New Earth’ synthesises two streams of inspiration. One focused energies of the last stages of the Mayan calendar and began with a Play called ‘Dreaming a New Earth’. Obviously, a step into manifestation is implied by the progression. The second stream focuses the cultivation of our essential creativity (for reasons that will become apparent later). It stems from a Play called ‘Birthing the Divine Child’. The connecting thread arises from a realisation that 28/10 marked the end of 9 primary Creation waves that have largely determined the course of human evolution.

The reason for this was to raise us beyond a level of unconscious participation to conscious engagement with the evolutionary process. Now that the determining role of the Creation waves has fallen away, human consciousness and creativity has been fore-grounded. The Divine Child series acknowledges this responsibility and offers a platform for assuming it (2). The present Play aligns our powers of personal creativity with the highest energies the calendar schedule has ever made available. See ‘The Spirituality of 2012’ and ‘9 Little Pieces’ under ‘2012’ for a complete explanation.

A Divine Child becomes aware of her/himself as such in the consciousness of a spiritual adult who has remembered their origin in Divine Consciousness. S/He knows s/he is involved in evolution and engages consciously in this process, leaving behind habitual responses that have dominated human conduct through millennia of an often troubled history. All Sacred Plays induce a recollection of spiritual identity, beyond limitations imposed by the patterns of deep wounding, individual and collective.

Typically, in modern terms, ego-defence mechanisms form around the imprint of our wounds. This saves us from having to deal with them in consciousness but it also restricts awareness so that we remain stuck in a form of narcissistic entrapment that fore-grounds ego and prevents us from awakening to impressions of a Greater Life. Indigenous peoples, including the Maya, have consistently urged that the End of an Age is a crucial time for healing old wounds (so that their traces won’t be carried forward). Any ‘New Age’, viewed in spiritual terms, must be marked by the rise of a new consciousness. This is not possible if awareness continues to be dominated by old patterns of wounding. Healing such patterns is central to any process of ‘Building a New Earth’ and hence is central to the structure of our Play.

This perspective is not consistent with vague beliefs that our dispositions can change simply because we arrive at a particular date, or that we can rely on ‘Beings of Light’ to do our work. It is part of humanity’s coming of age at this time to realise what is meant when the Hopi elders say ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’. This asserts the essential role of freedom in human destiny as well as being a profound statement of Unity consciousness. We should also relate it to Jesus’ words ‘Physician, heal thy self’. Only when we have done this can we become the stewards of Earth that we are called to be now that 9 Creation waves have ceased to impel our actions. It is now time to find the Source of our authentic expression within.

Accordingly, following a suitable Introduction, our Play begins by evoking memories of what mythology refers to as our Sacred Wound. For all of us, this first has to do with a conditioned sense of narcissistic entrapment and leaves us identified with the contracted sphere of ego-identity. The essential structure of this wound is the same for us all. Although aspects of its severity and mode of infliction may vary, it binds to a tight order of experience that arises from centuries of fear-governed materialistic culture. It affects us not with regard to perceptual detail but rather the level of scale on which we perceive, imagine and experience. Thus, on the cusp of a New Age, our Play begins by addressing the issue of our sacred wound because it is only by healing this that our essential creativity can emerge.


1. Journey to the Stricken Heart of Soul:

Deep is the Well; Descending; The House of Self; Disclosing Essence; Holding Through Dark Night

Because the origin of our Sacred Wound lies deep in our past we must descend into the depths of soul to engage it. Our first morning session facilitates this process. It helps us restore contact with formerly lost aspects of ourselves – including the most vulnerable and potentially creative part, through which our gift to the world must be accessed. Having engaged this part, we hold it tight and rock it gently asleep so that it awakens with an attitude of greater trust.


2. Sacred (Heart) Wound: Recovery From

Awakening; Remembering Essence; Seven Seals; All Come Home; Thousand Petal Lotus

Having established contact and secured a measure of trust we now begin a process of recovery. Our first step is to initiate a search of the basement area of Unconsciousness in which our wounded part has been asleep. This discloses seven sealed packages and achieves a preliminary wave of integration in relation to them, making the newly re-awakened Divine Feminine aspect of our souls happier and more forthcoming.

[When we locate the seven seals all we really need to do is open them in order to make our gift available for expression in the world. Taking this next step and learning to express freely moves us beyond the mode of healing as recovery (from), into a mode of fulfilment or movement towards (wholeness). Many people vacillate a long time at this point, for to step beyond a frame of consciousness organised around a pattern of unconscious wounding is effectively to step into a new, unknown and indefinite identity – in a sense, no identity at all. The next process serves to facilitate this pivotal transition.]


3. Sacred (Heart) Fire: Of Transmutation

Burning Ground; Going to the Fire; Violet Flame; Passion Unleashed; The Path Sublime

Our soul melody can now be heard by virtue of clarification achieved so far. It is now time to enter a metaphorical Fire of Purification so that all unnecessary attachments can be burnt away, transmuting negative patterns into awareness. This builds from prior experience of ‘Birthing the Divine Child’ and leaves no issue on the timeline of our lives untouched. Its purpose is to move us beyond a reactive notion of Passion as suffering-based into a proactive assertion of whatever the true Passion of our lives may be. We discover this by daring to express creatively, at first within the enabling context of our Play, shedding inhibitions that would bind us in a state of conditioned arrestment (4). This lets us open to the Great Wind (Inspiration) of our lives. We begin by opening the seals around the wounds behind which our gifts are to be found.


4. Sacred (Heart) Gift: Movement Towards

Opening the Seals; Heart of Earth; Water of Life; Fire of Love; Winds of Heaven

The previous session liberates the Fire of our creative Passion so we are now in a position to open our Seven Seals. It also opens us to receive and express inspiration carried by the Great Winds/Waves of our life. Hence, following a carefully structured process that complements our earlier disclosing of the Seals, we unpack them in a sequence that completes their integration so that the truth if our lives is freed to shine forth in our conduct and creative undertakings.

[This is necessary so that the Divine Child (self-remembered spiritual adult) can act in a mode of innocence and spontaneity. It also complements exactly the point to which the 9 waves were designed to carry us, although I didn’t realise this fully at the time because their impact was so overwhelming. It was only via a gradual assimilation into consciousness of inspiration received then that I came to see this clearly. It is often the case in our experience that the purpose of a ‘second coming’ is to realise more fully the import of a first and so it was with me on this occasion. Thus, having prepared more specifically than ever by opening our ‘seals’, we are ready to open ourselves radically to Winds of Inspiration, allowing them to bear us figuratively to the top level of the 9-tiered sacred temple that represents 9 Underworlds/levels of Creation.]


5. The Heart of Darkness Lights the End of Time

Over Nine Waves; The Highest Quantum State; Descent of the 9 Part God; Heart of Darkness; Re-birthing Light

The same powerful music used on 28/10 serves again to evoke the cumulative impact of 9 primary Creation waves on a second ‘end’ date of 21/12. Only those who took part on that occasion can know how incredibly intense these energies were then. For me a critical moment of reality testing has now arrived. Will it be possible to engage these energies again? In theory it should be, just as it is possible to remember any moment of experience granted an adequate cueing procedure. Ours was as perfect as I could make it and the energies were indeed as riveting and exhilarating as they were before, carrying us through 9 levels of an imaginary pyramid, from our Big Bang to the remembered present of 28/10.

We arrive there focused on the pyramid image. This is a visual metaphor and is useful up to a point, beyond which it is misleading. Wave imagery is more informative and helpful. It discloses a nested sequence of 9 waves, each embedded in its predecessor and 20 times more compressed in terms of duration. Each also divides into 13 Heavens and is in the final phase of a 13 Heaven wave form. Now, applying wave imagery to that of the Temple, we go to the far side of its topmost level and wait to be carried down by the descending aspect of the ascending wave that carried us up there.

Our music shifts. Level by level we are carried down until – at the precise moment of symbolic midnight on 28/10/11, which happens now to coincide with that of 21/12/12 – the waves bring us back to the Sacred Ground of Earth. At this point we turn and look up, past intervening levels to the top of a pyramid from which the culminating waves continue to sweep down, focused by practised intent into a singular moment of fusion in our Hearts. This evokes the symbolic descent of a 9-part God described in Mayan mythology. I experienced it emphatically on 28/10 but was so overwhelmed that I was unable to make anything of it until the process began to unpack itself in my imagination over the following weeks and months.

Now, with this integration still in place, I feel the same tumultuously cascading waves streaming in and know exactly what is happening in consciousness. My first question is already answered: the energies of the highest quantum state remain available and can still be accessed. But are they shareable? My companion, also a veteran of 28/10, is rapt in ecstasy. Later she said she thought her Heart was going to burst. This is exactly how I felt the first time. Her bearing in the moment tells me that the searingly high frequencies around us now are not something that I alone am conjuring.

Then, as the wave energies of 28/10 continued on into a Night, so these re-collected energies now continue down into the Turning Point of symbolic midnight during our Winter Solstice of 21/12/2012. We too are carried by their passage down, into a Heart of Darkness which is also the Heart of Void. This can also be known as the Heart of Love, but only by experiential means. A (public, replicable) procedure exists to facilitate this. Availing of it, we are swept into the Heart of Love/Darkness, from which Light is perpetually re/born.

We witness this moment of yin-yang renewal and participate in it, immediately cognizant (at a level of Pure Feeling) of a vibratory shift that simultaneously affects the Heart(s) of Earth, Galaxy, Cosmos and All That Is. We then carry this awareness into sleep.


6. Raising Dragon(s)

Dragon Lines; Kundalini Rising; Grand Mother Circle; Exile and the Passion; Sacred Marriage, Divine Child

Energies drawn down in the last session continue to infuse us through the night. The next day (5 imix/Crocodile) has to do with empowerment of all that is basic (not base) in us and amenable to transformation. As explained (3), the equivalent symbol in my native Druidic tradition is Dragon. Hence we start by sinking our consciousness down into depths of Earth, feeling her meridian/ley lines come alive, warmed by the energy of today’s New Sun. Wormholes so created become worms and then all manner of sliding, slithering, creeping, crawling things. We enact their ascent through evolution, witnessing the physical transformation of basic Dragon/Crocodile energies in our bodies through movement. We then rise into the human sphere and witness their absorption into pre-patriarchal Goddess societies, experience their sundering under patriarchy and dance storm of longing this creates back into an imminent male-female, masculine-feminine sacred marrying, between and within. As our sequence completes, the energies of a Divine Child are heard faintly stirring.


7. Sacred (Heart) Path: The Impossible Transcendence of I AM

Centred in the Heart of Void; Soul Melody; What is my Passion?; Lifting Seven Veils; Birthing the Child (Four-fold Alchemy)

A Divine Child acts out of her/his centre, which is also an ultimate Point of Origin. We have now cleared ourselves radically and opened our inner seals. All that remains is to ‘lift’ seven veils that prevent their full expression in the world. Last night’s session has imbued this expression with the integrated energetic potential of 9 primary Creation waves that shaped the Universe, stopping just short of wholesale activation of our human potential for spiritual creativity.

For reasons of evolutionary coherence, this last step remains our responsibility. We allow it to manifest fully in us, expressing the paradoxical Mystery of I AM/Source Consciousness as absolute and all-encompassing while also prone to Becoming by virtue of its inherently creative Dreaming. What follows is a slightly amended version of the final sequence employed in both Divine Child Plays to date. It was no different than reported previously except for the still prolifically surging energies of 28/10. (I stress that 21/12 was a paradigmatic occasion in this respect and am now certain that 28/10 energies can be accessed any time with suitable preparation.)


8. Birthing a New Earth

This is my Body (Making Holy); Raising Spirit Fire: Out of That Darkness; Flowers for Mother; Birthing a New Earth; Unity Remembered

Only fully-birthed Divine Children, spiritual adults who have remembered all they are and are for, can birth a New Earth. This requires a total assumption of latent powers of spiritual creativity and a radical clearing of all traces of deforming wounds. (The latter aspect may never fully complete since its memory remains a key to awakening compassion and appreciation of all we have been.) Having achieved this by virtue of our Sacred Wound/Gift progression and in view of the fact that our first progression through the Underworlds was largely unconscious, we open ourselves to meditate in a non-time before the Big Bang, when energy first erupted into material manifestation.

Music provides an effective catalyst, conveying us into the supposed violence of early cosmic events. We experience them innocently, as Beauty rising within the expanding sphere of a Universe that is also the body of Divine Consciousness unfolding in time. This parallels the Green expansion in our four-fold alchemy of personal remembering. Next, we register the arising of compassionate consciousness within this ostensibly physical universe as the sphere of existence becomes filled with a Love that is now called to Awareness and vice-versa. This parallels the Pink expansion. Then, as new music plays, we resolve to let our Beauty shine into all worlds.

This is the Gold expansion of conscious co/creation. It manifests initially via acts of individual creativity but as we remember our latent powers of spiritual connectedness (‘All this and more ye shall do’) it expresses also as benign forms of stewardship that our wounds have prevented us from realising until Now. This is the Now of Presence, a Time of No Time, not just our current clock setting. We then intuit a Clear energy of Pure Creation that underlies acts of specific creativity and channel it into a joyously imagined Flowering of Earth (Flowers for Mother). Broadcasting news of this out through Cosmos and Beyond, we recall the underlying Unity of All That Is.


Dream Appendix:

The key Dream of a Sacred Play tends to come during its second night. Here is mine from 21/12. It registered just before I woke up on the morning of the 22nd:

I have been taken prisoner and brought to a concentration camp. A Jew, I am put sitting on a leather couch in a comfortably furnished room. A woman measures my wrists for plastic handcuffs. A middle-aged man comes to cut my hair. Both speak kindly to me. The man says that because my hair is so fine I’ll have a better chance of surviving selections if it’s removed. Then another man, the actor Willem Dafoe, non-uniformed, approaches menacingly with a long club. He pokes my ribs so I can feel its devastating solidity and says the problem with guys like me is that I think I can say anything I want whenever I want. He’s about to show me otherwise. He shapes to strike me with the club. I bow my head resolutely, willing that Divine Will be done.

I am struck immediately on awakening from this dream that my resolution in it stops short of full Pink expansion. This is not a matter of sending love to my assailant but of accepting him as part of my Self, including in that moment. Then such reflections would have no reason to arise. For now, obviously, they do. I need to shift into a more creative phase of the Pink expansion, beyond simple quiescence in what has been the condition of my soul’s wounding. Resolving only to accept my fate of being murdered again implies that part of me is still caught in the overwhelm of residual trauma.

Healing has nevertheless taken place. My fellow Jews are communicative and benign rather than taciturn and shamed. The dream setting is markedly less stark than the historical platform it echoes. The shortcoming in my resolution, however, occurs at a point I know now to be a point of maximum growth in our Play: namely, the stepping out from a wound-governed identity into a new awareness that exceeds all sense of limitation associated with the old frame. The representation of the only ‘Other’ figure in my dream – the SS bully played by Willem Dafoe – also suggests that progress has been made towards Unity in this respect as well.

To begin, he is not uniformed. This already implies a lightening of my characteristic SS nemesis (5). Moreover, the actor is known to me primarily for roles in ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ and ‘Adam Resurrected’, where he plays Jesus and a Nazi camp commandant respectively (suggesting ambivalence and a new impulse to Unity). Both films concern themes of Death and Resurrection (of a New Adam/Christ Man). What the dream inspires me to overcome, however, is a stunned commitment to fatalistic resignation: the ‘highest’ option imaginable by a still-wounded part of my soul (6).

At least my wounded part has accessed sufficient inner space to warrant ‘acceptance’ of a sort. This is an advance on terrified cowering and parallels the Green expansion described in ‘Birthing the Divine Child’. Some degree of Pink expansion is indicated by the level of acceptance achieved but I surely don’t feel love for ‘Willem Dafoe’, even though he represents a traumatised, aggressor-identified aspect of my Self. To this extent, there is still separation (absence of Unity) in me. It must continue as long as ‘Willem Dafoe’ lags behind, traumatised in my unconscious and sabotaging my developed consciousness’ aspiration to express wholeness in all I do.

The fact that he is now surfacing in dream suggests that ‘he’ is ready for reintegration into the flow of my present consciousness. This requires not that ‘I’ send ‘him’ love – which sustains a subject/actor-object/acted on duality – but rather that I accept him totally, stick and all, for as long as may be required, knowing that a wounded child will do its worst to test limits and see if it is truly loved before it will even consider a laying down of arms. Once a sense of total acceptance (unconditional love) has been established, everything becomes available for change because there is no longer any reason to maintain a defensive-aggressive posture.

As new levels of Pink expansion are achieved, the Gold of essential creativity comes more clearly into view. It evokes a level of creative possibility beyond the sphere of wound-governed consciousness that imagines it must feed off pain in order to make art. It posits a reawakening of deeply integral powers of creativity, present before the impact of wounds sustained in the course of difficult lives (7). Liberating this power of integral creativity happens on the far side of lingering commitment to old wounds. We must access it in ourselves in order to birth a Divine Child and, only then, a New Earth. I took great care to heal ‘Willem Dafoe’ before resuming my waking Play.


My partner dreamt that night of searching for a Quartz Mountain. Someone told her there was no such place. She went on looking but failed to find it. ‘Quartz Mountain’ here indicates a Holy Mountain, a symbol used in many traditions to evoke Sacred Centre, the point from which Creation streams forth. Many temples, and especially pyramids, were built to evoke and contain the Power/Presence of Source. Their layout incorporates energies of the cardinal directions and funnels these towards an elevated focal point to image the eruption of existence into Being. (It can also be read back to suggest a diffusion of Heavenly energies once existence is in place.) My partner wants to find Quartz Mountain – a Place of Origin from which the Clear Light of Pure Creation issues – but can’t, because part of her still believes it can’t be done. This sets a limit on her powers of imagining and co/creation. It also expresses the core of a residual human wound that still needs to be addressed. As healing and developmental sequences go, Quartz Mountain will become a core image in future Plays.


Notes (all references are to ):

(1) See ‘From 28/10 to 21/12, Part 1’ under ‘2012’

(2) See ‘Birthing the Divine Child I and II under ‘2012’

(3) See ‘Dragons of the Drakensberg’ under ‘2012/9 Little Pieces’

(4)  As indicated, this transition represents a major sticking point in the awakening process because it effectively involves stepping into a new, open-ended consciousness/identity. Several Divine Child participants stumbled at this point, so I developed the ‘Seals’ and ‘Fire’ sequences to help us through it. The effect was striking (see ‘Dream Appendix’ above).

(5) It is not an accident that a Holocaust-related scenario should feature in my dream. My last human life ended prematurely in Auschwitz and its imprint transferred into the present one as a core aspect of my Sacred Wound. I will write more about this if and when it feels necessary. See ‘A Journey to Poland’ (under ‘Sacred Journeys’) and ‘Gaza 2012’.

(6) Wounding traumatises memory and cripples imagination, disposing us to a rigid literalism in our engagements with the world. It inclines us to overlook the symbolic dimension of our experience and confuses metaphors with ‘facts’. This can be as true of indigenous peoples as of anybody else if they have been hurt by colonisation and its concomitants.

(7) This is why Freud had to admit that he couldn’t understanding the nature of creativity as such, as distinct from what he viewed as reactive sublimation. By contrast, my experience has recently cohered around a ‘Four-fold Alchemy’ developed in relation to the Divine Child series. This involves a movement-supported set of expansions – Admit (Green), Accept (Pink), Express (Gold) and Release (Clear) – that correspond to the named functions. Release implies Re-Lease and thus Re-new-al or, figuratively, Re-birth. We are all inherently Divine Children but are unconscious of this until ‘birthing’ happens in(to) Consciousness. A birthing that happens in Consciousness is also a rebirth. The re/birth of (New) Earth can now happen by virtue of our awakening consciousness of stewardship but it is not already assured.

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