Birthing the Divine Child

A Sacred Play in Story, Magic, Music, Dream and Dance

The Divine Child is a mythic symbol. It evokes an indestructible essence that comes into life with each of us. The aim of our Play is to engage and give expression to this. The symbol also evokes a potential awakening that became available for widespread realisation following completion of 9 Underworlds of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. This established a platform for integrating 9 major levels of consciousness evolution and is supported by 9 continuing Creation waves. A detailed account is given in ‘The Spirituality of 2012’ (1).


The Mayan Calendar tracks the journey of Consciousness through space and time. Its unfolding happens over nine waves, all of which completed on 28/10/11. We focus a virtual time-line that runs from the Point of Creation to our area of Cosmos. Creation happens for us along this line. Turning away from the Point of Creation, I imagine a line extending from it that reaches into the centre of my spiritual Heart, connecting me with the Flow of Creation. We all do this as new music plays, evoking great waves of Love that impel our flowering into manifestation.

We move then, letting ourselves be drawn in whatever direction we must go. Our souls know this; so do our bodies as instruments of our souls’ expression. Setting ego patterns of conceptual knowing aside, we trust in a combined power of animal grace and spiritual remembering. This works beautifully. We build images of being linked via a timeline to Source, whence the Flow of Creation streams into us from behind.

Standing squarely in this Flow, we feel a link between the Heart/Point of Creation and the Heart of our Heart(s). Then, with strong expansive movements supported by new music, we project a solid yang sphere around us, breathing out from the centre of our Hearts, co-ordinating bold outward gestures with each exhale. All our energy goes into projecting this sphere so that it is solidly established by the time our music ends.

Gentler music plays then, inducing a new focus on an emptiness that is created when every exhale carries consciousness to the edges of our sphere. We let this outside be and focus the pure yin space of no-thing that is now found at our evacuated centre. This posits a central mystery of Goddess creativity which, although inherently formless, is forever giving birth to new form(s). We express this knowing through our bodies. The result is much stillness and cupping of hands in front of tender Hearts.

Our pure yang edge evokes the protective energies of a Divine Father archetype. This secures a pure yin Divine Mother complement at centre by letting us feel safe enough to become conscious of it. Mozart’s Laudate Dominum plays next. We become aware  of standing in a Flow of Creation, our expanded Hearts empty and open, allowing the impulses of a third, Divine Child energy come through. Inspired, our bodies move to express this, shaping experience into Flow. The movements are bold and confident, gracious and expansive, as we give form to a tenderness we now feel.

We expand our Heart spheres to encompass the whole room, letting our arms stretch to touch new limits of experience. Iron gates shoot open as we – formerly trapped by traces of old wounds – reach past the edges of our longing to reclaim a freedom to participate and be now. This second expansion means we are moving in each other’s Heart(s), as if they were One.

Awakening the Child

Our first session raised Divine Father, Mother and Child energies on an archetypal level (2). Now we must ‘awaken the child’ in a more personal way. It is necessary to do this ahead of our main journey, which will start the next day.

We are familiar with notions of kundalini rising from the Eastern yogic traditions. No precise Western equivalent survives due to the repressive impact of dogmatic religion but glimmers remain in our old stories – for instance, those which describe a Genius Fire that enters the world with every human birth. This ‘fire’ tends to get crushed under the weight of our emotional histories. A Divine Spark endures that becomes hidden from us but remains available for discovery and resurrection. Traces of this awareness are found in stories where a genie (genius) is found trapped in a bottle, clamouring for release. This first session begins the process of freeing our genie.

A woman feels dreamy and tired, having fallen under the spell of Divine Mother music. Something about it engages her deeply. She was thinking about childhood and hearing this activated early memories. Realising how strongly her experience has been permeated by the energy of her mother, she resolves to persist and falls into a kind of reverie, remembering a game she used to play in imagination as she was drifting off to sleep. Recalling this helps her sink deeper into the atmosphere of childhood. She finds herself thrown back into recollection of a particular episode which we enact, carried by the wave of her music.

It’s winter. The countryside is thick with snow. The local river has frozen over. You see yourself as a little girl skating on this river, cutting pretty patterns on the ice. You are alone and immersed in the exhilaration of your play until something unusual captures your attention. There seems to be something under the ice! Intrigued, you stop and see that this is so. A figure lies trapped beneath the frozen surface, its face and hands pressing up from the other side, clamouring for release. With a start, you realise ‘It’s me!’

This breaks the enchantment of that episode but, like the woman, you are determined to go on. You resume your moving meditation and – supported by new music – let yourself be carried down into the dark basement of the subconscious. Everything there looks jumbled and confused, with objects left lying wherever they were thrown years before. Introducing energies of new awareness has an effect of stirring things up. Agitation spreads rapidly. Soon the entire contents of the subconscious, activated by your dance, are thrown into a spin. Old memories surface fleetingly as long stagnant arrangements are set tumbling, like in a washing machine.

The pace grows frenzied and chaotic until premonitions of some deeper order start to rise. Slowly, the emergence of a new rhythm is confirmed, some intrinsic order of the soul that now pushes up having been for too long pressed down. Agitation has the effect of shifting things. It causes an unfreezing that lets the voice of your soul sound clearly out of a numbed past. ‘Let me live!’ it cries, claiming that your life ‘belongs to me’. These entreaties issue with such urgency that they prove impossible to resist. You have no wish to deny them at this point, such is the tide of motivating energy now released. Why undertake a journey of descent if not to provoke such reaction?

An inner quantum leap follows whereby – as formerly repressed depths of soul push up, a buried but un-extinguished Spark of Spirit erupts into flight – availing of commotion to escape its bottle as any genie/us would. You give yourself to the music of this stirring. An exuberant jig is danced whole-heartedly by bodies whose delighted re-enchantment leaves all trace of physical tiredness far behind. Our room reels and pitches with its energy. Then you find yourself released from one level of your dream into another. You are back in a ritual workspace but it no longer feels the same as the one you entered just an hour before. Our devotion has transformed it, along with vibrant interiors from which surging energies of transformation still pour forth, even as our music fades.

New music plays, faintly to begin. Sounds of dripping water are heard. Ancient echoes, rich with memory, ripple through. A thaw is under way, such that parts of life that have long been held under ice become re-animated. Fragments of deep soul-remembering obtrude. A robust melody takes shape. We feel moved from within by newly rising waves of soul impulse. Beneath them, the once-buried flame of our Genius Fire insists, pressing to be known through the thaw.

The intensity of its pressing grows until layers of numbness by which it was confined are worn away at base-ment/chakra level. The Flame erupts into a new space of consciousness, guttering furiously as any Fire would that has been contained for too long. Our music shifts into a kind of deranged flamenco with harsh vocals that inspire us to fan the raw fury of our Spirit Fire out of our basement arena and up into waiting sacral centres.

Once this has been accomplished and the sacral centre is also aflame a gentler, more tentative negotiation begins as masculine and feminine soul elements strive to enter new relationship beyond the wreckage of earlier wounds, betrayals and mistrust. Such re-marrying is an integral aspect of birthing a Divine Child in any soul. Once it has been attended to still rampant energies rising from Base start pressing up into the Solar Plexus. This is the seat of ego and the level at which unconscious resistances manifest as restricted consciousness. Our fires continue rising. This thawing process will continue through the night, engaging other circuits of repression that impede the passage of our Genius/Spirit Fire up to Heart. A preliminary awakening of our Divine Spark/Child has now been accomplished and our journey is already under way.

Saturday Morning I – Mother:  Personal/Archetypal

In pre-patriarchal times, as recently as 5,000 years ago, Goddess-centred spirituality prevailed on Earth. Women were pre-eminently associated with Mysteries of Creation because of their obvious role in childbirth. The status of Mothers was universally appreciated long before the role of paternity was widely understood, at least by men. It was only with the institutionalisation of warfare as the organising principle of human society that men were elevated to centre-stage, or seemed to be. This apparent elevation was secured at a cost of alienation, exile and great sundering.

Music of the Great Mother plays as we begin. Archetypally the Mother’s role is to provide unconditional love, nurturance and holding. Due to recent histories of violence and neglect, many human mothers have never received unconditional love and therefore are unable to provide it, unless extraordinary healing takes place. This option always exists because, as Jung observed, every human being retains access to symbolic/energetic resources of the archetypal Mother at the level of the Collective Unconscious. By raising these into consciousness we develop a capacity to ‘mother’ ourselves – i.e., to engage energies that allow us to accept all parts of ourselves with an attitude of love and support. Such acceptance is prerequisite for transformation.

Our present session aims to make this possible. We start by considering patterns that are less than ideal, where actual mothers unwittingly orchestrate arrangements that keep their children small, confined and unaware of latent potentials. Two archetypal scenarios are presented: the first from a male/masculine perspective and the second from a female/feminine one. In gender-polarised societies, masculine is equated with male and feminine with female but we all have feminine and masculine aspects and now, aspiring to become integral humans, are moved to marry them within ourselves. This is the psychological substance of an inner Sacred Marriage of which our Divine Child will be born.

Access to archetypal energies is mediated by the impact of our actual parents. Thus we must include elements of review and clearing in our practise. Participants were asked to complete a series of preparatory exercises beforehand in order to facilitate this. We have also posted childhood photos to serve as windows during moments of reflection. We view these as we go, letting memories stir and expanding our Heart-spheres to admit returning feelings, shaping them towards integration and release by means of movement.

Our first review song is by a man and explores themes of how mothers, generally for reasons of unconscious psychological need, can choke their sons’ natural tendencies towards assertion and expression. See the link in note 3, past Sinead O’Connor’s one-pointed focus to the equally intense conviction with which the men, hardened rockers all, deliver their lines. This is a sure sign that something fundamental has been raised and begins our evocation of constraining aspects of the Mother role, which we each filter according to our histories.

‘Mother Stands for Comfort’ expresses a female point of view. The typical ‘male’ scenario describes a boy’s attempts to break free of his Mother’s spell, despite its underlying fascination. In psychologically literate societies, the Father’s intervention helps to resolve this dilemma. This presupposes his presence, physical and spiritual, which is something we have learned not to take for granted. In either case, the girl’s ‘masculine’ urge to individuate is rarely supported in this way and she is even more likely to be left unconsciously identified with the Mother’s (stuck) position. Our song reminds us how this pattern plays out.

Now the scene is set. Stronger, weirder music starts to play, such as might inspire a person to set out on a hero’s journey into life. Engaged, we embark on our adventure but become aware as we do so of a restraining force that impedes our passage. It feels like a dead weight that trails inescapably behind. Impatient, angry and desirous of freedom, we venture darts and bursts to shake it off. Each such effort seems only to consolidate its hold. Urgently, we check and twist, sprint and turn – to no avail. Our music shifts. It becomes faster and eventually chaotic, amplifying an energy that has arisen with our now palpable sense of frustration. We give all our power to trying to shake this monkey from our shoulders. Its grip tightens despite our best attempts.

The music stops. We do also, defeated and confused. We stand in silence, breathing hard, waiting as unnamed energies gather towards what will become a single moment of unqualified, whole-hearted expression. We scream our rage for 5-10 seconds only, sharply and without remainder. The force of this throws the figure of the Mother’s restraining imprint off your back. You then turn silently to face her. She is docile, quiescent and available for your purpose. You visualise restraining bonds that run between her body and yours, ‘ties’ that bind you to her unconsciously inhibiting ways. Then, remembering a prior instruction, you draw a Sword of Light from the Stone of your spine and apply its luminous blade to dissolve all trace of ties that manifest on the surface of your body.

Being made of Light, this blade penetrates your insides also, reshaping itself to serve your need, healing scars and sealing wounds that might otherwise have lingered. You check carefully to ensure that every trace of every tie has been cleared. Next you approach the figure of your mother and repeat the process carefully on her behalf.  Then, having cleared all ties and sealed all wounds, you use the Sword to dissolve remaining traces of the bonds themselves. You then thank your mother and ask her to withdraw. New music plays as she obliges, giving expression to a consciousness of tragedy, misfortune and difficult, thwarted love (White Wo/Man Weeps).

Slowly, you begin to realise how it feels to move without the anchoring drag of old ties. You dance tentatively to explore this, longing for a renewed connection with the Mother, for Mother-Beyond-Mother as you have known Her. A beautiful ancient invocation of the Divine Mother starts to play. Consciousness shifts as, following this music to its Source, we take blankets and cushions to create a warm Heart/h space at the centre of our room. New music plays. Divine Mother energies rise gently and wrap themselves around us. We rest in this soft place, invoking Mother/Goddess to hold us unconditionally as She fills us with Her energy and grace, intelligence and love. Held in the arms of my Mother, splits within me start to heal from foundations deep in the Heart of Earth.

3. Father: Personal/Archetypal

The presence of Mother/Goddess surrounds us everywhere in Nature.  The same is not true of Father/God, whose face remains largely hidden: a spirit wind, invisible, known only through billowing sails and swaying trees. Such inaccessibility makes it hard to engage Father energies, a phenomenon that is also reflected in psychological profiles of the absent father. We cannot raise what never came alive for us beyond scars of censure and neglect. There is something aloof and elusive about fathers, something which makes them essentially unavailable to us.

The positive core of the archetypal Mother role is to provide unconditional love. This sets a secure emotional tone for the microcosm of the child’s early experience. The Father’s role is to protect and support this primary sphere and in due course to lead the child out from it, beyond the spell of Mother into a greater world which is made safe by virtue of his mediation. If this doesn’t happen, problems are likely to arise and often do in modern societies, where fathers are likely to be absent, physically and/or psychologically. A father can be absent for many reasons: a job, war, mistress, newspaper or just the un-comprehended longing of his dreams.

Energies of our Divine Mother audience still linger. A pile of soft objects marks the central Heart/h space of our previous session. This atmosphere is altered by Leonard Cohen’s song ‘The Hunter’, which tells how fathers go to places where they cannot take their wife or child. Because so many modern people lack a clear image of the positive core of the Father archetype, we start by conjuring an experiential sense of what it entails. Then, having established this foundation, we build on it to clarify whatever problems might actually have transpired in our individual lives.

You are almost two years old. The time is approaching when your father will ritually enter the maternal Heart/h space to which he has long been a frequent and trusted visitor. This time there will be a difference, however: your father will lead you out as his child and take you to some new place, perhaps to a high hill from which the world looks bigger than you had ever realised before.

We first dance in a clockwise circle, establishing the protective energy of the Father around our maternal Heart/h space and echoing the expanded yang sphere from last night. As we become strong in our appreciation of this benignly supportive Father energy, individual participants return to the soft, maternal Heart/h to experience it also as receiving children. When everyone has done this our music shifts, signifying the start of our Fatherhood ceremony. A beautiful African melody carries the energy of a Father coming to lead his child out on her second birthday, away from the Mother’s realm into a greater world. You feel uncertain about this, excited, but also reassured to know that your Father will be taking you because you are used to feeling safe when held by him.

When you are ready you feel your Father enter, offering an outstretched hand (his right) which you accept with your left. He then leads you wherever your dream would have you go. At first you feel very small in the company of this giant, your left hand stretched high, absorbing strength and blessings that flow from him until gradually you feel yourself filling to a point of overflow so that you now move confidently with him into new worlds of ever more expansive horizons. In future time, you know, you will trust the world when called upon to undertake such ventures by yourself.

You end by moving as a Divine Child, a spiritual adult who knows what it is to be loved, protected and supported; one who has remembered what it means to bring forth these capacities within yourself. We then apply them to clarify particular ways in which these great contending Mother/Father powers related in the drama of your early years. I recall, for instance, being threatened with punishment on my father’s return from working away. This was an integral dysfunction within the tight emotional world of my childhood and very different from ideal archetypal relations as described. Our music is appropriately epic, inciting vigorous movement that serves to shake out memories and feelings with regard to the gallery of photos/images around us. By the time it has ended, we are ready to fast-forward.

You have reached adolescence. Your father is now working in the city, your nation’s capital. You are to join him there soon. The prospect feels exciting. You could be nervous but you know your father will be waiting to meet you. It seems like you are entering a new phase of your life. You walk expectantly to the train, accompanied by your mother and siblings. After many farewells, you board. It pulls out slowly before gathering speed and you find yourself abandoned to your destiny.

You experience brief surges of alarm as the journey progresses but always you are reassured to know that your father will be there, waiting for you. Then the train slows: this must be the outskirts of the city. It is! For a long time, it seems, you are shunted steadily towards the station. At last a crowded platform comes into view. You scan it eagerly, hoping to locate your father’s face. It can’t be seen. No matter, you have simply missed him in the crowd. He will turn out to be present. The train stops. Doors open and you are shoved out on to the platform.

All is noise and confusion. You are still being pushed and cannot see where you are going. Desperately you look for signs of a familiar face. Even if your father were here you wouldn’t be sure of finding him in this chaos. Perhaps at the exit? He might anticipate and wait for you there. You are moving towards it anyway: still no sign. You find momentary relief behind a pillar. Everything here is so strange. You feel helpless, overwhelmed. A part of you wants to shoot out your left hand, saying ‘I want my Daddy’ but you’re too old for that and he’s still not there. It’s the same minutes later when the crowd inside has thinned.

You double-check before letting yourself out into the street. You feel assailed by the raucous bustle that confronts you. You are again being swept along. At last you duck into an alley on the left and move warily through a series of small streets, noting as you go that your steps feel increasingly guided, as if they were carrying you to a destiny. You arrive at an old, deserted square. There is a fountain at its centre, ringed by a low wall. Your father sits before this wall, looking tired and dishevelled, as if to manifest the reasons why he has been unable to meet you.

You move slowly forward, sensing ties that bind you to him as you approach. You draw your Sword of Light and mindfully, with great compassion, use it to sever the bonds in and around your body first, dissolving ties and sealing wounds as before. You then repeat the process for your father and clear away all trace of the bonds. Then you thank your father for attending and ask him to leave. You are filled with a sense of sadness on seeing him depart and express this in movement. By the time the music has ended you long to encounter the energies of an archetypal Father who will never let you down.

You sink to your knees and pray aloud (‘Father this is X, feel me coming …’) for a connection with Divine Father energy (4). A sublime piano melody plays over your final words ‘Father fill me with your energy and grace, your intelligence and love’. As we channel our energy signatures with extended arms up to the Heart of Heaven, the voice of a Divine Father is heard. We draw his love down into our circle as ‘God Pours Light’. Our arms reach outwards and up, extended Grail-like to receive a blessing we have craved for so long. When the music ends, our cups are full to over-flowing. Filled with energies of the Divine Father, we return to our mirror images, take the Divine Child we once were into our Hearts and lead her/him with confidence out through all the cities of the world.

Divine Parents

When our Divine Parentage has been remembered, our Divine Child can be reborn.

A zen koan challenges us to ‘Show me your face before your father and mother were born’. A koan is a spiritual riddle that aims to frustrate ordering tendencies of the rational mind and lead it back to the realm of Mystery. This one provides a key for our opening which, supported by strong music, inspires us to visualise two soul lines – those of your parents, one male and one female – streaming out from the Heart of God. We track their development imaginatively with the awareness of our Higher Selves as they unfold through space and time towards a meeting that will result in your conception on planet Earth. Anticipating, your soul declares its intention to be born.

You dance its descent through the spiritual worlds, down to a point where it hovers at the moment of conception, waiting to be drawn in. This happens and the body of a foetus grows slowly around the incarnating spark as it carries forward through gestation towards birth. All unfolds in Beauty and in Flow, still registering via the consciousness of your Higher Self. The time comes for you to be born. This too is experienced as a beautiful unfolding within the swell of Divine Perfection (Born Again of Water). Your spirit, a Divine Spark, now incarnate, celebrates its accomplishment on becoming embodied in space-time (And the Spirit).

You bear witness as this now separate body grows further around you within the familiar atmosphere of your parents’ Home. This ideal pattern unfolds in beauty as you discover what it is to slide, crawl, stand and eventually walk. Then, when you are five years old, a screen door is left open and you pass through into the Garden of your World. A gate at the end of this Garden has also been left open and one day, arriving there, you step through it too, out into a Forest where every plant shines like a miracle and every butterfly counts as revelation. You continue following this Path of Heart until, one afternoon, you remember yourself in the midst of it and awaken in a room charged with sacred resonance in the city of Kilkenny, Ireland.

[The Higher Self resonance of this process leaves us in a charged altered state. Our next phase adapts this awareness and runs it through the chronology of our empirical lives, with all the difficulties and problems these have entailed. Towards this end, participants review timelines charting their development to date. These have been prepared in advance and now serve as valuable props, along with photos and images still posted on the walls.]

The End of Childhood

Music of early childhood plays as we re-convene after a break. We recall the idealised trajectories of our earlier session and move with clear awareness of it through a room into which we now project episodes and events drawn from the timelines of our lives. Thus each of us wanders through a gallery of prepared memories, granting beautiful form to whatever arises in terms of the ‘admit, accept and shape to integration’ model outlined in our Introduction.

You dance the basic melody of your life. This has just begun to stabilise when the energy of your Mother sweeps in as new music from your left, threatening derailment. Rather than resist you admit it fully, acknowledging it as an integral aspect of your destiny and allowing it the most beautiful expression that you can. No sooner has this been accomplished and provisional stability been restored than another powerful wave hits from your right, representing your Father’s energies. You admit, accept and shape these also to a point of integration/release. Then, balancing these elemental powers, you revert to a simpler rhythm which preserves the essential character of your Song.

You next recap events of your timeline from early through middle to late childhood. Our room again becomes a gallery many times, filled with images projected from the timelines of our lives. You move with tenderness and grace, buoyed by music and the still-building momentum of your journey, picking up aspects that warrant reshaping towards further integration and release. This process then shifts into a more sharply focused consciousness through adolescence into young adulthood. New music carries it forward towards your present.

Your path becomes clearer and lighter as you go. In fact, it gradually proves to be ascending, leaving behind the pitfalls of your life as it makes its way up the side of a high mountain. Such is your clarity and lightness that this ascent poses no problems. You see that the summit of the mountain is under cloud. The closer you get to it, the clearer your sense becomes of an underlying pattern in your life. Before you can think about this the music shifts again. You break through the cloud cover and find yourself walking on its upper surface. There is no sign of a mountain anymore.

People from your early life, grandparents and other elderly relations, are visible in the distance but don’t communicate directly. Your Mother then approaches from your left. You behold her as never before, filled again with Higher Self awareness of all that she has been for you and how her inputs have shaped your evolution. You feel grateful and blessed on noting that she too perceives out of Higher Self awareness. You embrace each other with love, far removed from awkwardness or shame.

After a while your Mother points past your shoulder and you turn to see your Father approaching from the other side. Your Mother steps back quietly to allow this second meeting to take place. You behold your Father with the awareness of your Higher Self. He beholds you in the same way. Whatever the difficulties of your past have been, it is again clear that there was only ever One Love Story going on. You embrace whole-heartedly and express what needs to be expressed. Then your Mother draws close once more and you walk forward held by both your parents.

The music ends. The cloud recedes and you find yourself standing on a high plateau, looking down on the pattern of your life to date. It is time to rejoin this pattern but you do so now with an intention of allowing it to transform as it must. Sensual, grounding music plays to support our descent from Freedom Sky to Mother Earth.

Requiem for a Life Unlived

It is known before that this sequence will unfold completely in the context of a dream through which we will move from start to finish. Within this dream, all is experienced from the perspective of the condensed Higher Self (Spark of Spirit) in you.

0: All starts with a musical crescendo that evokes the streaming out of your soul from the Heart of the Divine. This happens in stages, as its particular beauty is fashioned down through the spiritual realms, from Pure Consciousness to the fringe of manifest existence. All signs point towards a rich and fulfilling experience with regard to this incarnation. Preparation has been thorough so you look forward eagerly to a life of purpose and adventure.

1. The moment comes to relive your birth multi-dimensionally, across a spectrum of awareness that stays open by virtue of your careful descent through the spiritual realms. Such birthing represents the expression in space-time of a ripple of Divine Intent that could never have been fulfilled without prior differentiation of your soul vessel and its willingness to serve again as a vehicle for the self-remembering of Divine Consciousness in time.

2. You have been on Earth now for several years. You have a body that grows steadily around you. You have also acquired information to do with your identity: you have a name, for instance, and two people who look after you and tell you what to do. You have begun going to a place called school, where you learn more about principles and rules. So, equipped with a name and body and a growing knowledge of many rules, you begin yet again to encounter the world. This still feels like a great adventure.

3. The body grown around you is now big and still you are carried by currents that have shaped the direction of your life. Things happen faster now. You make choices that produce consequences but always you have a sense of being carried, as if there were some destiny towards which you are being quietly drawn. This is not a principle that has been communicated in your schools but rather an impression that somehow inheres, an instinctive knowing that is mysteriously held. For years the currents continue and you continue to be carried by them but increasingly with a sense of having been cut adrift. You no longer have an idea of where you’re going or where it is you’re meant to be but you still feel yourself somehow to be involved in a great procession: the procession of your life and perhaps of all life, but your experience no longer coheres. Other people walk alongside but seem unable to perceive you, as if you have become invisible to them.

4. The atmosphere is suddenly funereal. You can see a black hearse up ahead, slowly passing through open cemetery gates. A stream of mourners walks solemnly behind. You recognise them as members of your family, followed by your friends. A Lacrimosa starts to play and you are startled to realise that you are witnessing your own funeral. You are moved to protest but your protests are of no avail. You have lost the ability to affect matters in the world of 3D. The music stops. The crowd gathers around an open grave. You have no problem with moving undetected to the front. The coffin is lowered into the grave. Prayers are recited, eulogies given and condolences passed. Slowly then, the crowd disperses, leaving you standing alone at the edge of an open grave, looking down on a coffin that holds a body that used to obey your will but no longer. A sense of sadness overcomes you, of frustration and disappointment to recall the unfolding of a life that once promised so much but now has come to nothing. The greatest frustration is your utter helplessness to do anything about this, even now when you feel moved by the strongest urge. You pour your feeling into a prayer of longing and regret.

[The account of this process ends here because to continue would reduce its initiatory power, even for those who don’t imagine that they can get by reading what words can only dimly evoke (5).]

Suddenly you are impelled to reach with extended energy arms through the lid of the coffin and into the Heart chakra of your corpse within. Eagerly, you retrieve the Diamond Essence of your human life and gather it as a Burning Flame in your cupped hands. You hold it preciously before you, grateful but unsure as to what might now be permitted. New music plays. You feel yourself turning away, holding this Spirit Fire before you and moving in a direction it is drawn to follow. The music swells, filling you with a sense of hope and purpose. You surrender to the inspiration it conjures and feel yourself carried once more, to a point where you are moved to restore the Flame to the centre of your spiritual Heart.

The music shifts and you find yourself moving intently in a darkened room, brimming with concentration and relief, impelled from within by a power that is again clearly felt at the centre of your Heart. Your feet are strong and your movements clear as well as completely beyond thought. Your body feels solid and fluid. You now know what must be done. We take this realisation into sleep.


The next morning everything feels new. I feel a new awareness birthing in my Heart as we wait for our first session to begin. I ‘see’ this as a tiny merkaba, spinning and still. When I check the grotto in our venue after lunch, the merkaba which manifested there on October 28, 2011 also has a newly added micro-structure spinning and still at the centre of its Heart (6).


Conscious Co-Creation from Source

To be reborn as a Divine Child in a human body is a metaphysical accomplishment. We were always Divine Children but have been induced to forget this as we learnt the disciplines of naming in the way of our local schools. Now we have been induced to remember ourselves as children of a Divine Dream. Such remembering is experienced as a rebirth, much like our Resurrection of last night. This pattern has consolidated during sleep and we must learn how to live it.

The first thing we do is ground our new awareness into Earth: ‘Mother, this is – /Feel me coming /Open to receive me /Acknowledge me as your servant and your Child / Take me deep into the Heart of your Womb/ Fill me with your Energy and Grace, your Intelligence and Love’. As these words are spoken, you drop a grounding cord from your Heart centre through your Base down into the Heart of Earth. Moments later you can, with practice, feel an energetic return. This process is totally empirical and verifiable by anyone with the humility to pursue it. In our Play, it comes strongly supported by music and the following tale.

A symbolic Flame of Pure Consciousness burns at the centre of Earth. We invoke the energy of this Flame via our power of conscious intent, as integral elements in a co-responsive Energy Universe. Its impact fans into awareness a Genius Fire that has lain dormant at the root of our Base chakra, awaiting activation if it hasn’t already been released. We already met this Fire on our opening night but now we need to stabilise our access to it and integrate it with respect to all that has happened since.

Music of awakening starts to play. You respond with strong feet and awareness of your grounding cord, so that all ensuing movements arise in a clear relationship with the spiritual being of Earth. You feel the Flame of Earth rising into your Base chakra, igniting a Spark of Pure Consciousness in you also as you start to move, animating your body as it surges, alerting you to the deep Source of this Spirit Fire inside you. You feel this Flame burning brightly in your Base as you dance.

Our music shifts. You watch as the Flame, emblematic of Genius/Spirit Fire, rises swiftly into your Sacral centre, igniting a mode of consciousness that is dreamy and sensuous, erotic and fluid. Going with this, you surrender into a motion of pure Flow, like an underwater plant shaped by subtle currents moving around it. The Genius Fire burns brightly within, now at the level of our second chakra as well as the first.

New music plays. The Flame rises into your Solar Plexus, igniting a sense of personal will that is determined not to be thrown by rampant Horse Power that assails it from below. The Solar Plexus is the energetic seat of ego. It is motivated by commitment to a form of psychological survival that is based on traumatic memory and fearful anticipation rather than experiences of Now. Its predilection is to stay in charge. We engage it initially as a rider determined not to be outdone by a wild horse that would displace it.

We dance over newly risen golden-yellow fire, carefully moulding it with regard to a rhythm that invites masterly containment by the skill of our controlling ego dance. The music goes on, however, opening far beyond the point by which it has been mastered. The rhythm of containment persists, but new wave upon wave pours through, inciting ever newer flight. Your dancing ego, seduced, dissolves into the Flame that it would comprehend and ends up carried by Great Winds across the Sky. When the music stops, it finds it has let go and still survived (6).

Without pausing to reflect, our music shifts into a transitional phase. With extended energy fingers, you clear a pathway from Solar Plexus up to Heart. As this happens, your Genius Fire rises slowly into a spaciousness that has only been faintly intuited before. Arriving in Heart, it is met by a Great Wind that blows constantly from Source. We don’t attempt to conceptualise this but rather allow ourselves – our subtle, all-encompassing Heart Consciousness, just activated – to engage and be moved by it. The experience proves to be thoroughly opening, thoroughly moving and thoroughly radical. New awareness is fanned alive.

Implicitly, in this moment, we are operating within the spatio-temporal model of a tangible Big Bang-like Source that lies somewhere behind us (say 13.7 or 16.4 billion years back in time), such that the great motivating currents of existence derive from it, animating our lives from this seemingly remote point. Now, however, in the midst of our process, the connection feels anything but remote. Indeed, it feels totally integral and immediate.

We experience this directly by stepping backwards out of the flow of existence and into the mists of ‘Void’, from which all forms arise. Assisted by new music we cavort indulgently in this ‘quantum vacuum’ of pure potential, wrapping its energies around us many times over like a multi-layered cloak, allowing the generative powers of Divine Intent to centre through us for expression towards whatever end in due course. (Another image that serves well is that of an ever-growing ball of Love-Pink candy floss being twirled around the once clean stick of our innocence.)

When this process is complete, we move slowly forward again, back to the threshold of Void and step out into existence, feeling ourselves specifically animated by a renewed sense of purpose that insists from within. We draw back the veils of Heart, allowing this new energy to project forward before following it like a destiny line back into the world. We are supported by a music of pulsating evolution as we step out, allowing ourselves to be swept forward again.

There are gaps in this music, brief intervals of silence during which we practice becoming aware of unique destiny lines that also regulate our particular expressions in the world. Even if such personalised threads account for only 0.01% of the total creative force by which we are now moved, they are still indispensable. This is true not just for the fulfilment of our individual purpose but also for the fulfilment of our collective role as a species.

[Raising the Flame of our personal Genius Fire into Heart allows it to become aligned with Great Winds/Primary Creation Waves that stream out from Source. My sense – informed not only by evidence from preparing this event and the related process of writing ‘Spirituality 2012’ but also by experiences in meditation both before and after 28/10 – is that the purpose of the completed Underworlds in Calleman’s account has been precisely to empower the ‘Birthing’ of this new (Divine) Child consciousness, whereby we become aware of ourselves as the part of Spirit that grows (7). More specifically, this completion supports a newly awakened energy of intentional co-creativity in human beings but we must act co-creatively in order to realise it.  Full engagement of our .01% is needed to replace the formerly determining influence of rapidly accelerating Creation waves. Without the awakening of intentionally regulated conscious co-creativity – as represented by our activated destiny lines, for example – the promise of Creation cannot be fulfilled. It is time for us humans to take response-ability in this regard, lending direction that determining waves used to impose. This is what it means for evolution to become conscious.]

We pioneer this process in our Play, showing that it works despite intractability in terms of conventional scientific discourse. Even now, we feel the energy of 9 primary Creation waves ‘behind’ while also staying aware of the thread of our own willing, now intentionally aligned within this. The risen Flame of our Spirit Fire represents an enlightenment of ego in this respect, such that it no longer strives to be constantly in charge but recognises itself as a servant rather than the master of a far greater process. At the same time, Heart is illuminated by the rising of our formerly repressed Spirit Fire; in fact its tenderness turns Sacred as a result and a new level of motivational impulse is introduced to conscious(ness) evolution (8).

Conscious Alignment with Source

It may seem strange to align consciously with Source having already begun to co-create from it but this process actually covers much the same ground as the last one, albeit from a different perspective (9). Before, we played with the image of a naively extended spatio-temporal model. Here we work with an image of the cosmic sphere as something that passes into and out of manifestation with every exhale/inhale motion of Divine Breath. These arise at the centre of One Heart: cf. mystical images of God as ‘an intelligible sphere whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere’. As Void is infinite, beyond measure, so its Centre/Heart is everywhere, beyond concept and rationality (10).

All this is implicitly comprehended by imagination. The Universe, for example, will be more expanded tomorrow than it is today. Everyone immediately understands this as soon as I point it out and, although the empirical pattern is not yet fulfilled, it is already known in the Dream of God/dess that projects it. Becoming conscious within this Dream, we become conscious also of all that it projects – including ourselves as faces/reflections of God/dess. Our approach in the event is playful.

We stand facing away from our music Source, expanding our Heart spheres to encompass our extended arms, our workroom and then cosmos. You then turn within this sphere and start moving back towards a Point of Creation represented by the music Source ‘behind’ you in space-time. Inwardly, you find yourself moving back into the depths of your soul evolution, away from surface details of your ordinary life and into the Mystery of Origins. This happens easily because of all our work so far.

Our music shifts, signifying your admission into deep soul territory. Since our souls all emanate from one Source, the lines we are following all lead back to one Point of Creation. Eventually, you reach the end of your line and approach the Point of Creation. Stepping through this Point brings you into the domain of Void. You wander there expectantly, as if awaiting some signal revelation. What do you do next? Where do you go? To centre? Where is the Centre of Void?  Everywhere your sense of self is not! The music of your soul, playing still, suggests that you have brought separation here with you.

It stops and there is silence. As soon as you surrender to this silence you are Home, arrived in the non-place of Heart/Void, whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere. My rhetorical voiceover figures only for co-ordination purposes. In the event, as always, our progression is carried by music or the lack of it. Again, the method used throughout of channelling the energy of self-consciousness into whole-Hearted movement ensures that, when a trap-door opens in our total immersion, you fall through in a moment of innocent trust and letting go. This simulates a point of surrender to which all spiritual paths inevitably lead.

Thus you find yourself in silence (the absence of music) at the omnipresent Heart of Void. As in our previous session, you just needed to ‘step back’ (out of manifest existence) to get here. Then what happens? Nothing, it seems, except that you discern the Breath of God faintly rising and falling in exhale/inhale cycles. Attuning, you notice it more clearly. Soon your awareness is full of this moving out and in of the Breath of God as it conjures worlds into and back from existence. The pattern of this breathing amplifies until you are wholly engulfed, wholly moved and wholly activated by it. Then, when its intensity is such that you could scarcely bear more, your soul music is heard again.

Still vibrant with the breath of God, your recalled personal consciousness intuits that it can’t stay in this Heart of Being/Void forever. You know that you must leave and return to serve your purpose in the world, now with a renewed memory of Source. You turn and walk back towards existence, as if through a spontaneously manifesting tunnel. (Imagination paves the Way for destiny.) Approaching threshold, you see all existence as the projection of an unfathomable Love that you suddenly feel swelling in your Heart. You realise that in all your journeying through all your lives, you’ve never been anywhere other than the expanded sphere of this One Heart, which contracts and expands with inhale/exhale patterns of the Breath of God. (There is no explaining this realisation. It has to be directly known, such that consciousness can re-order around it. This is facilitated by the deep remembering triggered in our process.)

You step across the threshold, back into the world of space and time, meeting it with strong feet as new music cues a renewed surging of the Flame of Earth in your Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. You feel it gathering as a Divine Fire that strains to erupt. A female lyric soars above our music and with it your Divine Fire is lifted into Heart where it spreads uniformly as a generously expansive Sun, triggering a decisive realisation of your illuminated Sacred Heart. (Experience suggests that this is the Sun of New Consciousness of which indigenous elders now speak. Since it is a mythic symbol, the Truth it evokes must first be sought in Consciousness. Having found it there, we may then facilitate changes in our ‘outer’ Sun.)

The Impossible Transcendence of I AM

Our weekend might have ended in a blaze of glory at the climactic moment of our last session but this would have left us ill-prepared for life on the following day. A further sequence is needed to help focus this impossible transcendence, in which we are both in time and beyond it, Becoming as well as Being. If I AM Consciousness is One with All That Is, how does this equate with my being the one that I am, which seems to be other than the one that you are, and also seems to change from time to time?

We start by stepping back into Void, which simply means stepping back through the Point of Creation at the centre of our spiritual Heart. Once more we luxuriate in energies of pure creative possibility that abound there, wrapping ourselves many times over in cloaks of candy floss love. But what are we to do with this? It is clear that our egos don’t have to decide. We have now had several experiences of letting go and finding that disaster didn’t strike. The destiny lines of our soul dispositions are well established and poised to express from the centre of Heart. This makes it easier to let go into No-thing one more time.

We have only to realise this and follow where it leads to stay in perfect unison with All That Is, even as it flows in perfect unison towards what it must become. We build slowly towards this realisation, starting with the question ‘What is my Com/Passion?’ You pose it from the depths of your being, conscious that this will be the last chance to orient yourself before stepping back into the swings and roundabouts of life after our Play. The answer doesn’t come as a verbal report but rather is evoked by music of the moment, with which you co-create the most beautiful expression that you are capable of.

This happens beautifully. Then you are asked to step back again into Void, where all possibilities again become available for expression according to the gifts of your soul. You wait, not knowing what to do next, and even need reminding to ask ‘What is my Com/Passion?’ New music plays, inducing you once more to express without remainder your Passion of that moment. This happens several more times across a range of melodies that evoke a sample range of different aspects that press for recognition and expression. Every time this happens it becomes easier to let it happen again. Your (relatively) enlightened ego has less and less trouble letting go and finds that greater and greater freedom comes of it.

In the end a layer of self-disclosure impends that has never dared to be expressed before. The urgency and vulnerability associated with it are conveyed through a wave of preliminary ‘hatching’ music. Well primed, focusing awareness in your expanded and receptive Heart, you let the storm come and make beauty of it. In time, this revelation also is complete and again you feel better for it. It is now clear that each such wave stimulates another and that there is no end to this revelation, this process of remembering and making beauty. It is an integral aspect of the movement of the Divine in us, to bring Love to Awareness and Awareness to Love.

The truth of this is clearer if you open in the midst of a bliss practice rather than straining to bring conceptual filters to bear on words alone. There is nothing to be done about this other than finding your own bliss practice but this won’t stop me saying that, in the end, our Com/Passion is to become One, to birth new Unity from moment to moment. The Universe has always done this but we can now do it consciously, with Awareness and Love, having realised what all those Underworlds were for.

Even allowing this, our sequence is not yet complete: by admitting and expressing something that was previously hidden and asleep, we reconfigure boundaries between Consciousness and what remains unconscious of us, making provision for further expression into the future. For now let us say that our present admission of beauty triggers a qualitative realisation that expresses in three stages across a process of Heart-opening that I discovered while preparing this work.

Our next music supports a declaration of the first of these: an uninhibited throwing open of the intrinsic, unlimited spaciousness of (Green) Heart such that there is ample room for All That Is to be expressed out of your inner Void without fear of cramping or resistance. Our physical room doesn’t get any bigger as this happens but everyone moves more boldly and openly than before, with confidence not just in themselves but also in everybody else. It is as if a virtually infinite space has been opened – as indeed it has, from the centre of our (One) spiritual Heart. We have a name for this and call it Cosmos.

The next level of opening is carried by a different music. Here we relay pure Pink unconditional love out from the centre of Heart to fill the virtually infinite space that now envelopes it. This also evokes Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the Consciousness Soul flooding the world with love in our time. The quality of outpouring entailed is very striking and again transforms the atmosphere in which we move. The final opening moves towards a full flowering of our creativity (our Gold) on Earth, expressing it out of Void and into manifestation. We practice it here by shaping the clarified space around us according to the self-clarifying patterns of our souls.

Miraculously, it seems, because all this happens in the expanded sphere of One Heart, there is no friction between my Passion and yours. My Passion is to become One and Compassion is a natural fulfilment of this, not just with regard to my cast of inner characters but also yours. All are mutually arising elements in the co-creative fields through which we move together. As the Mayans have it, you are another myself. The next music, our finale, celebrates a unified expression of all these converging strains. There is no complexity involved, nor thought of any kind. Our challenge is to give beautiful expression to all that we are since otherwise it may never be known. The result is more sublime than words can say.


(1) See ‘The Spirituality of 2012’.

(2) Music provides the fundamental inspiration for our Sacred Plays and everything is carried by it. Its influence opens Hearts, frees bodies and engages whole brains. The effect can’t be described in words, although story does serve to integrate magic that ensues into waking consciousness. The stories used present archetypal scenarios that participants filter and enact according to their own experience.

(3) See the following as an example of how music might inspire our event:

(4) This prayer doesn’t imply naïve belief in a literal Father God but does acknowledge the vital power of mythic symbols to reconcile different consciousness structures in pursuit of Unity Consciousness. I won’t over-burden this text by elaborating further but hope to clarify the issue in future writing.

(5) Those who know they will never attend ‘Birthing’ but are curious none the less can check a version that I’ll publish soon at .

(6) See end paragraphs of ‘The 10th Wave, Part II: The Last Day and the First’.

(7) We have had the Age of the Mother (Matriarchy, Regional Underworld) and the Father (Patriarchy, National/Planetary); now is the Age of the Child: the part of Spirit that evolves and knows it. I know I am speaking mythically here, which is to say symbolically, and that ‘scientific’ minds are not generally at ease with symbols or proficient in the use of them but abstract conceptual accounts are  not sensitive enough to engage the depths of soul involved. I reviewed contributions of Jean Gebser and Joseph Campbell in ‘Spirituality’ to rectify this deficit and now offer this account of ‘Birthing’ to demonstrate how much more generative a mythically informed approach is than a mythically blind one. I hope to explain this more clearly in future writing.

(8) This is an example of skilful means by which the ego can be rendered amenable to enlightenment. A (relatively) enlightened ego becomes less and less attached to its stories/fear. It is a work in progress rather than a once-and-for-all accomplishment. The development also supports Steiner’s programme for a rehabilitation of the Intellectual Soul by the Consciousness Soul; see ‘Spirituality’, Section 2.

(9) Conscious Co-Creation and Re/Alignment with Source are essentially the same non-thing. The former is presented first simply because this allows for a more coherent Flow in our process.

(10) We need myth to engage levels of reality that exceed mind’s surface reflections on ‘depths and heights’ (spatial metaphor again) from which it is said to arise, when actually it arises out of Mystery.

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