Birthing the Divine Child II

(S)He not busy being born is busy dyin’ – Bob Dylan

This account supplements my report of the first presentation of ‘Birthing’ in May 2012 (1). As might be expected from the patterns of consciousness evolution, the promise of this Play became more explicitly apparent through the preparation and execution of its second staging. Those who attended a second time were able to participate with greater awareness and derive greater benefit as a result. The process was also deepened by the impact of learning that I brought back from my trip to South Africa in August 2012. This writing focuses on the impact of these new elements, which led to a significant breakthrough during our final session.


The original ‘Divine Spark’ ignited a Big Bang in ‘the Beginning’, before there was time, space or matter. Conditions for activating widespread awareness of this Divine Spark were established on 28/10/11, when 9 creation waves described in relation to the Mayan calendar fused momentarily in time before diverging again. That singular moment of fusion was unprecedented. It is the Heart of the shift that Callemann and his followers used to speak of.

This Divine Spark is present in the Heart of all Hearts. As the principle of holography ordains that the image of the whole is present in all its parts, so it is with all the creatures in Creation. An important difference is that humans can become conscious of its presence, especially following the impact of 28/10. In order to achieve this, we must first get free from traumatising imprints of our past, individual and collective.

‘Birthing’ has become a major part of my response to this unfolding and a central vehicle for actualising the potentials it has evoked. But why repeat it? The first answer is to facilitate people who were unable to attend before. Beyond this, it was also clear that many people who attended the first time were keen to attend again, knowing that greater preparedness would allow them to gain more from opportunities for healing and creative integration that it affords.

It is worth noting in this respect that there are two primary stages in every healing journey. The first entails recovery from a past that has left traumatic imprints. These prevent us from being fully present. The reason is that our traumatised aspects remain ‘frozen’ at whatever age they were when the instigating episode occurred. Our Play includes sequences designed to bring such ‘frozen’ aspects back into the flow of present awareness. Hence coming upon them a second time, with the help of precise anticipation, means that deeper clarifications can be achieved (2).

The second phase exceeds this necessary practice of looking back to recover ‘lost parts’. It entails a movement towards wholeness and presence. This promise may never be totally fulfilled but only because we too are involved in evolution, which goes on. It can be qualitatively fulfilled however, in consciousness, as when we realise that ‘The Path to Heaven is already Heaven’ (in the words of St Teresa). Our Play makes it possible to achieve this realisation experientially and develop ways of promoting it by means of creative self-expression.

[The reality evoked by the symbol of the Divine Child is actually an evolving state of consciousness in time. It is therefore never finished being ‘born’, no more than the Universe is when under the care of awakened Consciousness in time. This is Spirit’s response to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It involves a lucid dreaming that induces creative manifestation. Such dreaming starts as we step consciously beyond recovery from into movement towards and sets us on a Path that is already Heaven.]


We start by acknowledging yin-yang inter-activity as the fundamental polarity of existence, remembering how a Point of Creation was engendered by an initial yin contraction. This precipitated the original Divine Spark and exploded into the yang expansion that we know as our ‘Big Bang’. We enact this yang expansion of Divine Father energy out from the Point of Creation at the centre of our Heart(s), establishing a sphere of protective energy around us. Standing in the security of this sphere allows Consciousness in us to register a sphere of pure unconditional love at its centre, which is also the centre of our Heart(s). This second energy corresponds to the energy of the Divine Mother archetype.

The truth of these assertions cannot be established by logical argument, which is why an experiential platform is required. The practice of consciously building it induces new horizons of awareness and expression that would not be available otherwise. The truth of these developments can be known immediately from within, however, since we are already integral expressions of a Divine Consciousness that projects the Dream of Existence. Once we enter consciously into the mode of Sacred Play, we evoke a remembering in experience of the principles that underpin it. Having established both of these modes (yin-yang, Divine Mother/Father), we find that just letting them be allows us to engage a third energy of Becoming. This corresponds to an archetypal Divine Child energy of spontaneous arising.

[For the Divine Consciousness that dreamt time to become conscious in time it has been necessary for certain forms of evolution to become self-conscious, including us. We have tended to get stuck in this properly transitional mode of ego-mediated self-awareness for most of our recorded history but are now preparing to move beyond it by allowing consciousness to rise through us into Heart and from there to awareness of the Heart of Cosmos and All That Is. All three of these phases (Heart of Self, Cosmos and All That Is) will be explicitly remembered in our next Play. This integrates work with the Divine Child into what once felt like a separate stream of inspiration to do with the Mayan calendar. Now it transpires within a broader frame both have always been one.]

The Divine Spark becomes embedded in all the forms of life in existence as a Flame of Pure Consciousness and manifests as the Flowering of Life. This process becomes conscious in and through us. Remembering our own Divine Child facilitates it greatly. Its awakening becomes apparent across different levels or potentials of consciousness in existence – as represented by the human chakra system, for example. For the most part, however, consciousness of this Divine Spark in us tends to be crushed under the weight of difficult emotional histories. The recent completion of 9 primary creation waves of the Mayan calendar has established a platform by means of which it is now possible for us as a species to move beyond this condition. Our Play works towards this end.

Hence its opening (Friday) night focuses on archetypal evocations of Divine Father, Mother and Child energies in us. It then progresses to an individualised awakening of the Divine Spark/Child in each of us. This sets the scene for the development of our journey the next day. The first phase has to do with clearing imprints of our personal mothers and fathers and connecting beyond these with energies of the Divine Mother and Divine Father archetypes, respectively. This happens on Saturday morning.

Transpersonal Father and Mother energies are ‘Archetypal’ when beheld from the perspective of psychology and Divine when viewed within a spiritual frame. What we are seeking to achieve in our Play is to bring our human psychology into creative relationship with the Divine Spark of our spiritual essence. For this reason, our afternoon sessions expand the frame of reference beyond psychology to encompass a Higher Self awareness of the need to achieve a Sacred Marrying of Divine Father and Mother energies in order for a Divine Child to be birthed through us as a result.

Towards this end, we track the unfolding of our parents’ soul histories imaginatively as lines of articulation within the Consciousness of God/dess. These move gradually towards a point of convergence in time, signalling the imminence of our conception into this present life. From there we enact the sequence of conception, pregnancy and birthing as a seamless spiritual process, again beheld from a Higher Self perspective. Reliving within this expanded frame allows us to avoid fixating moments of hardship or deformation, such that we emerge with an integral sense of our life experiences to date as having prepared us for this opportunity to birth a new consciousness in time, one that still carries our original blessings of innocence and spontaneity. These are remembered up to the present moment of our lives.

Then, having established a Higher Self awareness of our Divine Child potential, our next task is to relive the key events of our actual lives from this awareness so that we can admit, accept and release all that has been. We will work later to establish a new relationship with the Divine Spark of our spiritual essence and induce a reorganisation of our personal psychology around it. This session entails reviewing the sequence of our actual lives and draws on work of preparation that has been undertaken before. Its completion prepares us to embark on a special dream journey that night.

‘Requiem for a Life Unlived’ unfolds exactly as reported earlier. It involves the total enactment of a dream trajectory that brings us from the birth of our soul out of the Consciousness of God into a new, decisively awakened relationship with the Divine Spark of Spirit in us, inspiring us to bring this forward for expression in our lives. It also precipitates the birthing of a new Heart-centred Consciousness that goes on through Saturday night into Sunday morning.


The task for our third day is to integrate this new consciousness and find ways to give it expression. We start by recapping the Divine Spark/Sacred Flame symbolism introduced on Friday night and follow a sequence that raises it through our major chakra/consciousness levels into Heart. (Heart remains for now the primary focus of my work because it is also the current focus of our species’ collective evolution.)

We also learn to coordinate Earth- and Source-based streams of inspiration. This is vital for creative manifestation and is likely to become even more so over future years. We discover that the Point of Creation is everywhere found at the Heart of Self, Cosmos and Beyond, and that the entire show of manifest existence arises as a Dream that is ultimately projected through this Point. In the process, we also experience an inner realisation of the Rising Sun of enlightened ego as it moves into right relationship with what becomes the Illuminated Heart as a result.

Our final session (Sunday afternoon) focuses on carrying this momentum forward in our lives via ongoing creative expressions of our purpose, so that we make way easily for evolution to happen through us. We start by re-entering the Point of Creation at the Heart of Self, Cosmos, Void and All That Is. We then move out from this Point, recalling our soul’s basic melody and exploring the particular Passion that animates it. Then, remembering always to return to centre in Source at the Heart of Void, we give expression to seven musically encoded waves of Passion that move through us.

In doing this, we also remove seven ‘veils’ that obscure the innermost light of our Sacred Hearts while also protecting it until the right moment for exposure arrives. Everybody’s tender Heart feels Sacred as the Divine Spark of Spirit is raised up through deformations of the lower chakras, away from the crushing wounds of our emotional history and into the clarified sphere of a newly open, newly vibrant fourth chakra (3). Since this is what we have been preparing for all weekend and before, the climactic moment of illumination happens beautifully.

When the seventh veil has been removed, the new consciousness that has been birthing through us is ready to be declared. Our next music evokes a preliminary ‘hatching’, followed by emergence of the new energy into awareness. We facilitate this initially with a ‘Green’ expansion of our Heart sphere. This establishes a secure, protected space into which our birthing can happen. We follow this with a ‘Pink’ expansion, whereby our newly emerging aspect is called forth and received into all the unconditional love and support it could possibly require. This empowers it to assume whatever form is appropriate from moment to moment of our continuously unfolding lives (the ‘Gold’ expansion of ongoing creativity).

Then a fourth expansion happens that I hadn’t integrated fully before my trip to South Africa. It arises as the final stage of a prayer developed in synchrony with the four expansions. The words address whatever lost part of us might be pressing for a return to present consciousness in the Now of every moment: ‘Come into my Heart (Green expansion)/ May you be held in love (Pink)/ And clarified/renewed as appropriate (Gold)/ By the energies of Source rising in me (Clear).’ The last part brings forth our energy of innocence and spontaneity.

This manifests inwardly as a stream of clear liquid light that emanates from the Point of Creation at the centre of my (One) Heart (of All That Is). It moves us to complete expression of all that we are, while also activating a new disposition for the rest of our lives. As indicated, the next phase of this work will focus creative manifestation in the light of calendar unfolding (4).


(1) The Divine Child evokes the part of Consciousness that is involved in evolution. All of us are involved in evolution and are therefore Divine Children but is only when we become conscious of this in time that a Divine Child is actually birthed in us. Every time this happens, collective awareness of our spiritual origins is enhanced.

(2) Having said that, I would discourage people from attending the same Play more than twice, since this option would probably undermine our ability to be fully present on any given occasion.

(3) The point here is not that our Heart chakra is clear while those below it are not but rather that the Heart chakra becomes clear by virtue of clarifications achieved at lower levels. It then becomes possible to draw inspiration ‘from above’ through the opening of our higher centres.

(4) The 9 primary Creation waves described by the Mayan calendar up to 28/10/11 are no longer ‘driving’ our creativity; 21/12 will do nothing to alter this for people who haven’t absorbed the point of 28/10. For this reason we will need to access new/old wellsprings of spiritual creativity from 2013. My work will be directed towards this. See ‘After the End: Creative Manifestation in a Time of No Time’ (in preparation).

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