The Calendar in Prospect

(This is the final section of a longer article called ‘The Spirituality of 2012’, which contains all background information required for proper evaluation of the arguments proposed: .)

Terence McKenna expected an apotheosis in time, a moment when its Transcendental Object would finally manifest amidst a tumult of chaos and revelation. In the event, accepting 28/10 as the ‘End’, this didn’t happen. The waves fused momentarily before slipping from Day into Night mode and a universal speed limit was established whereby a cap was set on the rate of evolution so that it could never get faster than it was on 28/10. This was subject to the further impact of all waves entering a Night, which appeared to slow time down (11).

The entry of all waves into Night serves a balancing, integrative function with regard to the accelerating complexification McKenna describes. Calleman’s 9 Heavens/13 Underworlds lent structure and precision to our understanding of this. In any case, a period of rest and integration was sorely needed after the rampant time acceleration of wave 9, building on 8 earlier waves already completing their 7th Days.

The unprecedented descent into a series of 1st Nights lasts 18 days, 360 days, 19.7 years, 394 years and 7,900 years for waves 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5, with all waves unfolding simultaneously from the point of fusion at their respective frequencies. A 7 Night/6 Day sequence is not slower than a 7 Day/6 Night one simply because of arithmetic inversion but also because ‘deities’ (powers of the universe) which formerly ruled active-expansive Days are paired with receptive-integrative Nights for its duration. This also leads to effects of balancing and integration, within repeating cycles and across them, precisely as Gebser’s integral consciousness requires.

Calleman’s sense is somewhat different: namely all waves entered a 7th Night rather than a 1st. Taking the 9th wave as an example, he says that it will go on after June 18 2012, at which point it will enter its 14th Day. This makes little sense to me. The 9th wave is defined as a structural unit of 13 Heavens, each of 18 days duration. Its specification as such is integrally linked with the 13 x 18 x 20n formula that emerged from investigation of the Coba stone. To speak of it as having a 14th Day means that the 9th wave as a structural unit ordained by the calendar’s generative formula no longer exists and that fractal resonance doesn’t apply across continuing waves. The highest frequency established up to 28/10 just happens to be going on, as do its predecessors.

On this reckoning, there are no grounds for distinguishing a 7 Night/6 Day cycle that ends on June 18 from the 7 Day/6 Night cycle that starts on the 19th. It is wasteful for a ‘Divine Plan’ to engender such exquisite structure only to discard it. Calleman says that the limiting power of 13 was broken during the 28/10 shift and that the tzolkin no longer applies. Thus he settled on an 18 day rhythm as the basis for a new dating convention. Apart from dismissing the tzolkin prematurely, this misses a crucial stress on balance and integration that the calendar now supports, not to mention the reasons these are needed.

[Gebser’s account of the emergent integral structure – which, far from being simply given, presupposes a reintegration of all earlier structures back to the archaic – is particularly relevant because it doesn’t assume that later stages, having built on earlier ones, can then dispense with them. The calendar’s simultaneously repeating waves support Gebser’s logic absolutely in this respect.]

Having established that the waves are repeating rather than just going on, it becomes clear that the calendar is now set to facilitate integration as envisaged by Gebser and Swimme and also to facilitate a re-ordering in consciousness of unconscious patterns left over from industrial, agricultural, hunter-gathering, hominid, anthropoid, primate, mammalian and cellular levels of our being, right back to Arche as the ever-present origin. All these levels correspond to Underworlds that are complete and waves that carry their frequencies on, making dysfunctional patterns associated with them available for healing and integration.


As indicated, where Calleman perceives a 7th Night, I see a 1st. More importantly, where he perceives a 14th, 21st and 28th … going on for no clear reason, I see the 1st Night of a repeating inverse of an original wave that goes on to facilitate integration for all who have not yet achieved it. Repeating 7 Day/6 Night sequences were needed pre-shift to drive an accelerating pace of evolution and engender ever more novel patterns in time. Once this process completed, it was necessary to resolve the dizzying escalation we had come through. This was accomplished initially by the descent of all waves into Night mode but needs sustaining, which the alternating 7/6-6/7 sequences now provide across levels.

I expect this pattern to become apparent from June 19 2012, when a new 7 Day/6 Night 9th wave sequence will begin, repeating the structural dynamics of its novelty-building prototype. This will lead to an increase in evolutionary frequencies relative to our current 7 Night/6 Day sequence but won’t reach the speed limit – now a theoretical maximum – established by the fusion moment of 28/10 (since all but one of the other waves will still be in a 1st Night when it completes in March 2013). It would take 32.8 billion years for this frequency to be approached and, even then, all waves would simply slip again out of 7th Days and into 1st Nights.

Of more pressing interest is the fact that, for 234 days beginning June 19, the 9th wave will again manifest its seed-fruit progression, meaning that everybody who missed out on it before will have a second chance to harvest its gifts (and a 3rd, 4th … in due course as required). Then, another 7 Night/6 Day repetition will ensue for the purpose of balancing the previous 7 Days/6 Nights. This means that no more unbalanced innovation will ever again be observed across any of the calendar’s still (horizontally) unfolding levels. Vertical integration across levels also remains available via fractal resonance as before. Again the purpose is to permit integration in consciousness of learning warranted by our passage through the Underworlds.


The calendar is built around the sacred numbers 13, 18 and 20. The importance of the basic equation 13 x 360 = 18 x 260 has long been apparent but the appearance of the 9th wave and its continuation as a repeating structural unit has uncovered another link – i.e., 13 x 360 = 18 x 260 = 20 x 234. All yield a product of 4680, which is the number of days in the Galactic Underworld (12). It is also 13 x 20 x 18: the number (13) of tones by the number (20) of aspects by the number (18) of whats?

Regarding the general formula, increasing powers of 20 dictate a 20x times increase in Underworld duration as we descend the Pyramid. Only with the 9th wave and its suspension of the 20 aspects (200) does the underlying role of 18 whats become apparent as 9 + 9 steps up and down the pyramid. These steps are primarily symbolic, just as the pyramid is a metaphor before it is an actual structure. And because the 13 Heavens encompassed 7 Days and 6 Nights, each 9 up/9 down sequence for Days is balanced by a 9 down/9 up sequence for Nights (excepting 7th Days pre-shift).

Hence there was always a focus on balance and integration at all levels through the calendar, even as it drove an accelerating generative process across Underworlds.

The 9th (200) wave carries energies of the Universal Underworld and plays over earlier waves just as Gebser’s integral structure plays over earlier consciousness forms, with a view to integrating them. The goal of the 9th wave is also to facilitate a process of integration across levels that results in the attainment of Unity Consciousness.

The 8th wave (201) carries energies of the Galactic Underworld, of Information Revolution and ethical renewal of our relationship with Power.

The 7th wave (202) carries energies of the Planetary Underworld, the Industrial Revolution and of problems associated with efforts to extract and harness Nature’s power while disregarding context and compassion.

The 6th wave (203) carries energies of the National Underworld, the Agricultural Revolution and of a still ailing, still reactive patriarchal mindset.

The 5th wave (204) carries energies of the Regional Underworld, of Hunter-Gathering societies and our difficult transition into settled communities.

The next 4 levels stretch back through cycles which predate the emergence of explicit human culture and focus milestone events in the process of biological evolution:

The 4th wave (205) carries energies of the Hominid Underworld and of unconscious patterns that persist following a psychologically incomplete differentiation from our primate ancestors.

The 3rd wave (206) carries energies and structures of the Anthropoid Underworld, including those having to do with primate emergence from a Mammalian matrix.

The 2nd wave (207) carries energies of the Mammalian Underworld and of the evolution from single- to multi-celled organisms.

The 1st wave (208) carries energies of the Cellular Underworld, of the emergence of organic life in Cosmic evolution and of stellar origins that lead back through visible Source to intuitions of Arche, the Ground of Being.

This expresses through a Point of Creation, the ever-present origin whose recollection by integral consciousness admits spiritual energies back into human life and culture. It activates an evolutionary awareness that has been incubating inside us, allowing us to participate actively in the course of our unfolding rather than remaining subject to the once compelling power of pre-shift Creation waves.


Calleman used to say that the 9th wave alone would bring about Unity consciousness by virtue of what he calls ‘the Cosmic Round of Light’. This is an overly schematic  theoretical model (13). Its core prediction was not borne out by 28/10 but Calleman insists that a continuing 9th wave only is still ‘grinding out’ Unity consciousness. This does nothing to address issues of balance, integration, creativity and freedom that are now crucial: witness our reviews of Steiner, Gebser, Swimme and Campbell, for example, not to mention how the calendar is currently behaving.

It has also been suggested that the calendar, having moved through an ‘overall yang phase pre-shift, has entered an ‘overall yin phase since, such that earlier ascent must now be balanced by descent. Here too, it makes no sense that a dynamic structure so long in the making should be organised to self-dissipate. The completed Underworlds offer a platform on which human beings, remembering, can fulfil an ancient promise to become stewards of Earth. This requires becoming masters of ourselves in service to the whole rather than acting as if we were the whole. The repeating waves afford a primary means to facilitate.

Also, there is no such thing as ‘overall yin’ or ‘overall yang’. The whole point of the tai chi symbol is to show that these polarities are mutually engendering aspects of an intrinsically dynamic Unity, visible and invisible. Taoism exhorts us to seek balance in established patterns of Nature and cultivate it in ourselves, especially when subject to effects of quantum acceleration over building waves: Woe to one who innovates while ignorant of the Constant. This situation has now changed and the pressure been relaxed. Repeating waves empower rather than compel. What happens next is our response-ability, just as what happened before was designed to foreground this.


The Constant is Consciousness outside time. It realises itself as such – attains conscious self-awareness: I AM that I AM! – by remembering itself in existence. This happens through us at a still point in the centre of Heart which carries the imprint of our ever-present origin (arche) in time: Be still and know that I AM God. It happens when we do nothing as the Tao does nothing, such that nothing is left undone.

Grass grows quietly: anandamayakosha expresses through vijnanamayakosha and, if we are still, eventually we get the point. Such awakening qualifies us to emulate Jesus’ recognition that I AM (immanent, in time) that I AM (transcendent, outside time). Each such realisation activates Divine Consciousness in time – making it a Time of No Time – and outside time, making it ever more Loving and Aware.


The combination of completed Underworlds and continuing waves offers a perfect platform for great remembering. It was difficult to achieve stillness ahead of the shift because, even if we had established inner clarity and could resonate with the highest frequencies available, the force of accelerating evolution was always pushing through, impelling Consciousness-in-time on towards tomorrow. We had to be truly focused in the stillness of Heart not to be swept away. Now that the highest frequency has been achieved and a speed limit established, we can – if we are in resonance – sit quietly without being undone by powerful accelerating energies. Even when a surge comes, as at the mid-point of a repeating 9th wave, it is easily accommodated by anyone who has done their work of clearing.

It is not an accident that we as a species are awakening to our creativity at the same time as we are awakening to the fundamental creativity of the universe. It is also not an accident that the process of cosmic evolution has become conscious through us in this ‘final’ hour, just as we are called to act differently than heretofore in order to avoid disaster for our planet and our species. What is our role, creativity, response-ability? These intimately related questions surface just as we are asked to participate consciously in evolution: to take care of it in accordance with an ancient, mythically encoded promise that we should become stewards of Earth.

Finally, it is no accident that all this should come to pass just as 9 primary Creation waves described by the Mayan calendar have achieved their purpose in time by awakening a critical number of us to awareness of our origins beyond it. The course of this unfolding was largely determined up to the turning point of 28/10/11. Now our creativity and vision must find new Ways as we awaken to ourselves as embodiments of Divine Consciousness in time. This challenge is deeply frightening for a species shaped by instinct and history to survive (1st chakra), reproduce/accumulate (2nd) and control (3rd). Ego would like to do whatever transcending is required, to take charge of it but can’t because in the end it is what must now be transcended.


The Underworlds represent stages in the unfolding of Consciousness through time to a point where it is able to recollect its origins in the Beyond. This doesn’t imply an end of evolution in time but of the illusion that evolution in time is all there is. The end of this illusion portends a mode of evolution beyond ego, one that unfolds via a process of conscious co-creation with a Universe that is poised to enter a state of conscious self-awareness through us. This is so because we are expressions of the universe and of the Beyond that it expresses. Thus as we awaken the universe awakens and so does the Beyond.

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