The Calendar and the Grail (Report)

The Calendar and the Grail

a Sacred Play in story, magic, music, dream and dance

Kilkenny, Ireland, 17th-19th May 2013


1. Introduction

It is said of the Tao that it is neither One nor Two. It is neither yin nor yang, nor yin and yang but yin-yang. This ineffable yin-yang carries the seed of every polarity needed to bring existence into Being. It implies that there is not a primary Field of Consciousness (say Akasha) on which a primary force (say prana) then operates but that both are primordially One and have been from a Beginning that is mythically remote. This must be so since there can never have been a ‘time’ when Consciousness (Akasha) was not already tending towards Creation. The Breath of God (prana) is the vehicle of this tendency; Love its motive power. Neither is other than Consciousness; rather both manifest its dynamic aspect. A mythic reading of the Coba Stone supports this and provides further information about developmental rhythms of a Breath of God(dess) that is neither One nor Two.

The primal Oneness of the Supreme Ultimate (tai chi) is inherently articulated as yin-yang. This latent Two-ness shapes Breath to initiate Movement (Three) via a recurrent escalating cycle that is regulated by the Mayan 13 Tones and 20 aspects. It implies a temporal structure of Creation long before this manifests physically in space-time, and a tendency towards motion within Presence that illuminates the Mystery of Being and Becoming. It reveals that it is in the nature of Being to Become and accounts for otherwise enigmatic indications of bouts of creative intent on the Coba Stone prior to the interval that Calleman associates with our Big Bang. It is possible to experience this self-dispersing unity of yin-yang directly in experience. I have been cultivating it for 30 years via the practice of tai chi as a meditative form that combines stillness and motion within the ecstatic dance of their cyclical coming into and out of balance (1).

The Coba Stone suggests that this Coming is also a Becoming. Indeed, the calendar as a whole evokes the journey of Consciousness through time. To comprehend this, we must first focus on the primal, undifferentiated Unity of yin-yang as the essence of an internally structured, self-articulating Supreme Ultimate out of which All arises and towards which All tends. This establishes recurring cycles of Departure and Return from and to Consciousness, the purpose of which is evidently to clarify its nature. We are agents of this process, formerly unconscious but asked now to become conscious. A mythical account is required because conceptual-theoretical language is unable to ‘capture’ this Mystery, being part of it. We are also expressions of the Mystery and can therefore access it by more immediate means. I like to work in these more direct, intuitive ways, supported by Story, Magic, Music, Dream and Dance.

Story serves as a synonym for Myth. It engages our right-brained participative powers as well as left-brained ones that seek to frame and comprehend. The tension between these is already an example of the Departure-Return cycle noted earlier with regard to Consciousness’ perpetual journey away from and back to itself. The basic template for this tendency is found in every yin-yang cycle. It is also expressed symbolically in the relationship between the Grail and our Quests to attain it. Questing implies at least a perceived lack of what is quested for and attainment its discovery or restoration. Every quest thus implies an evolutionary development that changes our relationship with what is quested for and since, in the case of the Grail, our quest is for Unity with Divine Consciousness, every attainment implies an evolution in Divine Consciousness – especially Now when its journey (back) to itself through time is being fulfilled.

This formulation is greatly clarified when we view yin-yang as a primary and wholly integral manifestation of a Love that is always present at the core of Consciousness, even before it becomes known to itself via the Mirror(s) of Existence. The yin aspect of Love gathers in and is primarily receptive; its yang aspect reaches out and is primarily expressive. These aspects are not mutually exclusive. As every student of the tai chi diagram knows, both together represent an inherent dualising tendency that underpins the Supreme Ultimate as a dynamic, emergent Unity. This is why the Tao is neither One nor Two; neither in motion nor at rest. Its state of primal, undifferentiated Unity can be maintained only as long as these inherent yin-yang tendencies hold each other in a mutely balanced state that frustrates the nature of both and thus cannot be sustained. When they are allowed to go out of synch (into time), however, movement arises. With this comes the expression of an underlying creativity that manifests first as wave forms (frequencies) and later as the evolutionary process of existence.

Our scientific mythology of the Big Bang evokes this moment in its way, but not the metaphysical precursors that lead to it. Mythically, we might say that the yin motion of Love drawing in was given precedence until All became impossibly condensed, such that a counter-motion of explosive yang force (Love reaching out) was induced to help restore balance. The oscillations of this dual articulation become patterned and gentler as they emerge from an instigating ‘singularity’ and, after humans come on the scene, insofar as they are properly managed. As a collective, we are only now developing the insight needed to satisfy this latter condition. On a Cosmic scale, using Calleman’s language, a 7 Days/6 Nights (13 Heavens) Genesis schema ordained a primacy of Light after the Big Bang up to 28/10/11. This was necessary through a period of building complexity in existence until a point was reached when a particular form of Consciousness embodied in time (us) became capable of remembering its origins before and beyond it, in ‘Darkness’.

Our category of ‘Darkness’ has arisen out of an historical contrast with ‘Light’ and thus carries metaphorical connotations of which it still needs purging before we can recognise that the paradoxically dual Unity of yin-yang has at last been engendered in time. This is evident in the disposition of continuing Creation waves after the Mayan calendar shift date of 28/10/11. The new balance is currently supported by alternating cycles of 7 Nights/6 Days and 7 Days/6 Nights, which offers ideal support for efforts to align consciously with the co-creative energies of yin-yang interactive cycles that are now dynamically balanced. Beyond this, the simultaneous fulfilment of 9 primary Creation waves on 28/10 established a platform for integrating all 9 associated levels of consciousness-in-time. Unity Consciousness emerges from this to restore the early, undifferentiated Unity of the Tao at a new level of explicated self-awareness that applies not just to individual (human) beings bit also to Consciousness as such.


Many spiritual traditions describe a third force that balances the energies of a primary pair of opposites (yin-yang, ida-pingala etc.).This ‘third force’ entails the recollection in awareness of a primal Unity that was there before the process of existence even began. The purpose of existence is evidently to allow this Unity to become conscious of itself: as in Jesus’ realisation ‘I AM THAT I AM!’ An originally compact Unity (Consciousness) achieves this end in time by manifesting its powers of creativity at an ever more accelerated rate. A ‘Divine Plan’ evidently drove this process until a  point was reached, now, when Consciousness is awakening embodied in time to remember and express freely its powers of creativity, having clarified and integrated many formerly unconscious determinants on the way. A further evolutionary stimulus is provided by the fact that this Consciousness form (us), in the course of discovering our appetite for freedom, has almost destroyed its host planet. We need to remember quickly and exercise a creativity that is based on pure Love rather than distortions of it built up across ages. The Grail is a perfect symbol to facilitate such remembering.

For the purposes of our Play, the primary yang impulse of a Love that reaches out is equated with the Divine Father energy of a different mythic register Correlatively, the primary yin impulse of a Love that gathers in equates with Divine Mother energy. The transcendent Unity that is apparently shattered by this articulation remains beyond all possibility of (verbal) expression. It can, however, be experienced directly via the self-remembering in time of every Divine Child – i.e., every human who remembers her/his Origin in Cosmos and Beyond. This opens us past conditioned narratives that bind us to wounds and limitations of a small, local self. A Divine Child regains its inherent powers of innocence and spontaneity. Its energy thus equates with the third force that balances Divine Mother (yin) and Divine Father (yang) energies. The aim of our Introduction is to bring participants to direct experience of this ‘third force’, recollecting the primal integrity of self-balancing yin-yang expressions at the level of conscious awareness (2). With the aid of suitably evocative music, it succeeds.

2. Heart of Darkness Lights the End of Time

A Divine Child knows her/himself to be carried by Great Winds that emanate through a Point of Creation from beyond space and time. The Mayan calendar represents these ‘winds’ in terms of 9 sequentially accessed, nested Creation waves. All 9 fused momentarily at the moment of symbolic midnight on 28/10/11. This brought with it attainment of Calleman has called the Universe’s ‘highest quantum state’. The process is usually described with reference to two main sets of imagery: (1) a 9-stepped temple evoking 9 levels of consciousness that are engendered by (2) 9 primary Creation waves, respectively. Each of these waves divides into 13 Heavens (7 Days and 6 Nights, pre-Shift) such that a ‘seeding’ of the next wave is accomplished by its predecessor one third of the way through its final ‘fruition’ phase.

Since no 10th Wave was ever due to be seeded by the 9th, we may ask what its yield to fruition of the whole may have been. My sense has always been the seeding of a potential in (human) Consciousness in time to remember its origins before and beyond it. This potential was specifically activated by the fusion of all 9 primary Creation waves on 28/10. Symbolically, this happens on top of the 9 stepped temple, applying our levels imagery. Incorporating this highest quantum state or ‘Shift’ energy empowers an awakening of the Divine Child in us – i.e. it empowers us to become self-remembered embodiments of Divine Consciousness in existence. An evident flaw in this arrangement is that the vast majority of humans were utterly unaware of any such possibility and thus neglected to avail of it. I have since found that it is still possible to integrate ‘Shift’ energies and to be decisively transformed by their impact.

We aim to do so in our second session by evoking energies of the 9 primary waves, aligning with and being carried by them to the top of the symbolic 9-stepped temple. The cumulative force of all 9 waves deposits us on a near side of the temple’s highest level before continuing on to its turning point and beginning its journey down through 9 levels back to Earth. As this happens, we explore the horizons opened by this 9th level of Creation, noting the great gifts of hindsight and perspective that it makes available before making our way to its far side and catching the descending wave, to be carried by it back down to Earth. We come down slowly and mindfully, holding a memory of all that has been learned in the course of our long evolutionary ascent.

We come to Earth just as the moment of symbolic midnight is approaching. Forming a circle around the symbolic temple from which we have just descended, we turn, reach up and call down the Shift energies of 28/10 directly into our Hearts. This works as powerfully now as it did on that first night; perhaps even better in the sense that many of us are now more prepared to integrate than we were in October 2011. Our efforts are decisively supported by a collective Grail vessel, energetically constructed via a spiritual process that words can’t describe. (This applies to our Play as a whole: story, magic, music, dream and dance would be superfluous if propositional language were sufficient to secure the levels of imaginative engagement required for profound inner transformation.) Individual Grails also support acts of personal integration within this collective structure.

When our Grail/Hearts are filled to overflowing we allow surplus energies to be relayed through us into the Heart of Earth and, thence, into the Heart of Cosmos and Void. Then, at the precise centre of Void, we engage the Heart of Darkness just as it is on the point of giving birth (yet again) to Light. We experience this in Consciousness and also the upsurge of new yang energies from deepest yin towards the birth of a new day. This ‘quickening’ registers intensely in each of us and the promise of a newly Rising Sun that it engenders. Full-filled we take this promise into sleep.

3.Raising the Flame

Our first task the next morning is to harness these vast calendar energies for creative expression through the rest of our weekend. It is already clear from previous work that their impact catalyses great change and transformation. We begin by grounding into the Heart of Earth and asking Her to fill us with her Energy, Grace, Intelligence and Love.

Visualising her response as the raising of a Sacred Flame, we see it coming first into our base chakras, where it ignites a Flame that causes energies to uncoil and expand until we find ourselves moving with strong feet in fields of bold Red. As the music of this Base dance fades, we use extended energy fingers to clear a path into our Sacral centres. Again the Flame rises to ignite our second chakras, causing an Orange expansion in which we dance to the fluid, sensual music of our new carrying wave.

This process repeats at Solar Plexus and Heart levels, meaning that our Hearts now have a direct connection into the Heart of Earth. As this Green expansion completes music from last night is heard, signifying the emergence from Source into Heart of Great Winds of Creation familiar from our calendar work. These energies build and build, filling us to a point of overflow within the vastness of our Green expansion.

The combination of a strong connection into the Heart of Earth (1D) with energies of Creation issuing from Source is prerequisite for creative manifestation on the Earth plane. What we need to manifest first is a sense of the pre-destined order of our own lives. This process begins immediately. As a point of saturation is reached with respect to incoming spiritual energies, it quickly becomes apparent that we have no choice but to lett them flow through us, over and above the facilitating movements that are already in play.

We each feel a destiny line that emanates palpably from the centre of our Hearts, projecting strongly as if from a Source within. The music shifts and we follow a firm cello line that goes mute at intervals. We stop through these silences to feel our destiny lines as they continue to project robustly before us, lending new substance to the notion of following one’s Heart.

Then the same music swells, supported now by lush orchestration that evokes the energies of Creation at large, including our ancestral lines within that. We continue to move, still following our individual destiny lines within the enveloping swell, moving as rivers within a River, knowing ourselves simultaneously as agents and the source of all our actions. Our next task must be to relate this realisation to the Grail.

4. In the Castle of the Grail (1)

Unbalanced male-masculine (yang) energy has to undertake a Quest in order to come again into right relationship with the yin constancy of the Goddess. As a victim of his mother’s over-compensation in this regard, Perceval specifically needs to move away from living unconsciously under her spell to discover and integrate estranged energies of his father and the Red Knight. He then needs to deploy these in loyal and loving service to the Goddess/Divine Feminine, as represented first by Condwiramurs and ultimately by the Grail itself. I have detailed the Perceval story elsewhere (3) and will not rehearse it now except to note that it recaps symbolically the passage of runaway yang energies that need to break away from restraining yin and then return to it for balance and reorientation after a required measure of expansion and individuation has been achieved. We enact this story up to the point where Perceval realises that the purpose of his life will somehow be forfeit unless he manages to regain entry to the Grail Castle and ask questions needed to heal the ailing Fisher King.

He needs to return because he has proven too unaware to behave appropriately during his first, unpremeditated visit. Our enactment serves to activate Grail/Quest energies in us all, male and female. This accomplished, our next task is to facilitate the finding of a way back into the Castle while also doing everything necessary to ensure that we will be able to respond appropriately to the challenges we will find there, having arrived. As Perceval’s powers of compassion and spontaneous expression were eclipsed by the impact of conditioning influences, we must work in the meantime to eliminate all issues that exercise equivalent inhibiting power over us. We begin by initiating a process of recovery from whatever our wounds have been. All participants have done preliminary work in advance to ensure that the processes of our Play will impact effectively on whatever the patterns of their past have been. This brings us to a pivotal juncture.

5. Sacred Wound: Recovery From

Some measure of wounding is needed to betray us out of the innocence and unconsciousness of early experience into the jagged awareness of one who feels lost and is thus motivated to ‘quest’ in order to restore coherence and purpose in her/his life. The present session builds on earlier work in ‘Birthing the Divine Child’. There we descended into basement depths of the House of Self and found a little girl (c 3 years old) singing beautifully to herself in an isolated chamber, with no expectation of being heard. Approaching carefully, we took her first into our arms and then our Heart(s), rocking her slowly back to an awareness of being held in the flow of present Consciousness. We recap this process briefly to bridge back to that earlier awareness and build on the foundation it affords. Our Hearts are once again thrown open by it.

Then, in turn, we lift out, unwrap, cleanse and polish 7 ‘seals’ that have been set upon the major chakras that  regulate our primary levels of multi-dimensional awareness. We hold each of them individually in our pre-opened Hearts so that they may be ‘clarified and renewed’ by energies of Source that are now rising in us through the Point of Creation found there. The chakra expands spectacularly as this happens and we dance in its extended field for the duration. As always, our movements lend shape, coherence and beauty to the reconfiguring while it is under way. When each of our chakras has been treated in this way, we allow it to resume its natural dimensions and slide back to its normal position. All are thus brought into a newly integrative relationship with each other by virtue of their transformed relationship with Heart.

This exercise prepares us not only for vital work of the coming night but also for opening the seals completely tomorrow, our final day. Before that can happen, we must also shift the imprints of old wounds and habits that prevent us from stepping out as situations demand, as happened when Perceval first ventured into the Grail Castle.  Our next sequence thus entails moving into a Sacred Fire of transmutation in order that old traces may be shaken out and burned away. Again, all participants have done preparatory work to activate memories of core wounds and shaming episodes in their past. This ensures ready availability for the purpose of our session.

6. Sacred (Heart) Fire: Transmutation

We start by moving to an unadorned soul melody, suspended in consciousness somewhere between the continuing influence of old wounds and a growing aspiration to move beyond them into wholeness and fulfilment. A crucial aspect of this transition is the willingness to relinquish all commitment to our old wounds and the sense of constrained identity associated with them. If we are truly to become Divine Children we must first become free of attachment to stories of the ones we used to (believe ourselves to) be.

Towards this end we move on to a Burning Ground, focused now on giving all our issues away to the fires of transformation. The closer we go to the centre of this fire, the higher its flames leap around us. Soon we are enveloped by fire, inside and out. We approach a threshold then and step across it into a searing Violet Flame of radical transmutation. This burns with sublime intensity, transforming residual negativity into positive awareness and severing all attachment to old traces.

We pass then into the Heart of the Fire. Doing so prompts a rapid recap of the timeline of our lives and a literal shaking free of old imprints that still dog us. Emboldened by the rampant music of our raging inferno, we give ourselves so fully to it that we feel ourselves becoming this Fire, committed to it without reservation. The music reduces in intensity after a while. We turn away then from the centre of the Fire and move slowly back towards the edges of the Burning Ground, parts of our bodies still aflame.

Even after we have left the Fire entirely, a Sacred Flame continues to burn brightly in our Heart(s). One participant later tears up his lists of wounds and shamings, burns the fragments and scatters the ashes to the winds. This is a perfect symbolic resolution and a perfect preparation for our imminent return to the Castle of the Grail.

7. In the Castle of the Grail (2)

The philosopher Eric Voegelin, echoing Plato, said that it is the essence of every human being to be or to become ‘an incarnate openness to the Beyond.’ This presupposes a fundamental realisation of transpersonal consciousness that is entirely clear of old traces of conditioned identity. It means becoming free of old stories that used to limit awareness, as Perceval must in order to attain the Grail. We must ‘die’ to our selves in order to achieve such clarity. Otherwise, we are liable to remain mired in the preoccupations of a disabling self-consciousness that first emerges when wounding projects us out of the unconscious innocence of early childhood and into the throes of self-divided experience. The psychological discomfort of this condition, as well as the residual promptings of an inner tendency that is never finally stifled, tacitly motivates us still to go beyond. This is the root of our interest in transcendence.

The essential difference between psychological and spiritual models of its attainment is that the latter acknowledge a need for (ego) ‘death’. We must surrender the complexities of our reflective self-divided state, ‘die’ to them, in order to enter the Heaven of conscious union with the Divine, because it is they which keep us separate. Tonight’s session not only makes this requirement explicit, it also facilitates its attainment by building on earlier work with the Sacred Wound, back of which alone our Gift is to be found. This is necessary to get beyond the wounding of our inner Fisher King, the part of us that is unable to let go.

We begin by focusing imaginatively on preparations for an outer journey that will  take us into the foothills of the Mountain of Salvation, at whose summit the Grail Castle is known to be mythically located. Our passage overland is challenging and long. There follows a rigorous ascent through narrow ravines, thick forests and raging waters. At last we break the treeline and see a Castle in the distance before us, bathed in moonlit splendour. Gradually drawing near, we find that its gates are barred but are impelled to approach nonetheless, somehow confident that a way in will be found.

It is.  We remember our way through an outer courtyard in ghostly moonlight, drawn inevitably towards the Great Hall. After a small delay, manage to find our way in there also. It is dark inside apart from an eerie emerald glow that seems to issue from the centre of the room, at the exact point where we remember long ago seeing a Grail being placed before the wounded Fisher King. Mesmerised, we resume our approach. Coming to the centre, we see by its light that an emerald dish has been inlaid in the floor (4). It beckons to us as a receptacle, like a bed in which we are invited to rest.

Unable to do otherwise, we lie into this emerald bed and, despite the anxious vigilance that arises, fall asleep there. In this sleep we dream and in our dream we find ourselves asleep on an emerald bed in a mysterious cavern, totally dark but also infinitely vast. We are impelled to rise out of our dream sleep and explore this place. As pre-arranged, all participants put on blindfolds when we arise out of our ‘sleep’ positions. This relinquishing of visual control is the psychological mechanism of a total surrender into Void-like darkness, where no executive gesture of any kind is possible.

At first we just explore this vast pitch-black cavern space. Somehow we know that deliverance from it requires that we keep moving, even as this phase seems to be nearing its end. Our music changes, and with it the atmosphere of our immersion. It feels as if we have entered an extended corridor that gradually slopes down. All along its length, on both sides, images arise from our personal past, projecting scenes of shame, wounding and whatever else may bind us in the depths of our subconscious. As ever, we accept and admit these images, just letting them be or shaping them in movement towards integration and release. They persist for a long time. Eventually another threshold looms.

Our music shifts. We find ourselves moving through an immense gallery-like space, also totally dark. Images from our story still gather and hang before us in the Void. We continue to accept and admit them, realising now that their persistence is due to our continuing commitment to them. After another long, slow dance we learn to let them be. This heralds the beckoning of another threshold, signalled by new music. Carried by it, we step through in our altered states into a boundless, pure creative energy of Void, knowing that anything we project here will instantly be manifested.

Imbued now with a growing energy of allowance and trust, we gradually cease to project. Everything is just so. The Heart of Darkness once more stands revealed – immediately and non-didactically – as the Heart of Love. Entering this One Heart space without agenda, we find ourselves also at the Heart of Creation, where the yang radiance of pure Light is forever born from the yin nurturance of pure Love. A quickening occurs, as if a Sacred Flame has been ignited or Wellspring unleashed. We flow then in a stream of renewed passion, innocent and free. Its unfolding carries us back to an emerald bed at the centre of a dark cavern where our story will continue the next morning, when we rise out of this sleep.

8. On Becoming the Grail

We wake up next morning in the same immense cavern. It is still dark. Vague memories of last night’s journeying flicker in and out of consciousness like a half- remembered dream. The music for this day carries a new inflection to signify transformations that have been wrought in us by virtue of this dream. We recall being brought to an enchanted place where we have lingered long after midnight. Remembering this, we feel a sudden urge to arise. The darkness remains constant, although we wear no actual blindfolds. Slowly, tentatively, we get to our feet and move out into what still feels like a vast cavernous space.

We explore it with growing resolution, increasingly moved by a new energy that gathers and builds, reflecting changes brought about through the night. We continue to explore and as we do, a renewed sense of purpose and orientation starts to crystallise. We again have the sense of moving towards a threshold. The music shifts and we feel ourselves now moving through a corridor that slopes gradually up. A destiny line is activated, projecting its course out from the centre of your Heart. You follow it with utter resolve and in time see a glimmer of light before you.

A door stands ajar at the end of the corridor. Peering through, you see that you are back on the edge of the Great Hall, in the Heart of the Castle of the Grail. The music shifts again and you step into the Hall, knowing that you must proceed directly to its centre. A procession is about to begin. The 400 knights wait in their places, the Fisher King is already writhing in agony on his litter and the Grail Maiden approaches with her retinue, bearing the sacred vessel of the Grail. She sets it on a low table before the stricken king just as you reach the centre of the room. All are instantly nourished by its emanations except for the King, who continues to grimace with pain.

Again you are moved to compassion. This time, however, the words that express this form promptly on your lips: ‘What ails thee Uncle?’ As you speak these words, some grievance deep inside the Fisher King is released and you also experience a parallel relaxation in yourself. A burden seems to lift from the whole community. A new, more universal form of the Grail question rises in you: ‘Whom does the Grail serve?’ An answer immediately appears through intuition: ‘All Life.’ ‘And I?’ the sequence continues, ‘whom do I serve?’ ‘All life’ also. ‘And how?’ ‘By becoming the Grail.’

The music is already shifting into a new wave to support this awareness. As it builds, you feel the Water of Life gathering steadily behind the innermost membranes of your personal Heart, the final veils that appear to separate you from the One Heart of All That Is. The music, like this process, builds to a crescendo. As it breaks the dam of illusion bursts inside you and the Water of Life pours forth abundantly from the centre of your Heart, establishing you as a Source. You move in a stream of infinite compassion, awakened to a bodhisattva consciousness that vows to participate joyfully in the Sorrow of the World. You have now become the Grail, Wellspring and Receptacle, imbued with all its powers to contain, transform and initiate.

The intensity of this opening diminishes. New music plays. In the Great Hall, 400 ladies are restored to their 400 knights, the Hermit appears, and Condwiramurs along with your two sons, now well grown. Feirefiz and Repanse embrace openly. Even the old priest seems appeased as your inner Grail community enters into a new and more benignly sustainable pattern of relationships. At the same time, the elements of this family are also reconfigured in accordance with the radical shift that has occurred at the Heart of your trans/personal psychology. Above all, your Fisher King is now released (‘dies’) into the expressive stream of your present consciousness.

Slowly, the intensity of this transformation also abates. Then, when everything has found its right place, a sense of inner emptiness prevails that secretes a promise of utter abundance. Quiescent now, you experience this in its primary yin manifestation as the Grace and infinitely loving Compassion of All That Is flows in you, awakened now, made apparent in the crucible of time and space. A sense of utter Love, Peace and Beauty obtains. We continue to move in this energy long after its physical wave has passed. Then, Wellspring and Cup, we step out from our Castle Hall into worlds of nature, sun and grass, letting our Beauty radiate out to Cosmos.

9. Opening the Seals: Sacred Gift (Movement Towards)

Now that a capacity for uninhibited spontaneous expression has been restored via our healing of the Fisher King wound, we are freed to move beyond a recovery-centred agenda and turn our attention towards unfolding into wholeness and fulfilment. We start by opening our primary chakras/consciousness levels to direct multi-dimensional participation. This process is impossible to convey in words but ends with us walking purposively, connected by strong feet into the Heart of Earth, by a blooming thousand petal lotus out to all universes and dimensions, and by a destiny line that rises in the Point of Creation forward and back to Source.

10. The Impossible Transcendence of I AM

Divine Consciousness awakens in space-time when it realises ‘I AM THAT I AM!’ while in embodied form – i.e., when a Consciousness that has been identified with a particular body and shaped by a particular set of biographical determinations finally transcends this story to experience itself as One with All That Is, without exception or opposition. This recalls Grail symbolism as evocative of our union with the Divine and of our desire for such union. The Divine pours itself into Existence, first establishing it as a fit receptacle (Grail as Vessel). This happens over different levels of structural complexity until a life form emerges that is capable of grasping its origin in the Divine reflexively and of giving creative expression to its discovered nature as such. This entails a progression from Grail as Vessel to Grail as Wellspring.

This is exactly the progression that we have enacted in our Play. It also describes a process of Cosmic unfolding that arrived at its culminating moment in October 2011. Then all 9 levels of Cosmos as the Vessel of Existence became completely filled with parallel infusions of Divine Grace, triggering an epochal fusion that catalysed what the Mayans mythically evoke as the descent of a 9-part God. I will explain this in relation to calendar dynamics at another time. The point I want to stress here is that a moment has been achieved when the Vessel of Existence was filled to overflowing in terms of the spiritual support for extant life/Consciousness forms. At this same moment, the coming together of all 9 levels (or ‘parts’ of the 9-part God) activated a potential for free expression in all human beings.

This means that the Grail as an archetypal vessel of Creation, whose image is primally encoded in all human Consciousness forms, can now serve as a Wellspring, or Source, acting through the Point of Creation in every human Heart. It can be catalysed in individual cases by drawing down the ‘highest quantum state’ or ‘fusion’ energies of 28/10. We recapped this moment of cosmic quickening by integrating latent Shift energies on our opening night. Next day, we facilitated their transformative impact  as a stimulus both to recovery from old wounds and movement towards wholeness, drawing on images of the Grail as a vessel for containment and transformation.

On our second night, we followed this transformative impact through to a moment of radical spiritual surrender. This was necessary preparation for releasing our Fisher King wound, as symbolic of parts of us that can’t let go or ‘die’. It also freed us to attain the Grail, both as evocative of our intrinsic state of union with the Divine (which becomes apparent as soon as we re-lease all parts that can’t let go) and our seemingly perennial Quest/Desire for such union. The Grail as Wellspring becomes relevant from this point with regard to ‘the impossible transcendence of I AM’.

The reason for this is that we are indeed made in the image of God/dess. S/He too as a primary face of Mystery is One, the only ‘I AM’, and is yet driven to clarify this Unity via a process of evolution in time. That is to say, Divine Consciousness both Is (Constant) with respect to manifest levels of structural complexity and Is Not. The yin gathering and holding aspects of Goddess Consciousness underpin this quality of Constancy/Being in our experience, which is also constantly offset by further dynamic manifestations of yang expansiveness reaching out. These yin-yang tendencies can be perfectly balanced in a state of dynamic/ecstatic stillness but already in this admission of ecstasy (ex-stasis) an urge to transcend, to Be more or Become, is evinced.

This implies that the Grail, the union of the Divine with itself, is never simply or fully given but rather needs to be re-discovered – lost sight of and quested for – with every new phase of yin-yang sundering, up to a moment where this process becomes conscious of itself, back to an unimaginable Beginning and Beyond. Our stories focused around the Coba  Stone of 13 Mayan Heavens (Days and Nights), help us to reckon this utterly enigmatic quality of Mystery in time and outside it. Awakening to this prospect transforms human consciousness from being contingently personal, culturally embedded and so forth to radically transpersonal. It also entails a further development that I have yet to make fully explicit.

It is this: when the aspect of Grail as Wellspring opens in human consciousness in time, so too does the essence of Divine Creativity. This is rooted in Love and serves to bring Love to Awareness (of itself: I AM THAT I AM!). It seems as if, after aeons of being cultivated to a point of fulfilment, Divine Consciousness embodied as a receptive structure in time has finally been quickened to also express. Hence, freed from determining schedules evoked by the Mayan calendar up to 28/10, it now has the option to act freely in time, taking responsibility for all that it creates and co-creates, revealing ever more of the Mystery that (It) Is as it Becomes.


It is one thing to talk about such matters and quite another to experience them directly in the context of a Sacred Play that enacts through Magic, Music, Story, Dream and Dance the nature of the process it evokes. Thus, having induced awareness of the Grail as Wellspring we now explore what this might mean for the conduct of a human life through the final session of our Play, with reference to horizons beyond it. Music of extraordinary beauty carries this sequence.

Firstly, to consolidate our experience of being a Wellspring as well as a Receptacle and to expand our sense of applicable story way past identification with our local biographies, we enact the birthing of our particular soul lineages within the Heart of God/dess and Void. The music of this self-articulation within Being carries us forward towards existence, to a point where our soul melody for this lifetime can be heard. At first this melody is stark: essential and unadorned. Then, gradually, the music of our Passion kicks in, activating a latent sense of Quest.

Because our enactment focuses on unimpeded remembrance and because we have now let go our former commitment to old wounds, no restrictions arise to stifle spontaneous expression. A flowering of our Base chakra follows naturally. We dance it ecstatically with free Hearts, strong feet and uninhibited bodies. The pattern repeats in due course from Sacral to Crown, so that all the primary modalities of our capacity for multi-dimensional awareness are active simultaneously. We are now on the threshold of a Great Re/Birth. We experience this next as all 7 layers come together for integration at the level of Heart, such that a newly functional wholeness begins to express tentatively from there.

Sensing new birth, our Hearts open in a Green expansion of protected spaciousness to facilitate. All of Space (Vessel) and yet more (Wellspring) is now available for our ‘birthing’ to grow into. Then, once this intrinsic spaciousness of the Open Heart has been secured, a Pink expansion of the Compassionate Heart follows, as infinite Love and Compassion flows into and out from Hearts which are again fully permeable in all worlds. Once this overflowing of Love is in place, it is entirely natural for a Gold expansion of the Expressive Heart to follow, as the gifts of our essential creativity are fully given, radiant beyond the cast-off shackles of old wounds.

This Gold is an expression of the unique creativity of our souls as individuated faces of Love. Behind it again, there remains an essential spark of spirit in us that usually expresses through our individual soul colours. This is the ultimate Wellspring, the seat of our ultimately Divine Consciousness in existence and time. We summon it now towards manifestation in experience. I refer to this process as a Clear expansion of the Flowing Heart. It happens in the mode of Wellspring, as a primary form of balanced God/dess creativity (4). I ‘see’ it a tide of pure liquid quartz that carries everything wherever it is meant to go.

Its simultaneous celebration of individuation and utterly coherent belonging ends on a sustained note of poignant exhilaration that projects our destiny lines out towards a ‘future’ that is ours to co-create. Our room has become a crucible of transformation by the time it fades. We then move slowly into stillness, coming back to the form of a standing circle that evokes the substance of our now palpable collective Grail. We allow energies to settle and impressions to rearrange within this empowering structure that is now also available within. There is no move to close what we have worked so ardently to open.

Instead, as new music plays, we turn away from this circle of our collective Grail as if from Source itself, preparing to express out from it ever after, letting new Beauty shine into the world.


(1) The differentiation of frequencies derives from the length of yin-yang interactive cycles, which connects them to wave forms.

(2) See ‘A Path of Heart: Europe 1210’ under ‘Articles/Grail’ at

(3) There are two main reasons for establishing this equivalence: firstly, yin and yang energies are too rarefied for people without special training to relate to while Divine Mother-Father categories are intuitively accessible; and (2) the Divine Child symbol expresses the balancing ‘third force’ nicely, as well as being mythically negotiable.

(4) I didn’t suspect the existence of this aspect until I discovered it in the course of an earlier Play.

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