The Calendar and the Grail

a talk by John Graham Ph.D.

Date: March 28, 2013; Time: 8.00 pm; Venue: Stillorgan Park Hotel

Now that end dates associated with the Mayan calendar have passed, it is possible to reflect with some clarity on the subject. This talk provides an overview of where we stand and what is asked of us. It establishes the calendar’s role in relation to the quest structure of human existence, reviews major strands of Grail symbolism and retells the story of the Grail Quest for our time, revealing it as a special instance of the general structure previously described. It also shows how the Grail myth secretes an amazingly apt diagnosis of our current situation, of the wound that underpins this and a healing that can renew all Earth. The talk is timed to evoke resonances of Regeneration and Resurrection linked with Easter in pre/Christian mythos respectively. No prior knowledge is assumed.

The Calendar and the Grail

a Sacred Play in story, magic, music, dream and dance

Mayo, Ireland, Easter Friday-Sunday

Kilkenny, Ireland, 17th-19th May 2013

‘Birthing the Divine Child’ retrieves our sense of innocence, spontaneity and Divine Origin. ‘Birthing a New Earth’ integrates this awareness with Shift energies of the Mayan calendar, building a Grail vessel to facilitate their embodiment and awakening memory of the Divine Feminine with respect to Cosmos, Earth and Self. This final Play in our post-Shift trilogy incorporates a contemporary enactment of the Grail Quest, uniting Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects in right relationship such that integral powers of Divine Child creativity can be released towards fulfilment of humanity’s critical stewardship role.

Night 1:        Introduction

Heart of Darkness Lights the End of Time

Over Nine Waves

The Highest Quantum State

Descent of the 9 Part God

Heart of Darkness/Heart of Love

Re-birthing Light

AM 1:

Raising the Flame

Born Again of Earth

Waves of Heaven

Riding Winds of Time

Raising the Flame

Whole Being Prayer

In the Castle of the Grail (1)

Forest Idyll


Good Man Flesh

The Guide to Love

Grail Castle/Waste Land

PM 1:

Sacred Wound: Recovery From


Remembering Essence

Seven Seals

All Come Home

Thousand Petal Lotus

Sacred (Heart) Fire: Transmutation

Burning Ground

Going to the Fire

Violet Flame

Passion Unleashed

The Path Sublime

Night 2:

Dark Night of the Soul

Quartz Mountain (Munsalvaesche)

The Temple of the Grail

Into That Darkness

Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

God Before Dawn

AM 2:

In the Castle of the Grail (2)

Journeys Outer are Within

My Father’s Business

Revelations of the Grail

The Son Also Rises

The Company of the Grail

Sacred Gift: Movement Towards

Opening the Seals

Heart of Earth

Water of Life

Fire of Love

Winds of Heaven


Sacred (Heart) Path: The Impossible Transcendence of I AM

Centred in the Heart of Void

Soul Melody

What is my Com/Passion?

Lifting Seven Veils

Birthing the Divine Child

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