On not believing Calleman entirely


(This is the first piece I ever wrote about the Mayan calendar. I re-post it here because many issues raised seem newly relevant after the ‘End of Time’ on 13 Ahau/October 28, 2011.)                                   

I have great admiration for Carl Calleman although our souls work very differently. I read his ‘Conscious Convergence’ piece and felt an odd sense of unease. The first thing I noted was that his writing seemed less definite than usual. Also, the outlook was less deterministic than in ‘Transformation’, where it is said that Winds of History dictate the course of human affairs rather than subjective impressions concerning choice, creativity and free will (1). I was heartened by this. It suggests that he has already been affected by the tone of the ninth wave. This offers a peculiar take on calendar determinism, given that the wave hasn’t yet arrived.

I am primarily intuitive. As boxes go, I move between developmental psychology, mystical philosophy and sacred dance. My first conscious co-creation experience began in an Egyptian temple in 2004. It involved a totally unexpected activation of movement potentials in me and an intuition that ‘everything’ was about to shift to new levels of revelation. This was compounded months later when I suddenly felt as if I had been impregnated by the wind while over-looking the Atlantic on the west coast of Ireland. Within two days, ‘I’ wrote ‘The Winds of Heaven’, a sacred play in story, ritual and dance. My partner in co-creation, ‘the wind’, somehow acted on my earlier Egyptian experience to activate this potential.

The impact was not temporary. My consciousness shifted decisively and continued to evolve by intuitive means. I left the university system and co-created more ‘sacred plays’ along similar lines. In retrospect, it is clear that this process was both governed by and tending towards ever greater revelations of unity consciousness. I had never heard of Calleman and had no special knowledge of the Mayan calendar. Then, in 2007, I read ‘Transformation’ and got a more explicit sense of my journey. The Underworlds chapter, in particular, induced a profound mystical experience.  Again, the impact was not temporary. I felt grateful to Carl but knew first-hand that his (then) calendar determinism was over-stated.

I am delighted that this has moderated and not surprised, since we both ride the same winds. We somehow know that wave nine supports gifts of conscious co-creation although it’s not yet possible to verify by checking the accomplishments of its seventh day. Calendar determinism was always fated to weaken in relation to higher, explicitly choice-promoting underworlds. So why was I creatively disturbed by the call for a Conscious Convergence? I acclaim it as a wonderful inspiration and support it whole-heartedly. Nevertheless, I still see a residual determinism at work that is misleading and ultimately limiting.

Carl’s ‘pre-wave’ may seem like an over-wrought, superfluous improvisation. The worst that can be said is that its dating is arbitrary. The best is that it serves to focus attention, is elegant, necessary and less arbitrary than conceivable alternatives. The fact that it falls on a week-end might suggest divine appointment. I prefer to laugh about this rather than worry. I wouldn’t go back 11,000 years looking for a precedent. The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 is cited as one, although its initiators lacked ‘a theoretical understanding of why the dates were energetically important’ (and were seventeen months late according to Carl’s math). This doesn’t matter. It ‘worked’.

Intuition doesn’t need theoretical back-up. If it did, Harmonic Convergence could never have happened since Carl’s insights weren’t available to guide it. Something else was and did. The ninth wave also promotes intuition because the accelerated rate of evolutionary change it brings will overwhelm our capacity for rational deliberation. It will force us to learn that theoretical understanding is redundant when inspiration is available – which it will be as never before – and we are open to receive. In the end, my criticism of Carl is a waste of energy, as is his of the super-intuitive, lavishly expressive Arguelles. We all offer platforms for each other’s creativity. Accepting this, let us give thanks for the blessings we are to each other, in a spirit of realised and not necessarily theoretically comprehended Unity Consciousness.

All eight waves that are currently in play impulse creativity. We are expressions and bearers of all eight. They are alive in us. Opening to the presence of this dynamic force within – our inner tuition – we discover untapped resources of creativity that run far deeper than our powers of rational reflection. It is perfectly in order that Carl should raise this progression to explicit awareness via exercises of theoretical comprehension. This is an integral part of a process whereby Consciousness awakens to itself in the field of time. It shows that dualist consciousness is a necessary part of our unfolding. It doesn’t show that we need theoretical justification for spontaneously arising, intuitively affirmed inspirations. The opposite will become increasingly true as we shed habits of secondary reflection (which are born of divided consciousness) in favour of an alternative, primary mode of direct knowing.

Such knowing is divine, integral and Heart-centred. By contrast, ‘justificationism’ perpetuates our Fall (into dualist consciousness) and impedes our return to Innocence (2). This ‘return’ is not a sentimental imposition, nor is it ignorant of developmental spirals. We have seen fields of time and gardens of Earth littered repeatedly with the carnage of our dysfunction. We long to go ‘Home’ and know from within that the ninth is our final carrying wave. We fret and fuss to be ready. Now, as we approach the last day of the eighth underworld, learning to regulate power through integrity, we become more and more aware of our history of difficult, ill-advised creations. We know that we are inherently creators, even of nightmare projections of our unhealed wounds. We are more conscious of this now than ever before.

Insofar as we allow the dissolution of outmoded, inwardly and outwardly divisive psychological structures, we are poised to intuit powerful synchronistic links between issues of power, ethics, creativity, awareness and the ‘co-‘ of conscious co-creation. This ‘co-’ factor evokes what is most novel about realisations of Unity Consciousness in our time. We know we are playing with a vast ensemble, that we are a part of it and intrinsically informed by the intelligence that moves it. The waves don’t just affect us from outside; they also arise from within. Formed by 1 through 8 we anticipate 9, long for and turn towards it as an eye to light, forgetting that its Source is also inside. Nine’s purpose, Carl says, is ‘to bring about a shift to unity consciousness’. I would say ‘towards’.

We are already riding the energies of eight waves, realising the ‘co-’ element of co-creation and, simultaneously, that unity is a much more encompassing term than we had previously known. This is a massive step in our return to unity consciousness, which we come from. We ask ‘What is it we co-create with?’  The answer gets bigger as our consciousness expands: the planet, the galaxy, the universe or Consciousness (Beyond) which dreams all? Consciousness of Unity develops in time to a point where Unity Consciousness is finally realised, but not by everybody in the same way at the same time. Mystics of all traditions have accessed it for millennia and striven to seed our cultures with awareness of it. More of us than ever now sense its imminence in an immediately felt, intuitive way that is more fundamental that our need for intellectual understanding. The ninth wave greatly amplifies this trend, sweeping it towards a prospect of mass awakening as all nine levels complete at the same time.


There is a peculiar thing about human psychology: unless we are cracking under stress, we cannot help but promote some version of ‘unity consciousness’, even at the level of stoutly urged ego-stories. This raises issues regarding our intention to intend unity consciousness. Its core term is not defined. On the one hand, this doesn’t surprise: God is, after all, an intelligible sphere whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere. Some non-things are just hard to define. On the other hand, a social visionary intent on manifesting not just any state of consciousness but unity consciousness has to be concerned that we might not all be intending the same ‘thing’.

Even asking people to ‘intend’ poses problems, beyond vagueness. When ‘I’ assert something, only parts of me that are available to consciousness are represented by my assertion. Unconscious wounded parts aren’t. If ‘I’ aspire to transformation, they will spend their time in sabotage or hiding. They won’t intend a ‘unity’ that warrants their exposure just because ‘I’ do, nor will they relent because ‘I’ choose to be authentic. For the exercise to be effective, our fugitive parts must also be included. No one-step transformation can achieve this. Unity evolves in stages through human lives, as in the unfolding of Cosmos symbolised by the Mayans’ Nine Lords of Time, whose simultaneous ‘descent’ encodes a brilliant insight into the nature of development.

Unity consciousness is not possible without the final wave but it is not the final wave alone which brings it. Carl recognises this implicitly by continuing to refer to the Universal Underworld as such. It brings ‘Universal’ Consciousness, which I perceive in a mathematical as well as a spatial sense. Simultaneous completion of all nine levels brings the qualitatively distinct phenomenon of Unity Consciousness to its fulfilment in time, ending time but not the world as such. When we stand on the top level of a pyramid, we are also standing on all the levels underneath. Our capacity for unity consciousness depends on our relationship to these inferior levels as much as to the ‘present’ one. All remain present, especially insofar as consciousness remains snagged by traumatic events that happened in our past.

Our availability to Presence (Unity) is constrained by our relationship to the past, on a personal and collective level.  Consciousness has an obligation to its past in this respect. Wholeness and Unity can’t be realised until it’s met. Any intention to realise unity consciousness has to include explicit fostering of a return to present awareness for all our repressed, fugitive parts. Their persistence in hurt and wounded isolation accounts for nightmares we project (co-create) on Earth. Only their healing can secure hers through powers of human stewardship. Without it, we also become creatures of our own neglect.

Healing unfolds in two primary modes: a mode of recovery and a mode of fulfilment. Their relationship is non-linear but advances in the first are generally required to empower the second. We can’t just close our eyes and intend unity authentically. We must first do whatever is required to integrate parts that got lost during earlier stages of development. Exactly the same point applies to our collective consciousness and its deep past. Critical mass is also a qualitative phenomenon and must be stirring within before it can effectively be intended without, after our drive towards fulfilment ignites.  That said, because we are integral parts of a collectively conscious whole, every feat of recovery and transformation that we manage changes the balance for all.

Our task is not impossible. Conscious convergence implies a knowing coordination of agendas, as if many people were to utter ‘I will that Divine Will be done through me’ and surrender their discretion towards that end, having first engaged it inwardly. This is not the same as doing something because the Pope, Calleman or a calendar tells you to. An inner light needs to switch on. Just as we can’t renounce wealth we haven’t earned, we can’t simply ‘intend’ what we haven’t first realised to a point of Heart-felt yearning. Then our Passion becomes Compassion, a living enactment of bodhisattva consciousness. Sustaining this requires a coherent discourse/procedure to be in place before the wave breaks. If we know how to surf at that point, it will carry us Home. If we don’t, it will smash false stabilities we cling to. Without effective preparation, it is unclear how starting from a condition of incomplete unity can help co-create a wave of unity consciousness that then activates us to manifest a unity consciousness we didn’t have at the time of our intending.

It is difficult to express any relationship of mutual arising in words. Our problem is apparently compounded because different people reach the same point in different ways at different times. Although conscious convergence requires harmonised timing, we have different rates of soul-unfolding to observe. Not only was I surfing Winds of Heaven five years ahead of schedule, Jesus (‘I and the Father are One…’) was 2.4 underworlds out, Lao-Tse 2.5 and so on! When as a teenager I read ‘To retire when the task is accomplished is the Way of Heaven’, my spirit stirred. When I found St Teresa’s ‘The Way to Heaven is already Heaven’, it soared and began searching for Ways decades before Calleman decoded the Big Picture and the last two waves were even due to strike. It is so for many at this time. Waves gather long before they break.


Carl says a wave can’t manifest without the will of human beings who must choose ‘at least subconsciously’ to be in resonance with it, although the vast majority of human beings for almost all pre/history have had no inkling that there were waves to choose subconsciously to resonate with! We had no choice but to come or be dragged into resonance with successive creation waves. Our choice now is whether we co-operate consciously or come kicking and screaming, perhaps to fatal effect. There is nowhere we can run to. We can only allow or resist. In the past, we have mostly responded with sub-consciously motivated resistance that disposed us to hang on to what our constrained experience of unity (the ego) took to be advantage. This is neither conscious nor a choice in any meaningful sense. To invoke ‘subconscious choice’ strains critical language regarding the phenomenology of human experience.

Souls may choose experiences that egos run from but this is not the order of alignment evoked by Conscious Convergence. In fact, it reminds us that the primary alignment required of human beings is with the order of our souls. This may seem vague compared to Carl’s apparently exact language but it can be marshalled quite precisely and permits access to hidden niches of experience that his macro concerns have overlooked till recently. It also clarifies the psychological problems noted above. Our souls are pre-tuned to creation waves in ways that our conditioned personalities are not. For ego-consciousness to align with the impulses of its soul is not hard. It simply requires attending to our Dream, which registers in our dreams. If we live according to our dreams we are already intending ever greater Unity.

Intending greater unity is for us a key expression. Consciousness manifesting as the Universe unfolds in stages. So do we. We can’t intend unity consciousness as absolute since few of us have any viable sense of what it entails but we can all intend greater unity. This is something that evolution is always trying to manifest through us but is generally frustrated by our attachment to established structures. Resolving to intend greater unity brings higher awareness to this state of affairs. It also equalises relativities involved and lends some operational substance to the notion of ‘intending’.

Unity consciousness is not something we can ‘have’. Regarding it as such implies separation, and thus duality. It has to be realised from within. We change as it grows in us. The relationship is one of transformation. Its fulfilment involves dissolving attachments of the ego-self, especially to itself. The substance of developing Unity Consciousness is thus the elimination of traces of a conditioned, limiting identity. It involves shedding our cognitive-emotional histories, a stripping away, not acquisition or accumulation. When we become de-conditioned and un-limited in this sense, there is no separation. There is unity and our consciousness is of Unity. We see our origins in Source and our Home in Cosmos and Beyond.

Unity Consciousness cannot be defined. It can’t be specified in terms of limits.  Qualitatively, however, it implies an absence of separation. We can cultivate its presence in ourselves and others by this means (within being as without) but we need a coherent operational procedure to succeed. We can’t manifest unity consciousness just by ‘intending’ for two days and we can’t bring others to it simply by ‘intending’ on their behalf. We must start by manifesting it in ourselves as a representative gesture: because we already participate in a unitary consciousness field, every focused act of integration we manage in ourselves contributes to the level of integration present in the field as a whole. Thus as we build ‘critical mass’ towards an inner attainment of unity consciousness, we contribute also to its collective realisation.

Resolve at the beginning of each day and night to end it with a higher level of unity consciousness. Pursue this by behaving in a manner which is consistent with your resolution, cancelling any negative thoughts or judgments that arise, especially with regard to those you disavow as ‘other’, towards whom you feel antipathy and on whom you pass judgment. It also helps to hold antagonistic figures in your Heart, since judgments we pass on them reflect our inner disaffection. Being Heart-centred is crucial here (3). Heart evokes Unity with all the wholeness it’s capable of, whereas the polarised nature of mind also evokes the polar opposite of what it consciously intends (as the left hand, unknown to the right, constellates Shadow elements when ‘I’ impose my will on repressed parts: 4).

If we simply bemoan the duality consciousness of all who are in separation, we join them in it and strengthen the condition we decry. We must hold all people in our Hearts as we intend Unity consciousness from moment to moment, never dissociating. Each time we forget this, we must remember through as many cycles as it takes to awaken. Shedding judgment lightens the Heart. In serving others thus, we serve ourselves. Abandoning old ‘positions’, we re-enter flow and discover anew what it means to be One, even in time. This is a process. We must intend it constantly, starting now, ahead of July 17-18 or November 3 (2010), February 11 or March 9, 2011 and all such target dates. We need preparation and healing time so that, when we come to intend authentically, no monsters will be left in our cellars.

This is vital if the Time Lords are to arrive peacefully and be received with good grace. We have power to facilitate their arrival but not to prevent it. We don’t have power to end the world, only to facilitate its transformation. If we don’t do this, the outcome is likely to be harsh and degrading. Effective facilitation must be undertaken in a consciously representative fashion, excluding neither our wounded, fugitive parts nor alienated neighbours who mirror our collective wounding outwardly. We proceed by clarifying oppositional traces as they arise in ourselves. Only thus can conscious convergence model what it intends for the sake of all, charged with intensities of feeling, longing and compassion that are needed to move mountains and make miracles. Although passionate display is not Calleman’s style, I discern these qualities in him and am deeply grateful for his role in orchestrating our appointment.


Mystics of all traditions have consistently remembered Unity and invoked Oneness. Their pupils and teachings have preserved this awareness over millennia. It was never just dependent on winds and waves. What these do is help increasingly to carry more and more of us ‘Home’, which is a metaphor implying restored awareness of our own divinity. This process is impelled from within as well as driven from without. The essential role of ‘waves’ has been to accelerate the pace of evolution by activating potentials which are already latent in us. They serve to facilitate, not determine, now that we have reached a point of acknowledging that – whether by default or conscious alignment – we are creators, living embodiments of Creator Consciousness, its agents in time, at last awakening to the truth of our Being (5).

The whole history of individuation, especially in the modern west, has unfolded to make this clear. Typically, we have reckoned issues of freedom and choice within a dualist frame, opposing them to issues of necessity. Within a mystical consciousness of Unity, there is no opposition: the fulfilment of my highest freedom is also the fulfilment of my highest necessity. As Jung says ‘Freedom is the ability to do gladly that which I must do’. Individuation entails coming Home to this awareness and living from it. The ninth wave will support us towards this attainment more vigorously than any energy ever to break on our planet before.

Its way has already been prepared by sixth, seventh and eighth waves which have respectively stimulated i) the attempted regulation of energies by human laws, ii) more starkly direct assertions of a power drive which was always implicit in our law-making, and iii) relatively recent attempts to regulate expressions of power through considerations of integrity. This latest development has brought issues of wholeness and balance back into awareness, motivating us to qualify runaway yang tendencies of the modern era (Planetary Underworld) by virtue of their application. We now see that, as integral expressions of Creator Consciousness, our creativity can serve the purpose of Creation in time by bringing it to self-awareness as a lucid dream of God.

The ninth wave will awaken more and more of us to deeper and deeper realisations of this. We don’t need to wait for it to know because the seed of our necessary freedom is already within but it will greatly amplify and support the latent tendencies of those who are prepared to be carried by it. It will also, by definition, raise our frequencies, expanding the scope of unity consciousness so radically that it can empower those who are ready to achieve complete recollection in time of our divine origins. It even promotes greater unity consciousness among those who resist by forcing us to abandon old positions and structures that we cling to. In doing so, it activates un-cleared traumas that motivate our clinging. As in our Atlantis story, reactions against this prospect are the most likely source of catastrophes we may draw upon ourselves.

It is the response-ability of those who are already awakened or awakening to mitigate this tendency, just as Carl intends. But we are awakening to Creator Consciousness, which – properly aligned – is capable of wonders: ‘All this and more ye shall do’. We must be careful not to project limitations of old-world consciousness on to the new. This doesn’t just refer to psycho-political dominance structures. It also refers to spiritual imagining. A Unity Consciousness that embraces recollections of divinity is exquisitely structured but intrinsically unlimited. Its every expression projects realised awareness of integrity. The ‘we’ who emerge from such radical transformation will co-create with the force and intention of All That Is. We will make what current theoretical understanding dis/qualifies as miracles, which is why we must refuse associated limitations. We need the courage of our divine potential at this time.


(1) See Carl’s book ‘The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness’.

(2) What happens in time is that Consciousness incarnates, forgets its divine origins and becomes self-conscious, often by closing around wounds. This closed loop of selfhood separates us from What Is, at least in our imagining. From its insulated condition, we develop sciences and theories about What Is. As we awaken beyond self-entrapment, other modes of knowing become available. Consciousness knows and loves better for this.  Existence, our sacrifice (sacer facere: to make holy), is never in vain.

The ‘return’ of Consciousness to Unity began qualitatively about 50,000 years ago, in the middle of the Regional Underworld, when our ancestors first wondered at the passing of breath (spiritus) out of existence. Veils of maya trembled then under awed scrutiny. This reflection is not fanciful: I have seen love enter and depart existence many times and always been awed, experiencing each occasion as immemorial remembrance. Such occasions constitute primary ‘data sources’ for conscious living.

(3) ‘Living from Heart’ is a ‘sacred play’ that anticipates Conscious Convergence while resolving psychological problems noted in the text. It deals operationally with issues of alignment and details a sequence of meditative stages that can be followed to re-centre Consciousness from Mind to Heart. It will be presented publicly in May 2010. I will make a written account available soon after.  

(4) Unacknowledged persistence of such elements triggers reactive eruptions on both individual and collective scales. Hence (European) Enlightenment spawned its antithesis as Holocaust.  Recurrence is not out of the question: if we don’t integrate our nightmares, we project them. Our saving grace is that people who co-create consciously will have vastly more power available than others. We must become masters of our creativity and express it truly, in service to Consciousness, whose dream Creation is.

(5) Conscious Convergence implies a signal manifestation of our latent divinity, a spontaneous surge of human creativity that is inspired but not determined. The fact that it is not specifically mandated but will happen anyway is good news in that it signifies awakening by us to our response-ability.

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