The First 3 Days: Aftermath and Overture


On the morning of October 29 there were no experts. I for one was much too tired. There had been no literal shattering but the fatigue I felt was close to catatonic. If I hadn’t had a circle to join I would have stayed in bed. I hauled myself up, knowing that a 13 Ahau end implies a 1 Imix beginning. I had long felt that this day would be crucial for expressing new energies through the frame of a fully-fired, fully-formed Creation, flushing out dysfunctional traces of our Fall. Apart from this, I had no sense of calendar-ordained continuity. Estranged in my body, I was sure that a quantum shift had taken place.

Within an hour I am stretched on a dance floor, twitching my pelvis with abandon to primal erotic beats of aboriginal music, making passionate love to the being of Earth. Our purpose is to raise ‘slain’ (uncoiled kundalini) Dragon energies and bring them Home. This has been accomplished and is reported elsewhere (1). I felt buoyant after our event, my Spirit cleansed of Politics and Law. This continued drove back to Dublin. That night brought a further wave of integration, from which I again woke up very tired.

Being on a city visit I had a clock time schedule to observe. It felt like I was dragging myself around. My daughter said I looked ‘great but a bit wrecked’. We talked about the occupations of Wall Street, St Paul’s in London and even Dublin’s Central Bank. I managed well enough after eating but again felt extremely tired as I drove back to my friends’. It felt like lunch had been weeks ago. Yesterday’s Play might have happened years or even millennia before! This is not exaggeration. I had a fuzzy sense of being present in one moment to the exclusion of all others but knew I was so tired that it would be foolish to draw mystical conclusions.

Nevertheless I felt as if a radical break had been introduced, despite the supreme effort I had made to conjure a smooth transition. I hadn’t felt quite so tired today and, although I felt so ‘full’ in meditation that there seemed little point to seeking deeper connection, a profound blossoming of the White Rose (mystical symbol of innocence, purity, Divine Childhood and Goddess integrity: 2) happened from the centre of my Heart, accompanied by a short burst of tears that heralded re-opening. At night, I found myself doodling over a diagram of the 13 Heavens: no words but an intimation that some new creativity was stirring.

I wake next morning with the sense of a new pattern in time, its essence as disclosed by simultaneous completion of all 9 waves of the calendar. It was like a shunting forward of the 10th wave, but no longer externally driven: all is now ours to sustain, enhance or degrade. No longer just stewards of Earth, we are also responsible for ‘Time’. Let me explain: the 10th wave has – or would have if you prefer – a frequency that is 18 times greater than the 9th. This means that, drawn to scale, it looks 18 times ‘flatter’ in terms of amplitude, over and under the line.

A comparable flattening is introduced at every Underworld shift but masked by   effects of time acceleration. This doesn’t apply in the case of whatever we call the pattern that remains after our end date. I find the Mayan elders’ Time of No Time perfectly appropriate. My 10th Wave was a provisional articulation, designed to bring a human group up to speed for riding the Dragon Home. That established, please note formulae for the 8th, 9th and 10th waves respectively

                        13 x 18 to the power of 1 x 20 to the power of 1 = 4,680

                        13 x 18 to the power of 1 x 20 to the power of 0 =    234

                        13 x 18 to the power of 0 x 20 to the power of 0 =      13

This shows that both 18 and 20 factors of the tun measure have now been reduced to the power of Zero/Void. All that remains is 13 (to the power of One), a sacred number that ordains the path of genesis through time. Forever becoming 1, it regulates the Becoming of One (Being) through an evolutionary process of existence in time: 1 is always devolving into 13 and 13 is always evolving towards One.

This is happening still, even after the End of Time as we have known it. The next step

                                      (13 x 18 x 20) to the power of 0 = 1

brings an end to evolutionary existence in time, so aborting the Dream of the Divine. Our current 13/1 alternation arrangement (as in the merkaba flip analogy) permits a realisation of Divine Consciousness in time, and of its pure creative power.

The aim of this process is to enable Divine Consciousness awaken to itself, beyond the pure creative potential of a mooted resting [Void/0] state, from which the singularity of Cosmos is born. Earlier frequencies (powers of 20 and 18) have been needed to bring us to the threshold of this awakening.

The power of 18 was needed to foreground the return energy of the 9+9 count of the 9th wave. This also highlights the specificity of Nights. Its power is now spent and fulfilled: 18 to the power of 0 becomes 1. It is no longer active in the Becoming of Cosmos. The energy of 13 alone now sustains this.

The 10th wave provided a potent transitional means such that on October 31, despite a residual physical tiredness, I awoke with proof in hand that the intelligence of Night was continuing to work in me. The diagram I had been doodling was completed in sleep. I even had a sense what it might mean. Here is what I drew:

I knew ‘I’ hadn’t assimilated the entire download but it still felt as if something had clicked into gear concerning a new order of time and, particularly, the developmental shift that is empowered when a 13th day/Heaven gives way to the first of a new 1/One. Feeling a need to be Home before the dam broke on this material, I set out on a long drive. I am physically tired but emotionally buoyant when I arrive.

I do necessary things and go to bed, where I watch a music video about a wonderful English folk musician. The film juxtaposes scenes of a river flowing through Scottish Border counties with a haunting fiddle solo, evoking the Tao, or watercourse way. My dam bursts. A deluge pours out from the centre of my Heart, unrelated to even distant traces of my past. This is an opening beyond content; something new. At the very least, I know, my Feeling Body has been reconfigured. (I recall having been too ‘full’ to feel up to this point, White Rose apart).

The next morning, I wake up with a dream, my first since before the end of time:

I stand on a small circular platform. Hundreds of people, the mixed company of my soul, sit at small round tables that extend as far as I can see in the form of a disc. I am at the centre of this disc. C.G. Jung approaches from behind and gives me a tiny implant for inserting on my left side. A black-clad SS officer (Goebbels) comes from the front with another to insert on my right. There is no tension. All is comprehended and forgiven. A feeling of harmony prevails. I am happy that no physical operation is required to permit expression of my newly balanced (left-right; gnostic/healer meets returning dissociated warrior) male way of being in the world (3).

On the internet, waves of reflection have begun to circulate about the End: Nothing big happened! What can this mean? What do we think? It is said that the 9th wave isn’t really over; that time is getting faster, slower, fainter … many things. I draft a quick note saying that it’s too soon to respond.

When I turn on my computer later there is a note from a young friend: passionate, tender and insightful about whatever it is that we are now embarked on. I am moved to answer and with that my mental body clicks into gear. I must write quickly to share news while it’s still current but I also want to delay formulating any impressions regarding our Time of No Time while its course remains unclear. Despite this, I am moved to start writing that night.

Firstly, I believe Calleman’s timing to be absolutely accurate. Having been present for October 28, I know it’s not the case that nothing happened. (Predictions of massive conflict, seismic eruptions and fiscal collapse are another matter for another time.) My sense is that time acceleration ended on October 28. Above a certain threshold of sensitivity, some people seem to experience this as deceleration. Beneath it, old patterns seem to persist, including continued observance of the tzolkin (13 x 20) rhythm and/or 18 day count. These responses are inertia-governed.

There is nothing wrong with this. It’s necessary for us to assume a mode of gradual adjustment. We are like babies after all, and our issue is unprecedented in the history of time: there is nothing but an absence to adjust to and no powerful acceleration to drive us. That said, being in resonance with standing waves that codify ‘the highest quantum state of the universe’ is an inducement to Presence. This is beyond looking forward or back, predicting, anticipating or expecting. It is a Unity state and is now specifically enabled by conditions of our ‘outer’ environment.

Despite being highly prepared I was still overwhelmed by the energies of 28/10. As a result I have no doubt that something – or rather some non-thing – ‘big’ happened. A 13 Ahau end entails a 1 Imix morning after, however appraised. My intuition made specific provision for re-entry into an altered state of time. This brought the energies of a finally attained condition of maximum power to bear on our healing process of renewal and transformation. It was designed to move beyond inertia.

[Standing waves sustain but cannot grow. Inertia can’t redeem wounds of our past nor create. 13 marks a Path but doesn’t follow it or intervene. Everything is now up to us. If we don’t do something, it won’t get done. My work cannot pre-empt yours. It may suggest a Way but it can’t usurp your freedom or fulfil your potential. Unity is subtle in this regard: we are all in it together, such that the first will be last and the last first.]

I might have remained in my state of super-saturation for at least 3 days if I hadn’t been obliged to ignite this renewal process. Had it been otherwise, I might well have likened my experience to ‘3 Days of Darkness’. Esoterically, this associates with an ‘away’ period after major initiations: like 3 days in a tomb in the Christian Mysteries (which had direct parallels with Egypt, Greece and other ancient traditions). Applying exoteric readings here leads to advice about staying home with curtains drawn and candles burning. On this level, nothing out of the ordinary took place. My speedy ‘resurrection’, however, made it possible to observe the sequential recovery of my physical, emotional and mental bodies over 3 successive days.

Despite this, after 1 Imix, I experienced no resonance with the tzolkin. Theoretically, this is unsurprising since the 20 of its 13 x 20 cycle was not carried by the 9th wave as it was by all earlier ones. Hence this wave introduced a relatively anomalous vibration that was also entirely integral to the Divine Plan. It produced images of descending the pyramid and journeying below as well as above the line. This re-sensitised our yang-obsessed culture somewhat to the nature of Nights.

In any case, with the end of all waves there is no force to bear the tzolkin into time, even if it remains as an abstract template. Equally, there is nothing for the 13 of our genesis pattern to engage, nor anything to drive us past pre-attained frequency levels. The 9+9 count is likely to persist under inertia but will seem to lose power the further the 13 of Becoming carries us from its apparent Source (‘seems’ because pre-attained frequencies endure as standing waves). The imprint of the 9th is likely to feel strongest because of its currency and charge. Of itself however, inertia won’t realise potential. Time can, even in its stripped-down state, which returns me to our diagram:

When I first saw the 10th wave’s 13 day/compressed Heavens cycle, it occurred to me that an abstract genesis pattern at last seemed to be converging on the rhythms of our experiences in the physical world. As above then, the 13 Heavens schema would map – let’s say by fractal resonance – on to the 13 days of a trecena.  Now each trecena begins and ends with a Day. This implies the absence of a Night, as in our diagram, where 6 Days and 6 Nights lead to a 13th Heaven/7th Day (between the vertical lines) which is then succeeded by another Heaven/Day. How can this relate to the stripped-down Heaven-less order of our Time of No Time?

I remember that when I first drew this diagram after coming out of sleep, the phrase ‘on the 7th Day God rested’ came into my head. Thus I had ‘bracketed’ the 7th Day/13th Heaven. God did nothing on the 7th Day? That meant no yang activity or expansive loop above the line! I re-drew the diagram as

Here we have a sequence of 6 Days and 6 Nights followed by a 7th Day that doesn’t count as a Day (or Night) because God does nothing on it – i.e., yin-yang powers are balanced along the stretch of Line it occupies. The result is time spent out of time, in a stream of zeros, ‘resting’ so that the fruition of our most recent passage might lead to an ascent (in consciousness) before the next 13 begins. This introduces a formula for gradual enlightenment across phases, periodic respite between them and perhaps even a growing realisation that 13 was always 1, even as One continues Becoming in time by virtue of 13.

A provision for gradual enlightenment is helpful when there are no Waves to power quantum shifts. But if there are no Waves there can’t be any Heavens, strictly defined, so the diagram can only apply to trecenas (5). And if there are no Heavens, there are no Days or Nights! What can a 13-template apply to then? I think of the menorah: a 7-stick candelabra with 6 spaces between, symbolising a sequence of visible (light) days and invisible (dark) nights, where the 7th stick/day represents the Sabbath, or Day of Rest; of balancing in stillness, where we come to know that I AM God.


Our diagram fits this sequence also, bringing the 7/6 genesis pattern solidly into the orbit of lived experience of physical days and nights, as governed by relative motions of Earth and Sun: empirical cycles which the calendar’s templates used to transcend. Could this be an aspect of the 9-part god’s descent? My soul immediately says ‘Yes!’ Now our day on the Line becomes a Sabbath during which there is no difference between the active-assertive time of Day and the integrative-receptive time of Night. And as we dip into profane time, we note that the exaggerated coherence of abstract templates starts giving way to the a-conceptual messiness of ‘things’.

Specifically, the template of 13 (7/6) can now be applied to the 6 days and 6 nights of a working week with the 7th being energetically neutral, a Sun-day of ascension [13], where stillness (yin-yang balance) gives new awareness a chance of being born. Day/light curves above the Line now run from dawn to dusk and night/dark below it vice-versa. They also participate in seasonal fluctuations, varying the relative length of days and nights. The authentic t’ai chi diagram accommodates this easily, leading to a vision of mutually regulatory yin-yang spheres nested at different levels of scale within a unitary integrated system.

I feel a faint shiver on realising this. It is very subtle, beyond issues of cognitive tractability or fear of disapproval. I remember an email from another friend, noting the significance of a Venus Transit on June 6, 2012 and the fact that this falls on 1 Jaguar, which would begin the final trecena of a post 9th wave (were there such a non-thing). I don’t believe in the significance of the latter except as a collective project, which might have value for those who aren’t ready to pass from 13 into Unity. On a Feeling level, I am already attuned to this transit but hadn’t known of the I Jaguar conjunction. Regarding it now I experience a profoundly delicate response.

This happened on November 1: I was lying on a bed, writing. The pen slipped from my hand and I found myself curling into a foetal ball. A tender sob rises from depths that I have never known. It issues as the softest of tears, fragile and Heart-rending. Somehow it brings news of what the matter is: the subtlest, finest part of me – a spark of Spirit raised on 1 Imix – is frightened to let go of calendar structure and plunge, perhaps irretrievably, into matter. It takes time to let this revelation be, and welcome my quintessence Home to Consciousness as embodied.

It/’I’ is also deeply moved by news of concordance between the physical transit and a metaphysical calendar projection. How wonderful it is that such trajectories should coincide, even virtually! Design lives from the marrow of our bones. A sense of my divinity as a Child of God-dess/All That Is engulfs. The Dragon coil I had been riding since March returns as an umbilicus that needs severing so my soul can be fully born on Earth, including a vital spark that was hitherto protected, in reserve.

It assumes full Presence in my Heart as an embodied Source of Pure Creation, turned on as part of a Universal powering-up to mark the End of Time. I don’t know what will come of this admission but am compelled to allow that on this 4th day, the first after 3 days of initiatory ‘darkness’, my spiritual body (following physical, emotional and mental) has been called to exist in the 13/1 of stripped down, full-filled time (5).


(1) ‘The 10th Wave, Part II: The Last Day and the First’. The 3 days are Oct 29-30, 30-31, 31-1 Nov.

(2) The White Rose flowers at the centre of the (Rosicrucian) Rosy Cross. It is a symbol of God/dess rejuvenation and sacred marrying as enacted in ‘The 10th Wave: Part I’. Because sacred marriage is progressive, the awareness of the Divine Child is subject to (and the subject of) historical articulation.

(3) This dream represents a decisive integration for me and occurs on the anniversary of a healing pilgrimage to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Before it might have needed an emotional response, now it doesn’t. The next night, true to form, I experience a dream reconciliation with Mother, following which female elements stream forth for active incorporation.

(4) The ‘Days/Nights’ of trecenas may not be Heavens, strictly defined, but they do carry the Seed to Fruit progression as well as numerical tone values. This is more than enough to work with.

(5) While writing to rebalance my super-saturation of 28/10, I have been monitoring the daily/nightly flow. 13/1 is best observed to promote empirical coherence. The ‘10th wave’ scale of 7Days/6 Nights is wonderful but for now I am drawn to a Holy Week of 6 ‘working’ days and nights, culminating in a Sabbath of rest and revelation. Finally, as 13 Ahau implies 1 Imix, it also implies a trecena that runs to 13 Reed (Nov 10). To me, this feels like a last shout for truly binding inertia and it seems fitting that the human creation of 11/11/11 is tending to eclipse 1 Jaguar on the following day.

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