Time after the End (of Time)


We have now had a chance to gain perspective on the events of 13 Ahau. It is clear that the waves that carried Calleman’s 9 Underworlds are ‘in’, manifest as Cosmos and on Earth. Time is fully charged with Divine Inspiration such that our evolution is no longer driven by a Source outside it. What may come of this is our responsibility.

As one result, my relationship with the tzolkin transformed. When I tried relating to it as before, I found myself frustrating whatever was trying to become apparent in its stead. This wasn’t a problem. Indeed, I remember a wonderful sense of innocence around those first days after 28/10 and cherish their energy of Beginner’s Heart/Mind.

I experienced no loss of respect for the tzolkin. On the contrary: I have a card set laid out as inter-locking wheels. I tracked the energies of wave 9 daily in relation to it and would gladly have resumed but, from the moment I arrived home on November 1, the charge was simply gone and it would have been futile to pretend otherwise.

Some people reported similar experiences; others expressed bewilderment that the ‘sacred calendar’ should be at an end. I even heard that it was an insult to the Maya to assert this, given all it means to them and all they suffered to preserve it. I have felt challenged since to clarify my perspective and will try to do so here.

At first there was a period of internet silence, akin to a shock response. Then, after 3 days, emails started flying. Inertia became a key word among those sensitive to energies involved. It seems that above a certain threshold, people experienced the lack of continuing acceleration as a deceleration and thus perceived time as having slowed. Others while implicitly noting discontinued acceleration, experienced stillness.

The highest quantum state of the universe had been achieved and its fully charged state was still in play. The waves surged in those final hours; they then stopped accelerating but not existing. We talked about a set of standing waves that held this maximum charge. Their imprint mediated the ‘highest quantum state’ into existence and was not about to go away. Nothing, in that sense, had been lost.

As noted in ‘The First 3 Days’ my sense of stillness and discontinuity was cut across by profound fatigue which slowly gave way to a sense of the 13/1 rhythm described there. Other people seem to have contributed their own inertia to this state of affairs by continuing to observe pre-existing routines, from tzolkin meditations to just getting up and carrying on as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place.

There is no judgment in this: we have brown eyes or blue and interact with energies as we are and have been made (so far). Nevertheless, a fully charged space-time universe now exists to support our creativity and fulfilment. It is our responsibility, individual and collective, to make what we will of this. Nobody knows what may be possible as a result. I remained focused on experiences around 13/1, that being how I am made.

Then, on November 14, Calleman noted that a first 18 day cycle after the shift might be coming to an end, anticipating a possibility that the 9th wave with its 18 day Heavens might somehow be continuing. Given that our first 18 days post-shift had the feeling of a Night, this would mean that the 19th day out would start a new Day, an 8th Day after a 7th Night of the 9th wave, something unprecedented that would mark a radical break with the unfolding of time up to an End which was also a Beginning.

I, still decompressing and pre-occupied by energies of 13/1 (which repaid attention!), hadn’t considered this. I woke on November 16 with a dream that clearly suggested a new Day was about to begin. Meditation later confirmed that it had. I was surprised and had to decompress some more to admit the astonishing prospect that was now implied. Carl expressed it in a message later that day: if the 9th wave was continuing, it was overwhelmingly probable that all of the others were as well.

He asked for feedback. There was nothing I could say except that I thought he was right, saving one detail. Working from the reports of highly sensitive people that the tzolkin had weakened or been discontinued, Carl proposed that the driving/limiting energy of 13 – the 7/6 seed to fruit progression of the 13 Heavens – was no longer applicable. This was roughly the opposite of what I had been experiencing. I noted this and resolved to see what paths to reconciliation might become apparent.

I started by invoking the intelligence of Night, an option I became deeply sensitised to at the start of wave 9  which intensified through my altered state 13/1 explorations (1). Put briefly, I consciously reviewed my sense of where we stood and asked for clarification during sleep of patterns I had failed to see by day. I woke up with one of those tantalising visions in which everything is both revealed and concealed. This is familiar territory. I was hooked.

A supplementary dream indicated that I needed to cut ties with a now limiting vision of the End. I did this and a prompt translation into waking consciousness began. I sent Carl and friends a message to relay my ‘findings’. As I wrote, more details than I could possibly include started to emerge. I highlighted key-points and turned to writing this, knowing that Carl would prepare his own account. Leaving him to it, I focused anew, reassured by the Divine’s apparent sense that 7 billion heads are better than one, especially when united in the awareness of One Heart (2).


The first thing that strikes me about continuing waves as the resolution of our End is overwhelming generosity. The impact of our shift was condensed into those last hours and especially a singular instant at symbolic midnight, when all waves momentarily fused before – it now appears – continuing below the Line to inaugurate an unprecedented 7th Night on all levels. It is because this ‘14th Heaven’ breaks the formerly limiting number of 13 that Carl proposed an end of the 7/6 seed-fruit progression, along with reports that the tzolkin had weakened or simply stopped.

As noted previously, I felt the latter almost immediately and for several days couldn’t muster enthusiasm even to update my tzolkin spread. I was attending to the 13 tones by other means. When I checked, the numbers and the glyphs fitted perfectly but felt unnecessary. I am used to acting intuitively and hadn’t followed the tzolkin until shortly before Conscious Convergence (July 2010), when I needed to explain it to others. I used it consistently through wave 9, both to maximise my sense of affinity with its unfolding and to align with generations of Mayan Day-keepers.

Now it seemed as if I had been cut loose, without any conscious change of attitude on my part. This felt appropriate given that the ultimate purpose of the Creation waves was to prepare us to function without them. That said, nothing happened objectively to weaken the tzolkin, especially if it is true that the waves are still continuing. The only difference is that time acceleration has ceased. This means that, due to inertia, the tzolkin for now seems to be delivered less vigorously into time. This is an illusion but hardly strong enough to fuel a widespread sense that it had stopped.

I have participated in many high frequency events, including several that engaged the energies of wave 9 full on. I have never felt anything remotely like the soft intensity of symbolic midnight on 13 Ahau/October 28. Regarding the shift as primarily an affair of Consciousness, I had set out with a group to engage it in Consciousness. This still continues to have a decisive transformational impact, over and above 30 years of work that might in retrospect be viewed as preparation for it. ‘I’ was blown away in what subsequently felt like a quantum shift. At first it was simply too much.

My new ‘I’ felt no need for the tzolkin while retaining full consciousness of all it has meant, which suggests that our primary evidence for its weakening may be due to a transformed relationship with it. This fits well regarding a shift that was always geared towards projecting us (or some of us, to start) beyond continued dependence on calendar structures and complements my sense that the tzolkin hasn’t changed objectively, apart from having been brought to its point of highest charge.

It is important to remember that we also are being moved into our highest quantum state. Continuing waves will further assist this process, but in a far less deterministic way than before. The 9th wave looks set to continue most prolifically: 18 times faster than wave 8, 360 times faster than wave 7 and so on. This means we are effectively participating in 9 different orders of time. Hence it seems that recurring opportunities will be presented to secure necessary healing and integration, both individual and collective (3). The latter option poses special challenges for our creativity.


We are said to have entered the 7th Night of all continuing waves rather than a new 1st Day. This suggests a breaking of the seal of 13 as the number of ascension into a new, higher unity. If this principle no longer applies, neither can the seed-fruit progression. I take this point but believe it’s no accident that I found myself working directly post-shift with ‘stripped-down, full-filled 13/1 energies of the calendar’s essential genesis pattern’, which has also been carried to its highest pitch. The 13/1 progression no longer just tends incrementally to more encompassing unity states but to qualitative realisations of Oneness per se.

This arises not when the ego-subject of rational consciousness expands its awareness to encompass Cosmos and Beyond (as if) but rather when s/he is utterly transcended in awareness such that there is no longer any separation between ‘I’ and ‘not-I’, only a knowing evoked as That Art Thou, I AM THAT I AM etc. This experience is not available to mind because the apparatus of rational subjectivity – the psychology of a knower as distinct from the known – keeps it in separation. True Unity Consciousness can only be realised in clarified Heart, at a level of pure Feeling (4).

In this respect, repeating patterns of our post-shift era look set to create Groundhog Day-type experiences which keep returning to stuck subject-positions until we realise our healing/creative powers to move beyond them. This evokes a 13/1 pattern of 6 days, 6 nights and an energetically neutral Sabbath when we do nothing but rest (be still), following God’s example (1). I recommend this way of observing new trecena energies, not because the stars or calendar ordain it but because it represents a creative human response to transformed circumstances that I know works well. You can pay as much or as little attention as you wish to numbers and day-signs as you go.


It’s crucial that that our continuing waves passed through Zero Point into a Night. In hindsight, this is understandable and even necessary because if they had shifted into a Day this would imply increased frequency, which is incompatible with pre-attainment of the universe’s highest quantum state. Continuing an old wave doesn’t create this problem as long as its frequencies simply repeat. Observing an energetically neutral Sabbath keeps this from being a problem at trecena level: e.g. across 18 trecenas of a continuing 9th wave – that may, however, continue indefinitely beyond 234 days (5).

It may also be necessary because – just as in pre-shift waves, the 7/6 ratio of Days to  Nights underpinned a gradual building up of the light vested in Creation – a reversal of this in a 7 Nights /6 Days scenario would imply a running down (6). What we want is sustainable balance at the level of our highest quantum state. This is exactly what the 6 day-6 night-Sabbath arrangement provides. It is applicable at any level of scale, including the 18 x 13 rhythm of a continuing 9th wave and can easily be followed in conjunction with the daily tzolkin. (Again, observing an energetically neutral Sabbath prevents a paying forward of rising frequencies across Heavens: we are dealing here with qualitative realisation rather than quantitative increase.)

But the issue runs deeper: if maximum frequency is attained at the shift, there can be no time acceleration either within or across the Heavens of continuing waves. This is a difference that now makes all the difference. The terminal frequencies of pre-shift Creation waves must be paid forward in a series of inert, apparently structure-less time phases, whether viewed as Heavens or alternating Nights/Days. There is a certain allure to this notion: invariance suggests constancy which suggests timelessness but assuming that this can simply be conferred is premature.

The purpose of the shift was not to bludgeon time into timelessness but to raise consciousness as vested in time to awareness of its transcendent origins and nature. I have referred to this as an awakening of Divine Consciousness in time. It is the end of time to bring this ‘end’ about. Human beings are its primary carriers. A Time of No Time arises as we intuit the transcendent (timeless) nature of a Divine Consciousness which projects us all. This marks a mystical (self-) remembering of Eternal Being in time. It is best pursued in a time which has yet to become no-time by allowing a series of Groundhog Days/Nights that lead repeatedly to Sabbath opportunities for ascension in the spirit of 13/1. We must make this leap. Attuning to a newly stable flow of multi- textured time promotes but doesn’t determine this. We must make the leap.

I recall Carl’s words: ‘the whole concept of 7+6=13 is no longer valid after the shift’. I had never though of the 13 tones in additive terms; I always write 7/6; 12/13 figures prominently in my numerology and I have always had a strong affinity with the mystical qualities of both numbers (7). When I came upon the calendar, exposure to 13 tones served to flesh out a skeletal awareness that was already in place, awaiting articulation. As a result, I don’t actually know what 7+6=13 means in this context. I do know that after the shift, when my speculative ego was utterly overwhelmed, I had repeated 7/6 and 12(6+6)/13 visions that focused an abstracted genesis pattern and resulted in the notion of an extended Mayan Holy Week of 6 Days and 6 Nights that also includes an energetically neutral Sabbath when God – the subject and agent of Creation – rests. Internalising this core genesis pattern means we have become the gods and goddesses of Creation. Our shift may yet become the defining moment in this process; the substance of a quantum leap unlike any other so far.

Focusing on this essential genesis pattern and the fact that it has now been brought forth from inside me feels especially significant. I took pains to internalise the 9-part god and culminating rhythms of the last pre-shift trecena. Its deities (metaphorically evoked powers) are now alive in me, altering my relationship to the ongoing Flow of Creation. Creation hasn’t stopped; responsibility (response-ability) for it has been turned over to us as self-realised/self-realising embodiments of Divine Consciousness in time. And evolution hasn’t stopped: its pace has simply stabilised. A seal has been set on its formerly rampant acceleration, so that we can get up to speed with it and find our level in respect of the universe’s highest quantum state.

If evolution hasn’t stopped there has to be a role for its essential genesis pattern. The Sabbath, the Lord’s Day of Rest, is a new capping mechanism, a seal provision that ensures continuing balance between Night-Day, Dark-Light and yin-yang. This has been missing through earlier phases of our history. (There is a vast metaphysical backdrop to its proper comprehension which I hope to clarify later.) Such periodically recurring opportunities for transcendence – first of old habits/wounds and then of the self that holds them – provides a metaphorical ladder for the attainment of Unity Consciousness in a mode of gradual enlightenment that may be interspersed with Sun-Day bursts of blinding illumination and lead finally to experiences of Oneness.  

I think of a quote from the Tao Te Ching: ‘Woe to one who innovates while ignorant of the Constant.’ Knowledge of the Consant, the imprint of Creator as transcendent (outside time), is now available to us while in time. This is what alters time, making it a Time of No Time. The constancy of its continuing waves reminds us of this without stifling or over-exciting. When we have learnt to act from the Point of Creation at the centre of our Heart(s) such considerations may seem trifling, but as a species in its infancy we are still very much engaged in a seed-fruit process. It’s not ‘the world’ that was awaiting rebirth. We are the baby, pressing and being pressed to assume our proper status as self-remembered children of Divine Consciousness in time.


We can’t speak of waves continuing if their internal structure (Heavens, Days/Nights) doesn’t somehow continue to be observed. We now speak of a 7th Night and 8th Day of the 9th wave, so this much is not an issue. But how can we account for continuing structure without a continuing genesis pattern? Of course the 7th Night/14th Heaven of wave 9 breaks a mould. Its naming is a striking symbolic declaration of discontinuity, around which subsequent semblances of continuity must be re-ordered. The breaking of a seal was necessary here, and unique. It was the end of time as we had known it and the seal had been set on our imagination.

To infer that the defining/generative quality of 13 no longer applies is unwarranted. If this were so, Heaven 14 wouldn’t know when it was time to turn 15 and Night 7 couldn’t become Day 8 (8)! These are qualitative shifts, not arithmetic successions. A seed-fruit progression must apply because a stable rate of balanced evolution couldn’t otherwise be maintained. Also, the tzolkin is a regulatory matrix. It is not ultimately generative but only appears so by virtue of a force imparted by 9 Creation waves that express the Breath of God. It serves now to promote spiritual growth through us.

There is another almost perfectly economical way to look at this. Consider the general formula 13 x 18 x 20n. Reduction of n’s value from 8 through 0 takes us through Creation waves 1-9 up to the ‘End’. Reducing 18 to the power of 0, post-shift, discloses a stripped down, full-filled essential genesis pattern as such

                                               13 x 180 x 200 = 13/1 (131)

This isn’t meant to make (rational) sense, since it engages (trans-rational) Reality. It is a qualitative thought experiment where physical time acceleration is not an issue but the nature of our continuing evolution and creativity is. There is no need for this to be ‘ground’ out of us. We can co-operate beautifully and even fly apparently alone (2).

Think of Carl’s highest quantum state as the summit of a Holy Mountain, or 9-stepped Temple if you will. This is now a platform for our human creativity (response-ability). No limit can be set on it precisely because 13/1 remains limiting and generative inside us, just like the creative rule system of a natural language.

We can’t go any higher physically but there is no end to the dreams and visions that may be birthed from such a rarefied foundation, as maintained by continuing waves. This makes us masters of our destiny, in Carl’s words, which imply that our ‘future’ no longer needs to be ground out. That is the key issue governing our status in relation to pre- and post-shift waves. We now have discretion and the freedom to apply it.

Suppose that we learn to ride our Dragon wave(s) so that, in relation to it, we become unmoving. This explains the interim phenomenology of our new Now (as we learn to ride). Worlds hurtle by – dramas, Berlusconis, buts and ifs – and we find ourselves less prone to agitation by them.

Every Sun Day we are reminded that all phenomena arise out of the same Dreaming, projected out of One Heart/Consciousness/Source: 13/1 is a compact cipher for this advanced stage of samsaric reflection.

At last, one special Sun Day – which could be any time when we are centred on the Line, in a Zero Point of No Time – Truth dawns: we are, I am, the Source of these phenomena parading as Reality, above and below it! I AM. I AM THAT I AM!

Each time this happens the Divine awakens once more in time, enhanced by a new Beginner’s Mind and a newly empowered Creator Consciousness that makes love and beauty according to the light of its soul history. We symbolise this as

                                                              130 = 1

Here 13 is remembered as the Constant, the Way to Heaven that is already Heaven, a deceptively arithmetic image of Christ-hood, Buddha-ism, Allah-ness, Jehovah-dom, Quetzalcoatl-ity and so on.

It is inconceivable that this image should be withdrawn after the End for the End of directed Creation was always a Beginning for re-leased human creativity, implying full remembrance of the God/dess we have always been. This can only be known trans-rationally, realised immediately, felt. It can’t be calculated, predicted, graphed, synthesised or ground out. Its name is Love and its fulfilment is a radical intuition that

                      ALL (We Have Been/Are/That Is/Not/Yet) = ONE (130/1)







Notes (all references are to www.sacredplay.info ):

(1) See ‘The First 3 Days’. Although I focus there on days and nights of an ordinary week, as soon as I released the piece for publication, I was moved back to an extended 13 day Mayan Holy Week, which I have followed since. The ‘existential abandonment’ noted in ‘3 Days’ was necessary for my learning.

(2) For ‘One Heart’ see ‘The 10th Wave, Part 2’. This reports a sacred play for October 28/9 during which we received all completing waves through our spiritual Heart(s) into the Heart of Earth. The reason, after Calleman, is that incoming impulses are normally relayed from the Cosmic Tree of Life to the Heart of Earth and out from there via Her inner telluric realms, creating seismic disruption. My prayer was that the mediating role of creative human stewardship could achieve the same effect peacefully. Our prayer to the Heart of Earth (The 10th Wave, Part 1) was also directed towards this end.

 (3) All members of our group who were able to yield fully to the shift have continued flying creatively since, whereas those who had to carry issues have been pressed relentlessly to clarify and integrate. It is obviously easier to respond to change if we don’t resist it. We also have options of opening in trust and devising creative means to facilitate its passage. The latter becomes crucial when waves of change don’t compel us any longer and we must find paths to Unity out of our own sense of unfolding momentum. This poses a huge creative challenge that cannot now be taken out of our hands, individually or collectively. It seems more important to me than just focusing on technical details of an ongoing calendar that has already served its primary purpose.

(4) See ‘Unity, Heart and Mind’ under ‘9th Wave’ for a fuller, more deliberate exposition.

(5) If we go past an 18th trecena of the continuing 9th wave to a 23rd, 34th etc. this might suggest that 18×13=13×18 is no longer valid and that the regulatory seal of 13 has indeed been broken. It might be urged against this that the 9th wave repeats in integral chunks, such that we are now in repeating wave 9, phase 1 and heading towards phase 2. This remains open but doesn’t affect my sense of 13/1 as an inwardly realised pattern whose outer applicability hasn’t objectively diminished.

(6) Theoretically, it would imply a descending spiral which might even be quantised so that we fall first from a negatively reflected 9th wave down to an 8th and so on in a symmetrical mirroring of the 16.4 billion year building process. There is no reason to suspect that this is happening but the image is none the less educational.

(7) For me, in the language of esoteric Christianity, 12 is a harmonised circle of resolution (perfected disciplines) within which the liberated Christ principle of 13 spontaneously arises; not 12+1=13. It fits Mayan number mysticism very well, with earlier tones elucidating prior stages of the unfolding, from numberless Void through primal Unity, Polarity, Movement etc.

(8) This works by fractal resonance: when 1 ‘Heaven’ (solar day) of the essential genesis pattern (13×180x200) turns, the same effect is induced at different levels of scale (181x20n = 0-8) throughout a system that had only been charging up to this capacity before. The Groundhog Day/Night effect also operates on different levels at repeated intervals as continuing wave 9 raises un-clarified issues for integration across a multi-tiered spectrum of periods that span 12.8 to 16.4 billion years and have yet to be relived in the mode of empirical time that used to be, before a Cosmic speed limit was applied to curb quantitative expansion and catalyse qualitative realisation in its place: 131 => 130!

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