Time After Time: Residual


We are integral aspects of cosmic unfolding, having evolved through all levels of the spiritual and material environments we now occupy. Thus when these environments – Earth, Galaxy and Cosmos, for example – are brought to their highest quantum state by 9 simultaneously ‘completing’ waves of Creation, we may assume that the same is happening for us also, insofar as we are open to the possibility.


Qualification is necessary because we are self-conscious beings who occupy diverse spheres of influence and reflection. We are governed by stories about who we are and may/not become. We carry wounds that make it hard for us to open, are compromised by vested interests and perceive advantage in manipulating change or seeking to avoid it. For these reasons, it can be hard to let ourselves open to waves that have impacted but persist in their inert, fully-charged state.

It is good news that we can still do so and magnify their continuing impact via our powers of creative intent. The gift of intentional creativity illuminates why we were burdened with self-consciousness to begin. Our genius has long been buried under this imprint of our Fall. If we open to it, we can expect impacts of the Cosmic charge-up (Divine Will) to continue manifesting for as long as it takes potentials they endow to integrate and express through us.

We can re-programme All We Have Been as we remember it. We too are becoming ‘charged’ to our highest quantum state. The timing is synchronised with other aspects of a co-evolutionary process in which we have long been engaged. We must trust to find the creativity we need to adjust to such change. An ‘end’ of the waves and of the tzolkin, insofar as it has ended, heralds a liberating of our powers from a rule system which has long constrained and promoted our creative emergence.


The tzolkin is a template, an abstract pattern. It filters light that informs existence into existence. Its imprint was carried harmoniously into time by the first 8 waves up to October 28 last. It was less harmoniously carried by the 9th wave, which has a 13×18 rhythm rather than the 13×18x20 of earlier ones. The first 8 waves were overtones; the 9th was relatively anomalous but wholly integral as part of the Divine Plan.

Its heightened frequency played through a tzolkin template that was actively present in forward-moving time because earlier waves still carried it. Due to the 9/10:18/20 hiatus, it was also revamping the terms of our unconscious, ages-old affinity with a profound, multi-levelled experience of escalating time cycles. Its effect was to prepare us for an ‘end’ that was also a beginning, much like the final stages of a pregnancy where contractions occur so often we no longer separate them and we are the baby.

Regarding my own experience of 28/10, having taken every conceivable measure to hit the ground running on October 29, I had to drag myself up and only just succeeded in bringing my physical body into play. This had the effect of getting energies moving in my emotional and mental bodies also. These came back over the next 3 days (of ‘darkness’), leaving an impression that I had come through a shift, a quantum leap as it were, using a metaphor that Carl has applied to earlier Underworld successions.

There is no reason why the ‘end’ of all waves should precipitate an energetic shift any less marked than those associated with the inception of earlier Underworlds. These have all been attended by a rise in apparent time acceleration. Our ‘end’ has not, making for a uniquely subtle experience. Its quantum shift was not impelled by the frequencies of wave 9 alone, to which we had adjusted (however un/comfortably), but by the simultaneous ‘completion’ of all 9 waves.

I am sure of this because I could feel them slamming me through the solid ground of Earth back into the invisible Ground of Being. Both are evoked by the Line of Time in my multi-dimensional ‘Dragon’ diagram. All waves rise and fall from and through this Line, which emanates from Source, the Zero Point of Creation, and carries its imprint into time. The later the wave, the more frequently the Line is crossed, thus creating more opportunities to remember stillness and the Divine.


The tzolkin is a core expression of Source’s imprint in time. It comprises a constant, sequentially unfolding cycle of 20 constitutive-archetypal aspects and 13 formative-developmental tones. This dynamic structure has been carried ever deeper into time by 9 cumulative, nested waves which engendered and ‘grew’ 9 Underworlds. Each wave is x20 faster than its predecessor, meaning that the tzolkin is carried 20 times faster into time with each successive wave, except the last (x18).

It is carried into time according to a general formula 13 x 18 x 20n where n ranges from 8 to 0. Only 13 and 18 are constant in this sequence, since 200 becomes 1 and retires at the start of the 9th wave. Hence the tzolkin is truncated, leading to effects of increased consciousness that are also carried by the 18 (9+9) count of the 9th wave. Its foregrounding in the last Creation stream, as noted, helped us become aware of the ascent-descent/descent-ascent rhythm of Day-Night crossings of the Line.

This periodic above-below alternation has been implicit in our entire 16+ billion years unfolding but only became apparent during its last 234 day phase. On February 11 2011 the last full tzolkin count began within the overall frame of directed Creation: 26 days passed, 1/10th of total, before Wave 9 began and lifted the remaining 9/10ths to a new frequency while the 13×20 pattern continued playing through lower frequencies of all earlier waves. This created 1:9 truncation at the highest level only.

That was the resting state of the Divine imprint as encoded in time at the culminating moment of its programme for the assisted development of Consciousness in Cosmos and on Earth. It includes a multi-tiered record of the impact of the tzolkin in time from its beginning to the ‘end’, defined with respect to ‘completion’ of the 9 waves of directed Creation. And what comes of this ‘end’?

Every wave, as part of its fruition process, drops a seed to initiate a new wave at a point that comes exactly 95% through the passage of the earlier wave. There was no reason why wave 9 should break this pattern, especially when its Seed Day coincided with the start of the last trecena of all 9 waves. But what could be the fruit of such a seed, when no new wave was possible?

All waves have consistently favoured our species as a primary vessel for the evolution of consciousness in the 3D world of space-time. It seemed logical that, as 9 waves of directed Creation came to an end, the seed of the last – bestowed as part of its fruition – would involve empowering us to adapt creatively on our own account, just as the driving power of 9 Creation waves was being withdrawn, leaving us to continue alone (or seeming to).

My sense was that the seed gift of the 9th wave, rather than instigating a literal 10th, would be to activate a divine spark of Consciousness in us – to fulfil the process of Creation to date and free us for independent creative functioning after the force of earlier determining waves had been withdrawn. Thus I adapted a virtual 10th wave to focus on ‘The Last 13 Days’, facilitating reception of the seed gift on October 16 (1 Lamat) and its fruition via a meeting with the Mayan ‘9-part god’ on October 28.                                                                      

In the aftermath of the first event my soul gave birth (in Dream) to a baby girl who was able to walk and talk: evoking a renewal of prodigious, formerly under-developed feminine soul powers. The second peaked at symbolic midnight on 13 Ahau, when I instinctively drew converging waves into the centre of my Heart. I stretched out later and let the influx continue for over an hour, past Greenwich midnight. The next morning I felt energetically over-whelmed as a result.

It has taken over 3 weeks for me to ‘decompress’ following this super-saturation. The process has involved waves of revelation (explicable via a general psychology of imagination) stemming from inspirations of that night. They present as formless intuitions or dense images, both reporting from deep soul into waking consciousness. Their appearance correlates with stages of my release from energetic overwhelm.

The latest involves a question and an answer: If the waves didn’t end, then what was the purpose of the ‘end’ and how was it achieved? The answer was prefaced by a reflection something like ‘Light retains a memory of its origin’. I haven’t tried to formulate it until now although I have held it for several hours at the level of Feeling (unformulated awareness). Accurate rendering is a process that cannot be rushed.

The substance of the answer is along these lines: the essential feature of the ‘end’ was a coming together of 9 primary Creation streams to express a unitary unfolding. They followed separate, inter-linked courses up to that moment of symbolic midnight when they fused in my Heart and at Zero Point on the Line of Time. I can’t say what the exact significance of this re-union was but it has to do with Unity Consciousness and a massive integration that contributes to its qualitative unfolding in time.

Conditions were set by the terms of integration. This fits my experience: inflowing energies were intense but surprisingly gentle. We had established imagery of a multi-layered cascade falling through levels of the sacred temple, so our experience was quite differentiated. Indeed, given the beauty of the process, it wasn’t until after I had slept and integration begun that I even knew I had experienced a quantum shift.

Subtle Heart (chakra) emanations accompanied these revelations earlier today (Nov 20), as if a Source of Divine Breath in the Heart of Void was active in me. This may mistake a tantalisingly formless intuition but I can say by virtue of having participated in the shift as an integral, sentient aspect of Cosmos that this momentary fusion was the focus of its ‘end’ and the cause of my energetic knock-out.

It feels now like a reconstitution in time of forces unleashed by the Big Bang in their essential form. I have already felt, enacted and reported this story of my soul (Riding the Dragon Home) but today’s opening is something deeper, more akin to a stirring of Source than any of its emanations. That is all I can reliably say for now.


I have just read Carl’s statement announcing the continuation of wave 9. What strikes me most about it is its pre-eminent stress on continuity, notwithstanding its topic: the greatest shift of all time. Discontinuity is noted with regard to breaking the seal of 13: 7 apples and 6 oranges no longer equal 13 fruits. I am not being facetious here. Carl’s ingenuity proposes a theoretical solution to a theoretical problem: the end of 13 transcends the Genesis frame of Abrahamic faiths and thus wipes clean the blemish of our Fall without guilt or shame ever needing to be mentioned, much less cleared (2).

And Egyptians are on the streets, and New World occupiers. It is a Day, certainly, but how is this known? What change occurs in consciousness to precipitate resurgence, when the absence of time acceleration means that we are no longer being forcefully pushed as before? A shift has indeed taken place, tilting the balance of motivational dynamics away from calendar determinism towards creative awareness. The tzolkin ‘froze’ in my case as a reflection of internal overwhelm and to mark a transformed relationship which emerged as this abated.

There cannot be a human awakening (Arab, Euro, US, Breathe As One) without this registering in consciousness and changing consciousness, such that the subjective  patterns of our lived experience change also and we act more out of intentional awareness and less from unexamined habit. This is the substance of our shift. We occupy Wall Streets instead of waiting for them to fall on us. We relate new stories that govern what we now do. In other guises we face the bullets of no longer tenable regimes because our soul-knowing says that this is now what must be done.

Such heroism is not ground out of us. It is intrinsic, a calling, and we rise (ascend in consciousness) to meet it. We exercise our burgeoning Unity Consciousness and the Creator Consciousness (power of intentional awareness) which manifests this in time, so that our destiny no longer needs to be compelled and we no longer depend on the prompts and goads of a mysteriously attenuated 9th wave. It is not business as usual after October 28. Something essential in us has turned on, activated by a convergence in time of those now subtly reconfigured waves. This ‘turning on’ was metaphorically evoked as a rising Sun of new Awareness in our 13 Ahau midnight ritual.


Awakening phenomena are endowed by extant frequencies that persist undiminished since the ‘End’ but not compelled by them. This was true before our shift and is even truer now, as more and more of us become sensitive to a greater life waiting to be lived in us. The same underlying principle applies regardless of the context in which our moments of choice arise: whether to join a march, quit a job, end a relationship or simply speak out. Such moments have arisen in earlier times but far less often, due to the weight of institutional determinations as shaped by wave dynamics, especially through seemingly endless cycles of 13×20n (which incorporate a hidden 18). These served to image the Way of Heaven on Earth as orchestrated by diverse ideological appropriations.

Thus the Planetary Underworld ripped the already violent canvas of feudal hierarchy only to replace it by another which licensed new agents to pursue new forms of Power concentration. The Galactic brought occasion to question this principle as such, rather than the forms that manifested it. This was reflected in an alignment-based spirituality that stressed Flow and returned us to a direct, personalised relationship with Source. It wasn’t until the rise of the 9th wave’s 9+9 rhythm however, disclosed by relegation of 20n=0, that the undermining of hierarchical orders that had long been presented as natural became radically mandated as 9 no longer passed through 10 in an apparently eternal ascending order. Instead it turned back, down into darkness, Night and Source.

Not many people seem to have grasped the profundity of this link between Night and Source. I hope to clarify it soon. Suffice to say for now that the ‘downturn’ served to transform our felt relationship with Source by making it more immediate and present to a point of finally stimulating internal recollection of I AM Consciousness. This was not a matter of breaking the seal of 13 but of fulfilling it. Internalising a 13/1/130 progression leads beyond alignment-based spirituality into direct experience of an inwardly realised Source-based form, paralleled by the internalisation in time of 9 simultaneously ‘completing’ waves at symbolic midnight on 13 Ahau/October 28.

The 9/10 hiatus ‘drove’ this over a 234 day period of escalated 9th wave exposure. What seems to be happening Now is that this superficially anomalous rhythm is re-embedding within older orders of time in existence, playing over them so that the time needed for a promise of No Time to manifest is again forthcoming, after the critical individuating spark (of Spirit within) has fanned into a New Sun of new awareness. Old powers and habits struggle to hang on but awareness and love can graciously dissolve them. The more of us practice this inner alchemy the easier it will become for all and the more readily it will be reflected in our outer affairs, on all levels.

To speak of continuing waves ‘grinding out’ Unity Consciousness is, in my opinion, implausible. Gandhi spoke of being (and becoming) the change we want to see, and that wants to be seen in us. Participating in this process with awareness and creative intent saves a lot of thankless grinding. Awareness is key: there is a potent metaphor in the notion of 9 Underworlds. These have provided largely unconscious frameworks of thought, judgment and action. Then a moment of integration happened at symbolic midnight on 13 Ahau/October 28: 9 great waves  of Creation fused in a Zero Point of infinitesimal duration to recap in time the charge of Divine Intent before (its release into) time.

It now feels (13 Cimi/November 23) as if my ‘decompression’ has involved letting fall-out from this moment spread through all levels of my being, transforming every detail of my human subjectivity and unseen soul architecture. The presence in time of 9 fulfilled, mutually integrated Creation waves serves as an empowering backdrop for our project of creating a New Earth from the infra-structure of Underworlds that have made its Dreaming possible in time. Approaching this with awareness, we take care not to impose dire predictions based on a projecting forward of wounds from our un-cleared past. Awareness is key: together with courage, creativity and trust. The Great Design has not been an accident so far and it continues. Even the least of us – as we have may been regarded – can claim equal sovereignty in relation to it.


There would be no spiritual purpose whatever to a process of Consciousness evolution where the Divine contrived a vast exercise in Cosmic logistics and let it play through mechanically. Attainment of Unity Consciousness in time requires transformations in consciousness, where events register at a level of felt knowing. Likewise, existential realisation – which the Divine could never have achieved alone – requires tears, suffering, healing, loss, insight, redemption, love and strife. Experience is the core of consciousness growth and awareness the core of conscious evolution. Neither can just be set aside. We have lived for ages in the midst of manipulated illusion and are now awakening to a memory that we never were just determined marionettes.

The Divine is not the dispassionate Author of a drama that S/He views from afar. S/He participates in the sacred play of Life through existence and time. S/He is the Hero of Her own story: all the characters. We wear the many faces S/He assumes as creatures of Her Dream. S/He awakens as we awaken and cries as we cry but never dies. Eternal Life is already granted. One Self is all there is. Realisation of this in time is the end of time and always has been, however long the waves may continue. Such knowing has been recorded in our scriptures for millennia. The difference now is that the ‘end’, our shift, has made this knowing potentially available to all for a first time.                                                                    

We are in time at this time for a purpose and awakening is just the start of it. A next step is helping others of our kind to awaken also and, beyond that, serving Earth’s ‘ascension’ through discovered powers of creative stewardship. Unity can’t be known in divorce from ‘others’ who are no longer Other. It is not fully attained until we are all parties to it, without forcing. (The first shall be last and the last first.) Hence we participate as bodhisattvas in sorrows of the world, observing mindfully the 13/1 rhythm of a Time of No Time which could go on forever (3).

With waves to carry but not drive us we come into our own as Keepers of Earth. As a species we are still charged with taking responsibility for our un/conscious creativity. Our primary goal remains what it has always been: to cultivate our primary habitat as a place of wonder and beauty, a fitting reflection of qualities we now acknowledge for bringing forth within ourselves. This is a primary reason why we need to integrate the wisdom of tribal peoples at this point.

I spent several years travelling and speaking with elders from indigenous cultures. Always the impression I got was that they and their people have served as guardians of the Constant in face of the ignorantly unrestrained yang expansionism of modern historical societies as we have been. Ancient peoples, and especially their elders, hold deep memories for our species up to this time and it is incumbent on us to re-learn all we have forgotten from them.

We bring gifts of enterprise and innovation to this process but must do so with a view to restoring a balance that has been lost. Our lust for innovation needs tempering by respect for the Constancy our elders have upheld. The creativity that follows from such rebalancing is favoured by post-shift rhythms in which time acceleration no longer occurs and a premium is placed on Night/Day, yin-yang equilibration. Not a lot of people know about this yet or are in a position to shift from limited awareness into active participation. Support structures are still needed.

The tzolkin is a primary example and the Mayan elders’ continued observance of it strikes me as a case in point: I gather that they focus on recurring constancies of the Day-signs rather than evolutionary markers of the 13 tones. Perhaps this might serve as a beginning metaphor for renewed, mutually informing awareness. I have begun to update my tzolkin once again and am feeling better for it. Fatigue after the shift has almost gone and it seems appropriate to realign new learning in this way. There is no sense of compulsion or dependency involved. It simply feels wholesome and good.

It may be necessary also, with regard to the vastly greater numbers of people who are like to need orientation and reassurance in the months approaching December 2012. It is futile now to decry this as a false end date and sensible to adopt it as a beacon, notwithstanding others that will come before. It is critical in any case that we refine and share awareness gathered from our passage through 13 Ahau/1 Imix:

1) to cultivate Unity Consciousness within and between ourselves: this forges a new template in collective awareness that was not available before and will help many pass graciously through challenges that only relatively few have managed so far, and

2) to start manifesting a culture based on principles of Unity, Love and compassionate Intelligence beyond old principles of ego, competition, exclusivity, lack etc.

What we do, say, think, feel and create makes a crucial difference, Now as never before. Our time for waiting is past. Now is for Being. Bodhisattvas participate joyfully in sorrows of the world because they act from Source. This delivers us from illusion and is found at the centre of our Heart(s). It’s harder not to get there Now and arriving changes everything. Go well.





Notes (all references are to www.sacredplay.info):

(1) See ‘The 10th Wave’, parts 1 and 2 under ‘9th Wave/Later’.

(2) The difference between Carl’s perspective and my own is that between 13×18 and 18×13, perhaps. Perhaps they are simply complementary. The tzolkin clicked back for me last Friday (Nov 18), as a function of my continuing decompression. I can now observe 13×18, 18×13, neither or both as I will. This element of choice is paramount. See ‘Legends of a Fall’ under ‘9th Wave/Later’.

(3) Existence is not just the Dream of God/dess but also Her sport: a Sacred Play by means of which S/He learns more about What (S/He) Is.

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