13 x 18 = 18 x 13?


I hosted an event over the weekend of March 11-13 whose purpose was to engage and align with newly breaking energies of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar. By the end of it, I felt totally immersed and utterly inspired. I spent the next week integrating and writing a report of the event. I planned to have it ready for the next mayanmajix newsletter, which – as I well knew – comes out on the first day of every new trecena.

I also knew as a piece of indisputably correct information that 1 Ahau – the next such day – would fall on March 22. I finished a plausible draft of my account on Monday, March 21 and, relieved, thought to myself that it should be fine to send it off the following Friday, two days ahead of what loomed in my imagination as the crucial date. I could use the time in between to add some polish.

Next morning I turned on my computer and sure enough – it being March 22 – there was the newsletter. I couldn’t believe that I had missed it, given my sensitisation to precise dates over previous months. I had even plotted energetic relationships between the 13 uaxacahunklins (18 day periods) of the 9th Wave and the 18 trecenas in terms of which mayanmajix continues to view it.

March 26 marks the end of Day 1/Heaven 1 of the 9th Wave and March 27 the beginning of Night 1. This was the date to which my imagination had unconsciously recalibrated, without my noticing! The priority of this new horizon had asserted itself spontaneously in face of all my conscious knowledge. There was nothing I could do but realise how thoroughly my soul had adapted to the 18 day rhythm of Wave 9, and how much more powerful this felt than the 13 day rhythm of the trecena.

This baffled me because I had previously thought of the 18 day uaxacahunklin rhythm as displacing the 20 days of the uinal, with the 13 (trecena) remaining constant across Underworlds, reflecting the 13 tones of Creation.  Also, it seemed logical to assume that the rate of evolution within a particular 13 day period should escalate according to the Underworld it’s embedded in, so there should be no pronounced energetic disparity simply because the 9th Wave/Underworld had just begun.

This much and little else being clear, I set myself to look again at work I had done before, attempting to relate the energies of Wave 9’s 13 uaxacahunklin to those of its 18 trecenas.


18 x 13 = 13 x 18 is a reduced version of 18 x 260 = 13 x 360. This equation governs the inter-weaving of tun and tzolkin bases of the Mayan Calendar’s unfolding over its first 8 waves. The reduction reveals a 9+9 count as the Calendar’s most constant feature across all its Underworlds and leads us into unique rhythms of the 9th Wave, viewed as 13 uaxacahunklin rather than 18 trecenas. I have already written about the special significance of the 13 Heavens of the 9th Wave but need to look again at its 18 trecenas and see what sense might be made of their continuing role.

Despite truncation of the tzolkin by the 9th Wave, the persistence of the trecena marks the persistence of a rhythm known from earlier Underworlds. It continues to play under and is even amplified by distinctive characteristics of the 9th Wave. Calleman has referred to the trecena as an overtone of the baktun-based Great Cycle of the National Underworld. Although it occurs more frequently and passes more quickly, it contains the same patterned sequence of underlying energies. We have not generally been sensitive enough to register this as part of felt experience.

Also, the frequency with which a cycle occurs and the amount of change that happens in it are two different things. A cycle that occurs every 13 days does so irrespective of the Underworld that it is embedded in but a trecena in the 9th Underworld is not the same energetically as one in the 5th or 6th, even if their tzolkin profiles are identical. Moreover the trecena that began on March 9, 2011 and all others that will unfold between then and October 28 don’t just occur in the 9th Underworld. They continue to occur in lower Underworlds also.

They have to, since all lower Underworlds continue to occur in present time. Thus, if we were sensitive enough, it would be possible to discern the frequencies of all 9 Underworlds active in the energies of every day of every trecena that goes to make up the 234 (18×13) days of the 9th Wave. The same would be true regarding the 234 days of its 13 Heavens (13×18). Each resonates simultaneously on all 9 levels of Sacred Time. However, even days of the first Heaven or first trecena of the 9th Wave resonate only in the final Heaven or 7th Day of lower Underworlds. This indicates a different energetic relationship than that of fractal resonance.

Fractal resonance describes how energy characteristics of the first Heaven (360 days) of the Galactic Underworld, for instance, are reflected under compression in the first Heaven (18 days) of the Universal Underworld. The same relation extends backwards to the Planetary (first 7,200 days), National (first 144,000) and Regional (2,880,000 days) all the way to the Cellular level, where 18 days of the Universal Underworld correspond to 1.26 billion years. By connecting with waxing and waning motions of the 9+9 count of the 9th Underworld across the sequence of its Heavens, it becomes possible to recap and re-pattern corresponding Heavens of all earlier Underworlds.

There is an integral, inter-locking relationship between unfoldings of the 9th Wave and those of all its predecessors across the genesis pattern of their 7 Day/6 Night structure.

The great difference introduced by the 9th Wave is that Consciousness in time is now able to note this fact and act upon it. It is already doing so as we share these words. Within this frame, I want to stress the significance of the double resonance that obtains between the 9+9 count of the 9th Wave and all earlier Waves.

The 9th Wave participates simultaneously in the final Heaven of all lower Waves and potentially in a re-patterning of their earlier stages via fractal resonance. It recaps the developmental sequence of the Calendar as a whole and has a potential to integrate the fruits of this in the ‘real’ time of still current final Heavens as every Underworld streams towards the same completion point. This nine-fold convergence on the End Time and the ‘real’ time sequence also finally come together on the last day. At that point, integration of the clarified energies of all nine Underworlds can bring forth all that is symbolised by the Mayan image of Bolon Yukte Ku, the nine-part deity who is waiting to step out again as One.

Imagine now our progression in real time through the 7th Day of the 9th Underworld: we will not only be participating in the last uaxacahunklin (18 days) of the final Heaven of the 9th Wave, we will also be participating simultaneously in the last18 days of the Galactic, Planetary, National, Regional, Tribal, Mammalian and Cellular Underworlds – each lasting 2 x 9 x 20 to the power of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 days, respectively. All complete simultaneously on October 28, 2011.

There are two important things we may notice about this:

1) As stated, the 2 x 9 count is revealed as a formerly hidden constant across all 9 Creation cycles of the Calendar. It has never not been there but rather has just become apparent with relegation of the uinal (20 day cycle) that characterised all 8 previous Underworlds.

2) Disappearance of the uinal in the 9th Underworld also entails disappearance of the tzolkin as an integral structure. Its rhythms persist but are also superseded. The strength of my intuitive response to energies absorbed through March 11-13 convince me of this even more than the arithmetic evidence above.

Then, in a flash, I see! Removal of the masking function of the uinal is what catapults the uaxacahunklin to energetic prominence in the 9th Underworld! The 20 day cycle of the tzolkin is just that – a cycle. Its nature is to repeat. It would do so indefinitely were it not interpolated with 13 tones of Creation. These ascend in a spiral motion, steadily raising frequencies of the Whole. This arrangement is galvanised periodically by quantum accelerations across Underworld shifts.

The last of these delivers into awareness a 9+9 count, disclosed by elimination of the cyclical uinal. Only two ‘progressive’ tendencies then remain: the steadily ascending force of the trecena and the galvanising power of the 9th Wave. Although this will only manifest fully over the course of its 13 Heavens, the quantum leap has already taken place, compounded in this instance by the elimination of 10’s that always lead to 11’s, 20’s that always become 1’s and 13’s that also become 1’s on the next level, initiating a relentless upward drive.

Let us allow that this has been necessary to reach our present stage of evolution, when Consciousness in time stirs to recollect its origins outside time. The 9+9 count doesn’t press relentlessly ahead. It goes up and down, turns back on itself, engendering conscious reflexivity and self-awareness. Its energetic pre-eminence arises because this tendency has just been unleashed after 16 plus billion years of containment, making Nights visible as such. I will pursue this in future writing.                                                                    

The 9th Wave re-visions the past while bringing about a qualitative break that leads to its fulfilment in our present. This is a core provision of what we call ‘the Divine Plan’. The Calendar’s purpose is to promote its fulfilment. This outcome is assured but the manner of its attainment is not. The process is not deterministic. Its benign realisation by Consciousness in time depends on our wakeful response, not a mechanical playing out. Our challenge and our responsibility is still to step forward from a difficult past into a timeless future that is best realised as Presence (Now).

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