5th Nights


A pattern can be extrapolated: through the succession of 5th Days, consciousness becomes freer in terms of the range of possibilities open to it for creative expression while, through the sequence of 5th Nights, levels of destruction become more focused and less catastrophic. The calendar as a whole thus points away from global disasters such as an allegedly impending pole shift. This conclusion is reassuring but masks our potential for unconscious, potentially destructive creations. Acceleration exacerbates this. A new apocalypse can still be co-created out of lower awareness than our times allow. Increased choice brings greater freedom to align or not. Such freedom could prove our undoing. We have yet to unfold a power of conscious co-creation. This is immense and offers miraculous promise but becomes available only as we learn to act with integrity, which means acting whole and not in terms of coded precepts, however pious or considered. Our unconscious creations have left trails of carnage in their wake. Careful re-orientation is warranted in their regard (1).



Everything I have read about 5th Nights is repetitive and scary. When I wrote my summary above (in February 2010), I felt wary of the generalisations but had no grounds on which to improve them. Then, as 9th Wave energies broke, a new power of re-visioning crystallised. I saw that what counts as ‘destructive’ must serve to promote the fundamentally creative process of the whole in which it arises and that this must involve something new and specific in the context of a Creation cycle that focuses a power of conscious co-creation. This remains ours to assume and implies that we also have the potential to co-create our own ‘destruction’. Sensing that there was more than a truism involved here, I determined to look again at the succession of 5th Days/Nights.

The defining creativity of the 5th Day of the Cellular Underworld is the formation of our solar system. The destruction that follows its 5th Night is 250 million years of meteor bombardment. While this destroyed many forms over the course of a long time, it also led to the establishment of conditions for life to emerge on Earth. In what sense, then, may it be considered ‘destructive’? None that I can fathom except with regard to the elimination of provisional forms, but since this process is orchestrated by Divine Intelligence and since all forms arise as vehicles for consciousness evolution in space-time we must assume that the intent was as fundamentally creative as the outcome proved to be.

The defining creativity of the 5th Day of the Mammalian Underworld is the emergence of multi-cellular organisms out of oceans on to the surface of Earth. The destructive manifestation of its 5th Night was the impact of a comet that led to the destruction of over 95% of extant life forms. This established conditions for appearance of the first mammals so, as Shiva is said to be a Creator-Destroyer, there is nothing involved here outside basic spiritual awareness of evolution in space-time as a creative process that produces ever more complex forms for Consciousness to occupy and grow through.

But what if we compare across Underworlds? It seems as if Earth being hit by a comet entails a different order of design than meteor bombardments following the formation of a solar system. Not only is the effect more localised in space-time, it also seems likely that the striking of the comet was elicited by a degree of readiness apparent on Earth: otherwise, the outcome might not have been creative. While the first (Cellular) example suggests a simple action-reaction link, it seems the second (Mammalian) was mediated by a different order of consciousness, referred to as stimulus-response. This entails that what counts as ‘destruction’ is relative to the framework of consciousness that supports it.

More specifically, it establishes that Divine Intelligence acts through already existing forms and the order of consciousness in time that they express. If this conclusion is valid, we may expect it to be helpful when we come to appraise our current situation with regard to potentials of our Universal Underworld. It’s not possible to explore this idea with regard to the 3rd (Anthropoid) Underworld because there aren’t enough data to identify creative/destructive manifestations of its 5th Day and Night, respectively.

The 4th Human Underworld is distinguished by our ancestors’ taming of fire through its 5th Day. This certainly assisted survival of the species through an Ice Age which followed during its 5th Night. Again, this is presented as an example of ‘destruction’. It looks equally like a Night stimulating mastery and application of the gift of a Day. The 4th Underworld is characterised by the emergence of ‘Mind’ – understood in terms of an ability to register similarities and differences as a basis for the conceptual ordering of experience.

It can hardly be claimed that the discovery of fire stimulates the onset of an Ice Age by way of reaction or response but the contrast between an ice field and a savannah certainly motivates creative usage of the new technology for light, heat, cooking and other adaptive purposes. Thus, while an Ice Age is certainly destructive of life forms which perish by it, the overall impact again seems to be fundamentally creative with regard to consciousness evolution and the favouring by Divine Intelligence of a form evidently best equipped to carry it forward.

The only consistent motivating thread to emerge so far from our survey of creative-destructive 5th Day/Night cycles highlights this favouring of consciousness-bearing forms in space-time by Divine Intelligence towards an end which remains undisclosed as of the 4th Underworld. The pattern starts to look more familiar when we reach the 5th (Regional) Underworld. Homo Sapiens has appeared. By the time of its 5th Day, our ancestors have developed language, bury their dead and produce art in the context of a fundamentally spiritual worldview. This fostering of culture stimulates a vast acceleration of consciousness growth in space-time.

The ‘destruction’ of the following 5th Night didn’t affect our ancestors directly but rather our Neanderthal cousins. These were evidently capable of feats of memory so great that their capacity for imaginative adaptation became limited as a result. In Ian Lundgold’s memorable expression ‘because they couldn’t imagine a future, they didn’t have one’ and went extinct. Was their elimination an instance of gratuitous cruelty on the part of Divine Intelligence, at last something truly ‘destructive’?

Intelligence implies design and the patterns revealed by Calleman’s reckoning of the Mayan Calendar show plenty of that. The contrasting fates apparent here underscore a favouring by which we would do well to be informed now: our power of spiritual imagining is a key evolutionary asset. If we fail to bring this into focus (right relationship with What Is) many of us also may not have a future in our current forms. Even the ‘destruction’ of our Neanderthal kin can prove to have been creative if we allow ourselves to be informed by it, no matter how long we have taken to establish a reason for doing so.

It may be that the 9th Wave’s energy of re-visioning makes this a perfect time: as the Wave sequence moves to its end we are charged with negotiating an explicit (post-reflective) relationship with Unity, over and above the innocent, undifferentiated immersion our ancestors knew. They participated intimately in the rhythms of visible nature but also wondered about invisible aspects of experience: where the spirits of their dead went, for example, after physical expiry. They conceived fitting responses and in so doing commissioned our inherent genius, producing a culture of agreed reasons to account for newly developing forms of metaphysical awareness. Everyone availed of these reasons but specialists in looking ‘beyond’ (who became known as shamans) excelled at producing them.

Much changed with the rise of the 6th/National Underworld. An historical patterning of experience was introduced which many of us still take for granted. Its instigating event is said to be the invention of written language, to which only a select few had access. Among its other gifts are cities, warfare, heavy agriculture, slavery, empire, hierarchies, subjugation of women and the rule of fathers (patriarchy). Elitist use of the technology of writing manipulated the process of collective memory and underpinned the introduction of Laws to regulate increasingly complex social formations.

It is an interesting reflection that Jesus taught in spoken parables, reverting to the oral tradition of the tribes. Dissemination of his teachings is the defining creativity of the 5th Day of this 6th Underworld. The impact of their message regarding the equality of all under God served to undermine the authority of earthly rulers who asserted their own divinity and priests who insisted on mediating all human contact with the Divine. The ‘destruction’ of its corresponding 5th Night is the fall of Rome. This led to the onset of Europe’s Dark Ages and is associated with a return to tribal ways although the innocence and spontaneity of the 5th Underworld had long been compromised by Law and the routine brutalities of Empire (2).

Although the outer forms of Empire fell, the inertia of its dreaming persisted. Other empires arose, and a Church to rule over darkness it created. Huge strides were taken to bring diverse human groups together. This happened in a context of externally forced ‘unification’ rather than inwardly realised Unity but was still necessary for an eventual remembering of Unity to come about. It is a gross simplification to suggest that words of Jesus caused the fall of Rome. It might even be argued that Rome rose to facilitate the spreading of his words.

This is not ‘destruction’ in any ordinary sense. Primarily it destroys a superstition that Caesars cast in gold don’t have feet of clay. It suggests that Laws of local ordinance are only that: masquerades in a power play stamped over inexorable tides of pure creative energy. We players need disillusioning in order to wise up. Towards this end the 7th Wave focuses Power as such. Thus we learn that the Industrial Revolution harnesses the power of nature during the Planetary Underworld. This is already a politicisation – the projection of a conditioned human dream – of ‘nature’.

And yet the defining creativity of this 5th Day is said to be Einstein’s proclamation of an energy universe, linked with Hubble’s discovery that this expands, is growing still. We are expressions of this energy and yet something ailing in us longs to be known as its master and applier: some identification which fears it won’t survive the next Wind. The destruction of the succeeding 5th Night manifests a World War which secretes Holocaust and aggressive applications of nuclear power. These established our power to annihilate ourselves. ‘Destruction’ is certainly evident here and expressed through politically institutionalised forms of damaged 3rd chakra consciousness that reflect much earlier damage patterns. In the light of our sequence so far, we might ask ‘What does this Shiva seek to create/destroy?’

The Holocaust evinces an orgy of crazed power masquerading as absolute in a sphere of unacknowledged relativities. Power becomes power over but needs an Other on whom it can be exercised. A constant projection of concealed dis-unity is required to sustain it. Separateness denied within is engaged outside with a view to annihilation, manifesting power without integrity. That this happens in the heart of Enlightenment Europe implies a Shadow Reason failed to comprehend and even spawned. When it threatens to destroy the instigating species an occasion is created for the 8th Wave’s focus on ethics and integrity. Integrity is a matter of wholeness, not morality. It implies an absence of the conflict and division that mark unconscious creations. It tends towards Unity.

The 8th/Galactic Underworld began in January 1999. The defining creativity of its 5th Day (November 2006-2007) is too recent to have been scientifically documented. For me, it involved engaging a radical spiritual creativity that came of aligning with the Heart of Creation and letting myself be moved by tides of energy issuing from it. This entailed a total eclipse of my conditioned sense of self and complete dis-identification from structures of the market economy. It also gave me immunity from ‘destruction’ that followed as world financial markets collapsed during the following 5th Night (November 2007-2008). Recalling this I wonder ‘What was that Shiva seeking to create/destroy?’ and feel impelled to try an answer now.

From the 5th Underworld into the 6th, we see a formalisation of Reasons as Law and concentrations of Power that manipulate the process. Creativity contests this tendency and Destruction topples (Power) structure to free Energy for re-lease.

From the 6th Underworld into the 7th, Power is fore-grounded. Creativity reasserts the innocence of Energy and Becoming while Destruction highlights the anti-evolutionary conceit of hoarding Power within unyielding form (1,000 Year Reich).

From the 7th Underworld into the 8th, we remember that Power is to be served, not hi-jacked. Creativity ordains alignment with Source and Destruction shatters the primary façade that binds us to the sphere of conditioned, relative identities.

And from the 8th into the 9th? Let my dreams be our guide: Creativity ordains that we express from Centre at the Heart of a Tree which is also (on a human scale) our spiritual Heart. We learn thus that we are Creator Consciousness, the Still Source from which all Dreams of Motion arise, after alignment.

What then of Destruction? What remains to destroy at the highest level in our order of time? Only those illusions that bind us to it. We can co-create Destruction consciously by undertaking to renew ourselves: riding the Wave, shedding attachment, awakening response-ability and doing gladly all we must to alleviate a need for outer calamity.

The essence of Destruction is to shatter Form so Energy can resurrect anew. This is transformation by another name. What if Divine Intelligence in embodied form were to oversee this, exercising remembered creativity to secure needed transformation for the sake of all, including Earth? We would then have realised the End of Time.

We can develop Unity practices towards this End so that – by the time all 9 Waves have completed – we will find ourselves empowered to create as One (4).

Notes (all references are to www.sacredplay.info ):

(1) See ‘The Mayan Calendar: history, purpose, applications’ under Articles/Maya.

(2) Calleman relates this ‘Fall’ to the fact that the 6th Underworld is ruled by a dualist consciousness cued by Calendar dynamics. I agree but believe that more must be considered if we are to regain innocence and spontaneity in our time. Divine Intelligence works through established forms. Already numerous and compromised by the time of the 6th Underworld, their inertia carries forward to sow seeds of deformity even now.

(3) Beautiful questions arise here concerning the balance between individual response-ability and Creator Consciousness. I will address them in ‘The Practice of Unity (Heart and Mind)’.

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