Days, Nights and the Breath of God


In February 2011 I wrote a piece called ‘Reflections on the 9th Wave’. This introduced the notion of Days being above a horizontal (x-)axis and Nights below it. The x-axis serves as a schematic representation of the ‘arrow of time’ via which Consciousness unfolds in existence. I also described the succession of Days and Nights in terms of an interpenetrating pattern of yang expansions and yin contractions, where the maximum value of one secretes the minimum value of the other in an ongoing cycle of reciprocally waxing and waning tendencies.                                                                     

This means that the interaction of yin-yang (dark-light) fluctuations must be viewed as a continuous function that maps increases in one against decreases in the other and vice-versa. It misses this point to imagine that we simply have light-filled Days above the line and dark only Nights below it. The great advantage of yin-yang symbolism is that it allows us to get beyond the binary opposites of Western conceptual systems. These impose polarity on a world which is not inherently polarised. That said, my aim was simply to offer a schema that would facilitate tracking of the 9th Wave. It is now possible to extend this.

The x-axis, like the arrow of time, begins with the Breath of God expressing through a Point of Creation. Its creations become organised in time according to a hierarchically ordered Tree of Life that operates on every level of scale from human to Cosmos. I will write more about this at another time.


The fireball that flared out for a million years after the Big Bang has the yang aspect of a Day. It begins an out-breath that lasted the first Day of the Cellular Underworld, at which point its first Night began. The alternation of Days and Nights propelled by out- and in-breaths of God, respectively, continued until roughly a third way through the 7th Day, when the Fruition of this first Underworld cued the Seeding of a second.

The Breath of God, working through already established structures of existence, then projected a new series of Days and Nights on a twenty times higher frequency level than had been available before. This pattern of 7th Days seeding 1st Days at higher frequencies while also continuing themselves has persisted through seven new levels down to March 9, 2011. (The pattern will not be repeated again, there being no 10th Wave, which suggests that something unprecedented must happen next October.) Since then we have been incorporating frequencies of the 9th Wave, which continue to build.

These energies are distinctive by virtue of the foregrounding of a 9+9 count that was obscured at earlier levels. Once again, they are projected by the Breath of God and mediated by a multi-levelled Tree of Life. This takes us from the first zero-point up through 1 to 9 of the first 9 days/steps of the sacred temple and on to a maximum yang value at its theoretical apex. The energy changes at this turning point. Maximum yang secretes minimum yin: a potential energy that gathers momentum as we descend the far side of the 9-stepped temple. This passive yin energy becomes active when we pass through a zero-point on the x-axis, whereafter yang values are eclipsed by -1 to -9 levels of contracting yin.

As soon as yin reaches its maximum value, the process is reversed and an implicit climb of ascending yang values begins from -9 to -1 on the far side of the inverted Night temple and up though zero – where yang equals yin – before the upward surge of a new Day starts over again, from 1 to 9. This point where yin equals yang is also the Point of Creation, at which yin releases active yang into a new Day. Behind the incessant fluctuations of this perpetual waxing and waning is Creator Consciousness, from which all creations arise. It is accessible simply by centring in Heart and being still to know that I AM God.

Doing so makes it possible to engage more intimately with 9th Wave energies than in ‘Meditating the 9th Wave’. The emphasis there was on alignment, on surfing waxing and waning phases of a moving wave, so we always know where we are with regard to its unfolding. It is also possible, alternately or at the same time, to focus awareness in Heart and remain centred in its stillness, even as we witness and contribute to unfoldings of the world around us. In the context of Unity and fears regarding chaotic destruction, being centred in Heart Consciousness benefits all as it serves to stabilise our collective field.

The fruits of this will only be fully apparent after the 9th Wave is complete. A new seed will then grow in humans who have absorbed its energies so completely that they will be able to shift from a mode of conscious co-creation into one of permanent Creator Consciousness. This will happen during October 2011, when the inspiration of all 9 Waves will be fulfilled in certain members of a species that has been preparing for at least two million years. Once this representative group has awakened to the memory and imagining of all that we are, we can start dreaming a new culture based on integration of the energies of all the waves by which we have been formed.

To cultivate this awareness, it helps to complement the practice noted in ‘Meditating’ with another where we focus the mobile zero-point of the x-axis while consciously breathing in and out the Breath of God. The in-breath draws energy down, inhaling through 18 steps from maximum yang to maximum yin (+9 to -9) while the out-breath is drawn up from -9 to +9, maximum yin to maximum yang. It is best to centre awareness in Heart on the x-axis while doing this. Because successive breaths unfold in time, location of the zero-point shifts along the axis. This is a wonderful way to stimulate an embodied realisation of Creator Consciousness (1).

Both ascending and descending streams pass through the Zero Point of Creation/ Heart. We can focus on their motion, on the generative stillness of Heart, or both. This empowers us to integrate what used to seem like separate spheres of action and contemplation. We can refine our actions by such means until every one expresses the Consciousness of Eternal Being in time. This also neutralises impressions of chaos and accelerates a transfer of Consciousness from head to Heart. Once it is achieved, a state of virtual timelessness is assured, as is courage to participate fearlessly in the troubled illusions of our 3rd/4th dimensional reality (2).

We combine this approach with moving aspects of the Wave by focusing awareness in Heart on the x-axis while breathing 9 up from the Heart of Mystery on March 9 and 18 down from there to April 4 and 18 up from there to April 22 and so on, always centred in and working from the Heart/Point of Creation – the mobile zero-point on our x-axis, so that Creator Consciousness becomes aware of itself as such while also immersed in the Flow of Time. This is an ideal pattern and can be practised without worrying about day counts or positions on temple steps.

It discloses a radical, divinely orchestrated drive to renew innocence in experience. A beautiful aspect of its 18 up/down motion is that Consciousness, centred in Heart, is left with a clear impression of intending and thus realising the up/down progression without ‘doing’ anything. It is not ego-I that creates worlds under such circumstances; rather ego-I is suspended such that I AM/Divine Consciousness can be realised in the virtual space of reflective awareness that ego vacates. Ego quickly learns to bear amused or compassionate witness to manifestations that arise under this condition.


If I centre in Heart on the line as described, agitation is quickly superseded when I breathe in and out the Breath of God. This is done initially by inhaling the pure potential energy of Void from all directions and exhaling it again to project a renewed sphere of existence, precisely as Divine Intelligence does over the succession of Waves, Days and Nights. Once Cosmos has been established in this way, it can be breathed in and out repeatedly from the Heart of Void/Creation, using simple imagery of volumetric contraction and expansion as an aid.

I can also be reminded that ‘I’ participates in time by breathing from the appropriate step of an upright or inverted temple, as in ‘Meditating’. This induces a sense of being engaged in time but not identified with it. Being Heart-centred and aligned with Flow stimulates feelings of Compassion and prevents detachment. Our aim is no longer to transcend the ‘illusion’ of this world but to fulfil our response-ability in relation to it, owning it as our (co-)Creation and making beauty according to our highest dream.


Calleman proposes a schema whereby the sphere of Earth is divided into two equal yin-yang, light-dark segments. He associates the vertically bisected halves of this sphere with the hemispheres of a ‘global brain’. This is said to regulate the functioning of our human brains via holographic resonance. Parts of the global brain that fall within yang portions of the world sphere are activated by virtue of being in its light; yin-governed parts are suppressed. Every time we pass through an Underworld shift, the divided light-dark sphere rotates 90 degrees counter-clockwise, creating alternating modes of unitary and dualist consciousness:

Thus in the 5th Underworld (looking down from above) a unitary consciousness is created because both sides of the front face of the planet are governed by yang/light. In the 6th Underworld, a dualist filter is established whereby the left hemisphere is favoured, since the right is in darkness. The holistic processing of the right brain is cut off and the analytical aspect of the left brain prevails, inducing a mode of separation consciousness that is only nominally offset by echoes of spiritual connectedness left over from the previous Underworld.

The 7th Underworld brings another 90 degrees counter-clockwise shift, leaving the front face of the planet, and human consciousness, in darkness. This creates a filter that leaves us spiritually blind. The vision of Reality as Divine is lost through this period. Materialism prevails until the 8th Underworld, which brings another 90 degree rotation, leaving the right brain in yang/light. Consciousness, although still subject to dualist filtering, now seeks pattern, connectivity and wholeness. The next flip, triggered by onset of the 9th Wave, is said to inaugurate a mode of enlightened unity consciousness because the front face of Earth is again in yang light. The fact that this Underworld is not succeeded while the earlier ones balance out persuades Carl that the 9th wave alone brings Unity Consciousness.

Although the schema is plausible and apparently fits, it is essentially theoretical and speculative. Nevertheless, secondary sources routinely present it as established fact. I find it misleading with regard to yin-yang symbolism and real processes which this is used to describe. For example, the imagery of static light-dark segments misrepresents a continuously fluid exchange between yin-yang elements in the tai chi diagram. Were Underworld shifts to trigger 90 degree rotations, we would expect abrupt upheavals rather than gradual accession spread over 13 Heavens (3). We have not experienced such abrupt shifts, either in January 1999 or March 2011, when we might most have expected them.

A round of yin-yang alternation is initiated at the crests and troughs (maximum yang and yin) of Days and Nights respectively. It is fulfilled and renewed at every Zero Point on the x-axis. These mark the beginnings of each new Day/Night and inject new creativity into Existence/Being via the Breath of God. Carl’s block treatment of yin-yang hemispheres as discrete obscures the role of this inner dynamism and structure. Moreover, about a third way through every 7th Day a new 1st Day is released. This creates a multi-levelled structure that is also not adequately represented. Indeed, 5% of the Regional Underworld, for example, is left to run its course when the National begins and 0.25% at the time of the next (Planetary) rotation and so on.

It is unclear what happens to such residues in Carl’s model but they certainly don’t ‘even out’. On the contrary, they offer vital connecting threads that persist from Cellular to Universal levels in Consciousness and across the hierarchical mapping of space-time that the Calendar provides. I will return to this theme in later writing. For now let me stress that there is always movement between and within yin-yang (hemi) spheres, as underscored by eye-like points of light in darkness and vice-versa in the authentic tai chi symbol. This is best seen as a 3D unitary sphere wherein two great waves are constantly engaged in an erotic dance of generation and renewal, with each being pulled through and around the other in a flowery combat of Divine (God/dess) sexual congress.

There are other such points that might be raised but the key issue is that Carl’s model is just that: an indicative schema which doesn’t establish that Unity Consciousness has to be comprehensively in place by 28 October 2011 or all will be lost. I agree with almost everything Carl says but see fruition of the 9th Wave in terms of a seeding of Creator Consciousness in the awareness of as many humans as can bear it. This is a destiny for which we have been prepared and comes of integrating the gifts of all 9 Waves, not just the 9th. It is symbolically referenced by the ‘descent’ of a 9-part god into human form at the end of a calendar that, crucially, entails simultaneous completion of all its Waves and not just the last.

Also, Carl’s notice that lower Underworlds ‘even out’ to allow a state of enlightened Unity in the final Underworld suggests a mechanical process that could happen without decisively implicating human response-ability. Our experiences of creative transformation at this time together with our favouring across earlier Underworlds suggest that such a construal is inaccurate.  Were it not, the ‘Divine Plan’ would be gratuitous. Every life well-lived adds value to Being, and beauty. Existence makes holy. Any account that fails to mark this misses the point of everything. Unity is achieved by virtue of our integrative efforts, in conjunction with energies of all the Waves that underpin our feats of conscious co-creation.


The tai chi symbol is distinctive because it comprehends mysteries of Duality in Unity and Stillness in Motion. It describes a process of constant change whereby two great waves are forever mutually engaged, harmoniously in so far as they are in balance. Such balancing is inevitable in the Greater Picture but will not be part of human consciousness if either one dominates the other. In such circumstances – where dynamic yang dominates ‘unconscious’ yin, for example – unacknowledged Shadow elements accumulate and erupt reactively when they can no longer be contained. Calendar schedules reinforce this arrangement, which establishes why yang can never sustainably dominate yin, however desperately it might try.

This point also applies to Carl’s schema concerning the ‘Planetary/Cosmic Round of Light’ (4). The 90 degrees counter-clockwise rotation is ingenious and appealing. However, to equate inter-penetrating, reciprocally waxing/waning yin-yang waves with solid, invariant, mutually exclusive light-dark chunks conflates the exquisite subtlety of Taoist imagery with the oppositional antagonism of Western conceptual systems. Parallels with hemispheric processing are stimulating and probably correct, but to apply the model as vigorously as Carl does requires imagining that the corpus callosum – which naturally connects the two hemispheres of our brains – has been permanently decommissioned.

We have been made to act as if it were so for centuries if not millennia but this is also due to partisan indoctrination and brutal coercion. Politically motivated polarisation has driven imbalance. Its impact has registered on the level of spiritual symbolism as well as practical politics.  Its expression has frequently spilled over into what looks like archontic mania but we have it in our power to recover. An authentic rendering of yin-yang imagery is essential for this purpose and to remind us that a sustainable, regenerative culture needs to be based on a balanced relationship between Light and Dark rather than an overcoming of ‘one’ by the ‘other’.

Our key challenge comes with the End of Time. Despite the fact that there are no more Underworlds, the yin-yang cycle of perpetual waxing and waning will go on, tending always towards richer harmony. Our task is to realise and cultivate this harmony, contributing our finest gifts of creative imagining to make Beauty of Earth, Cosmos, Existence and What Is.


(1) At the end of each ascending phase we send our energies out to Cosmos, bridging the sphere of Earth and the greater sphere of Existence from which Earth consciousness has been cut off, largely due to our violence and forgetting. At the end of each descending phase, we send them back through the Heart of Darkness/Void into the Un-manifest, for information and to elicit inspiration that will help us serve a beautiful unfolding as best we can according to our gifts.

 (2) The 3rd dimension refers to our material world of space and time. The 4th dimension refers to a symbolic realm of mental-emotional reflections which colours our experience. The 5th dimension is the Heart-realm of unconditional love. Some writers don’t distinguish the realm of reflections and call the Heart realm 4th dimensional. This can lead to confusion so I prefer to be explicit.

(3) Admitting the constant change aspect of yin-yang symbolism fits Carl’s model perfectly in all respects but one: it obliges us to allow the primacy of dynamic balance beyond illusions of final overcoming. The aim of our trajectory as free beings is to recognise and participate in this arrangement, to orchestrate and embellish; make holy, make love and make known.

(4) It is called ‘planetary’ in The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness’ but goes ‘cosmic’ in The Purposeful Universe.

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