Dreaming Day 1, Wave 9


This ‘Dreaming’ might already seem out of date were it not for my sense that Day 1 – at least in this 9th Creation cycle – images seed patterns of the whole. Anyone who reads on will see that this proves to be the case. Also, at this point we need more than an appreciation of the Calendar’s structure and dynamics. We must learn how to co-create with energies it charts, clarifying our patterns of un/consciousness in relation to them. This piece offers an example of one very powerful way.


Over the weekend of March 11-13, I hosted an event which aimed to engage breaking energies of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar. This process proved to be gentle, subtle and intense. Balancing yin-yang, feminine-masculine tendencies was central. A core theme for women dreamers over the weekend involved being limited by male figures and turning this around to find right relationship with their inner masculine aspect and express integral creativity as a result. None of our men reported dreams.

I didn’t dream in any ordinary sense but on night 2, after we had completed a journey into the Heart of Darkness/Love, I felt through sleep as if a clearing was happening in some space of pure darkness that my soul had accessed. This happened entirely on the left side of my body and I knew on awakening that it involved releasing an aspect of Goddess that had been confined by a force of patriarchal nightmare in ‘Hell’. There was no action or imagery: just a continuous ‘bleeding’ of the pure darkness that ‘my’ consciousness had found its way into.

This felt as if it lasted for hours but may have taken much less clock time. I cried out of deep grief for several minutes when I awoke, bringing the process to final clarity in waking consciousness. Thus ‘frozen’ energies engaged in sleep were released by tears back into the flow of present awareness on Earth. The outcome was Beauty, an effect we would explore through that day, whereby grief resolves through form-giving into deep gratitude and appreciation via a conscious practise of ‘Making Holy’ (1).

After the event, I went to stay in a tranquil country house nearby. My plan was to go to bed early and start writing an account while energies and memories were fresh. I fell asleep at once and had a series of dreams that lasted through the night. The first wave concerned a deep inner marrying of Goddess potentials represented by various women I have known. It happened beautifully. A second was more specific:

I am in a park, watching youngsters play Gaelic games with great energy and vigour. Then I am in a hollow, sitting back on a large rock and surrounded by a mixed group of teenagers. I try to pull myself up on the rock to leave but can’t. I don’t have enough strength. The youngsters leave a gap for me to exit.

A last wave came just before I woke (after 10 hours, twice my normal sleeping time):

I’m walking in the business district of a deserted modern city. A vast procession streams towards me, away from centre. As it passes, I see that it is made up of many groups. Each follows a solitary lead figure who carries a cross with four horizontal beams, mutually perpendicular. All of these distinct ‘passion plays’ make up one huge procession. I continue my walk to centre against the tide of this procession.


I am struck by the vividness of this sequence. Having worked intensely with dreams over decades, I only register them now when there is something that my soul wants reported in waking consciousness. It’s been years since I’ve had a stream like this. The reason, I sense, is that the weekend has lifted my consciousness to a level where it needs fresh guidance and re-orientation. This can be humbling and feel remedial, but the effect is always beneficial. I welcome whatever it may bring.

The first wave is straightforward, counselling a need for loving relationship between all aspects of my fe/male sides, with a promise of richer and deeper to come. (Inner sacred marriage is a progressive, seemingly inexhaustible process, with healings of the male side inducing complementary movement of the female and vice-versa.) All I need do is tend carefully to this in waking hours and all will be well. The second wave seems less optimistic. I’ve used up a lot of physical strength and am depleted. The energy of these youngsters (the new Wave’s potential in me) is to hand. I must connect with the native spirituality of my country (Gaelic games) to absorb it.

The last dream intrigues. A routine psychological reading might have me worried: I am going against the Flow. This makes no sense in relation to our event or my work of years before it. I have been over such ground many times and have never felt more inspired than now. This dream must have representative significance, meaning that it expresses something of collective import rather than just reflecting my personal psychology (2).

Our weekend involved travelling to the centre of a ‘Ruined City’ and rebuilding it in the image of God/dess. My impulse is to continue moving to Centre. The procession moves away from it, following a cross. The key detail is that the Christ-figure in each group carries a four-armed cross. Adding the vertical arms makes this six, evoking the cardinal directions and above-below). This is a 3D representation of the Tree of Life, which is the Centre and figures prominently in Calendar lore.

Centre is symbolically found at the intersection point of the mutually perpendicular arms on a schematic Tree of Life. Our procession, however, follows the Cross in the manner of a crusade, or project, and its groups – although congruent – are separate. My impulse is still to head for Centre. Like the seed sown during Day 1 of our 9th Wave, I must hold my peace and wait for new dreams/energies to come.


After a few days rest my strength began to return. I had no more dreams over the week I was finishing my report. Then, as a new trecena began (March 22, 1 Ahau), the writing was released and with it a new dream sequence. We were now moving from the crest of Day 1 down towards the 1st Night. Here is the first of the dreams:

C is in hospital, so am I. She is undergoing an urgent operation because the doctors say her condition is as urgent now as it was before. I have left my bed and see myself connected up as if for a brain scan but instead of the machine ‘reading’ me, I have access to all files of a seemingly infinite data bank. I go looking for the Nolan brothers and talk to Kieran, explaining to him about C.


C is my partner of this lifetime. She passed in 2009 but remains a primary image of Goddess in my soul. The path she chose enabled me to find Love in the Heart of Darkness. The stream of inspiration this established remains open. When the Goddess sickens, so do I. The Body of Goddess/Earth is dying. I travel (out of bed) to aid her recovery. New connections have been made, allowing me to access new information. The Nolan brothers are a gifted trio: one is a professor of philosophy and another of psychology. It is the third that I must turn to now: an artist/healer, less known but no less gifted. His is the potential I must draw on to help Goddess (and not just me, I daresay, in view of the 9th Wave’s favouring of intuitive modes of co-creation).

The following night offers a further reflection:

I am talking to R, who is confined in an asylum. His legs have atrophied from disuse and lie stretched behind him, limp and useless. He is suffering the after-effects of addiction. Women call for me in a huge black car. I have to leave.


R could be a physically powerful man. He is a brilliant historian who obsesses over the past. Repeating the patterns of this addiction (commitment to the past) is the cause of his confinement. The power/intelligence of his body has been degraded (legs) by excessive reliance on his strength of mind. Such intellectual engagement has become an ‘asylum’: a habit which withers and restricts even as it seems to make safe. Release will come by opening beyond (the controlling power of) intellect and fears associated with surrender to the great power of the Feminine (huge black car driven by women). 

Again, this dream has trans-personal significance: I figure as a representative human and ‘R’ is an aspect of male psychology that needs healing. My dream (inspiration of the 9th Wave) advises that opening beyond fear and the forms of insanity associated with ‘asylum’ requires opening in trust to the Feminine. Such surrender is also what must happen as we move with awareness into Night and prepare for gradual accession to a more intuitive, unconfined way of being in the world.  [If our waking response to a dream is correct, we must expect evidence of this in later dreaming. If there is none, we must conclude that our response has been delusional.]

I revisit my dream in meditation, calling R into my Heart and holding him there for as long as feels appropriate. That night I have a sense of being held by a woman through sleep. She is a manifestation of Goddess: R – a lost, stricken male part who used to live isolated in the past – is being held by a feminine healing power: pure yin energy of the Divine Mother as described in early pages of ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ (1). The fact that he remains intact through this holding suggests that there is another stage left in his release. This is clarified the following night.

I’m approaching a basement area from the back garden of my childhood home. R struggles to get out through a huge vaulted window. He tries to break the glass with a small scissors. I dissolve it by magical means and he goes free. I lead him into the garden where he rests with his back against the wall. He must attend a clinic for rehabilitation. He wants to take part in a fencing competition. I advise him to confer with doctors, establish what needs doing for complete recovery and aim to achieve this as soon as possible. He agrees.


A back window looks on to the past. Its size implies enlarged perspective, due to the Calendar and relative to ‘Homecoming’ in my own case (2). ‘Basement’ refers to the subconscious, where the roots of our entrapment always lie. Yesterday’s processing has brought R to a point of actively seeking escape, his lethargy overcome. This formerly stuck, disabled aspect now clamours for release. The scissors detail evokes a power of mind trying to undo illusions it creates by analysis. Approaching from the past, coming from Source, I assist by magical means. The essence of magic is to act in Flow. Dissolving glass cuts through the illusion that what happened ‘then’ applies Now. R needs further healing (clinic) but wants to resume the cut and thrust of life right away (fencing). I hold him again in meditation and then through a healing movement practice. Expressing whole-heartedly secures his release into the flow of (my) present awareness. If this is true, it should be reflected in my next dream and was, the following night:

I enter a church with LH, a female dancer/healer and former mentor. At first it looks ordinary, with wooden pews set in rows before an altar. When we sit, however, I find myself before a self-contained body of water, waist-high in the form of an elongated cube. Orange-coloured fish swim as if in an aquarium without walls. My back is to the altar. A blonde woman joins me, apparently intent on marrying.


The women signify a new level of fe/male, yin-yang integration, occasioned by R’s return to flowing presence. Our relationship tends towards equality (marrying). This dream is of a spiritual nature: it moves from hospital to church. Although confined, the water has a miraculous aspect. Bright life stirs in it. I am reminded of the Fisher King in the Grail myth who fishes daily in a lake (the Feminine/‘Unconscious’), trying to raise what has been trapped there to awareness and restore life to the Wasteland that his kingdom has become (3).

Water is the primary manifestation of Goddess. Despite being held in a regimented male form (elongated cube versus flowing river), this effect is residual. It is of great significance that the Water of Life has been reintroduced to an otherwise arid, tight, over-weaning, unregenerate spiritual form. This is the essence of Grail legend: the Goddess is no longer dying. She has returned to church charged with vitality and colour, not to repent but for an overdue marriage which demands proper integration of a sexuality which has hitherto been brutally repressed (orange fish, sacral chakra). I must see what can become of this.

I meditated by a river the following day amidst a soft feminine landscape. When I was deeply attuned to the water, the imagery of my dream came to mind. The orange fish translated into my sacral chakra and lifted through my solar plexus into Heart where it turned Gold, exploding like a supernova and leaving me adrift in an ocean of ecstatic tears (4). This was the last morning of Day 1. I surrendered then into the Night that was waiting to begin. The last dream of this sequence came during the night of March 26, out of the zero-point between the last day of Day 1 and the first day of Night 1:

I’m with a mixed group of youngsters in a forest. We live in a huge tree and climb up it on rope ladders after our sojourns below. One of the youngsters is Kevin Spring.

These youngsters echo those of my park dream. The forest pulses with their vitality and abundance. The fe-male developmental potential they signify is now integrated (we live together) and the Wasteland made whole. Our home is a huge tree, like Home Tree in Avatar. We come here, to Centre, for spiritual regeneration [Spring; Kevin (had brothers so his first name) signifies a renowned nature mystic and saint of the Celtic church]. Home Tree is a transform of the World Tree or Tree of Life. This is where the Dream-seed of Day 1 has led me, beyond the movement out from centre flagged by my Procession dream. Future developments of Wave 9 must be wrought in balanced fashion (yin-yang, masculine-feminine) and expressed out from awareness centred in the Tree of Life. There will be more to say about this later (5).

Notes (all references are to www.sacredplay.info):

(1) See ‘Sacer Facere’ section in ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ under Reports/Sacred Journeys.

(2) See ‘Homecoming’ (under Dream) and also, on a more refined level, the Merlin thread under Magic. General principles of dream work are covered in ‘Dreams: A User’s Guide’.

(3) See the first two pieces in the Grail sequence under Articles. This imagery overlaps that of early Christian ‘fishers of men’, who sought to raise a new (Christ) consciousness in sleeping humanity. The time of Second Coming is upon us but has little to do with Jesus II. We are the One he has been waiting for: Weep not for me but for yourselves…

(4) This can be understood in terms of Heart/spiritual orgasm and signals fulfilment of my ‘marriage’ with the blonde woman after R’s rehabilitation. The fish is raised from my sacral chakra (orange/sexuality) into the ecstasy of opened Heart. New potentials (youngsters) become available by virtue of this marrying. It all happens very fast, as does the 9th Wave.

(5) The fact that we dream a positive outcome doesn’t mean it has been secured but that it can and needs to be. We must work the higher dimensional awareness that Dream mediates into (our) Earth awareness. This spares her having to adopt more calamitous means.

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