Meditating the 9th Wave


The 9th Wave of the Mayan calendar is distinctive for three main reasons: 1) It is the last in a series, which means that something unprecedented must happen at its end. 2) It is far more powerful and concentrated than anything we have ever known before. 3) This means that the 7 Days and 6 Nights of its 13 Heavens are accessible to human consciousness as those of no earlier wave have been.

Indeed, it seems as if the entire sequence of Waves since ‘the Big Bang’ has been tending all along towards a decisive appointment with human consciousness in time so that we might ‘own’ it in some sense or, more accurately, take responsibility for its impact. We need to discover our response-ability with regard to the 9th Wave? What are we to do (co-create) with it?

This Wave is like a Great Wind that gathers to blow through our lives, shaking us out of inappropriate (irresponsible, unresponsive) patterns of hanging on. Its brevity and power suggest that we would be well advised to take note while it is still in its early stages. (We are now approaching the mid-point of its 1st Night.)

To align with the 9th Wave is also to align with the previous 8. In a sense, we have no choice in this and may already be said to be so aligned – but not necessarily in ways that are beautiful, freeing and efficient: in other words, not consciously. A key purpose of the 9th Wave is to stimulate our conscious participation, so that we may co-create knowingly with this Great Wind-driven unfolding of which we are a part.

The 9th Wave has recently manifested in seed form. Its vast power doesn’t impact all at once since this would be overwhelming but rather is mediated by a genesis pattern of 7 Days and 6 Nights. This serves, especially now, to give us every chance to become conscious in and of the process, learning to assimilate it easily and response-ably. As we each do this in the sphere of our personal consciousness, we also help to establish a template in the collective consciousness of our species.

We must start by being still and attending closely. Intimations of the new Wave are faint as yet compared to noise generated by our human world. This is a very general prescription and not ‘actionable’, especially now that we have entered the 1st Night, where yin tendencies prevail. Nevertheless, it is necessary to cultivate an attitude of stillness and allowing (trust) in place of ego tendencies to agitate with a view to further managing and control.

Having assumed this attitude, we must then locate it with regard to unfolding of the Wave. As noted, this happens across 13 Heavens which we may picture as 13 wave-like constituent forms. The 7 odd-numbered Heavens are Days and thus appear above the line in my partial representation below. Events within these Days tend to be visible dynamic and yang-governed.

The 6 even-numbered heavens are Nights. Developments here tend to be hidden, implicit and yin-governed. (The Tao does nothing and nothing is left undone.) They unfold in ‘negative’ space below the line and serve the vital purpose of assimilating the innovations of a Day to the evolving awareness of All That Is and Has Been (1).

This Day/Night genesis pattern affords a necessary mechanism for integrating the new with what Taoism refers to as ‘the Constant’. It provides for continuous, dynamic yin-yang interaction and arrests the tide of excessively yang-driven initiatives that have led to the current state of our unbalanced world, which is still patriarchal with regard to the inertia of its dominant cultural forms.

None of this is accidental or wrong. It has been necessary to awaken us in time to our response-ability and our need to steer the lop-sided practices of our unconscious creativity back towards awareness of the Constant, or Consciousness as it unfolds towards self-awareness in time.

This has always been happening but we haven’t been in a position to notice before. The frequencies of the 9th Wave make it possible for us to do so now: for the first time in evolution and history to freely align our powers of intention and reflection with the necessary unfolding of our Highest Destiny.

How? The 13 Heavens of the 9th Wave are all of equal duration: 18 ordinary (solar) days. Note that these ‘days’ also include unremarked nights. This further exemplifies the pattern of recessive, yin invisibility noted earlier. We really need to break our culture’s tacit premise that what can’t be seen, doesn’t count. Let us start with the following graphic:

The Days are 18 days long and so are the Nights. As in our illustration, Days lie above the line (X-axis) with 9 steps leading up to the crest of each wave-like form and 9 leading back down the other side (18 days = 1-9 and 9-1 count of the 9th Wave). The wave-like form of every Day of the 9th Wave mimics the structure of the Calendar as a whole, as evoked by 9-stepped Mayan pyramids, for example.

The predominant yang energy of each odd-numbered Heaven builds through each phase of our ascent up the near side of the form’s pyramidal structure, peaking at its summit/crest. There maximum yang conceives its non-opposite yin and a balancing descent process begins down into the qualitatively distinct ordering intelligence of Night.

The 9th Wave through its Heavens makes this formerly invisible process apparent to us and offers us a means to participate consciously in it. All we need do is continue our descent below the line into Night, where it is as if a negative of Day manifests in faithful symmetry except that the process unfolds in time and therefore shifts further along the x-axis.

We simply follow the steps down from -1 to -9, drawn in a predominantly yin stream to a ‘trough’ point of maximum yin which also conceives its non-opposite (minimum) yang and nurtures it in stages back up the other side (-9 to -1) towards the birth of a new Day on a qualitative 0 point of the x-axis. Thus yin intelligence delivers its latest yang project to a new point from which it must continue alone.

This offers a much more balanced view of creation dynamics and an opportunity to participate immediately in it. Let us drop all abstract concerns to explore how. The 9th Wave began on March 9, as did its 1st Day. Imagine the Wave/Temple form before you and take a first step on to the near side of its first level. This evokes both the first day of the First Day of the 9th Wave and the 1st Wave of the 9-step Calendar structure as a whole. Be aware of this and then forget about it. Everything that needs to happen is happening anyway. We just need to be(come) conscious: to be still and allow.

So on day 1 of Day 1 sit/kneel on level 1 and let this happen. You now know where you are in the unfolding of the Wave. Inspirations will arise as necessary. You can bring your normal meditation practice into this imagined space, remembering to allow windows for pure openness so that intimations of the Wave can register and quicken you as needs be. Adapt as you will. There is no call to rationalise this process further.

On the next day you move to level 2 and repeat, on the next to level 3 and so on. Each time you ascend another level you are strengthening your alignment with the Wave. By March 17 you have reached the crest point of maximum yang. Meditate as usual in the morning and that night offer up all the energies of your engagement in this process to the Higher Intelligence that orchestrates it.

Minimum yin is secreted through sleep and the next day’s meditation – which also happens on level 9, but on the far side of the pyramid/wave form – cues the beginning of a ‘descent’ process in which you participate consciously by meditating daily on each of the steps from 9 down to 1 through to March 26.

Then from dusk on March 26 through to dawn of March 27 something of inestimable Beauty happens. I have glimpsed this in my own practice and the imaginative faculty of my soul has slowly begun to raise it for articulation. The accomplishments of Day 1, traces of novelty they have introduced in time, are surrendered back into the care of Night for elaboration by her mysterious intelligence. This connects back to the Heart of Darkness/Love and the pure formless potentiality of Void.

Again, there’s no need to deliberate this. Just continue your meditations down the descending steps of Night 1, from -1 to -9, with the intention of allowing and surrendering more every day. By the time you reach -9 on April 4, intend absolute surrender: ‘I will that Divine Will be done through me’ or equivalent. [You can start by doing this but the whole point is that our intending deepens and becomes more real as we proceed (2).]

Let yourself be delivered that night into the Heart of Darkness/Love/Void so that the promise of Day 2 can be consciously engendered in you as maximum yin conceives its so-called opposite (minimum) yang, which begins its ascent towards manifestation through 9 stages (-9 to -1) the following morning.

Ascending through this sequence, one level per day, brings you to -1 on April 13. Meditate as usual that morning, intending that the full promise of a new Day may be realised in Consciousness in time through you, as nascent yang achieves the strength needed to leave the yin matrix of its conception/gestation behind and as yin opens through 0 (zero) on the x-axis to release a higher frequency of light that has also been reminded of its origins in Darkness/Love (3).

It is now the morning of April 14, 2011 and you kneel in meditation on step 1 of a new 9 up, 9 down 18 day progression. Day 2 is structurally identical to Day 1 but a new wind of ‘germination’ blows through it that is stronger than the wind of ‘sowing’ associated with Day 1. We might not have coped with this before but can now, even tracking it consciously because we have already found our way into the rhythms of the 9th Wave, having aligned with them through its infancy during Day 1 and Night 1.

This pattern continues across all 13 Heavens, whose design serves to facilitate easy passage and integration at this level. I see no reason why this shouldn’t also apply through the 5th Night and will bring more evidence to bear another time.

But now, you say, Day 1 has already passed and I never got to align as you did. This doesn’t seem to matter on our 9th primary level of the awakening of Consciousness in time. I have been very attuned to faint stirrings of the ‘sowing’ stage and am pleased to note that not a lot of yang-type independent action was happening there. Perhaps this relates to the fact that it is ruled by a dual Creator God/dess in Mayan terms.

I explored its unfolding through meditating as above and found that the latent, not quite visible, en-wombed yang form of the sown seed was fragile and vulnerable, little more than a vessel for the yin tenderness that inheres at its core. Living through the 18 day, 9 up/down sequence of Day 1 did little more than strengthen my awareness of this template as distinct. My sense is that reading this report will serve to activate the same awareness in you.

Intriguingly, it was only after I had descended into Night 1 that the energy to report this appeared. I suspect this is an integral aspect of the logic of our unfolding at this time. As Neruda says ‘When does the butterfly in flight read what’s written on its wings?’  There is no need to pursue this now. If a time comes to harvest an answer I will gladly share it but for now the important point is to stress that just by surfing the wave forms of the 13 Heavens as described you can attune to energies of the 9th Wave and ride them all the way Home to its end.

No doubt more nuanced indications will be needed later. I trust absolutely that these will be provided in due time but we need to start attuning/aligning Now. You can get up to date by absorbing the imagery of this account and descending in meditation from March 27 (-1, Night 1) to wherever we are now – at the time of writing March 29, -3 – and then continue as described.

It is preferable to start before the turning (nadir/trough) point of April 4-5 but later will always be better than never. Every one of us that joins the sequence makes it easier for others to follow suit. Also, it’s easier and more beautiful the more of us join (the Unity Consciousness of) this unfolding sooner rather than later.

It is also possible to integrate explicitly the wisdom of unfoldings up to the 9th Wave by logging on to and consulting the daily tzolkin there for information regarding the energy profile of a particular day. Carry this into your meditation on the corresponding level of our Temple/Wave form. Generations of Mayan day-keepers gave their lives to preserve accurate knowledge of the tzolkin and Calleman’s reconstruction would not have been possible without it.

Simply holding an awareness of what day it is through corresponding stages of the 9 up-down, down-up sequence unites ancient awareness with contemporary realisations of the 9th Wave, effecting a synthesis which neither stream could ever have achieved alone. This introduces a beautiful deepening to our meditation and also reconciles it with continued unfolding of the first 8 Waves (4). Simply by following the rise-fall pattern of the 13 Heavens over the duration of our 9th Wave, we regain awareness of where we stand in relation to it and the passage of Divine Consciousness as it comes to recollect itself in time (5).


(1) This suggests that Consciousness not only supports what happens in time but also is informed by it, as we are by our dreams. This is heretical with regard to childish notions of Almighty God but is an otherwise stunningly beautiful reflection.

(2) If you join up horizontal lines on the graphic, dropping perpendiculars from extremities of higher to lower above and vice-versa below, a ‘temple’ emerges. If you imagine going down the inside of the inverted temple, you will find a set of steps to stop you falling!

(3) See ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ under Reports/Sacred Plays at

(4) See ‘Reflections on the 9th Wave’ under Articles/Maya at

(5) See for a detailed graphic of all Heavens of the 9th Wave. It includes all dates and specifies beginning, end and mid-points, together with trecena and uinal markers. It is presented as a simple wave, however, all above ‘the line’. This masks the distinctiveness of Nights and the creation dynamics which their unmasking reveals.

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