The Politics of Spirit


The Mayan calendar describes an orderly sequence which governs the unfolding of Consciousness in time. One strand of this, peculiarly, entails the occurrence of a ‘Fall’ in consciousness from a condition of integral participation in What Is to a sense of isolation and separateness within it. This strand is most clearly expressed by cultures that exist in historical time. Such cultures enshrine the practice of writing, monitor their development and value it over the alleged superstitions of allegedly backward people. They move to colonise and evangelise, rationalising this in terms of benefits they bring to improve the lot of indolent natives. There is a clash of worldviews involved in such encounters but the colonisers rarely notice because they are so pre-occupied with notions of their own superiority.

Modern people increasingly accept that this is far from Unity Consciousness. We know there is a need for profound unravelling and remembering to bring healing to our situation. We also tend to assume that the elders, at least, in traditional cultures – which live in the relative timelessness of myth in so far as we have allowed this – are not affected by wounds and limitations as we are. I have found this assumption to be mistaken, especially as far as male elders are concerned. For example, at the ‘Return of the Ancestors’ meeting in Arizona (April 2009), Mamo Jacinto – a spiritual leader of the Kogi tribe from Colombia – said of modern people that he wanted nothing to do with us. He just wanted us to stop killing Mother Earth.

I have no difficulty in respecting this or the reasons why he might say it. I have no difficulty acknowledging the wonderful gifts his people carry and hold in trust for all humanity, if they choose to share them. I would just note that it doesn’t express Unity Consciousness. As it happens, the Kogi, along with neighbouring tribes, have recently extended an invitation to ‘younger brothers’ of the modern world to visit them during August to establish a common pledge towards promoting the welfare of Earth. I have no doubt that this gathering has been prompted by Unity-promoting energies of the 9th Wave, that it has not been lightly entered into and that there was an overcoming of contrary tendencies involved, just as there was when the Waitaha people of Aeotorea (New Zealand) issued a similar invitation for August 2009 (1).


We tend to think that we already ‘have’ Unity Consciousness. We try to keep our thoughts and feelings congruent and only realise that we are doing so when reflections arise that expose the fractured sense of ‘Unity’ we have been operating. Barbara Hand Clow, for example, says Unity consciousness entails realising that we are all brothers and sisters who can work together for mutual benefit (2). This is a specifically human focus and proposes a definition of something that can’t be defined: being a state of awareness in which there is no Other, Unity Consciousness excludes nothing. There is a developmental process involved in realising, as opposed to merely proclaiming it.

Barbara believes that we must realise Unity to overcome seeds of dissension that have been sown among us by an evil force operating through the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. She refers to proponents of this force as ‘Archons’: quasi-reptilian embodiments of an evil power that has sought and still seeks to control our world. She wants to expel them back to a parallel universe or wherever it is they come from. (She admits to not knowing.) This is not Unity Consciousness. It can’t be while there is an Other, whether adored or reviled. I don’t mean to trivialise Barbara’s concern: on the contrary, I respect her sincerity in attempting to reckon the issue of evil as fundamental, which it seems to have become for our deeply suffering species.

I question only because her account is not consistent with my experience of Unity or its accordance with Carl Calleman’s account of the Mayan calendar. This posits a fully realised experience of Unity that comprehends What Is without exception and without need to banish dissonant elements to parallel universes. Every defined sense of Unity arises as a stage in a developmental process – as in Regional, National, Planetary etc. – and correlates with stages of psycho-spiritual evolution. When a developmental process is arrested, causing prolongation of a defined (de fine: concerning limit, end) state of human psychology, we are looking at a wound in need of clearing. Barbara’s definition of Unity Consciousness is limited in this respect.

 To begin with it is political, which implies that the nature of the wounding it secretes is political also. Our human practice of politics refers to conditioned tendencies to regulate Energy along particular lines for particular reasons, in the interests of Power (3). Humanity has never been short of controllers, especially under Patriarchy. The Mayan calendar offers unique insight into how Consciousness evolves over time. It shows that, collectively, we get the god/desses that we are capable of having. The same is true of demons, or Archons.  We are able to comprehend and retrieve this progression only at the Universal level. ‘Universal’ implies all-inclusive and not just in terms of spatial-temporal extension. It entails a self-recollection of Consciousness in time, leaving nowhere to banish our Archons (disowned wounds/potentials) to.

On Barbara’s level of political definition, we achieve Unity by excluding them. Even if we were to succeed practically in this, we still wouldn’t yet have gone beyond the separation consciousness of us and them. There would still be a hidden process of disavowal and repudiation at work that is not fundamentally different from other ventures of projection and disowning that mar our history. I appreciate that Barbara is attempting to reckon our deepest wound. Exporting it, however, threatens to forfeit our greatest gift (which, in the tradition of sacred wounding, is always close by). The questions that she raises deserve answering rather than dismissal and I will pursue them with regard to a species-wide sacred wounding associated with ‘the Fall’ (4).

This ‘Fall’ implies derailment from the innocence and spontaneity of our first nature, a corruption in some sense of whatever our evolving essence may be. Barbara links this theme with archontic interference and with species-wide unconscious memories of primal catastrophe. She cites child abuse within the Catholic Church as a primary instance of human evil with deep archontic roots. Child abuse has been systemic in Catholic Ireland though my lifetime. Both the loss and reclamation of innocence have been prominent themes of my own unfolding. I have written about this in a bid to illuminate essential patterns involved, especially with regard to deformations of male sexual psychology and how they impact on supposedly ‘normal’ adult relationships.

I don’t believe it’s necessary to invoke archontic forces as Other to explain the depth and pervasiveness of such ‘evil’ but rather than making theoretical statements about this, I ask you to read ‘Narcissus’ and ‘Resurrection and the Fall’ (5). The first shows how what Hannah Arendt calls the banality of evil is transmitted across generations within cultures and how narcissism becomes the primary condition of our warping and arrestment. The second traces its impact on human sexuality. It is also relevant to note that assuming responsibility for our deformations empowers us to heal them, and even archontic tendencies that would otherwise remain parasitic.


Calleman’s accounts may give an impression that such issues are of no concern to students of the Mayan calendar, despite Barbara’s interest. Such an impression might arise from the formidable abstractness of his treatments. He explains ‘the Fall’, for instance, in terms of a prevalence of the left hemisphere of the human/world brain that was triggered by calendar dynamics with the onset of the National Underworld. He also notes how writing was established at this time, as was the political institution of patriarchy and, later, three primary religious forms associated with it: the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There is a history of troubled relationships between these forms and the potential for conflict continues to run high as we move deeper into a 9th Wave which disposes us to remember with a view to healing the wounds of our difficult past.

Carl sometimes writes as if the 9th Wave can be expected to accomplish this unaided and sometimes as if a power of human intentionality is required. To my mind, he has yet to describe a coherent relationship between these two orders of necessity. Despite this, he believes that Unity Consciousness will be delivered by October 28, 2011 since that is the purpose of the 9th Wave, which ends then. Barbara also believes that we must eliminate all traces of malicious programming by archontic forces within this time frame. She is convinced of a need for direct human engagement in this process: we must study to understand the polarising effects of mind viruses secreted by the Archons, especially in the Abrahamic creeds. Once we understand how these operate, they will be unable to penetrate our reality. This is a lot to ask by October 28.

Don Alejandro Oxlaj is the current Grand Elder of all the Mayan peoples. Although he agrees with Carl that the calendar must end on a 13 Ahau day, which October 28 is, he does not agree that the great ‘Shift of Ages’ needs to happen on that date. In 2007, he told me that we will know it is happening only when the sky grows dark for three days. In 2009 he told Drunvalo Melchizedek that this could happen anytime up to 2015. In 2010 he told Joseph Giove that the window could be open for forty years. Such statements make a case for indeterminacy. My intuition is that nothing needs to be finally done before October 28 although anybody moved to co-create consciously would do well to start now, while the greatest wave of inspiration ever to inform consciousness on our planet is still available. This wave will end on October 28.

Carl’s view is evidently based on a conviction that a predictive, science-based model which has proven accurate up to now will continue to be so. This seems reasonable but the 9th Wave introduces considerations that are hard to reckon by scientific means. These have to do with latent powers of feeling and intentionality which – precisely because they are not determinate – can’t be accommodated within a strict scientific frame; nor can intuition, which frequencies of the 9th Wave both warrant and support. Working from a principle which he calls the Planetary/Cosmic Round of Light, however, Carl holds that the 9th Wave will bring Unity Consciousness whether we cooperate or not (6). This means that great havoc must be anticipated to force the issue by the end date of October 28.

The role of human co-operation in this scenario is reduced to making things easier for an aware minority during a universally traumatic End Time. This is so because as a collective we remain far from Unity Consciousness and hence must suffer storms that would shift us beyond all that we currently cling to. Thus, in addition to earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis, Carl anticipates an even more severe economic collapse. This is certainly possible but my sense of the promise and potential of Wave 9 is different. I see it as promoting a decisive awakening of our intentional-reflective consciousness in space and time to awareness of its origins beyond both. This evokes latent powers of spiritual imagining and response-ability that we must become whole to assume.

My ‘5th Nights’ review establishes that all Waves favour a species that is evidently equipped to carry Divine Consciousness to a point of self-remembering in time. The aim of the 9th Wave is to fulfil rather than pre-empt this process. If it were just to play out blindly, with catastrophe forcing the enlightenment of those who survive its harsh lessons, no creative purpose would be served. Existence would be reduced to a futile diversion of Consciousness, however intelligently rigged. This makes no sense, no beauty and no love. It is thus an inadequate reading. Our potential for compassion and understanding allows Consciousness to become finely articulated and better known, including to itself: I AM that I AM! The lightshow of existence is a revelation in Being that subtends this arc of reflexivity. It moves from the ‘Darkness’ of whatever relatively implicit awareness there was before Light to illumination that arises when Light remembers through us (and other life forms) where it comes from.

The 9th Wave drives this awakening. Its aim is to promote Unity Consciousness decisively but not to deliver it in a mechanical, predetermined way. It will end on October 28th but the world will not, even as we have known it. There is a longer endgame ahead and our spiritual creativity will be of paramount importance in negotiating it. This is why it is crucial for modern and traditional peoples to co-ordinate gifts at this time, reconciling modernity’s once unbridled lust for innovation with our elders’ cherished memories of the Constant.


The fruit of every 7th Day becomes the seed of its successor wave. What seed can the fruit of the 7th Day of our 9th Wave become, given that it has no successor? Before answering, consider the succession of creative-destructive cycles associated with 5th Days and Nights from the 5th Underworld through to the 9th:

The Creativity of the 5th Underworld initiated our powers of spiritual imagining while its Destruction established their significance for our survival and development. The ‘Fall’ of the 6th Underworld established unbalanced institutions of Power which its Creativity contested and its Destruction undermined. The 7th Underworld high-lighted Power in relation to the innocence of Energy and Becoming: Power over-rides innocence when it is clung to or manipulated as a means to any end conceived in the divided, conflicted mode of separation consciousness.

The 8th Underworld high-lighted our need for integrity/wholeness while introducing alignment-based models of spiritual creativity. This need is obscured by illusions of the market economy, which it undermined via financial collapse. Alignment-based models are made central by the 9th Wave’s theme of Conscious Co-creation. This bestows an option to co-create consciously whatever ‘Destruction’ is to be in our final Underworld, including the ‘Great Purification’ of Hopi prophecy. An apt focus would be the voluntary clearing of all (narcissistic) forms of ego attachment.

Those who are capable of seeing this through must do so not as a distinctive elite but as carriers of our species’ latent potential so that, after October 28, when all 9 Waves have informed existence and the option of Conscious Co-creation is no longer available, enough of us will have realised the seed of our Creator Consciousness in a mode of Unity to steer our ailing cultures according to a newly actionable vision of integrity and love. This is the ultimate sense, I believe, of what it means to be the One(s) we have been waiting for.


If we are to awaken past old wounds into new creativity, we need an understanding of our wounds that allows us to engage them. We cannot move on just by knowing their origins in terms of calendar dynamics, nor by assuming that unfolding of the 9th Wave alone will suffice to heal them. It will tend toward this but our role will determine how the scenario plays out beyond October 28. If we remember the response-abilities of our stewardship we can facilitate transition by consciously co-creative means of inspired spiritual imagining. If not, the winds of change will wreak such havoc as they must and many will suffer unnecessarily by default. Starting from default is unwise, even if intellect only doesn’t allow us to do otherwise. It is more benign and fulfilling to adopt creative options. We need to surrender beyond the rational ego-driven frame of science and embrace our trans-rational capacities.

It is also worth noting that while Carl doesn’t address questions of evil per se, he does operate a traditional symbolism of evil regarding themes of Light and Dark. He  may not advocate a need to banish archontic forces but he does look forward to a time after October 28 when Light will prevail on Earth and Darkness (like the Feminine and other relegated terms in the binary couples of our polarised, politicised mental reckoning) will, by implication, remain subordinate. Such imbalance cannot provide the basis for a sustainable order, nor can science without the aid of complementary human gifts. Light and Dark aspects of experience need to be brought into right relationship – cognitively, emotionally, politically – before Unity Consciousness can be universally realised (6,7). This warrants articulating a spiritual culture in which time, like money, is no object.

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