The Practice of Unity


Our first aim must be to centre consciousness in Heart. I will start with a meditation that has helped me do this over many years. Accelerated frequencies of the 9th Wave make working with it much faster now than before. I focus only on essential aspects here. A full version with directions and rationale is available at under ‘Meditation’.  There are many meditations, of course. I offer this one because it has evolved in ways that are directly linked to the calendar. In 2005 for example, before I had read Calleman, it made provision for connecting specifically, in series, with the consciousness of Earth (Planetary), the Milky Way (Galactic) and Cosmos (Universal). It has also been a catalyst for everything I have experienced and written about the 9th Wave.

The first step is to connect with Heart. This serves to restore stillness when agitation arises. Also every time you do it aids the re-centring of consciousness. Start by pointing both index fingers (left-right, fe-male) into the centre of your Heart chakra. The words below can be spoken aloud or not. Feeling builds with practice, and effect. Note that the final line assimilates personal consciousness to Divine Consciousness and not vice-versa. Although it may be necessary to start with the first line only, this exercise will eventually lead to direct intuition of One Heart/Unity Consciousness.

Spirit, take me deeper, deeper and deeper into my Heart/ Take me right back in to the Point of Creation/ Let me be and act always from this Source of All within/ Restore me to the awareness of my True Self

The next step is to connect with the Heart of Earth, allowing ourselves to really touch and be touched. This connection is achieved through Feeling and also builds with practice. It helps us to ground and engage a sense of Unity with Earth that is now latent, undifferentiated and overlaid by ego processes. This needs awakening before anything else can happen. To (re-)establish a vital energetic link, drop a grounding cord from your Heart chakra into the Heart of Earth as you say the following words:

Mother this is — / Feel me coming, open to receive me/ Acknowledge me as your servant and your child/ Take me deep into the Heart of your Womb


I will that Divine Will be done through me (x3)


The ‘I will…’ covers alignment issues for now. It becomes truer gradually, as ego opens more and more to I AM and traumatised parts return to Flow. Every utterance strengthens our intent towards this end. I repeat it 3 times after each of the main sequences. When the basic Mother practice is in place, extend it by adding

‘Mother fill me with your energy and grace, your intelligence and love/ I will… (x3)

These words grow in power to evoke an energetic response from the Heart of Earth, giving substance to renewed connection. Irrespective of your sensitivity, you will feel yourself becoming more present and grounded as a result of daily practice. Having engaged Earth as a form of Divine Mother, we turn next to Divine Father energies:

Father this is — / Feel me coming, open to receive me/ Acknowledge me as your servant and your child/ Take me deep into the Womb of the One Heart/ I will … (x3)


Connect from your spiritual Heart to the Heart of Heaven through throat, brow and crown centres as you speak these words. This starts to open consciousness beyond its rootedness in Earth out to Cosmos. It draws on early shamanic awareness of an Upper World which is associated with Father Sky and all that is not Mother Earth. ‘Womb of the One Heart’ draws on a Gnostic vision of God as ‘an intelligible sphere whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere’: the infinite, ineffable, transcendent Mystery of Consciousness. (Being infinite, its centre/Heart is everywhere; hence it is All Heart: One Heart.) ‘Womb’ evokes the generative matrix of Void.

When this connection is established, add

 Father, fill me with your energy and grace, your intelligence and love/ I will … (x3)


These Divine Father/Mother archetypes represent projections of our species’ strongest and most fundamental spiritual intuitions. Opening to them opens us to the possibility of reconnecting with ourselves as Divine Children of Earth, Cosmos and Beyond to a point of experiencing ourselves as such. This is crucial to realising Unity in time as we awaken past local tales of our formation as linguistic-political subjects. I won’t develop this account now for lack of space but footnote (1) contains a link to the full version of this meditation, which covers far more than can be indicated here.

My 9th Wave meditations grew out of this sequence. The essential thread is that when we find stillness in the centre of Heart our yin-yang (left-right hand) aspects are balanced, as at all zero-points on the x-axis of unfolding time. We can bring this awareness into our meditations on the temple steps and as we practise inhale-exhale cycles of the Breath of God. Centred then, we watch in stillness as dreams of motion manifest above and below the line. We can also do this when the 9th Wave brings stress into our lives. Witnessing Creation from the point of Creator Consciousness in the Eye/I of the Storm promotes awareness and sustains us through phenomena that might otherwise cause panic. Such awareness is likely to be important during later phases of the Wave.



Dreams offer another vital, accessible means of integrating higher awareness into the process of our conscious evolution. They are also naturally responsive to inspirations of the 9th Wave. I have already contributed a piece that provides examples of this (2). There is ‘A User’s Guide’ to dream work at under ‘Dream’. I refer anybody interested to that source rather than rehearse its content here.


Mirroring: Dreams reflect what is trying to develop in us and what serves to block it. They can expedite fulfilment of our purpose greatly, depending on our response. If we respond positively, the conditions of our lives will increasingly reflect and stimulate an ever faster unfolding of evolution through us. If we ignore our dreams, the state of our outer lives will reflect challenges we have refused to acknowledge within. We are (co-)creators, inevitably, as individuals and species. The only issue is how conscious we are. The state of Earth is a primary mirror of our collective standing. The stimulus to clarification and remembering carried by Wave 9 affords our greatest hope for peaceful transformation by means of an empowering surge with which we can co-create more consciously now than ever before.

Our best option is to assume an empowering stance of Creator Consciousness which takes responsibility for all that happens, attempts to discern the learning it affords and acts accordingly. It opens to the flow of things rather than attempting to control or pre-empt. This introduces an attitude of spiritual surrender as the prevailing disposition of an enlightened ego. (It is ego attachment which we seek to eliminate, not ego per se.) See the entries under Articles/Grail with regard to issues of surrender into Flow, and especially the last piece ‘On Becoming the Grail’.

Relationships: Mirroring happens intensively in relationships between people who are regularly co-present as sources of reflection for each other. In so far as the mirroring surfaces are clear, infinity comes into focus. If surfaces are distorted, opportunities for clarification arise with frequency and force. Themes of sacred marrying/sexuality might also arise but cannot be pursued here. See ‘The Rose Tree’ under Articles/ Drunvalo and ‘On Sacred Marriage and Human Renewal’ under ReSource.

Judge not (lest ye be judged): This principle has special relevance in the context of mirroring and Unity Consciousness. More than empty moralising or threat of redress, it compresses tomes of essential psychology. The ego is a fabricated construct that is generally unaware of itself as such. It tends to see itself as more commanding than it actually is and maintains this illusion by forging ‘positions’ that it defends in so far as it feels insecure. It holds itself guardedly in relation to other (ego) ‘positions’ via an ongoing practice of comparison and judgment. It looks outward to illusion for confirmation of its substance rather than sourcing action from a Wellspring within.

Jesus’ dictum notes that what we deem to be in need of judgment in others points back to issues regarding which we feel conflicted in ourselves. It’s like marking NBB in the margins of a book, noting an issue that excites us now but might not six months after or before. The stimulus evokes a response that links to something which is pressing in us, waiting to break or terrified of being exposed. There is a projective relationship involved. Every judgment conceals a projection. We can learn from this and heal if we assume responsibility for our projections, take them back and do what we must to transform the inner divisions that made us unable to be still in our truth.

The situation is obviously exacerbated if our judgments are severe, because what we feel moved to condemn outside us is an external reflection of something that we are unable to accept within. It signifies internal conflict and disunity. I have found that cancelling negative judgments and taking issues into Heart for healing has been a major catalyst for the practical realisation of Unity consciousness. This process works exponentially, gathering momentum rapidly. Every time it succeeds, another stuck subject ‘position’ is released back to Flow. If we were all to cooperate in this process the result would be nothing less than a self-initiated Great Purification. In my opinion, this is the single most powerful action we can take towards peaceful transformation and the shaping of an effective ‘critical mass’.

Similar logic applies regarding ‘positive’ judgments/projections. For me, these arise most forcefully when I admire creative expression in another, especially if it’s whole-Hearted and abandoned to Flow. This evokes a passion that exceeds technique and moves me deeply to remembrance of all that we are and the magnificence of this, beyond our histories of shame. I don’t experience the person’s accomplishment as exclusive or distinctive; rather I feel ennobled and inspired as if it were my own. This is primarily a manifestation of innocence regained and is made possible by releasing negative judgmental tendencies as described.

It engages a sense of Unity that is deeper than narcissism and predates ego but whose experience is clearer for having passed through the veils of both. It has an eye for gift in every situation, implying freedom to appreciate rather than inability to discern. This freedom comes of not being attached to our judgments/projections; to our mental- emotional histories or our ‘selves’. See for example (3).



There is a story about a wo/man who approaches a therapist for help. ‘How would you like to be?’ s/he is asked. ‘The same as I am now, only happy’ comes the response! A self-identified ego is tenacious. Its tendency is to hang on – to its stories, grudges, habits and, above all, fears. The life it presides over is governed by fear. It is unwilling to ‘die’ into transformation and unable to grasp that the one who aspires to enlightenment can never be the one who is enlightened. It cannot credit that its controlling urge is what keeps it apart, removed from (conscious experience of) Unity. Afraid to surrender, to let go, it tries to compel where it has only to release.

Despite a surface rationality, it is underpinned by motives that operate unconsciously, even as it tells stories to prove otherwise. Its conduct is limiting and destructive when governed by unremembered hurts. Wounded, it fears the annihilation that returning to Flow implies. Accelerating frequencies of the 9th Wave will increase the pressure on attached egos to let go from Day 3 because this is a condition of awakening. We can’t participate in evolution and stay the same and we can’t not participate in evolution. Therefore we can’t stay the same. We need new awareness to cope with the fall-out of this realisation and a transformed psychological culture to respond collectively to it.

As concerned, compassionate parts of a transforming whole, the best we can each do is suffer ourselves to individuate radically, letting go into whatever the Passion of our lives may be, trusting that we will find out by releasing beyond trepidation into Flow. It is when we are fully individuated that we are most whole and aware. Individuation transcends the narcissistic trap of individualism. It drives us to open past fixation into discovery of what the true purpose of our journey has always been. The more of us do so the easier it becomes for all to realise the purpose of our collective journey in existence. This involves overcoming our fear of Darkness, which – as we have seen – is really a fear of our own Shadows. We must start by accepting all parts of who we are/have been made and then move towards releasing our ‘dark’ secrets. Then we can move towards realising a sense of all that we are.



I have written a lot about this before so I’ll confine myself to essentials here (4): we are engaged in evolution. This involves movement, change and transformation. To move consciously, as in sacred movement traditions, is to participate consciously in evolution. This is precisely what we are asked to do now, more than ever before, when the pace of change has accelerated so rapidly that it threatens overwhelm.

Transformation involves rapid, qualitative change: a shift from one level of structure to another. In between there is no form, it seems, just chaos; no structure or coherence to hold on to. This is the condition that attached egos most fear.  Conscious movement provides a means to deal creatively with the chaos of apparent structure-lessness, not just in a sense of filling troubled time with comforting routines but in the more radical and vital sense of engaging our ability to be as ‘a wheel rolling out of its own centre’ (Nietzsche). This is how we are asked to be after October 28 2011.

We each have an ideal form, a perfect vehicle for expressing gifts we bring to life. This would manifest spontaneously were it not for the impact of mental-emotional deformations sustained through the course of growing up. Sacred movement practices (yoga, tai chi etc.) serve to restore us towards ideal form. To pass from damaged form to ideal form requires transformation. It warrants relinquishing old ways and letting go as we step out into unfamiliar terrain. This is the challenge that most frustrates our attached egos. How can movement help us through?

Sacred movement is like a ritual enactment. It comes appropriately framed in terms of story, music and spiritual setting. It empowers us to take steps towards filling voids of fear and doubt with beautiful gestures of our own design. These have long been held in check but remain capable of gracious release if skilful means are applied towards this end. Like Earth, our highest dream is to ascend in beauty. Called out, we discover our Beauty Way simply by expressing and find that we spontaneously generate all the coherence required to fly between levels of structure (4).

Even if we don’t know our origins in local time, we do know them in the sacred time of conscious evolution. The 8th Wave empowered alignment with a stream of creation that proceeds directly from Source. With this behind us and the projective power of our Hearts to direct us ahead we learn as we move from centre that we are never lost. Practising this in a ritual context enables us to do so elsewhere also, since the energies we learn to engage are available everywhere. 


The White Rose is an incredibly simple, gently powerful meditation that came to me after a trip to Easter Island/Tahiti with Drunvalo (5). It promotes the remembering of essence, our unconditioned spiritual core. The White Rose is a (feminine) symbol for the innocence of All Life. Some people are deceived by its simplicity. I have used it consistently for years, especially in Boundary Situations (below).

The meditation is as follows: visualise a White Rose opening out of nothing from the Centre of Creation in your spiritual Heart. Its petals are delicate and fine to a point of apparent immateriality, yet their blossoming carries active traces of shame and guilt away. The White Rose, opening, enlightens and ennobles, filling consciousness with its purity and grace. Then it passes and another rises in its stead. You can use an accompanying prayer ‘May the White Rose blossom in my Heart’ as you see fit.

The image can be sourced from other centres (genitals, throat) but since deformations also register in Heart and my work is Heart-centred, I usually start from there. There is a written account that describes the circumstances under which the symbol emerged in my consciousness but its essence is already given here (6). Its subtle nature also serves to evoke higher dimensional aspects of our being.

It is especially good for clarifying Shadow, where it works not by bringing Light in to Darkness but rather into our conditioned sense that there is something impure about ‘Darkness’ and ‘dark acts’ (e.g., masturbation) to begin with. The child caught before the mirror in Narcissus (see under Stories) is ineradicably innocent but the adult who was that child may feel sullied and confused. The White Rose clears such conditions.


Boundary Situations are extreme. They present severe challenges and, in retrospect, often have initiatory significance. I have just come through one associated with the ‘reaction’ theme of Night 2 and think it has representative value. Certainly, it makes clear that my journey through Wave 9 is not academic. On the contrary, every breakthrough is cued by Heart-openings which return stuck elements to Flow. The role of intellect is secondary and largely restricted to translating outcomes for the benefit of 3D consciousness, including my own.

Everything happens at Heart level. Boundaries are often pushed for reasons that I refer to Plato, who tells of two halves of one soul being separated on Earth such that each yearns constantly to find its missing complement and become whole. This is a teaching story, a simple Unity parable in which duality substitutes for multiplicity. Despite this, I met my soul-mate in 2004. Our shared passion was so intense that it repeatedly overcame strong challenges that arose between us. We spoke of cultivating Divine Love in human form. This is said to be impossible.

Indeed it is said that the Divine once found it necessary to tone down human love a thousand-fold to prevent parents from eating their children. A sustainable balance had to be found between love that reaches out and love that gathers in. We call this yin-yang and struggle with it still. Nevertheless, in July 2009 Christa and I found Divine Love. In September she passed over. Her passing enhanced my inter-dimensional access and continues to, mostly by breaking me open every time I engage increasingly higher vibrations of her still evolving soul (7). I don’t know if this will go on because she has now attained Universal Unity Consciousness. I glimpse it regularly by virtue of the love between us still.

Loneliness has been a powerful teacher through this process, reinforced by awareness that yearning in the mode of Plato serves no purpose. Despite this I have found that for me to be lonely is to be alone and longing, the ghost of impossible Divine Love. I have no choice – it being my choice (destiny, freedom and necessity) – but to follow where this longing leads. Always it resolves in a mystical (trans-rational) awareness that to be Alone is to be All One and longing, swept up in a transcendent sense of Unity and Love beyond the Winds of Time.

Cycles of loss and separation, love and non/attachment, intensify a felt process of implicit Unity that plays under visible dramas of our daytime enterprise at the Heart level of Pure Feeling. This is immediate, unformulated and comprehensive. It is over-ridden by the formulated awareness of our relative identities and obscured by the storms of emotion associated with them. Our lonely longing rips through this façade, releasing torrents of ecstatic sadness in its passage from Alone to All One.

This is a passage beyond illusion and the substance of a Great Purification, inwardly achieved. It relates equally to the return of Christ (or equivalent) and Goddess: unless a wo/man is born again of Water (Her medium) s/he cannot enter the Kingdom. More than patriarchal lapse, this evokes a sacred marrying of male with female, masculine with feminine and the political order of the Father with a natural order that regulates Cosmos as the Body of our Mother. It is the stuff of Grail Legend and also heralds the coming of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

Such conscious marrying of yang and yin, of love that reaches out gathers in, is also a search for an articulated, balanced relationship between human and natural-spiritual order. It is supported by Calendar schedules for the unfolding of Consciousness in time. Now, in the final phase, we can partake of essential rhythms with awareness. The Day-Night oscillations of Wave 9, for example, match my fluctuations between Alone and All One. The passion of longing entails an urge to belong, to be (as) One. But we must learn not to eat our children or annihilate other Ones we would ‘possess’. This takes time, through which Unity evolves from dismembering to remembrance.

We are nearing the end of its course and can see that our passion for Unity is never clearer than when we are in throes of separation. Unity is a Passion. It evolves. This happens in us via cycles of longing and belonging, of feeling apart from and a part of. Each cycle makes the process more keenly felt until we come to view it in terms of being centred on an x-axis, witnessing in stillness fluctuations of apparent motion above and below the line. Thus a Creator awakens in the course of its own dream and Unity evolves from implicate to explicate awareness.


The turning point of Night 1 brought a dream where C and I kneel facing each other in a deeply sensual embrace. I can feel every swell and hollow of her body and am convinced she has been physically restored. The thousand-fold attenuation of Divine Love is now reversed! I experience an unbearable ecstasy that is somehow fulfilled by its containment in the Grail of our remembered marriage. I say that C must rest and then we can resume our journey. Then I awaken in 3D and know that our journey was never interrupted. I am held by Goddess in every dimension except this! Divine Love is no longer contained. Rampant, it shatters me at a higher vibration than ever. I am inconsolable but the longing this engenders orients me towards Unity anew, charged with even greater Passion.

I wrote several 9th Wave articles during Day 2 that somehow came of this experience and completed work on a Sacred Play to mark the mid-point of Day 4. Then I entered Night 2 and surrendered fully to the Goddess down through its nadir. After the turning point, when minimum yang has been released, things change. I miss C terribly now that I am being carried towards the birth of a new Day, away from the bliss of being held in the Heart of Darkness/Love. (This is a state that the I Ching calls ‘passive yang’. I didn’t get it at the time, only after I exited Night 2, with hindsight.) My soul proposes the option of leaving Earth. My body even manifests a means to expedite the leaving. I have a choice.

The virulence of my physical symptoms reduces when I respond without fear. This will neither prevent nor impel my exit but I am prepared should exit be required. It would be easy to leave now. I feel tempted by the adventure of joining C, although she isn’t calling. This choice is mine only. The issue hangs in balance until day 1 of Day 3, when it becomes clear that I will stay. There is a sense of new birth and new purpose. It is only by virtue of contrast that this pattern becomes clear.

Called by Night into the haven of its Constancy I surrender, yielding my plaudits of Day 2. Night then ventures to ‘destroy’ me by default, affecting to curtail my duties to Day 3 and beyond. In the event it kills only my fear, and whatever might remain of ego-attachment. I feel creatively transformed and see more deeply into Unity, not only that it evolves through time but also that it will continue evolving even after we have realised the timelessness of Now. I see what has been the pattern of my experience regarding Unity and that the aspiration to realise Divine Love in human form was always part of it, made stronger by C’s pre-destined withdrawal from Earth.

I will look next at the nature of our ‘Fall’.

Notes (All references are to

(1) See ‘Meditating Unity’ under Meditations.

(2) See ‘Dreaming Day 1, Wave 9’ under Articles/Maya/9th Wave

(3) Note how the young woman becomes a channel as soon as her music starts, and how she lives in the stream of Spirit it releases. We build cultures to make Home and Beauty. Wave 10 arrives when we ‘sing’ our own Way rather than lionising market gurus. Spirit is a democracy in which all members get only one vote. This means that Unity cannot be finally attained until the last become firsts and the first last.

(4) See Introduction to ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ under Reports/Sacred Journeys.

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