Unity, Heart and Mind


I wrote in ‘5th Nights’ about engaging a new spiritual creativity in 2006-7. This was expressed in two main ways: the deepening of an established meditative form and the transformation of an established movement practice. In both cases the change entailed a shift away from connecting with sources of inspiration as if they were outside my consciousness to engaging a root stream that had always been tacitly present in me, streaming out from a Point of Creation located billions of years ago at the beginning of space-time. I could feel this root stream rising in me every time I became still and pushing towards expressive form every time I moved out from this stillness.

I developed a process which involved moving back through the centre of my personal Heart into the Heart of Creation/Cosmos and from there into the Heart of Void. I also came to realise that these were qualitative states and that the Point of Creation from 16 billion years back was actually present in the vanishing point of my personal Heart. Then, at the start of November 2010 – around the beginning of Day 7, Wave 8 – a further change came into my meditation. The lines ‘Spirit take me deeper, deeper and deeper into my Heart/ Take me right back in through the Point of Creation’ changed of their own accord to ‘right back into the Point of Creation’.

As this happened, I felt a stirring that released waves of concentric spheres from the centre of my Heart. These expanded in all directions towards the edges of space-time, as if I were witnessing a condensed reprise of cosmic history. I saw that the Lotus had been in the Jewel from before the Beginning. There was no fuss involved. I cried to register a joy of recognition and release effects of overwhelm. Feeling that thought might compromise this simplicity, I just watched for months as awareness slowly grew that the Point of Creation is also the Centre of my Heart: a holographic echo, as it were, of the Heart of Cosmos/Void. I have this experience constantly now.

Awareness swelled over a weekend I held in March to engage new energies of Wave 9. This retired ego-consciousness to a point where I became oblivious to having two daughters moving by my side. Since then I have felt impelled to articulate and ponder what to ‘do’ with this primary creativity of Source, of which Wave 9 is the last named manifestation. The answer evidently is nothing beyond ever-deeper realisation of a Love that informs it. What will come of this is our responsibility. We will be waveless after October, thrust beyond old habits of unconscious co-creation into a position of having to acknowledge our own Creator Consciousness. This entails realising that Source truly is within and that we truly are the One we have been waiting for.


I had been willing that Divine Will be done through me for years so when this sense of I AM/Creator Consciousness first struck it made little practical difference. There was nothing that I felt inclined to programme for or make happen. Any engagement in a mode of forcing defers the attainment of Unity. And yet we must co-respond with inspiration. Since November, I have felt a huge strengthening and deepening of an already passionate urge expressed in the last lines of my Oneness meditation: Mother, this is John, I pledge my dreaming to the fulfilment of your Highest Dream, for y/our sake and that of all y/our creatures.

This acknowledges humanity’s deep complicity with Earth. We need to commune and learn to dream with Her again. The substance of Earth’s Highest Dream is to ascend in Beauty, with minimal anguish and destruction. Its fulfilment requires our co-operation. I didn’t think about this until after my Wave 9 weekend. Then a Tree of Life dream registered that set me moving into centre although everyone else was streaming out from it in a series of spiritually motivated processions (symbolising the inertia of Wave 8). Following a healing interlude, a second Tree of Life dream counselled that I should henceforth live and express directly from the Centre of a Tree of Life in my Heart (2).

I thought that this might just refer to a cyclical pattern of yin-yang oscillations until synchronicity indicated that it pointed to the defining creativity of Wave 9’s 5th Day. This goes beyond the alignment model of Wave 8 to advocate conscious (co-)creation from Centre: from Source as directly present and immediately intuited at the centre of my Heart. For now, this is supported by 9 primary waves that are still emanating from the Heart of the Divine as transcendent. Our task over coming months is to remember ourselves as immanent vehicles of this transcendent Divinity in time. Realising this felt like the fulfilment of a transformation that has been unfolding over twenty years, involving a gradual shift of my consciousness away from Mind and into Heart.

This is not loose metaphor. It describes what has happened gradually, day by day, starting roughly from Day 7 of the Planetary Underworld. I knew nothing about this at the time. I did realise however, from awareness of chakra theory and Grail mythology that our species is preparing a shift from damaged 3rd chakra-based ego-consciousness into a 5th dimensional Heart-based consciousness of unconditional love. I have since come to realise the significance of this in relation to themes of the Mayan calendar, Unity Consciousness and Earth Ascension.


Earth is not other than the Divine. She is no less an expression of Unity than we are and has a spiritual intelligence which is no less removed from Unity than ours.  She helps to manifest it because she too is on a schedule. Her role is inter-woven with ours, as host to an experiment in freedom which involved our getting lost. We must remember how to commune with Her in order to fulfil the promise of our stewardship and realise our power of intentional consciousness to co-create a Beauty Way (3). Failing this, she has an obligation to self-clarify by other means. We pledge service as awakening humans to represent our species’ potential in a spirit of Unity, to heal wounds inflicted in ignorance and pain. We commune to rebuild trust, right relationship and creative partnering. This already manifests evolving Unity.

Unity Consciousness is not exclusive, even when we call it Divine. The Divine is not Other. Our relationship with it is fore-given: felt, emergent, embodied, impassioned and engaged. Our participation in it can be conscious, whole-Hearted and full-brained. We are integral aspects of its manifestation in space-time. If we could open fully to its Flow, there would be no need for our questions. Mostly we lack the innocence to dare  so questions continue to be needed for ‘opening’ but this means more than opening to receive ‘answers’. Answers are the phantoms of a questioning mind and need for them gives it license to hang on. Opening is a transformational process requiring moments of surrender that can’t be controlled by questing mind. Identification with a questioning mind keeps us in mind and thus in separation. In the end mind is what must be surrendered, at least as primary.

We are already part of a Flow we seek to access but don’t realise it. The reason is our identification with a conditioned mode of (ego) consciousness that experiences itself as apart and must take pains, from within its own circumscribed sphere, to relate. Questioning arises spontaneously in alienated, reflexive consciousness as it seeks to go beyond itself. Such questioning is necessary but the opening it implies is oriented to transcendence rather than just getting ‘answers’. Transcendence can’t be realised in the formulated awareness of conceptual knowing. No matter how encompassing our theories may be, adhering to them keeps us apart. There is another, complementary mode of direct (Heart-) knowing. This refers to a stream of unformulated awareness in which intuition registers. It becomes available to us as pure feeling. We must clarify our emotions in order to achieve this. If we don’t, we can never realise Oneness.

Mind is polarised. It thinks in terms of this and that, similarity and difference. Of itself it can neither comprehend nor sustain Unity. Only Heart can. Unity consciousness needs us to open beyond mind into Heart. Such opening erodes an illusion that the Divine Consciousness we seek is other than the Divine Consciousness we are. Knowing this helps us manifest Unity. To manifest Unity is to live from Heart. To manifest Unity requires cultivating a consciousness and a civilisation that is Heart-centred. We start by realising this in and between ourselves, as communities of Heart where difference is celebrated without need of domination. To engage Consciousness is to remember Self. To remember Self is to manifest Unity, there being only One Self, One Heart.


Heart is outside discourse. This is vital because our use of language divides the world according to the set of conceptual categories our culture employs: this and that, X and not a, b, c, d etc. It builds from the origins of mind in the marking of similarities and differences and underpins how we dissect experience in terms of pre-established patterns. Even my sense of inwardness is shaped by language as I become the (ego-) ‘I’ that figures at the heart of speech. This conditioned ‘I’ is moulded into a social identity that my parents, teachers etc. hold open for me. It rarely acknowledges or expresses the totality of my (spiritual) being.

Moreover, language is linear and sequential. It needs time to happen in. Every use of language – especially left hemisphere, logical-analytical language – breaks the world down: x and y and z It cannot put the whole back together having done this. It sees now x, now y, now z but never all at once. The sense of an immediately grasped whole cannot be redeemed in language. The figurative language of our right hemispheres attempts to compensate by evoking connectivity and pattern. It evokes but cannot restore the shattered Unity of a primary experience that some argue was mythical to begin. Only Heart truly knows that the Way that can be spoken is not the true Way.

Any awareness formulated in terms of linguistic-conceptual patterning is subject to this limitation. Because our conditioned sense of selfhood (subjectivity) is formulated we tend not to notice or, noticing, assume that there was never an alternative. But the testimony of mystics consistently acclaims a mode of unformulated awareness that transcends language and becomes available via the pure feeling capacity of Heart. It offers an alternative mode of knowing which is by nature immediate and unitary.

By contrast, when I say ‘That is x (and not a, b, c…)’ I make a tacit distinction between everything that is x and everything that is not-x. There is always a deep, fundamental opposition implicit in the categorical activity of mind between x and not-x such that, whenever mind asserts x, it also asserts not-x unconsciously, by tacit implication. This reveals the fundamental polarising activity of mind, which cannot declare or intend x without at the same time tacitly declaring and intending not-x, its opposite. Such awareness is not part of ordinary consciousness and yet we say that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. This distils an ancient wisdom that anticipates Jung’s psychology of Shadow (4), especially when we associate ‘left’ with sinister (Latin).

Also, although it is commonly assumed that terms presented as binary opposites carry equal status, this is not actually the case in a patriarchal milieu. Consider relative standings across the series male-female, day-night, light-dark, conscious-unconscious, for example. The first term has traditionally been seen as more ‘positive’ in all cases, a norm from which the other deviates. This indicates a type of de facto repression that is imposed by the political atmosphere of a culture. It reveals a deep connection between structures of Law, Knowledge and Power – i.e., linguistic-conceptual and psycho-political orderings of experience. ‘The feminine’ was systematically repressed under patriarchy: not just by practical politics and binary oppositions but also by disavowal of a quintessentially feminine, feeling-based mode of Heart-knowing.                                                                    

We badly need to resurrect this but our way is far from clear. In the unfolding of our species and our personal lives, we learn to fear the dark. This pervades our experience of darkness, leading to its relegation as evil and subordinate to Light. The feminine has often been relegated by association, as well as persecuted and reviled. This is the single greatest imbalance in human cultures, reflected in unequal oppositions between Light and Darkness. In Unity, there are no opposites. Mythically, Darkness is prior: ‘Let there be Light’ (where Darkness was spread upon the face of Void). The Light of Existence arises from the Darkness of Void, evidently with a view to making the entire process self-aware. Being/God-dess/What Is aspires to remember itself as One. We are instruments of this undertaking.


Unity can’t be defined because nothing is outside it. It cannot be known conceptually. It can be known experientially, however, as the absence of separation. Heart is our medium for direct, non-conceptual knowing. For Heart-knowing to be possible, our feeling capacity (emotional history) must be cleared and our Shadows detoxified. Shadow refers to inner darkness that is not accessible to ego-mediated consciousness. It arises in conjunction with Light and becomes permeated by fear with regard to all we have repressed. When Shadow is troubled, we project this fear on to Darkness at large and mistake the nature of Being/Existence.

Experiencing separation because of this, we project inner unease on to outer darkness, thus perpetuating our separation and our fear. Humanity has vast work of clarification outstanding in this respect but the 9th Wave brings necessary inspiration. Unity is achieved by transcending our conditioned ‘positions’ and releasing ever more into the Flow of Pure Creation. Separation is maintained by judging and righteous adherence to whatever convictions or principles we define ourselves by. All judgments reflect inner division. Healing this within and between ourselves as representative humans is essential for attaining Unity and rendering it accessible to all our people.


Before considering how this can be achieved in practice, let us review the connection between subjectivity and un/consciousness. It starts with the experience of ego and arises through language in a context of early social interaction. I learn to become self-conscious with reference to an articulate sense of who I am that is given to me by ‘significant others’ during my formative years. Patterns of mind and relative identity are orchestrated simultaneously by this means but ego-I is not spiritual I AM. Every time I assert myself as a subject in language, I come to know myself more as ego-I and less as spirit incarnate. There is repression involved here: not just of wild, unruly, shamed and painful aspects uncovered by psychoanalysis but also of an integral, unconditioned, potentially transcendent sense of I AM.

To transcend, this pre-egoic sense must first be recovered. But what was lost is never regained as such. It is marked by lessons learned along the Way. It is evidently part of ‘Divine Intent’ that Becoming should be integral to Being. This is an adventure in (evolutionary) process, not a puzzle that can be theoretically resolved. Its truth must be lived to become known. To facilitate this, I want to present certain Unity practices that I have found helpful as energies of the 9th Wave become ‘visible’ for the first time during its 3rd Day. It is wise to become aligned with (centred in relation to) these while they are still relatively tractable. The key issue is to re-centre consciousness in Heart. This will be pursued in ‘The Practice of Unity’.

Notes (all references are to www.sacredplay.info):

(1) See ‘Meditating Oneness’ under Meditation.

(2) See ‘Dreaming Day 1, Wave 9’ under Articles/Maya/9th Wave.

(3) Creator Consciousness is primary. It is before light, space and time but is only conscious of itself, implicitly, because it has no points of reference or contrast. The Light of Existence illuminates this metaphorical Darkness. Intentional consciousness arises in virtual spaces of reflection so created (our subjectivity). It remembers its origins in Creator Consciousness and communes to find its rightful way before the Waves of Creation cease. How else will we know what to do after the End of Time? There is no doubt that intentional consciousness exercises Creator Consciousness. It has done so unconsciously, without awareness of their underlying Unity, up to now. With awareness it can conceive miracles and move to enact them. We need to grasp the truth of this relationship correctly in time.

(4) See ‘Too Jung to Remember’ under ReSource. Imbalance starts when we restrict consciousness to one ‘hand’ only.  Thus when a Light (only) worker disdains Darkness, s/he swells tides of Shadow. Where repudiation is sanctimonious (un/consciously judgmental), it contributes to reaction. Piety cannot stem the flow of evil it creates. Crusades export aggression. Rational enlightenment spawns Heartless destruction and Final Solutions seed Perpetual Problems. Integrity implies Wholeness: Light and Dark. So does Unity: the 9th Wave would carry us to awareness beyond Good and Evil as polarised markers in a dualistic coordinate system. (See ‘Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life’, in preparation.) We need to ‘come from Heart’ on this account but can’t assume Heart/Unity Consciousness without first clarifying lower and upper chakras. This is the next, decisive evolutionary leap scheduled for our species by the non-Calendar-based Grail tradition but it is also one that we have yet to make.

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