Reflections on the End of Time


The philosopher T.W. Adorno said of psychoanalysis ‘Nothing is true but the exaggerations’. The same might be said of any theoretical discourse that works with idealised constructs. It reminds me of Hollywood zen, which tells how Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike competition and came third.


In February I asked Carl Calleman what he saw as the distinguishing characteristic of Wave 9. He said it was a ‘too difficult question’. My sense was that to conceive a question is also to evoke response. Soon after, I wrote ‘Reflections on the 9th Wave’. This put into words, with difficulty, a pattern that was by then fully apparent in the unformulated awareness of my Heart. The main points introduced by ‘Reflections’ are that Wave 9 stimulates a healing recapitulation of All We Have Been and that integrating the intelligence of Darkness/Night is central to this process.


In January 2009 I had a dream in which I was walking through a city centre. Planes were flying sluggishly overhead, finding it hard to gain altitude. They began falling from the sky. One crashed close by me, in the middle of a major road. The plane broke up and several dinosaurs broke clear of the wreckage, most notably an angry T Rex who set off on a destructive rampage. Viewing this as a representative dream, its lesson was clear – namely, that our prospects of spiritual flight (transcendence) are severely limited without due integration of our instinctual powers.

I related this intuitively to an earlier image from December 2008, to do with lifting an airplane/merkaba over a cliff in order to avoid collision. This concerned raising the vibration of Earth by clarifying ourselves. I was struck by notions of imminent crash and destructive eruption to which the new dream drew my attention. I had been aware of such issues previously and didn’t think the dream warning applied only to me.

I began working with dinosaur energies in the memory of Earth through movement practice. A Sacred Play, ‘Return of the Ancestors’, emerged and included dinosaurs in the range of ancestors summoned. Preparing it gave me a chance to integrate reptilian (dinosaur-dragon-serpent) energies thoroughly in myself. Part of the process involved accessing formerly repressed, intensely charged (pre-Fall) erotic energies. This had a profoundly healing and revitalising impact.

Then Wave 9 broke. Everything got faster. I had a ‘seed vision’ which is still coming to fruition and heard Barbara Hand Clow talking about ‘archontic’ energies. She described these as epitomising evil and related them to the influence that ‘archons’ – parasitic aliens of an allegedly reptilian nature – have had on our species and our planet. I recognised them as deriving from a corruption of our lower chakras (1). Over the next week many synchronicities arose, suggesting that these energies were now returning for deeper and more fruitful integration.


I remember a Hindu myth that presents the Universe as Vishnu’s dream: the Cosmic Serpent is adrift on the Cosmic Ocean. Vishnu lies asleep on its back, dreaming. A lotus is the first manifestation of his dream. Four-faced Brahma sits on it, beaming the projections of Vishnu’s sleeping consciousness out in four directions, embodying a Tree of Life and giving rise to what we experience as Cosmos. Does this mean that the Universe actually rests on a lotus that grows from the dream of a god sleeping on the back of a serpent adrift on an ocean? Not exactly: this is symbolic language.

The cosmic ocean represents a primary field of absolute consciousness. The serpent is the first differentiation to arise within this. Vishnu’s dream is a thought bridge that spans the divide between Creator Consciousness and our phenomenal world of space-time. And because Vishnu dreams the space-time Universe he can’t be found inside it, although his presence is everywhere. We are all vehicles of Vishnu’s dream. Dawning awareness of this is the root of our post-modern obsession with reflexivity.

Meta-reflection establishes the subtlety of a myth which uses story to proclaim an order of Being outside space-time that ‘dreams’ the Universe alive and continues to influence what happens inside it. This is important: ‘Creation’ isn’t a once-off event. It’s happening still, more than ever during Wave 9. And the ocean – corresponding to absolute consciousness – evokes by indirect, metaphoric means the Transcendent, about which we otherwise could not say anything at all.

I recall the statement by Paul Maclean that we lie down every night with a crocodile and a horse. This seems so bizarre that we know it isn’t to be taken literally. ‘We’ corresponds to rational consciousness, supported by the neo-cortex (new brain); the horse corresponds to the limbic system, or mid brain, which underpins emotional responses, while the crocodile corresponds to our reptilian brain, which houses  instinctual dispositions.

In one version of a well-known Christian story, Saint George has slain a Dragon. He himself is dying; his horse lies dead nearby. Note equivalences regarding Maclean: George, horse and dragon (crocodile, serpent) – Reason, Feeling and Instinct, respectively. It’s significant that both horse and dragon are dead. In this tale, however, juice from a fruit tree falls on George’s mouth and revives him. He then takes the fruit and resuscitates his horse but leaves the dragon.

The shamanic worldview also typically features a solar bird to mediate interactions between humans and the Upper World. It doesn’t figure in our medieval tale because religious institutions weren’t ready to acknowledge individual authority in the matter of relating to Transcendence, nor were many individuals ready to assume it (although it may have taken such a bird to shake the branch that dropped the fruit that loosed the juice that woke the saint).

Maclean’s analogy omits the solar bird, evoking a potential that is even more deeply repressed than the ‘dragon’. My dream told me why: we can’t get solar birds to fly until ‘reptilian’ energies have been properly integrated. This can’t happen because the serpent (kundalini) is outlawed with our ‘Fall’, blocking access to the Tree of Life. We fixate Trees (systems) of Knowledge instead. Restoring the ‘dead’ animals also restores our powers of instinct and transcendence, as well as a totemic Tree of Life.


I tried soon after to write ‘Legends of a Fall’. My pen took off in another direction and a few hours later I had the substance of an unforeseen piece called ‘The Politics of Spirit’. Its effect was to make Barbara’s archontic-reptilian energies central to my understanding of our Fall and its impact on human psychology. Barbara says we must expel such energies to clarify a realm of collective awareness that mediates individual experience. She sees them as alien, parasitic and destructive. I know them to be integral and warped under repression but potentially creative, like kundalini that must uncoil to successfully ascend the Tree.

Carl says we need to clear our darkness. I assume he means repressed psychic content that gets projected on to darkness and not darkness per se, which is wholly innocent. It is unclear why anything needs to be done in his scenario, since he says the 9th Wave will do it anyway: a condition of the global brain illuminated by ‘the Cosmic Round of Light’ caused our Fall at the start of the 6th Underworld and a new state associated with the 9th overcomes it. No psycho-political issues are addressed except insofar as they are said to have been caused by imposition of a dualist filter. Given this, removal of the filter is said to solve the problem. There is much more than this involved (2).

Duality is a condition of existence. It’s not something that can be overcome or healed. It can only be fulfilled. This happens through transcending in awareness effects of polarisation by which the mind organises experience. Our capacity for transcendence makes Unity Consciousness possible in existence. I have witnessed its development and know it as primarily a Heart-centred phenomenon. This is quite different from Carl’s ‘cosmic round’ account.

During the 9th Underworld, he says, a removal of filters from the front half of the global brain induces unity consciousness by resonance in our brains. As in the series above (looking down: far right), a condition of front back duality obtains but we unconsciously perceive this as Unity, left-right and front-back. This entails that we repress awareness of our reptilian brains, which house our instinctual knowing and mediate our Earth connection, thus leaving our Dragons dead. We need to integrate these aspects consciously, not unconsciously disown them.

Moreover, if Carl’s model is correct and the falling of light on our forebrains suffices to generate Unity, we might expect this to be true for us all. Yet he has said that the transformation which is currently under way is not for everyone. He also says that he can’t understand the relationship between those for whom it happens and those for whom it doesn’t, presumably since light falls equally on all forebrains. This confirms that other factors are in play (3).

So-called ordinary people exhibit fortitude, beauty, nobility, generosity and courage. The emergence of such qualities from a difficult past makes the Divine Dream more than the mechanical playing out of a vacant exercise in cosmic logistics. Carl’s model, un-complemented, evacuates the marrow of experience in this respect. Also, it is untrue that subordinating Darkness to Light can inaugurate an era of Love. Unity is beyond Good and Evil. It is achieved by transcendence, not subordination or expulsion; by going beyond spheres of thought and judgment (Tree of Knowledge) to ascend the Tree of Life, for which we need (literally) to take our snakes to Heart.

Allowing this, it becomes apparent that people who undertake inner work manifest more readily at this time a potential that inheres in everyone. What they accomplish is representative of what all may achieve in due course with appropriate direction: a vanguard pioneers new awareness to which others can eventually accede. In this they represent our latent potentials. Already we have a programme for October 29: those who have opened to Unity can help to build a culture based upon it. This is unlike anything that we have known before. We have no hope of surviving as we are.

Moses cannot enter the Promised Land and stay identified with the condition of being Moses for it is this which separates him from the experience of Unity. Unity is not an insight. It is a full-blown existential realisation and it changes everything. It cannot be spoken but can be cultivated. A new symbolic realm of reflection (called culture) can be elaborated from it.  Knowing about the Mayan calendar can be a hindrance or a help in its attainment. It depends on how attached we are to being Moses.


Carl recently published an article which predicts an economic collapse during Day 5 (from July 31). This has evoked fear, given the imminence of the threat and the status of the predictor. It is hardly prophetic to note the current possibility of a financial crash but it may surprise that this should be associated with the creative manifestation phase of a 5th Day, which has been associated in earlier Waves with the flowering of shamanic art, the spreading of a gospel of love and the hailing of an energy universe.

To Shiva, the Transformer, creativity and destruction are inextricable, as earlier forms must yield if new ones are to flourish. Carl observes that current economic forms promote dominance, which is incompatible with Unity consciousness. Thus, he says, the dominance-promoting form must go in order for Unity to be attained. This logic is not compelling. If it evokes fear in the relatively small community that attends to such matters, this tells much about our unconscious dispositions (4). No-one can refute Carl’s prediction of what is clearly possible but I want to dissociate it from authority people vest in the calendar (5). These are my reasons:

- Although creative and destructive cycles are integrally interlinked, these have arisen in predictable sequence across all earlier Underworlds and there is no apparent reason why this pattern (of the 13 Heavens) should be deviated from now.

- If the pattern is not being deviated from, then something more horrific must be predicted in relation to the destruction phase of Night 6. Carl’s message is therefore incomplete. (If further destruction is not scheduled then an even greater deviation needs to be explained but hasn’t been.)

- It is mistaken to say that because dominance is incompatible with Unity, removing structures which promote it will secure Unity without work of inner transformation having happened in between. A crash is likely to bring more fear and a bigger mess.

- Even if this situation were not to be compounded by the ‘destruction’ characteristic of Night 5 (extinction of the Neanderthals, the fall of Rome, atrocities of WWII), it is unclear how soul sovereignty and ‘unity consciousness with the divine’ could follow without some engagement on our parts. None is suggested.

- The Divine has already used an economic crash to shatter our market-led personas. This learning is already available. We might expect progression in the design rather than dogged repetition, and recognition that what has failed to enlighten over years is unlikely to succeed now over weeks.

- James Joyce said history was a nightmare from which he was struggling to awaken. A nightmare is a dream governed by fear. We carry dreams into our days, even when they are fear-governed and we ignore them. Catastrophes begin in awareness. We can eliminate catastrophes and transform awareness by dealing with them there.

- There is famine in East Africa, for instance. If we respond on a Feeling level, this teaches about Oneness, moving us to a compassion which is Heart-opening and Unity-promoting. Feeling can move us to re-circulate if we are aware of inner imbalances that outer inequalities mirror on the level of collective manifestation.

- Inequality has a history. Its elimination warrants clearing all that is still unconscious in us post-modern energy barons. Lower chakra deformation causes hanging on, lack of flow and defensive egotism, committing us to irrational accumulation and political strategies that champion unconsciousness.

- Previous 5th Days have favoured the growth of Consciousness in existence through our species and, latterly, greater responsibility and creativity. This is not the case in Carl’s scenario. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine what Flowering could come of economic collapse and further destructive reaction to it.

- There is also a pattern evident across the sequence of 5th Days and Nights which Carl’s projection doesn’t fit (6). In particular, the purpose of Waves 8 and 9 is to promote the exercise of correctly aligned and inwardly sourced spiritual creativity, respectively. Simply undermining established structures doesn’t serve either.

Debacle might seem necessary if everything had to be resolved by October 28th but it doesn’t. The Waves have shaped us to remember our Origin in time and engage a power of spiritual creativity that is consistent with this remembering. I propose an example in ‘Sacred Plays for the End of Time’. This urges that the goal of Wave 9, and of the sequence as a whole, is to awaken a seed of Creator Consciousness in us, beginning with those whose circumstances have privileged us to undertake the kinds of preparatory work required to incorporate this seed.

When all the Waves are done we will be stewards of our own destiny. Those who remember Unity can then help to initiate a culture, a sphere of collective awareness, based on this remembering. If we arrive in this Promised Land, we will no longer be our old selves. We will know that the first must be last and that our transformation cannot be complete until all ‘selves’ have been freed from imprints of our Fall (7).  

It is obvious that these words couldn’t have been written without Carl. I agree that the practice of Unity is a communal process, a renegotiating of patterns of Consciousness in existence. ‘I’ has not written these words; ‘we’ have. This ‘we’ is a tender shoot, newly awakened after millennia of traumatic fragmentation. It represents ‘I AM’ in plural mode, articulated, capable of and reflection: ‘I AM that I AM!’ But not just the I AM that ‘I’ is not. WE is, ‘we’ are, I AM also!’ My divinity is not only checked and balanced by yours but also elaborated and evoked. This realisation is a Fruit of Wave 9 and the Seed of All We May Become.


We are told that God rested on the 7th Day. In a calendar frame this means 7th Days and has particular significance in the context of the 9th Wave, since there will be no further 7th Days, at least not in a divinely ordained, cumulatively unfolding sequence that is progressive in the sense of generating ever higher frequencies. From October 29th, what has been given and what has been made of it become our legacy and our responsibility. There will be no periodic Breaths of God issued into time from a point outside it. We will be the music, always Now. Therefore we must realise an inherent spiritual dynamism that has been incubating in us at least since Wave 5.

I have suggested that the creative potential of our current 5th Day involves shifting from an alignment-based mode of spiritual functioning to one based on realising that Creator Consciousness arises within us (and have a way of teaching it). ‘Destruction’ of the 5th Night then focuses on eradicating whatever about us inhibits this realisation: aspects of ego and its subconscious underpinnings that insist on hanging on. Knowing this, we can co-operate in our own ‘destruction’ and make it easier. Within being as without, this minimises a supposed need for outer devastation and establishes the promise of a beautiful Flowering on Day 6. Since only what is allowed to bud gets to Flower, this responsibility is already ours.

Night 6 looms then, the final Night of all time, during which a seed legacy which will inspire and sustain us thereafter must be prepared for transmission, as we must be for its reception. This is a last chance for us and the Divine to maximise our prospects for the future ahead of a great handing over of response-ability for us to consciously be Divine. It is thus necessary to picture the mysterious nature of yin-yang interactions that take place under cover of Darkness, actual and metaphoric.

A ‘divergence’ of Consciousness from Source happens through expansion of Cosmos. This is impelled by exhale motions of the Breath of God from the depths of Night(s) to the heights of Day(s) in reciprocal cycles of waxing yang and waning yin. These manifest balance in zero-points along the timeline of Creation, the x-axis that divides Night from Day in our now familiar Loch Ness monster diagram. (The calendar is a multi-dimensional kundalini rising: 8). A converse inhale motion happens from the height of Day(s) into the depths of Night(s), governed by reciprocal cycles of waxing yin and waning yang.

Such a qualitative convergence of consciousness-in-existence back on its centre takes place every night/Night, on various levels of scale regulated by the Tree of Life. During the 6th Night of the 9th Wave, it will happen for the last time on a macro-level: a momentous occasion when Cosmos, which manifests Consciousness in time through the medium of Light, returns to the Darkness of its Source (‘the Tao is mysterious and dark’) for purposes of remembrance, renewal and recalibration in the ways of Constancy. This patterned sequence of spiritual returning has happened throughout time to maintain consciousness-in-existence in accord with Consciousness-outside-existence.

During the 6th Night of the 9th Wave, Cosmos will converge in Consciousness for the last time on a macro-level, immersing itself in inspiration for Fruition that will follow. Thereafter an unprecedented seeding will take place during the 7th Day as ‘God’ – or  Consciousness outside existence –  ‘rests’ for the last time before leaving us to carry on as vehicles of Consciousness in existence, of Consciousness newly awakened in existence, to steward ‘the highest quantum state of the universe’ which ‘S/He’ has dreamt alive (9). Not all of us need to get this at once but some of us have to. ‘Sacred Plays for the End of Time’ proposes a way to gather this seed and nurture it towards fulfilment on ‘The Last Day’.

Notes (all references are to under ‘9th Wave’)

(1) See ‘The Politics of Spirit’.

(2) See ‘Legends of a Fall’ and ‘Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life’.

(3) Another problem with the ‘Round of Light’ is that it obscures the vital role of 7th Day residues on all ‘levels’ of the calendar with regard to a final healing recap that is possible over ‘The Last 13 Days’ (see ‘Sacred Plays for the End of Time’).

(4) Fear has deep subconscious roots in everyone who has not completed a radical programme of self-clearing. We like to identify rational grounds for fear in order to ‘understand’ rather than feel it but it’s not possible to transmute fear without feeling it first.

(5) Even if such a crash happens, it won’t be because of the calendar. Lots of things happen that the calendar doesn’t predict. This matters because it frees us to espouse other creative potentials of Day 5.

(6) See ‘5th Nights’.

(7) Our Fall (into narcissistic entrapment) also became our stimulus to individuation: symbolically, to find our way ‘Home’ to Consciousness.  Our Sacred Wound thus holds the key to our specific genius.

(8) See ‘Days, Nights and the Breath of God’, remembering Vishnu’s dream. Every zero-point along the x-axis is also a Point of Creation in the centre of our Heart(s). This is hard to convey in words but relatively easy to demonstrate experientially, which is why I like to work through Sacred Plays.

(9) Such language will no longer apply since the gulf between Consciousness in and out of existence, its immanent and transcendent aspects, will be bridged by our awakening in time. There is no telling now what horizons will open as a result.

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