Sacred Plays for the End of Time


Imagine a native community dancing to make rain as if the outcome has already been achieved. This attests not to gullibility but to a remembered innocence of communion within an implicit Unity frame. Modernity has served to make this frame explicit by bringing us to understand how powers of reflection arise in a process of cultural mirroring to become internalised and how, opening beyond illusions of separateness that this engenders, we can dedicate our freedom to a promise of doing gladly whatever we were always meant to do. Calleman writes of earthquakes as reflections of Earth’s inner recalibration at shift times. Imagine this process becoming self-aware through us such that we can now devise more beautiful means of reflexive communion, such that we can birth our Highest Dream through a power of clarified co-creative intent: Mother this is X, feel us coming, at last we have remembered what’s going on; let us make a miracle this time…



These words come from a report on an event staged to mark the beginning of the 9th Wave of the Mayan calendar. I want to help create a miracle at its end by making a whole body, whole-Hearted, whole brain prayer. On October 16, the 9th Wave will come to the point in its fruition at which it drops a seed of future promise (1). This has happened 95% of the way through the trajectory of all preceding waves. No 10th Wave will launch as a result. Instead, a species that has been favoured over the course of all previous Waves will have a special opportunity to awaken.

Up till now our purpose has been to co-operate with the energies of successive Waves more or less consciously. This relationship underwent a qualitative transformation during later stages of the 8th Wave, when the option of aligning with energies from Source became widely accessible. The cumulative purpose of all Waves is to carry us past alignment to a point of remembering our origins in Divine Consciousness and thus to facilitate an awakening of Divine Consciousness in time.

This potential has been particularly favoured by the 9th and final Wave. After October 28 there will be no others. It is our response-ability to awaken sufficiently before this ‘End Time’ to be able to find our own Way, having absorbed the energies of all 9 Underworlds. The final gift of the 9th Wave will be to seed a power of I AM/Creator Consciousness in us, beginning with those who are prepared to receive it directly.

A group will meet in Ireland over the weekend October 14-16 to facilitate reception of this seed and again on October 28-29 to embody its fruition on ‘The Last Day’. My prayer is that direct co-creative incorporation of this seeding will minimise outer catastrophe. Let us now consider ‘The 10th Wave’.

                                                The 10th Wave

               a sacred play in magic, music, dream and dance                 


Part of the fruition process for every Wave in the unfolding of the Mayan calendar has been the sowing of a seed that initiates the launch of its successor. A seed will also ‘drop’ on October 16, 2011. Its purpose is to plant the seed of a new humanity in our collective awareness. It can be facilitated by people meeting in representative groups to receive the seed consciously. Our Play is dedicated to this end.

Night 1      Introduction

AM1:        Over Nine Waves

                 Infinite Void

                 Divine Plan                

                 Waves of Creation

                 The Ninth Wave           

                 Unity Prefigured                                                                             

                Spanning Thirteen Heavens

PM1:        Deep is the Well of the Past

                 House of Memories

                 Ruined City               

                 Portrait of the Goddess as a Young Woman               

                 Rebuilding the City

                 All We Have Been


                Sacer Facere (To Make Sacred)

                This is my Body

                Heart of Compassion

                Making Holy

                Let Beauty Shine

                And God/dess Sings

Night2:    Light and Dark               

                Into That Darkness                

                The Heart of Darkness is the Heart of Love             

                Pearl of Great Price (The Birth of Light)

                Divine Child/Quickening

                Sowing the Seed

AM2:      The Journey Home

               Hero in 9 Underworlds

               Engaging Goddess

              (i)    Harrowing Hell

              (ii)   Skeleton Woman

              (iii)  Wooing

              (iv)  Wedding

              (v)   Ecstasy/Gift

              The Last 13 Days

PM2:       Meeting the 9-part God





               The One that Lives

We begin by climbing all 9 levels of a sacred pyramid and making our way across its 9th level, as divided into 13 Heavens. Then, from a point approximately one third way through its 7th Day, we descend into the depths of the pyramid. We come on a city in the National Underworld, marked by the ravages of many wars. Healing these, we release the energies of Goddess from patriarchal confinement and remember All We Have Been before the Fall that this entailed. We then follow the voice of Goddess back to the Beginning of Manifestation. 

From there we consciously retrace the path of our species’ evolution from earliest times up to the present, intuiting the process of sacrifice (making sacred) that has always been involved. This inspires us to surrender without resistance to the great transformation that is now imminent (Meeting the 9-part God). We return to ‘his’ sanctuary atop the pyramid and make necessary preparations. This meeting will not be complete until October 28. Our journey now is anticipatory and cultivates the seed of our awakening in preparation.

Having gathered our seed we sow it into Earth’s consciousness and thus the collective awareness of our species. The next day we move through all Underworlds, seeking to come again into right relationship with the Sacred Feminine, which has been confined and dormant for most of patriarchal history. We then tend the seed of her and our remembered Divinity mindfully through ‘The Last 13 Days’ in a spirit of consciously co-creative anticipation, towards our ‘Meeting (with) the 9-part God’.


The period October 16-28 marks the final trecena not just of the 9th wave but of the Mayan calendar as a whole (in terms of Calleman’s 16.4 billion years cycle). This last trecena also marks the last 13 days of all 9 Underworlds, which complete at the same time on October 28, 2011. The trecena starts on 1 Star, where 1 signifies Unity and new beginning while ‘Star’ associates with abundance and cosmic vision.

These potentials will be especially available to those who have worked to integrate the creative/destructive cycle (Heavens 9 and 10) of Wave 9, as our group will have. We will incorporate this seed on October 16/1 Star and then follow its maturation through the last 13 days of all Underworlds, mindful that these would also correspond to the 13 Heavens of a 10th Wave. This correspondence is not just fanciful.

The 13 days of a trecena share in the 7 Days/6 Nights energetic structure of the 13 Heavens of all Underworlds. Thus the empirical order of our lived experience at last comes into phase with the paradigmatic structure of the Calendar’s underlying genesis pattern. A final maximally condensed healing recap of all Heavens of all Underworlds can be undertaken through this period by anyone who approaches it with awareness.

This allows us to tend the seed of our new humanity through 13 qualitative stages (Heavens) of development from sown seed to mature fruit: a final practice before we are asked to be the music, so to speak, after the Waves have ended. The last episode in our sequence is an encounter with a ‘9 part god’ on October 28/13 Ahau when, in Calleman’s words, the highest quantum state of the Universe will be attained. What happens thereafter is our responsibility. Having been carried by Waves of Evolution through all stages of existence to date, it is now time for us to fly alone.

No 10th Wave is indicated and yet Elenin-watchers predict increased seismic activity around October 16. This would follow from the dropping of a new seed, which has been an integral aspect of fruition across earlier Waves. The purpose of its sowing is our awakening: an integral aspect of the fruition of the 9th Wave is to awaken the only species on Earth to have been consistently favoured by all earlier Waves to a point of remembering where we come from and why we are here.


This illuminates a qualitative shift that is expected with the end of the 9th Wave. The substance of my virtual 10th Wave is that it provides an opportunity for human beings, having incorporated the new seed, to attend to its development mindfully over the last 13 days (concentrated Heavens) of the calendar’s 16 billion year unfolding. This allows for a last recap, drawing on energies of fractal resonance and the genesis pattern of 7 Days/6 Nights.

Thus, at the end of the calendar, its core organising principles converge in preparation for our meeting with a 9-part ‘god’, which will be enacted ritually in our gathering on October 28th and channelled forward to assist all that is yet to manifest. This gathering also provides a structure to facilitate transition from 13 Ahau into 1 Imix (Crocodile). It is auspicious that the highest quantum state of the Universe should transition directly into 1 Crocodile in view of our need to integrate the ‘reptilian energies’ associated with our ‘dark side’.


                                                   The Last Day

                          a sacred play in magic, music, dream and dance                 


In Calleman’s words, October 28 marks ‘the highest quantum state of the Universe’. In the language of Mayan mythology, it is the day when a 9-part god will ‘manifest in full regalia’, signifying the end of a creative cycle that has been carried by 9 Waves over 16 billion years. These frequencies must be sustained by those who are capable of ‘Meeting the God’ and embodying them in a climate of ambient fear. Our task will then be to build a culture based on principles of Unity and Love. We start by bridging the energies of October 28 (13 Ahau: Ascension/Enlightenment) into a healing recap of our species’ evolutionary ascent. This entails redeeming our ‘Fall’ and integrating spurned reptilian energies associated with it. It is perfect that this happens on 1 Imix.

13 Ahau:   Introduction

Night 1:  The Last 13 Days

               Meeting the God              




               The One that Lives

               O Creator, Beauty Way

1 Imix:

AM1:     Falling Through Dimensions

              One(s) who Fell to Earth

              Goddess Awakening

              Out of the Oceans

              Saint Dragon

              Grandmothers’ Circle

AM2:     From Alignment to Origin

              Remembering Origin

              Sacred Wounding, Sacred Earth

              Exile and the Passion

              Goddess Awakened

              Midnight Sun

PM1:     Unity in Action

              A Great Awakening

              Raising the Flame

              The Flowering of Earth (Ascension)

              Existence Illuminates

              The Revelation of Being


(1)   October 16 is correct to the nearest whole day, counting 6.3 days out from October 11, when the 7th Day begins. My dating is opportune in that it falls on a weekend and marks the start of the final trecena. It also exemplifies a power of creative intent that will be crucial from October 28. The same is true of my falling seed scenario, which comes of a genuine intuition that I will explain (insofar as it can be explained) another time, after it has been bodied forth. The ‘falling seed’ acknowledges the creative role of the immanent aspect of divinity in time.

(2) Prophecy can’t overrule a growing capacity for freedom that the calendar promotes. In fact, it might be said that the calendar’s purpose has been to push us beyond a need for dependence on it. It seems that relatively few of us will realise this explicitly. My instinct is to cultivate a still growing power of Creator Consciousness rather than attempt to predict what is inherently unpredictable precisely because of this nascent power. We will see soon enough what can be seen. In the meantime let us do as we must.

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