The 10th Wave, Part II: The Last Day and the First

                                                a sacred play in magic, music, story, dream and dance                 


The secondary title above is self-explanatory with regard to the dates 28/29 October 2011, 13 Ahau and 1 Imix respectively in terms of the Mayan calendar. My preferred secondary titles would be ‘Riding the Wild Dragon’ for October 28 and ‘Bringing the Dragon Home’ for October 29. It’s not possible to show why until we get under way.

The Last Day

We meet on the evening of October 28th, the last day in a 9-tiered unfolding of the Mayan calendar. Our work will build on earlier gatherings that marked the beginning, middle and last 13 days of the 9th Wave. These were structured in accordance with the 9th wave’s recapitulation of the previous 8. This session aims to facilitate a gracious completion for all 9 waves in relation to human consciousness which they have served to promote. Our process evolves to the very end. On the morning of October 28, for example, I was moved to compile a new playlist for our review of ‘The Last 13 Days’, although the preview on October 16 had worked marvellously. This reflects specific energies of the occasion.


We sit in circle in a darkened room, renew our already strong collective Grail and call in energies of the day. Having re-established our connection with the Heart of Earth, we stand and let ourselves be moved, opening our Hearts to accept, transform and release as called. This is done by projecting a strong yang sphere from the centre of our Hearts and feeling a yin Point of Creation that becomes palpable there as a result. These pure yin-yang manifestations correspond to Divine Mother-Father energies respectively. Once they are established in balanced harmony a third, Divine Child energy manifests spontaneously, carried on a tide of pure creative love that emanates from Source. The Divine Child may be a spiritual adult, consciously engaged in remembering All That S/He Is (a part of). From the moment we start, the process flows beautifully. Expanding our individual Heart spheres to encompass the work- room, we remember that we move and live in the Dreaming of One Heart.

October 28: Riding the Wild Dragon

We resume after dinner and a rest. Tonight’s session will carry us through symbolic midnight. This acknowledges that the energies of 13 Ahau finally resolve into Unity somewhere between dusk and the new dawn which heralds whatever 1 Imix is to bring. This is not a matter of conventional time but a qualitative moment that arises when embodied consciousness completes its transition from level 1 (descending) of our sacred temple to level 0 of the Holy Ground, physical and metaphysical, on which the temple is built.

This image is accurate only in conveying the sense of an ascent through 9 levels. It is a metaphor: true ascent happens in consciousness and is vibrational rather than physical. It is carried by a series of nested waves that unfold with regard to a nominal Line of Time. Each wave is seeded at a particular point in the fruition of its predecessor such that its rate of evolution is 20 times faster and more compressed as below:

This pattern is repeated 8 times over ever greater levels of scale, and 9 if we start from a ‘10th Wave’. In its case there is an 18 times reduction in wave amplitude, as distinct from x20 that applies for all others. Any effects of apparent time acceleration here are observed in regard to earlier trecenas of the 9th Wave.

Consider: the general formula for waves of the Mayan calendar has been 13 x 18 x 20 to the power of n. This has produced creation streams ranging from 16.4 billion years (where n = 8) to 234 days, where n = 0. This last step had the effect of foregrounding 18 day Heavens of the 9th wave, along with its major themes of remembering and recapitulation (1). The next, anticipated by the 10th Wave, will apply after October 28, when 18 also will reduce from the power of 1 to 0, leaving only a core genesis pattern

13 x 18 to the 0th x 20 to the 0th = 13 days or compressed ‘Heavens’ (7 Days/6 Nights)

Imagine now a multi-tiered Loch Ness monster diagram: as above with 8 replications, each on a 20 times greater scale. Vastness makes exact representation impossible but we can discern that all waves at all levels unfold in relation to the same Line of Time. Each wave unfolds inside its predecessor rather than ‘standing on its shoulders’. This process resembles a serial gestation, where fruition of an earlier stage entails seeding its successor. The 10th Wave makes this explicit for reason I will now describe.

Already in the 3rd Day of Wave 9, while doing my ‘temple’ meditation, I had a multi-sensory experience of riding the undulating coils of a Dragon. These correspond to Day/Night above/below line fluctuations of the 9th Wave. My meditations from then on always included this experience, with Source energies active in the Dragon’s body up to the point to which the wave had by then unfolded  (my current position). I first likened the experience to Einstein sitting on his beam of light. More was to follow.

In ‘The Politics of Spirit’ I saw the role of suppressed Dragon energies in humanity’s ‘Fall’. During ‘Raising the 7th Heaven’, a sacred play to celebrate the mid-point of the 9th wave, I experienced all 9 waves as a multi-dimensional Dragon: a kundalini charge marked by a-periodic quantum leaps that manifest as a succession of ever higher frequency waves, precisely as in our diagram above (if you can imagine longer, slower, more encompassing forms stretching 12.8 years, 256, 5,125 … all the way back to 16.4 billion years). My Catholic incarnation had provided strong examples of Dragon-repression. I went to Bali last August to harvest clear Dragon energies for bringing Home. The rich yield of this venture will be apparent from relating my account of that journey to ‘The 10th Wave: Part I’ report (2) and what remains of this.

The present work represents a culmination of what now feels like a vast design. ‘Dragon’ evokes incredibly powerful geomantic forces and ancient reptilian energies that are still problematically active in our souls. Finding right relationship with them has immense significance in ways that are overlooked by Calleman’s abstract account of our Fall (3).

We enter our sitting circle and strengthen it by sending round a now thickly braided rope of light. Then we admit untamed, multi-layered Dragon energies of all 9 waves as they have manifested so far into our open, sensitised Heart(s). The music for this is powerful, rousing and loud. It is less than 3 hours to midnight. Lightning flashes and sparks fly as Cosmos is loaded to maximum voltage by cumulative, overwhelming energies that continue to surge through. We use our practice of admitting, shaping and re-leasing to forge cohesive resonance while being radically moved as we sit.

This music carries us from Source to October 16/1 Lamat, where we began our passage into ‘The Last 13 Days’ two weeks ago. We have used a bridging meditation since, which means we are able to join a rising 7th Day curve on the near side of our temple with ease. Having passed this way before, our frequencies are such that we can participate in its culminating ascent as if riding an escalator, like Einstein on his light beam. It bears us lightly, on winds of exquisite music, to the top. We release all that we are out to Cosmos in a bid to maximise our service at this time.

Maximum yang secretes minimum yin at the turning point and our wave mutates from its ascending aspect into a descending one. We open to receive whatever Cosmos is waiting to impart by way of return and are then carried from the far-side top down through descending levels, scarcely needing to note energies met at particular stages. This is a preparatory process, designed to deliver us clearly into our appointment with the 9-part ‘god’. I speak little, only as inspired. Every word flows easily and to precise effect. All involved respond with equal grace. There is no self-monitoring or doubt. Everything feels perfect.

We each approach our corner of the first terrace/step. Here we turn and look back up to the height from which we have just come down, impelled by energies of Cosmos and of Source. The music of our descending fades. We reach up and out, drawing down the 9 distinct energy streams we have come here to absorb, integrate and relay into the Heart of Earth. New music starts as we do this. Turning again, we move slowly down from level 1 of the temple to level 0, where the Line of Time animates the being of Earth and all who dwell within and upon Her.

Accessing this Line and moving on it is a qualitative process that requires attunement and inner yin-yang balance. We are in this state following our Introduction, resonant with ‘the Line’ we are still approaching as we move to embody – to absorb and integrate – now inrushing energies of 13 Ahau. We use exactly the same means as we have practised through earlier Plays to ensure that this ‘Incorporation’ happens graciously. All unfolds in perfect order.

We reach ‘the Line’ where every point is a 0-Point of Pure Creation. Level 0 also evokes the face of Earth and we ground instinctively into Her. Turning yet again, on the verge of symbolic midnight, we call in for a last time the now completing energies of all 9 waves, the cumulative Flow of Creation. I have already primed our group with a reminder of lines from Rilke that inspired our 7th Heaven celebration: ‘I sense there is this Mystery/ All life is being lived/ Who is living it then…?’ and related it to the name of this section in our outline. Following ‘Incorporation’, music of ‘The One that Lives’ flows through us, the transcendent subject of Unity, now on the brink of self-remembering in time, the One we have been waiting for.

In the Now of this unfolding, the whole character of experience is altered: we have no names, histories or predilections. There is no need for the ‘Shattering’ I had envisaged before my Bali visit. The One that Lives is truly living (in) us. Beyond Einstein’s light beam, it’s as if we move on mobile discs, centred around grounding cords that link us metaphysically into the Heart of Earth and the Heart of Being/Void/All That Is. As ‘I’ move around this axis – a personal Tree of Life that binds ‘me’ into the trans-Cosmic order of multidimensional reality – it’s as if all life moves with ‘me’. I shift my feet and the disc reconfigures with them so that I’m left standing on the same spot as before, relocated. This is a potent kinaesthetic image for a whole new Way of Being.

Inspired, we exult in the bliss of letting go our ego-stories, old illusions of being a separate ‘self’, creatures of fear, habit, belief and desire. Music supports this process beautifully, lasting just long enough for the energy of this One That Lives to become irrevocably active in the Heart(s) of all who are moved to Consciousness by it, as we are. If we vibrate at the highest frequency of Cosmos , it can’t appear as other than us. This is known immediately at the level of Feeling (or unformulated awareness). Problems arise only when ‘I’ insists on knowing it conceptually, thus re/activating an ego-perspective that imposes a tacit distinction between knower and known. At the Feeling level of Unity Consciousness there is only the experience of knowing.

Our music stops; so do we. What happens now that we have stopped, on the stroke of midnight, released from illusions of separateness by Feeling the One That Lives living in us? We stand, waiting and not waiting, not knowing what we are not waiting for. I have made clear that if my directions should cease to resonate with anyone, they can just retire and consciously absorb cascading energies which continue to pour in. I repeat that notice in this moment. New music starts. We imagine a vital spark, the Spark of Spirit, a Genius Fire that was born into Life with us (only later to be crushed under its quota of harsh wounds and false beliefs). No ghosts of wounding or belief now obtrude. Drawing implicitly on preparatory meditations and aided by exquisite music that evokes a Midnight Sun, we extend energy fingers, using them to fan our spark into a flame while also opening a virtual path between Base and Heart.

[During earlier 9th Wave journeys we have traced the rising Sun of a new Day (consciousness) up from depths of Night/Void, where maximum yin secretes minimum yang. Approaching from below, so to speak, the point of generative balance – of pure creation – is reached on ‘the Line’, where yin and yang both equal zero. Escape velocity is achieved and ascending yang becomes active as the consciousness of a new day. It is different when we approach zero-point on the Line from above, as Now, with awareness not to plunge unwittingly below it into Night. Such awareness is uniquely available on October 28, the 13 Ahau (Ascension; Enlightenment/Sun) day that completes the 13th Heaven of all 9 waves.]

I ask our group to focus the spark, using energy fingers now to fan it while also opening the base chakra. Then we clear a path up to the Sacral. Flames from the spark begin to leap and glow. We open the sacral centre and clear a path from there up to the Solar Plexus. The flames leap higher. We open the Solar Plexus and clear a path up to our already open Hearts. The music surges, driving our Genius Fire up through Solar Plexus and into Heart. Here it rises as a Golden Sun, expanding majestically to fill our indefinitely expanded Heart spheres.

I do no more than offer these directions. Everyone follows as if inwardly compelled. Our Sun rises beautifully at ‘Midnight’, carried effortlessly by musical evocation, spilling out until there is only Sun. We dance, cavort, rejoice, enlightened and enthralled. Our music shifts. Intense longing flares amid the expansive grandeur in which we have basked. We see our Sun(s) contracting slightly to project a Tongue of Fire from the centre of our Heart(s), directly before us. Feeling this as ‘the Line’ of our Passion/Heart’s Desire, we follow. A new force, immediate and precise, ignites an already implicit urge to follow our Heart(s).

There is nothing vague about this: destiny lines are fully tangible and followed with an earnestness that couldn’t be faked. As with all magic, this was able to happen because it was waiting and needed to. Without waves to drive us, we must find our own ‘Beauty Way’. That is why this sequence is now so charged. I had felt a need to consolidate before ending our session, so new music is ready, referred to in the outline as ‘O Creator, Beauty Way’. It extends our practice of following the line/projected fire of our Passion/Heart’s Desire, this time conscious that ‘the line’ now emanates from the centre of our Heart(s). As always, the path it marks unfolds most beautifully when we offer our boldest, most generous movement to the shaping of its pursuit. Everyone responds as if we had been waiting all our lives.

[This process is reminiscent of Nietzsche’s 3 stages of spiritual development: the first is that of the Camel, who says ‘Put a load on me’ until one straw too many is imposed and a Lion rears up, shedding encumbrances before racing into the desert where after some time it becomes a Child and acts as a wheel rolling out of its own centre. This returns us to familiar territory of the Divine Child, who now not only knows who s/he is and what for but has also regained the innocence and spontaneity to just do it. I am doing it right now, and so is everybody else in our room: following the line of our Passion/Heart’s Desire with absolute conviction, discovering the power of our first nature – a Genius Flame that was born into Life with us – simply by expressing it.

This is vital now that the waves have passed and we must look within in order to transcend the inertia of what has been. It also fulfils a progression from 8th wave alignment-based spirituality to a post-9th wave Source-based one, where we have been remembered as Source. I saw this pattern in March and pursued it through August-September (4). However, instead of making a prediction and holding my Breath of God to see if this would be verified in accordance with some Divine Plan outside me, I acknowledged my powers of spiritual agency as an embodiment of Consciousness in time as directly implicated. Thus I made a promise which became a prayer – delivered to the Heart of Earth two weeks ago, for instance (see Part I) – and again Now, in this moment of all moments.]

It is approaching 11.00 pm clock time and we close by formally aligning our practice of breathing in and out the Breath of God with a ‘Breathe as One’ global event that has been running concurrently and is due to finish soon. We connect intentionally with it, continuing to draw down energies that are still streaming palpably around us. Our music ends. The energy goes on. We consolidate our circle by sending a rope of light around 3 times. It races unceasingly. Minutes pass before anybody stirs. People leave at will thereafter, one by one. Left alone, I lie down in the humming darkness, letting final energies of 13 Ahau wash through. It’s already Greenwich midnight when I come to. I have a sense of being super-saturated, hyper-charged, as I make my way slowly up to bed.

October 29, The First Day: Riding the Dragon Home

I awaken after 4-5 hours from a deeply dreamless sleep, feeling exhausted. My muscles are heavy with fatigue, past aching. My body is like rubber and my nervous system a faint memory. My brain is not worth speaking about, nor capable of it. I know from previous adventures that my physical system has been overwhelmed by higher frequency vibrations than ever before and is hard set to absorb them. What is needed now is movement. For better or worse, provision has been made.

I look out at a circle of expectant faces and confess that I am feeling every second of those 16 billion years: not a good model for the highest quantum state of the universe! Fortunately, this first of three morning sessions doesn’t require too much talk: as 13 Sun implies 1 Crocodile, so this is a unique opportunity to engage and move highly charged spiritual energies that we absorbed last night. We start by imagining such an influx happening for the first time, around the Big Bang, and a mobilisation of Spirit that would eventually lead to us!

We send our rope of braided light around 3 times. Music filled with ancient resonance is heard, commissioning the being of Earth into existence. Her calling forth is delicate and subtle, but also resolute. As soon as it is finished a music of ‘Falling through Dimensions’ begins. Cued by Earth’s prior sending forth, our souls are called into existence. This happens first as graduated leaps of Spirit into form, manipulations of Breath carried by a Magic Flute, giving way to slowly rising percussive beats that suggest an imminent materialisation of nascent form. Then percussion envelops the modulations of Breath, evoking an investment of Spirit in matter. We follow and find ourselves descended, poised for a Sacred Drama to unfold.

We lie on the floor, wrapped in blankets (matter). Music plays: primal, aboriginal, evocative of a first awakening. Spirit stirs, restless, pulsing and confined. Borne into motion, it threshes wildly, impelled to forge the Dragon lines of Taoist geomancy, opening wormholes, laying down the first articulations of consciousness in Earth’s material form. As bearers of this process, our movements are primal, erotic and kundalini-charged. Restricted, captive to rhythm, our bodies twitch, rocking manically around our centre lines, energy focused in the lower chakras, as if making love with the un-reflected being of Earth. From slow beginnings, Passion flares, then soars. The pace quickens, new fissures multiply. We break out from our confinement, creating Dragon lines where there were none before. Each wave fuels more urgent release in our non-regulated, unconditioned lower centres. By the time the music stops, we are animal beings, self-moving.

New music engages ancient body memories to carry us through a mythically conjured evolution of species. Born from stone as Dragon lines, we emerge as crawlers, creepers, sliders and all at once, made of Earth while also Spirit-impelled. We lumber as dinosaurs and slither as snakes, dragging lengthy tails to signify a deep prehistory which music, destiny and longing now combine in a passionate moving synthesis. Released and remade, we careen in ascending spirals, recapping primate gaits and jaguar prowls, absorbing the muted stories of our past. At last, our music stops.

Its inertia carries us through to stillness in a standing circle. Our dragging tails dip towards the Heart of Earth, mimicking the grounding cords that we are now used to dropping from Heart through Base into the Womb of Earth. Worlds fly together in this moment. We become a human community in the Regional Underworld, ritually enacting our mythologies of origin, belonging and participation. Echoes of a primal rhythm sound, resonant with traces of All We Have Been. We have no words for this; only felt awareness laced with reverence and awe.

Our music shifts, evoking a stomping gait by way of response, then female voices sing, guiding our movements as we dance in and out, from edge to Sacred Centre, seeding the Mother’s Womb and mimicking in/exhale motions of the Breath of God. Then, having danced the story of our people from time immemorial into remembered time we raise an ascending vortex in the sanctuary of our Grandmothers’ Circle, so that the Dreaming of our people might flourish. It is 50,000 years ago. We have begun to ask and wonder ‘What is this?’ Right now, it feels good.

[As modern dancers we take a break, intent on holding ourselves so that energies and awareness raised can settle without suffering dissipation. On returning, we will convene a sacred circle as a modern group – ourselves – enacting the mythic awareness of a Regional community whose memory embraces a knowing of All We Have Been. We will then run this through a clarified trajectory of human pre/history, re-ordered in the mode of Sacred Play. It strikes me that I no longer feel tired!]

Remembering Origin: A Conscious Pre/History of Humankind

We resume in a standing circle. Everybody knows the broad story so only a minimum of scene-setting is required: we have reclaimed the innocence and spontaneity of our origins and with it exemption from a Fall which now lies before us in time. A series of Plays has prepared us to admit the creative force of 13 Ahau into our physical frames, beyond residual traces of shame and guilt. In our species’ historical development, however, the relative innocence of the Regional Underworld ran up against ‘Laws’ of the National (Thou shall/not …) and the prospect of spontaneous unfolding got lost.

This is evident in Genesis where Serpent (Dragon/Reptilian) energies are vilified, man is granted dominion over woman and a curse is set on the relationship between her seed and the Serpent’s. She attracts primary blame and our whole species is punished. We are shamed and made to feel guilty regarding our nakedness and sexuality. This distorts the natural integrity of kundalini risings in time. Deformity and repression were already in place long before Freud exposed the underbelly of Europe’s rational Enlightenment. Mistaking a condition of history for a state of nature, he restated old warnings against Dragons without ever imagining that our problems might stem from the repression rather than the primary nature of Dragon/Serpent (kundalini) energies per se. It is essential to shape this carefully but disastrous to bottle it up.

Short of oversimplifying, it can be said that early matriarchal and later patriarchal cultures were both unbalanced in certain respects. We must now find a 3rd way: into Human rather than Male or Female mysteries. I have pursued this via work with the Divine Child, which entails a sacred marrying of yin-yang, feminine-masculine aspects within wo/men and between them. Our work of Part 1 has prepared us for spiritual adulthood in this respect and for what we are now about to undertake.

Specifically, we will carry the restored Dragon energies of our pre-historic origins through ‘Laws’ of the unfolding patriarchal era, highlighting the advent of warfare and institutionalisation of the three main forms of patriarchal monotheism: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These have been associated with perpetuation of the Genesis curse and with conflicts that arise as a result (5).


It is 5,000 BCE. We are meeting to enact a ritual of remembering origins as handed down by ancestors from time immemorial. Their music and the vigour of our circle offer a sense of coherence and belonging, making it possible to reach back through Consciousness to a dimly remembered time when it first stirred ‘In Stone and Soil’. Enchanted, we enact this remembering before passing seamlessly into a later Song that evokes the origin of plants and a movement in Consciousness as they are drawn inexorably towards communion with Light and Sun. Plant life appears also under water, alerting us to the emergence of self-moving forms when they stream ‘Out of the Ocean’. Everyone participates whole-heartedly, feeling vast depths of re-ordering, remembering and trans-formation involved.

Our next stage sees Spirit/Consciousness looking out through eyes of countless animal species, and particularly one that experiences awe on finding itself so engaged. ‘What is this?’ we wonder before imagining what an answer might be. Such wonder and questioning set us apart, engendering a crucial differentiation in Consciousness in existence. Only careful participation in the dance keeps our tacit sense of apartness in correct, balanced relationship with All That Is.

This sense of balance and relationship is shattered when chaotic energies of war invade our Region. Animals flee, villages burn and bodies are pierced by weapons fashioned for the purpose. A deep sense of shock, of unspeakable trauma, threatens to engulf but we have passed this way before and remember to re-member. We have danced with Kali and countenanced frozen wastes in Earth’s body and our own. This has prepared us to keep our Heart(s) open and admit all that has been for purposes of reshaping and release, without attachment or identification, so that de-traumatised realisation of Now has been made possible.

Thus, admitting these remembered energies, we express them with all the innocence and spontaneity of our resurrected Dragon power. In the end, we are deeply renewed. This prepares us for facing into the echoes of institutionalised patriarchy. A first wave evokes the energies of Judaism, from Yahweh’s command that every man, woman and child in defeated cities should be put to death to glorious resonances of the Torah and prophetic Voice. Again we open, accept, reshape and release, making Beauty of what has been with a sense of gratitude to all who have gone before and brought us to awareness of this Now.

That music fades and another starts, this time evoking energies of institutionalised Christianity. Yahweh has been demoted and another true male God established in his place. Jews are burned as part of this observance. Beautiful liturgies soar above a pall of ruthless zeal. Again we accept what was and release it in service to What Is, with thanks, to facilitate Presence, Now. A third wave carries energies of Islam, expressing tension between a mystical awareness that ‘There is no God but God’ (Unity prevails) and dogmatic insistence that ‘There is no God but X’, the local favourite, such that uniformity prevails. Our track morphs into a Heart-felt Call to Prayer with a longing that cries out to be One. We dance this longing avidly towards Now.

New music evokes our legacy of exile from a sense of integral participation in this world and the Passion of our longing to be Home. Transcending the primary rift left by patriarchal religious forms – between fe/male aspects of God/dess – we focus our Heart’s Desire to come again into right relationship through a song of deep erotic yearning that raises once repressed Dragon energies back into the sphere of clarified Heart. By its end, two voices, male and female, sing together. All tiredness is gone as we hold ourselves ready for our final stage of ‘Bringing the Dragon Home.’

Bringing the Dragon Home

We return to our circle. Music plays, recapping less fervently our accomplishment in bringing fe/male, yin-yang elements back to right relationship. It also evokes themes of sacred marrying, within and between wo/men. Re-oriented, we gather at the far end of our room, facing away and expanding our Heart spheres as new music begins. Turning then, we attempt to follow an innocent direction to walk back towards the centre of our Heart(s), shedding the stories and conditions of our outer lives as we go. Immediately we find that we are already in the centre of our Heart(s), and moving from it! Our consciousness has been refocused there! The music swells as if to stress this. We walk in and from the centre of our Heart(s), realising anew an awareness that was imprinted last night, by virtue of our 13 Ahau enlightenment.

What would happen if we were to stop moving now? We stop. New music starts, that which cued the rising of yesterday’s Midnight Sun. Instinctively, it seems, we clear a channel from Base to Heart, preparing to renew last night’s epiphany. Our Genius Fire leaps high, impelled now by the liberated energies of formerly quiescent Dragon power. It surges through to fill our open, expanded Heart(s) before encompassing the room in golden light. (This rising is always happening or trying to happen in us but we have to rest in the stillness of zero to notice and facilitate it.) We exult in the majesty of this twice-risen Sun, reassured to know that it wasn’t only available for the duration of that midnight. We come into a standing circle and, instead of channelling our Heart’s Desire individually as last night, focus to create a collective Sun and project it by intent on to the face of our physical Sun. This is a prayer. Expressing the awareness that our Sun also has moved into a new phase, it aspires to bring us into a new right relationship with it.

Our individual Sun (illuminated Heart) spheres remain intact after this projection. We let them be, focusing on a tender yin Point of Creation at the centre of our Heart(s). What is happening there, now that we are still enough to notice? The inhale/exhale pattern of the Breath of God is heard, breathing Cosmos into and back out from existence. This is something I had asked everyone to practise in advance, without any reason. We emulate the soundtrack eagerly, as if already knowing that this Breath is always happening at the Point of Creation in the centre of our Heart(s). Usually, currents of personal psychology prevent us from noticing; not Now. I ask everyone to internalise the pattern before our physical music comes to an end. This is easy to achieve, since its rhythm is deeply compelling. We hold it easily and continue walking after the soundtrack fades.

New music starts. We face back towards our ordinary world, still breathing in and out the Breath of God. This music is a mirror image of that which supported our journey ‘in’. Now, eyes open on the way out and awakening to our room while Breathing still, we realise the Mystery: this room, all Creation is a projection within my expanded Heart-sphere, sourced from the Point of Creation at its centre! Our music reaches a crescendo as this awareness dawns, irrevocably in the exalted atmosphere of our Journey. We do figure in each other’s Dream and live in each other’s Heart(s)! All things rise from a Point of Creation at the centre of Divine Consciousness which is present in the centre of our Heart(s). One Self is all there is, One Heart.

We step back into our ordinary daytime world. It no longer looks the same, bathed in the glow of our inner Risen Sun. The physical sun, which had been lost in cloud, floods our room with golden yellow light. New music for a New Sun plays, reminding us and bringing newly awakened energies alive. We revel in its bounty, realising yet again that all manifestation arises from the Point of Creation at the centre of its Heart, becoming again as Divine Children as we move like wheels rolling out of our own centres, tracing innocently the lines of our Passion/Heart’s Desire.

The music shifts: a new rhythm evokes newly rampant exhilaration as part of All That Is. Suddenly, energies of all the waves that were coalesce into a single rolling front, carrying us as Divine Children astride our Beams of Light. More compellingly then, with regard to All We Have Been, we see ourselves mounted on Wild Dragons and ride them Home to an awareness that Energy and Consciousness are One. This feels like an end and a beginning.

We break for lunch and I go for a walk. Our venue is an old convent, now revamped. Once-generous grounds have been converted to car parks and out-buildings. The twin Heart(s) of the place remain: its old chapel is our workroom and a Marian shrine in an outside hollow holds Goddess energies back to ancient times. I go to this shrine and sit opposite a statue of Mother Mary. Resplendent in white and blue, she hovers in an elevated rock-face niche. I am 30 metres off, ringed by a screen of trees that lends an aura of sanctuary and sanctity. The Sun that we have raised pours down.

I have sat here through various stages of many Plays over 13 years, witnessing the impact of human resonance. Today’s is conclusive: a fully-formed merkaba appears in the space between Mother and me. Divine Father energy reaching down merges with Divine Mother energy reaching up to create a Divine (Star) Child. These Father Sky and Mother Earth ‘triangles’ (I see a 3D light-geometric form) inter-lock to create a Star/Child tetrahedron. The ‘male’ triangle spins one way, the ‘female’ another. Both rotate at such speed that they shimmer, almost motionless. The Divine Child tetrahedron remains perfectly still, in resonance with All That Is.

We can experience this now, having brought our Dragon Home (to Consciousness). Attending to Zero, our constant on the Line of Time, we are One, a still point at the centre of all turning worlds around us: Being/Nirvana. Focusing apparent fluctuations of light-dark, day-night, plus-minus above and below the Line – now minimally evoked by the 13 of Becoming – we participate also in Samsara and the plays of time, less driven and constrained than ever before.

Or we may ‘do’ both as bodhisattvas, participating joyfully in sorrows of the world, honouring the motions of Many as Unity at prayer across Form, knowing these also as projections of One Heart. The enduring 13/1 relation  allows us to continue living in time even as we know – as awakened Consciousness in us knows – that we aren’t of it. In this Time of No Time we can identify with stillness on the Line and/or motions of the Wave above/below it. The last has always been the bodhisattva’s way, and that of the self-remembered Divine Child (6).



Notes (all references are to ‘9th Wave’ at  unless indicated):

(1) See ‘Reflections on the 9th Wave’

(2) See ‘Bali: Balance and Belonging’ under Articles/Sacred Journeys

(3) See ‘The Politics of Spirit’ and ‘Legends of a Fall’, for example

(4) See ‘5th Nights’ and ‘Reflections on the End of Time’; also ‘Bali’, note 2.

(5) See ‘The Image of God’; also John Lash’s book ‘Not in His Image’.

(6) One session remains of Parts I and II relating to this. I will report it another ‘time’.

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