A Plea for my People


In May 2007, I began writing a piece called ‘God and Company’. Five pages long, it opened a broad canvas and took months to complete. It was not channelled in any usual sense, nor shaped in communion with beings outside my consciousness. Many of its passages were arrived at after considerable effort, not of research or deliberation, but of letting words find a correct order to express whatever waves of realisation were active in me on given days. These waves rose from my Heart to my Brow in their own time.

There was a profound remembering involved in this. Often, it felt as if new pathways were opening or reopening in my brain as formulations ‘clicked’. I still go back occasionally and modify expressions. This entails a peculiar alchemy. Every time it occurs, subtle adjustments happen in my consciousness and, I gather, Consciousness at large. One sentence came which, although it is part of the composition, I could not place. It felt like an excrescence, a key which addresses the role and status of humanity in particular.

It reads ‘Your beginning is of all beginnings’ and brought me to a new level of remembering. I will address this later. Another sentence arose in the middle as part of a bracketed paragraph which is more technical than the rest. I considered omitting this paragraph and would have had it not been for that sentence, which reads ‘This is primarily a matter of consciousness, not physical upheaval’. ‘God’ is speaking here about Earth changes. The words opened a trap door through which I am still falling (1).



In a recent workshop (Mexico, 2008) Drunvalo Melchizedek said that the population of Earth would reduce greatly over the next 2 to 3 years, perhaps to 100 million. He also said that a woman would succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States. Despite wondering who would elect her, I did not perceive this as a contradiction but rather as a koan, a challenge posed by Spirit with Drunvalo as mouthpiece, serving to make us think and beyond that, conscious. To become conscious is to become One.

When we speak from our Hearts, we are all mouthpieces of Spirit. Every Heart intends Unity, including a return to Unity from which all derives. We each express this aspiration according to our purpose, vision and soul history. When we speak from Heart, we cannot contradict. The logical principle of contradiction does not apply at this level of awareness. Speaking the truth of Heart, we become channels through which Spirit issues challenges towards Unity.

Our highest freedom is to express these with clarity and be guided by them to help us realise the truth of our Heart(s), which is One. As this is true for apparent contradictions uttered by Drunvalo at his workshop, so it is true for all who express the truth of their Heart(s) towards the unfolding of Consciousness in time. So long as I speak from my Heart and you from yours, I cannot contradict your truth, nor you mine. We can enrich each other’s awareness, however, and with this our access to Truth/Consciousness at large.

We are like distinct lines of articulation in a process of cooperative unfolding, all equipped to recognise and realise different potentials. The truth we express when we speak from Heart is part of a greater, more encompassing Truth which transcends the principle of contradiction. It becomes more and more available as we relinquish ego-agendas. This is an important consideration at a time when many teachers are saying many different things about Earth’s possible futures.

Drunvalo, for example, invoking science and tribal prophecy, believes that a polar shift will carry most of Earth’s human population away in the next few years. This is what he feels in his Heart. Other teachers – Celia Fenn of Starchild Global, for example – believe that enough people are now sufficiently awake to ‘hold’ coming changes so that there is no need for us to be concerned about them.

I don’t imagine that one is simply right and the other therefore wrong. Beyond contradiction, both express potentials that Spirit wants us to be aware of. Rather than choosing our favourite and disregarding its opposite, we are invited to refine our dreaming in relation to whatever tension apparent contradiction between the two perspectives might induce.

It is not enough to take refuge in the status of our preferred authority. Both sources speak from One Heart. Both intend Unity. To discard either is to slip below a Consciousness of Unity which encompasses both. It also values outer authority over the challenge to empowerment posed by Spirit’s koans of apparent contradiction.

We must follow the impulse of our own Hearts to find a creative power that can lift us beyond impasse and inertia. Stillness and mastery follow from a simple recognition that different teachers, in speaking their truth, are expressing a potential for different possible futures of Earth to manifest at this time. Like them, we retain a potential to achieve higher levels of awareness by reconciling the apparent contradictions they propose.

For me, the image arises of a plane heading for a cliff. Drunvalo says it’s going to hit but everything will be ok. We’ve been this way before. Celia says there are enough aware people on board to ensure that a collision won’t take place. This may seem comforting and is certainly a possibility that Spirit wants us to be aware of. It can’t yet be Truth, however, because Spirit also wants us to know what Drunvalo feels in his Heart. Apparent contradiction pushes us towards a refinement of awareness.

This is vital because Earth changes are primarily a matter of consciousness and subordinate to requirements of Ascension, which is entirely a matter of consciousness. We are not other than God. We are free to participate intentionally in Creator Consciousness. Earth’s impending transformation gives us a chance to realise this if we awaken to a corresponding potential in our current situation. Recognising it lifts our consciousness to a level where the apparent contradiction between Drunvalo’s and Celia’s views no longer applies.

In my case, integration came via an image that arose in meditation. The plane approaching the cliff becomes a merkaba, not mine but Earth’s. I am in the driving seat. Seeing what is about to happen, I intend the vehicle to stop, which it does, and rise easily over the cliff, which it also does. This doesn’t mean that Consciousness singles me out as a hero to save the world. On the contrary, it suggests that I as a representative rather than singular figure must assume responsibility (my response-ability) for what happens. So must we all.


The merkaba is a vehicle of consciousness. It is not physical. If we align our consciousness with Earth’s, we can facilitate her peaceful transformation. It is her highest dream to ascend in beauty, clarity and peace. I aligned my dreaming with Earth’s some years ago. I know this pledge was accepted because the meditation through which I practise it continues to develop. It jumped to new levels after Easter Island and again after Mexico.

I practise this meditation daily to align my creativity with Earth’s. It goes: ‘Mother, this is John/ Feel me coming/ Open to receive me/ Acknowledge me as your servant and your child/ Take me deep into the Heart of your Womb/ Fill me with your energy and grace, your intelligence and love/ I will that Divine Will be done through me (x3)/ I pledge my Dreaming to fulfilment of your Highest Dream, for your sake and that of all your creatures’.

While speaking these words, I drop a cord from my Heart through my base into the Heart of Earth. Invariably a shaft of energy would surface by return. Since January 2009, a clear quartz crystal has risen into my Heart. At first this was a sphere. Now it sometimes manifests as a dodecahedron. I don’t need to understand this to know that my creativity in relation to the Dream of Earth has become increasingly enhanced as a result.

I have been working intuitively through Heart for many years. Three years ago, my sense of personal consciousness relocated there. During the Heart sequence of Drunvalo’s Mexico workshop, I learned to ‘park’ this in the innermost space of my physical heart. When I coordinate this with a rising of the Crystal Heart of Earth into my Heart (chakra), it means that all traces of ‘me’ are set aside and all residual energies of creation expressly aligned with the Heart of Earth, by which they are then regulated.

It is possible to regard this as a metaphor, which makes no difference. The alignment is freely willed and necessary in any case, since our destinies are aligned with that of Earth more than ever in this lifetime. This option is available to all humans. We are all children of Earth and parts of God. The highest fulfilment of our freedom and our love would be to exercise divine creativity in her service at this time. This would entail full remembering of our true beginning, which is of all beginnings and issues from the Heart of God.


Remembering, we can shift our plane(t) away from imminent collision with the cliff. Doing so warrants a different kind of ceremony than tribal elders have been performing to sustain Earth in constancy for millennia. It none the less demands absolute respect for all that our elders have accomplished and would build upon all they have conserved. This is why a fusion of both streams is now needed: the measured, sustaining passion of our elders and the hungry, transforming passion of us moderns.

I first noticed this when I was writing my version of Don Alejandro’s Mayan ‘creation story’. Two huge differences arose around elements which I just had to put in and he never would. They concern reflexivity and passion. Taking each in turn: Don A’s telling contains no reference to ‘I’ perspectives. He simply relays what happened as his ancestors always have. No first person narrator goes to a mountain. There is no self-consciousness involved.

His story is the story of his people and his consciousness the consciousness of his people. My retelling has been shaped by a cultural experience of rational individuation which makes my consciousness seem other than Don A’s. To get back to the consciousness of his story – to make it my own – I need to start from where I am. This gives my account a quality of self-consciousness that is simply not present in his. There is no hint of disrespect involved. Far from it, my retelling is an act of unqualified homage and yearning to belong.

Thus, at the end of ‘my’ story, the narrator specifies a remembering of ‘that first morning’. There is no such detail in Don A’s account, nor is one needed. His memory is already the memory of his ancestors. By contrast, formation of my consciousness in this lifetime has been shaped by forces of culture and history that serve to insulate me from depths of remembering that come easily to him.

I need to undergo a kind of passionate breakthrough that will allow me to experience such a depth of human (not just Mayan) memory as my own. This is why I had to write that line and why, in doing so, I truly did weep at depths of remembering it evoked in me. The intensity of my weeping shattered walls of forgetting that had held me apart in fascinated admiration. It returned me to a flow of engaged remembering that used to be our common passion.

More generally, our elders – never having strayed far from the Constant – are less alienated, and thus less desperate and less ostensibly dramatic than we. That said, if we can channel our reactive desperation into authentic acts of passionate yearning, good things come. Disaffected moderns can break beyond a lack of enabling tradition straight to essence. Essence renews tradition, as human rather than tribal. This is what Unity warrants. There is vast scope for co-operation here. More than correct ritual observance, successful fusion involves realising in consciousness an authentic promise held within the yang mode of Divine Creativity.

This was both masked and disclosed by modernity’s ‘lust for innovation’. Our lust over-reached because it was ignorant of the Constant. Nevertheless, outer shows of technological sophistication reflect an inner attitude that underpins them. However much we tend to identify our projections as something other than ourselves, the internet – for example – still images externally our will to engage in universal commun(icat)ion at this time.

It is not an accident that Barack Obama is currently modelling ‘I Can’ consciousness to the world. Although its expressions have been distorted by alienated market priorities into the 21st century, ‘I Can’ consciousness is not inherently alienating. It is an integral expression of enlightened willing but needs to exist in balanced relationship with a feminine yin mode that remembers the Constant.  We need now to bring it into right relationship with our ‘I AM’ consciousness of What Is.


This has not yet been accomplished. Even pharaohs must unfold in stages. Barack Obama has evidently been moved to integrate the US experience of slavery. He has succeeded admirably in this. One result has been to establish a glass foundation from which his oratory builds. He invokes colonists who rose against an empire but as yet omits the colonised. Only when the stories and sensibilities of America’s First People are included and transcended, will a viable synthesis of ‘I AM’ and ‘I Can’ become possible (2).

The wonder is, however, that the prospect now beckons after years of obfuscation. Tender Hearts across the globe unite in tremulous hope of a New Camelot, an order of human culture built on Love. This has not been shown to create ‘jobs’ but our Dreaming has deep roots and springs eternal. We rush to acclaim what we have barely dared to hope even as, in a divided house, our hero is obliged to maintain a discrete, pragmatic front and remains vulnerable to cynicism and entrenchment.

In the meantime, until the story of its First People has been embraced, Turtle Island remains patterned by the impact of alien mythologies, most of which hail from the Middle East of two thousand years ago. As Joseph Campbell used to say, the impact of such patterning means that we always think the Holy Land is somewhere else, not here and now, under our present feet. When the grief of the ‘Indian Wars’ has been processed, a more integral mythos will arise to bind human consciousness effectively into the memory and promise of the Land.

The same could be true of any country, especially in old Europe where embodied elders no longer hold songs that can deliver us into experience of a Sacred World and Living Earth. We must find other means as a resurgence of our battered spirits moves us to walk out on our Holy Land and cry for vision. In time, persuaded of sincerity, she opens to us. Our Mother is wounded but not closed. Nevertheless, it takes great passion on our parts to breach the gap. We must break through the inertia of our history, shame, embarrassment, timidity, forgetting. Doing so would help whole cultures to re-centre in the Dream of Earth.


‘I Can’ consciousness is not other than ‘I AM’ but integral to it. Both are manifestations of Divine Consciousness: a part that moves (yang/Becoming) and a part that is still (yin/Being). We can realise both of these together. By such means, divinity becomes conscious of itself in time. The prospect of catastrophic pole shifts is trifling by comparison with this vastly greater promise of our situation.

Becoming is integral to Being as evolution happens in the Consciousness of God. Existence is a Dream of God. It is a direct expression of Her/His nature as Love. Love, including our Love, is not for the Divine but of it. It is not static but ek-static. It moves, reaches out and draws close. Reaching out, it transcends, exceeding what was there before. It alters, innovates, projects. This is its yang face. Drawing close, it nurtures, holds and sustains. This is its yin.

Finding in itself a perfect balance that we cannot speak but sometimes feel, it knows the dynamic, resonant stillness of a Great Mystery that forever Is and yet becomes. Failing, it stagnates or runs wild. We need now to bring our ‘I AM’ consciousness of constancy together with the ‘I Can’ of creative possibility, acknowledging its divine origins also. This empowers us to make miracles, to take appropriate charge of our hurtling jet, the living plane(t) that was given into our care so we could learn to balance freedom and love in right relationship.

We were not born to this destiny. It was thrust upon us after the Fall of Atlantis, our second. It is unprecedented for a species to ‘fall’ twice. We were innocent on both occasions. On the first, when Spirit descended (vibrationally, not morally) into Matter, we were specifically unforeseen as God curbed Her/His powers so that freedom might enter existence. We were conceived as children of a secondary parent who did not intend our best. We rose above this humble start to achieve Christ/Unity consciousness in Lemuria only to be cast down as a result of later ‘Martian’ intervention (3).

We felt young, feminine and abandoned in our violation. This is why Drunvalo says humanity was like an adolescent girl subjected to rape. The Ascended Masters had been working to refine our potential for yin-yang integration by gradual means. Our ‘fall’ in consciousness undermined this process. It also warranted an unprecedented acceleration of our trajectory if we were to recover in time to participate in Earth’s Ascension, which was also to have been ours. We had no option but to rise again, starting over a long evolutionary track back towards attainment of Christ/Unity consciousness.


This journey to our Second Coming has not been easy. Human history has been, for most people most of the time, a nightmare of violence and apprehension. No other species has conjured miseries as we do. We know that there are special reasons for this. We know about our second ‘Fall’, about ET influences working through genetic and cultural streams as well as in/direct psychic manipulation. We have been easy targets due to vulnerabilities induced by our archetypal pattern of abandonment at birth and impressions of guilt that have been laid upon this, before and since Atlantis. We have been shamed by repeated evidence of our brutality and greed. The case against us cannot be dismissed.

Despite this, we are the most innocent of species, perhaps the most innocent imaginable. Our beginning is of all beginnings. It was not motivated by specific intent on the part of ‘God’ (as orphaned children, we seek desperately to image One who was not there). At the root of our memory, we were born to separation and abuse. Not only were we conceived as slaves and abandoned to this fate, when we raised ourselves up we were thrown down, unprotected against outside aggression. We have since had to raise ourselves again without a blueprint, with nothing but injured instinct, scant records and a damaged sense of purpose to sustain us.

For wounded creatures, self-conscious, to be trapped in an un-illuminated world of instinct for so long has meant pain beyond imagining but we have borne it, right up to our present threshold of remembering. Now we can see that our beginning was indeed of all beginnings: an initiative of life forms that had already found freedom under God, drawn on ages of material evolution that had long been in place. Our destiny may have been immediately set by pragmatic goals of the Nephilim but they too were adrift on tides of creation. No wiser then than we are now, they were simply taking measures to maintain their world, innocently within their fraught survival consciousness. Our Sirian fathers had already grasped Mystery and were just saying ‘yes’ to Life, as innocence demands.

They knew Life always finds a Way, as we did, despite being conceived as sterile. The energies of all Creation, all beginnings, moved in us and could not be contained. We found a way to Trees of Knowledge and then Life. We rose beyond idolizing ‘gods’ we created in our need and found a place within the Stream of Becoming. We were then struck down in puberty by the realisation of a potential that had been specifically unforeseen in the name of freedom – i.e. that certain forms of God would forget God and assert themselves in separation from the ‘I AM’ Consciousness of What Is. I refer particularly to the Martian debacle on Atlantis. Even this must be affirmed as an integral expression of God’s Dreaming, which is innocent at core.


As soon as it happened, our ‘Fall’ became necessary. Evolutionary potentials reconfigured and we became prime carriers of the burden. We were played even more by ETs who had imposed upon us. We showed resilience and creativity in adjusting to harsh environments, but we also regressed under trauma as we began our new ascent of the chakras, without memory or maps. We forgot everything and in our forgetting, felt lost as well as devastated. All our ‘root’ issues re-emerged. We became as damaged children adrift in animal bodies, moved by wounded instincts and dim aspirations to levels of communion we could no longer envisage. Grounds for a debased religiosity had been established. There was no shortage of ‘gods’ waiting to step in.

Despite this, the persistence of our spiritual impulse – a will to affirm Life and celebrate it – is still remarkable. It evidences creative stirring in our essence and a continuing capacity for awe before the wonders of existence. It is important to acknowledge this behind every impulse to genuflect and self-wound. These are the distorted reflexes of a damaged species. They do not express our essence. Finding ourselves a repository for all the trauma and derangements induced by male warrior consciousness acting in separation, we assumed an option to transmute it on behalf of Life everywhere. ‘We’ includes all of us, travellers from everywhere who felt compassion for this most innocent of beleaguered species, whose unpredicted destiny had become a means to redemption for all the troubled forces working through it. We became human, brothers and sisters, born of all beginnings and we are here.


Becoming human doesn’t just involve dropping in to have ‘an experience’ or perform cosmic favours. Bodhisattvas don’t claim special status. Our choice was motivated by compassion. Creatures from everywhere, we became human by entering into the common passion of humanity, whose vulnerability had already drawn the attention of troubled beings from all over. They had come seeking to pursue what they took to be advantage. They are part of our common passion also, parts of God seeking at this moment to remember (4).


This scenario is poignantly illustrated by the Waitaha, the pre-Maroi inhabitants of New Zealand (Aotearoa). Originally from Lemuria, they survived its immersion peacefully before setting out from Easter Island to settle in Aotearoa, still carrying a tender feminine sensibility. They held their genetic and cultural heritage intact for thousands of years before being invaded by the Maori, then a fierce warrior people who had been affected by a deranging Martian response to the mass traumatisation of our species after Atlantis.

Within their mindset, the tribe was an exclusive unity, an in-group to whose interests those of others were subordinated. Possessed by a frenzy of disorientation, the Maori ate the Waitaha men and raped their women (5). It is difficult to imagine a more extreme process of mutual assimilation. The base pattern of Martian rape/expropriation was thus acted out, as it has been so many times on our planet (6). The surviving Waitaha females were required to absorb this enormity, as Earth has been.

Instead of succumbing to bitterness and despair, they kept the memory of their dream alive and transmitted it across generations. They integrated the craziness that had engulfed their world and, in time, enlightened it. Recently, they have emerged to proclaim their identity as an integral people, having transmuted the chaotic powers by which their conquerors were once possessed. They have become One again, asserting only the power of Love. An articulated Lemurian sensibility has been restored, in their men as well as in their women.

The Waitaha are known as water-carriers. They have borne our species’ grief in concentrated form. They have always known – because of their feeling for divine order – that admitting grief is a means of restoring life and permitting original blessings to flow. What they have accomplished is something which all humanity has been engaged in on a larger scale: as the Maori invaded Aotearoa, so Martians invaded Earth. We have been engaged in transmuting effects of this violation ever since, or trying to. Other star tribes became involved, both to take advantage and assist. The outcome is that we became grief-bearers for the galaxy. Healing that is accomplished here will ripple out through Cosmos, creating a benign alternative to catastrophic scenarios which past trauma has conditioned us to expect.


Life doesn’t manifest death camps except under extreme conditions. Humanity has lived the likes of Rwanda, Sarajevo, Cambodia, Auschwitz and Darfur repeatedly for several thousand years after a hundred millennia in which there were no traces of war. Something extraordinary has been going on: Earth became a frontier venue for dissociated warrior tendencies to enact their drama of not/coming into right relationship with the Sacred Feminine. As a result, the reality most humans still experience derives from a reactive mire of unacknowledged trauma over which a veneer of rationality has been imposed. This has given rise to new third chakra agendas of mastery, separation and control that have yet to admit their derailment by un-comprehended wounds of a deep past. Lacking such admission and the forgiveness it allows, we continue to re-manifest old patterns.

Rationality cannot prevent this, it just gets drawn in, altering the terms of obfuscation: Auschwitz was not the creation of pre-rational people but of damaged rationality acting from un-clarified foundations. All our woes stem from the same deep knot of soul-wounding which, since it remains unacknowledged, also remains unhealed. The same pattern underpins our present commitment to financial crisis. Despite understanding the need for circulation, actors whose actions constitute ‘the market’ wait day after day to see how ‘the market’ will respond. We are frightened, untrusting and unwilling to assume response-ability beyond pursuing short-term advantage. We have been cultured to see this as ‘rational’.

I don’t just mean frightened of losing cash. That is a symptom. We are frightened of loss itself and accumulate to guard against it. Threatened, we retrench and cling fast. This disposition is rooted in unconscious memories of primal catastrophe. The mortified, de-based condition of our first chakras expresses this (as does the range of horrifying atrocities we commit when ‘normal’ sanctions are lifted). We invest rather than flow, in a mode of calculation rather than trust. Our deformed second chakras don’t dream abundance. For us wealth must be earned, manipulated and overseen. We conquer, exchange, seduce and transact but cannot give with confidence of receiving by return. We have let ourselves down too many times.

Unity Consciousness appears to have little chance against such a backdrop but even secretly breaking Hearts intend Unity. Now, in Sacred Time, our breaking Hearts are called upon to open and become whole. In addition to native prophecies, completion of the Mayan calendar and Drunvalo’s Christ Grid are primary indicators of this. Both restore a missing blueprint that connects our forgotten destinies to fulfilment of Earth’s cosmic destiny. This is not a cliché: it simply posits destiny on a cosmic scale, the level at which Unity in existence must be comprehended. More specifically, the Christ Grid entails that a formal potential now exists for everyone who has a Heart to ascend into Unity/Christ consciousness. This involves a healing of separation and of all that contributed to our experiences of it.

There are two points I would stress here. The first is that this potential has to be realised in time. We who are in time must act to secure it. As well as the top-down approach recently brought to a conclusion by the anchoring of Drunvalo’s Grid, there is a complementary strand of activity native to Earth, comprising the efforts of all who have been working to remember our innocence and destiny. This grows our species’ morphogenetic field from within. It is enhanced, not superseded by Drunvalo’s accomplishment.

I know this from my experiences in Lemuria and all that followed. Connecting with the Grid accelerated and empowered my unfolding towards an end which involves more than waiting to see if tribal elders have been right all along. My primary lesson has been that – in essence (innocence) – human beings can embody pure Creator consciousness and exercise it for the highest good. This, not ‘sin’, is our first nature. I experience Love within me reaching up, from my recovering essence, to touch Love that reaches down from the Christ Grid.

The second point I want to stress is that this option exists for everyone, not just ‘Light-workers’. In Unity Consciousness, all humans are awakening Christs seeking to make good our Second Coming. We must act response-ably for this to happen, remembering that we became human not to witness but to participate, to assist with raising Earth’s vibration from within and help innocence recover after inestimable trauma. Now when our time for doing this is to hand, we need only act according to the Truth of our Hearts, as expressions of God’s will, to help everyone become aware of potentials that are now available.

Our Mother’s highest dream is that her children should remember our identity under God in time to make miracles on her behalf, mindful of the Constant. A catastrophic shift is her default option. This looks probable but doesn’t have to happen. Elder prophecy, scientific prediction and Drunvalo’s feeling project forward patterns that have obtained to date. No practical solutions impend. This means we need miracles, which are matters of consciousness. We need to step out now and reveal our essence as miracle-makers. All humanity partakes of this essence. It was dreamt for us by our Sirian fathers, following a precedent of God.


This focus on collective empowerment distinguishes my part in Spirit’s cosmic koan from Celia’s. Let me clarify with reference to work she offered which C attended. Its purpose was to open the portal of Lake Constance (between Austria, Switzerland and Germany), restoring Goddess sensibility in the area after centuries of patriarchal strife. A group assembled and a ceremony was conducted whereafter Magdalene was established as custodian of the new order on a planetary, Sophia on a universal and Isis on a cosmic level. C then returned home, as did other local members of ‘Family of Light’. I gather that Celia’s programme involves linking the consciousness of various bodies of water with which she works.

This is entirely commendable. In an energy universe where Consciousness responds to intent, benign interventions create benign effects but with planetary, universal and cosmic guardians in place, few people think of maintaining or renewing them. Most don’t imagine they have the power or are unaware even of the possibility. No change has occurred in the consciousness of thousands who live by the lake or visit it daily. It happens that on the day C told me about this, we were there. I had been to the water’s edge, knelt and offered thanks for gifts of beauty and service to all. I have done this many times for years, always to the same effect.

The lake responds immediately, Consciousness to Consciousness, allowing me a wonderful sense of being One with a Sacred World. There are no words. I just initiate a possibility of communion that is available to everybody at all times. Most of us don’t know this because we’ve never been shown and we’re generally too pre-occupied with our self-consciousness to discover it spontaneously. Nevertheless, if everyone could make such offering and receive such blessing, the experience of Sacred Earth would instantly come alive all around us. The whole world would pulse as a living miracle, including ourselves as part of it.

All this would take is for so-called ordinary people – every one of whom is Family of Light, there being no other way to enter existence – to join in conscious relationship with a living environment. We have only to clear our emotional histories, shift limiting beliefs and engage in creative consciousness exchange – remember innocence – for this to happen. From here it is but a small step to remember Creator Consciousness. This may seem impossible but the energies of our time demand it. We need forms of teaching and communion which transmit a sense of empowerment, vital triggers that give people a sense of waking up and switching on. Current waves of the Mayan calendar support this (7).

I have no doubt that Celia is discharging her part of Spirit’s koan beautifully but, because I express a different piece of it in time, I draw attention to another, complementary potential – i.e. the element of empowerment: of waking up and switching on. There is no contradiction involved. I wouldn’t even have noticed the pattern I am now describing had it not been for the contrast between Celia’s and Drunvalo’s views. Spirit already has the matter finely gauged. It’s easy to see a Whole Picture from outside time. While we are in time, it has to be declared in sequence. We need to recognise this and be thankful for platforms we are always building for each other.

Second Coming spirituality invites us all to assume our own Christ nature. The first shall be last and the last first. This is the most beautiful of mystical Christian revelations. It doesn’t just apply to people who practise merkaba, see energies, levitate or channel Jesus. It applies to everyone who has a Heart – i.e. everyone. For humanity to awaken in this way would be truly uplifting. Earth’s vibration would soar, carrying our plane way above the cliff.

It is not impossible given the collective shift into Heart Consciousness which is again looming for a species that has scaled the chakra ladder a second time, following a derailment that was not of our making. No Mother chooses to deny her children on the eve of such deliverance. The choice is ours. It is evolutionary madness to eliminate a species poised at this threshold. All our crises, koans, prophecies and wars serve now to WAKE US UP lest we sleep through our opportunity of rebirth back into innocence and wholeness.


A central issue concerns the mode of right relationship between consciously active Light-workers and the rest of humanity. I draw lessons from the literature of Greek tragedy. In these stories, heroic figures grapple with forces of destiny beyond their understanding. At first they are representative, illustrating both the plight and resources of human beings pitted against fate. (Note the dualistic framing of traumatised consciousness.) Later, distinguished by accomplishment, they come to see themselves as distinctive rather than representative. This leaves them vulnerable to the tragic flaw of hubris, an overweening quasi-spiritual pride.

I am not saying that Light-workers are necessarily proud but we know that attachment – even unconscious – to any particularising identity inhibits the flow of Grace. The issue is never what teachings or techniques we have mastered but what Truth we have realised in our Hearts. If we have experienced the Truth of Heart as Oneness, or are tending towards this, we are manifesting a potential that inheres in the Heart(s) of all humanity – not just to be part of Oneness but to realise it while alive. This is the essence of Ascension.

If we can know ourselves as expressing the potential of our species in this regard, then humanity’s morphogenetic field is already closer to an ideal of Unity secured by the Christ Grid. The Christing of our species (and planet) is also brought closer as a result, even before we ‘do’ anything. If, in regard to my actions, I align ‘I Can’ consciousness with ‘I AM’, they become non-actions of my soul’s highest destiny working through ‘me’: the Tao does nothing and nothing is left undone. My freedom is found in fulfilment of my highest destiny, which is also Earth’s, and God’s (8).

Issues of ‘critical mass’ become relevant here. Our mass is not ‘elect’ in any sense except that we are blessed to participate consciously in the process of Ascension at this time. We are already remembering what others have just begun to credit. We represent them in that we manifest patterns that are as yet only potential in them, but emerging. Our successes ease their way to a Unity that was already within reach before unspeakable trauma erased our memories and numbed our spontaneity to the core. As the Waitaha have shown, we retain the option of stepping out again as an integral people (species), having made One (Love) with all that seemed once to be other than ourselves.


I once heard at a workshop that its presenter and his teacher had cleared fifty per cent of the world’s karma the previous year and were due to tackle the rest in a couple of months. I could help them for a fee. I wondered if everyone else had been wasting their time and reckoned not. A quick estimate suggests that, based only on workshops I’ve attended, Earth’s karma has been healed about 9,000 per cent. Evidence suggests otherwise. The problem lies not with arithmetic but in our understanding of the situation.

Earth is our stage. She would be cleared easily if that were her or Spirit’s intention but she is pledged to host to an experiment in freedom which has become ours. Her unfolding has been compromised since Atlantis but she still has appointments to keep. Her Highest Dream is that we will ascend with her en masse because that would be most beautiful and most amazing. For Earth’s human children to recollect Truth and its Power would embellish universes. The meek will inherit Earth when we remember, bringing I AM and I Can Consciousness into right relationship.

We are not benevolent heroes doing her a favour. She is working for us also, helping us to awaken. We all have different roles in this regard and they dovetail. We can only remember wholeness in sequence, bits at a time, until new levels of pattern illuminate consciousness and we experience qualitative shifts which tend always towards the Shift (into Unity). As more of us get this, all of us move closer to it. When enough of us are there, the rest can be raised up. This is a matter of consciousness, vibration and choice.

Meanwhile, in healing Earth we heal ourselves. Ten thousand groups must go to Macchu Picchu not because it needs to be healed ten thousand per cent but because its healing has to come in stages that unfold sequentially and, in so doing, serve needs in those who are called at different times. The same is true of all sacred sites. We all need chances to remember Truth and its Power, rather than have distinctive heroes claim to do it for us. Earth will continue to sicken on our behalf till we remember or time runs out. It is the nature of Spirit’s koan to awaken us to Unity, miracle and joy beyond solemnity and self-importance.

Our sleeper option leads to physical upheaval. We can choose catastrophe by default. This is the negative face of our freedom clause: 5.9 billion of us can be carried ‘Home’ as a result of turbulent Earth changes, forgetting that Home is primarily a matter of consciousness, not place. We don’t have to go anywhere to be Home. Home is a state of consciousness. We have freedom to transform consciousness on Earth. By so doing, we transform the consciousness of Earth. This is our beauty way, our creativity, the fulfilment of our long and troubled path. Humanity is not just a transitory vehicle. Like the First King of Easter Island, we have gifts to offer also.


(1) It is tiresome to keep putting ‘God’ in quotes so I won’t do it anymore unless this seems necessary to stress that each time I refer to God, I am attempting vainly to evoke by naming a Mystery that is beyond names, concepts and definitions of all kind. See ‘God and Company’.

(2)  Woody Guthrie is beautiful but his myth-making lacks the depth of Black Elk’s, which dates from a ‘Stone Age’ when communion between human beings and all our relations was natural on Turtle Island.

(3)  Pleading human innocence by asserting Martian guilt achieves nothing. We still need to realise how imbalance entered Creation. ‘Martians’ are predominantly masculine, aggressive and unfeeling. This is in the nature of one strand of God’s experiment. Their conduct is an expression of this nature, amplified by fear and mistrust of the feminine, which humanity once embodied. While we were still learning to bring our nascent yang tendencies into right relationship with our primary feminine nature, ‘Martians’ had long since effected a sundering. It is from this sundering that catastrophe arose. A potential for new balance was thus created between ‘them’ and ‘us’, or ‘them’ in ‘us’.

(4) Whatever forms we occupy, we are all just varieties of Spirit, playing specialised roles in order to promote a fulfilment of Consciousness by realising Love. This is as true of the most indigenous human as of the most exalted Sky Lord.

(5) I intend no disrespect to the Maori, whom I feel in my Heart as a beautiful people. No human tribe was left untouched by a virus that had to live so Life could flourish. I am struck that the Latin word for ‘man’ is vir, whence virulent. The runaway yang energy of alienated warrior consciousness had to run its course, once it had been loosed, in order to have a chance of coming Home.

(6) ‘Martian’ is best understood in relation to Mars the Roman god of war rather than the planet. Acknowledging an archetype is preferable to imagining that we are referring to something which is other than ourselves.

(7) See ‘The Mayan Calendar: History, Purpose, Applications’.

(8) Apparent opposition between freedom and necessity is an outcome of the brain’s polarising tendency. It doesn’t apply at the level of Heart/Unity Consciousness, where I will that Divine Will be done through me. As Carl Jung says ‘Freedom is the ability to do gladly that which I must do.’

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