The Image of God


Writing ‘The White Rose’, I developed a strong sense of debilitating hoax that had been imposed on humanity with the notion of ‘original sin’. Buoyed by recent experiences in Lemuria and with the Rose, I felt moved to deconstruct this. ‘The Image of God’ resulted. It established a frame within which C and I began reclaiming our sense of innocence, of being in essence. This proved to be the start of an arduous journey during which we were asked repeatedly to find innocence within and between ourselves across different times and places of Earth history, with special reference to sex-linked animosity and wounds.


Antagonism flared on journeys through Cathar France, Arab Spain and Aztec Mexico, with periods of stabilisation at the centre of Europe (southern Germany) and its edge (western Ireland) in between. It was made clear that every strain of anger, bitterness, resentment, fear and mistrust that had ever arisen between men and women would also surface between us. My task was to integrate dysfunctional male patterns through tangled histories of atrocity and rape. C’s was to remember Goddess integrity beyond the impact of such violation. Our shared Passion was finally made whole in Egypt during February of 2009. ‘Image’ details how this remembering began.

Humans are said to be made in the image of God. This is said to give us dominion over other life-forms. Moreover, because ‘God’ is male, it has been said that men are closer to Him than women, who have thus been subordinated to patriarchy (the rule of fathers). The God of patriarchy is not localised. He dwells in ‘Heaven’, which is other than Earth. This implies that Earth is ‘fallen’ and that God’s jurisdiction includes us all. He presides not over parts of the world but all of it, at least in principle.

Problems arise when more than one such God is acclaimed. We can’t be sure then in whose image we are made. History tells that our preferred methods of deciding are war and persecution. This story neither persuades nor inspires. Despite its accuracy in relation to a human world it has helped to shape, it is unflattering and stupefying. I want to tell another story that will help to set us free in the way that therapeutic reconstructions help release people from old hurts and delusions into greater life.

My story need not be taken literally. It is a mythological account, drawn from archetypal realms to clarify how we have become as we now are (1). Some may dispute its factual accuracy and others bristle at the low origin it seems to impute but there are no low origins. All begins in the Dream of God (2). Inflections arise to shape each species to its Way. Ours is a freedom born of necessity and vice-versa. We have bowed before false idols for too long.


Sumerian mythology is the oldest written record of our human past. It tells of a ‘12th planet’ in our solar system called Niburu, whose existence science has recently confirmed. Niburu travels retrograde in a 3,600 year orbital cycle around the sun. This means that it moves in the opposite direction to Earth and comes close to us every 3,600 years. How could ancient Sumerians possibly have known this?

Their answer would be that the Niburuans told them or, at least, their ancestors. Around 430,000 years ago, it is said, a group from Niburu landed on Earth. It seems they had been encountering environmental difficulties on a scale such as we now face today. Their planet’s orbital path takes them very far out from the sun, so they needed to retain as much of its heat as they could.

They were at that point a little more technologically sophisticated than we are. Their scientists proposed stuffing the outer atmosphere of their planet with gold particles to keep heat in, so they came to Earth looking for gold. Finding it, they established mines in various locations, mostly in southern Africa. There were no human beings on the planet at that time.

These beings from Niburu were called Nefilim and are referred to as such by the Bible as well as Sumerian myth. They were giants by our standards, 10 to 16 feet tall, and they lived for 360,000 of our years. At first they mined gold themselves under the command of two brothers, Enlil and his junior, Enki. The gold was collected at 3,600 year intervals, every time Niburu’s orbit brought it close enough to Earth.

After 150,000 years, the Nefilim workers had enough and refused to continue. Enlil had to find a new way of meeting his quotas. He proposed to create a new species, more intelligent than any primates then alive on Earth, whose sole purpose would be to mine gold. This was us. Human beings were first conceived as a race of slaves.

To make us, Nefilim scientists mixed clay with the blood of a primate and sperm from one of their young males. Their intention was to genetically engineer this new species by combining their DNA with that of the primate species. This mix was then inserted into the wombs of 7 Nefilim females who eventually gave birth to us. This procedure was repeated over and over to create an army of human slaves.

The Nefilim, our creators, intended to control us utterly. When they had enough gold, they planned to destroy us and abandon Earth. This, according to our earliest written mythology, is the origin of our species. But there is more: before a species can be born physically, an immaterial (4th dimensional) blueprint has to be created for it. Such metaphysical birthing is more complex.

On this level, the Nefilim played the mother role. Seven females came together to form a pattern of seven interlocking spheres of consciousness by intentionally dying. Their merging created a blue-white flame of pure consciousness, also called the Flower of Life. The Nefilim then placed this flame within the Womb of Earth, a 4th dimensional space known to ancient Egyptians as the Halls of Amenti. This flame became the ‘planetary ovum’ of Earth as our spiritual mother.

But planetary conception requires a father from outside the mother’s body. This role was played by Sirians, 4th dimensional beings from a highly evolved star (Sirius). They already had an interest in Earth and its evolution, which was now to include ours. Being highly evolved, the Sirians went straight to the Halls of Amenti and lay in a circle with their heads towards the Flame. They then merged in consciousness with the planetary ovum left by the Nefilim to create the spiritual blueprint for a new species – us.

When this metaphysical conception was complete, the first human babies were physically born to Nefilim mothers on a large island called Gondwanaland, located off the southwest coast of Africa. We were confined there for ease of access whenever a new batch of slaves was required to work the mines. This happened around 200,000 years ago. Our bones have been found in the area where the principal mining ventures are said to have been located by Sumerian records.

The Nefilim controlled every aspect of our lives. Since they produced us, we had no need to reproduce ourselves. In other words, we were sterile. Our evolution was not scheduled to go anywhere, at least not in their conception of it. We had no project, no generative powers of our own. We didn’t even know our true (metaphysical) father, the Sirian collective who helped dream us alive.

But their dreaming was part of our blueprint. There was more to us than the Earth savages whom the Nefilim exploited for thousands of years. They were not only our Makers; they were also as our Gods. Their chief, Enlil, is even said to have become a prototype for the Biblical Yahweh.

As the mines in southern Africa flourished by virtue of our labour, the Nefilim built elaborate, opulent cities in the North (around present-day Iraq). These were surrounded by vast and beautiful gardens. It was, as we might say, a Paradise. Human slaves were summoned from the mines to tend it. There were many trees in this Paradise garden, and one in particular of which humans were forbidden to eat.

Enlil’s younger brother, Enki (which means ‘snake’), furious over some dispute, told a female slave called Eve that if humans were to eat of that tree, they would become like the Nefilim. Having more to her dreaming than the slavers’ tunnel vision, Eve ate of this   tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Her consciousness was transformed. She entered duality, becoming able to reflect, question and procreate. No longer sterile, she broke humanity’s immemorial lineage of control by God/Enlil.

Excited, she tells her companion Adam who, infected by her enthusiasm, also eats of the forbidden tree. They become sexually active, autonomously erotic beings. Later, under the eyes of Enlil, they are shamed. His presence evokes their old consciousness, or lack of consciousness as it might now appear. Uncertain, they cover their nakedness before him who was their Lord.

Angry and alarmed, Enlil banishes them from the Garden. He is particularly anxious lest they eat of a second tree, the Tree of Life, for this would make them immortal. Aiming to deny them this opportunity and prevent them from infecting more of his slaves, he drives them out but keeps a record of their children and their children’s children. A scientist, he retains that measure of regard for his experiment.

Exiled from their former unreflective state, cast out from the Garden, our first (human) parents must struggle to survive but they are also free to evolve, to discover what they have it in them to become. Let us assume that their descendents spread through Africa. We would then be continuing the adventure of these ancestors to this day.


The ‘trees’ in the Sumerian record may not be physical at all. Mythic accounts concern essential truths rather than literal facts. The presence of a ‘snake’ suggests an association with human kundalini, transformations of which also transform consciousness. The ‘Tree of Life’ would then entail higher initiations, to which we shall return.


Gondwanaland sank as a result of a pole shift in our prehistoric past. It seems that Eve’s eating of the Tree of Knowledge inspired its inhabitants since many of them had found ways off the island instead of waiting to drown or be enslaved. Also, as Gondwanaland sank, a new ‘Motherland’ – Lemuria – arose. This is known as a water continent because it consisted of thousands of islands in the Pacific Ocean, stretching all the way from Hawaii to Easter Island.

Humans settled in Lemuria about 130,000 years ago and lived peacefully there for almost 70,000 years. Adrift on islands, surrounded by an ocean and great natural abundance, we became essentially feminine: peace-loving, trusting and intuitive. Our consciousness continued to evolve, and with it Earth’s. We learned further how to promote our development as a species.

In particular, two beings – a couple, Ay and Tiya – learned how to make love in such a way that, when a child was born of their union, all three became immortal. They ate of the Tree of Life as their ancestors had eaten of the Tree of Knowledge. This second step would not have been possible without the first. It grew from it. As a result, there were now Christ-conscious human beings on Earth, risen from the level of sterile drones.

Realising their immortality, Ay and Tiya became humanity’s first Ascended Masters. They formed a school to help others follow this path. By the time Lemurian civilisation was nearing its end, a thousand people had ‘ascended’ in this way. Many others would have followed had the process not been interrupted, but it was. Around 65,000 years ago, most of what had been the continent of Lemuria was submerged.

Because the people were feminine and intuitive, this was foreseen. An orderly evacuation was completed in good time. There were no casualties and no trauma. Most of the population settled along the western coasts of Central and South America. The Ascended Masters travelled to a newly risen continent which would become known as Atlantis. They settled on an island there and began preparing the main landmass to receive a new civilisation.

They did so by projecting an etheric Tree of Life on to it. Ten consciousness spheres were located on this mainland, as in the kabbalah (which derives from Atlantis). One extra sphere lay to the south in the ocean and another, the ‘highest’, northwards on the Masters’ island. This island was laid out in the form of a human brain because the Masters were working there to integrate its feminine and masculine aspects.

The ten spheres on the mainland became sites for the main cities of Atlantis. When its Tree structure was activated, ‘ordinary’ Lemurians who had settled elsewhere were drawn psychically to the new continent. Each, depending on their level of consciousness, was called to inhabit a particular sphere. However, the general population of Lemuria had only learned how to access eight of the ten levels available, so two spheres remained empty. These were soon occupied by two different extra-terrestrial groups.

The first of these would become known as the Hebrews of Biblical tradition. The second group came from Mars, where warfare had been endemic for many thousands of years. This was so because the Martians lacked feeling and compassion. Their primary instinct was to dominate and control. Opposed in this, they resorted to warfare. This tendency had led to destruction of their planet. They arrived on Atlantis, without permission, intending to take over but their small numbers prevented this. They had to bide their time.

The Martians were hostile and unfeeling because they were part of what Drunvalo Melchizedek calls a Lucifer experiment. This is a generic name assigned to a recurring tendency in evolution for certain parts of Reality to isolate from the rest with a view to becoming its own ‘God’. This self-assumed ‘separation consciousness’ involves severing links into the Heart of Love which binds Reality as One, even when someone closes down and is unable to feel it.

The Martians had followed such a track for a million years, so their only way of relating was to take charge. Although numerically in the minority, this attitude soon won them disproportionate influence over Atlantean culture. For 50,000 years they produced technologies which gradually entered mainstream life, changing it from being female, right-brained and feeling-based into male, left-brained and logical. The Martians amassed great wealth and power while the Lemurians slowly lost their intuitive abilities.

A critical point was reached when a comet was detected whose trajectory was likely to bring it close to the mainland. The Martians wanted to shoot it down. The Lemurians remembered enough of their old ways to hold that its appearance was in divine order and that it should thus be allowed to run its course. Outnumbered still, the Martians relented.

About 14,000 years ago a fragment of this comet struck the mainland of Atlantis, particularly affecting the Martian colony. There were many casualties. The survivors were outraged and went into an aggressive control mode, pledging never again to be swayed by feminine sentiment. They began work on a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba, a device which they believed would give them absolute control over the entire continent.

There was a flaw in its construction, however, and when they tried to activate the device, it exploded. The effect was catastrophic. In addition to surface devastation, the explosion ripped through adjacent dimensional membranes of Earth’s energy field, displacing countless elementals who, terrified, took refuge in equally fearful human bodies. Strange sicknesses appeared. Economic and political structures collapsed, as did the unity level of our human consciousness grid. The culture fell into disarray.

Shortly after, huge magnetic changes happened, followed by a pole shift. Atlantis began to disintegrate and sink. According to one Mayan text, 64 million people lost their lives. The upheaval caused a total loss of human memory. The Ascended Masters were exempt from this and even saw it coming. Nevertheless, there was little they could do but pray.

Seeking assistance from higher consciousness, they were directed to sow seeds for future civilisations elsewhere and to undertake construction of a synthetic Christ grid which would eventually allow humanity to regain the unity consciousness we had lost before the next great Earth shift was due in 13,000 years time, which is now. The Ascended Masters flew to Giza (Egypt), which they had already prepared. The rest of humanity had to start over, learning again how to hunt, forage and grow food.


One third of the Ascended Masters stayed in Egypt; one third at Lake Titicacca between Bolivia and Peru, and one third went on to Tibet. Their plan was to advance construction of the new Christ grid and preserve spiritual knowledge until such time as the mass of humanity attained a level at which we would again be receptive to it.


In time, human culture was regenerated. It flourished spectacularly in Egypt under the direction of Ascended Masters. High levels of spiritual access were restored to a carefully nurtured elite. A finely balanced symbolic articulation of spiritual energies was put in place. The order of Cosmos was respected once again. Heaven was not other than Earth.

The wounds of Atlantis persisted, however. Martian tendencies became part of our genetic and psychic disposition. Attachment to the political power associated with high office gradually eroded the integrity of spiritual life. Rival priesthoods sought to elevate their cult deities above others. These archetypes needed to exist in balanced relationship. Violation of this balance had dangerously destabilising effects.

The Masters had anticipated such decline and continued working to promote cosmic order on Earth. Thus as one civilisation declined, another flowered – usually featuring strong mystical tendencies in its early stages (i.e., a prevalence of experience over doctrine). Then, as founding energies became institutionalised, shifts towards doctrine and stasis tended to prevail. In general, the larger the structure, the stronger this tendency proved to be.

The apotheosis of this ‘Martian’ tendency was exemplified by a ‘universal’ Church whose ‘faith’ hinged on a subordination of the feminine/women, ruthless suppression of dissidence and a teaching about ‘original sin’ which made our whole species permanently guilty. We became eligible for salvation only through the holy offices of an institution which believed its clerics to be closer to God than everybody else.

They were sufficiently confident of this arrangement to instigate wars and persecutions in its name. A similar disposition marks their secular successors. Indeed, it is characteristic of all totalitarian regimes that they want to take charge of evolution. Why? Believing themselves to be ‘total’, they have to remain cut off from all that is outside their system of reality. Separateness relinquishes the Grace of Flow by severing a primary love connection with the Heart of God/dess, from which all derives.

 This ‘God/dess’ is an un-definable mystery. The ‘gods’ of totalitarian regimes are image-constructs. Totalitarians can never be whole in their separateness. They must manipulate Reality to conceal this. They cannot let be. They have no option but to control. Meister Eckhart says ‘We have to let go of ‘God’ in order to go to God’ - meaning that we must dispense with all images and creeds that bind us to particular representations of deity and block us from experiencing directly the pregnant emptiness of Mystery.

Our favoured image of ‘God’ is an aspect of the diamond seal which prevents us from realising innocence at our core. Innocence implies ‘in essence’. It suggests an opposite of ‘original sin’, which is the ultimate neurotic construct invoked to justify control. However, the relationship only appears to be one of opposition since innocence can comprehend ‘sin’ in a way that ‘sin’ can’t reciprocate. ‘Sin’ is ultimately separation consciousness dressed up in a story that makes it want to hang on to itself in a position of what it takes to be power.


Before their decline, the ancient Egyptians gave us a balanced articulation of spiritual powers (neters) which, if we could match it, would allow us to maintain an order of Heaven on Earth. Earth would not be ‘fallen’ and we would have no need for ‘original sin’. This was achieved for a time (a long time in certain temples and esoteric orders) but the arrangement couldn’t last because Earth had fallen, not in any moral sense but in consciousness: specifically, from Unity into separation consciousness.


Egypt’s political manifestation of Heaven on Earth couldn’t last but it was still of benefit to have registered its cosmic ideal (as above, so below) in time. We had not fallen out of essence. This isn’t possible. We had simply forgotten who we are as parts of ‘God’, much as the Martians had. Most of us were still immersed in survival-focused communities. The Masters feared that we would be unable to make our way back up the chakra ladder in time for Earth’s next major evolutionary leap.

If we didn’t, this would mean the end of our evolution and possibly of Earth’s also (if our warlike ways were to destroy her). Thus the Masters began constructing their Christ grid at Giza. Its North/male pole projects out of Earth here, rising in spiral form up to 60 miles around the globe before anchoring into its South/female pole on Moorea, a tiny island near Tahiti on the opposite side of the world.

This essentially 4th dimensional structure was given an exact 3D representation on Earth by 83,000 sacred sites which reflect perfectly the geometry of its 4D, Heavenly form. The mapping/building of these sites was all projected out of One (unity) consciousness. I was blessed to participate in a group led by Drunvalo Melchizedek to activate this grid on Moorea, following preliminary healing work on Easter Island (3).

It was on Easter Island that I first felt the energies of ‘original sin’ and remembered that to be in essence, or innocent, is also to be in Unity. To be out of unity, in separation, is to be in ‘sin’. I began to remember innocence deeply, both in my self and in relationship. As a result, the pattern I am about to describe began surfacing in my awareness.


The Nibiruans were not spiritually advanced when we proclaimed them ‘gods’. This was a measure of our ignorance and desperation. They were our parents but did not treat us well. Their intention was initially to exploit and destroy. It is hard for abused children to acknowledge such a truth. We need to acknowledge it now. Our appetite for innocence and spontaneity depends on it.

On a spiritual level, it seemed, the Nefilim were our mothers. Back of this, however, our Mother-beyond-mother was Earth herself. We are made of her substance and born of her womb/consciousness. It was not made clear to us, but we have always been held dear by her. We never received such love from a father-figure. Even the Sirians, our spiritual fathers, abandoned us to a cruel fate, or so it appeared.

This was nothing of our fault, or theirs. We did nothing to deserve it. We were never other than entirely innocent. This innocence empowered Eve to eat forbidden fruit and prosper, pushing us beyond an infantile impression that what she had been told was all there is. (I experience the complex emotions of this realisation as I write: a mixture of childish grief and liberating joy that comes with every recollection of innocence.)

She was receptive to the serpent’s (kundalini) promptings. Something in her was ready to hear those ‘words’ and eat that ‘fruit’.  Our Sirian fathers’ dreaming was part of this arrangement. They were advanced and committed to Earth’s evolution. They knew that life cannot be controlled, nor consciousness held separate from itself. They knew, in other words, that ‘Eve’ would at some point eat of the Tree, thus opening another track in the Way of evolution.

And when the Ascended Masters prayed for us on Atlantis, it was Sirians who answered, proposing to repair a grid they had originally dreamt on our behalf. They never left us. But we did not know this and it is now crucial to admit all that our ignorance entails. We believed that we were unloved and thus, in our infancy, unlovable. All the diamond seals that we have set around our innocence serve to protect us from the pain of remembering that in our core we believe ourselves unworthy of being loved.

Our consciousness may deny such admissions but it is still shaped by what we contrive unconsciously to deny. We express our unacknowledged hurt in destructive behaviours that ultimately reinforce an impression we are attempting to conceal. It is no accident that sexuality became the focus of our alleged transgression, and was buried under the guilt of ‘original sin’. It is the wellspring of our creativity, self-determination and fulfilment. This is why it frightens controller ‘gods’.

Eve’s initiative, far from being the original sin that caused our ‘Fall’, set a course for our evolutionary ascent. Adam had to follow. This was his freedom and necessity, as the female is the parent form of any biologically manifested species. They did not fare badly once they escaped from that moment of self-conscious shame, when the Lord/Enlil first beheld their nakedness as sexual beings, erotically aroused beyond the limitations of a programme he had set for them.

Eve and Adam stepped out into the sphere of duality, or separation consciousness, out of someone else’s Paradise and on to their own evolutionary track, which became ours. And, despite imprecations heaped upon them by a furious ‘Lord’, they found that all of Earth could be a Garden. Their descendants established a beautiful civilisation on an abundant Motherland (Le-Mu-Ria). Here we grew in strength and awareness, following a primarily feminine way.

Some among us, working further with gifts Eve had uncovered at the Tree of Knowledge – to do with sexual procreation in a dualistic world – attained Unity consciousness by discovering the Tree of Life. A refined practice of tantra (sacred sexuality) brought them and a child born of their union to immortality – i.e., conscious realisation of themselves as expressions of Eternal Being (‘God’) in time.

This is far removed from clerical denunciations of sexuality and the daughters of Eve who tempt men by means of it. Remember: this level of awareness, this mastery which inheres in our human potential, was already attained on Lemuria. We had no reason to doubt our innocence, or worthiness, at that time. Ay and Tiya, the first adult immortals, began teaching what they had learned and all of humanity might have ascended from that point had the trajectory of our evolutionary passage been fulfilled then, but it hadn’t.

In human terms, as Drunvalo puts it, our evolutionary consciousness had only reached the level of a twelve year old girl. Further ‘leaps’ were imminent. The intuitive Lemurians knew of upheavals to come and made arrangements. Their transition was in divine order according to the feminine consciousness through which they experienced Reality; so was the unlicensed Martian intervention, the comet that struck and degeneration that followed as a result. It was not part of our Sirian-Nefilim dreaming but it was what happened, and therefore necessary to where we are now. To understand this, we need to back up a little.

The Nefilim and Sirians were themselves dreamt, back through a chain of mediations that goes all the way to Source: how Great Mystery, God/dess, Eternal Being chose to express and experience in time. All existence is the dream of an undreamt Source. Our path through the Trees of Life and Knowledge is included in it. The Masters on Atlantis were already working to balance male and female aspects of our human brain potential. Fate presented a more severe form of this experiment and, at first, we were devastated.

It cost us our memory and our innocence. In Drunvalo’s image, we were raped in our female adolescence by an older, war-crazed man. We became ‘male-identified’ as a result and this was evident in ways that survivors of the destruction organised themselves after the catastrophe had passed. We became survival animals with ‘Martians’ living in us: culturally, genetically and psychologically. This was the legacy of our rape.

That said, it too was in divine order. It also was an expression of innocence in evolution, a necessary stage. Like all abused children, we believed we were to blame. Our  ‘Fathers’ explained about ‘original sin’, projecting our sense of culpability after Atlantis back on to our guiltless but still traumatizing conditions of birth.  Their distorted recollection of our unremembered past specifically vilifies sexuality, the key to our creativity and fulfilment.

Vulnerability disposed us to swallow this account. Our innocence was buried under layers of unprocessed trauma, guilt and grief. We still ‘act out’ these wounds we have forgotten. Only the Masters escaped. Their inspiration has sustained us to this point. We have also been helped and seeded by other star beings who contributed their beginnings to ours. All are impressed by what is trying to happen now on Earth. Consider:

We are children still in cosmic time, little more than 200,000 years of age. Despite this we are carrying the burden of the Martians’ ‘Lucifer rebellion’. This, and others like it, has caused mayhem through the universe for millions of years. Now we find ourselves having to deal with it. Given the evolutionary cycles that govern our consciousness, we are also remembering our innocence and moving rapidly towards Ascension with our planetary mother, Earth, at the same time.

This entails regaining Unity consciousness. If we manage it, we can transmute the entire history of ‘Star Wars’ which has become part of our evolutionary path. We can ascend in beauty, clarity and peace. By doing so, we would blaze a trail towards renewal of those qualities throughout our galaxy and, perhaps, beyond it. Many star brothers and sisters are moved to see what we have taken on. They have even joined us, become one with us, to assist along the Way.


The Christ grid makes it possible for enough of us to attain unity consciousness on a personal and collective level that we are no longer in danger of destroying ourselves or Earth. Enough of Earth and humanity will survive to continue our evolutionary path. But the question of how we are to make our transformation remains open.

In our joy and our relief upon completion of the grid, we need to remember also efforts from within the sphere of Earth that made it possible: untold acts of courage, sacrifice, healing, prayer and dedication. Every single one enhanced the morphogenetic field of our species, raising levels of individual aspiration and collective accomplishment. There is a greater need than ever now for such devotion.

With the grid in place, our creative capacities have been empowered, not superseded. It re-establishes potentials which we must take steps to actualise. Our Lemurian Dreaming has been restored and our Atlantean legacy given new occasion to find right relationship with it. In particular, our alienated (Martian) warrior consciousness can now come Home and learn to live in harmony with Goddess. Only thus can we discover what our yang attributes are actually for.

Opening to Her, we find that she opens in return. We find courage to admit old wounds and shed old defences. We find gifts behind these wounds and innocence behind structures of identity that used to seal our Hearts. Our aggression, once channelled into conflict, now inspires creativity and transcendence. Sacred marriage becomes possible as men no longer fear getting lost in the Feminine, and women no longer fear repetition of an archetypal rape that became the hallmark of humanity’s Martian derailment.

But there are obstacles: our memory is that the Mother lets men down, from the Nefilim to Atlantis. This makes it dangerous to open psychologically and surrender spiritually. Women remember that it is dangerous to open unreservedly to men, lest they take all. Human innocence is now available to be retrieved but we must dare to claim it (3).

The primary initiative seems to rest with men but reciprocity is needed. If we can marry the Divine Feminine – in ourselves, in women and in Earth – we can facilitate necessary changes in a beautiful, harmonious way. Women must be prepared to open also. If this were to happen, such that humanity was already in Unity, Earth’s Ascension would follow easily. I will write more of this in ‘The Rose Tree’.                                                                 

Human creativity is paramount. We are rainbow children, made in the image of God. As creativity projects Her/His essence, so it projects ours; and as we learn who we are by reading back from our creations, so ‘God’ is revealed by the visible faces of what is.

The Cosmos, all Creation, is the true image of God. We are made in its image because all Creation is inside us: its source, blueprints, elements that contribute to Earth’s formation and DNA from star beings that helped to seed us back to the Big Bang.

Feeling unloved has been our only ‘sin’ and is the source of all our unease. Its healing lies in remembrance of our first nature as Love. We are blessed in that we are awakening to this now. Many eyes are upon us. Our remembering can illuminate their Way.


(1) This account is based on the scholarship of Zechariah Sitchin, a history of humanity as relayed to Drunvalo Melchizedek by Thoth and the Pleiadian channelling of Barbara Hand Clow. The latter speaks of Annunaki rather than Nefilim but the energy is the same.

(2) See ‘God & Company’.

(3) See ‘Easter: Resurrection and Ascension’.

(4) Earth’s orbit is affected by a phenomenon called ‘precession’. This refers to a wobble in her axis which causes it to lean away from centre, describing a circle in the heavens as she rotates. This circle is symbolised by the Zodiac. It takes Earth’s axis, imaginatively extended, 2160 years to pass through each of the twelve houses and 25,920 years to make a complete circuit. For one half of this passage, Earth is moving towards the galactic centre and for the other half, away from it. During the first of these (almost) 13,000 year periods, consciousness on Earth awakens; during the other half, it falls asleep. As Earth’s consciousness awakens, a feminine mode of consciousness is favoured because it cooperates easily with the dynamics of spontaneous unfolding. As her consciousness winds down, a masculine order is favoured to protect structures which are already in place. Within this frame we are now on the threshold of a major awakening, when Earth’s consciousness is poised to shift to a new level, precipitating transcendence of established ‘male’ structures in favour of a new cycle of feminine receptivity. If we can surrender these structures easily, our transition will follow easily. If not, it can’t.

(5) I have devised an experiential practice to facilitate this. See ‘The Goddess Rising: Sexual Healing and the Return of the Female Christ’.

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