The Rose Tree


                    The Rose Tree represents a Flowering of the Cross of Earth.


Roses come from Venus and are emblematic of the Goddess. The White Rose symbolises Goddess integrity and the innocence of Life. This conjunction arises because all life is born of the Goddess in her primary manifestation as Great Mother.

Esoterically, the Cross of Earth refers to a grid laid down by two intersecting lines that mark the cardinal directions North to South and East to West. These directions associate with the elements Earth, Fire, Air and Water, respectively.

Their intersection associates with a fifth element, Ether, evoking a portal through which Spirit enters the realm of manifest creation. It also evokes a fifth direction: within. ‘Within’ becomes a 7th direction when Above and Below are added to North, South, East and West to enable a schematic mapping of our 3D spatial environment.

‘Within’ is not a direction in the same sense as the others. It is contained by them in that it is located at their point of intersection but it is not limited by 3D boundaries. It transcends that by which it seems to be defined. When the arms of our Cross open at centre Spirit moves through to permeate what seems to be our outer world.

Mystics know and science proves that ‘as within, so without’. Psychologically, this means that our inner beliefs and desires determine what we experience. Metaphysically, it suggests that what is inside of consciousness is somehow the same as what appears to be outside it.

Mystically it means that there is no inside of Consciousness, and thus no outside. Consciousness is all of a piece. It is One: seamless, infinite, eternal. To experience this we must learn to experience without any beliefs, desires, expectations or ‘self’.

Meditation has traditionally served as a means to promote Unity consciousness. This is facilitated by the right hemisphere of the brain which sees pattern as levels of wholeness. Left to itself, it affords a non-exclusive mode of awareness where Consciousness knows itself as participant in the dance of all that is.

The right hemisphere is rarely left to itself, having evolved to work in conjunction with the left. This is governed by language, sequence, contrast and distinction. It analyses and infers, keeping experience within the ‘I’ framework of our personal stories. Thus our experience of consciousness becomes articulated with respect to our immersion in human worlds of culture, space and time.

This is particularly true in modern societies, where experience is typically dominated by left hemisphere processing. The extent of this domination has been such that we tend to lose sight of wholeness, and of all that Unity consciousness entails. We think we really are separate in our bodies and that everything else really is ‘outside’.

We are here on Earth, in 3D and space-time where, clearly, a left hemisphere is part of our design. The right was never meant to work alone, just as it was never meant to be subordinated. Rather it seems as if we have been mandated to bring the functioning of our two hemispheres into an appropriately balanced, Heart-centred relationship.

This is precisely what the Ascended Masters were attempting on their island off Atlantis, prior to Martian intervention. They knew that realising the full development of human potential after Lemuria depended on cultivating a correct relationship between projective-analytical tendencies of the ‘male’ left hemisphere and receptive-holistic tendencies of the ‘female’ right.

Also, according to esoteric histories, ‘right-brained’ Lemurian civilisation went through at least five 13,000 year periods before its submergence. This implies at least two previous cycles away from Galactic Centre, during which ‘male’ left hemisphere functioning was slowly finding itself with respect to its parent female form.

The Masters continued to oversee this process through the Lemurian transition. It had been unfolding spontaneously within a primary field of Unity consciousness but the organic nature of this unfolding was disrupted, not just by the physical devastation of Atlantean end-times but also by the massive psychic trauma this induced (2).

The Atlanteans had been in fear long before the final catastrophe arrived. Traces of their distress are locked within our cellular memories, beneath effects of cognitive erasure and post-traumatic repression. This species-wide amnesia affects our consciousness and holds in place residual impressions that we are, in some primal sense, GUILTY.


Unity consciousness was meant to be embellished by evolutionary opportunities created when Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge. This precipitated us into the realm of duality and a mode of separation consciousness that would become the norm for humanity after the destruction of Atlantis. Before that, Ascended Masters on Lemuria had healed separation by undertaking their ascent of the Tree of Life.

Only the impact of ‘Martian’ aggression prevented large-scale emulation of their accomplishment. This has since become an integral aspect of our species’ story. It is now said that the next 13,000 years will be governed by a feminine-receptive mode which will assuage what remains of alienated warrior consciousness. It cannot, of itself, bring about the integration of left-right, masculine-feminine tendencies within us.

All of us, men and women, have left and right hemispheres. We all have masculine and feminine tendencies. It is only in rigid, gender-polarised societies that ‘masculine’ is equated with biological maleness and ‘feminine’ with femaleness. Integral human beings, unitary and whole, marry both aspects in creative syntheses, each according to their gifts.

This is the process referred to esoterically as inner ‘mystical’ marriage. However, without being as within, it is most readily achieved in a context of outer ‘wedding’. Traditions of sacred sexuality have always recognised this, from Indian Tantra and Chinese Taoism to Western Alchemy. All these traditions derive from a common foundation established by Ay and Tiya in Lemuria.

Our spiritual mythology tells how they became the first humans to achieve conscious immortality. They did this through a refined tantric practice which realised the ultimate promise of the Tree of Life. In Jewish kabbalistic tradition, the Tree of Life is a map given to humanity so that those who ate of the Tree of Knowledge might find our way back to the Garden of Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth presupposes that we no longer see ourselves as ‘fallen’; rather we must realise that eating of the Tree of Knowledge was actually the first stage of our ascent. Integrating the individuating impact of its fruit with the holistic mapping of a second ‘Tree’ was necessary for the fulfilment of humanity’s cosmic destiny.

We were conceived as slaves but this too is a measure of our innocence. Eve took her chance to show that Life always moves to find a Way. Ay and Tiya showed that the power of Creation inheres in all humans. ‘Martian’ belligerence thrust us down the chakra ladder and controlling churches sought to manipulate our shame. Now it is time to rise again.

To do this, we also must integrate the individuating impact of (mind-produced) fruit from the Tree of Knowledge with (Heart) gifts from the Tree of Life. We are dealing here with metaphor – the only language we have that can bridge our currently divided state. Using metaphors doesn’t mean that issues referred to are unreal but simply that a figurative language is required to evoke them.

Metaphorical resonances have a practical foundation, as in the ‘chemical weddings’ of sexual alchemy or Sumerian myths about ‘gods’ who made us. Sacred marriage is a discipline which brings freedoms that cannot otherwise be attained. It is a sustained erotic adventure. Proclaiming the innocence of life at every turn, it is fulfilled in Heart.


Male-female is the primary duality. Duality is a condition of all evolution. Sacred marriage is its fulfilment as well as its healing. We must honour this ideal through every evolutionary cycle in order to make the best of its potentials.

Sacred marriage is particularly timely as we near the end of a post-Atlantean cycle in which the male principle was sent spinning out of right relationship with the Feminine by ‘Martian’ interference. Restoring Unity consciousness gives us a renewed opportunity to come again into right relationship as males to females in the outer world and to balance masculine-feminine polarities in our personal psychology and collective awareness.

The transformation of consciousness this implies would make Earth’s changes much easier. As things stand, She is obliged to shake off all that clutters her awareness and hinders her ascension. This includes psychic as well as physical pollution. If we could all go clear in ourselves and our relationships, the effect on planetary consciousness would be instantly enlightening.

This option is still available but remains daunting for many whose awareness is dominated by burdens of old pain, much of it deeply unconscious. On a species level, it relates back to our primal sense of being unloved, guilty, shameful and unworthy. In addition, a further layer of mistrust between men and women has been imposed, which stems from the continuing impact of internalised ‘Martian’ tendencies.

Careful attention is required to undo these blockages. We begin by noting that the female is humanity’s parent form.  The power of the Mother looms large over every infant male in ways which our Martian psychology strives to disavow. The organic unfolding of right relationship between masculine and feminine principles was disrupted in Atlantis. Angry males have been taking revenge on the Goddess ever since, curbing her powers whenever opportunities seemed to arise.

The legacy of this debacle has been transmitted over generations. All parents have a primal urge to love their infants unconditionally. However, enactment of this promise is cut across by our species’ troubled history. All the grief and wounds that come through our genetic and cultural lines are passed on. We have not been free to love according to our first nature. Until we break this cycle, harsh moments continue to arise and our babies are let down, sooner or later. The healing of our innocence is also the salvaging of theirs.

Meanwhile, shortfall stimulates their yearning to feel Home, initiating their journey back to a Garden where unconditional love can be found. Thus our cycle repeats. If hurt makes it hard for us to feel love or to risk it, we will tend towards control, seeking to manipulate our environment – including others who are part of it – to ensure a regular supply of whatever emotional rewards we are able to admit. This is true of women as well as men.

But ‘martian’ men who have been infants under the spell of all-powerful mothers are driven to ‘transcend’ this condition. Unless there is a model of right relationship to guide us, individuation tends towards separation and men will fear the Mother’s power to negate our ‘independence’. Our image of Goddess will be dominated by an unresolved Mother complex. Surrender will not be an option in relationship, nor transcendence. Manipulation and control will be our way. We will almost always be unaware of this (3).

Woman accommodates unconsciously to Man’s lack of consciousness. Her archetypal wound is complementary. It entails holding her essence in reserve every time she opens. Lest her integrity be violated, she keeps it to herself. She also doesn’t usually know this. In fact, her Goddess power is so ‘protected’ that she no longer feels its presence. It can’t be accessed without admitting the painful memories of a troubled past and holding them in the awareness of a present moment where they are shown no longer to apply.

But this cannot be guaranteed in advance. Thus a woman makes the best accommodation her psychology permits, manipulating given circumstances to achieve whatever reward she sees in them. She never realises the Goddess she is if she never reveals it on the far side of surrender. Her challenge also involves daring to trust beyond control. The only way for all humans to get beyond impasse is by coming again into right relationship.

It seems that men must take the first step here because our culture’s present story sees us as aggressors. It sees woman’s wounding as reactive, such that she can’t open unless clear signs are given that it’s safe to do so. This seems fair but all arises mutually in Consciousness. Human beings, men and women, have sustained wounds together from the start. We have exchanged and perpetuated them. We must now arise mutually, with awareness, to end this cycle. Sacred marriage offers a model of how this can be done.

The Masters’ project of sacred marriage was a means envisaged to fulfil a basic duality that was also the condition of our evolutionary development. We fell out of the balance it exemplified. Since Egypt, initiates have striven to preserve its memory. The Rose Tree evokes fulfilment of a sacred marriage, when a flower blossoms on the Cross of Earth. The Rose is its feminine aspect, while the Cross is masculine or ‘phallic’.


The symbol of the Cross attracts harsh connotations because of its association with Church dogma and Roman cruelty. The Church’s cross is not symmetrical. Elongation of its lower arm signifies a movement away from ‘fallen’ Earth and a denial of ‘base’ aspects of our nature. It involves a decentring of humanity’s spiritual consciousness and a

confusion of right relationships within Cosmos.

As it happens, Jesus’ crucifixion occurred at the exact moment in Earth’s passage when we were most deeply asleep (spiritually unconscious). He was a Master who came to facilitate our awakening and demonstrate our potential to embody Christ consciousness. ‘Christos’ is a Greek word. It means ‘anointed’ and can apply to any initiate or awakened one who has been restored to Unity consciousness.

This could be anyone who has been empowered to ‘see’ whole, beyond limitations of a ‘male’ (left hemisphere) separation consciousness that has been sundered from visions of Unity accessed via the ‘female’ right hemisphere and fulfilled in an integral human Heart.

The Church appropriated Jesus’ story to serve political ends. They said he was unique, the only son of a male God that had to be approached through channels they controlled. They said he died for our sins, giving us an undeserved chance at salvation so long as we adhere to conditions they lay down. This safeguards the Church’s authority while leaving us feeling guilty, unworthy and disempowered.

It is also the opposite of what a spiritually coherent reading of the Jesus myth discloses. We are drawn to stories because the fate of their heroes tells us something significant about our own hidden truth and potentials. Thus the first point we might remember is that Jesus was INNOCENT, as we are, despite the rulings of hierarchic interest.

He is representative also in his ascent of the Cross/World Tree, travelling as shamans always have to restore right relationship with other worlds on their communities’ behalf. He is distinctive in that he travels for all humanity, having supposedly been condemned by his own tribe. This reflects the vision of Unity consciousness he sought to re-imprint in time, based on love rather than coercion. It makes him more representative, not less.

His story is also representative in detailing trials that must be faced as we approach the ‘death moment’ of our surrender into Greater Life. He doubts himself and asks if things might happen otherwise while knowing that they can’t. Alone in the intensity of his vigil, he swallows fear and resolves to surrender. Having surrendered he rises up, like all initiates, after ‘three days’.

Even in regard to what our left hemisphere-dominated consciousness terms ‘miracles’, Jesus said ‘All this and more ye shall do’. No other words could be more empowering, or inclusive. To realise their promise, we must face the death moment of our little selves – whatever our Passion is to be on the Cross of Earth – before awakening guiltless and shame-free in a greater life of new consciousness.

Jesus’ ascent of the Cross transmutes the dark spectacle of public execution back to awareness of portals to transcendence found at the centre of every prayer wheel and open Heart. We have no further need to dwell on torture. The balanced Cross is a means to harmony. It evokes the powers of all directions so that we can gain support and find centre as we address ourselves to Spirit, the within that is also without.


Sacred marriage offers a means to fe/male integration. It also involves a Cross or World Tree, whose vertical axis represents its trunk and horizontal axis its branches. The lower arm of this Cross connects into the Heart of Earth, our spiritual Mother. Its upper arm connects to the Heart of Heaven (Great Central Sun), from which the Father’s power animates Creation. Establishing this vertical axis brings energies of Earth and Heaven, of Divine Father and Divine Mother, together in our Hearts.

The horizontal axis of the Cross connects our male and female aspects, as shaped by our soul histories through time. One arm extends leftwards from my Heart to engage the energies of my feminine side. These include imprints from my personal mother and all the female lines behind her. I experience these energies more concretely than those on my male side since they derive from a world of living nature where Mother is all around and I can feel her presence easily.

The Father is remote and aloof by comparison. His footprints in the world are harder to discern. Energies he might seed into awareness remain inchoate, yet I sense a new male presence rising in me, waiting to be born. This, I gather, will resume a process of organic evolution of the male principle in relation to the female – as pioneered in Lemuria and disrupted on Atlantis – if we can get the process of sacred marriage back on track.

Let us start with the inner ‘horizontal’ marriage between male/father and female/mother energies. Initially, this involves admitting and clarifying all issues from the past that still overshadow our being in the present. These stem from our current lifetime and/or our deep soul history. All affect our ability to marry within ourselves ‘Divine Father’ and ‘Divine Mother’ energies. These archetypes operate in time but become available only as we dissolve old shadows that cloud our awareness.

As I clear issues to do with my personal father and many criss-crossing male lines behind him, the relationship of my personal consciousness to the male principle is clarified and I become better able to embody it with integrity. Eventually, I can access Divine Father energies directly and ‘hold’ my vulnerable, un-fathered parts in ways they have long wished for but never actually known. This helps them grow into the present (3).

The inner marriage process is progressive. This means that waves of healing on the male side evoke complementary healings on the female side and vice-versa. (The soul oversees this process, so there is no need to deliberate about it.) It brings Divine Mother and Divine Father archetypes ever closer, until they marry in our Hearts. We are empowered then to love ourselves unconditionally and to experience our rebirth as the Divine Child we always in essence were (4).

Realisation of this potential is further enabled by a ‘vertical’ marriage of Heaven and Earth, also in our Hearts. This has a clearly metaphysical character – since every Divine Child is born of Cosmos and Spirit – while horizontal wedding is primarily psychological, especially in its early stages. That said, both can be experienced energetically, often with such power that there is no doubting the reality of transformational processes involved.

The vertical marriage is not easily described. I will present details later of meditations I used to pursue it (5). All I want to stress now is that consciously establishing connections with the Hearts of Earth and Heaven allows us to realise in experience transcendental aspects of Divine Father/Mother energies that go far beyond stories our institutionalised religious culture is likely to have impressed upon us.

Generally, the energies of Earth and Heaven join in our Hearts only after we have opened sufficiently in a process of horizontal marriage. Our psyches are then ready to integrate strong energetic inflows without fear of overwhelm. When this happens, we are in no doubt that the Divine Child we are preparing to bring forth is Cosmic by nature. Her Father, after all, is the Central Sun, where Divine Father energy comes closest to actually manifesting in Creation. Her Mother is Earth, as she was ours at our beginning.

Every time such spiritual rebirth happens through humanity on Earth, the path towards her rebirth (Ascension) is eased. The process as described here suggests an allegorical interpretation of Ay and Tiya’s inter-dimensional union to produce a Divine Child and ‘immortality’ for all three. This is a reasonable inference in our age of psychology but there is still a powerful role for an outer marriage process where actual partners ‘work’ together in conscious synchrony.


The practices associated with outer sacred marriage date back through Egypt and Atlantis to Ay and Tiya’s mythic achievement on Lemuria, where they ascended the Tree of Life to become consciously immortal. Their child, conceived without shame, was thus also immortal, born as an innocent expression of powers of Creation manifesting through him. Because he never ‘fell’, he had no need to ascend. A Divine Child embodies awareness on all levels, from abstract Source to concrete manifestation.

To realise this, we must cultivate multi-dimensional awareness. In our human sphere, outer sacred marriage facilitates transformation on all levels. Even in early stages of relationship, ‘sexual chemistry’ entails more than immediate attraction. It describes an alchemical resonance whereby partners are drawn together to facilitate a ‘Great Work’ of sublimation and transcendence. If both are faithful to this ideal, beyond inevitable trials, they will progress more than would otherwise be possible.

Even as a couple becomes adept, challenges arise. Sexuality lies at the Heart of human shaming and fulfilment, from Enlil through Yahweh to the Church. Partners are asked to lift these nets and fly beyond them. This entails a risk of becoming ensnared. We are asked now to clear our species’ history of guilt and abuse. This history has left fe/male poles of our immersion in duality at loggerheads; crippled from their core by memories of rape, rejection and profound, mutual mistrust.

The task of sacred marriage is to heal this. Its path must be one of surrendering beyond mistrust into Grace. This is what our first, innocent nature demands but we are hampered by old hurts. Here also sexuality is key. It isn’t just a means of bridging duality on a physical level. It offers a way to transcend duality on all levels when partners cultivate multi-dimensional awareness together. This transcendence of duality is also its fulfilment, a fulfilment which cannot be attained if 2nd chakra issues are simply disowned or ignored.

The body is a temple, arranged according to esoteric principles of the Tree of Life. This knowledge is innate in us and can be recalled through careful exploration, especially by former initiates who have experienced sexual ‘raising’ in earlier lives. Our spontaneous rememberings at this time are meant to end an undeclared, residual war between the sexes – or, rather, fe/male polarities inside us (without being as within) – and inscribe new potentials for Unity on our species’ evolving consciousness grid.


I have felt this knowing come alive in me during the period of which I write, when I am attempting to live the principles of outer marriage with C. Such remembering, its precise and tender touch, re-awakens memory of old wounds. This process can be difficult. Every time the Goddess moves to open, C experiences a tendency to retreat. Even benevolent intentions warrant possible mistrust when feelings of deep vulnerability arise.

Such feelings must arise in order that issues of self-doubt, feeling unloved etc. can be consciously admitted and then cleared. What tends to happen is that, rather than staying with vulnerability and asking why her soul is co/creating such experience now, C gets angry with me for ‘causing’ it. She does so with such vehemence that I have to remember 1) that the hurt behind her anger cuts deep, and 2) that the lesson for me is not to react or doubt my own innocence, despite the severity of assaults upon it.

These roles might be reversed. Always behind anger we find the hurt of a stricken child. Consciousness becomes dominated by the developmental stage at which a surfacing hurt was first engendered. The same is true for one who reacts. Essential patterns of a person’s soul history tend to be reconstituted in their childhood to cue healing during adult life. Thus, at some point, we must transcend whatever our conditioned story has been. Until then, we find ourselves experiencing situations from the perspective of an early and vulnerable age.

Events are then registered by an aggrieved consciousness in separation. The coherence of mutual arising is forfeit. Awareness becomes bitter, reactive and depressed. It finds fault with the present for afflictions that are rooted in its past. Adult intelligence is hi-jacked in defence of childish ends (6). Communication, when it occurs, is stilted and sharp. This leads to isolation and stand-off. It is damaging to hold such a position but it is routinely held behind scenes of ‘normal’ relationship. Angry projections offer only false relief.

As one-time slaves, dependent and ill-used, we are afraid of being free. We repeat known cycles rather than break for new horizons. Sometimes, with hindsight, we discern over-reaction. Each time, we have an option to accept our lesson of response-ability and find peace. My challenge is not to react with indignation at injustices involved. When I manage this my learning will be complete. Until then, in Unity, I aspire to embrace all reflections. Unconditional love never varies; only the proper form of its expression (7).

Freedom comes as we learn to hold ourselves by integrating Divine Father-Mother energies in a context of inner sacred marriage. Once this is achieved, we can re-parent our lost parts. I have no need that you should be for me. I don’t demand that you ‘love’ me in particular ways. I am happy to flow as Destiny ordains, and for you to do likewise. I am happy for Divine Winds to move us in tandem, or not. I will love you either way, freely, without condition or attachment.


Any surrender is threatening for those who seek to control. Sexual surrender is what men and women fear most. Each time a man approaches orgasm he unconsciously risks regressing back to the orbit of his Mother’s power. Thus he controls the moment for fear of getting lost in it, subjugating Goddess rather than becoming One with Her. Even women ‘have’ orgasms (or not) rather than dissolving in them. They check frequencies and consult magazines to see where they stand in relation to fulfilment, rarely thinking to put local tremors aside and let the power of Goddess blast through.

Individuation involves coming into right relationship with the Feminine, not seeking to escape it. This is true for all of us but many men can’t see past our mother’s imprints to Goddess integrity. It is a more obvious issue for us because we are fated to make love with Her in ways that most women are not. We fear losing our essence to the very process that would fulfil it. Women fear exposing their essence to the prospect of further violation (8). Their sense of being innocent (in essence) is held so deeply in reserve, they forget – like us – that it was ever there, or that it can ever be released.

Integration at the level of inner horizontal marriage permits resolution of these issues in either case. The process is accelerated when partners serve each other as true mirrors. They embrace infinity when distortions are erased. A moment comes, as mutual opening allows, when the man projects his strength into the woman’s core. The Flame of Spirit (pure consciousness) is then released in both. The power of the Goddess shatters the woman in a deluge of bliss. The man’s resistance dissolves in Heart orgasm which makes new and gives Way. Power is returned to both, and Feeling, as One.

This requires great devotion from the partners, who are at once merged and transcended. The Divine Spark in each becomes a Living Flame of Consciousness, shining through the vessel of their clarified souls. The process represents a triumph for the Flower of Life, as it rises from a place of immanence in Earth’s Womb to illuminate her surface. Such blossoming resonates in human Hearts, at whose centre the axes of the Rose Tree meet.


Last spring I was kneeling in the basilica at Knock in Co. Mayo, Ireland. This is a shrine where Mother Mary appeared to local people in the nineteenth century. It is also a sanctuary for Goddess presence. There is a tabernacle to the right of the altar whose silver doors are decorated with an equal-armed cross. Its arms tend to centre but, instead of intersecting, they stop short of meeting. This creates the impression of a diamond form in evacuated space.

I was already in an altered state when I saw this. Actually, what I ‘saw’ was the arms of the cross drawn back to open a diamond portal at centre, through which Grace could flow into the world. Physically, in 3D, the tabernacle was closed. Its doors had been shut and the sacrament within locked away. In the dimensions of my vision, however, Spirit was shining radiantly through.

Immediately, in the moment that this pattern enters my awareness, I feel a Cross at the centre of my Heart open also, creating a diamond portal through which a torrent of Divine Love rushes out. This pattern had been building for months in meditation but I didn’t know how it was to be fulfilled. Now, instantly, I understand.

A gateway has opened in my Heart, but not just to admit impressions. It feels as if a seal has been removed, allowing the expression of something essential in me, which arises from the centre of my Heart, at the precise point where it connects through the Heart of Creation back to the infinite plenitude of Void.

This opening proved crucial for me through the period of C’s illness and I had many opportunities to discover its potential (9). When the White Rose came after our trip to Polynesia, it blossomed easily in this diamond space at the centre of my Heart. Then, when T reported a diamond over his Heart by which he felt beguiled, I knew it was a seal set upon another infinite identity which was also ready to give way.

This seal gives way to the Way, permitting direct expression of Divine Inspiration through us. Infinite identity is paradoxical in that it can never be fully known. Perhaps this is why God first dreamt the Light of Existence from the Darkness of Void. In any case, the stream to which I first connected on that day rises from a ‘Void’ realm of pure creation. Infinite, untrammelled and divine, it rises to transform Earth’s consciousness before the moment of her and our great transition.


As soon as something happens, it becomes necessary. It creates possibilities which may never have existed before. Consciousness uses these situations to move the Divine Plan forward in new ways. Thus, when Martian traces became part of our ‘fallen’ reality, a possibility was created of us making good our ‘fall’ and, in so doing, healing a history of Star Wars back to their source. Now, if the Cross of Mars can marry the Rose of Venus successfully on Earth, repercussions will be felt throughout Cosmos (10).

History suggests that we have freedom only to make a mess or not. This is no longer the case. We now have freedom to make miracles and beauty. The Christ grid has restored this option. God is not other than we are. Great Mystery dreams through us and its Dream is still unfolding. Creation is not complete. We can open NOW to its dance of Love that forever reaches up and reaches down.

There is a Dream in which, far from cowering, humans gather to sing our Mother Home as ‘the end’ comes. Remembering our role of creative stewardship as Keepers of Earth, we emit a pure, resonant tone that empowers her to translate easily from the 3rd into the 4th dimension, which vibrates at the frequency of love. Our singing opens a gate between dimensions and Earth moves effortlessly through, riding the frequencies of song.

Native accounts of ‘end times’ speak of waves of cataclysmic purification, followed by a period when Earth is plunged into darkness for approximately three days (the modal length of all initiatory journeys). Esoteric interpretations of this dark phase see it as a ‘time out of time’ when Earth is suspended in the Void, having passed through an inter-dimensional seal but not yet completed her vibratory recalibration. When this is done, she manifests fully in her new dimension.

The dimension towards which Earth is now tending is the 4th, in which the vibration of unconditional love, One Heart and Unity/Christ consciousness is attained. Some accounts speak of a 5th dimension but this is a difference in name only. The key consideration is that planetary consciousness – with us as part of it – is poised to move back into the pure Love vibration of a clarified Heart.

For us, this involves stepping through the Mirror of our reflections, from the proliferating schemes of the ego/solar plexus chakra into the unifying stillness of Heart. As we achieve this, a White Rose stirs figuratively in us. A Needle’s Eye opens as the arms of our Cross pull back and Consciousness flows through. This is what our blossoming metaphor entails.

A similar process can occur for Earth with our assistance. We live in her consciousness. As we transform, so does she. Old stories tell how, as Earth approaches rebirth, she needs to lose the clutter that our errant ways have imposed upon her. And yet if we can renew the innocence which is our essence, we can orchestrate the process of planetary ascension in a way that has never been imagined before.

There is no hubris in this. All that is needed is for us to come into our Hearts and pray with pure intent for the Cross of Earth’s Heart to open easily, impelled by the resonance of our opening. This eliminates all need for chaos. The Pure Flame of Earth’s consciousness, her Flower, can then be sung into a new dimension as, translated through an opening at the centre of the Cross, Spirit enters to renew her blossoming on the Tree of Life. We don’t need to travel to enter new dimensions. New consciousness is all that is required. If Void can enter Earth, then Earth has no need to enter Void.


The arms of the Cross open to create a gap in which a flower appears, a Rose of Passion and Compassion, Innocence and Essence. It hovers there a season and dissolves, offering its beauty for Love of all Life. Within seconds, a new Rose appears and then dissolves. So it goes on. The seal of identity yields gently in such moments. Our Passion becomes available for expression and beyond that, a Compassion which informs it.

This links back not just to a Love of Creator but to a Love which is Creator, known in the clearing of an open Heart. An open Heart is One with All That Is. All Hearts, mutually open, are One Heart. Here mysterious fusions of Self-Other, Within-Without, Above-Below and Plenitude-Void are realised in blissful awareness of what it is to be an actor in the Dream of God.                                                                                                                                                                                         

At the centre of this Dream, a Rose Tree stands perpetually in bloom.


(1) See ‘Catastrophobia’ by Barbara Hand Clow.

(2)  The myth of the Holy Grail arose to counter this legend. Its teachings are particularly relevant in our time, when the Mayan calendar urges a return to Unity and Wholeness. See ‘On Becoming the Grail’.

(3)  Healing happens through resonance, often on many levels at one time. Thus, in 2007, I accomplished a deep healing with my father. This linked back to many layers of my soul history and had direct repercussions for the area of Ireland where I live. Male consciousness has been gravely shamed here by military conquest, famine and colonial exploitation. My healing lifted huge swathes of these traces from the memory of the land.

(4)  See ‘Divine (Christ) Child in Time’.

(5) See ‘Meditating Worlds’. The meditation which brought me to this threshold is: ‘Spirit, take me deeper, deeper and deeper into my Heart/ Take me right back in through the Point of Creation/ Let me be and act always from this Source of All within/ Restore me to the awareness of my True Self’.

(6) This is why, in the heat of argument, adults use high-sounding words to defend childish ‘positions’. It is also why emotions are said to be sub-rational. Emotions are not sub-rational, however; emotional arrestment is. To become rational we must integrate our emotions, not relegate them.

(7) Despite this, we say ‘If you loved me unconditionally, you’d accept me as I am!’ This seems fair but often how we are is how we have been made. Also, if one partner is moving and the other not, they will fall out of resonance. Their relationship will change, as will due forms of its expression. There is no attachment in unconditional loving and no reason to hold someone in stasis. People who love unconditionally are willing to trust what comes. Others say ‘If you really loved me, then …’ They seek to impose conditions because they need ‘love’ to be a particular way.

They seek to be consolidated in limiting ‘positions’ based on childhood patterns around which they have constructed a self-image they are anxious to promote. Because this isn’t real, it constantly needs to be projected and defended. We then need others to confirm us in our sense of who we think we are. As long as we are trapped in such a shell, we can never truly hold others or be held. We can only truly hold and be held when we have let go of all need to control.

(8) The history of rape is implicated in women’s unwillingness to surrender their essence. This awareness was prefigured in a series of dreams I had in 2006 which spelt out conditions for archetypal rape of the Goddess, prescribed a healing practice of sacred sexuality and foresaw a return to innocence and right relationship. See ‘Resurrection and the Fall’ in ‘The Dream of Wholeness’.

(9) See ‘Christ-Innana’.

(10) I have been guided through this writing to focus on the pure Flame of Consciousness and work with the White Rose. T has been involved in a macro-cosmic journey. His experiences illustrate what I have written here. For example, having connected into the Heart of Earth, he also found himself connecting to the Heart of the Galaxy. Next he connected to the Heart of the Universe. Once this connection had been made, he was drawn into the Heart of Andromeda. The male energy of Andromeda then sought to initiate a sacred marriage with the female Milky Way in his Heart but the Milky Way was fearful of surrendering fully. After further clearing of distorted traces in his soul history and physical body, T experienced himself as a male consciousness in the galactic body of Andromeda. He then dreamt of the Milky Way as a female and apologised to her for some deep, archetypal rape. This exchange carried a very similar energy to that between Atlantean masculine and Lemurian feminine consciousness. At the same time T was dreaming this, his wife – a partner in their Great Work – dreamt that Rudolf Hess and other leading Nazis apologised to her for their transgressions. T was upset after ‘his’ apology, fearing that he must have done something inappropriate to warrant it. This was not an action of his person or soul, however, but a profoundly representative event in which he spoke for the developing consciousness of the male principle of life (literally, as its channel) on the level of galactic awareness. By the same token, the Nazis did not apologise to F as an individual, but as a representative of the Goddess. Both examples illustrate an earlier point about how ‘marrying’ on Earth at this time can facilitate healing across dimensions. My own experience of Cosmic Marriage is described in ‘Meditating Worlds’.

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