The White Rose


Two main impressions stayed with me after our journey to Tahiti. The first was that I left it with a sense of mission that I didn’t have before. The second was that, despite the intensity of experiences on Moorea, my sense derived equally from impressions received on Easter Island. These concerned themes of innocence and ‘original sin’. As soon as we arrived in Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof old ghosts arose: strident Nazis, frightened Jews, hissing steam, barking dogs. Traces of war-time deportations had never been cleared! I registered this silent clamour and watched it closing like a vice around the still-delicate expansion in C’s soul. She centred in her Heart and the next phase of our dreaming was secured. ‘The White Rose’ describes what happened after. It became C’s sustenance also.

When Christa and I got back from Polynesia, we were both very tired and slept a lot. My consciousness was dreamlike even while awake. Shortly after our return there was a film on TV about Sophie Scholl, a young woman who had been active in an anti-Nazi student group during World War II. C told me that this group was known as ‘The White Rose’.

I remembered seeing notices in Heidelberg some years before celebrating ‘Die Weisse Rose’. C drew my attention to them and told me about three young students whom the Nazis had arrested, tried and beheaded ‘in the shortest time possible’. It was clear that this story held an intense emotional charge for her, to do with the dismal nature of a ‘Fatherland’ that could treat its young so ruthlessly.

I was struck then by something unusually poetic about the youngsters’ choice of name, something precious which ought to have secured their immunity from the depredations of a totalitarian regime. It suggested vision, sensitivity and purity of commitment; even an innocence that felt outraged in the face of bullying. I was too tired to follow the film but three nights later another came on to do with the same subject. 

Based on a well-documented chain of events, this film shows how the intolerance of Nazi ideology stemmed from a fundamental insecurity at its core. C was sleeping so I watched alone. The students’ treason was to distribute pamphlets and graffiti. The State was unable to countenance protest, nor any possibility that grounds for it might exist. Its only recourse was to eliminate dissident reflections.

I see then why the story holds such resonance for C. The relationship shown between the students and patriarchal authority is precisely that which she endured in childhood. She experienced in microcosm the same brooding immanence of unacknowledged political-emotional shadows; the same effects of stifled innocence and spontaneity. I have seen evidence of this first-hand and know how profoundly destructive of spirit it can be.

The film registers beautifully a moment when Sophie is told by her warden, after she has been removed from the hubbub of the court, that her sentence will be carried out in two hours. This requires her to finally admit her accusers’ implacable nature and threatens her own innocence. Momentarily, she wavers. Where now is the life she once envisaged? Is it possible that her light could simply be extinguished? Then something that cannot be destroyed rallies in her and she consents to live fully her truth.

I experience this in Consciousness. Doing so, I connect with Sophie’s soul. A stream of illumination, blindingly white, pours into my Crown. I ‘see’ that her sacrifice and that of her companions was designed to balance the other SS’s agenda of coercion and control. I see that ‘The White Rose’ was named to evoke a promise of unforced beauty in our lives, through even the darkest of times.

I thought no more about this till I returned to Ireland and met a friend who had also seen the film. This felt like an unusual persistence and I wondered where it might lead.


Two days later I visit T at his farm. As usual, there is high energy between us. Unusually, our impulse is not to walk the land but just to sit together, talking. A figure 8 (infinity symbol) loops around us as we talk. I tell T about our visit to Polynesia, especially about the Christ grid and the healing of male warrior energies. Later, we visit his family and talk some more. Next morning, we talk again.

T, who has awakened his gift, tells me that deep healing has been happening in him through the night. This concerns male energies from ancient Egypt. It was stimulated by our talks of the previous day and remains incomplete. His sense is that it needs to go even deeper before whatever the core is can be resolved.

I agree and am guided to tell him about the role played by Ascended Masters in preparing for civilisation in Egypt pending the destruction of Atlantis. I relate how they established a base at Giza and waited for the human population to reach a level at which we could again be receptive to their teaching. When this point was reached, Egyptian civilisation flowered rapidly.

It began to decline as spiritual integrity became more and more eroded by attachments to power. The problem intensified as local priesthoods began elevating their cult deities above others. This reduced a finely balanced articulation of spiritual archetypes to a vulgar, competitive ‘polytheism’ which obscured unity consciousness and spawned hierarchies of political corruption.

I had found these aspects difficult to reconcile while preparing to visit Egypt in 2004. T helped me then with healings that allowed me to integrate dark memories within my soul of a political-spiritual aristocracy that came to dominate, exploit and abuse the ‘savages’ of Earth. We carry both these strains within us and I, at least, needed to reconcile them before I could travel safely.

I see that a similar healing is under way in T as I speak and that the deeper process he mentioned involves going beyond Egypt, back to Atlantis, in order to integrate ‘Martian’ energies that had such a devastating impact on Earth. Again, it seems that all I need to do is continue talking. I tell him how Martian colonists tried to establish control over other inhabitants and how, unable to feel, they could not sense divine order.

The only order they could trust was one that they imposed and maintained. To feel secure they had to be in charge, which involved dominating everybody else. Eventually, Martian dominator genes became part of our human DNA. These are prominent in contemporary human leaders who exhibit strong controlling tendencies.

This topic is crucial today as we enter a period in our species’ evolution when feminine sensibilities, over-ridden by ‘Martian’ influences since Atlantis, are set to return. For this to happen, these influences need to be acknowledged and integrated, especially by men. This process was happening in me through my time in Polynesia; now it is happening in T. By the time I finish speaking, an interim resolution has been achieved.


The following night I meet another friend who tells me that he has been feeling very anxious of late. This has gotten so bad in recent weeks that it has begun to undermine his spiritual practice. He feels frustrated, disconnected and confused, especially since he has done so much ‘work’ over many years. He doesn’t know what he should do next.

Intuitively, I respond that there is a point on everybody’s path when we must abandon all commitment to personal psychology and whatever the details of its story have been. This is a moment of complete surrender that involves relinquishing control and abandoning ourselves to the Grace of the Divine.

My sense is that H has reached this moment and denied it. All that remains for him within his current frame is repetition. This is why he feels so frustrated. He feels disconnected because he is refusing a challenge that life has put before him. The purpose of all work up to our moment of surrender is simply to prepare us for it, but no amount of preparation can remove the elements of risk and apprehension involved.

All conditioned, childish fears go on the line. Jumping, we find that we are caught. Our psychology transforms. Our fears are surpassed and we grow up. This renews our trust in life and the wisdom that governs its unfolding. For modern people it is like an initiation, where we are asked to go beyond understanding and control. Daring, we find ourselves as spiritual adults. Denying, we are left identified with all that is fearful in us, vulnerable and disengaged.

I ask H to list areas of his life that are governed by compulsive behaviours. These express a controlling mentality that insulates us from both the risks and joys of spontaneity. He says they all focus on his work and that the challenge he’s been refusing involves leaving his job. He has been prevented from taking this step by a sense of insecurity that makes him anxious about money and a sense of unworthiness that makes him doubt there could be anything better for him to do, or that he would be able to do it.

H’s work ‘obligations’ serve as an alibi for not following his Passion and as a focus for anxieties that surface as a result. Leaving his job is not the core issue but would serve to bring up survival-related concerns. It would also free him to discover his Passion. We both feel an excitement rising in him as I speak, but there is also great fear. Leaving work would give H an occasion to confront his fears and make available a vast energy which is presently stifling them. He feels heavy and disconnected because the energy that stifles his fears also stifles his dreams.

H already has the information needed to hold this awareness but loses clarity when he feels confused. Symptoms arise to command his attention. He then stages enquiries to understand what lies behind his symptoms. There is nothing further to be discovered by such means. Understanding is useful up to a point, after which it isn’t. Clinging to understanding is a means whereby ‘the knower’ extends its time in charge, maintaining a fundamental dualism within the Self between a knowing part and parts known. This sets up indefinite rounds of psychological reflection. It puts off the ‘death moment’ of surrender and justifies the ego-self staying on in a mode of control.


Next day I am travelling to the West when T calls. I had been planning to visit a sacred site in the midlands and am almost there when his call comes. He tells me that ‘Martian’ clearing continued for the next 24 hours after my visit. He then experienced a sustained inflow of ‘golden Pharaoh energy’ which represents the highest manifestation of Egyptian spirituality.

I recognise the energy as that of Akhenaten, a star being who embodied all that was purest in ancient Egypt. T feels understandably elated about this but is also fazed by a problem which confronts him in that moment. I tell him I must complete my visit to the sacred site and that, if we talk afterwards, all should be clear by then. He trusts in this.

I arrive at the site and kneel before a stone which is for me the most beautiful teacher in Ireland. S/he connects into the Heart of Earth and, from there, to sacred places all over the globe. S/he also connects outwardly to Cosmos. Merging, I experience this connectedness myself. I lack words for the bliss that follows as communion deepens. It feels as if all Creation is held lovingly in Consciousness, like an infinite stillness that is also infinitely moved by the beauty of the Dream that it is dreaming.

I call T afterwards and ask him to tune into these energies. He says it looks as if I have been in Heaven! My energy is still fused with that of the stone. He sees a funnel running Heavenwards from its Crown and mine. White light beams down into my head and radiates out from my shoulders. My feeling matches T’s vision as he speaks.

I am guided then to transmit this energy to him purely by intent. T waits and starts to receive. When he is filled with light I ask about the problem he had mentioned earlier. He can see his way to dealing with it now.


My house stands on a hill, with the ocean behind and a sacred mountain out front. It feels cold, dark and exposed when I arrive amid strong winds and driving rain. A storm rages as I settle down to sleep and dream of disaffected soldiers coming home.

Next day I begin writing ‘Easter: Resurrection and Ascension’, an account of my recent journey to Polynesia with C. I find myself dwelling through its early pages on stories about the Martian colonisation of Atlantis and its relationship to an alienated warrior consciousness which we went to Easter Island to heal.

This writing becomes my principal meditation for the next two days, when T calls to ask about something which is arising for him now. He will be leaving for Germany soon, where his wife’s father has been arranging to divide land between his daughters. Despite this, he has been negotiating with their husbands, his sons-in-law.

T senses that there is something very important involved here for the men, as if they have buried something of themselves deep in the land and are seeking to protect it. He feels that his visit will help bring healing to the situation. His reflections trigger strong awareness in me.

This ritual observance of men’s ownership of land is part of an historical tendency among alienated males to control the Goddess, as if this is the only means we can find of relating to her. The opening that T anticipates relates to work we had done the previous summer in Ireland to raise its ‘Sleeping King’.

This refers to a spiritual archetype of protective warrior energy which is wedded to the Goddess/Land. It is not alienated but remains dormant, as in Arthurian tradition. It can be obscured by layers of shame, guilt and despair, especially in countries which have been colonised, as Ireland has.

I had found something similar in Germany, dating from Roman times, when men of the Tribes realised they would be unable to defend their territories against invading legions. This caused great shame, a condition of the male psyche which persists in Germania and erupted most recently there under Nazism.

Obscuring veils have now lifted sufficiently to allow a repressed essence of male energy to start returning slowly. This process is especially arduous in Germany because current generations are also affected by un-comprehended guilt from the Holocaust. Indeed, most men are so afflicted by burdens of alienated warrior consciousness that we are afraid to trust whatever our spontaneity might be, even if we knew how to access it. We feel so unconsciously guilty we can’t conceive what innocence might be.

The dream of our innocence is held in the land, where its promise endures. Men’s focus has been so long on protecting, that we are conscious only of a need to protect rather than what it is we have been protecting. It is time to retrieve our essence. I say this over the phone as best I can. While doing so, I see that the White Rose evokes that very innocence which lies buried in the souls of men and is held in the memory of the land.

Suddenly, I feel very vulnerable, as if that buried essence I have named is opening in me. T says that I need to experience this male opening fully so that I will be able to describe it and assist others through it. I feel so weak that there’s nothing I can do but go to bed, like an infant orchestrating my own birth.

I spend the day dozing and reading, waiting for waves of fragile sensibility to break. I imagine a White Rose forming with each one and then see it blossom in my Heart. This happens repeatedly through the day, whenever something new needs to surface. There is no call for explicit processing or reflection. All is accomplished at the level of feeling as issues that had previously been unconscious are admitted without resistance and gently released in purified form.  

This is a soft, ‘feminine’ way that requires no effort or duress. It works by Grace as the image conveys all that needs clearing, wave after wave, until there is nothing to express but innocence itself. This is a condition of pure spontaneity, now the legacy of a sacrifice which laid down a shining track in time far beyond oppressions that evoked it.

The White Rose expresses the essential innocence of life, bearing all that would impede its fulfilment to a point of release. It carries our lives graciously towards realisation of whatever our destiny may be. All we need do is cooperate consciously with a gift which was bestowed by great souls who remembered light in times of fear-infested darkness (1).


The process is straightforward: whenever you feel a shift coming, visualise a White Rose rising in and out from your Heart, filling it, and then releasing, carrying all that might have threatened or disturbed. Accompany this sequence with the words: ‘May the White Rose blossom in my Heart’. Do so gently as often as you feel a need. Don’t worry if images seem hazy. Intention is key. Grace will sustain you where instruction leaves off.

I want to stress as the most important observation of this writing that the White Rose works, despite its simplicity. It carries difficult imprints away, no matter how heavy or prolific, without our needing to get personally involved. It also fosters and restores our sense of innocence. It alleviates our need to be in charge, even of transformations that culminate eventually in (ego) death. It allows us not to have to manage this process and affords necessary, gentle training in letting go.

More radically, it prepares us for Surrender by carrying us through repeated moments of surrendering. As we resign ourselves to gently summoned waves of innocence and trust, repetition creates an effect of easy availability. A primary reflex of innocence replaces our conditioned tendencies towards guilt and shame. The White Rose may be unique in offering gradual experience of this process. It has been my constant, indispensable aid through many trials that have arisen since our return from Eastern Island.


I feel strong and renewed the next day. My vulnerability is now keen sensitivity. T calls and tells me that his healing seems to be approaching a new breakthrough. He has been given the image of a figure 8 (infinity symbol) with a diamond at its centre. This diamond at first seems alluring but his intuition has been not to engage with it. It feels like a trap or illusion which would keep him stuck in some way.

Yes! It is a seal set upon infinity that not only protects but also renders inaccessible our Gold, leaving us pre-occupied with matters that are actually distractions. The challenge is to break this ‘seal’ which keeps us from knowing our own truth. But how? A diamond is solid, valuable and worth defending. Who would want to ‘break’ its beautiful structure?

I tell T about the White Rose and its appeal for C and me. Immediately he perceives it as a healing symbol and says that it’s unnecessary to go back over its Nazi past. Indeed not, the White Rose is of our essence. It has all the power required to gently break even our most cherished ‘diamond’ fixations. There is no need to re-enter the orbit of a ‘figure 8’ when we can open seals set upon our innocence from within.


I think later of H’s constant round of therapies and all the ‘work’ that he has done. No doubt this served to sensitise me. The White Rose could help him stop going back and forth in his endless loops of 8. It offers a gentle, effortless way of moving through even the most difficult challenges. I send him a first draft of this paper. He responds by telling me that it’s very interesting but that people are afraid of being free. It appears that his ‘heaviness’ can’t identify with the innocence and lightness of the Rose.

By the time he consents to inclusion of material relating to him in this piece, he has already begun to experience stirrings of an unclaimed Passion in his life. He has also begun working with the White Rose to clarify ‘questions of innocence and sin’. We shall see in ‘The Image of God’ how humanity has amassed a vast backlog in relation to this theme. The White Rose serves so that this backlog may be processed rapidly with a minimum of fuss. It is a gift of pure, unadulterated Grace.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to put down stories to which we have been yoked all our lives, for the future beyond then looks terrifyingly uncharted. Also, people who feel unworthy are driven to ‘work’ constantly to prove their innocence and merit Grace. This is a basic swindle from which we deserve immediate liberation. I wrote ‘The Image of God’ to facilitate this. I invite you also to work with the White Rose and see how even forbidding heaviness can be assuaged by its soft, feminine, gradual, Grace-filled means.


I see a White Rose growing gently from the Point of Creation, expanding gradually until it encompasses all of Cosmos, growing still. I see it growing from the same Point in my Heart, expanding gradually as it expresses all that I AM. I see it growing from deep in the Heart of Earth, expanding gently as it manifests her Dream. The Tao does nothing yet nothing is left undone. There is no need for violence, turmoil, panic or smart uniforms.


When I had my Egyptian healing some years back, the event was singular and apparently catastrophic. T was concerned through the hours of its duration. In fact, I felt blissful in the throes of my release but it did not look that way from outside. Our recent healings, by contrast, have been easy and soft. This gentle way exemplifies an epochal shift away from a fundamentally masculine to a fundamentally feminine spirituality.

The White Rose is an ancient symbol of Goddess integrity (2). The form of the Goddess is the body of Creation. This includes Earth, who is our Mother in that we are made of her material (mother stuff). Our Father is a more abstract proposition, an invisible God whose spirit animates Creation but whose presence has to be inferred from swaying trees and fertile fields. He is expressed through Creation but is not disclosed by it as readily as the Mother is. We often feel abandoned by Him.

Also, childbirth and menstruation have always linked women with Nature’s abundance. This gave them the central role in early Goddess-based religions. Men were marginal and secondary until the institutionalisation of warfare put us centre-stage. We now had a vital role, to protect land and family from conflicts we induced. Our new God lived in Heaven, not on Earth. Patriarchy flourished but men and women suffered as a result.

Men suffered particularly when we failed in our role as protectors. We suffered when we failed to excel. We suffered when others’ aggression overcame us. We even suffered when we ‘won’. Secretly, we remained in awe of the Mother’s power and colluded in an order of culture that made the feminine seem dependent upon us rather than vice-versa. This is the ‘diamond’ of T’s vision. Its rule was imposed on women too.

Earth suffers the sufferings of her children. She has persevered out of love and because she holds the memory of our potential. We can still rise from humble origins (3) to attain Unity/Christ Consciousness. This happens whenever an aspect of Eternal Being (God) realises itself as such in time. Earth is on the brink of such ‘Ascension’ and wants to take us with her. We can make our leap easily, or not, as we choose.

A feminine, trust-based mode of co-operation is required to see us through. Many forms of spiritual assistance are available but our Martian, control-based tendencies are fearful of letting go a fight which has given us the illusion of identity and security for so long. Hollowness at the core of Nazi ideology arose because it was not professed out of a centre but out of a defensive ring; a seal of denial, not a well of inspiration.

The Nazi programme exemplified a ‘Martian’ disposition. We have all internalised this but men are its primary vehicles. It became part of our DNA and psychic formation. The White Rose flowers to counter this malaise. Like the Goddess, it blossoms again and again. By coming into right relationship with Her, even at this late hour, we can make our changes easily. Freely, we can even ease our Mother’s way and sing her home.


I took a step towards this today, as T did in Germany (4). It is Easter Sunday, a key time for advancing a resurrection process begun on Easter Island. Meditating, I reach into the Heart of Earth and call up a Sleeping King. This is an old image for the Christ in every wo/man (5). I reach down by intent. He rises on the petals of a flower. I hold him tenderly before my Heart, streaming energies of New Creation to him, renewing ancient memories of a God within the Land, celebrating my rebirth as I am singing him alive.


(1)   Sophie Scholl (b. 1921), her brother Hans (b. 1918) and Christoph Probst (b. 1919) were executed early in 1943. Kurt Huber (b. 1893) and Willi Graf (b. 1918) followed later the same year.

(2)   The Church associates a White Rose specifically with the Virgin and, thus, with its restricted sense of purity. This presupposes that sexuality is somehow impure and misses the point of a symbol that asserts the essential, unconditioned innocence of all Life.

(3)  See ‘The Image of God’.

(4)  T found ‘male God energy’ awaiting him in the land of Germany. A metal plate (‘seal’) was removed from his Heart and a White Rose grew from the Heart of Earth. This spread through the land and, on Easter Sunday, enveloped his extended German family. I have also worked with the Rose in many difficult environments.

(5)  ‘Christ’ refers to our potential to realise ourselves as aspects of Eternal Being (God) in time. It is a name, one of many possible across the range of human cultures, for a potential found in all people. My focus here is on the male; I write elsewhere of female resurrection and necessary integration. See ‘The Goddess Risng: Sexual Healing and the Return of the Female Christ’.

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