Grail Supplement, Spring 2011


I recently wrote a piece called ‘Dreaming Day 1’. This outlines a sequence of dreams that projects the essential pattern of Wave 9 through to resolution. It also directed me to focus on my native (Celtic) tradition, which I studied experientially for many years. At the Heart of this tradition is the Grail myth, which reconciles Pagan (pre/Celtic) Mysteries with those of mystical Christianity.

The story culminates on Easter Sunday when an old king dies and a new one arises. The focus in 13th century versions of this myth is on rehabilitating patriarchal warrior consciousness. Its surface message of underlying Unity is expressed with regard to antagonistic relations between Christianity and Islam at the time of the Crusades but behind this is a deeper theme of finding right relationship with the Divine Feminine.

This latter focus is primary during our time of Second Coming. It correlates with End Times of the Mayan calendar and doesn’t posit literal return of Jesus as an historically unique saviour figure but rather the awakening in many of a Christ potential which he carried through to Resurrection. This reopens vital themes of inner marrying, fe/male yin-yang balance and the birth of a new consciousness that comes of this marriage (?).

Rumi writes that ‘Straying maps the Path’. The Tao Te Ching advises that deviation is not possible within the Tao. Even straying is not straying (as the Way that can be spoken is not the true Way). The Grail story comprehends this wisdom. So does the Mayan calendar when it charts the process of our species’ development towards a collective realisation of Consciousness in time.

Imperialism, industrialism etc. had to happen. They are stages in the development of a human spirit that gets lost under waves of grief, guilt, shame and hurt. The Grail myth teaches that redemption comes when the spark of spirit is raised into the spaciousness of Heart and Consciousness becomes centred there, beyond bottle-necks of 3rd chakra/ego-awareness.

This insight is not part of Calendar lore per se but is a much-needed complement to it.  When the sequence of ‘Dreaming Day 1’ advised me to re-focus the resources of my native tradition, my soul was anticipating something ‘I’ hadn’t foreseen. Moreover, because I figure as a representative human in this sequence, the same advice applies to all traditions: we all have gifts to contribute to the celebration of 2011/12.

The Maya are delivering their gift. We can deliver our gifts also by comprehending them in their universal aspect, seeing past elements of purely local detail and shedding everything that tends not to specificity but to arrogance, chauvinism and exclusivity; everything that leads away from Unity rather than serving to enrich it.

‘5th Nights’ represents a particular application of insights that grew out of ‘Dreaming’. It notes that, since the theme of the 9th Underworld is conscious co-creation and since forms of ‘destruction’ apparent over the entire sequence of 5th Nights are relative to the mode of consciousness associated with them, we should be able to co-create our ‘destruction’ at this time. I will have something of interest to share soon in this regard.

Only when Perceval has encountered all aspects of the Triple Goddess – as Maiden (Condwiramurs), Mother (Herzeloyde) and Crone (Messenger) – can he find right relationship with her. This development is primarily focused through the figure of Condwiramurs, who comes to embody the Divine Feminine for him as he completes his work of individuation with regard to his personal mother and the Grail as universal symbol of female integrity. Affairs with ladies of the Court can only distract by comparison.

When Perceval finds the Grail, the vital spark of his individuating spirit lifts into the centre of his compassionate Heart, no longer obscured by distorting influences of  emotional history. This distinguishes him from the old king, who fishes in the waters of his wound but is unable to push beyond ritual obsession. The difference is fulfilled at Easter when the Fisher King passes to make way. Male psychology is transformed as the warrior surrenders and obeys the prompting of his Heart to ask a necessary question.

The individuated spark of realised Christhood is raised up, elevating the Hero into full consciousness of his Sacred Heart, alive in time. This potential of the inner masculine is now available to women and to men as we seek to realise the promise of integral human Mysteries rather than separate fe/male mysteries that echo the sundering of Godhood in existence. [Duality is a condition of our existence, better approached as a promise to be fulfilled than as a sickness to be healed. We can make sickness of it through rigidity or glory through flow.]

When Condwiramurs brings Perceval’s sons to him, it signifies a crucial integration that takes place in an integral human soul. New waves of warrior energy thereby find correct orientation viv-a-vis Goddess. A new path is established. In chronological time, Galahad (the elder son) would be well into his twenties and might already have set out on his own Father Quest – which is how Perceval began – but our story unfolds in the Sacred Time of Myth and concerns essential truth, not literal fact.

In this case it reveals that the Divine Feminine in the guise of Condwiramurs, trusting that she hasn’t been abandoned or betrayed, can hold everything from Centre while the masculine element pursues its necessary course of ‘straying’. This must happen to move the story on. It brings consciousness not back to an old balance but forward to something sublimely new that comes of realising potentials for radical partnership in our feminine-masculine, yin-yang soul dynamics.

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