13/1: Of Consciousness and Convergence


On May 1 2010, 1 Men of the Mayan calendar, I was driving with a friend to climb a sacred mountain. We were talking about ways to promote ‘Conscious Convergence’, a worldwide event intended to foster co-operation with the calendar’s imminent ninth and final wave. I had been feeling huge energy all morning, and an urge to picture the impact of this wave. It continued to build as we approached our mountain. Suddenly, in a flash, I ‘saw’ how the ninth wave affects Unity. This was accompanied by an overwhelming energy surge that translated into a fleeting image, like the moment in a lightning storm when a dark landscape is illuminated and hidden patterns revealed.

I felt this with absolute conviction. All the issues and tendencies I had been struggling to comprehend fell momentarily into right relationship and I just knew the meaning of what I had glimpsed. Excitedly I asked my friend if he had paper and a pen. He found a pencil and an old bill. I set myself to write. Nothing! I had a clear sense of having fathomed an essential pattern but no power to summon or express it. All I could picture was darkness and the sudden flaring of a line of lights. I felt very tired then, like a seized engine, unable to generate momentum. When I tried meditating, I fell asleep for a half-hour.

The next morning I felt as if the energy I absorbed the day before had solidified in me. I needed to drive across Ireland and spent the journey listening to music, arranging a sequence for a workshop I was planning at the time. This restored a partial sense of flow but I still felt subject to some kind of locking effect, as if my nervous system had been paralysed by overload. The following morning, unusually, I had a schedule to observe. Checking emails, I found a message from Carl Calleman acknowledging ‘error’ in a Mayan calendar dating he had undertaken.

I didn’t see this error as such and typed a brief reply to say so in the short time I had, not noticing that a tide of energy locked in me since the weekend had begun to release, spilling over in the furious pace of my typing. My image of May 1 reappeared as I typed and started moving. Lights that before had just been evanescent flickers now became substantial presences, falling through a bank of darkness, burning their way downwards in vertical tracks. My excitement intensified as this happened. I didn’t realise until afterwards that the words I was typing were somehow drawn on my lost insight of a few days back.

They seemed very charged and cryptic when I reread them later that night. Some were hard to understand, as when I wrote that ‘the energies (of particular days in the Mayan calendar) are subject to effects of multiple embedding that are virtually incalculable’. My message goes on to say that as we move farther into the ninth wave, being guided by tzolkin readings only will prove less and less effective. This is the opposite of received opinion. Yet as I had been impelled to write so my guidance now was to focus attention on these words. Doing so over time, I continued to see lights from my May 1 ‘vision’ sink like flares into un-illuminated depths until finally I grasped that my intuition was still unpacking.

This process took weeks to complete, covering a period during which I presented my ‘Living from Heart’ workshop and outlined another called ‘Over Nine Waves’ for presentation over the Conscious Convergence weekend. Its energies are integrally co-ordinated with those of that event and of the currently gathering ninth wave. It was only as I began rehearsing the sequences of ‘Waves’ that my May I intuition really started to get clear. I Men is a day for ground-breaking overview. I was not able to write about it until 1 Ix, three trecenas and a symbolic forty days later. I will focus from here on substantive issues rather than the many synchronistic processes by means of which I came to understand them.


The darkness of my ‘vision’ refers to un-comprehended stretches of a deep past, even as charted by a unique calendar that plumbs fathomless reaches of time. I had, quite literally, been unable to get my mind around this before the vision broke. I already knew how important it is to clear blocks and wounds from ancient depths in order that a state of presence may be realised. This is exactly what the Mayan calendar promises as a result of the ninth wave, expressing it symbolically as a simultaneous descent of nine Lords of Time. These correspond to nine waves, all of which end at the same time.  The significance of this is paramount.


Consider the first great wave of Creation. Released at the Big Bang, it unfolds in a genesis pattern of seven days and six nights over 16.4 billion years. We are now in the seventh day of the Cellular Underworld it establishes. This began 1.26 billion years ago. Roughly one third of the way through, 820 million years ago, a second wave was released to initiate the Mammalian Underworld. The first wave didn’t simply stop at this point. It continues moving at its own frequency towards the end of the calendar as a whole, when all nine waves are due to complete simultaneously.

Evolution happens twenty times faster in the Mammalian Underworld, establishing an apparent paradox whereby a second wave, starting at the same time as what remains of the first but travelling twenty times faster than it, reaches the same end point at the same time. How can this be? The answer is that it is not time as such that gets faster but rather the rate of evolutionary unfolding. Specifically, the same amount of change happens in the Mammalian underworld as happens in the entire Cellular period, although it’s twenty times shorter. This twenty-fold speeding up of the pace of evolution is a constant feature of the calendar across levels. There is a quantum leap involved at every threshold.

Despite this, unfolding of the Cellular Underworld continues after the Mammalian has ‘hatched’ out of it, much as an aircraft carrier continues moving after it has launched a jet. What happens to it then? What does the Cellular wave do after its impetus has launched the Mammalian? It produces the first single-celled organisms. These must then adjust to environments and opportunities created by the second wave, which goes on to produce complex multi-cellular organisms. This happens in the same physical time through which both waves continue to move: Earth still revolves around the Sun as before and the Moon around Earth.

It is tempting to think of wave 1 as simply being subsumed by wave 2, and the Cellular Underworld by the Mammalian. This is what might be inferred from Ken Wilber’s ‘transcend and include’ principle, for example (1), but it is not what the calendar indicates. Consciousness doesn’t move to the end of the first level of the pyramid and then jump to the second; rather the second is released when the first reaches a certain (95%) point in its unfolding and then continues as a cosmic power in its own right (2). There is a quantum shift, a specific discontinuity, involved which has as much to do with establishing conditions for new creation as fulfilling the old. In fact, seeding new (levels of) creation is part of the fulfilment of the old.

Part of the fulfilment of wave 1 is to precipitate wave 2 but it continues on its way after this has happened, towards its own fulfilment in time. This pattern repeats at all levels of the calendar and is of fundamental significance to its fulfilment as a whole. By the time this comes, there will be nine waves travelling in time, each launched out of its predecessor and moving towards a simultaneous completion which brings about an End of Time and a simultaneous ‘descent’ of nine ‘deities’ which at that point will again be known as One.                                                                    


Each wave launches a successor when its own passage through time is 95% complete. The succeeding wave completes entirely within the remaining 5%. This pattern is observed through all nine levels, whence the ‘x20’ acceleration rule.  In the lower levels, transition is relatively seamless since consciousness is more or less distributed and flowing across all parts of the whole. This begins to change around the qualitative centre of our unfolding, in the Regional Underworld, when human beings first show clear signs of differentiated (existential) consciousness, evidenced by the appearance of ritual burials and shamanic art. This metaphysical tendency becomes a species-defining attribute by the fifth day (ninth Heaven) of this Underworld, beyond utilitarian concerns such as the use and production of tools.

There is a peculiar poignancy associated with the emergence of this metaphysical urge because, although it signals a break-through in the relationship of consciousness-in-time with its environments, a new differentiation, it also engenders new grounds for alienation and dissociation. This happens because the great ‘enlightenment’ of the Regional Underworld implies a new degree of freedom for (human) consciousness in relation to its physical settings. It implies a space of interiority and reflection which together make possible a new existential state of self-awareness.

At first this inwardness was balanced by immediate organic participation of human communities in enveloping worlds of Nature and Spirit. Although these had not yet been distinguished, it is still appropriate to speak of a great opening in consciousness at that time. Simultaneous diversification of natural language across disparate human groups heralds a parallel spiritual-evolutionary impulse of almost unimaginable significance. This creates further grounds for reflection within and between groups, including narrative accounts of experience that alter the apparent nature of experience. With later developments of agriculture, surplus, settlement, encroachment and conflict things began to change sharply.

By the time of the National Underworld, warfare has been institutionalised, men made central and the Goddess relegated. Writing is now used to record what can no longer simply be remembered. Laws are instituted to govern complex social formations characterised by hierarchy, role differentiation and gender inequality. In cities, especially, human culture becomes increasingly self-encapsulating, reinforcing a ‘fall’ into separation consciousness that contrasts markedly with patterns of the Regional Underworld. We became creatures of ego and apprehension. Calleman associates this development with wave 6 and a National Underworld characterised by the prevalence of left-brain, separation consciousness. Evidence suggests that he is right.

Wave 6 launched wave 7 and the Planetary Underworld in 1755, when it had run 95% of its course through physical time. This consolidated our separation to a point of making most of us oblivious to it. It also consolidated patterns of domination that began in the National Underworld. We now experienced ourselves as so separate from Nature that our only purpose seemed to be its subjugation. Our fulfilment was reduced to a practice of survival cushioned by pointless luxuries, generally won at the cost of others’ distress. We even came to identify with corporate groups that are increasingly transitory in a regulated economic war of all against all. We were lost, not least on the level of official history, whose purpose gradually contracted to supposedly objective charting of the course of our dysfunction.

Wave 8 and the Galactic Underworld brought some awakening within this condition of institutionalised narcissism. Again, it was launched out of wave 7 as part of a unitary unfolding. Unlike transitions of consciousness across lower levels, however, jumps from levels 5 to 6, 6 to 7 and 7 to 8 were not accomplished without remainder because consciousness was no longer fluidly distributed across forms. Self-conscious humans, trapped in loops of reflexive awareness and fearing annihilation, developed strategies of hoarding which operate both consciously and unconsciously. By such means we sought to defy, pre-empt or force change rather than facilitate it, and then to control that which we defied. Consequently, despite our claims to progress, mostly we behave like traumatised children in a dangerous world apprehended through filters of repression.

This includes repression of all aspects of experience that don’t sit easily with our conditioned identities. We have been building cultures for millennia that reflect this tendency. On one hand, the calendar appears to mitigate this analysis by stressing that major tendencies observed through history have been determined by patterns of unfolding that were necessary and inevitable. All earlier stages had to be passed through before our present could arrive. On the other, it makes clear that – especially on higher levels, where humans have become locked in worlds of reflection – much more repression and dissociation has taken place than transcendence and inclusion, particularly with regard to threshold shifts. A huge backlog of distortion overshadows the progression of consciousness through time and, thus, the realisation of Consciousness in time. There is thus a vast amount of healing to be done before the ‘Time Lords’ can descend in peace.


The ideal of ‘transcend and include’ has not been fulfilled since the emergence of ego-mediated self-consciousness in time. What is separate inclines to defend its separateness, creating pervasive effects of repression and dissociation. This has now become an obstacle. Humanity’s institutionalised narcissism – our tendency to fill awareness with projected reflections of our inner state – has been carried primarily by the ‘developed’ world. It has been exported and imposed all over, but not uniformly. Different peoples in different parts of Earth have been affected differently by it. Because of this wounding, distorted models of the memory and promise of being human are still carried by different peoples – indigenous, traditional and post/modern – across the globe. To say that each carries a piece of the jigsaw is not just a New Age bromide. The Mayan Calendar, perhaps above all other cultural resources now available, reminds us that there is Divine Intent underpinning the apparent chaos we have co-created.

Humanity is made in ‘the image of God’, even as it disperses from Oneness into the appearances of Many. We are primary instruments for realising Divine Intent in this regard: the ones who have suffered fracture and must redeem it in time, ones who must remember our Oneness! The currently shattered state of our Unity is a necessary stage in this project of reclamation. It is an experiment, not a fait accompli. We have the freedom to fail and an obligation to succeed. We need to shed past veils of wounding, rancour, bitterness and pain for the sake of all our people – ancient, indigenous, traditional and modern. We have much healing to accomplish and can only accomplish it together because all our constituent groups represent splintered images of one fractured whole. Our problems cannot be solved by grudging practical adjustments but only by a radical transformation of consciousness. This can be greatly facilitated by the coming ninth wave.


The Calendar is a means for charting the Flow of Creation in time. This Flow marks the revelation of an originally unitary Consciousness dispersing itself into many forms. It is highly structured, not just with regard to nine successively unfolding waves but also thirteen Heavens across all the levels created by these waves. This means that there is a hidden vertical structure within the calendar that is articulated in terms of a fractal resonance between time-based frequencies across all of its levels. Thus Day 1/Heaven 1 of the highest Universal Underworld resonates with day 1 of the lowest (Cellular) and all other ‘first days’ in between, since all are governed by the same deities/cosmic forces. The same principle applies to all thirteen Heavens across all nine Underworlds.

Hence there is a fractal resonance between March 9-26, 2011 and January 5 – December 30, 1999 as first days of the Universal and Galactic Underworlds, respectively. Such vertical tracking of fractal resonance patterns repeats all the way back to the cellular Underworld. This is what the descending flares of my May1/1 Men vision drew attention to, across all thirteen Heavens on all nine levels. We normally appraise such ‘resonance’ from the perspective of our past up to our present, noting that patterns which obtained then are likely to repeat now because the same ‘deities’ rule but we can also pursue this relationship in the opposite direction, from the top down. This was indicated by my vision, which showed a series of lights (say 13) burning their way from a top level (wave 9) down through inferior ones, illuminating vast reaches of inner darkness.


It is helpful to reframe at this point: an essential genesis pattern of 13 Heavens (7 days and 6 nights) is embedded at different levels of scale throughout the calendar. This creates a dynamic vertical structure that links all nine levels across corresponding Heavens. Each level is animated by its own distinctive wave/frequency of Creation. The entire process would resolve automatically if it were deterministic but it isn’t, since its purpose is to allow Consciousness in the guise of Many a freedom to awaken as One. This awakening is necessary but not predetermined. It surfaces in human psychology as a challenge for reflexive awareness to open beyond its conditioned sense of separation to a sense of integral participation in Greater Life (encompassing levels of planetary, galactic and universal consciousness). This will happen more or less beautifully according to our response-ability. The easiest way would be for us to awaken to our role in the Flow of Creation and assume our place as co-creators through the final stages of the calendar, thereby paving a way towards re-attainment of Unity Consciousness.

This is presaged by the relation 13/1, whereby the 13 days of each trecena and the 13 Heavens of each Underworld constantly give way to new levels and potentials of an ever more articulated Unity. The quality of 13 entails the ascension to a new level of unfolding of all that has been accomplished through a preceding cycle of 13 Heavens or days. There is one vital difference between the days of the trecena and the Heavens of the Underworlds in this respect – namely, that in a 13th Heaven, the sequence doesn’t simply end. Part of its fulfilment is to give way; to launch a higher frequency of evolution (3). A notable exception occurs in the final, ninth Underworld where there is no successor wave. This implies a more definitive ending: an End of Time.

The 13/1 relation was also present in the dates for Conscious Convergence (July 17-18, 2010; in Mayan calendar terms, 13 Road and 1 Reed). This marks the onset of a ‘pre-wave’ that anticipates the final ninth wave, in which a fulfilled 13 runs its course to the end before giving way definitively to a Unity that also encompasses the fulfilled 13 Heavens of all eight lower levels of the calendar. The difference between this new Unity and the one that was tacitly realised in the Regional Underworld is that the later manifestation will be informed by lessons of history through which Consciousness remembers itself as such in time. This will not happen automatically, which is why I and others choose now to write words like these.  All express aspects of unfolding Consciousness in a collaborative process through which Many seek to awaken as One.

We can grasp this by undertaking a rational reconstruction of the entire sequence, as Calleman has done, and/or by accessing a new Heart-centred Consciousness (4). The first clarifies our approach to the End of Time. The second carries us through. All orders of time are correlates of Mind – especially those supported by the left brain, whose operations need time to happen in. Parity of the right brain makes this arrangement more fluid and less overtly temporal but Heart-centred consciousness transcends polarity and time altogether. It is the means by which Unity-disguised-as-Many remembers itself whole. The ninth wave stimulates Heart-awareness by accelerating change such that our capacity for rational deliberation is overwhelmed and a more intuitive response mode triggered.                                                                    


Another distinctive aspect of the ninth wave is that the ‘x20’ rule disappears at this level into mathematical nothingness, following a convention whereby anything to the power of Nothing (zero) is deemed equal to Unity (one). This discloses the only non-tun-based frequency in the whole calendar (13 x 18 = 234 days). Its revelation as such makes 18 visibly prominent in a way that it isn’t at other levels, where it is concealed by the tun base: 13 x 18 x 20 = 13 tuns; 13 x 18 x 400 = 13 katuns and so forth. Calleman’s shift to an 18 day (uaxaclahunkin) rhythm in ‘The Purposeful Universe’ entails that the tzolkin is no longer a constant feature of the calendar across levels. In any case, since 18 = 2 x 9, the uaxaclahunkin also brings a nine-count to the fore, in the form of ascending and descending motions.

In my beginning is my end is a familiar mystical reflection. The opposite is also true, given our calendar twist. This is specifically indicated by the story of a god who manifests in time over nine waves which, fulfilling their course, occasion a simultaneous ‘descent’ of all parts (into time) in order that the nine-fold god might be re-membered here as One, thus ending time. In the same spirit, our mythologies constantly urge us to ‘return to Source’ to become infused with sacred knowledge and energies of pure creation that are available there. Perhaps something of this lore is applicable to our journey through the calendar also?

Favouring the uxahunklin as the calendar’s highest frequency preserves the integrity of the ‘x20’ rule from the first wave through to the ninth as well as disclosing 18 (2 x 9) as a formerly hidden constant at all levels. Beginning from February 11, 2011 the final tzolkin of the Calendar comprises twenty trecenas, two of which precede the ninth wave and 18 of which constitute it. A ratio of 1: 9 is posited, reminiscent of the 9-part unitary deity that the calendar as a whole evokes, whose simultaneous descent serves to reconstitute a Unity Consciousness that transcends time. The 2:18 relation also suggests a journey which is two-way, involving nine steps in both directions, up and down 9 levels of the Temple (Underworlds).

There is no reason why this consideration should apply unless its ascent/descent symbolism is functional in some respect. My ninth wave vision of firelights appearing across the top of a pyramid and working their way back down lower levels that Consciousness has just climbed supports this possibility: 18 (2×9) isolated at the highest level suggests a journey up nine levels of the pyramid and another back down.

Nine days evokes nine Waves/Underworlds and the nine-nine count of the wave form of the ninth wave/Universal Underworld.

It entails a healing sweep across 13 Heavens of the Universal Underworld and the corresponding Heavens of all inferior levels. We have already noted that a ‘transcend and include’ principle doesn’t automatically apply in higher underworlds, where repression and dissociation are likely to occur at threshold shifts. A condensed healing review is thus necessary to complete the two-way process of a journey of ascent/descent undertaken by nine ‘gods’ in the course of time. We must undertake this journey intentionally to clarify our path back to Source and forward from it, with awareness. (See ‘Dreaming a New Earth’.)

This facilitates a culminating descent of the ‘Time Lords’ by re-patterning awareness so that we will be prepared to integrate. The calendar leaves the end of inferior Underworlds open because their closure requires creative intervention by awakening humanity just as the ninth wave required the creative summoning of Conscious Convergence. It represents a unitary process which unfolds in stages, whose end was present from its beginning just as its beginning – remembered now by Consciousness in time – must be present at its end, such that the last will be first and the first last.


Fulfilment of the ninth wave’s power to evoke Unity consciousness depends on the awakening of a potential in human consciousness to align intentionally with the Flow of Creation. Apart from inspired intuition, this is most readily achieved by observing calendar rhythms, which make the Flow of Creation accessible in time. At the highest levels of consciousness, we co-create not just with other people but also – if we are awake – with energies of pure Creation per se, streaming out from Source in the form of nine waves. For anyone who doesn’t have direct access, the calendar offers a tangible dynamic structure to bring us into Flow and help keep us there, aligning our personal creativity more and more as the process develops.

The unfolding of my own creativity has followed this course, right up to a point of pursuing my healing vision via the enabling structure of the calendar. This entails revisiting effects of dissonance introduced at all stages by repression and dissociation with a view to re-patterning them so that coherence may be restored. As noted, distortions arise whenever consciousness, trapped in loops of wounded reflexivity, fails to surrender in openness to Flow. Thus pockets of trapped consciousness are still found through the articulated structure of the calendar, especially in historical time. These represent the biggest obstacle to mass attainment of Unity consciousness. Our current manifestations are shaped by deformations that echo deep into our past.


The inspiration of my 1 Men vision is to creatively utilise energies of the ninth wave across all its 13 Heavens to clarify effects of wounding and repression at all lower levels. This happens by applying powers of intentional consciousness from a ninth wave level of achieved clarity to re-pattern corresponding stretches of lower levels wherever this may be required. Details of this process will become clearer after I present ‘Over Nine Waves’, which features an anticipatory ascent of all nine levels of the calendar-pyramid. This is necessary to facilitate passage of the Time Lords since no ‘descent’ can be triggered until the calendar’s highest frequency has been secured in time. A need for rapid integration will follow the seventh day of the ninth wave.

Ascending the ‘pyramid’ is prerequisite. I will undertake this symbolically with a representative group over the Conscious Convergence weekend when, by virtue of the focused power of intentional consciousness, an anticipatory pre-wave will become available and – within it – the 13/1 essence of the calendar’s dynamic structure. This is also reflected in the Mayan dates of the celebration: 13 Road and 1 Reed. As noted, the quality of Road is path-breaking/way-showing while 13 involves lifting the accomplishment of a particular cycle of Heavens or days to a new level of unfolding and expression. The 13 Heavens of the ninth wave will bring this sequence to an end. There will be no more waves after this last 13 finally yields – on October 28, 2011 – to a new and lasting Unity, Oneness, 1 (5).

The realisation of Oneness in time will bring an end to time (7), allowing a Unity that arose out of Nothing/Void and dispersed into Many forms through time to remember itself as One on the other side of polarity and reflection. This energy of 1 implies Unity and new beginning but on a level of realised coherence that no longer warrants continuously pulsing waves of change.  1 Reed prepares us for this by highlighting a quality of emptiness that allows energies of Divine Creation to work through us without distortion by ego wounds/agendas. We surrender our conditioned selves to this process and our unconditional nature manifests as a result within a context of remembered Unity.

I will develop this when reporting ‘Over Nine Waves’ and expect to be clearer with regard to applications of my healing vision as a result. This may seem cavalier but I have worked intuitively for many years now and an exacting verification procedure has always applied: if I am in Flow, the Way continues to open and if not, it doesn’t. This is the purpose of alignment as an integral aspect of humanity’s stewardship of Earth. It has important implications for her much vaunted Ascension, since spiritual ‘magic’ becomes available when we align our creativity with that of Divine Flow, pledging it in service. I will write more about this later (7).


Unity consciousness encompasses time as well as space. For evolution to happen consciously, every major threshold needs to be attended by remembering as well as progression. To transcend in time, we must carry forward (include) a sense of all that we have been. No learning accrues if consciousness forgets or fails to value this. And just as in the course of my personal life I may only come to appreciate later, with hindsight, the true significance of something that happened long ago, so also – with respect to our collective evolution – it is appropriate to revalue consciously all that our ancestors, and all our relations over the course of time, endured and achieved so that we might one day remember who we are and what we are for. The calendar reveals that this point in the Flow of Creation is almost upon us. Hence the ninth wave now presents opportunities to reclaim, revalue and redeem all that we have been.

Knowledge of the calendar comes to us at a time when modern people are opening to receive from ancient/indigenous sources and when ancient/indigenous people are opening to share again what they have needed for so long to guard in trust. It also comes at a time when knowledge of evolution and history is available that allows us to comprehend the true import of the calendar’s gift and when the scale of our immersion in unfolding processes of time allows us to verify experientially its claims regarding accelerating frequencies of Creation. We now have greater perspective than ever, greater powers of creativity and freedom, an awakening sense of integrity to regulate them and enhanced awareness to identify all our relations. Everything is in place for Consciousness to embrace all that has happened in relative unconsciousness through the course of evolution up to our present, when it awakens to participate co-creatively in its own unfolding.

The ninth wave empowers all in us that aspires to unity consciousness and unsettles all that inhibits with a view to transformation. An attitude of conscious co-operation, flowing in alignment, is our wisest course. The pattern that informs this opportunity is rich in design. It will soon be reinforced by a power to transcend all relative identities.


(1) In Ken Wilber’s account of the evolutionary process, a relationship of ‘transcend and include’ is said to obtain between later and earlier forms (see ‘A Brief History of Everything’). The applicability of this principle has been contested regarding biological forms. I use it only in regard to consciousness evolution and even here it doesn’t apply easily once consciousness becomes embroiled with self-conserving structures of identity, as it does in the case of human psychology.

(2) See ‘The Mayan Calendar: History, Purpose, Applications’.

(3) In practice, this distinction is mitigated by the fact that Mayan numbers (1-13) correspond to qualitative stages in a process of unitary unfolding rather than discrete, abstract quantities.

(4) See ‘Unity, Heart and Mind’.

(5)  Initially, this will be true only for those who do the realising. Everyone else will take a while to come to terms with what has happened. We need as many people as possible awakened ahead of time to facilitate a smooth transition and model new ways that will help to ease the way for others. Above all, we need to re-centre our consciousness in Heart and live from there.

(6) After this date there will be no more waves to co-create with. We will thus have no option but to admit our standing as creators. The sequence of the three highest waves – which inspire us to integrate power, ethics and creativity respectively – is still available as a dynamic, unfolding structure to assist.

(7) See ‘Over Nine Waves Report’ and also ‘Dreaming a New Earth – articulated outline’.

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