Shadow and Darkness

I have been asked about the relationship between Shadow and Darkness in relation to ‘Dreaming’. Here are some key points:

In the childhood of our species and of our individual lives, we learn to fear the dark. This fear permeates our experience of darkness, leading to its relegation as evil and subordinate to Light. The feminine has often been relegated by association, as well as persecuted and reviled.
This is the single greatest imbalance in human cultures, reflected in oppositions between Light and Darkness. In Unity, there are no opposites.
Mythically, Darkness is prior: ‘Let there be Light (where Darkness was spread upon the face of the Void)’. The Light of Existence arises from the Darkness of Void, evidently with a view to making the entire process self-aware. As a result, Being/God-dess/What Is comes to remember itself as One.
Unity can’t be defined because nothing is outside it. It can be known immediately, however, as the absence of separation. Heart is our medium for direct, non-conceptual knowing.
For direct Heart-knowing to be possible, our feeling capacity (emotional history) must be clear and our Shadows detoxified. All our work to date has been focused towards this end. Now we must bring it to fulfilment.
Shadow refers to inner darkness that is not accessible to individuated (ego-mediated) consciousness. It arises only in conjunction with Light and becomes permeated by fear with regard to all we have repressed. When Shadow is troubled, we project this on to Darkness at large and mistake the nature of Being/Existence.

Experiencing separation because of this, we project inner unease on to outer darkness, thus perpetuating our separation and our fear. Humanity has vast work of clarification outstanding in this respect but the ninth wave brings necessary inspiration.
Unity is achieved by transcending our conditioned ‘positions’ and releasing ever more into the Flow of Pure Creation. ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ makes this process tangible and conscious.
Separation is maintained by judging and a sense of righteous adherence to whatever convictions or principles we define ourselves by (de-fine: concerning limit). Unity Consciousness can’t be defined. All judgments reflect inner division. Healing this within and between ourselves as representative humans is essential for attaining Unity and rendering it accessible to all people.
Please examine the revised schedule for ‘Dreaming’, especially the Sat night and Sunday pm sequences. ‘The City of God’ is a mythological symbol that evokes an order of human culture in right relationship with Divine order.
With love and blessings – John

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