The Dream of God: a metaphysical reflection

What is it to dream? What reflections arise when ordinary consciousness is sleeping? What is their source and what purpose do they serve? Staying with these questions opens unexpected doors.

Already we can see that there is Consciousness behind ordinary (waking) consciousness: there is the consciousness of our dreaming, for example, and behind that a Consciousness from which our dreaming arises.

Our soul histories link to this ‘source’ Consciousness. Dreams are its vision-bearers and remind us of all that ordinary consciousness is able to receive at given times. Ordinary consciousness seems ordinary because we have become used to experiencing it in particular ways. These are ordered in terms of all the stories, routines and conventions that define our ‘ordinary’ experience.

There is a story about the philosopher Chuang-tsu who dreamt he was a butterfly. On waking he was unable to determine whether he was a philosopher who had dreamt he was a butterfly or a butterfly, now asleep and dreaming that he was a philosopher.

Might we be butterflies also, dreaming that we are the ones we think we are?

We have heard about people who wake up happy and then remember who they (think they) are; i.e. who they have been told they are – by parents, schools, governments etc. We are much happier and more truth-full before such nets of definition fall upon us. We are more fully then who we most truly are.

There is always greater consciousness behind the stories of the ones we think we are. We are always more than we have been told. We are always more than can be told. Consciousness is always more than can be told.

I remember as a child I had this game in which I would try to imagine what it would be like if there was nothing. Day after day, for hours, I would close my eyes and picture the world disappeared. Sometimes I disappeared in wonder. Mostly I got stuck at the darkening of a clear sky.

This corresponds to an adult sense of darkness associated with what we call ‘the Void’, a matrix of pure potential from which all that exists comes into Being. But why should I have been motivated to play my game? And why should adults evoke a Void when we never see one, when it is not part of our ‘ordinary’ experience?

Because we intuit it as the source of our experience, what philosophers call the Ground of Being and therefore of existence. Already as a child I knew about this, not explicitly and not because I was ‘intelligent’ but because I cared to remember, as all children remember until we are encouraged to forget.

Adult philosophers once remembered when they asked ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ Why is there Being, existence, anything at all? Then other philosophers tried to answer. They even corrected each others’ answers. From that moment they ceased to remember.

My childhood remembering, by contrast, was sustained by wonderment and not at all by a desire for ‘answers’. This is how I could put in all those hours without getting discouraged.

I thrilled to my task of wondering.

There was something about it that engaged the very essence of my soul. There still is. That is why I still talk about the Void, which I could never quite imagine because it was no-thing. I could only move towards it by eliminating things and yet there was always something left, Being, that was clearly no thing but a ‘Void’ that was impossible to picture and not to picture.

No-thing, beyond Void, is Consciousness, pure Consciousness: a unitary ‘field’ that we call Spirit, Divinity, God, Transcendence, Being, Mystery, Tao and so on. This is Consciousness that was there before ‘my’ consciousness or any particular consciousness, the Consciousness from which all dreams arise and of which all dreams are expressions.

It is fundamentally mysterious; beyond our powers of analysis and understanding. We can’t talk about it rationally. We can only evoke it by indirect, poetic means such as ‘the Void’. It also presents itself by an indirect, poetic means that we call Dreaming.

Dreaming expresses the essence of our souls and an energy of pure Creation that moves us as we become aware. It inspires us to remember the Ground of our Being, of all Being, of Being as such. This Ground, itself undreamt, is the Source of all Dreaming.

Behind the nothingness of Void Being already is, eternally. It is not empty but full of Life, including the codes for all life forms. This is the Life of Spirit, of Consciousness that predates existence.

Whenever Consciousness creates there is movement. This arises from ‘Void’ and manifests as existence. Something is born of no-thing as it happens. Consciousness moves from nothingness into existence through the medium of dreaming.

Dreams bridge a gap between the creative potential of Void and forms of manifest existence. Consciousness dreams existence and all its forms into Being. Since we are expressions of Consciousness, our consciousness does likewise. We dream the forms of our existence into being. Thus we are both dreamers and the dreamt.

We are moved to dream the Truth of our souls alive, to remember our True Dreaming. This is what dreams are for on a personal level. To dream well is to return to Consciousness which dreams us; to dream beyond that is to bring Consciousness more fully to life in existence.

Because we think we are the ones we have been told we are, this process is initially unconscious but attention soon helps us to remember. We remember that dreams come to us as vehicles for change, reminding us of all that is waiting to unfold and of why we entered existence at all.

The purpose of existence is to realise Being, not retire into it. Existence is a direct expression of Being’s longing to BE more. Beauty is the primary face of its expression, dreamt in Love. All dreams concern a remembering of Love. Beauty is always waiting to enter existence through our dreams.

Existence is the Dream of God.

We awaken in this Dream, not from it.

Even God is embellished by the beauty of Her Dreaming.

Goddess is the primary vehicle of its manifestation, the receptive form and force of all Creation.

God/dess evokes a first division within the unitary field of Consciousness which is somehow already given in Unity. It arises when a reflection of Dreaming arises in the unitary field, as Being’s longing to BE (more) takes form and creativity erupts.

This was ever so. Impressions of division always arise within evolving Unity.

Division arises not between what longs and what is longed for. It arises between Being’s longing to BE (more) and reflections of this longing: for the first time, if there was a first time (there being no ‘time’ before ‘time’), reflection arises in the eternal Now of the unitary field.

This reflection creates an apparent split in Consciousness between What Is and What Becomes, but the nature of What Is is to Become. To Become, to BE more, is the nature of BE-ing. This is a qualitative process, as love is, not a volumetric expansion.

Any appearance of splitting here is illusion.  The Dream of What Is to BE (more) manifests in time as the mirror of existence. Existence is a reflection of Great Mystery, created via the Dream of God. It is a true illusion, as dreams are; only the appearance of splitting is false.

It is an illusion that existence is other than Being or that our dreams are anything other than manifestations of Consciousness rising in us. Existence arises as an integral manifestation of Being’s longing to BE (more).

This longing is Love by another name. It is not static, but ek-static. It moves. Existence arises as an integral manifestation of Love.

Our dreams arise as spontaneous expressions of this longing within us. They are heralds of (our) Love, even when traversed by old pain. And just as Being gets clues as to its nature from the mirror of its Dreaming (i.e. existence), so we receive clues as to our nature from the projections of our dreams.

For example, ‘God’ is our anthropomorphic personification of the unitary field of Consciousness, an attempt to express the Mystery of Being beyond all understanding of it. Such attempts are doomed to success as local priests dress ‘God’ in local colours.

We must look beyond, through form and costume to pure limitless Being to sense the vastness of this Mystery of which we are all part.

And yet Consciousness expresses longing in its Dreaming, as we do. God then becomes a yang power which projects the impulse to BE (more) and Goddess a yin power which gives this longing form and ‘nurses’ it to manifestation.

This duality is the platform of Creation.

In human mythology, which is also Dreaming, God becomes the Father principle of initiative and will. Goddess then becomes the Mother principle of encompassment and incubation, a nurturing force that closes around the Father’s seed and carries it to birthing.

As dreams give impulse primary form and as energy follows thought, so God/dess births existence into Being. The Mother, the Sacred Feminine, is Vessel for this process, the Holy Grail of every birth from children to planetary systems. 

The Father’s portion is a maverick wind, an irreducible urge at the heart of Being’s longing to BE (more); i.e. at the heart of Love.

This longing drives us always to the edge but evokes a Centre that lends beauty and coherence to our need. It calls existence home to realisation of Being; to an awareness that it never leaves Being, even in the course of our most daring innovations.

Existence can obscure the awareness of Being. This is why we need to remember.

The purpose of existence is not just to remember Being but also to disclose it.

Existence is a Revelation. Being IS, without beginning or end. It is who we are, behind the travails of existence. Existence is not a vain Passion but an Ark of Love, dreamt to carry Being through Becoming home to awareness of itself forever.

The glory of Being is known through the pathos of existence, which derives from the transience of its forms. Movement plays teacher to Stillness in this regard. Thus, in apparent separation, I have compassion for those I never meet and miss terribly those who are taken from my life. What is this no-thing called Love?

Love is One but its expression is dual: yin-yang, fe-male etc.

It gathers all into its Heart to embrace and unite, so that all becomes impossibly condensed; and yet it is forever reaching out, over-flowing and transcending, so that love is forever making more (love).

This balance is mirrored in Breath, whose inhale-exhale motions are equally vital. Breath (spiritus) is at the Heart of Love. Spirit is the Heart of Love and vice-versa.

Worlds are born of this Mystery. They flourish when both powers are held in a creative tension where neither dominates the other. Then the gravitational pull of yin moulds the expansive push of yang into ever more complex and beautiful forms.

Stillness is the Ground in which this dynamic tension arises.

(The Dream of every human is to balance these forces in ourselves. Traditionally, we have been obliged to observe stereotypes which associate men exclusively with yang and women with yin. Such polarisation induces complex reactions which prevent Stillness and inhibit sacred marriage in the Self.)

Stillness is. Movement becomes. Movement is the Becoming of Stillness and the BE-ing of Being. As Consciousness projects existence to bear its momentum, so it rests in Stillness as the undreamt Ground from which all projections arise.

Movement is true illusion; a power that inheres in Stillness at the Heart of Being.

Projections represent energies assuming form, becoming reflections of and for their Source. Dreams epitomise this process.

All dreams express energy as form. Behind every dream lie energies seeking to be known. All dreams are Masks of God, enabling Mystery to know itself as such: inscrutable, manifold, relentless, transparent, One.

To BE is what we call a verb. We must enter Stillness to know BEing as such: as a process, neither attribute nor event. Or perhaps BEing is the event, a singularity beyond qualification, notwithstanding God’s love for stories.

‘God’ names Mystery in our stories about Being. S/He doesn’t explain Mystery but points to a Reality beyond explaining. This Reality is known in the Unity of One Heart through experiences of Love. It is sought by all who enter the moving field of existence in fulfilment of Being’s longing to BE (more).

To BE more, Being must first seem to become other than itself by producing reflections. These regard themselves as Other in time, just as we regard characters in our dreams although they are wholly our projections. When consciousness identifies with reflections, it creates a sense of separation. We all do this and awaken only when we see through the mirror of our Dreaming that Reality is One.

Longing is a quality of the Divine, an expression of Love’s urge to ‘make’ Love. Love is the essence of BEing (more).

BEing implies a process of inherence which is also inherently dynamic. This dynamism powers Dreaming, immaterial as a Father’s Will (yang) to start, until Mother’s Love (yin) binds it tightly into form.

Dreaming rises up from depths of Soul: a feminine vessel of Consciousness that secretes a masculine urge to BE (more). In the stillness of its depths, Consciousness is unmoved save for this Love.

Masculine Love pushes always to new edges, instigating repeated feminine cycles of form-building. Even we seek by this to feel more at One but succeed only when we see through our reflections, back to the Source from which all reflections arise.

Soul evokes a primary level of Creation, the first in a process of diversification and self-limiting whereby One disperses itself in Many forms of existence, God’s Dream.

Awakening to this Dream, existing in awareness of Being, I AM. Moving in stillness, still in my movement, I AM. 

As an arrow flies, does the insect resting on it fly as well? Does the flying arrow move in flight? So in stillness I, unmoving, am moved by Holy Breath that fills me; so the Holy Grail gathers maverick winds out of irreducible urge and weaves them with a Mother’s Love into existence.

Stillness is the Zero Point of Mother’s Heart, a Portal of Creation through which the Father’s Breath forever tumbles into form: in, through and all around us.

Being is without limit but increases qualitatively as Consciousness grows through existence. This is how Being comes to BE more. There is no origin, only Mystery, yet Love is the Source of All. The aim of existence is to remember Love, or BE-ing.

Existence is of  BEing: the dance of a Divine Dream which shapes the necessary evolution of already perfect Unity. Our longing is not for Being but of Being; not for Divinity but of Divinity; not for Love but of Love.

We dream to remember Love and bring it to Light in all worlds.

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