I see magic as an art of  effortless accomplishment. It comes of  ’doing’ only what Divine Will would have done through us.  This is always trying to happen in our lives and concerns the fulfilment of our Purpose, Passion, Destiny. This process is supported by Great Winds, or Waves as we might say with regard to the Mayan Calendar. Knowledge of it is held in our unconscious (not subconscious) awareness, outside the routine grasp of our ego systems. To align with its tides is already to go with Flow, the currents of Cosmos etc. When our conscious intent is so aligned, our goals are realised more easily, freely and beautifully than could  otherwise be imagined.  An enlightened ego seeks to serve in this manner, willing that Divine Will be done through it. The result is ‘magic’.  The pieces featured suggest a way into this Flow. ‘Effortlessness’ is indicated by evident progression and the significant role played by sleep! Reconciling un/conscious streams in this way brings our Highest Dream to life.

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