A Meditation for the Last 13 Days


The promise of the 7th Day of the 9th Wave was conceived between October 1 and 2, in the ‘valley’ of Night 6. This promise was birthed into space-time on October 11, the 1st day of the 7th Day. On October 16, the 9th Wave will come to a point in its fruition at which it drops the seed of humanity’s future promise. What becomes of it from there depends on our response.

The 10th Wave is a response that expresses awakening human co-creative intelligence (1). It proposes a ritual structure that facilitates our transition by aligning with the momentum of all 9 Creation waves in preparation for our imminent shift. Once even one of us accomplishes this, it becomes easier for others to follow in due course. I have prepared a meditation to facilitate the process ahead of October 28 and will use it as part of our 10th Wave to bridge the interval from October 16 till then.  

I can’t detail it in advance because there will be inspiration that is specific to the day but it is possible to share the general frame. I am confident that anyone who follows the stages outlined will be helped to integrate the descent of the ‘9-part god’. I will provide a full description of our ritual process after October 28.

You might read ‘Meditating the 9th Wave’ at www.sacredplay.info  under ‘9th Wave’ if you don’t already know it. Find where we are in terms of calendar unfolding and ease your self into the flow of days up the near side of the temple, where October 11 marks the first day of Day 7. October 16 is the 6th day of Day 7, two thirds way up the ascent phase on the near side of the wave/temple structure.

You will continue to move up until you reach day/level 9 on October 19. This marks the near-side top of the wave/temple. The wave reaches a theoretical apex during the night between October 19 and October 20, when it turns and starts coming down the far side of the ‘temple’, from 9 to 1, October 20 to 28. Mark the steps of this descent also, linking them with corresponding daily themes as below.

[If you study the rationale of ‘The 10th Wave’ you may wish to open to receive a seed on October 16.  This isn’t necessary if you just want a meditation to help you focus through the final days.]

October 16-28 marks the last trecena of the 9th Wave and of the Calendar as a whole. It reflects the 7 Days/6 Nights structure of the 13 Heavens genesis pattern and connects by fractal resonance with all Heavens of all Underworlds. Thus October 16 magnetises the energies of all 1st Heavens, October 17 those of all 2nd Heavens etc.

[Because the same organisational patterns are found at different levels of scale throughout the calendar and because corresponding elements are governed by the same ‘deities’, the 1st Heaven of Wave 9 (for example) recaps the energies of all earlier 1st Heavens. Fractal resonance is a slick name for this and although Heaven 1 of Wave 9 is over, Heaven 1 of Wave 10 isn’t. Hence by opening in meditation on October 16, it’s possible – if you wish – to engage the energies of all previous 1st Heavens, and so on across each of the last 13 days.

It is also noteworthy that since we entered the 7th Day of the 9th Wave on October 11, we have been living simultaneously in the 7th Day energies of all 9 Waves. That is to say: each of the last 18 days unfolds for us at the same time on all 9 levels of the pyramid. This means that we experience their different frequencies – different orders of time, so to speak – at the same time. I will write more about this later.

There’s no need to worry about such details if you’re not interested in them. Just look at the wave/temple diagram on page 3 and see yourself going up and down the steps, one per day from October 16-28, starting at level 6 on the near side, ascending. Imagine yourself kneeling at each step and sense the power of the wave moving through you, carrying you. You may even feel the temple move, as if it were a wave on which you’re riding. Either way, this practice will help you become attuned to the energies so that it’s not so hard to turn around, face and draw them in on the last day.]

By focusing with pure intent it is possible to release wounds associated with particular Heavens of all Underworlds on appropriate days, October 16-28. There’s no need to compile lists or process explicitly. Just open to the energies of each day and will that Divine Will be done through you. This clarifies self, species and planet as well as developing our powers of trust and intuition.

Say each morning or whenever you kneel on the appropriate temple step ‘I open my Heart to admit, accept and release as appropriate all the energies of this day.’ The aim is to engender a sense of active participation, to ride the Wave instead of feeling left behind or disconnected. If you can experience a sense of being carried, this makes it much easier to surrender graciously as we negotiate the final stretch.

Our group will enact the entire sequence below through sacred movement on October 16, using it as a bridge forward to October 28. We treat odd-numbered days/Heavens (1-13) as Days and even-numbered (2-12) as Nights. Days are driven by music that elicits yang motions compatible with their specific energies while Nights are silent and yin-governed. It is important to be aware of this difference (2).

Make an effort with respect to wave/temple imagery and trust to intuition thereafter: see yourself on the appropriate step on given days, focus corresponding themes and open to felt energies of the day. Check the daily tzolkin at mayanmajix if you wish. The themes below, given for example, are what surfaced in my practice today:

October 16/ 1 Star: a new opening to Cosmos, Mystery and the Wonder of Being, sparked by quickening of the Divine (Child) Seed within

Oct 17/ 2 Offering: give yourself into the flow of Night, aware of the ‘you’ that      surrenders into greater Unity until this ‘you’ is fully given and flow is All That Is

Oct 18/ 3 Dog: called out from the sleep of Night, persist consciously in the adventure of Becoming

Oct 19/ 4 Monkey: surrender again, allowing the pattern of your continued evolution to be woven unbeknownst, without reaction

October 19-20 marks the mid-point of the 7th Day. On this night, yield everything that is moving in you out to Cosmos and open to whatever may return during sleep and into the next day.

Oct 20/ 5 Road: open now to the power of Divine Will. Let it be expressed through you by following the impulse of your Heart while you wait at level 9, far side

Oct 21/ 6 Reed: let this energy continue to flow through, wherever it may lead, as you begin your descent from the top of the temple, down its far side to level 8

Oct 22/ 7 Jaguar: see your personal will carried by Divine Will in service to Earth

Oct 23/ 8 Eagles: surrender your ego-story, reassured by a growing intuition that ‘you’ (it) are supported by a much greater story

Oct 24/ 9 Wisdom: the mid-point of our descent; will that Divine Will be done through you so that, when outer music of the Waves has been withdrawn, it will still be heard in you

Oct 25/ 10 Earth: bring this awareness deep into your Heart and relay it into the Heart of Earth, so it may manifest through Her

Oct 26/ 11 Flint: let projections abate as you start to remember I AM THAT I AM

Oct 27/ 12 Storm: let everything be as final details are blown into place

Oct 28/ 13 Sun: ascend in consciousness from sunrise to sunset on the last step down. This ‘ascent’ is metaphorical and comes of opening to absorb the highest ever energy frequencies of this day. Kneel, absorb, accept, release as appropriate.

 From sunset we continue our descent from the last step (1 on the far side) of the pyramid down to the x-axis/ground on which it stands. Usually, we would continue down through levels -1 to -9 of the following Night but this option no longer applies. We must realise what it means to act from zero-point on what used to be the Line or Arrow of Time. This will be clarified in my reports of our event.

For now, in order to complete your meditation of the last 13 days, turn on the x-axis as (symbolic) mid-night approaches, look back at the 9-tiered wave/temple structure above you and draw down into your Heart the energetic frequencies associated with all of its levels. By this means you can facilitate an easy descent of the Mayan 9-part ‘god’, now fully manifest as Cosmos and on Earth.

To be continued …

Notes (all references are to www.sacredplay.info )

(1) See ‘The 10th Wave – articulated Outline’ under Workshops

(2) See ‘Reflections on the 9th Wave’ and ‘Nights, Days and the Breath of God’ under 9th Wave

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