Report of  ’Birthing a New Earth’ under ‘2012′.

‘From 28/10 to 21/12, part 1′ under ‘2012′. Likewise, ‘Gaza 2012′ and ‘Birthing the Divine Child II’.

All 13 of  my ‘9 Little Pieces’ new pieces have now been posted under ‘2012′. The latest additions – ‘Temple, Calendar, Merkaba’, ‘Gebser in the Underworlds’, ‘Echoes of Before’ and ‘Rounds of Light and Dark’  - integrate the results of a journey to Africa with my account of current transformations in the Mayan calendar. The resulting is an almost complete vision of what I think is trying to happen in our time. Titles of the individual pieces are:

1. Lecture on Heaven
2. Lectures and the Calendar
3. Ego and the End
4. The End of Evolution
5. Gebser, Mythos, Unity
6. Unity: Love, Lover and Beloved
7. Bushmen of the Kalahari
8. Dragons of the Drakensberg
9. Calendar; Structure, Process and Beyond
10. Temple, Calendar, Merkaba
11. Gebser in the Underworlds
12. Echoes of Before
13. Rounds of Light and Dark

‘9 Little Pieces’ was first written as far as Piece 5, which frames the issue of archaic consciousness from a postmodern perspective. The next day I set out to visit Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. These are direct descendants of our first ancestors: human beings who never left ‘home’. In returning to this place of origin, my aim was to help bring modern and archaic consciousness into right relationship. I realised on arriving in Africa that I had needed to write them to bring my sensibilities as a post/modern person to a certain point of articulate awareness by way of preparation for what was to follow. I was then required to forget about them and duly did for the duration of my visit. The remaining pieces were written after I returned.


‘Birthing the Divine Child’ under 2012. This reports an experiential event that came out of the same inspiration as ‘The Spirituality of 2012′. It relates integrally to current developments in the Mayan calendar and the unfolding of Consciousness on Earth.

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