Dreaming a New Earth: Report


In the great love affair between Existence and Being, the purpose of every stepping out is to return. Every ‘yang’ journey is made so that Unity can know itself better and love more. In our time, as errant warrior consciousness returns Home to awareness of the Goddess with an intention of wooing her anew, She flourishes. She puts on beautiful clothes of her New Dreaming. We can help her realise this Dream…


I have been preparing this work consciously for eight months, ever since the ‘Over Nine Waves’ event with which our Irish group marked the Conscious Convergence of July 2010. The logic of my recent ‘Reflections on the Ninth Wave’ grew out of its deeply intuitive incubation, not the other way around. I believe this to be a significant indication of one way the 9th Wave is set to impact on our consciousness, namely by facilitating a shift from a primarily rational to a primarily intuitive mode. In any case when the weekend for delivering the work came around, I already felt deeply attuned to its newly broken energies and filled with a keen sense of anticipation. The same was true for most members of our group.

Night 1: Introduction

Our workroom is set up so that energies which will move us are on ‘hold’. Threshold music plays as we enter and take our places in a sitting circle. We connect via threads of light circulated sun-wise from our spiritual Hearts. New music starts, a door opens and new energies swirl into our midst, filling the receptive vessel of our collective Grail. We allow time for this to happen and then come together in a standing circle, preparing to engage – to move and be moved by – incoming energies of the 9thWave.

Standing now, we remember the integral purpose of sacred dance in tribal cultures – to bring people into right relationship with their various levels of community: human, natural and planetary/Cosmic. This is expressed via an essential jump-fall pattern that distinguishes tribal dance from modern. The latter is marked by attempts at individual excellence shaped within a fundamentally competitive frame. The former is not.

The ‘jump’ is an expression of the dancer’s dedication and intent, whereby s/he offers her energy in gratitude and devotion. The ‘fall’ happens of its own accord, leaving the dancer out of control but trusting that s/he will be safely held by Earth. When the falling foot strikes Earth there is a double impact which resonates with her Heart. Such dance is a mode of communion, a means whereby our ancestors connected into Earth and celebrated while also maintaining her place in the order of Cosmos.

We have gathered to remember past the effects of modern alienation and bring gifts of the ancient world into creative relationship with our sometimes harrowing freedoms. We particularly offer our sense of freedom as rationally individuated beings up to the necessary motions of our dance, knowing that it is precisely our capacity for freedom that will determine our response-ability in face of the 9th Wave (1).

We dance a clockwise circle, engaging and being moved by in-flowing, up-coming energies while incorporating a jump-fall motion to signal both our dedication and our trust. We then call in our human ancestors. This relates our present journey to an earlier one (2) and establishes that – in acting as a representative group – we dance not only on behalf of people currently living on Earth but also for those who came before. We do so without presumption or agenda, seeking only to engage the Winds of our time as they did theirs.

When we are finished a clear sense of ‘strong feet’ and strong Earth connection has been established. Towards the end of this sequence, a new drumbeat appears. Leaving our strong feet to hold the jump-fall pattern, we allow our arms to capture the new rhythm. This works well and as the music fades we find ourselves as receivers attuned simultaneously to two different frequencies. This is key to multi-dimensional access.

Walking, we focus our strong feet and remember a Native American proverb that says ‘Sometimes I go around pitying myself but always I am carried by a Great Wind across the sky’. The music of a Great Wind starts to play. We allow ourselves to be moved, extending our arm movements from the last sequence while retaining strong feet. Our new music inspires beautiful expression. Surrendering to it, we make Beauty in our dance. Already this is an example of conscious co-creation with the 9th Wave. The Mayan Calendar has not been mentioned yet.

We change this now by pondering the nature of our Great Wind. Gathering around a diagram, we remember the birth of Light from an infinitesimal Point of Creation. This event is described by modern science as ‘the Big Bang’ – a designation which comes to seem increasingly crude as Consciousness grows in us. Our diagram represents it as a central point from which Light streams out in all directions. We focus on a line which leads into the corner of Cosmos where our Earth is found. The timeline from Source to Now ends in the physical centre and spiritual Heart of Earth. A circle around this represents her physical circumference.

Re-focusing, we note that the timeline of evolutionary force also flows into our individual lives where it connects to the centre of our spiritual Heart (chakras) and radiates out through the sphere of our expanded consciousness. This is only possible if Heart is open from centre and our mental-emotional patterns sufficiently clear

The Great Wind is one of many possible metaphors for a tide of evolutionary force that fuels and underpins all developmental activity on Earth. The Mayan Calendar describes the unfolding of Consciousness as carried by this ‘Wind’ through all worlds in space-time. It tells that the Great Wind unfolds in 9 main stages, or ‘Waves’. The last and strongest of these is now upon us, bringing an accelerated evolutionary impetus that we must learn to flow with or risk being overwhelmed. Many strands of our conditioning, individual and collective, predispose us to reactive clinging. Impacts of the 9th Wave are certain to engage them and for this we must be prepared.

We begin preparation in our ritual space by admitting new music of a very powerful wind, having realigned in Consciousness with the Point of Creation through which it streams. The instruction is to channel its power consciously into clear, bold movement with an intention to breathe all incoming, up-surging energy into an expanded sphere around our physical bodies, projected from the centre of our Hearts. We build and consolidate this sphere over two minutes of focused, vigorous action. When the music ends we practise walking in our spheres until they are solidly established.

We then let these established yang spheres be and focus on tender stirrings that surface in our Hearts as new music starts to play. This evokes pure yin energies of the Divine Mother and a ‘negative’ space which constantly empties itself in the course of birthing new forms. We feel a yearning of intense love associated with this, a love that draws in and holds dear even as it allows complementary expression to a yang love that reaches out. This yang love is associated with protective energies of the Divine Father archetype. It is bound up now with maintaining our expanded Heart spheres. Once established, this allows tender yin sensibilities to surface.

We switch attention momentarily between our still yearning centre and the solid expansive rim that surrounds it. We feel simultaneously tender and protected in our spheres. We let both aspects be then and attend to new music. This evokes a 3rd energy that rises in us whenever Divine Father (pure yang) and Divine Mother (pure yin) energies are brought into right relationship. I shall refer to this as the energy of the Divine Child. It arises on the sublime wind of Mozart’s ‘Laudate Dominum’. The instruction is to let ourselves be moved while expanding our Heart spheres to encompass the whole room, stretching to towards these new extremities as we give beautiful expression to impulses that well up from the depths of our souls.

There is a point of wonderful self-recognition involved here when we see that if Heart feels truly protected by its outer yang sphere, then its innermost yin nature registers as a yearning, endlessly self-transcending no-thing from which all forms arise (as in our movements of this instant) and through which a Great Wind/9th Wave surges towards manifestation. The Divine Child arises in experience when Divine Father/Mother energies achieve right, complementary relationship in us. A Divine Child knows that s/he is born of a Great Mother and a Great Father/Wind.

Each participant has brought 9 Divine Child images for display. Preliminary work around this and themes of Darkness has prepared us to slip easily into a stream of inspiration that is now flowing palpably in our room. As the music ends, everyone is moving strongly, fluidly and truly. It is the perfect place to end an introduction and I would normally wind down at this point. However, there is something unique and unprecedented about the 9th Wave which requires us to press on. In terms of any Facilitator’s Manual, this is madness but to serve the Wave I have made provision and exhort participants to suffer one further trial beyond this natural break-point.

We have looked so far only at the second half of our Native American proverb. We must also consider why we should go around pitying ourselves. This is the province of our Inner Child(ren) and is shaped by wounds that happen in the course of our early formation. We are all born with an integral disposition of innocence and spontaneity, without explicit self-consciousness. Then we are inducted into the assumption of a social identity which is already there, waiting for us. This induction is generally mediated by our parents and other significant teacher/guardian figures, each of whom contributes their reflections to our unfolding story about who we are. Without their interventions, we wouldn’t have a story.

Adults engage us in conversations and invest us with their beliefs, drawing us out of our implicit innocent selves into a sense of subjectivity that becomes increasingly articulated along pre-established lines of ‘common sense’. They give us messages about ourselves that we didn’t have before. These flow along a line of transmission that runs initially from adult to child. In time we learn our scripts of due response and feed them back along an answering line. This establishes a two-way interactive loop that wasn’t there before. This much is obvious but what follows next may not be: when the adult withdraws the loop stays behind. Internalised, it becomes like a closed circuit in terms of which we communicate with(in) ourselves about ourselves. This is how we become self-conscious.

Before it happens there is no ‘self’ for us to be conscious of! The capacity for self-reflection arises from internalising reflections that others must first provide: you are (I am) a great girl, bad boy and so on. The reflected awareness of others becomes reflective and then reflexive (self-) awareness in me. Self-consciousness crystallises as I come to know myself in terms of my story: the first child of X and Y, studious, avid reader etc. Most psychologists stress how this opens us to rich inner lives. Some philosophers note what mystics have always affirmed: namely, that the ‘I’ which figures at the heart of our self-talk is ultimately an illusion created by processes of social mirroring through which we all must pass. Identifying with this illusion prevents us from remembering who and what we really are.

Also within the frame of this illusion, we tend to be more or less damaged in the course of our early years. This happens because, as Divine Children born with a tacit expectation of Unconditional Love, we are extremely vulnerable to effects of its unavailability. Consider any of the Divine Children pictured around our room spontaneously reaching out in innocence. Their expectation of being blessed with love makes even the most casual refusal fall like a curse. The ill-tempered ‘NO!’ of a stressed parent impacts as a traumatising blow and sends the child into a tailspin of shocked recoil. I have yet to meet a person who has not been affected by such moments. These are necessary to set us on our path to individuation, beyond the rule of our early formation.

As this happens, as we heal old wounds and remember who we are past illusion, our loops of conditioned selfhood start to dissolve. Our consciousness expands towards its natural dimensions but our powers of reflecting and intending remain, available now for more creative use. Moreover, in the course or our becoming self-conscious, Consciousness in time becomes self-aware and as we awaken, it starts remembering a Dream (of existence) which it both projects and participates in. Our awakening in the course of this Dream is also an awakening of Consciousness in time, so there is a positive outcome to all the detours and diversions we endure.

Shared presence and rapid sketching help me cover this background very quickly. Nevertheless, we are now energetically far removed from ecstatic flight on the Great Wind of Mozart’s ‘Laudate’. Traces have been stirred that adept facilitation could easily mask. This is no longer enough. Re-establishing the sanctuary of our expanded protective spheres we must allow our tender Hearts to open again in vulnerability and be moved by music that evokes the memory of our Inner Child(ren). In general, the more difficult experiences befall a Divine Child in the course of her Earth formation, the more Inner Children arise, split off from the flowing presence of Now and longing for a return to Love but fearful of true change to a point of sabotaging it. We need to address this issue now.

‘The Dreaming of the Bones’ is a beautiful song sung hauntingly by Sinead O’Connor over Davy Spillane’s plaintive melody. It offers a signal occasion for people to cherish old wounds, which we tend to do by placing hands over Heart as if by instinct and wallowing in a tide of seductive melancholy, blocking release even as we long for it. ‘That was sooooo beautiful’, we say, temporarily ennobled but fundamentally unchanged. This too is no longer enough. If we are unable to hold our own residual wounds to a point of necessary release, we have no legitimate platform from which to set out tomorrow as a representative group, intent on shaping the grief of our species’ troubled past to its point of necessary release and beyond.

I speak of this before our music starts. We remember the Great Wind of a 9th Wave that issues from a Point of Creation and impacts primarily at the centre of our Hearts. We expand our Hearts to re-establish our protective spheres and allow tender feelings that arise to be fully felt. Then we grant full admission to all traces stirred, shaping them into the most beautiful forms our opening arms allow. Expressed by this means they become eligible for release, not outside us but into the expansiveness of our dance. The test is a strong one but goes well. Remembering the natural integrity of a Divine Child, we allow traces of our Inner Children to be called into our Hearts, register in Consciousness and find coherence via the Flowing Presence of our movements Now.

With expanded spheres, open Hearts, strong feet and bold spontaneous gestures we fashion winds of inspiration into beautifully mobile form. This secures coherence, integration and release for up-coming traces in the flow of present expression. No deliberation or self-talk is needed; the energy of awareness focuses spontaneously on an intent of beautiful expression. This whole process is informed by deep body knowing, which revels in every opportunity to express its way back to freedom. By the end of our song, we feel not only ennobled but also deeply changed. The energy of the 9th Wave now has a tangible reality for all present.

[Our bodies are instruments for the perfection of our souls in time. Our souls know what our ego-minds are shaped to forget. Thus we do well to trust our body’s organic intelligence over the executive intelligence of an ego that usually operates within  reflexive loops of conditioned selfhood, limited by mental beliefs, emotional wounds and physical traumas of shocked recoil that inhibit us from ever reaching out again. Our bodies would naturally manifest their ideal form were it not for the impact of deforming mental-emotional histories. Sacred movement practices like yoga tend to restore this ideal. So also do any spontaneous movement tendencies, especially when they are beautifully evoked, inspired by a Great Wind and supported by an expanded, receptive Heart. These offer an ideal base from which to engage the 9th Wave.]

I have not yet imparted substantial information about the Calendar. If we are to travel as a representative group we must do the bulk of our learning on the way so, for now, I simply refine an awareness that everyone present already has: the journey of Consciousness in time is intricately ordered and the Mayan calendar holds knowledge of this ordering. In particular, it reveals that the Great Wind that carries Divine Consciousness through space-time unfolds over nine Great Waves, the last of which has just broken and is carrying us even now. These waves are symbolically evoked by Mayan temples built with nine levels at primary ceremonial sites like Tikal, Palenque, Chichen Itza and Uxmal.

We view a schematic drawing of one such temple and project it as a hologram in the centre of our room. A funky musical rendering of ‘Om Mane Padme Hum’ starts to play, complete with jump-fall rhythm and exquisitely high-pitched vocals that soar over the chant, cutting like vajra swords through the illusions of space and time. Remembering the Jewel in the Lotus as a Point of Creation at the centre of our Hearts, we blast through concrete walls of our Hologram-Dream, finding our unique points of entry into the Sacred Temple/Holy Mountain of space-time, preparing to transcend impossibility ahead of a great journey that will get properly under way the following morning.

A Common Passion


We sit and once more braid a rope of light three times sun-wise through our Hearts. This re-establishes our Grail. New music plays, relaying the fruits of night into our renewed daytime circle. We stand together then as Regina Spektor’s ‘Us’ re-acquaints us with the narcissistic clamour of mainstream culture. Intimations of the new Wave need to be discerned above this clamour, hence we must withdraw and listen carefully for the quiet insistence of ‘Still Sad Music’. This obliges us, on hearing, to readmit our tenderness of last night. It is slow and deeply moving. Wordlessly, it evokes a sense of what humanity’s suffering journey has always been for. We must learn how it reflects nascent energies of a 9th Wave that are as yet scarcely discernible over long-established noise.

We embrace the sadness of this moment as representative humans, not knowing why so many had to die in Japan the day before but accepting it absolutely so that radical transformation might come as a result. We shape our sadness into a beautiful flow of conscious co-creating, lending our most beautiful geometries towards utter fulfilment of yesterday’s sacrifice. This already asserts our underlying Unity by proving how much we care about total strangers and also that, in Heart awareness, there are no strangers. Listening for the song of a new frequency, we are drawn ever deeper into it, yielding more and more as signs of impending chaos erupt in ‘A Time for Change’.

Change is required for transformation. Transformation entails moving between forms, out of form, a period of vulnerability as old structure gives way while a new one has not yet been declared. We expand our Heart spheres once again, allowing a now familiar tenderness to return at centre. Secure in expanded spheres, we let the beauty of our gestures fashion the coherence needed to carry us ecstatically Home. This ecstasy comes of being fully expressed, whole-heartedly given, without remainder, in the Flowing Presence of our still, centred movements Now.

The clamour still becomes alarming. Televisions are out and mobile networks down as in Tokyo, wherever we happen to be. No-one has the confidence or means to tell us what to do. We maintain our discipline in relation to facilitating new birth, staying centred in Presence and securing coherence by virtue of beautiful movements, proving in our own consciousness and laying down as template an awareness that ‘chaos’ is relative to expectation and the response that it evokes. ‘It’ doesn’t exist save by virtue of our reactions, our co-creative involvement. This may be unconscious, driven by a playing out of old programmes that insist on clinging to established identities and structures, or it may involve a creative harnessing of Great Winds that blow news of change into the centre of our Hearts and lives.

Our music now truly is ‘chaotic’ (as in unpredictable). Since we have no expectations, this is not a problem for us. It is for others. Faint bells of renaissance are heard, but not by people running blindly in the streets. Carried by a Great Wave, we do not run blindly but continue to shape and re-shape turbulence into coherence. We are working representatively now as stewards of change, responsive to a call that everywhere is heard on panicked lips: ‘Neighbour, help me through this storm’.

Midway in, as earlier advised, the music stops. We continue to move, sustained by a power of inspiration that is carried by music but not dependent on it, shaping towards coherence whatever scenarios imagination puts before us, intervening in them via magical healing means, knowing that these arise from the inherent response-ability of our Hearts, which are now radically open and fully engaged. At the very least, such spontaneously structuring, beauty-making initiatives carry far beyond the panic of no TV. When our music resumes, we know the worst is over but our neighbours don’t. We continue to hold them via the fully extended yang power of our tender-Hearted, yin-inspired Divine Child ministrations.

We know we are being borne by a Great Wind, reborn of it. This comes to feel more and more exhilarating. Gradually, the call of a new rhythm begins to be heard through the randomness and static. The spontaneous joy of our answering call helps to body it forth, inspiring in us a dream of ‘Renewing Earth’. The lure of a new ‘jump-fall’ emerges steadily. Like tribal dancers of old we surrender to it, trusting the Mother, communing with her, scattering seeds of new consciousness as we go, participating joyfully in the unfolding of a new Beauty Way that our awareness helps to create.

This concludes our first naïve engagement with the coming of the 9th Wave. We have proven our sincerity and established our credentials as representative actors capable, at least, of inscribing new response-abilities in humanity’s collective consciousness at this time. We are also primed now to receive information that might otherwise have seemed merely theoretical.

Over Nine Waves

We return to a prominent image of the Jaguar Temple at Tikal and a music of infinite Void. We hear over the faint hum of this music how the nine-step pyramid serves as a visual metaphor for the journey of Consciousness through evolutionary and historical time, about the nested structure of the Waves, how each rises out of its predecessor and brings with it a 20-fold quantum acceleration in the pace of evolution. We also speak briefly about the role of 13 Heavens and, within this, the sequence of 5th Days and Nights, the most creative and destructive periods of each cycle, respectively. I have presented this information elsewhere (3). We will learn more of the 13 Heavens in our next session. Our focus now is on the Waves.

Implicitly, in our earlier ‘Common Passion’ journey, we were travelling across the 9th level of the Sacred Pyramid. This has awakened in us a felt sense of the true nature and gravity of our undertaking. It also gave us the briefest glimpse of what emergence might be like and why our journey matters, not just to us but to people everywhere: it lays down a template for coherent progression through disorientations brought about by the new Wave. We now aspire to repeat this process in full consciousness, incorporating relevant information about the Calendar as we go. The first thing we must realise is that to stand on the 9th level of a pyramid is also to stand on every other level at the same time. Therefore, to have an active sense of what it means to ride the 9th Wave, we must also have a waking sense of what it means to have risen with the other eight.

This is the purpose of our current session: to re-enact in embodied consciousness the process whereby Divine Consciousness entered time through the portal of the ‘Big Bang’, spreading as a love that reaches out through expansions of Cosmos and the course of all existence. The Mayan Calendar charts this sequence and our Tikal image offers a compelling metaphor of the 9 primary stages over which it happens. In the Sacred Time of our ritual journey, we will set out through the Point of Creation and travel across each Wave/Underworld before being launched into its successor by changes of music that correspond to threshold shifts between Waves and  the ‘Underworlds’ (new frameworks of consciousness) which they give rise to. I supply enough commentary throughout so we always know where we are on our journey of Ascent and get to mark in awareness key markers passed along the way. As always, the learning of our journey is mediated into embodied consciousness by the movements in terms of which we shape it as we go, our Hearts open, expanded, receptive and allowing.

The music of infinite Void gives way to a new music of Divine Consciousness as it dreams its Dream of Existence to a point of imminent realisation. A portal of Creation opens and the birthing of Cosmos begins. Within the non-perspective of Divine Consciousness, this is less violent eruption than glorious flowering, slowly paced across ‘Heavens’ that last 1.26 billion years, even though no orbital patterns have been established to lend meaning to such terms. Slowly we continue our ascent, specks of differentiating consciousness adrift as babes in the first Heaven of the first ‘Cellular’ Underworld, giving form via our best geometries to memories that are deeply written in the dreaming of our bones.

Unfolding continues over 16 billion plus years across the lowest level of the pyramid, through the formation of our solar system and a catastrophic meteor bombardment that created conditions for the emergence of single-celled organisms. New music then heralds a quantum shift to a new level of emergence – the Mammalian Underworld, cued by a 2nd Wave 820 million years ago. Multi-cellular organisms evolve, life emerges from the oceans on to land, a comet strikes, dinosaurs go extinct and mammals come into being. A 3rd Wave shifts us to a new Underworld, 41 million years ago. The first primates appear. A 4th Wave then carries us into a ‘Tribal’ Underworld where the first humans appear, just over 2 million years ago. A 5th Wave triggers a 5th ‘Regional’ Underworld 102,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens now walks the Earth. We talk, make art and wonder. Metaphysical consciousness erupts when our Stone Age ancestors ponder the fate of their dead and create images to shape further unfolding of Creation. We revere the Goddess and live in intimate harmony with her ways. The depth of our immersion in nature balances new possibilities for inner life opened by the development of language, art and spiritual awareness.

The 6th ‘National’ Underworld begins 5,125 years ago. Marked by the development of writing, it creates history and implies an accelerated rate of change, such that events can no longer simply be remembered. Priestly elites control this technology and use it to formulates laws. These regulate complex social formations that arise with cities supported by concentrated agricultural activity which allows settlement, surplus food and increased population. It also attracts the predatory interest of nomadic groups still following earlier hunter-gatherer ways. Conflict ensues and with it walled cities, defence systems, military power, hierarchy, slavery and institutionalised war.

This brings men to the centre of cultural life in a way we had never been before. Previously, our role had been eclipsed by the primary power of women to bring forth life from within themselves, in the manner of the Goddess. Warfare, together with an appreciation of the male role in procreation eclipsed this power and ushered in a new order of patriarchy (Father-Rule). Male gods became super-naturally elevated while the Goddess in her many forms was increasingly demoted. Human systems began to acquire a peculiar autonomy in walled cities that cut us off, symbolically as well as actually, from untamed, incomplete and ‘fallen’ worlds of nature outside. We created dynasties, religion and neuroses. Innocence and spontaneity got lost (4).

The agricultural order of the 6th Wave/Underworld was substantially unchanged until 1755, when a 7th Wave brought a 7th ‘Planetary’ Underworld. This coincides with the rise of the Industrial Revolution and marks another signal acceleration in the pace of evolutionary change. We ascend to the next level of our pyramid. Our music is moving much faster now but it is only after we have symbolically crossed the 7th level and moved up to the 8th that excitement really builds. The music quickens to engage accustomed frequencies, marking a quantum acceleration that fires us into a clockwise circle, spinning wildly now around the room (5). It’s 1999. We have entered the span of working memory and things are changing fast.

Then, suddenly, we arrive at March 9, 2011. Another quantum leap occurs. A charged frenzy erupts as we seek to imprint the rhythms of this breaking Wave into our embodied awareness. There is no option but total surrender. Abandoned, we are swept up in a surge of focused intensity that thrusts us from the top level of the Pyramid into a shrine where we experience a sharp (ego-) shattering encounter with the ‘God’ of our own recollected Divinity. This happens very fast: too fast for comprehension but not for exaltation.

The room throbs with energies of our ascent. Bodies are alive with memories and promise. A gentler music sounds, allowing us to walk slowly back to stillness after our ecstatic encounter with the ‘God’. It also allows us to imprint a sense of Unity pre-figured: a peak experience that arises when our ego-sense of separateness is eclipsed by effects of shattering. We move in a kind of dazed exaltation, with a much better sense of what it means to be on top of the Pyramid. But what are we to do here, now that we have arrived?

Spanning the 13 Heavens


The rate of evolution accelerates by a factor of 20 every time we shift from one Wave (Underworld) to the next. This impact doesn’t register all at once but rather is distributed across 13 Heavens, made up of 7 Days and 6 Nights. In the case of the 9th Wave, these last a total of 234 (13 x 18) days, from March 9 to October 28, 2011. The Days of this cycle are associated with periods of activity, development and growth; the Nights with periods of rest, assimilation and incubation.

In Mayan terms, each Heaven is associated with the ruling energies of a particular deity or cosmic force. The 7 Days are understood by analogy with stages in the maturational process of a planted seed: sowing, germination, sprouting, proliferation, budding, flowering and fruition. The Nights are less visible and defined. We undertake to bring the entire process into clearer focus by moving consciously through it across the top, 9th level of the Sacred Pyramid. It is crucial to bear in mind, especially with regard to the genesis pattern of 13 Heavens, that the whole structure offers an analogy in terms of which we may come to understand a new Wave of consciousness growth and the cycle of Creation/creativity associated with it.

Each Heaven of the 9th Wave lasts 18 solar days: 9 up to the top of the temple (waveform) and 9 back down to ground level. This is the pattern for Days. The pattern for Nights may be represented in terms of a sinking below the X-axis of ground level into a dark, ‘negative’ space of -1 to -9 steps down to nadir (trough) and 9 back up again, from -9 to -1, into a new Day.


Day 1 is a time of sowing. Its music is tentative and inchoate, difficult to pick out against a background of static and noise. The new frequency must grow through this, tuning it out in order to be better able to hear itself. Slowly, with patience and the help of a precise attentive geometry of allowing, faint intimations of a beautiful new pattern begin to be discerned. Such allowing is also necessary to ensure a level of coherence that will sink without resistance into the arms of the 1st Night.

Granted this, the seed of new consciousness is drawn ‘down’ into the ‘negative’ space of Night 1. The novelty it represents must be assimilated into right relationship with All That Is/Has Been (cf. Tao Te Ching: Woe to one who innovates while ignorant of the Constant). This is a dynamic, mobile edge that warrants constant re-shaping, like the frontiers of un/consciousness. The process is effectively self-regulating for all who respect the intelligence of Night, as we do now by means of our finest geometry.

In terms of our physical analogy, the new seed takes space and displaces soil. It is germane to the ground on which it falls, however, and reciprocal accommodation is in order. The problem of yang-obsessed modernity has been that it sought to relegate the Constant, staying always above the line and falsely equating yin with non-being. Even allowing for ‘winds of history’ this is an error from which we now have a short time to recover. Our dance aims to rebalance and to encode this rebalancing into collective consciousness. It is much like the seed, entrusting itself beyond the helplessness of Day 1 into a Night which draws it close and holds it dear.

Germination happens as a result on Day 2. The seed of the new has been held within the Constancy of All That Is. It belongs now and flourishes in belonging. Empowered to grow, its melody (energy signature) is stronger and more salient. This difference is evident in the bolder movements now allowed. Despite their promise of new beauty, however, the immediate effect of expansion is local disturbance. This prompts a reaction as we sink down again into Night 2.

Reaction is inevitable, since action has occurred. This is true on a mechanical level. On the level of consciousness and particularly the consciousness that we are now coming into, it is possible to facilitate the response of Night (Darkness) to its further seeding by Day (Light). Thus we descend in full consciousness, our Hearts open in expanded spheres, letting tender impressions surface and be sensed while dedicating our most beautiful movements to shaping a virtual space in which necessary accommodations can take place without either the Dream of the New or the Song of the Constant being forgotten.

A deeper level of belonging is achieved and leads into Day 3, the stage of ‘sprouting’. Here the melody of new consciousness assumes a clearer, stronger, more confident form. In terms of our physical image, it is now visible. Although still in early stages of its emergence, it is established and identifiable. This news again carries into a (3rd) Night (6). Another, deeper phase of assimilation happens. This is necessary because new development has taken place and requires new integration, as novelty always does with regard to the Constant. (There can be no conscious growth if consciousness simply relinquishes all that it has been.)

This renewed assimilation empowers a new, 4th Day of leafing (proliferation), during which new energies pour forth most strongly, equalling in prominence and vigour those forms of an old order which they must, in time, supplant. The 4th Day is also the 7th Heaven and marks the mid-point of the cycle as a whole. The accommodation between Novelty and Constancy is now relatively advanced and the succeeding Night prepares the new form for new expansion. The beauty of the new is echoed for the first time by the melody of Night, marking a new stage in its viability, robustness and (un/conscious) co-operation.

Day 5 (budding) follows and with it clear expression of the most creative forms of the new consciousness. In human terms: books, images, films appear which manifest it with a clarity and boldness that eclipse residual forms of the old order. We have now reached a critical point. Further reaction follows during the 5th Night, as vestiges of an old order hang on to retain old privilege in the face of evolutionary change. Such refusal to make way is anti-evolutionary and has destructive impact within the context of the whole.

[Psychology is paramount regarding the 5th Night of the 9th Wave. Even destruction during the 5th Night in the Galactic Underworld (economic collapse) was governed by the inertia of a persisting old paradigm, damaged 3rd chakra attitude: to have (acquire) and to hold (hang on). In this respect, Qaddafi currently manifests a disposition long associated with many other hangers on. The power of the 9th Wave is to be served, not just harnessed. Wo/men rich in ego can’t pass through its Needle’s Eye. We must let go. This is a matter of spiritual psychology before economics. Monarchs in all departments must recede so that former subjects can look up and out, freely.

The freedom to raise consciousness to Heart and envision a New Earth with innocent eyes is potentially available to all, and most readily to those living under conditions which allow required internal transformations. Essentially, at the level of the 9th Wave, destructive reaction will be driven by residual Shadow elements that are afraid to ‘die’ (let go, transcend) into new orders of consciousness and life. They fear they won’t survive the change and agitate to stay the same: isolated, split off and in apparent control.

Such a disposition and the behaviour it fuels stem directly from the psychology of our Inner Children, who split off in shocked recoil under conditions that they have no wish to see repeated. Thus they become fearful of all change, prizing familiar misery over potential release and predictable constraint over liberating change. They can’t transform because they fear letting go of established structure. Rational intent is not part of their picture, nor vice-versa. They subsist in the past, frozen at whatever age we were when engendering traumas were suffered.

Although their dispositions affect our consciousness, they are not themselves part of consciousness. The stronger and more numerous they are, the more our conduct is governed by their fears, the more we hold and control rather than let go and trust. The expanded sphere process serves to overcome this: once pure yin love has been engaged at the centre of Heart, it magnetises all fugitive elements to return ‘Home’ to the flow of present awareness. This tendency is amplified by the protective function of our expanded yang sphere and the empowered setting of a ritual environment (7). Destruction on the 9th level can be lived with integrity: our challenge is to be whole.]

On the level of consciousness made available by the 9th Wave, we have a freedom to track this development and – by aligning ourselves with the Flow of Presence as it turns from the crest of the 5th Day down towards depths of the 5th Night we bring awareness into a realm of potential transformations which it may never have accessed before. Instead of being dragged under in fear and trepidation, we follow our music down into the Heart of the 5th Night, where the Lord of Darkness awaits. At this point, we recall that the whole scenario is metaphorical, a symbolic evocation of processes of consciousness which themselves rarely become apparent to consciousness, particularly when they are obscured by projections of our unacknowledged fears.

We eliminate this prospect now by moving freely, whole-heartedly, beneath the line. This is not rhetoric but a case of rigorously observing a discipline established earlier. Projecting yang energy into the maintenance of an expanded sphere pre-empts the need for alternative control strategies. It also induces a sense of truly being protected, thus enabling a surfacing of tender feelings. Focusing within this on the creation of beautiful forms secures free expression of Divine Child innocence throughout. Although I don’t pause to explain, we use precisely this empowering discipline to plumb depths of the 5th Night, moving whole-Heartedly all the time to bring order, coherence and awareness where none has been before.

We are thus released into a beautiful Flowering on the 6th Day, ruled by the Goddess of Birth. Our melody soars wonderfully now, flowing beyond resistance, fully present to itself. With nothing to proclaim but its own essence, a marvellous Beauty is born and descends easily into waiting arms of the God Before Dawn, who fine tunes the new consciousness ahead of its final stepping out on the stage of the 13th Heaven, or 7th Day, as the Fruit of the 9th Wave.

The 7th Day is ruled by a Dual Creator God or, more appropriately God/dess. We dance this fruiting to ecstatic fulfilment. It is enough simply to feel, enact and be the awareness it inspires for the Fruit of the 9th Wave is not paid forward to a 10th. Rather it entails a looking back, a recapitulation of All It Has Been: a remembering in other words, whose fruit is a recollection of our own Divinity in time.

Deep is the Well of the Past

Now, in the sacred time of our ritual, we have spanned 13 Heavens of the 9th Wave. We are thus free to move easily along the top level of the Pyramid, remembering it as a metaphor for a state of consciousness that we have at least temporarily achieved. We recall from last night’s introduction how Earth’s consciousness and ours are inextricably linked: we as subjects of a great experiment in freedom and she as its hosts. Also, the loop of reflective/reflexive (self-) consciousness that develops in us is not something that occurs elsewhere in nature. It is not something with which Earth is burdened or blessed. Inside our spheres of reflective consciousness we conceive intentions and formulate plans. Earth doesn’t; she merely suffers ours. She doesn’t have intentional consciousness but she does have a schedule. She too is rocked by Great Winds that carry her towards what we call Ascension. This entails a radical upgrading of her current frequency vibration.

Having no discretion in this, she simply reacts – manifesting earthquakes, tsunamis and other catastrophes in response to the demands of her own cycles and the impact of our conduct towards her. She will clarify towards Ascension by catastrophic means if she must. The choice is not hers but ours. We alone have the latitude to remember towards redemption. We get lost in closed loops of reflected/reflexive identities. Thus we have an option of finding ourselves beyond them, of remembering our status as Divine Children and acting accordingly in relation to Earth’s welfare and our own.

Currently, her position is akin to that of a battered child: closed in on herself, reeling from the devastating impacts of our collective ignorance, violence and neglect. We have been in a similar condition but are awakening fast and now, inspired by winds of the 9th Wave, can assume our proper role as stewards of her Ascension. Because her destiny and ours are so closely inter-woven, freeing her and freeing ourselves to ascend in Beauty is virtually the same mission at this time. To explore this option and realise its immense healing potential we must first clarify and redeem the history of our species’ traumatic impact on the bodies of our planetary Mother.

We will initiate such a programme with our next sequence, drawing on the power of intentional consciousness and insights derived from the Mayan Calendar. More specific applications are possible and I will write about them later. For now, our aim is to establish the general principles of such an undertaking:

We start walking on the 9th (consciousness) level of our Pyramid and simultaneously on the face of ‘Earth after the Wars’. As ever, music facilitates our passage. Our aim is to admit and accept all the travesties and violations that have occurred in the course of humanity’s history on this planet. There is no need to compile lists of atrocities in this respect. These are known immediately in felt communion between our Hearts and that of the Mother, especially as orchestrated by a ritually focused exercise in the healing power of intentional consciousness.

After our preliminary walk of orientation, we each identify a spot from which to begin our descent from the 9th level down through 8th, 7th and 6th levels (Underworlds). We will meet again in the middle of the 5th, by which time our tribal ancestors had established their Goddess-venerating Stone Age culture. New music impels our descent through Earth’s ‘House of Memories’. Each of us finds our own way down.

Having arrived in the 5th Underworld we converge on a sacred place which will become the site of a ‘Ruined City’ over future millennia. Blessed still with 9th Wave awareness we visualise this city in our own ways. It is a composite of all cities, drawn from all places and times. It manifests to us on different levels, each representing a particular archaeological stratum established over the course of a long history during which the city was destroyed and rebuilt many times.

We approach it now, each from our own angle, beholding the carnage and devastation of many sieges, sackings and massacres throughout the course of our species’ almost impossibly difficult past. Entering the city, we are drawn in separate ways along its streets, alleys and lanes, acknowledging without attachment or intervention all traces of past events that arise. Hearts open, spheres expanded, we admit and allow what has been, giving our best geometry to render liveable and coherent what might otherwise be impossible to bear. The city is deserted. Inexorably, we are drawn to its centre. Approaching from various directions, we arrive at a central square, a communal space with some structure at its Heart, covered over by rubble, debris and scattered stones of all sizes. We are drawn to approach this structure and clear the debris.

As we do it becomes apparent that it is a well-shaft surrounded by the remains of a low wall. It runs very, very deep into Earth. New music plays. Sounds of muted whispering are heard and then the voice of the Goddess, faint and stricken at first but also infinitely loving, numinous and yearning to be heard. The effect on us is mesmerising, humbling and deeply opening. When the song of the Goddess fades we are immersed still in its crystalline purity. Its impact lingers and we dance in the afterglow of its Beauty, shedding with extended energy fingers whatever veils or armour might inhibit expression of our Heart’s most cherished longing into the world.

The music changes again and another voice is heard (Portrait of the Goddess as a Young Girl), crying out as if from the centre of our Hearts. Tender but also timeless and indestructible, this voice gets shut off in most of us at a very early age. It is filled with resonances of its own unconquerable innocence, the expression of an essence that eludes all attempts at violation, however deeply buried it has been. As in the Ruined City so in our ruined selves: a Great Wind blows to make us whole. We know we have chanced on something precious and will learn more of it in due course, after we have made our peace with Darkness.

Night 2:   Into That Darkness

We began rehabilitating our relationship with Darkness earlier when we descended in trust into depths of the 5th Night. We need to complete this process now.

Humanity’s relationship with Darkness is contaminated by our largely unconscious projection of disowned Shadow elements upon it. Our group has been working for some weeks to prepare for clarification of this state of affairs. We begin by moving tenderly through our darkened room, carrying at the centre of our open Hearts an image of our Divine Child, selected from pictures we have posted in advance. Our supporting music features the bittersweet yearning of an adult Divine Child searching for Divine Love on Earth. This fits well with our present dispositions.

We gather then for preliminary orientation, still in semi-darkness. My plan had been to work in almost total darkness but recently installed exit lights prevent this so we have to improvise. We review this afternoon’s account of the 6 Nights and how, having passed below the line of the X-axis, we sink to a point of maximum yin which then secretes, or conceives, its so called opposite, minimum yang.

The yin-yang symbol is known as ‘the supreme ultimate’. I see it as the most sublime symbol humanity has ever devised, chiefly because it expresses beautifully the simultaneous persistence and transcendence of duality in Oneness: that yin and yang are not opposites is clearly indicated by little dots which signify the presence of each in the other – the white in the black and vice-versa. The symbol is best viewed as a 3D sphere in which each of the Great Waves is constantly being pulled through the other, so that they always move around each other in a perpetually dynamic embrace. Stillness comes of their balanced interaction, not the absence of movement per se. Life flourishes in this balance.

We are used to seeing this symbol against a white background. I change it to black. The effect is spectacular in our darkened room. The black wave is scarcely visible. This leaves the white looking like a ghostly embryo and also a Great Wave of Light born from an Ocean of Darkness. This is much closer to the Truth. The purpose of light is to illuminate darkness and the Consciousness from which both mutually arise. For this purpose to be fulfilled, both aspects must enter into right relationship.

Our first task is to turn and walk into Darkness with a view to (re)establishing our innocence in relation to it. I invite participants to use blindfolds. The music is soft and nourishing, like the energy of pure yin. It will guide us into Darkness, which also has its innocence. We may find this when no disowned Shadow traces are projected. Accepting all that arises into the tenderness of our expanded Heart spheres eliminates projection. Feeling protected and shaping through movement eliminates fear. Wearing a blindfold extends all our work of trust so far.

At first, movements are tentative and restrained. Gradually, everyone relaxes into the beauty of the energy we find ourselves in – a pure drawing close, holding dear yin energy that arises at the centre of Heart when our yang sphere is fully expanded. Everyone takes a blindfold. Collisions, when they occur, are gentle and nourishing, entered into and spun out of with aikido grace. I open my eyes from time to time and see a moving tableau of generous forms, intently aligned with subtle energies that now prevail. Judging from movement patterns, trust is not an issue as we explore the long-forgotten terrain of ‘Monsters and Teddy Bears’. No monsters arise.

The music changes to that of ‘Unburdening Shadow’. Drawing on exercises assigned over the last weeks, I ask everyone to start recalling memories of fearful encounters with Darkness and to work with them in our now established way: to admit, accept and express to a point of re-lease in the flow of present awareness. Our music is a long piece and affords ample time. Within minutes, a flowing movement pattern has been restored for all.

I ask everyone to expand their Heart spheres further, turn physically within them and begin moving towards the Heart of Darkness. This lies in the same direction as the centre of our personal Hearts. It is a qualitative state, not a physical location. Our next music supports this realisation. Moving with it, incorporating its frequencies, we transition seamlessly. The music is sublimely beautiful: a delicate evocation of Love that draws us ever further in. We follow until we find ourselves immersed in the Heart of Darkness, at a point of maximum yin which secretes its ‘opposite’. A faint yang manifestation is heard, growing slowly as the music builds towards dynamic balance, from depths of Night towards a beckoning new Day.

Balance is found (figuratively) at zero point on the X-axis, a threshold where the yin energy of Darkness/Love relinquishes its hold to birth pure yang Light (The Pearl of Great Price) once more into the world, now as at ‘the Beginning’. We usually see the birth of Light as a discrete event, set billions of years back in our past but experience it here as a mythological occurrence, once and forever, as the voice of Goddess soars with a crystal clarity that sets worlds in motion. The ‘Big Bang’ has been restaged, but is known now from within a renewed Goddess sensibility. There is longing as well as triumph in her song. Already, it seems, cycles of loss and grief that will arise with the process of existence have been foreseen and atoned for in advance.

We move in the endless love of such knowing and continue walking with strong feet after our music fades. We are conscious again of being in a room on Earth, and on top of a Mayan Pyramid/Holy Mountain where our gathering is being staged in Sacred Time. New music plays to facilitate walking new frequencies we have experienced into the consciousness of Earth. Midway through, this music erupts. A ‘quickening’ occurs, reminding us of all we have experienced in the Heart of Darkness. Jumping and Falling we impart news of our transformation into the Heart of Earth.

Thereafter a music of Night arises, inviting sleep. We lie down in the nurturing grace of a love-filled Dark that nourishes as it envelops, in which we can safely rest and be truly held. We stay until a sense of its nurturing is fully imprinted. Then we prepare to carry it upstairs into 3D sleep. We will resume our journey tomorrow morning from exactly the positions that we occupy now.

Rebuilding the City of God/dess

We begin our last day in blankets, rapt still in sleep after a night of being truly held by nurturing Darkness. New music of this Good Night plays, nursing us towards waking consciousness and a restored sense of the right relationship we found in our previous session. Morning has broken and we begin to stir as music of a ‘Brave New World’ calls us back towards awareness of a re-enchanted Earth, visible to eyes that have beheld the Heart of Darkness and found there only the Heart of Love.

We move in our blankets, slowly bringing our bodies awake, combining impressions of last night’s darkness with sensations of the new morning light. We rise, mindful again that in Sacred Time we have been sleeping in the sanctum of a nine-part god on the top level of a Mayan Pyramid/Holy Mountain. We clear our bedding and wander our exalted platform, looking down on a Ruined City that’s clearly apparent on the plain below. It calls to us with a new urgency, now that we have again found eyes of innocence in relation to the Dark. The music changes. We begin our descent.

We approach the city attentively and enter. New music plays. Our Hearts are fully open: spheres expanded and tenderness awake. A strong wind blows, stirring traces of old stuckness. Energies in the city start to shift. We allow all, lending order by virtue of our best geometries. Shades come forth, spectres and wraiths, ghosts of those who died in terror and were unable to pass on. The ground rips open at places where the Goddess’ Heart was chastened by atrocity. Borne by a strong wind, without traces of our own to project, we make new Beauty of old anguish, accepting all into our quickened Hearts of Darkness/Love.

Remembering inspiration from yesterday when we helped our neighbours through a storm, we provide magically – from the higher dimensional awareness of awakened Heart – whatever assistance is required to facilitate the healing episodes that manifest before us. This may involve summoning angelic hosts to escort anxious ghosts or building golden stairways with the light of our incorrigibly innocent Hearts. We then form a circle around the city and, reaching beneath its deepest foundation, lift all the difficult imprints associated with human occupancy out of the body and memory of Earth. Knowing this city to be a composite of all cities across all spaces and times, we trust that news of its renewal will spread out along meridians of Inner Earth.

Our music shifts as the energy does. Elated, inspired, in profound resonance with the decompressed breathing of Goddess Earth, from whom a capstone has been removed, we are impelled to create. It is our bliss now to rebuild this City of God/dess in its true image, raising it again as a vehicle for expressing God/dess’ Song of Existence, of Consciousness in form. Free rein is allowed to a spiritual creativity that is also borne by Great Winds. A Wave sweeps through and, once we have finished, carries us out on to the Great Plains of Earth where we dance our news of difference, imprinting it by resonance and the joyous rhythm of a new jump-fall vibration, remembering with awe and gratitude ‘All We Have Been’.


Sacer Facere (To Make Holy)

The music of ‘All We Have Been’ plays as we re-assemble. In dancing it before, communing wordlessly with the Heart of Earth, we sensed that ‘All We Have Been’ includes more than just our human ancestors. In engaging with Earth’s ‘House of Memories’ we have concentrated on this dimension, orbiting a line from the Crown centre (God sanctum) on top of the Sacred Pyramid down to its Heart in the 7th Heaven of the 5th Underworld, where God/dess was first acclaimed in existence. Super-imposed above this are imperial city states and successor patriarchal forms whose imprints we have worked to transmute. Now we must also ‘walk’ our 9th Wave consciousness figuratively through all remaining Underworlds and Heavens.

We begin with unprecedented overview, from the top of our Holy/World Mountain, seeing Earth in its Being- and Becomingness, from the Beginning up until this Now. The only possible response is a mystical awareness that ‘This (whole world of extension in space-time) is my body’, the physical vessel for Consciousness’ journey home to memory of itself through existence. We are the vehicles of this remembering and our task now is to re-imprint it, indelibly, into our embodied consciousness while also extending it through lower, pre-human Underworlds.

Once more we find our own points of departure from the highest level and make our separate ways down. There is plenty of time so wandering is not an issue. We each go where we are called, in immediate manifestation of the urge to ‘follow our Heart’. I will co-ordinate our gathering on the lowest level in due course. As always, carrying waves of appropriate music convert prosaic declaration into a profound adventure to which we again lend coherence on a human scale via our most beautiful geometries.

We meet then in the Cellular Underworld, close to the Beginning, remembering how it felt last night to be drawn ever more deeply into the Heart of Darkness … so that we promptly find ourselves there again, this time with eyes wide open and in daylight. Knowing this Heart of Darkness as the Heart of Love, we arrange our Heart-centred awareness around it and step out from a Portal of Creation, already brimming with compassion for cycles of loss and grief, rise and fall, remembering and forgetting, that we have known and must keep knowing until our Hearts break open beyond all prospect of ever closing again.

We move in a mode of primary Goddess sensibility into the Blossoming of Existence, no longer experienced through the violent patriarchal image of a ‘Big Bang’. We travel in expansive light bodies over solidly planted feet, conjuring active expression (and kinaesthetic coding) for wonders that – de-traumatised – we can now feel fully as we rise back through higher levels, seeing forms of life rising up and giving way, carrying Consciousness ever forward on its path towards self-remembering in time. Our remembering is an integral and indispensable aspect of this process. Indeed, our appreciation initiates a conscious practice of ‘Making Holy’ the sacrificial process that evolution has always been, irrespective of awareness levels involved. Now, through us, this process is becoming self-aware.

Accepting everything that has been as necessary to the realisation of this Now, we resolve to facilitate all further ‘Making Holy’ by ‘Letting (our own) Beauty Shine’ unreservedly, contributing its resonance in service to the full unfolding of What Is. With our strong feet keyed into the mystical Body of Earth and our Hearts primarily attuned to hers, we feel intimations of her blossoming all around and are moved by the music of ‘Letting Beauty Shine’ to engage fully our renewed stewardship role.

This unspoken sense of mutual arising culminates in a final offering when the Voice of Goddess, first heard faintly beneath the debris of a Ruined City, rises up from the Heart of Earth, soaring to proclaim her renewed status as a grown woman of ravishing beauty and inestimable power.

All that remains is to weave our various threads together after lunch and experience ‘Unity Remembered’.

Unity Remembered

We began this morning by awakening on top of a Sacred Temple from music that evoked the nurturing intelligence of Night. We begin now by moving to it, wearing blindfolds. Our purpose is to take this energy of ‘Rapt in Gentle Folds I Sleep’ and carry it forward into the conduct of our days. Within seconds we are lost and found in darkness, transported by the beauty of the music into illuminating memories of last night. We emerge from this, very slowly, and focus on a solitary flame that burns now at the centre of our room.

We take it in and, with eyes closed, follow it down into the Heart of Earth, where it burns figuratively as the Flame of Spirit and Pure Consciousness. This Flame of Pure Consciousness is a condensed version of the Flower of Life and is present in every living form. The Flower represents an articulated, expanded version. In most human beings currently on Planet Earth, this Flame lies buried under the cumulative debris of disfiguring mental beliefs, emotional wounds and physical traumas.

By means of our journeying we have opened a ritual space in which it is possible to identify and heal this tendency in ourselves and in the physical-emotional bodies of Earth. It will happen via one-pointed focusing of our intentional consciousness to trigger a new cycle of mutual arising, based on the effortless resonance of a clarified affinity between ourselves and Earth. This has been established by our earlier journeys. It is much easier to experience such things than to talk about them. We make ready to enact ‘Raising Spirit Fire: Out of That Darkness’ of Inner Earth.

Our music is tender, yet emphatic and precise. It is also subtle: the culmination of a journey which some of us have been making together for years. A rarefied jump-fall pattern emerges, a now trusted medium for conversations with the Heart of Earth. We each find our own way with it, extending our energy fingers deep into the Heart of Earth to fan the Flame of Pure Consciousness alive there before raising it up to our own Base centres. We see it ‘take’ there and rise further through our Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras before lifting finally into the spaciousness of Heart, where it combines with Air to set our lives alight. The music supports this process exquisitely, leaving us blissful and transported but capable of strong feet and sublime geometric motions that encode unfolding patterns into our embodied consciousness.

The Sacred Flame burns now in our Hearts (8). It swells to fill our expanded spheres, enveloping our physical forms. We rest in peace, beyond separation. Reflexive loops of incessant self-talk have long since vanished. We experience the self-illuminating clarity of a Sacred Heart. The energy in our room has been transformed. The music starts to fade. Strong feet continue a moon-wise motion, paying new gifts of mutual arising through resonance back into Earth. She responds. New music rises. Gathering momentum, it surges and erupts. Earth’s Heart Flame surges with it, exploding from its condensed occluded form into full Flowering – an uninhibited expression of the Flower of Life on Earth, her Ascension. We dance, radiant with the joy of this becoming, enthralled and unabashed, creative Keepers of Earth’s ecstatic blossoming. The promise of our stewardship is full-filled.

(No form of consciousness-in-time has fallen further or suffered more than we have. No Mother has borne her children’s hardships with greater fortitude or restraint. For this reason, her remembering and ours is not just local news. Its effect of illumination is not confined to Earth but echoes through Cosmos and Existence. Our remembering on Earth marks a self-remembering of Consciousness in time. The illumination of her Heart illuminates the role of existence in Being, revealing What Is to itself. Knowing this, fuelled by heightened spiritual instinct, we prepare to spread the news of Earth’s awakening out through Cosmos and Beyond.)

New music starts. Faint at first, it gathers momentum fast, ordering us like magnetic files into a swirling clockwise cloud, spiralling through escalating frequencies around the room, fanning the Fire of Earth’s Ascension out to the Universe. Consciousness shoots out on beams of this renewed intention. Strong feet and fine movement keep us coherent in the midst of our abandonment. Another intelligence directs. Waves of quantum acceleration break periodically as we careen, exhilarated beyond all need for belief. We travel as Pure Light, informed by Darkness and informing of it, striving to the edges of manifestation, birthing the Un-manifest into every flowing instant of present Now. All That Is is known as it is: infinite in its Constancy as Dreamer, innocent in its Becoming as Dream. In the ecstasy of this knowing, All is One.

At last the music breaks, propelling us exhausted and ecstatic on to another shore where I reflects again ‘This is my Body’. Then, brought to the edge of manifestation, its gaze is turned again towards centre, and out again to edge and back. At last it is known: I AM that I AM. This marks the fulfilment through time, in time, of reflected and reflexive consciousness, freed now of insulating, separating, self-encapsulating loops: I AM THAT I AM! There is no Other. This is Unity remembered and I have no other words to describe it.  I wish you could have felt it as we did.

The music of this self-remembering of I AM in time lasts a long time in local time: 16 minutes. It is finely paced and modulates gradually through various layers of a return to stillness in motion and, finally, rest. We walk into our circle and stand in silence for a while before offering thanks, to each other and for all that has had to happen in order to bring about this Now. We greet each other then and part with hugs of recognition that acknowledge the vast work of remembering we have shared.


(1) The actions of earlier generations were mostly dictated by the ‘winds’ of their historical circumstances. This situation is radically changed with regard to a 9th Wave which brings unprecedented freedom and unprecedented response-ability. We are now free to do what we must, or not.

(2) See http://www.sacredplay.info/reports-2/sacred-plays/return-of-the-ancestors

(3) See http://www.sacredplay.info/articles/maya/the-mayan-cale…applications-2/  and also


(4) Calleman’s accounts of such issues tend to stress their determination by ‘winds of history’ charted by the Calendar. This is undoubtedly accurate and of fundamental relevance but to view such matters solely in terms of an abstract schema conceals a wealth of detail that we need to be aware of if we are to re-orient ourselves effectively Now. I share such information ahead of movement sequences so that only reminder words are needed as we go. Again, it is amazing how bodies lend their own coherence to this process.

(5) I observed something extraordinary through this sequence: during the slower early Waves people spontaneously found their way into a counter-clockwise spiral motion. This implies descent/integration rather than ascent /aspiration. It implies a mode of assimilation that was not evident when a similar group danced the same sequence through Conscious Convergence. I won’t make too much of this since I have only seen it once but it shouldn’t be ignored. It was uniform, spontaneous and (I think) specifically cued by the advent of a 9th Wave that invites a recapitulation in Consciousness of patterns that have not yet been fully lived.

(6) Calleman’s deities might be woven into this account but we need to be careful. Apart from uncertainty regarding the nature of Mayan deities, it is likely that – despite being equivalent in a structural sense – they were different energetically from their Aztec counterparts. The Aztecs, for example, never had a secure classical period. They feared the ending of their world and with it, a prominence they enjoyed for less than two centuries. They engaged in expansionist wars and frenzied sacrificial activity to prevent change. This is different than the essentially regulatory forms observed by classical Mayan city states and has important implications regarding the nature of ‘destruction’ through our coming 5th Night, especially.

(7) Thus one of our novices remarks the safety of an occasion that might have been terrifying while an older one reveals a tendency to go back into her story after the event. Our challenge always is to let peak moments last. This can be threatening because, ultimately, Unity requires us to give up the socially moulded, reflective/reflexive process of being a separate self. See ‘Comments’, with thanks to all who offered feedback.

(8) This ‘resurrection’ distinguishes a Sacred Heart from a merely tender one.

Appendix: Feedback Comments

Thank you again for participating in our weekend. I will spend the next days writing it up. No matter how well I manage, I won’t succeed in conveying the felt experience of actually being there. To help counter this I ask each of you PLEASE to let me have just one brief paragraph outlining your essential sense of our journey. I’d like this for my own information and for readers of the report. No reflection is sought, just basic impressions immediately relayed.

John brought us on a beautiful gentle journey into innocence and Love where we

came into union with each other, the earth and all of creation. The diverse and unique

expressions from each of us became a mighty vehicle of transformation for all. We

moved with music and direction to eventually become one with our divinity, then

moved spontaneously to express this in our own way. The heartfelt quality of this

experience is beyond words. Having travelled this journey as a representative of humanity, I am convinced that it is the highest dream of us all that we ascend into the new consciousness with ease and beauty. It was a beautiful realisation to experience the energy of the 9th wave as pure love, nurturing and healing in a way I have not previously experienced. It transformed the past in a deeper and more comprehensive way than I have ever known before and the integration process seemed almost instant. Having completed the workshop, as I travelled home to meet our young children I wondered how I would cope. Meeting them after previous workshops I often felt vulnerable and raw. It was a pleasant surprise that this time that I felt fully present and really able to enjoy their company.

This is my short version of our amazing weekend that ignited passion and hope once again: Dancing beyond the beginning of time into the source of all creation, understanding that all there was and all that happened had its place and helped us to become who we are today. Forgiving the past and integrating all steps of evolution, we are now able to let the fire of earth’s consciousness burn through us brightly, opening us to new possibility and help to transform life positively. So earth can blossom once again in her wonder and glory, with humanity united in universal love

From the outset this past week-end I felt a noticeable energy shift in the group dynamic, myself included. Outside the room of story-telling, music and movement, there was a really strong sense of the need for silence and stillness to assimilate the journeying.

I found your story-telling a wonderful way of communicating the mystical journey of our Beingness and felt a communal as opposed to individual sense of Beingness.  Plus the Pyramid illustrations made it much easier for me to grasp in a small way the complexity of the Mayan calendar.

This time I felt less in my head and more heart based, especially when we focused on connecting to all from our hearts through the imagery of the celtic cord – where thought goes, energy certainly flows.

I love that the movement is free flowing without having to be in left brain mode to stay in rhythm, was surprised by who I encountered in the ruined city to assist in their passage out of there.  The music as always speaks to my soul and I felt a deep sense of unity and heart love for all the beautiful Beings who shared the past week-end.

A profound, beautiful, yet surprisingly gentle few days


Thank you John for this weekend with this beautiful music and beautiful beings to share this experience with.  I loved my little peaceful room which I decorated with my raw crystals and scarfs and it made me realise again how little you need in life.  I liked the food and really started to enjoy the tea for every meal.  Not that I will continue it at home, but it was very comforting somehow.  I also learned so much through every single conversation I had with everybody this weekend.  I felt so privileged to get to know everybody.  

For me it was a perfect mixture of music dance and a bit of information – not too much!  Music is very important in my life and i love to dance, so this is a beautiful way for me.  Having arrived at the event in high spirits, feeling quite light and happy I hoped that this event could with the tools I love so much free my heart for joy and empowerment so i could actively and joyously help mother earth and her beings to heal towards a life of love and peace and joy. So I was quite surprised to realize during the event and afterwards how heavy my heart became again and sometimes I thought that I am taking on all heaviness of everybody else (not the first time I thought this).  Issues that I thought I had worked through already (forgiveness of female suppression, my own difficult birth, forgiveness of myself having been destructive) became big again.  My heart felt so heavy and still now I feel like crying and whenever my children are not respectful to each other I almost get a nervous breakdown I blame myself straight away and knowing that my children are the mirror of my own struggles I beat myself up about it. 

The weekend certainly made clear to me how I am still not loving myself, how i doubt all my abilities as a mother of 4, yoga teacher, singer, reiki person, music teacher etc. and this twin flame thing that followed me in my mind and heart for a whole year doesn’t make things easier in matters of believing in my heart, since whenever I doubt it I feel as if I am beating up my heart.  I hope I can really work with all your advice in midst of my life and make peace with the yin and yang within me so the divine child can unfold again and I can be whole and happy connected to earth and source and help others to the same. 

Sorry, to send you this negative, probably self-pitying text.  Usually it takes me a few weeks to pick myself up again after something like this, so hopefully I will work through this as well.  But you must have known what you asked for when you said to send a text within 24h.  I hope the others are all in a more beautiful place.  Did I really choose this heavy way of dealing with this?  Is it my surname? Probably that programme again! OK. I am going to hold myself now doing those things you told me to do and change it. 

I loved the weekend mostly, I found it so incredible to dance and move for two days. It is probably one of the safest environments I have even been in, that group of people is amazing.  The energy I felt was so strong and un-ignorable I was moved to tears three times which startled me a bit. I haven’t slept as well as I did there in a long, long time and didn’t dream at all which had me wondering, I guess I thought I would with the theme of the weekend. But really I was just moved by the power and energy of the group and the movement.  The theme of the weekend is something we had discussed a lot so while it wasn’t new information it was new to put it into movement.

Arriving at Dublin airport, the catastrophic news that assailed me became etched upon my heart for the entire weekend.  No way that the earthquake, the tsunami and the cries of humanity could possibly be separate from either my own or our collective process of awakening to the emerging wave of unity consciousness that was sweeping through the heart of Earth. I learned to relax so that I could surf the waves of despair and redemption, of darkness and of light, of doubt and implicit trust.  I surrendered to the fear of Not Knowing, crossed (with trembling trepidation) the threshold between death and re-birthing, and opened up completely to the birth pangs of Creation coming through in her agony and ecstasy.  My body is truly the body of the Earth, my mind the creative thinking of the whole cosmos, my heart an infinite fountain of love and compassion healing all that had been buried under rubbles of Earth’s long sufferings and glories.  Moving into stillness, I could bear witness to all that has been and will be, and allow some mysterious tsunami in my own heart to carry me to the next wave – the promise of a new dawn.  So I continue to pray:  Let the beauty we love be what we do…there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Last weekend’s workshop was a beautiful culmination of our group’s preparation for the Ninth and final wave of the Mayan Calendar. It was eloquently presented by John in his usual  manner. The combination of his short lectures to orient us on the path, the beautiful music and the company of a familiar group of fellow seekers ensured a deep journey inwards. The movement and music was for me a deep meditation on the story of humanity’s rise towards consciousness of the oneness of everything.


This weekend I attended a workshop given by my dad. I was apprehensive in advance, for many reasons: Who is my Dad? Would it change my view of him? Who am I? Could I cope? What would erupt for me? Really, what was this dancing for?

The weekend opened me to worlds of existence beyond reality as it has been constructed. The themes that emerged for me were expansion, purity of intention, integration, simplicity, pure divine love borne out from the source of creation.

 The movement over the weekend was an awakening. I did not realise my physical self was capable of such grace and interpretation. And even in this I could feel myself only beginning to grasp what potentially I was capable of. As we moved through the various stages of the workshop, the story was so uncomplicated and universal to mankind I felt like I was dancing for the salvation of humanity and that salvation came. Because in the workshop there was no threat, no attaching conditions or negotiations required, pure intention drove the expansion of consciousness.

I learned to trust myself to know what to do in dimensions beyond my physical self. A flow from some higher existence was directing my body to respond. It didn’t matter who I was or who was there with me, all that mattered was that I embraced this opportunity wholly and worked with those gathered around me in our shared community of sacred dance. I feel really good since, so clear and strong, like nothing will defeat me now.

As we joined hands forming the circle of light from heart to heart and back again, I felt safe and blessed to be part of this group and ready for our sacred journey. John’s guidance and the exquisite music moved me deeper and deeper into my heart. I looked at the photographs as I passed by and I saw and felt the innocence and the mystical beauty of the Divine Child displayed around the room. Then I began to feel the presence of my own Divine Child and the tears flowed from my eyes. It was a beautiful and wonderful experience.

Prayer: Mother this is emir…on 14th saying this i said i will that divine will (be done through me)…and felt comfortable saying it, weeks earlier i had thought why wouldn’t I breathe in and out the breath of God when I am divine but felt very uncomfortable about thinking it. This weekend was much more reflective than others. I noticed the silence after some parts as if we were still in a different place and we left the room almost one by one. Having lovingly said to one person you don’t have to be a warrior, in the next part I realised I needed to say it to myself and did. I also danced with my male side: it felt very different and good. I had a deep feeling during weekend that ALL IS WELL. FEELING OF PEACE AND KNOWING ALL IS WELL, ACCEPTING CONNECTION WITH DIVINITY, FEELING OF BEING LOVE AND ALLOWING IT TO FLOW TO OTHERS.

Wow, asking for a brief paragraph, asking for the seemingly impossible but there again more challenges so best to just fire out whatever comes to me:

At last my feet were grounded, feet chakras solid and simultaneously multidimensional. Feeling the dear Earth under me supporting me and the Great Wind at my back always to carry me and I can feel her now supporting me in this.

Besides the learning and teaching about the 13 Heavens, 9 waves. Having a felt experience of dancing through them feeling stuckness reverberating in my belly, breathing into that and releasing. 

My own connection to, and integration of, the goddess in all her forms and strengths. Freeing her song in the wounded city, heaving stones and rubble, all the desecration and finally sinking to my knees before her temple.

Always had been very afraid of the dark, wearing the mask, gradually relaxing into her warmth, moving into her heart, I felt very busy like a spider, spinning and weaving, creating.

The empowerment of healing in the wounded city trusting my body knew what to do, where to go, what actions, movements to make.

Waves and tides are the tools of my cranial craft, my bread and butter, this invited greater expansion deeper and longer tides and, at long last, a felt experienced container for me. For me the ecstasy at that point of stillness between the in-breath and the out-breath, the ebb and flow, life is held in suspense waiting and the potential for all exists!



Hopefully you will be affected by the contagion of this telling but proof comes with participation. Imagine a native community dancing to make rain as if the outcome has already been achieved. This attests not to gullibility but to a remembered innocence of communion within an implicit Unity frame. Modernity has served to make the process explicit by bringing us to understand how powers of reflection arise in a process of cultural mirroring to become internalised and how, opening beyond the illusions of separateness this engenders, we can dedicate our freedom to a promise of doing gladly that which we were always meant to do. Calleman writes of earthquakes as reflections of Earth’s inner recalibration at shift times. Imagine this whole process becoming self-aware through us such that we can now devise more beautiful means of reflexive communion, such that we can birth our Highest Dream through a power of clarified co-creative intent: Mother this is X, feel us coming, at last we have remembered what’s going on; let us make a miracle this time… Ask and we will receive; knock and it will be opened unto us. This is not superstition but remembrance. There is no limit on the scale of miracles that recollection of our Divinity in time can achieve.

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