Over Nine Waves

a sacred play in magic, music, story, dream and dance


In Celtic mythology, a magical threshold lies beyond the ninth wave. The same might be said of the Mayan calendar, which posits a ninth wave of Creation that will usher in a new phase of consciousness beyond time. This ‘play’ was originally offered as an Irish contribution to a worldwide Conscious Convergence (CC) event held on July 17-18, 2010. It is also the latest in a sequence of ‘sacred plays’ that I have developed with an Irish group over the last five years. It integrates two streams of inspiration. One derives from my own soul unfolding and the other from a broader framework of evolutionary unfolding described by the calendar tradition, via the scholarship of Carl Calleman (1). The aim is to promote Unity Consciousness.

Our group assembles on the night of Friday July 16 for a preliminary session. Most of us are experienced in such work. We start by reconstituting a collective holding vessel (Grail) which has been established over previous meetings. We then connect into the Heart of Earth and move our circle clockwise in relation to it. Thus prepared, we open to a Flow of Creation which constantly issues from the Heart of Cosmos/Void (2). We also practise opening our Hearts, projecting robust spheres of pure yang energy around ourselves before focusing a point of pure yin receptivity which arises at the centre of each sphere.

This point is forever emptying itself through exhalation, affording a means of entry for divine energy into our world, now as at the beginning. These pure yang and yin energies evoke a Divine Father energy which supports and protects and a Divine Mother energy which nurtures and holds. When both these energies exist in balanced harmony, a third energy – that of the Divine Child – manifests  through us. A Divine Child lives in the Flow of Creation, expressing it consciously into our world of space and time. S/he is a spiritual adult who knows that s/he is born of Cosmos and the Divine as well as human parents. S/he also knows that by aligning consciously with the energies of Source, it is possible to make miracles on Earth.                                                                    


Our journey proper begins on the morning of July 17, 13 Road in the Mayan calendar. The energy of Road concerns path-breaking and way-finding while 13 has to do with completion on a given level and, simultaneously, ascension to a new, higher one. This is perfect for a Convergence weekend during which the energies of an imminent ninth wave of the Mayan calendar will become available in a condensed, anticipatory manner (3). This gives us the opportunity to establish a template for relating to them and to develop a discourse/procedure that will allay fears and prevent panic as the energies begin to manifest tangibly, triggering a twenty-fold acceleration in the pace of evolutionary change. This is set to happen from March 9, 2011.

As the energy of 13 is fruit and seed, today it brings the unfolding of a Road already travelled to fulfilment before opening into greater Unity. This is a perfect mirroring of the quantum escalation that occurs at threshold points between Underworlds in the Mayan calendar. It is especially telling in relation to the coming ninth wave, which will complete a long process of carrying us (back) to Unity Consciousness. This is also reflected in the energetic profile of July 18, 1 Reed, the second day of the Conscious Convergence: 1 implies Unity and new beginning while Reed combines the uncluttered receptivity of a baggage-free conduit with a promise of renewed connection between Heaven (Cosmos) and Earth.

This conjunction of our two days, 13 Road and 1 Reed, implies the completion of one phase of our journey (Road) and the potential for a new and greater Unity beyond it. Conscious human involvement is crucial at this stage of the calendar’s unfolding. We need to align intentionally with Divine Will in order to renew our powers of conscious co-creation and clarify our relationship with all aspects of past conditioning/wounding that might prevent us from realising Unity Consciousness now. Thus prominent themes for ceremonies being conducted on the first, 13 Road, day of the Convergence include release, forgiveness, purification and intention-setting.

Our celebration incorporates these themes within a broader context of remembering what it is to be aligned as part of an evolving Unity. ‘Remembering’ here involves becoming conscious of something that has always been the case. We have always been part of an evolving Unity – call it Cosmos – which itself expresses a greater, even more mysterious Unity-in-Evolution. We call this God/dess/All That Is or just Great Mystery and will seek experiential access to it over our weekend. In doing so, we will lay down a template in humanity’s collective consciousness to facilitate widespread remembrance.

Divine Consciousness

We begin by remembering deeply, back to a time before time when Creation was just getting under way. A music of infinite Void is playing. We become dimly aware as floating specks of barely differentiated consciousness in an ocean of pure potential. Then, within this rippling flux of Divine awareness, an impulse is released that bears the Dream of Earth, summoning Her towards existence and releasing this summons through a Point of Creation from which a ‘Big Bang’ has lately issued. Since our Dreaming is bound up with Hers, parts of our soul are also summoned to exist as a result. Once this happens, our evolution is accelerated. We are funnelled into an antechamber at the Point of Creation and, when sufficient momentum has been achieved, released to fall through dimensions.

We do this gradually, descending from the rarefied heights of Divine Consciousness down into the innermost depths of Earth’s core. Here, the particular articulations of Consciousness that we represent first engage material reality. From this point of first engagement, Eden awakens gradually as Consciousness fans out through inner realms of Earth towards surface. We enact this process dramatically, supported by evocative music. We dance the breaking of plants through soil and their growth towards light. Then self-moving life forms emerge from oceans on to land, eventually coming to see with ‘eyes of Spirit’. One species in particular arises for which this has critical significance.

A record of all stages is held in our cellular memories. Moving to appropriate music stirs primal traces in the depths of consciousness.  Phenomenologically, we awaken in ourselves a capacity for deep remembering/imagining of where we come from and all that we have been as Consciousness evolving through existence. Such recollection is vital for a peaceful awakening to Unity in our time.

Among the many species to look on Earth with eyes of Spirit one arises that reflects with awe upon this process. A hundred thousand years ago, this species – homo sapiens – begins to talk. Fifty thousand years ago we bury our dead, equipping them with provisions for an afterlife, a metaphysical dimension where departed spirits are felt somehow to endure. With this development an inner life of wonder and reflection starts to emerge. Spirit starts to become conscious of itself while looking out through human eyes.

A realm of interiority opens but is balanced by our closeness to nature. In time, this becomes eclipsed by specifically human systems. We develop agriculture, which leads to settlement, increased population and the production of surplus food. This creates a possibility of theft and thus a need for protection. Walled cities develop, along with armies, empires, warfare and laws. We come to experience an acute sense of loss not only in the face of death but also as historical societies make us seem more and more apart from a Unity that we once felt a part of. ‘Farewell to the Garden’ evokes our species’ tragic sense of loss, grief and alienation in time and on Earth.

Conscious Realignment with Source

To instigate healing of this condition, our next session features a symbolic inner journey back to Source, so we can remember where we come from and re-engage consciously with a trajectory intended for us by Divine Intent. To begin, we call to mind again our origins in Divine Consciousness and how we once entered existence through a Point of Creation. We then imagine the line of our soul’s history through time connecting the Heart of our Heart(s) back to the Heart/Point of Creation. Facing away, we expand our Heart spheres beyond the normally constricting dimensions of our wounding to the natural resting state of our light body (as in the Leonardo sphere of ‘Vitruvian Man’). Later we expand again to encompass the room in which we move.

Then, supported once more by powerful music, we turn within our expanded Heart spheres. We now face towards Source as we begin a symbolic journey back through our point of origin in space and time, past the vanishing point of personal Heart and into the Heart of Cosmos and of Void (4). At first we walk away from expressions and reflections of our ordinary lives. Then we enter the sphere of routine dreaming, where pressing issues of our lives are cloaked by the flotsam and jetsam of everyday distractions. Having passed through this layer, we begin to hear the Song of our Soul.

Answering its call, we are drawn into an archetypal realm of symbolic reflections. These insist with an urgency that can’t be denied, enlivening and focusing our search. Although no objectives have been declared in relation to it we are all totally immersed in our pursuit. This journey of going back to remember where we came from has a fundamental resonance and is now manifestly necessary to help modern people re-orientate after millennia of felt separation. The process of actively pursuing this in Consciousness is deeply reassuring and empowering. We don’t need outer props to succeed in this, just inner tuition.

Our journey continues through this archetypal realm into the innermost sphere of soul essence. Close by the Heart of our Hearts, a portal looms. We step through it. Our soul songs continue as before and we find ourselves traversing an inner world of light, not markedly different from where we have just been. Now, however, we are moved increasingly by anticipation, an expectation of breaking through in some way. Our wandering becomes a process of surrender, a tacit renunciation of distinctive selfhood that at a particular moment eases us beyond persisting reflections of Creation and into the Heart of Void.

Here there is only Breath, the rhythm of Divine Consciousness, exhaling and inhaling as love that reaches out and gathers in. Spontaneously, we assume this practise of breathing out and in the Breath of God/dess/Mystery/All That Is, becoming it, One with it, enveloped and suffused, knowing beyond doubt that I AM the Breath of God: its vehicle, manifestation, servant and fulfilment. The more deeply I breathe the more deeply I remember and the more deeply I remember the more fully I AM. This cycle continues ever more intensely until the Song of our Soul is heard again, calling us out from the cauldron of renewal and back towards the colours of our souls.

We are drawn once more to the threshold of Creation, through an antechamber where new souls gathered tremulously aeons before, ahead of their fall through dimensions. Now it is different. The career of Consciousness in space-time has been charted and recalled. Music soars. We are precipitated forth, back into existence, along timelines of our soul history, breathing in and out the Breath of God, walking still in our expanded spheres, knowing that all worlds are born from a Point of Creation in the Heart of our Hearts. The majesty of this knowing is amplified by the song of our return. Consciousness swells palpably as we comprehend: I AM THAT I AM! All worlds are born of my Dreaming.

A subtle melody guides us gently back to a sense of strong feet on polished wood. The sun is high in our mid-day room and a promise of lunch grounds us into Earth.

Conscious Co-creation from Source (1)

After a break for rest and integration we resume. We now know experientially that we have arisen as particular manifestations of Consciousness in the course of its unfolding through space-time. We are integral aspects of an evolving unity which is now poised, through us, to become conscious of itself in existence. Consciousness must be centred in Heart for this to happen. Mind, being polarised, creates distinctions and can never realise unity as such. It can only evoke and, in its evocations, defer. Awakening beyond mind shatters illusions of time and is the ‘End of Time’ to which Mayan prophecy refers. No catastrophes are imminent except those which we contrive in our forgetfulness.  The current Gulf debacle is an example, something we have unconsciously co-created with Mother Earth who has no option, for now, but to mirror effects of our alienated actions. The solution is to engage a stream of ‘Conscious Co-creation from Source’.

This arises as a natural development from where we left off before. Since then we have re-entered a world of chatter, headlines and cars. Two hours ago, our room was thick with the Flow of Creation and we all felt integrally connected to it. Our first task is to re-establish this connection for immediate purposes, for future reference and to lay down a template in collective consciousness. We begin a process of engaging Flow by reconnecting with the Heart of Earth via a grounding cord projected from our Heart(s). We mark this connection with strong feet while dancing an otherwise tentative exploration, supported by new music. Reconnected, remembering, we start to feel again a part of, belonging and held, animated in our base chakras by Red energy that supports the Passion of our lives.

We focus then on a fresh wave, drawing Red energy up to our sacral (Orange) chakras. This introduces new qualities of dreaming and flow, an urge to surrender beyond rigidities of our conditioned identity structure. We lend our bodies softly to a water dance, responding like jellyfish to motions of the tide, abandoning judgments and agendas. Then our focus is drawn up to the solar plexus, where we align ego energies of personal willing to new music, dedicating them to surf the complex wave that it presents. At first this demands effortful concentration of intent. After a while, the pattern is modelled in our bodily awareness and liberates us into freer expression.

‘The Way of Heaven’ opens for us as we raise these incoming energies up to Heart. Maintaining strong feet, flowing grace and conscious focus, we expand our Heart spheres and ask Spirit to take us deeper and deeper into them, right back through the Point of Creation: ‘May I be and act always from this source of All within, restore me to the awareness of my True Self’. This entails intentional refocusing of a connection into the Heart of Cosmos/Creation/Void that we awakened this morning. It shows us how to activate this link at will and move consciously from it. Empowering music again supports. Being simultaneously connected to the Heart of Earth and Void is a precondition for manifesting consciously from Source.

But how can we know what to manifest? This introduces a key question, a variation of ‘What is my passion/purpose/freedom/creativity/gift?’ In our present awareness, we aren’t concerned with transient desires but with essential contributions to manifesting Divine Intent on Earth. Posing this question deeply evokes response in the form of a deep yearning. This already constitutes an energetic rendering of the answer we seek. We are so used to associating ‘answers’ with conceptual knowing, however, that we tend to overlook spontaneously arising inspirational surges. It isn’t so with us today. Forewarned, we stretch out on waves of our longing, allowing them to bear us where they will. Movement lends shape and coherence as before, preparing further revelations to surface as intuitive declarations in due course.

This is ‘Whole Being Prayer’, fully embodied. It registers through sacred movement and pure feeling. Pure feeling is unformulated awareness, the Heart’s mode of direct knowing. It arises when we clarify emotional patterns to a point where Heart is free to open at Divine Will, as our Heart(s) are now. Realising this brings moments of sheer Grace. We repeat the process with an augmented version of the same music. This signifies the support of our ancestors, whose gifts and learnings we inherit as well as their sorrows and wounds. A sense of such living connection will be important in work that we must do later tonight.

Conscious Co-creation from Source (2)

Our group is still aligned when we start back. It is easy to resume an attitude of Whole Being Prayer. We focus a candle burning at the centre of our circle, close our eyes and follow it down into the Heart of Earth. We then imagine it projecting upwards as a formal representation of the Spirit/Sacred Flame that burns there, a symbol for the pure, undefiled consciousness of Earth. This time, as we connect via our ‘Mother’ prayer into the Heart of Earth, we connect also with her Spirit Flame and raise it to activate our base chakras, amidst the Red energy of Passion (5).

Having moved this process – coding it into and by means of embodied awareness – we raise Earth’s Sacred Flame up to the Orange sphere of our second chakras, introducing a surrendered flowing motion as before. We then raise it up to our solar plexus centres, harnessing the energy of our personal wills. Having consecrated our Inner Suns in this way to the process of aligning with Flow, we move next to raise them into Heart. Expanding our Heart spheres to receive the rising Sun of enlightened ego power, newly animated by the Sacred Flame of Earth, we are enveloped in bliss as Golden Yellow light floods in, carried on swelling tides of ecstatic music.

We expand our spheres once more to encompass the room. We are now moving in an ocean of Gold, individually and as One. Then we raise the collective Sun of our elevated group consciousness above the building and project it from the centre of our Heart(s) out into the solar system to be absorbed by our physical Sun. We each remain in our own expanded spheres as this happens, feeling our Hearts generous as the Sun, ever-radiant and fed by an infinite Source. We are now directly connected to the Heart of our physical Sun and dance our prayers for renewed right relationship between it and a New Earth. Then we expand our spheres to encompass the solar system.

This leaves us moving in its Heart, our Heart(s) coincident with its, absorbing light and securing right relationship by means of our best geometry. Aided by powerful music we learn to contain and express ever-radiating energies of the Risen Sun in ourselves, pouring them out in all directions while at the same time feeling constantly renewed by the Flow of Creation from Source, to which we are still connected via the Heart of Cosmos/Creation/Void. We are now centred in the Heart of Earth, the Heart of Cosmos/Creation/Void and the Heart of our newly illuminated Risen Sun, the New Sun of the Fifth World. Our music is generous, glorious and resplendent.

[Indigenous prophecies of the Americas associate new World Ages with the advent of a New Sun, in our case the Fifth. I have heard Don Alejandro Oxlaj, the Mayan Grand Elder, say that we will know a New Age is upon us because it will be preceded by a period of darkness, from fifteen hours to three days. There will be no sun during this time. After this, there will be a New Sun in the sky or maybe two. He didn’t know.  I have also heard Drunvalo Melchizedek relate this darkness to a ‘Void interval’ which must arise when Earth is shifting from one vibrational dimension to another. For this to happen, he said, we must pass through a seal which is set between dimensions to prevent their bleeding into one another.

According to my inspiration, enlightened human stewardship – working co-creatively with energies of the ninth wave – can completely transform our situation by internal means which will then reflect externally. The image of our inner sun rising is a metaphor for the enlightenment of ego consciousness and its rededication in service to the Heart’s direct knowing of Unity. Such a recalibration of consciousness (from 3rd to 4th dimensional frequencies) entails a radical new prospect for Earth’s Ascension, and especially Her means of arriving at it. Our work channels gifts of intentional consciousness towards peaceful attainment of Earth’s highest dream, which is to ‘ascend’ beautifully.  This requires humanity’s conscious, freely willed participation.]

Our music accelerates, infusing us with solar energies as Warriors of Light. When it ends, we are simultaneously expansive and one-pointed, capable of drawing in the Breath of God from ‘outer darkness’ (Void/Beyond) and channelling it as creative-healing light into existence. Our task now is to hold this awareness and focus it for sustained expression later, beginning with our sequences tonight. The first of these is called ‘The Examination of a Life’. ‘Examination’ here entails a sense of investigation – we stand to find something out – and a sense of test or trial, suggesting that there may be challenges involved. Participants have prepared condensed psychological profiles over the last fortnight. This involved much inner work. Our examination will engage patterns that might remain incomplete or distorted for them.

The Examination of a Life

We open our late-night session with Antony Hegarty’s song ‘Man is the Baby’. This introduces themes of apology and forgiveness. These are an important part of CC observance of the energies of 13 Road and reflect an aspect of unity consciousness that is also apparent, for example, in Dr Emoto’s recent call for people to apologise for the Gulf oil debacle. As individuals we might wonder why this is asked when we had no personal involvement in this affair. As participants in humanity’s collective consciousness, however, it is important that we let ourselves and Mother Earth know of our new awareness, remorse and resolution. This too is part of evolving unity consciousness. Related themes of purification and intention-setting are introduced later in our sequence.

Before we begin our examination, I speak about how it is to work. The substance of our trial is illusion, which is to say that it has no substance. I have asked participants to review primary inner work in relation to parental lines of influence and they have done this. Prevalent themes and patterns are active in their memory circuits and reflected in condensed biographical timelines posted on the walls. We have spent the last twenty-four hours learning to engage the Flow of Creation, to align and move with it while supported by beautiful music. Tonight’s trial simply involves entering and engaging this same Flow despite the accompaniment of music chosen to reflect the banality, distractions and sometime cruelty of everyday life, along with its poignancy and beauty, over a sustained course.

The easiest way would be to dance the whole set in total innocence, responding to the music as just another vibration, without preconception or agenda. If some unsettling passages deflect us, this will happen because of some resonance they hold, some reflection of thwarted innocence. If we fall out of flow, we can simply note this and resume, employing certain healing methods we have learned. There will also be a generalised healing provision at the end, if necessary, to help us release anything that no longer serves. Despite this my sense is that, due to all our preparation, everyone will be able to move through in innocence, bringing healing to our timelines.

This will happen simply by moving them consciously, lending shape and coherence by virtue of our best geometries, focusing awareness on our expanded Heart spheres rather than engaging issues explicitly. This alone should bring whatever healing is required. The session, which some of us approached with apprehension, is vigorous, turbulent, compassionate, poignant and joyful. We all feel well shaken at its end. No-one needs additional healing. We assemble in a standing circle, ahead of our Fire Dance. A song plays gently to facilitate the inner reconfiguring that all of us are now experiencing. By the time it is over we are ready to go on.

A candle, signifying the Sacred Flame of Earth(’s pure consciousness) burns at the centre of our circle. Celtic Fire music starts to play, softly at first. We move together in and out, aligning our own Sacred Flames with that of Earth before fanning it initially into a plume and then a pillar of fire. Our music intensifies: a voice, then drums, then a harp, then fiddles, then pipes join in – all contributing cumulatively to a rising vortex that we weave around the risen Flame of Earth, calling on ancestors from all spaces and times and all the energies of Cosmos to bless and amplify our prayer. Then, as the music peaks, we fan the fire to set our room ablaze before committing ourselves also to burn in it. An ecstatic pitch of passionate abandon is achieved, a searing wave of purification and renewal, death and resurrection.

We bind this Holy Fire into a sphere and elevate it above our Burning Ground. Then as midnight approaches and the energies of 13 Road draw near to those of 1 Reed, new music is heard, calling on the force of pounding waves to bear us Home. We dance urgently to raise these waves, whipping them up from the ocean outside so they flood in like extant metaphorical Waves of Creation, intent on further revealing the mysteries of 13/1 while sweeping the Sacred Flame/Pure Consciousness of Earth through a Gateway that we ourselves create into the promise of new Unity. Storms rage as our music plays, drawn in by our ascending vortex.

I sink to my knees in the centre of this storm, having been prepared over months for what must come. The group continues circling, making waves. My Heart bursts with energies of wordless invocation. My extended fingers reach through dimensions, parting veils. An energy of Divine Love rises in me before shooting out to create a portal through which the Sacred Flame of Earth will soon be borne. I am in a state of blissful overwhelm until the music ends, radiating this energy of Divine Love directly from my Heart, arms outstretched, body surrendered and senses taut. There is no space for reflection during or after.

A numinous silence falls. Our dancers form into an arc around me. Most fall to their knees. The room is throbbing. A diamond portal looms before us. All are enthralled. An atmosphere of Holy Awe prevails. The Gateway feels so palpable I could walk through but it is not yet time. There is nothing more for us to do. At midnight the promise of a fulfilled 13 will become the promise of a new Unity (1), evoking through fractal resonance and anticipatory compression a parallel transition to be achieved at the end of the Mayan calendar, when the completed 13 Heavens of all 9 waves simultaneously give way to a new Oneness. We will work tomorrow, in the spirit of 1 Reed, to promote this.

We end our day in an exalted, shimmering state by asking Consciousness how we can each help to manifest the Cosmic Plan. This is the same question as ‘What is my purpose/passion/freedom/creativity/gift?’ We retire then so the Way of Heaven might accomplish through us overnight.

Over Nine Waves

Anticipatory energies of the ninth wave, of 13 tending towards Unity, have been pulsing through us all night. We mark this by lighting a White candle of new Unity from the battered Red which has absorbed the Passion of all our previous plays. Our soul’s answer to the question ‘How can I serve the Divine Plan?’ is active in our awareness. Thus we begin our morning circle already aligned with the promise of 1 Reed to manifest Unity Consciousness in an attitude of selfless devotion. We reinforce this by opening with the shared intention of Conscious Convergence:

‘I, as a sovereign being, join together with All That Is to call forth the presence of balance and unity within me and in our world. I am the conscious presence of harmony and reconciliation and I am grateful for the wholeness I bring forth in this and every moment.  And so it is.’  

The aim of our first 1 Reed session is to help manifest Unity Consciousness and fulfil Divine Intent beautifully. Music that evokes this plan already plays as we assemble. A sketch of the nine waves metaphorically represented as nine levels of an ancient Mayan temple is prominently displayed. Each of these steps represents a stage in the unfolding of Bolon Yookte, a nine part God who manifests over nine waves in the course of time and is set to descend in Unity when all come to an end simultaneously. On October 28 2011, according to Calleman, all nine waves will compete at the same time, allowing unity consciousness to be realised on Earth.

Our journey this morning parallels one we made last night with respect to healing the timelines of our individual lives. Assisted by music, we will dance our way across and up nine levels of a symbolic Mayan pyramid, lending coherence as we go, preparing ourselves not only to withstand but actually to avail of frequencies of the ninth wave when it finally arrives. After this we will be left standing atop our pyramid in a sanctuary where the God of the Nine Steps will descend to manifest as One.

The first wave begins slowly, beheld from a perspective of Divine Consciousness, 16 billions years ago in time. We experience a flurry of agitation as our solar system forms during its fifth day, followed by a period of sustained meteor bombardment through the following ‘night’. Single-celled organisms evolve and a new wave is born. We are now on the second step, 820 million years ago. Its rhythms are faster but again command attention primarily during a fifth day and night, when life emerges from the oceans and a comet strikes, killing over 95% of known organic forms. Dinosaurs go extinct as a result and tiny shrew-like creatures come down from trees to become us.

Primates appear during the third wave over forty million years ago and with them new qualities of consciousness and mind. We move to the third step. My commentary is minimal. Our group is well briefed and focuses only on feeling the epic sweep through which our music conveys us. A further modulation arises 2.1 million years ago with the advent of the fourth wave and the first hairless apes: direct ancestors who walked upright, used tools, tamed fire, survived a global ice age and gave rise to  Homo Sapiens.


Just over a hundred thousand years ago a fifth wave began. We started to speak, developed inner sensibility, pondered the fate of our dead and the nature of things behind appearances. We intuited a spiritual world, experiencing awe, loss and grief. Divine Consciousness manifested in time through us. All this resounds in the majesty and pathos of our music but is soon eclipsed by a sixth wave that brings the advent of historical time, warfare, patriarchy, writing, hierarchical societies, heavy agriculture and organised religion. It also brings law and a loss of animal spontaneity. Mental systems come to govern our experience and we feel more and more separate as a result. We have now climbed the fourth, fifth and sixth steps of our pyramid.

In 1755 a seventh wave begins, coinciding with the rise of the industrial revolution and focusing the theme of power. Colonial expansion and technological development created incipient planetary consciousness at this time. Also, acceleration in the rate of change means that evolutionary issues become intelligible within the scale of human experience. This acceleration is also marked in the frequencies of our music but it is really only when an eighth wave comes, initiating the Galactic Underworld in January 1999, that we realise how far we’ve come and  a sense of rapidly escalating change enters the mass consciousness of humanity. This too is reflected in the speed of our music but is in turn eclipsed by a surge felt when the ninth wave manifests, propelling us to the highest level of our pyramid.

This last wave is very, very fast, leaving us no option but to respond intuitively and forge coherence as best we can through execution of our best geometries. We are now on top of the pyramid. A sharp culminating blast is heard as the nine part god Bolon Yookte descends to manifest as One. Its effect is shattering: old structures crumble, eliminating a sense of separateness that had formerly kept us aloof, insulated within the shells of our ego-identities. Our mood, without tutoring, is jubilant. A music of new unity is heard and we – released from structures of identity by which we have for so long been confined – flow easily with a gentle rhythm that brooks no opposition. Our journey is complete. We have made it through this meeting with our inner nine part ‘god’. Having remembered, knowing what is afoot, we are joyful and calm.

A Common Passion

For now, we are probably the only human group to have made such an ‘inner’ journey over nine waves. The vast majority of our people are relatively unprepared. Many live with uncertainty and fear. Our journey has been a representative one, undertaken for the sake of all, to lay down a template for healing and remembering. All our relations are called to ascend this sacred mountain back to Unity and it is our spontaneously arising Heart’s Desire to assist. When strong winds of the ninth wave blow their aim is to inspire such ascent. We must make ourselves available (in a spirit of 1 Reed) to be carried by them. If we cling to established structures of psychological identity or political form, their impact will seem to be destructive as they pry us loose from attachments which inhibit evolution. Hence the coming period is likely to be a difficult one for many people.

I almost named the present section ‘Bodhisattva’ but decided not to because the word is not well known. In Buddhist traditions, a bodhisattva is one who has attained enlightenment and is thus eligible to retire beyond cycles of desire and suffering. S/he elects not to, however. Vowing to help all sentient beings achieve liberation, s/he participates joyfully in the sorrows of the world (as we have sought to through our moving-geometric healing practice). This is already a profound expression of evolving unity. The need for such devotion will be greatly amplified when the ninth wave impacts because, wherever resistance is encountered, effects of backlash will be unconsciously co-created. We need new ways to mitigate this tendency.

In this session we walk in bodhisattva fashion through seemingly chaotic shifts that are likely to arise, offering the light of our own clarity and whatever other assistance we can. Above all, we will model a process of walking through apparent disorder with equanimity and grace, lending coherence by virtue of our most moving geometries. Our session opens with exquisitely poignant ‘Still Sad Music’ for a way of life which must give way to ‘Times of Change’. Familiar patterns – visions of nostalgia, beauty, value – start to crack. Strong winds start to blow. Confused, frightened, disoriented, people longingly cry out ‘Neighbour help me through this storm’. We respond with all our Heart(s). Effects of apparent disintegration are highlighted by a third, lengthy piece whose rhythms are eerie, discordant and unpredictably evocative.

The music breaks for a period in mid-flow, during which we imagine fully healing scenarios that come to mind and respond confidently to them without thought of limitation. We do what needs to be done, by miraculous means if necessary. This further illuminates how we, particularly, can help to manifest unity consciousness (‘What is my passion/purpose/freedom/creativity/gift?’). As we emerge from this silent interval – which no-one has any difficulty sustaining – we reach a turning point in the upheaval. We know this but many others don’t so we must continue our ministrations through to a final deliverance which comes in strikingly beautiful ways.

Gradually, new order starts to emerge, increasingly evident beneath echoes of residual disturbance. New strains of inspiration surface as we begin a process of ‘Renewing Earth’, scattering seeds of new consciousness as we go. The Song of our New Earth is heard, faintly at first, then with growing majesty and wonder. We have come through and return slowly to establish this in our standing circle, to which the Flame of Earth’s New Consciousness, Her Flowering, is symbolically restored.

There is one more exploration to complete in this mode. I call it ‘O Creator, Beauty Way’. In it we acknowledge that, as nine waves have arisen and been integrated, we no longer function in a strictly co-creative mode. This implies lingering duality and a paradox which remains to be unpacked. Something more wonderful is implied: namely that, having finally realised Creator/Source inside ourselves, we now become ‘as a wheel rolling out of its own centre’ (Nietzsche), dreaming alive a Beauty that we already intrinsically are, just as God/Goddess has dreamt existence alive.

Awakening in this dream, we become conscious of ourselves as its Dreamer. Doing as we must, finding the reward of our highest freedom in this necessity, our actions are already perfectly co-ordinated because they express a Unity, a Oneness which our gifts now effortlessly serve without reactive distinction. The Tao does nothing and nothing is left undone. We will learn more about this after lunch.

Making Home in Cosmos and Beyond

At the precise hour of our final gathering, Conscious Convergence colleagues around the world are preparing a Global Tree of Life activation ceremony. Beyond references in the Bible and Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is a universally acknowledged archetypal structure (in a Platonic rather than Jungian sense). It is exemplified by the Native American Medicine Wheel and similar representations in almost all pre-modern cultures. In this 2D schematic form it is a core mandala, a symbolic device for balancing and orientation with regard to sacred centre and the cardinal directions.

In esoteric tradition, it is said to derive from the Inner Priesthoods of Lemuria and Atlantis. Calleman has recently presented a scientific articulation of this archetypal symbol which establishes it as a fundamental regulatory structure for life in the Cosmos. It comprises a Heart of Light that sprouts three mutually perpendicular axes. These order seven directions: North-South, East-West, Above-Below and the ‘Within’ from which all else arises. The Maya call this structure Hunab Ku and the originating (Heart) space at its centre Yashkin.

In more common 2D representations, the globe is presented as a flattened sphere which is traversed North to South by the polar axis and East to West by the equator. In this arrangement, the centre of the World Tree is located in Gabon, Central Africa. This is the representation being used for today’s global telecast by the Conscious Convergence organisers. My inspiration is different but complementary. It focuses a third, vertical axis that figures in 3D representations and rises from the Heart of Earth into the Heart of Heaven (Cosmos/Creation/Void). Human stewardship is required to secure its activation also and by this means restore Earth to active participation in an ongoing process of universal communion from which she has been excluded by virtue of our violence and her resulting traumatised state.

Universal communion is not mediated by coded formulations but by a mode of direct (Heart) knowing whereby life forms read each other vibrationally on a level of pure feeling. A spiritual architecture of hierarchically nested Trees of Life provides the infrastructure for this (6). It is this infrastructure which permits all beings (and all manifestations of Being) to resonate together, more or less beautifully according to their clarity. For us and Earth to participate integrally in this arrangement, we must become clear – especially now as we move towards fulfilment of the Divine’s experiment with freedom in time: whence all our work of creative stewardship and healing towards ‘Ascension’.

The Tree of Life is of fundamental importance here. It is a core regulatory structure and plays an essential formative role in the organisation of life on all levels of scale throughout Cosmos. It characterises every living form which serves as a vehicle for Consciousness in space-time, from macrocosm to microcosm. Hence there is a Comic Tree of Life, a Galactic Tree of Life, a Planetary Tree of Life and even a human ‘tree’ which corresponds to our activated chakra system, opening out from Heart as the skeletal core of our light geometric form. Its activation is key to our awakening to response-able stewardship.

This is crucial because we are the primary resource for putting the Hearts of Earth and Heaven back into right relationship in a free will universe. Our spinal (vertical) axes need activating to open into Earth and up to Heaven in order that we and our planet may be restored to right relationship within Cosmos. It is a process beyond words and explains why we have been working towards our best geometry all weekend. Our final session now seeks a successful culmination.


Wo/man is made in the image of God/dess. Our potential for multi-dimensional awareness can be found and freed along the vertical axis which connects the Hearts of Earth and Heaven. Having brought our lower chakras into alignment with Heart we can now connect with all levels of the vertical axis simply through acts of intentional consciousness which are centred in Heart. The same principle applies by extension to all levels of Heart articulated within a spiritual infrastructure established via the Cosmic Tree of Life.

We begin by focusing awareness on the densely concentrated sphere of the Heart-Core of Earth. Then, in stages, we expand it to encompass her inner, telluric realm, Earth’s surface/atmosphere, the realm of consciousness created by human symbolic reflections and a realm of pure unconditional love which centres on Heart and has always implicitly comprehended every other realm, even through our forgetting. It is this fifth dimensional realm of pure love to which our consciousness and Earth’s is now set to ascend. We, her human stewards, can facilitate this inwardly.

There is no need for physical catastrophe or literal passage through inter-dimensional seals. All worlds arise in our Heart(s). Once we ‘get’ this all else becomes a matter of joyful remembering. Thus we expand our Heart spheres beyond our solar system to encompass the Milky Way. This Galactic Consciousness is carried by sublime music and current energies of the Mayan calendar (eighth wave). We then open into Universal Consciousness, inspired by the ninth wave, before realising the essential Unity of Cosmos and Beyond.

I offer these words by way of overview. It remains for our group to dance the awareness alive, activating the metaphysical structure of the vertical axis and re- establishing a corresponding track in humanity’s collective consciousness. We align with the intent of colleagues worldwide as we begin.


The compression of Consciousness via our Heart sphere into Earth evokes deep remembering, already cued by our ‘fall through dimensions’ of yesterday. Once again we move as vibrations bid us, building coherence, imprinting awareness deeply in our bodies, experiencing total resonance, surrender and belonging. The music changes as our spheres expand to encompass the inner realm of Earth. There is now more scope for movement, discretion, exploration; more traces of deep memories to be triggered and released. Regarding the material appointment of our embodied being, we are Earth. It is time now to remember this, and other treasures of evolving consciousness thrown up for revaluing and reclamation. Such re-membering is an integral aspect of any unity process.

It continues as our Heart sphere, still centred on the core of Earth, expands to encompass Her surface/atmosphere. Our music swells correlatively, in voluptuous evocation of a Garden Paradise as Home. Enchanted, we dance the rise and fall of continents and species, the straining of plants towards light and Hearts towards God. Once more we remember and are smitten by the beauty of all that we have been and must become. This feels like privilege, a journey of unprecedented grace. Even when the music shifts and labyrinths of mental projection clutter our sphere (Monkey Mind), a sense of constant trajectory endures – just as it did through last night’s ‘Examination’ and this morning’s pyramid ascent.

Now we behold echoes of mind-based distinction from within an enveloping consciousness of awakened Heart, intentionally focused to embrace complexities by which it once seemed to be obscured. There is a sense of opening, joy and ecstatic release that peaks when music of the Tree of Life is heard ‘As One Heart Beating’, distributing the Breath of God equally across all levels of existence (7). This is how it has always been. The only thing that is new is that human beings are now actively, consciously, joyfully realising it. One/Heart is being remembered as such in space and time, even as it transcends space and time. This is a triumph of immanence.

We extend our spheres to encompass the solar system at this point, so that the Heart of our Heart(s) is again coincident with the Heart of our Sun. We do this in gratitude for a symbolic raising of our inner sun up to Heart level, an achievement which simultaneously effects the enlightenment of ego and the awakening of Heart in space and time. It also evokes a prospect of peaceful Earth Ascension as empowered by creative human stewardship. When the rising sun of consciousness in evolution comes home to Heart, having negotiated labyrinths of illusion, Heart turns Gold. It radiates endlessly the uninterrupted generosity of an Infinite Sun, breathing in and breathing out, knowing, intuiting that I AM the Breath of God!

Our spheres expand, the music swells, to encompass Galactic Consciousness. We dance in joy, lending our best geometries to impress new patterns within Unity, restoring what Don Alejandro calls ‘cosmo-vision’ as we go, making Home and making One: a palpable kinaesthetic delight. Words are superfluous so I barely speak until it is time for another shift. This comes as our Heart spheres expand to embrace the still expanding domain of Mother Universe. Points of light recede with ever-increasing velocity into deep space. A sense of infinite emptiness, silently articulate, kicks in. Mystery is perfectly known and hidden all at once, concealed in the most expansive gesture of revelation imaginable. I AM the Universe but that is not all, for the Universe is growing in Consciousness still.

Wordlessly another shift occurs. We open to experience of Cosmos. This manifests in experience as a realisation that comes when consciousness evolving in time – as ‘I’ am – reaches the edge of manifestation, looks out and then looks back. Looking out past the edge of longing it beholds infinite Void, undiminished by 16 billion years of light expansion. Looking back it beholds itself, racing ever more quickly away from its still centre. It beholds Cosmos as a self-ordering expression of the Divine’s deep longing, of Love enacted through twin motions of reaching out and drawing close (yang-yin, exhale-inhale). It beholds I AM THAT I AM as all that is in existence and beyond, knowing that the only Beyond of existence is a Consciousness that dreams it, this I AM THAT I AM: all that is in existence and outside it. Becoming still then in our motions, we know that I AM God.

The music finishes soon after but our knowing endures. We continue moving gently, imprinting at all levels of awareness. Our light bodies, extended thus, coincide with the body of Cosmos. Our energy fields are one with its and our (pure) Consciousness, within which all patterns of articulation arise. We become Cosmic Wo/Man, raised on the Cosmic Tree (of Life). An Infinite Sun burns brightly in our Heart(s), the same as informs all Creation, illuminating without end the dark generative matrix of pure Void, a Great Mystery that would know better and love more. Such longing was always of the Divine, and never just for it.


New music starts to play, a music of return. Undismayed, we leave our expanded consciousness spheres intact as we ease into a counter-clockwise spiral that leads gradually back to a sense of strong feet, opening eyes and a light-filled room. No words of mediation are required apart from one familiar prayer: ‘Mother this is – , feel me coming, open to receive me, acknowledge me as your servant and you child, take me deep into the Heart of your Womb’. Mother, scanning our Heart(s), knows that we have travelled far but found only Home and that her quarantine will be lifted by this means. Slowly, She leads us into a standing circle and fills us with Her energy and grace, prompting us to end with a rich terrestrial flourish. Instead of closing our circle, we elect to open it again, dancing in clockwise abandon to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The Rising’, scattering seeds of wonder as we go.


(1) See ‘The Mayan Calendar: history, purpose, applications’ and  www.calleman.com.

(2) As note 1: see also ‘Living From Heart’ report.

(3) This account is based on my own inspiration and Calleman’s notice of the event. See ‘13/1:  Of Consciousness and Convergence’.

(4) Since Consciousness precedes light, thought and materialisation it is no surprise that intentional consciousness, awakening, orchestrates a journey of Return.

(5) The basis for this sequence was established during earlier plays. See ‘Return of the Ancestors’ and ‘Living from Heart’.

(6) ‘Rational’ people often find such statements absurd. This is because they equate consciousness with a conceptually mediated, ego-reflexive variant that keeps us separate even as we profess unity. This shell disintegrated in me the first time I danced ‘Over Nine Waves’, when the nine part god ‘descends’ at the end. The same happened for participants in our play, at least on a peak/peek basis.

For Calleman’s account of the Tree see ‘The Purposeful Universe’. My vision came in an early piece called ‘God and Company’. ‘God’ is speaking: ‘And yet I longed to move, to reach out and share the bliss of Love that I felt everywhere. I began by dreaming what became cardinal directions in your world – up-down, left-right, front-back. I projected them from the Heart of my Heart: x, y, z axes whose intersection became the zero point for Creation. This was pure imagining, immaterial but gloriously real. Opening space at the point of axial intersection, I made a portal, a no-thing through which all that would eventually become could stream out into dimensional existence’.

(7) I use the word ‘God’ to evoke a self-celebrating Mystery, a dynamic Unity from which nothing and no-one is excluded. It is a symbolic declaration of mystical (trans-rational) awareness, not a veiled statement of belief.

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