Raising the 7th Heaven

(Report on Sacred Play, July 3-4 2011, midpoint of 9th Wave)

And yet, though we strain/ against the deadening grip/ of daily necessity/ I sense there is this mystery/ All life is being lived/ Who is living it then?

These lines by Rilke came into my awareness during our approach to the midpoint of Day 4 and Wave 9 as a whole. Inspiration shakes up what has counted as necessity. Two lines had a particularly riveting impact: the seemingly tautologous assertion ‘All life is being lived’ and the seemingly redundant question ‘Who is living it then?’  Knowing that constraints of logic don’t apply to transcendence, I wasn’t dismayed.

The structure and music for ‘7th Heaven’ is almost the same as it was for ‘Dreaming a New Earth’, which was held in March to mark the beginning of Wave 9. Only one new sequence has been introduced, its purpose being to raise our passage through this crest to full awareness. It was clear that the process would be different energetically, a progression from softest whisper to loudest roar. The present account focuses on novel elements. Further information is available in a report of the earlier event (1).


In March, the energies we were conjuring had just begun to manifest. Now they were actively present. As we move through entrainment exercises to establish our collective vessel, there is a tendency for people to be swept off in a rush of accelerating rhythms such as I have never seen before. This consolidates my sense that, in terms of specific quantum surge, Wave 9 is now at its peak (2). Having settled this and established the group as a coherent working unit, we move next to open our individual Grail vessels.

This is done by aligning our Heart spheres with a Point of Creation as if it lay 16 billion years in the past and then expanding them to allow waves of evolutionary force emanating from that Source to stream through, carrying us towards whatever next step is appropriate at this time.

Focussing intentionally directed yang energy on the outer limits of our expanded Heart spheres maintains a sense of confidence through opening. We practise until this is solidly in place. We then focus a gentle wave of yin tenderness that arises at the centre of our opened, emptied, safely bounded Hearts. A paradoxical sense of fullness is felt, of pure yin energy that constantly gives itself to the birthing of new forms.

When both these Divine Father and Divine Mother energies have been established, conditions are created in us for the emergence of a third ‘Divine Child’ energy which evokes and expresses our spiritual essence as embodied beings. We engage it with the aid of new music. This flows through unimpeded, materialising waves of inspiration effortlessly into present consciousness, lifting us beyond routines of daily necessity.

The Divine Child moves from Source: on a timeline from the Point of Creation in the centre of our Hearts, giving beautiful form to all that manifests in the process. This is the essence of Divine Creativity: to make Beauty incessantly by projecting abundant reflections of its innermost essence. The spontaneity of this process is interrupted when more seemingly basic motives arise (avoiding a falling rock, for example). It becomes compromised when a troubled sphere of reflection is introduced via the condition of narcissistic entrapment we know as our ‘Fall’.

We switch to new music which, while still beautiful, evokes subjective associations that are likely to draw us back into details of personal stories. Our challenge is to keep consciousness focussed on the expanded Heart sphere into which these reflections arise rather than suffer its contraction back into identifying with issues arising. Such contraction collapses awareness of our expanded spheres, a tender power of feminine creativity that pulses at its centre and the moving geometric forms that mediate our expressions of Divine Grace into the world.

We focus on maintaining a sense of flowing presence rather than succumbing to echoes from our past that surface now for acceptance and release.  Realising this, we realise also that the fulfilment of our highest service is to express the truth of our Hearts with daring, beauty and grace. There is no doubt involved. We know it is true because it is happening and because contrary tendencies are also integrating into this flow of spontaneous unfolding. We remember what it is to ride the Wind.


I had to speak a lot to help people realise this state. Because I was projecting, I didn’t have occasion to monitor my own energy. After our session is over, I notice that my personal field seems infinitely extended. If I were to write a song or poem in that moment, I feel, it would be marvellous but I have no urge to create. All initiatives of my personal consciousness are suspended. What little of ‘me’ remains heads gingerly upstairs and falls asleep. There is a dream then that lasts all night as far as ‘I’ am aware. For its duration, Consciousness moves through all forms without occupying any in particular. This pattern becomes clear after dawn when someone sneezes loudly in the room next door and wakens me. Abruptly, I have a vivid sense of my expansive dream consciousness being pulled quickly back into my body: my head, trunk and limbs. I realise that I’ve just had a glimpse of ‘All life (is) being lived’.


This sense has integrated into my waking consciousness as our first session begins on July 3. Our purpose is to ascend the temple on this first of two days during which the 4th Day and the 9th Wave as a whole will peak. To stand on the 9th level of this temple implicitly involves standing on all lower levels. Thus to truly know – to realise fully in experience, beyond the daily necessity of things – what it means to be on the 9th level, we must have a sense of having ascended through lower levels also.

Our morning session starts with a music of Infinite Void, evoking a non-time before the Beginning when all future states were equally possible in an unconditioned flux of pure potential. Our music modulates then to signify a registering of Divine Intent: a period of involution during which a ‘plan’ is dreamt towards fulfilment on the far side of a ‘Big Bang’, when light streams forth to initiate a process of evolution back towards Consciousness, or Source. We enact this process from the perspective of Divine Consciousness, the One who is living all life, tracing its development across 9 major stages of space-time as identified by the Mayan Calendar.

We expand our Heart spheres (as learned last night) to protect a tenderness that arises at centre and let the energy of the Waves stream through, in sequence, granting to each the most beautiful expression that our movement can allow. When we open in this way, we magnetise all issues that are ready to surface for healing at the time. We admit, contain and release them, identifying with consciousness that holds rather than the phenomena that arise. By virtue of the process of ‘fractal resonance’ described in ‘Reflections on the 9th Wave’, it is also possible to achieve healing on a macro-scale across Underworlds by virtue of this work.


Having arrived at the 9th level, our next task is to explore the sequence of 13 Heavens which governs its unfolding. We did this also in March and it proved very effective in stimulating a Seed Vision. It is different now that we have reached mid-point. The middle Heaven provides an ideal axis of symmetry around which to order potentials of the Wave as already manifested in relation to those that remain undetermined.

Prior to the breaking of the 9th Wave there were no grounds for observing qualitative differences between its Days and Nights as implied by the gesture of marking one set as light and ‘above the line’ and the other as dark and ‘below’ it. Doing this for the sake of cosmetic accommodation achieves nothing. I have been tracking the process energetically since March and have a clearer sense now of what is entailed. This is implicitly conveyed in a revised approach to ‘Spanning the 13 Heavens’. I will describe it more explicitly in a belated ‘midpoint reflections’ piece soon.

For now we stress the importance of entering consciously into the energy of each new Day as if it were a birth and each Night as if it were a death. With the passing of each Day, a pattern of light evolution that has been lived more or less fully (consciously) is now determined and ready for submission to the darkness of Night/Void for balancing in relation to the whole. As the soul seeks to recalibrate waking awareness towards attainment of its highest purpose, so the intelligence of Night seeks to re-direct the initiatives of Day and assimilate them to the constancies of What Is.

We attempt now to engage gifts of the 9th Wave with maximum awareness from the moment of its inception: our Heart spheres fully expanded, their yin flowers delicately open and our Earthly, embodied consciousness granting the most beautiful expression to energies that manifest as melodies across the span of 13 Heavens, striving through a practice of total cooperation to become instruments for conveying its grace without remainder into our world.

As before, the principle of fractal resonance allows people who are open and prepared to achieve great healing across all levels of the temple/pyramid. As always, the carrying and evocative power of our music is paramount (to a degree which I believe is unimaginable without actually experiencing the process). I am reassured to find that the musical choices feel as appropriate now as they did last March.

We dance each Heaven separately, starting from Day 1, when a new seed falls on the more or less receptive ‘soil’ of our un/consciousness. Newcomers have an opportunity to recalibrate with hindsight: even now the borders of un/consciousness remain fluid and impressionable. As the music fades, we know that we are heading into Night and a vast, tacit infrastructure on which our surface creativity depends but of which, for the most part, we have little conscious grasp. We are absolutely focused as a silent interval heralds our imminent descent.

As the music of Night 1 starts we surrender easily, intuitively shaping our movements to facilitate whatever adjustments are required. There is no call for ego-mastery in this process. On the contrary, it proceeds most efficiently when embodied soul-knowing is allowed free rein. This principle will be important as we enter the 5th Day/Night cycle of creativity/destruction.

Applied with full consciousness in our present setting, it works beautifully. Because 9th Wave energies are now palpably active at mid-point, there is a stronger and more urgent sense of engagement across the later Heavens than was possible in March. The effect on our group is obvious. Everyone is totally immersed and a huge shift in energy/consciousness has taken place by the time we are finished.


Our first session this morning brought us to the top level of the 9th Underworld. Our second brought us across it, imbuing us with a sense of its wholeness, both regarding the half that is already unfolded in space-time and the half whose transformative potential remains fully open. Our first afternoon session is called ‘Deep is the Well of the Past’. Its purpose is to facilitate descent through the pyramid’s middle line to its qualitative Heart in the middle of the Regional Underworld, when human culture began to proliferate on Earth.

As in March we arrive at a mythic location where a seed of human settlement was long ago established, built on, developed and enhanced down to the dawn of history. It became a city. Since then this city – a composite of all cities – has been attacked, destroyed and rebuilt many times. All its levels are apparent to the eyes of our altered state. As before, we enter this ruined city and make our individual ways through its alleys, streets and lanes, arriving eventually at a central square. Here we find a low structure that has been covered with piles of debris left over from the wars of all ages.

Instinctively, we remove the clutter and find a well-shaft that leads into the Heart of Earth and contains still, in its depths, the Water of Life. We hear the Goddess singing from it, faintly at first, then with growing clarity and power, Her voice freed after millennia of patriarchal domination. This has a profound effect, amplifying the yin opening we experienced spontaneously the night before. We move then to the song of our still tender, re-awakened feminine souls, sculpting patterns of renewed expression with the most precise, subtle and careful movements that we are capable of.

We then amplify this opening by aligning it consciously with the Jerusalem Hug that is also happening today. Our process will develop further tomorrow (1 Seed). We continue our descent to ground level before the session ends.


My intuition regarding this Heaven has been governed by lines from Dylan Thomas: The force that through the green fuse drives the flower/ Drives my green age…


I was watching the leafing/proliferation process unfold in my garden as I rehearsed this sequence through my own movement practice. I have heard and read many people describing Wave 9 as if it were somehow remote from us. I have been feeling it more and more intimately each day and wanted my 7th Heaven sequence to let participants  experience it like sap rising in a plant and as part of a ritual to help the Wave manifest more easily through our opening, spacious Heart.

One key to this, for me, is always the finding of appropriate music. It happened that I was given a CD that included a perfect soundtrack for my purpose. Starting from the mid-point of Night 3, it rises steadily towards ‘the line’ and our birth into energies of Day 4. It then progresses level by level, day by day, up to crest until we arrive at Now, July 3. The music is so strong and its affinities with our theme so powerful that it enables us to feel this force that drives flowers through fuses while allowing us also to come into a fully embodied sense of our own Green Age.

I knelt as I waited for our session to begin, gathering energy. Riveting music plays behind me. A specific energy of Day 4 pours in, its ‘force’, unmistakable and particular. I am shown a mudra – middle finger of left hand pressing at 90 degrees into palm chakra of the right. I know this an expressive yang counterpart of two index fingers reaching into the receptive yin centre of my Heart meditation. I am learning about this still and will share whatever I can in due course (3).

Our climb unfolds in stages, corresponding to the 9 days of our pyramid ascent. We dance up through the levels, carried by waves of music introduced to represent one day at a time, pausing in-between as energies are dampened through intervening nights. Then, with each new sunrise, we climb to the next stage and the influx starts over. Our music evokes the escalating energies of this sequence until it peaks on the 9th day and we climb to a ritual space atop the pyramid.

It’s not yet time to meet the ‘god’: that can’t happen (representatively) till Day 7 but we can dance to release all we have borne out to Cosmos, renewing communion, sharing information and emptying ourselves to attract the vision for which we now pray. Emptied thus, we walk a counter-clockwise circle into stillness, finding a place where we enter sleep with a view to absorbing blessings we have called down.

In the event, we realise ‘proliferation’ abundantly. These most intense energies of Wave 9 affect us and our environment equally and we can influence this process by virtue of our intentional powers. We dedicate the effort of our engagement – which is very vigorous approaching peak – to what will become the Flowering and Fruition of Wave 9, aspiring to facilitate a beautiful admission of remaining new energies. This has always been a primary function of sacred dance as an expressive aspect of human sympathetic magic (or, latterly, intentional resonance).


The 9th Wave can be viewed as 13 Heavens or 18 trecenas: 13 x 18 = 18 x 13. On two days only, July 3 and 4, the midpoint of a Heaven coincides with transition from one trecena to the next. Seeing both as waveforms the 7th Heaven representation marks these days (9 and 10) as the crest of a Wave while the trecena representation marks them as a trough. I don’t believe it’s helpful to view trecenas as waves but the visual image presented is deeply suggestive when projected against the backdrop of a 9 step temple, for it posits the notion of a central column that runs from the crest of the 7th Heaven to the flat base of the contiguous trecenas.

Realising this offers a confirming sign of my intuition regarding what must happen during the night that separates these two days – July 3/13 Night, marking our ascent of the temple/wave and July 4/1 Seed, which marks the start of our descent. The turning point comes at the apex in between, the point of maximum yang at which minimum yin is also secreted. We celebrated this high point earlier in the evening, when we allowed peak energies of the yang/ascent phase to flow out to Cosmos before switching to a yin/receptive mode and crying for inspiration by return. We then lay down to sleep/dream at the summit of our Sacred Temple/Holy Mountain.

As noted, simply pushing ‘Nights’ below a line and shading them in does nothing to honour the specific intelligence of nights, nor to enact consciously a balance between yin-yang manifestations of the 9th Wave. We began this process by observing the 13 Heavens back in March and again this morning. It is possible now – adopting the 7th Heaven as a generic, representative Day – to make the process explicit at this point. Having surrendered our maximum yang expressivity earlier to Cosmos and fallen asleep (forsaken ego control), we now prepare to undertake a dream journey into an equally generic, representative ‘Night’: an invisible, ‘negative’ complement of ‘Day’.

Our intention is to journey out into the Heart of Night/Void and return from there with the seed of a new vision to guide our passage through the second half of the Wave, especially its Nights. The energetic profile of the actual night (13 Night) that is now moving towards the first day of a new trecena (1 Seed) fits this design perfectly.

Resuming places we had occupied earlier that evening, covered in acknowledgment of our symbolic sleep, we hear again the music that accompanied our earlier withdrawal. Then a transitional music is heard. We rise up as if in our dream bodies, preparing to move into the Heart of Night. It’s 10.30 pm and darkness has begun to fall. There is no light in our room. Participants have completed simple exercises over preceding weeks that help them slip trustingly into darkness, beyond unconscious projections that ‘normally’ mar our relationship with it. All elect to use blindfolds from the start and move out gradually from tentative, exploratory beginnings to bold, precise form-giving as the sequence unfolds.

Our descent begins to new music, down through levels of a sacred pyramid that evokes the structure of space-time. Our dream-embodied souls accord more and more easily with the intelligence of Darkness/Night as this happens. (Eliminating effects of projection radically alters our relationship with the Dark.) The music shifts again, carrying us to lower reaches of the pyramid. Then, subtly, we slip out of the structure of space-time into Void. There, at first, echoes of our ego-stories surface to reclaim us. As before we keep our Heart spheres expanded and open at centre, dancing as Divine Children while giving form to whatever impressions surface from our past.

This is managed without difficulty, as a matter of trust and application. Granted both, the beauty of our music conveys us to realms of awareness from which we had been cut off. Innocence and wonder take the place of what might have been trepidation. This is not a surface accomplishment forced by aesthetic seduction but a fully-fledged ritual amplification of consciousness that turns it towards awareness of its origins. It happens as we pass beyond the imprints of our stories into the teeming potentiality of Void. We are drawn increasingly then into its centre. Arriving there, we discern gathering intimations of a nascent yang power that grows steadily from the Heart of Darkness-Love until Goddess sings it into existence as Light.

The seed of this quickening lodges in our Hearts and we carry it back for sharing, via resonance, with the Heart of Earth. Following a careful return, still blindfolded, we dance our quickening into the consciousness of Earth and ease our dream bodies back into our sleeping forms where, on this level of multi-dimensional existence, they will complete their transition from 13 Night into 1 Seed.


The Divine Plan is not just more than a series of random arisings. It is also more than a stage-governed exercise in cosmic logistics. It is above all a process of making holy (sacer facere). I first saw this during a Vision Quest in the Sahara Desert and realised it intrinsically while developing the Night sequence reported above. This allows full knowing of the process from its inside out: direct experience of the Sacred as such, and of the origins of Light in the Heart of Darkness/Love, an awareness that will be developed through 1 Seed. (See URL, note 1 for a detailed account of the process.)


As in March, we awaken next morning on top of our Sacred Temple/Mountain and descend to the valley floor below. Here we re-enter the ruined city of God/dess and bring healing to it by virtue of new awareness. We rebuild it beyond all memories of destruction and fortifying walls. We then dance the awareness this renews out into the adjacent countryside, remembering All We Have Been.


Next we dance this awareness through the entire structure of space-time, across all Underworlds and Heavens, before meeting at the Point of Creation to move forward again, together, in a healing process of recapitulation. This involves feeling fully All We Have Been as forms of Consciousness evolving through space-time and realising it as a process of Making Holy, in which earlier forms are forever making way for later ones, sacrificing for them as others will have done for us, however imperfectly conditioned awareness may have allowed them or us to comprehend it.

Expanded Heart spheres permit us to make up for this now. Our reflective powers are clear. When the power of reflection is clarified in existence, beyond torments of divided consciousness, a new quality of awareness is introduced which permits the Whole that unfolds through evolution (the One that is living all life) to apprehend itself as such. This is Unity Remembered: the Beloved self-remembering as One. It is not an abstract accomplishment but an ineffable surge in awareness of the Love that motivates all motion and informs all Light. Existence brings Love to Awareness by means of Light, and Awareness to Love.

A decisive transformation occurs when we elect to take part freely, consciously and lovingly, in this process of making holy; intentionally yielding forms we have been to the creation of new vehicles for Consciousness. Within being as without, this eliminates a need for ‘outer’ cycles of creation/destruction. All that remains is to focus awareness for application in 3D space-time.

As before, this entails 1) remembering the Sacred Flame of Pure (essential, innocent) Consciousness and raising it up to Heart; 2) enacting through resonance a Flowering of Life on Earth: Her Ascension; 3) broadcasting news of this development through Cosmos and Beyond; and 4) embodying the I AM (THAT I AM!) Consciousness that becomes apparent to itself in the process.

New music starts. Faint at first, it gathers rapidly, ordering us like magnetic files into a swirling clockwise cloud, spiralling through escalating frequencies around the room, sending news of Earth’s Ascension out to Cosmos. Consciousness soars on focused beams of our intent. Strong feet and fine geometries hold us in coherence through abandonment. A sublime intelligence directs. Leaps of quantum acceleration surge as we careen, exhilarated beyond all thought or belief. We travel as Pure Light, informed by Darkness and informing of it, striving to the edge of manifestation, birthing the Un-manifest in every flowing instant Now.  All That Is is known: infinite in its Constancy as Dreamer, innocent in its Becoming as Dream. In the bliss of this knowing, All is One. Then our music breaks, propelling us exhausted and ecstatic to another shore where ‘I’ reflects again ‘This is my Body’. From this edge, it gazes past horizon, back to centre, out to edge, beyond and back again, and again. Then it is known: I AM THAT I AM! This marks a fulfilment of reflexive consciousness in time, freed of insulating, separating, self-encapsulating loops. I AM THAT I AM: there is no Other. This is Unity remembered. I have no other words to describe it but wish you could have felt it as we did.

We end by dancing three fully geometric circuits of our room after the outer music fades. T.S. Eliot writes ‘We are the music while the music lasts’. From October 29 we are the music, period.


(1) See http://www.sacredplay.info/reports-2/sacred-plays/dreaming-a-new-earth-report/ and

http://www.sacredplay.info/workshops/raising-the-7th-heaven/ for an outline of the July event.

(2) There is no model to my knowledge that permits accurate calculation of energetic influxes across the Heavens of Wave 9. Having moved intimately with it since March, my sense is that the greatest single influx is happening during this ‘Proliferation’ phase. Higher frequencies will manifest later in its course but these build from what has already been established.

(3)  When we first encounter Creator Consciousness, we tend to take it personally but I AM/Creator Consciousness is a transcendence, not an attribute or expansion of personal consciousness. This is what my dream of ‘All life (is) being lived’ was about. Creative expressions appropriate to it are uniquely inflected according to particular soul lineages. Its fulfilment is a collective process, requiring intricately unforced coordination and a truly realised sense of the first being last and last first.

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