Return of the Ancestors


In the great love affair between Existence and Being, the purpose of every stepping out is to return. Every ‘masculine’ journey – whether undertaken by a man or woman – is made so that the Whole (Unity) can know itself better and love more. In our time, as errant warrior consciousness returns Home to awareness of the Goddess with an intention of wooing her anew, She flourishes. She puts on beautiful clothes of her New Dreaming. We can help to realise her Dream…

We form a circle and move clockwise to a powerful rhythm from Africa, where our first human ancestors took form. The room is full of darting, sympathetic energies, eager to contribute to our dance. With their help, we build an ascending vortex easily. News of our gathering travels far. We must prepare carefully to receive all that will come in by way of return.

The music fades. We find ourselves adrift in mystery, latencies activated but not yet declared. What minutes earlier had been a workroom is now a ritual ground, set to facilitate what many traditions acclaim as the great remembering of humanity at this time. Back in our circle, stationary, we let this sense of mystery grow. Words of Rilke are heard: God speaks to each of us before we are made/ Then walks with us silently out of the night …


We break our circle and begin to move, each in our own way. Reach to the edge of your longing/ Become my body/ Grow like a fire behind things … Let everything into you: Beauty and Terror/ Keep going: no feeling lasts forever/ Don’t lose touch with me … Music carries us wherever we must go, out from the night of Void on to paths of Existence. Each of us must find a singular path. No words are spoken, instructions given or negotiations entered into.

Our bodies somehow know where we must go. There are no collisions. Our remembering, it seems, is in order. Don’t lose touch with me … We move in the awareness of a common past, deeply shared.  Nearby is the Land they call life, God says, you will recognise it by its intensity. The theme of ancestors is now explicitly introduced. We connect with it via Native American tradition.

I recall how in the 1880s, the US government sanctioned wholesale slaughter of vast buffalo herds that still roamed the Great Plains. Marksmen killed and killed, leaving carcasses to rot where they fell. To the Indians, this was inconceivable sacrilege. The buffalo had long been the focus of their material and spiritual life. It provided the food they ate, the clothes they wore, the shelters they inhabited and was also their principal ally in a sacred covenant which bound human beings into a balanced, sustainable relationship with the natural world.

Their spiritual universe was destroyed along with their material subsistence. The plan had been to force them on to reservations. It worked, causing great despair and desolation. A prophet emerged among the Paiutes of Nevada. Wovoka had a vision in which he was taken to Heaven and shown a special dance by God. If this ‘Ghost Dance’ were performed by the people, a peaceful relationship with Whites could be achieved. News of the dance spread rapidly.

When it reached the Sioux in the Dakotas, it was given a different twist. They still hoped to defend their ancestral lands but had been frustrated by superior numbers and firepower. Wovoka’s ‘ghost dance’ suggested a means of calling their ancestors to align with them. Some thought the ancestors might literally return. Others made ‘ghost shirts’ to protect the wearer against enemy bullets. Government agents called for the dance to be outlawed. Soldiers were dispatched to enforce this decree.

At Pine Ridge, Sitting Bull was charged with failing to stop his people from practising the dance. An attempt was made to arrest him. A riot ensued, during which he was shot dead. His people were even more desolate without their leader. Shortly after, an infamous massacre took place at Wounded Knee, bringing an end to the so-called Indian wars.

We dance a modern evocation of this ‘ghost dance’. It calls passionately, out of deep desolation, on the ancestors of named tribes to return and contribute their gifts to our world. We make our appeal with the full intensity of remembered pathos, but not with a view to literal return. I relate our invocation to words of a Mayan prophecy which states ‘We are the ones of today, we were the ones of yesterday, we will be the ones of tomorrow’. This implies a subtler notion of ‘return’.

Our song simply says ‘We will live again’. It is the impression of all present that we have indeed lived before across different times, places and cultures. By bringing the learning of all these lives to bear upon our present moment in history, we aspire to open new paths of wisdom and beauty. We start now by inviting Native American ancestors to return, to favour us with gifts of their awareness. Once this happens, ancestors from other times, places and cultures will follow suit. This process is set to culminate on Sunday afternoon. It is now Friday night.

We dance to the edge of our longing so that our prayers may be heard. Tomorrow we will prepare ourselves to become fit vessels for the ‘return’. We close tonight by listening again to Rilke’s poem, relating it to guidelines for awareness provided at this time by the Mayan calendar (1). As God leads us out of the night, so does the light of existence proceed from the darkness of Void. It spreads in all directions from a Point of Creation via what our science calls the Big Bang. The Mayan calendar tracks the course of this process over time, as Consciousness comes to remember itself in the Flow of Creation.

This energy is now becoming available for us to transform our awareness and our lives. It still streams towards us for this purpose, at a more accelerated pace than ever. To integrate and avail of it, we need the memory of our ancestors to be with us. We also need to heal their un-cleared wounds, the wounds of our collective past, because – as long as they stay un-cleared – they introduce distortions in our present. To achieve radical healing, we must start our journey next day from the beginning, which is before our named Beginning, when God ‘spoke’ us out of the night.


Hopi myth tells how Spirit assigned responsibility for the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air to Red, Black, White and Yellow races respectively. The story is usually read literally, obscuring a great potential for integration that is revealed when we see it as primarily symbolic. In our play, humanity disperses symbolically over four directions of the Cross of Matter, charged with retrieving and rebalancing essential gifts of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. This is necessary to retrieve our dissipated essence.


We start from the energy of Void, before there were things or existence, when Consciousness first conceived its dream of life; before there was time. We float like dust mites, faint specks of possibility in an ocean of pure potential, summoned to awareness by ripples of Divine Intent that impulse our becoming. The being of Earth is then specifically evoked, dreamt alive and, since our destiny as a soul group is so closely linked with hers, we awaken further in the course of her Dreaming. Then, long after she has stepped out of the dark, we are commissioned to serve her. Together we are summoned to exist. Music sounds, fashioning us towards this end. We funnel towards an antechamber and gather there as momentum builds. Finally we are ready and begin our fall through the dimensions.

This pattern carries us beyond the Dream of God as such and into many worlds of manifestation. At last we enter the consciousness of Earth, penetrating directly to its densest forms. Gently, we awaken in the consciousness of stone, discovering how it is to experience on scales of awareness available there. From here, (our) consciousness spreads to experience the development of plant forms, breaking through soil, opening to light, blossoming, fruiting, seeding and declining in a cyclically patterned mode. Next life comes forth from the oceans. Separate creatures, self-moving, emerge on to the face of Earth.

We move through a recapitulation of animal forms. Consciousness learns to see through many eyes in a throbbing swarm of incessant, accelerating evolution. In the midst of this dance a new creature arises, one who beholds with wonder all there is to behold so that consciousness on Earth becomes reflective, even as this human species feels itself to be part of All That Is. Then something catastrophic happens. A shocking new energy arises, one that tends towards enslavement, domination and control. This is an energy of fire, panic, warfare and destruction. It is the energy of our wounding, of being set apart and against.

Thereafter we become scattered, not only as populations fleeing invaders but also in consciousness. The unity consciousness in which we had lived before is now eclipsed. This is evident in movement patterns as we dance our next dance (Diaspora). We have forgotten about each other and dance as individuals, no longer mindful of a common origin in the invisible source of Void. We must remember this wounding in order to carry it to healing. As a species we are motivated now by energies of persistence, courage, resilience and innovation. This moves us, figuratively, to explore the four corners (directions) of Earth.

We are admirable in our persistence but also marked by traces of apprehension. We check prospective homes for security and ease of defence, anticipating catastrophes which – because they have happened before – we fear will happen again. This apprehension sets us apart from all that we used to be a part of. We are now outside the Garden, our innocence lost, no longer fully present Here and Now.


The gift of Earth consciousness is constancy and endurance. Its liability is to fixate, particularly when it closes around wounds. Constancy then becomes stuckness and endurance an unwillingness to change. The cure for this condition must be sought in Flow, the gift of Water.


Our next dance (Oceanic) happens in the medium and consciousness of water, before life forms began emerging on to Earth. At first we are simply moved by prevailing tides, then we achieve a measure of orientation in relation to them. In either case we trust in flow, right up to the moment when it prompts us to step out. We dance this exodus as a myriad animal forms before finally manifesting in a mode of human awareness. Because we are 78% water, we consciously recap our journey out of water as water, feeling our way on Earth, seeking to establish a culture that reflects our predominantly watery nature as sensitive and fluid, not given to conflict or hiatus.

Esoteric history tells us that the water continent of Lemuria (Mu) endured peacefully for at least 65 thousand years before it was largely submerged by great Earth changes. Its inhabitants lived within their power of intuition and were able to evacuate safely, without catastrophe or fear. They then established the later civilisation of Atlantis, which also expressed a water-based consciousness, especially in its early stages. We enact this process by dancing the construction of a Water Temple, to signify the development of a water-based culture.

The easy grace of our accompanying music expresses an energy of fluid, continuous change. This appears to be seamless, gradual and ongoing. Problems arise, however, when water consciousness identifies with structures it has helped create. To be consistent, it must relinquish them with utter non-attachment, being prepared to let all flow and go. Esoteric history tells us that conflict developed around this theme in late Atlantis. It is perfectly adequate to regard this as spiritual myth rather than literal fact. Either way, it points to a core issue which we cannot ignore.

Story has it that as unplanned changes loomed, the majority of Atlanteans, acting still from a water-based Lemurian consciousness, felt that everything happened in Divine Order and should therefore simply be accepted. Another group sought to develop technological means to protect what had already been established. Although small in number, their power grew disproportionately, altering the balance of consciousness in Atlantis. New preoccupations with fear and control emerged. Some versions of the story relate that technology backfired and contributed to the mayhem of Earth changes when they came.

This time, when a continent went under, there was great panic, destruction and loss of life. The easy grace of intuitive flowing had been lost. Our next piece – Re/Living Atlantis – provides human consciousness with an opportunity to retrieve a sense of this panic and this time to admit it in a spirit of acceptance, knowing that what is accepted can also be transformed and returned to flow. This issue is very topical as we approach the final stages of the Mayan calendar and speculation grows about likely outcomes of ‘2012’.

Our music builds beautifully, recreating the sense of a water-based temple culture which is faced with a wave of seemingly inevitable destructive power. Committed now to principles of yielding and flow we wait, opening our Hearts to comprehend and move with whatever will unfold. As the wave builds, our Hearts grow bigger, resolved to incorporate all that it may bring, to be swept up and even swept away. Allowing it to enter our expanded Hearts without resistance, we are transported.

A new music arises, evoking ‘Fountainhead’, an indestructible Goddess power of creative arising and renewal. Opened radically by the impact of our Great Wave, we feel its tender stirring in the Heart of our Heart(s). This tenderness is also immensely robust. Allowing it permits experience of the Flow of Creation rising in and moving through us so that we are carried by it, supported and empowered, transformed but not destroyed. As this awareness builds we move intentionally within it, reincorporating the ‘flow’ principle of water back into patterns of modern human consciousness (2).


The gift of water is to yield and flow, enabling a fluid process of continuous, gradual transformation. Its liability, without awareness, is to become spineless, indiscriminate and ‘wet’. So, what if an abrupt transformation is required, or we need to make a sudden leap that lifts us out of some established groove into another mode of functioning? The energy of Fire serves here, or can do if we relate wisely to it.


Fire can be a dangerous ally. We want to raise it and make it available to us but in a conscious, carefully regulated way. We begin by viewing a candle flame and taking it behind our closed eyes. We lower it into Heart and from there send it down into the centre of Earth. Then a haunting music sounds which inspires us to raise it up again, slowly, into our bellies. We grow used to playing with fire by this means. The music shifts then and we dance with a partner, retaining awareness of our flame while also acknowledging the presence of another in our dance.

A short flamboyant tango piece comes next. We dance with new partners, seeking to impress them with the expansive splendour of our flame. We don’t seek to intimidate or overwhelm but rather to show ourselves off to someone who is doing exactly the same back to us. Some of us are easily enthused, a few remain timid. Mostly we are both at the same time. Patterns loosen as we repeat the exercise again with new partners. Then we assume the disposition of the most obnoxious person we know and dance our fire as they would.

The transformation is amazing. Energy levels soar and fire spews out as unmannered characters seek to overwhelm their new partners. People feel very tired after this. Our normally suppressed ‘evil twins’ (Shadow aspects) have been evoked and – given the unwitting license this confers – fire has belched forth far beyond what was originally called for (not to intimidate etc.). We are at a delicate moment: fire has ignited but we feel exhausted rather than revived. What is the issue and what is to be done?

It’s not possible to stay in fire very long, much less control it. People who attempt this burn out quickly. They become dry, arid and inflexible as fire inevitably exceeds whatever limits they seek to impose. We retrieve this situation, now that fire has been raised, by surrendering to it, yielding as we learned from water while also persisting as we learned from Earth. We dance this out as Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Voodoo Child’, which is also the integral Shadow aspect of our Divine Child.

A Voodoo Child is bold, spontaneous and carefree, safely wrapped in her expanded spirit flame. This insulates and protects, conferring a sense of immunity and thus trust. Surrendered past control, the bodies of our dancers move in the spirit of their flames. Exhaustion is forgotten but we still dance as separate beings, implicitly adopting the singular, adversarial perspective of solar plexus consciousness.

With the next music we are called to bring our flames together into one fire. The electrifying riffs of Carlos Santana inspire as we achieve this, setting fire first to ourselves and then the room, which becomes our ‘Burning Ground’. We relax then into subtler tones of fire, allowing it to purge all ego concerns before slipping into Puccini’s ‘Madame Butterfly’. Vast energies we have just raised through our third chakras transcend easily into the infinite spaciousness of Heart.


The gift of fire is rapid, discontinuous transformation. Due to its intensity, it can’t be ‘managed’ for long. We must yield to it in trust and move accordingly or we will become angry, rigid and burnt out. Applying the gift of water helps us to avoid this. Then, as fulfilment of the solar plexus is achieved when it opens into Heart, so the fulfilment of fire comes when it mixes with air to bring warmth and illumination to our lives. We turn next to the gifts of air.


Music from the Andes cues our approach to a ritual space on the flat top of a sacred mountain. We must dance here to invoke ‘the coming of solar birds’, whose energies will galvanise us into shamanic flight towards the Heart of the Sun. We form a circle. Strong, insistent rhythms build and build. Some of us dance in place, others are drawn to centre. Our music reaches dizzying intensity. Its percussive repetitions are suddenly breached by soaring flutes. The birds have come! We let them enter our bodies with the music, which builds to a new crescendo, releasing into flight.

Music of the condor takes over then, carrying us high over the Andes and out to the edge of Earth’s gravitational field. Thereafter we are borne by angelic miracle: closer, closer and closer to the disc of the Sun. Slowly then, we are drawn into her energy. Majestic corridors of gold open before us, beckoning us on, dissolving and remaking, suffusing us with bright orange-yellow flames. This prospect holds no terror for ones who were consumed earlier by fire. The Heart of the Sun now calls. Tears flow at the splendour of visions which unfold.

As ordained, I kneel and project C’s image as the face of Goddess/Earth on to the back of the Sun, relaying its imprint with a prayer that goes out through Galactic Centre, back through the Heart of Creation into Void. This prayer pledges my dreaming and hers to the fulfilment of Earth’s highest dream, urging with all our Passion the full co-operation of Cosmos and Spirit towards this end. Other friends are moved spontaneously to offer their own prayers.

As this process completes, a new energy builds to facilitate our leaving. We come back slowly through space, meditative and aware, consciously invoking aspects of our souls that may be ready to return to Earth with us. At the end of this return, we ground deeply into Earth, allowing time for all aspects of our selves to safely ‘land’. This deep grounding also establishes our points of departure for the next journey we will make, later that night.


The gifts of air are clarity, perspective, overview and sometimes even transcendence. Its liabilities are aloofness and dissociation, tendencies which arise when we forget where we’re from, where we’re going or what for. Thus, for gifts of air to be realised, we need to maintain awareness of gifts associated with all other elements – the enduring rootedness of Earth, the yielding flow of Water and the purposive dynamism of Fire. We also need a sense of inner orientation to sustain us through periods of confusion and uncertainty. We are liable to experience both as soul pushes up, striving for expression through our lives.

Earth’s gifts of rootedness and persistence are especially important in this regard. As a species, we still have a damaged relationship with her. We recapped its origins in our primal wounding earlier today and introduced measures to help us get beyond this but we didn’t heal the primal wound. We undertake to do so now, to recover deep gifts that have been damaged and lost, especially at the level of our first and second chakras, long before the elaborations of modernity were super-imposed.

To heal the primal wounding of our relationship with Earth we must go back well before it happened, to resuscitate potentials that were integral at that point and bring them forward to our present, clearing deformations that have arisen on the way. We do this without need of explicit processing. Our primal wounding has already been evoked. Its impact registered in our physical-emotional sensibilities as we danced this morning. Our guidance then was to let it pass through without conscious identification or engagement. This allowed us to accept, admit and feel without getting stuck. What has been felt can be healed; what is accepted becomes available for transformation.


‘Ab Origine’ refers to the earliest stages of this morning’s journey: our passage out of Void, through the dimensions and into Earth. We start over at a point when Consciousness has been vested in the physical mass of Earth and evolves slowly there, impulsed by waves of Creation that emanate from Source. Our music for this session draws on Australian Aboriginal culture, which has a tradition of unbroken continuity that goes back at least forty thousand years prior to colonisation. It evokes a sense of integral human belonging that was shattered for the rest of us by the primal wounding recapped earlier today, whose impact was to set us apart (3).

Our soul consciousness is now embedded in the biomass of Earth, stirred by impulses from the Flow of Creation as they surge through dragon (ley) lines that everywhere traverse, giving tangible dynamism to her innermost being. The force of twelve billion years of evolution ripples through us. Its impact is awakening and deeply erotic. Our bodies, moved by music, roll from side to side, mimicking the dragon pulses. We lie face down on the body of Earth, elevated now to dinosaur status. Our long tails swing wildly as we rock. The dragons have broken surface. Our reptilian awareness clings fast to the intelligence of Earth, integrally fed by her vibrations. A vast energy, long suppressed, is liberated in our first and second chakras as we swing our tails, 200’ of earnest exaggeration and the focus of our whole body prayer.

The music shifts: a quantum leap. We draw this energy up into a human circle. Our awareness is once more ab-original, having remembered beyond occasions of primal wounding which traumatised us and closed us long ago, in depths of human memory that have only seemed ultimate (4). Our remembering is sustained by urgent rhythms that harness reptilian awareness, calling us into vertical alignment (with respect to an axis running from the Heart of Heaven down to the Heart of Earth) and drawing our long tails deep underground.

Entrained, we jump and fall in celebration of restored vitality and consciousness. Our liberated energies run wild. The music peaks in recurring votive cycles, inciting us to dance in and out, edge to centre and vice-versa, raising the Sacred Flame of Earth at the centre of our circle to the heavens and drawing down, by return, the blessings of Father Sky on our planetary Mother. This primal enactment symbolically evokes the reopening of cosmic communion in our consciousness and that of Earth.

As it completes, the music shifts again. We must now undertake a physical journey from our ceremonial ground to another site where its guardians, the Council of Grandmothers, await. We move with heightened power, in full consciousness of a vast evolutionary unfolding that supports us. Deep memories of Earth come alive, making us vibrant and alert, inspired by our music to dance the dreaming of now this animal, then that, even mountains, rivers and trees. Our dinosaur tails extend in token of far memories, then later descend gradually into Earth.

We know ourselves as beings who carry the memory of all life in ourselves. Our tails sink deep into Earth, first as imagined physical structures and then as etheric cords which bind us energetically to the Heart of the Mother. The music changes again. We are entering the Grandmothers’ energy field. Slowly, our consciousness refines as we approach. The Grandmothers are arrayed in an inverted V-shape, extending like spread legs from the dark threshold of the Sacred Cave. We approach in column formation, like a phallus in search of a womb. The Grandmothers chant us Home. Our column slowly penetrates the darkness of the Sacred Cave. We are inside!

New music signals new Mystery! What place is this? The cave is totally dark. It feels strange and yet uncannily familiar. Ancestral voices impinge, encouraging us as we seek to find our bearings. A growing sense of appointment informs our presence here. Reaching past the edge of our longing, we seek with all our passion to pierce veils that prevent us from seeing where we are. Then, suddenly, this changes. The music shifts. Veils recede. A surge of erotic vitality erupts. We are in the throes of a bliss process, in the Womb of Mother Earth, where God forever makes love with Goddess! We are riding the phallus of God, deep in the womb of the Goddess, caught up in ecstasies of their union!

This love-making is not goal-oriented or orgasm-seeking. Its delight is perpetual and constant, which leaves nothing to pursue. We surf unending waves of sensual bliss for as long as we can bear but are soon discharged, like sperm cells, to embed in the lining of the Mother’s womb. We burrow deeper and deeper, sinking ever more fully into the consciousness of She who will carry us through the night in the Heart of her Womb. New music plays to support this. The Goddess sings us Home. Sinking deeper, we sleep, perchance to dream.


When we next come together it is morning. An ancient Gaelic chant fills the room, evoking ancestors of this island. We form our circle and dance it clockwise, supported

by traditional Irish music. We build an ascending vortex by this means, calling up the memory of ancestors who are still bound by grief and trauma in the body of the land. We feel them coming forward for expression and release. As with our wounding process yesterday, we open entirely to this influx, letting it flow through without engagement or identification. The energy of the room is now palpably intense.

We reform our circle around a tall, free-standing crystal of clear quartz. This represents the vertical axis that links the Hearts of Heaven and Earth, above and below. New music plays. We raise energy, dancing on the spot as it builds. Then, with extended fingers, we draw our ancestors’ pain and grief out of the land. We continue this in repeated cycles, allowing all that’s raised to accumulate as dark debris in a web-like lower astral pattern overhead. We then focus our collective healing power to dissolve this.  After a brief, vigorous intervention, the sky is clear. A portal opens in the music. Pure light flows unimpeded through us into Earth.

We then repeat the process more intensely. This time we spread healing energies out fan-wise from our hands so that there is a spectrum of complete coverage within our circle. We then reach even deeper into Earth, calling up gifts of our ancestors which had been buried or distorted by the impacts of trauma and grief. Acting together, we project our yield into the sky. This time, when the disintegration phase comes, we dissolve residual debris that still binds our ancestors’ gifts. They are left suspended in the form of clarified symbolic patterns. When light pours through, we cross hands overhead, forming a collective Grail (5). Incoming light then imprints the clarified symbolic patterns through us into the crystal axis and down into the Heart of Earth.

When the process has settled, we step out of our ritual space and move imaginatively across the country, visiting home regions and wherever else we are drawn, spreading gifts of remembrance and illumination. Our music moves from cycles of haunting beauty through to waves of joyful promise as we go. When it is finished, we walk quietly to a simpler piece. This allows energies to wind down and lets us come gradually back into awareness of our bodies circling in the room at this moment. The exercise has been very intense. People are visibly tired. We relax now, letting go completely, to rest ahead of the next stage.


There are two major waves in any healing process. The first happens in a mode of recovery and involves overcoming deficits which have been laid down in the past. The second happens in a mode of fulfilment. This involves moving beyond wherever we are now towards a condition of wholeness, integrity and free expression. The second session of ‘A Dream of Ireland’ happens in this mode of fulfilment.


Our second gathering of the morning is more consciously spiritual than the first. Much healing has already been accomplished, making it possible for us to start by remembering innocence, or the state of being ‘in essence’. We resume our circle on a higher vibratory level, preparing Holy Ground. We then re-enact the mythic journey of our primary ancestors when they first came to occupy this land. We remember them as spirit beings, travelling on the Breath of God (whistles/flutes), arriving in the density of Earth and taking time to orientate, adjusting gradually to the Mother’s Heartbeat. Percussion becomes more prominent at this stage. We learn mastery of the body through a sequence of daring explorations before bringing Earth-Air aspects into joyful balance and coordination.

Thus attuned to earliest beginnings and holding an intention that excludes no-one, we call in all the ancestors of Ireland, especially those who have contributed to our presence here now. A sublime gathering unfolds in high awareness. Then, as it completes, we embark on another mythic journey, stepping out towards a future of wholeness with all the ancestors of our past arrayed behind. A fine harp melody, delicate but also robust, advises that the Otherworld is near. Flutes take over as we enter a misty realm that evokes the veil between worlds. Then a piercing saxophone carries us through into the Otherworld.

All That Is manifests there as pure potential. Layers of etheric webbing signify connectedness between possibility and Dream. Time dissolves. We call on ancestors of the future for assistance and wrap ourselves in swathes of webbing to imprint tangibly levels of connection that are generally invisible in our world. Now they are as clear as the altered state in which we move. We immerse ourselves in these web-like threads of connection, draw them into us and absorb them so we will have a living sense of them when we return to 3D. Shortly afterwards, it seems, the window closes and we are called again to resume our play in the great illusion of time, having prayed for the bringing forward of our highest dream.

We return from this place to our room, realising what it means to be NOW, knowing ourselves as participant in the flow of time while simultaneously held in an over-arching Consciousness that is ever-present but diverts itself by dreaming us as dreams within a Dream, longing to awaken. Another subtle harp binds us to high awareness as we dance this realisation into the lived knowing of our bodies, a knowing that every moment in flow is also held eternally outside it, NOW, such that to occupy a moment wholly is to know Eternity, again and again, always for the first time, in wave upon wave of Creator bliss. Enchantments of the harp help us straddle newly inter-weaving worlds. We walk back into a physical room, our sense of metaphysical possibility renewed. On a particular level of dreaming, it is time for lunch


We begin again in places we occupied at the end of last night’s session, when we were lulled by the Mother as she sang us ever deeper into the Heart of her Womb. The same music is playing again now. The same atmosphere prevails. We are tired but it is time for us to awaken and see what can be made of all our dreams. It is hard to get moving, but necessary. As signalled by the midnight chimes in fairytales, a journey into time is also required. Music of ‘E/mergence’ plays to acknowledge the lure of clinging to a place where we feel safely held and perfectly belong. Our cycle involves return not just to the Mother but also back from her if our promise to is to manifest.

We were never motivated by a spirit of regression. On the contrary, we have seeded Consciousness with the gifts of all our journeys, including to the Sun. Our aim has been regeneration and rebirth, for ourselves and our Mother/Goddess. Now, to fulfil the promise of this undertaking, we must ‘Awaken in the Heart’. As with any birthing, the womb contracts with a view to expel. This is borne by a wave in the music, calling us back to the land called Life, which is known by its intensity. If we fail to answer this call, we miss the purpose of our lives. Everybody starts to move, emerging from the dream of mergence in which we have been held. We had forgotten, of course, such was the depth of our immersion and so we ask anew, as our bodies slowly start to respond ‘Where am I now?’ ‘What place (of Consciousness) is this?’

We start to explore. Unsteady through our early steps, we need to ground. A familiar prayer is suggested Mother, this is —/ Feel me coming/ Open to receive me/ Acknowledge me as your servant and your child/ Take me deep into the Heart of your Womb. At this point, we start to remember: entering the Cave, joining the bliss of God/Goddess, burrowing in the wall of Mother’s Womb and sinking to the centre of her Heart.  We are back in the Cave, treading warily the floor of Mother’s bounty, connected still to her generative core by a subtle umbilicus that makes everything seem different while familiar, restored to ourselves and yet estranged, needing to learn new ways, in the manner of one just (re)born.

The music changes: we are projected into new awareness, an awareness of flowing, of ourselves sustained in flow, of feeling sensitive in the medium through which we flow while also carried by it, moving easily between polarities of self, other and all else. Consciousness has risen to the level of the sacral centre. Watery and erotic, it reconciles differences as they arise, enveloping all in its unifying tide, connected still to the creatively dreaming Heart of Earth. In the pleasure of such knowing there is difference within Unity but also Unity in difference. No words are needed to express this. It is immediate, felt, certain and direct, affording a baseline for pure intuition: of proceeding from Source within a Flow of Creation that also proceeds from Source as the Matrix of our Dreaming.


When this knowing is imprinted our music shifts, bearing consciousness to the level of the solar plexus. A sun of new awareness starts to rise. New qualities of feeling crystallise as we attune to our new state. We are more active, more disposed to initiate within Flow as part of our own flowing. We feel moved to step out. But from where? And to what? We are still in our Dream of the Cave of True Remembering, which swells easily to comprehend all feats of self-extending. A golden light builds steadily, illuminating from within. Our gestures are visible expressions of its insistence, which grows. Transformation feels inevitable.

It comes as our music shifts, inviting soft expressive waves of floating arms that ride on currents projected from within. Our Hearts open to receive as this transpires. We have begun the process of raising Inner Sun. Golden yellow energy streams up from solar plexus level into expanding chambers of Heart. Our arms extend in motions of outer flight, reflecting inner transcendence. Consciousness is focused at the level of our spiritual Heart (chakra), where worlds meet. The Grail Cup of our opening Hearts expands to contain the Cave and all that might lie beyond it. We are now moving in our Heart(s) as characters in each other’s Dream.

What was before generously empty is now generously full, to a point of overflowing. In that moment our Heartsong is heard, signifying a level of remembering beyond which we shift from a mode of recovery into one of fulfilment. We have retrieved enough of our original dreaming to imagine freely and project its promise anew, reaching past the edge of longing. At this moment, our Inner Sun starts to shine. We are illuminated within and also illuminate without. There is no need for scripts we used to drag around before. This awareness crystallises as a majestic flute heralds the no longer impeded rising of our Inner Sun past what used to be the bottleneck of script-charged egos.

We recall our journey to the Sun, how we opened ourselves in prayer at its Heart and absorbed its energies before returning to impregnate Earth with the seed of a New Dreaming. Closing around this news she enfolded us and births us now us as a preliminary expression of her own continued unfolding, for she is too pregnant with the next phase of her Dreaming, which moves through longer cycles than ours. We will facilitate this delivery also in due course. It too is a part of our longing, of the Dream in which we were conceived.

At this point, the music of our longing sounds. It tells a story of remembered Unity, and of a poignant urge to restoration which makes Unity greater than it was before, illuminating it with the seed of its own transcendence from within. This is the seed of Divine Creation, of the impossible transcendence of I AM. It expresses a longing which is born of loving abundance and sustained by ecstasies of becoming. We confuse it with lack due to the residual impact of un-cleared wounds.

The music of this longing fills the space of our collective Grail/Heart with raw invocation. We recall the primary motive of our gathering at this time: to facilitate a return of Ancestors. We began with an urgent plea to Native American Ancestors, intending that our Universal Ancestors would follow. Our Hearts and our Heart are now open to receive. Everything we have done up to this moment has had its own purpose, but it has also been by way of preparation. We now await the great Return.

Our music shifts. A huge wave slowly builds. Power gathers tangibly. We dance on the spot, alive with heightening momentum, attuning to vibrations that will carry the Ancestors into a receptive space that we have opened. The wave breaks. Energy explodes in and around us. We dance wildly to facilitate a deluge of inspiration that bursts through, whooping and stomping, owning our bodies, careening with exuberant delight. This goes on until inflowing energies have become irreversibly established in our energy/awareness fields.

Then there is a further shift. A new rhythm supervenes, louder, more brooding and more intense. This will facilitate the return of Universal Ancestors, who come from all over Earth and elsewhere. Again we dance on the spot, gathered at one end of the room. A ‘Wall of Impossibility’ looms at its centre. On my signal we will surge forward as a concentrated wave and smash through, with all the power of our Ancestors behind us. A huge force builds irresistible momentum, filling us impossibly as we dance, opening and receiving. We hold, hold and hold till we can hold no more. Then full to overflowing, we crash forward. Miraculous cascades of Ancestor power flood through, propelling us forward, fuelling our strength as we demolish every Wall of Impossibility by which we have ever felt constrained.

We pass beyond, inviting Ancestors of All Time into our midst. An extended, ecstatic celebration follows as they add the voices of their longing to ours. Together we evoke our species’ highest dream, which is not other than Earth’s. This continues until all Ancestors are thoroughly returned and thoroughly integrated in our midst. Only then does the intensity of our music reduce. We slow gradually to a counter-clockwise walk, descending from the sublime heights of our encounter. Ancestor energies are in us now, part of our awareness

Moving still, we feel the depths of our immersion in creative processes of history and evolution. We are expressions of that creativity, and bearers of it. Our Hearts are utterly open, bigger than we had known, as is our family. We feel total affinity with the procession of humanity evolving across time and, through Walls of Impossibility, beyond it. Our Hearts are radiant and open, even as the music moderates again. We step out from the Cave of True Remembering and into our room but the room is still contained in our Heart(s). We are still walking in each other’s Dream and still impelled by a Flow of Creation that streams out from Source to find expression in present moments through us.

Realising this, we realise the community of human souls in process over time as One, transcending differences while also including and celebrating them. As we have accepted wounds and transgressions of our Ancestors, they have cleared through us, without fuss or deliberation. And as we accept their gifts and cumulative learning, 16 billion years of evolutionary force presses to be known in the immediacy of a single moment, Now.  I acknowledge it provisionally, not yet ready to admit. Further work is required before this can be safely done (6). All will be ready in May 2010, opening us to the final phase of the Mayan calendar, which is less than a year away.

Now, borne by music of great beauty, we return awakened in our Heart(s), carrying the awareness of our Universal Ancestors back into the room, knowing that the room is in our Heart(s) just as surely as our Heart is in the room: which we experience is purely a matter of the level of Dreaming we tune into. Our movement slows gradually as we walk back into the stillness of this here and now. It is Sunday February 28 but it is also 4 Reed in Mayan terms. We return to stillness in our physical room and even more so in our Awakened Heart(s). Knowing that we participate simultaneously in dual modes of one Reality, we elect to have two closings: a ritual-sacramental one and a human-social one.

For the first, we stand facing into the cup of our collective Grail. New music evokes old yearning. We turn away then, impelled by the urgent notes of a single cello, each stepping out from the Circle according to the promptings of our soul, reaching past the edge of our longing to find where this might lead, trusting that to follow with integrity will generate all necessary horizons. The music breaks then, only to resume with added orchestration, symbolising the energetic immanence of Ancestors by whom we are now accompanied.

When this music has run its course we resolve to let it play on in our Heart(s) so that, living from our Heart(s), we will follow always the path of our highest dreaming and never be lost. We kneel then and give thanks for the Grail that we have been. ‘Living from Heart’, the final play in our series, will consolidate this work and fine-tune the process so that we can each become Grail vessels to facilitate a free Flow of Creation energies through us. This involves healing attitudes and relational modes established in our families of origin, using principles of non-engagement and non-identification that worked so well with remote ancestors we thought we didn’t know.


(1) See ‘The Mayan Calendar: history, purpose, applications’.

(2) At this point I break to explain the internal structure and dynamics of the Mayan calendar, which clearly establishes why we need a large-scale restoration of water-consciousness at this stage in our evolution. I have documented this elsewhere – note (1) – and won’t go into details here. It is remarkable that our fundamental Western myth of the modern era, that of the Holy Grail, makes exactly the same point, and others of equal import. See ‘On Becoming the Grail’.

(3) For more on this theme of primal wounding, see ‘The Image of God’ and Barbara Hand Clow’s ‘Catastrophobia’.

(4) Almost everyone comes through without need of explicit processing. Only T, extraordinarily sensitive and capable, recalls episodes of sexual wounding from the prehistory of our species. I had already cleared such issues previously, culminating in the Sahara, where a giant metallic warrior made peace and then endured a night of fear at the Goddess temple (see ‘Sahara Vision 2010’). T received great healing from his experience, demonstrating overtly the power of our sequence.

(5) Our extended arms form the rim of this collective Grail, our bodies form its cup. The crystal axis, extending down, is its stem.

(6) C was present for me as a Primary Ancestor throughout this play. Ten days later, on a beach, she manifested in my Heart with endless lines of Universal Ancestors streaming out behind her. All dissolved into my Heart, prompting an ecstatic grief that continued overnight and washed me clean for the next phase.

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