The 10th Wave: part 1


At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;

Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,

But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,

Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,

Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,

There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

                                                                                                                T. S. Eliot

The 10th Wave is an initiative of awakening human co-creative intelligence, much as Conscious and Cosmic Convergence were (1). It works with 9 Waves of the Mayan calendar as they move towards simultaneous completion on October 28. All Waves have uniquely favoured consciousness growth in our species down to Now. Part of the fruition process for every Wave in this unfolding has been the sowing of a seed to initiate the launch of its successor. This has happened 95% of the way through the trajectory of all waves, approximately one third way through their 7th Day. Since an aspect of the fruition of all waves to date has been the seeding of a new order that grows from it and since this consideration is especially significant regarding the Wave that completes the series, we might expect it to apply in respect of the 9th Wave also.

This instigates a virtual 10th which depends for its specificity and effectiveness on our response-ability. The established pattern, according to Calleman’s scenario, has been for emanations from the Cosmic Tree of Life to register in Earth’s core and to spread from there through Her inner telluric realm, creating seismic disruption. My vision – given intuitively rather than elaborated rationally – has been for awakening humans to intercept this process, resuscitating a tradition of co-creative stewardship that got lost in the formation of our world. Up till now our fate has been to react to energies of successive Waves more or less consciously but the cumulative purpose of all Waves is to carry us to a point of remembering our origins in Consciousness, thus facilitating an awakening of Divine (Unity) Consciousness in time. Such awakening might be expected to affect our conduct in the world.                                                                     

The time for a ‘seed’ drop to sow the promise of a new humanity into our collective awareness was October 16, 95% of the way through Wave 9. Its fulfilment required wakeful co-operation. A group met in Ireland October 14-16 to facilitate conscious reception of this seed and will meet again on October 28-29 to embody its fruition. After October 28 there will be no more Waves. It is our task to awaken sufficiently before this ‘End Time’ to find our own Way, having absorbed the energies of all 9 Waves. The present document reports the first stage of a ritual process – a sacred play in magic, music, dream and dance – that was dedicated to this end.



(12 Cimi: ego ‘dies’, foregoes attachment to its story, for the sake of transformation)

‘The 10th Wave’ is the third Sacred Play I have staged to facilitate unfolding of the 9th: ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ came at its beginning, ‘Raising the 7th Heaven’ at its mid-point and now this one at its end. The purpose of our introductory sessions has been the same in all cases: to establish a strong vessel, a ‘collective Grail’, in which deep transformation can happen safely and effectively. This involves establishing a strong connection between human participants and the consciousness of Earth while also bringing us into a robustly embodied sense of Heart-consciousness – one in which all mental-emotional content can be admitted, processed (rendered sublime, as in alchemy) and released without attachment.

The process involves integrating Divine Father (pure yang) and Divine Mother (pure yin) energies. Once this happens, a third energy arises: that of the Divine Child. The Divine Child is a mythological symbolisation of our spiritual essence. Prior to and free from the deformations of our Inner Child(ren), its realisation evokes a spiritual adult capable of remembering the true extent of her/his connectedness, beyond limits imposed by our conditioned stories. It is a critical symbol and can be elaborated with theoretical cogency as well as poetic force (2). I have described our ‘Introduction’ elsewhere and will highlight novel elements only here (3). A major development on this occasion involves expanding our Heart spheres to encompass the workroom and letting our boldest, most expressive gestures stretch to these new limits. Carried by soaring music we achieve this without effort, not pausing until later to reflect that this means we have been moving in each other’s Heart and Dream. The significance of this within any spiritual frame that acknowledges the primacy of Consciousness (as all mystical traditions do) cannot be over-estimated. I will elaborate in Part 2.


13 Manik: Ascension in the Mode of Service

Over Nine Waves

It’s not possible to engage a 10th Wave, or the 9th, without engaging all others at the same time. Building from an altered state established last night, this session physically enacts a nine-stage ascent through levels of the Mayan calendar as evoked by images from Tikal and Chichen Itza. The result is a deeply embodied, whole-Hearted, full-brained appreciation of All We Have Been in the course of arriving where we are today. The process also imparts a profound sense of scope and momentum to our journey. It too is described in detail elsewhere (3).

Spanning the 13 Heavens

This session serves the purpose of a more recently focused updating and engenders in us an active sense of the 13 Heavens genesis pattern. This encodes the relationship between Being and Becoming in Mayan terms (whereby 13 is forever becoming 1 and vice-versa). It is a joy to dance this almost fully realised pattern for a last time with regard to the 9th Wave. A fuller description is again available at (3).

Deep is the Well of the Past

Our journey, projected during the 7th Day of the 9th Wave, envisages a time of ‘Earth after the Wars’. We have been this way before, descending to earlier Underworlds at the beginning and middle of the Wave. Now, approaching its end, a more decisive intervention is required. We descend from our position at day 5 of Day 7 to the Regional Underworld. It is day 5 of Day 7 here also, and in the National, Planetary etc. We approach a Ruined City that has been devastated by violence many times: destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again, over and over. Each time levies a harvest of trauma and harsh memories.

We each find our separate ways into this city, passing through its maze of streets and lanes towards a central square. There we see a low structure buried under the debris of ancient conflicts. It proves to be a Sacred Well, a repository for the Water of Life that has sustained human communities over many generations. Now it is blocked. The city is deserted and the surrounding countryside a wasteland. We resolve to clear the debris. Shifting it, we hear the Voice of a Goddess rising from below, faint at first but unmistakable and piercing. Profoundly moved, we dig deeper and each come upon a little girl, a Divine Child who has long been hidden. Taking her hand, we walk with her by the sea, opening to vast potentials of Consciousness from which we have been separated [The Aeon is a Little Girl (Playing by the Shore)]. At first she is wary but later starts to play. Tiring, she agrees to rest in our Heart(s). Feeling safe there, she starts to sing. Her song becomes ‘A Portrait of the Goddess as a Young Woman’. Many of us cry openly as this happens.

Sacer Facere (To Make Sacred)

Touched by innocence, we take this sensibility of our newly awakened feminine soul on a walk through all levels of the pyramidal structure of space-time, going intuitively where we must to bring healing and receive it. The Feeling-based awareness of our feminine soul grows stronger in our Heart as we go. Returning to the origin of space-time we rejoin a group of fellow-travellers and move out through the unfolding of Creation, seeing it with new eyes. We witness the coming into being of many forms – plant, animal, human – and their inevitable falling away. Moved in our Heart(s) of Compassion, we behold all evolution as a process of making holy, where earlier forms give way so that later ones can bear Consciousness further into existence, to a point where it becomes aware that it is doing so: Now! Struck by the wonder of this and the Love that underpins it, we are filled with a sense of gratitude and beauty. Impelled to express, we let beauty shine as Goddess once more sings through us, this time with the voice of a grown woman.

[Our relationship with Earth is already transformed but the process is not complete. Every development on our feminine side needs balancing on the masculine. This brings the two into new balance and further transforms our relationship with Earth. In the event, four women in our group were affected by a sense of gravely stuck inertia which carried through to the next morning when our whole company – acting as a representative human group – engaged it explicitly. This apart, the Sacer Facere sequence builds to an extraordinarily beautiful conclusion and might well have seemed like ‘the end’ but it doesn’t and can’t on this occasion. Why not?

Because the destiny of every human being alive at this time has been given in relation to Earth and must be pursued in relation to Hers. Also we have only partially retrieved the feminine aspect of the Divine Child (as a spiritual adult confident of her/his innocence, spontaneity and connectedness). We must bring complementary healing to its masculine aspect as well and marry both in a way that makes a beautiful fulfilment of Earth’s destiny and ours possible again, in a mode of co-creative stewardship. Tonight’s session is devoted to this purpose.]



Born Again of Earth

The trajectory of humanity in existence has been dominated for several millennia by its masculine yang aspect. Now is a time for new balance and new marrying. For the male/masculine to come into right relationship with the Divine Feminine, it must be reborn spiritually of Her. This balances an unsustainable culturally orchestrated drive to yang expansion (as in ‘growth’ economics) that gathered pace through the National and Planetary Underworlds but is now challenged by altered priorities of the Galactic and Universal. (Early matriarchal and later patriarchal societies have both been unbalanced in this respect.) A 3rd Way needs to be found. This process is facilitated, psychologically and metaphysically, by re-turning 9 up/ 9 down energies of the 9th Wave (4). The process outlined here was inspired by legends of the Holy Grail and my experiences in Bali during our recent 5th Day/Night (5).

[Human consciousness is bound up with Earth’s consciousness field and responsive to it once our Feeling capacity isn’t swamped by the constant humming of Ruined Cities. Our journey to this point has qualified us to be still and feel clearly, without the static of mental-emotional residue or the clamour of media overload. Human consciousness is distinguished from Earth’s by its intentional capacity. This comes of transcending a debilitating self-consciousness induced by programmes absorbed from parents and other adult figures. Opening beyond these – as in the Heart-expanding practices of our Introduction – brings a new quality of reflexive awareness that allows us to realise and initiate movement in pursuit of our Passion.

The collective Passion of humanity at this time is to marry Earth gain, having been reborn spiritually of Her (as the Buddha is said to have been born of his Mother’s Heart). Thus we will journey as a representative group to the Heart/Womb of Earth and deliver there our plea for a new covenant. To do this, we must pass through layers of trauma which afflict her emotional body, imprinted by virtue of our violence and neglect as would-be stewards. As for any wounded being, parts of her find it hard to open her Heart/Womb and grant access to representatives of a species that has been known for its transgressions against both. We must bear all necessary expressions of her pain and rage – admitting, processing and releasing them on her behalf, thus re-opening the prospect of creative stewardship.]

Our earlier rescue marks a conscious affirmation of the resurgence of feminine soul qualities in human beings at this time. The resultant opening evokes a response from the Heart of Earth. This process is dramatised in our darkened room and carried by gloriously vibrant music. Entering the mouth of a cave, we go in and down, gradually, deeper and deeper. Our approach stirs dormant energies, eliciting a response that is heard as the Song of Earth’s stifled Passion. Long repressed, this has been held in check by trauma, stifling her Spirit. Now it rises against us as a tide through which we must pass, engaging resonant aspects of our own damaged souls. Our task is to accept and admit all that comes without attachment or identification, keeping our Hearts open and – by virtue of our boldest, most generous movements – lending form to all that must be felt in a process of acknowledgment and sustained release.

We come then to a new threshold. This marks the beginning of a Middle Passage and holds even more reactive material than that encountered so far. Called forth by our approach, it too is drawn towards release in Consciousness by virtue of our mediation. We each find our way through this Middle Passage, feeling deeply what has been the Passion of Earth by virtue of a renewed feminine sensibility and resolved still to bring our formerly dissociated yang tendencies into balance. We ride the storm of Earth’s unsung wounds, her fury and her hurt, making Beauty of her sacrifice. This too is an example of creative stewardship. It allows us to engage energies of Earth’s emotional body directly and shape them towards finely calibrated expression so that they don’t need to erupt in violent catharses. We rejoice in finding clearer, more creative ways to enter and maintain right relationship with the inner being of Earth.

We meet another obstacle – a brick wall, so to speak – against which all entreaties are unavailing. There is nothing we can do but wait. Once we accept this, the barrier dissolves. We are admitted into the inner sphere of Earth’s Heart/Womb. The Song of Her Passion resounds, less tumultuous this time and with an air of resignation, as if she too has been reminded of her necessary fate. (This is a matter of hosting our experiment, not its outcome.) We proceed respectfully, with reverence, and in due course reach Her innermost chamber. A faint chorus of ‘Amen’ is heard. It grows in resolution until, at last, we find ourselves inside the Heart/Womb of Earth. Silence falls. We gather in a tight arc around a dimly illuminated Heart-stone, honouring the unacknowledged creativity of the Divine Feminine. Then we deliver our prayer/plea:

‘Mother, I am sorry for the suffering we have caused you. I love you and I thank you. Goddess, I am sorry for the suffering we have caused you. I love you and I thank you. Beloved, I am sorry for the suffering we have caused you. I love you and I thank you. May we be forgiven and forgive. I pledge my Dreaming to the fulfilment of your highest Dream, for your sake and that of all our creatures. Let us make a miracle this time.’

The atmosphere is crystal clear as this prayer is spoken. There is no trace of ego and no doubt that our words are addressed and received truly. Then, called to surrender, we burrow into the walls of our ‘cave’ as into those of Earth’s Heart/Womb. New music plays, initiating a process that will unfold overnight, preparing us to be reborn.

[This scenario serves as an introduction to multi-dimensional awareness. Were we in a room? Yes. Were we just in a room? No. Were we in a cave? Yes. Were we really in a cave? No. Were we truly addressing the Heart of Earth? Absolutely! Were we not ‘imagining’ this? Yes. Were we just imagining it? Absolutely not! Imagination is an asset in Art and the Mystery traditions. (Ignorance of this creates a woeful schism in our efforts to birth Unity Consciousness, as distinct from waiting to have it thrust upon us: 6) It is the principal means by which Feeling – a yin/feminine mode of knowing in which Unity is, precisely, felt – communicates with the yang/masculine mind of ego consciousness. Exercising the latter keeps Unity at bay. Acting, living and speaking from clarified Heart – which feels room, cave and Womb equally but rates them according to its Passion – is to act, live and speak from Unity. This is the only way we can know Unity as distinct from merely knowing about it. Knowing is not the same as knowing about; just as a concept is not the same as lived experience.]


Rebirth of the Mother

We resume next morning in exactly the same places where we fell asleep in the inner chamber of last night’s ritual cave. Yesterday’s little girl is now of marriageable age: the Goddess as a young woman. But has our masculine aspect matured sufficiently to attract her, and will she be receptive to a species that caused her traumatised withdrawal from the world? Perhaps our visit to the Mother’s Heart/Womb will prove enough. Our hope is that what quickened in us through the Dreamtime may be seeded into waking consciousness today. This would be the seed of our 10th Wave.


We awake in a ritual cave of the Mother’s Heart/Womb, intact but transformed. We carry fragments still of last night’s dreaming: memories of having risen recently from depths to which we were once admitted. Echoes of lost music linger, as if in a dream. Then we exit the cave. Our dream dissolves and we find ourselves adrift, alone again on a barren plain: each one a solitary Hero in 9 Underworlds, plagued by unprocessed traces from a forgotten past and fated to experience while awake all the numbness and unfeeling which our kind has forced upon the being of Earth.

We wander through deserts of grey ash, half-sustained by images of former beauty, sensing the weight of congealed, unredeemed trauma, a frozen sea of shock. If we are to re-marry Goddess consciously, there must be a test. We strive to hold awareness: admit, make beautiful, give form. Every release summons new inertia. Undismayed, we persist. When we have managed this sufficiently, the wrathful Goddess appears: Bone Woman, Kali-Durga, fanged and snarling, wreathed in skulls. She spits and hisses, blood dripping from her lips. Can we entertain Her power without seeking new ways to control it? We hold, hold, hold … Her appearance changes, from tornado to shimmering apparition. The music of her craziness abates.

She steps out, cautious but drawn, prepared to take a closer look and perhaps even engage. We must abide her reserve. This face of Goddess will not surrender lightly, nor suffer outrage again. She ventures a dance, half-mutual, poignant, seductive but steadfast in its power. We negotiate through movement: let us make a miracle this time. Her dance grows vigorous, assertive, erotic. We match her move for move. She withdraws then but returns, younger now and wearing different clothes. New music plays: tender, vulnerable, intimate. Finer feelings are broached. The Goddess as Maiden considers opening, trusting, marrying again. We yang emissaries remain constant in our suit. She touches my face as a blind woman might, to check if this person/species can be trusted. At last, she chooses: Yes!

We dance like lovers, in unison. The music shifts. She whoops in joy, her power undiminished. Our resolution also has endured. A Divine Child is faintly heard amid the celebrations. A seed has fallen: that of our 10th Wave, of 1 stepping out, born again, through the 0 of Void. Our music builds to a triumphant, ecstatic climax. It takes a while for us human participants to contain the searing grace of such marrying. In sacred time, the wedding night has passed when we come to. The Goddess has risen early, put on her finest clothes and gone to dance an ‘Alleluia’ in the Garden of the World. Exhausted but elated, we give beautiful expression to her joy.

The Last 13 Days

A sacred marriage has been seeded in Consciousness and the spontaneity of a Divine Child restored but it is not yet time to meet the Mayan 9-part god. Another 13 days must elapse before that appointment can be kept. To prepare, we meditate on the passage of these last days of all 9 Underworlds. This exercise bridges between 1 Star and 13 Sun, serving to link the two phases of our Play: the dropping of a seed of human awakening on October 16 and its fruition on October 28th.

We dance the entire sequence on October 16, using it as a bridge forward in time. Our aim is to engender  a sense of active participation, to ride the Wave instead of feeling left behind or disconnected. This makes it much easier to surrender graciously when we reach the last day. Odd-numbered days (1-13) are treated as Days and even-numbered (2-12) as Nights. Days are driven by music that elicits yang motions compatible with their specific energies while Nights are silent and yin-governed.

We then maintain the meditation on a daily basis by focusing on temple imagery and seeing ourselves on the appropriate step on given days, mindful of corresponding themes and open to felt energies of each day. The themes below were prominent in our enactment of October 16:

October 16/ 1 Star: a new opening to Cosmos, Mystery and the Wonder of Being, sparked by quickening of the Divine (Child) Seed within

Oct 17/ 2 Offering: give yourself into the flow of Night, aware of the ‘you’ that      surrenders into greater Unity until this ‘you’ is fully given and flow is All That Is

Oct 18/ 3 Dog: called out from the sleep of Night, persist consciously in the adventure of Becoming

Oct 19/ 4 Monkey: surrender again, allowing the pattern of your continued evolution to be woven unbeknownst, without reaction. (Let the consciousness of an open, spacious Heart be where there was unconsciousness before.)

October 19-20 marks the mid-point of the 7th Day. On this night, yield everything that is moving in you out to Cosmos and open to whatever may return during sleep and into the next day.

Oct 20/ 5 Road: open now to the power of Divine Will. Let it be expressed through you by following the impulse of your Heart while you rest at level 9, far side

Oct 21/ 6 Reed: let this energy continue to flow through, wherever it may lead, as you begin your descent from the top of the temple, down its far side to level 8

Oct 22/ 7 Jaguar: see your personal will carried by Divine Will in service to Earth. (Reflection is longer a case of un/witting projections but of articulated awareness that arises from opening beyond loops of former conditioning.)

Oct 23/ 8 Eagles: surrender your ego-story, reassured by a growing intuition that ‘you’ (it) are supported by a much greater story

Oct 24/ 9 Wisdom: the mid-point of our descent; will that Divine Will be done through you so that, when outer music of the Waves has been withdrawn, it will still be heard in you

Oct 25/ 10 Earth: bring this awareness deep into your Heart and relay it into the Heart of Earth, so it may manifest through Her

Oct 26/ 11 Flint: let projections abate as you start to remember I AM THAT I AM

Oct 27/ 12 Storm: let everything be as final details are blown into place

Oct 28/ 13 Sun: ascend in consciousness from sunrise to sunset on the last step down. This ‘ascent’ is metaphorical and comes of opening to absorb the highest ever energy frequencies on this day. Kneel, absorb, accept and release as appropriate.

From sunset we continue our descent from the last step (1 on the far side) of the pyramid down to the x-axis/ground on which it stands. Usually, we would continue down through levels -1 to -9 of the following Night but this option no longer applies. We must realise what it means to act from zero-point on the Line/ Arrow of Time.

For now, in order to complete our meditation of the last 13 days, we turn on the x-axis as (symbolic) mid-night approaches, look back at the 9-tiered wave/temple structure above us and draw down into our Heart(s) the energetic frequencies associated with all of its levels. By this means we facilitate a peaceful descent of the Mayan 9-part ‘god’, now fully manifest as Cosmos and on Earth.


The wave/temple is a visual metaphor. It is like what it resembles in some respects but unlike it in others. Nine-stepped Mayan temples serve an important purpose by high-lighting the idea of an ‘ascent’ through 9 ‘levels’ but there are other aspects that they don’t convey so well: e.g. the fact that each Wave has a frequency that is twenty times greater than that of its predecessor. In other respects, the image is actually misleading, especially with regard to the nature of the relationship between Waves/Underworlds.

They don’t actually stack on top of each other, nor do they nest symmetrically around a common vertical axis. Rather all unfold along one line (the Arrow of Time) and the fruition of each earlier Wave entails a seeding of its successor. Even if we allow that this process is triggered by a Cosmic Tree of Life, the effect on Earth is still mediated by immanent local structure. The general form of this arrangement is as below (7):

Each new Wave nestles within the 7th Day of its predecessor. Hence this pattern is replicated on 8 different levels of scale, with the ‘twenty times slower’ rule posing problems for accurate representation. Nevertheless we can envisage that at the end, as the influx of 13 Ahau energies completes, the last descending curves of all 9 Waves’ 13th Heavens will converge simultaneously on a particular zero-point along the X-axis that marks the Arrow of Linear Time. We will stand on this point at symbolic mid-night and integrate all finally resolving energies in that moment.

The temple atop our sacred pyramid has no role in this scenario. It is a place where we might go to meet ‘the god’ but this ‘god’ is also a metaphor and in the 9+9 template of the 9th Wave it’s not where we should be at the culmination of 13 Ahau, when it becomes One. This happens not at level 1 but level 0, on the invisible Ground from which our temple rises, the Ground of Being and the being of Earth.

Our meditation concludes on the x-axis at a point of absolute stillness/potential where yin and yang subsist in perfect balance, mirroring the accomplishment of our earlier inner marriage. It is neither Day nor Night. No ascents are mandated, nor descents. This is the Point of Creation, which is also found in the centre of our Heart(s).  I hope to be more explicit after our event of October 28-29.

Notes (all references are to )

(1) See ‘The 10th Wave – articulated Outline’ under Workshops.

(2) See end pages of ‘The Goddess Rising’ under Reports/Sacred Plays. Since the processes involved are trans-rational (not sub-rational), it’s inappropriate to attempt or expect to have them spelt out in neat propositional language. This doesn’t entail that our process is arbitrary or proofed against empirical validation. On the contrary, it might have failed drastically at any point. Not only did this not happen, many participants dreamt of children and giving birth. My own soul projected a baby girl who was born in a white dress (purity) with the ability to walk and talk! In a spiritually literate culture, this powerful sign would not be dismissed as woo-woo or the like. Also, the plays have continued to grow in scope. (In science, the robustness and generative power of a re/search programme would be acknowledged as an indication of its value and validity.) It is irrational to disregard insights they yield without experiencing the processes which give rise to them. There is a different kind of knowing involved, not a deficient approximation to the ideal of science.  See parenthesis, p. 5 above.

(3) See Introduction to ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ under Reports/Sacred Plays.

(4) See ‘Reflections on the 9th Wave’ under 9th Wave.

(5) See Grail thread under Articles and ‘Bali: Balance and Belonging’ under Reports/Sacred Journeys.

(6) Although I had a scientific formation way back, I was specifically directed at the start of Wave 9 to engage it as a healer-artist. See ‘Dreaming Day I, Wave 9’ under 9th Wave.

(7) The diagram is schematic and subject to limitations of software and skill. Strictly, the perpendicular should fall from a point two thirds way up the ascending curve and intersect its baseline one third of the way across. The x20 frequency differential is accurately represented.

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