The Return of Fairy


Early in February 2006 I had a strong intuition that the stone beings of Connemara would soon be relaying important information to me. On the day I felt this was to happen, I went walking in the mountains, tuning in to stones as I walked. My feeling was that I might meditate on a mountaintop and perhaps receive illumination in this way. It didn’t happen. On the way down I was feeling quite disappointed when suddenly I noticed a little valley that had never come to my attention before. Something about it seemed to be calling to me. I left my beaten track and went closer.

The valley was shaped like a horseshoe with layers of stone raised as if in tiers at its closed end. Facing these to one side was an imposing mound of rock and clay, grassy on one flank, poised like a dragon waiting to take flight. Both the mound and the tiers of stone called strongly to me, saying that fairies from all over the world would be coming here to confer and receive instruction from an exalted being whom I found myself intuitively  referring to as ‘the Over-lighting Deva of the Universe’. I had no idea what this meant but it is the expression which occurred to me. It resonated because it suggested that the intended gathering was somehow to have Cosmic as well as Earthly impact.

Suddenly then, I ‘saw’ the closed end of the valley reconfigured as a parliament of stone, brimful with fairy delegates. The Over-lighting Being would descend into the mound and communicate with fairies on the valley floor and raised rock formations from this vantage point. At first I was dubious. I had not been anticipating anything on this scale, especially not the sense I now had that this was to be an important event aimed – my intuition told me – at bringing about a new beginning for Earth and a renewed opportunity for human beings and Fairy to come back into a creative, mutually beneficial relationship.

My task was to prepare the venue to receive these beings. I shared my impressions with Tom Grace, who is very attuned to the fairy realm, and asked him to see what he could find. His guidance coincided with my intuition and confirmed my sense that the event was due to happen soon, beginning at the next New Moon and lasting until the Full Moon, February 28th to March 15th 2006. Since this was only a matter of weeks away, I began visiting the site regularly.

On my first visit, working with guidance from Merlin, I worked to cleanse the valley energetically and helped to build an etheric dome around it, as if for insulation. Then a vertical shaft, cylindrical and several metres in diameter, went in. This served to connect Heaven and Earth through the centre of the valley floor. My next task was to fill the valley with love energy that came very powerfully through my heart from the Heart of Father-Mother God. My sense was that this represented a new wave of Love directed from Source into our world, aimed at drawing confused and scattered parts back into a renewed mode of right relationship.

I felt myself to be part of this process and was often overwhelmed by the strength and beauty of the energies streaming through me. I was also asked to introduce myself to the stones, whose role would be to call the fairies to this place, just as they had earlier called me. I spent a whole day trekking around the upper rim of the valley before going down into its heart, greeting many huge stones that seemed to be waiting for me. Although I had no explicit sense of the exchanges involved, I could feel my heart breaking open repeatedly in response to impulses from these magnificent beings.

This process was repeated several times over the next weeks. Increasingly, I had the impression that my participation was required to exemplify the role of stewardship that humanity can serve in renewing links between Heaven, Earth and the Fairy world. I also had a sense that my frequent meditations at the Ocean were somehow feeding into this process, although it was not at first clear to me how. Then, while kneeling on the valley floor and looking back towards the Ocean, it became clear that the fairies retain memory of devastations caused by the fall of Atlantean civilisation and needed reassurance concerning the possibility of healing human tendencies that had brought this about. I did not know how this was to be achieved but I did know that my Ocean meditations were certainly concerned with remembering Atlantis. My feeling was that I needed to continue acting as an innocent link between Ocean and valley in this respect and so I did.

Eventually, it was time for the conference to begin. On the evening of the New Moon, the stones were singing, calling delegates in. I had a sense that many beings had gathered from many dimensional levels to witness this event. At one point I felt myself attuned to the energies of a pre-Celtic priest who had stood in this place long ago, calling on beings from all levels and dimensions to come and participate in a Great Dance to celebrate the inter-connectedness of All That Is. On this occasion, my intention was directed primarily towards calling the fairy beings in and extending a welcome to them from the depths of my own human longing to participate once more in a fully integrated Earth community.

Tom came next day and I brought him to the valley as we both sensed that he had a part to play in opening the proceedings. A light snow began to fall as we drew near. The fairies had already arrived but the Over-lighting Being had not yet entered the mound. We were drawn down to the valley floor. Many of the fairies were in bad shape and in need of healing themselves. They waited in trust as we approached. I was directed to a rock in the centre of the valley where I knelt and sang a healing song that reached into all members of the assembled community. Meanwhile, Tom channelled light to individual, badly wounded fairies. It seemed clear that a secondary purpose was to introduce us as trustworthy and beneficent humans. Snowflakes started falling as we worked. The fairies nibbled on them and were tangibly rejuvenated as a result. We left before dark with the intention of returning early next morning.

The next day was March, the first of spring. A blanket of snow had fallen overnight. As we walked a steep mountain path up to the valley, my legs started feeling heavier and heavier until it became a real effort just to lift one foot in front of the other. Tom, by contrast, was visibly energised the closer we got to our goal. At one point he just took off, moving with the energy of a young goat up the incline. I had no option but to follow very, very slowly. By the time I reached a spot overlooking the mound, Tom was almost in place. The Over-lighting Being had already descended and was about to begin an address. I felt rooted to the stone on which I stood, my lower body indistinguishable from it. Then Tom began singing the first waves of an oration, welcoming the fairies and assuring them that their assembly did indeed mark a new beginning for Earth. The Over-lighting Being was here to transmit information required to help set Earth’s unfolding back on course. Tom fell silent. The transmission continued energetically. Snow fell gently like manna. I witnessed all from above, my human body wedded to the consciousness of Earth.

Tom left later that day, his role apparently complete. I was to attend periodically for reasons that were still not clear. Then, on March 3rd, before my next visit, I experienced a profound opening while meditating by the Ocean. What happened was a full energetic recollection of the destruction of Atlantis. I experienced this as a human tragedy and as a tragedy for the whole earth community. My heart had to break radically to admit the grief of this recollection. I didn’t feel any wiser for this, just more open. Once it happened, however, it translated promptly into creative impetus required to prepare an event called ‘Earth Initiation’. This aims to facilitate resurrection of the Goddess in our time and also to restore a lived awareness of humanity’s true communion with Cosmos and Earth. I knew that the fairy conference was related to this development and vice-versa.

Next day I was due back at the valley. The fairies were engaged in a meditation given by the Over-lighting Being. I was directed to join in. I descended tentatively, unsure of what was to follow. Snow once more began to fall as I approached. I became aware again of the need for innocence on my part. I felt as if the deluge of Atlantis had washed my Heart and memory clear. I knelt among the fairies and received transmissions with them. Later, I offered them a heart-song on behalf of humanity and allowed them to check me out any way they wished. They came very close. Some moved over and through my body. Mostly they wanted more singing. Snow was still falling as I left.

I dream then of visiting ‘the other side’ and befriending a fairy child who asks to stay with me as the veil between dimensions falls again. S/he agrees to live in my heart. On my next visit, several days after, I am moved to participate as a Child. My inner ‘fairy child’ comes to the fore. Sensing this, the fairies want to dance and play. I oblige them on the soft, boggy ground for a long time.

My next visit is more solemn. I am asked to kneel as if in the role of that ancient priest and sing a healing song for the whole Earth, with specific reference to fairies, elementals and the destruction of Atlantean times. Healing energies from the Ocean flow through me as I do this. I can also sense energies of New Creation and Eternal Love gathering to the point of overflow, again and again, in my Heart. They pour out through the song into the valley and, from there, to all levels and dimensions of Being.

By the time of my next visit, proceedings have begun to wind down. The fairies are preparing to leave on the following night of the Full Moon. They have been directed to inform their home communities that the possibility will soon exist of coming once again into right relationship with human beings and to pass on all instructions received from the Over-lighting Being. As yet, I have no sense of what these entail. I am directed to attend for a closing ceremony under the Full Moon.

The next day is cold, windy and wet. Night continues in the same vein, overcast and very dark. If it weren’t for ‘innocence’ I might have been tempted to forego my appointment but I never was. The rain stops while I am driving to the valley. The winds drop as I set off along the mountain path, reluctant to use a torch because it doesn’t feel right. I ascend the steep gradients in utter darkness. My legs continue to feel heavy in token of what I now know to be a new relationship with Earth and Stone. I have no idea what the long-term implications of this condition will be.

The mound is serene and majestic in darkness, a crouching sphinx charged with the energies of higher worlds. I am directed to go down into the valley and walk a centre-line to the top of the horseshoe. I move cautiously over the wet bog. Silence is broken only by the song of a nearby stream and the sound of my boots squelching into unseen softness underfoot. The fairies are packed tightly on both sides of the valley, leaving a central corridor open for me. I lavish blessings and farewells on them as I pass, feeling a deep sense of love, reverence and kinship. They seem very devoted and appreciative in return.

I can’t remember exactly what happened when I reached the end of the walk, such was my altered state. I have a memory of singing and executing quite precise geometric dance steps, I think to honour and unite dimensions in the awareness of that moment. I turned back to face the mound then and sang my gratitude, very conscious of my position as a human being standing (figuratively) at the head of a legion of fairies drawn from all over the world. When I finished, I was directed to retrace my steps back to the mound. There I sang again of my gratitude and joy at having been allowed to participate in such an event.

When I turn back towards the packed fairy ranks, the moon is shining through a window in the cloud. I see the full splendour of her face. The valley is illuminated by a dazzling flood of light. The stones glimmer pale white. The energy of the assembled fairies seems to penetrate my Heart in a swift but gentle wave. I experience one final impulse from the Over-lighting Being in the mound, am thanked and asked to leave. A bright moon lights my path back to the world of electricity and cars. I feel elated and very, very tired.

March 2006

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