Dreaming A New Earth

     a sacred play in magic, music, story, dream and dance

                                  with John Graham

             Seville Lodge, Callan Road, Kilkenny, Ireland

                                 March 11-13, 2011



       We are too late for the gods and too early for Being – Martin Heidegger

The ninth wave of the Mayan calendar offers unprecedented opportunities for healing and creativity. It promotes Unity Consciousness and an ‘End of Time’. Both entail re-centring in the Presence of Heart awareness. This radically facilitates Earth’s ascension. Currently her way is blocked by a power of consciousness that we have exercised unconsciously till now. Our aim at this moment is to help Earth ascend beautifully by rising in consciousness ourselves, away from the separation focus of polarised mind into the integral unity of Heart.

This can render both our awakening and Earth’s sublime. It requires us to create in conscious alignment with Divine Will rather than unconscious divorce from it. ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ harnesses energies of the ninth wave to resolve difficult patterns engendered through pre/history. It also undoes a polarisation of Light and Dark imposed by dualistic mind. Healing this leads to awareness of Darkness as the Source of Light and of Existence as a revelation of Being/God-dess/What Is. In the course of this illumination, All is remembered as One.

Night 1      Introduction

AM1:        A Common Passion

                 Still Sad Music

                 A Time of Change

               Neighbour, hold me through this storm

                 Renewing Earth                

                 O Creator, Beauty Way

                 Over Nine Waves                 

                 Divine Consciousness                

                 Waves of Creation

                 The Ninth Wave          

                 Descent of the Time Lords               

                 Unity (prefigured)                                              

PM1:        Spanning the Thirteen Heavens

                 Deep is the Well of the Past

                 Earth after the Wars

                 House of Memories

                 Ruined City

                 In Beauty May I Walk

                 Portrait of the Goddess as a Young Woman

Night2:    Into That Darkness

                Monsters and Teddy Bears

                Unburdening Shadow

                The Heart of Darkness is the Heart of Love             

                Pearl of Great Price (The Birth of Light)

                Divine Child/Quickening

AM2:      Rebuilding the City of God

                Brave New World

                Entering the City                

                Angels of Mercy

                Rebuilding the City

                All We Have Been

                Sacer Facere (To Make Holy)

                This is my Body

                Heart of Compassion

                Making Holy

                Let Beauty Shine

                And God/dess Sings


PM2:      Unity Remembered

               Rapt in Gentle Folds I Sleep

               Raising Spirit Fire: Out of That Darkness

               Flowers for Mother (Earth Ascension)

               Existence Illuminates

               The Revelation of Being

Martin Heidegger was a twentieth century German mystical philosopher. Although his words were written only decades ago, they are almost two Underworlds out of date (in terms of Calleman’s Mayan Calendar schedule). We are no longer ‘too early for Being’. We can now remember who we are and what we have always been for. This is a matter of destiny, not function. ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ offers a platform for such remembering.

We begin by focusing our status as a representative group of human beings who will make this journey for the sake of all people and all beings everywhere. ‘A Common Passion’ focuses this intention to help us flow with the accelerating rate of change. We explore visionary means of renewing Earth and applying our highest creativity.

Our journey proper begins by evoking Divine Consciousness in its resting state, before Creation begins its great adventure ‘Over Nine Waves’. We dance these from first to last, ascending through the pyramidal levels of space-time to arrive fully in our present (Now), which secretes an intuition of Unity.

‘Spanning the Thirteen Heavens’ extends this awareness over seven ‘days’ and six ‘nights’ that make up the Creation cycle of the Ninth Underworld/Wave. Each Heaven shares the same energetic potentials as corresponding time bands in earlier Underworlds. Knowing this allows us to adjust effectively to changes in our present and also to heal dysfunctional patterns from our past by applying present awareness via a process of fractal resonance (1).

‘Deep is the Well of the Past’ activates this potential by allowing Consciousness to pervade earlier levels of the Calendar’s unfolding, sinking ever deeper into its ‘House of Memories’. ‘Ruined City’ is as a symbol for the impact of alienated human conduct across millennia and a focal point for healing intent. It ends by fostering a resurgence of something timeless and tender that got lot lost in the course of patriarchal history. To retrieve this, we must heal our relationship with Darkness.

‘Into That Darkness’ clarifies Shadow content with a view to restoring our innocence in relation to the Dark (2). Persevering, we find that ‘The Heart of Darkness is the Heart of Love’. We also find that the birth of Light happens from the Heart of Darkness/Love. This is established via direct experiential realisation and integrates overnight into our Dream for a New Earth.

‘Rebuilding the City of God’ gives expression to this Dream. ‘City’ evokes a vision of human community in right relationship with the Divine order of unreflective nature. It also serves as a healing corrective to the ‘Ruined City’ of our past. We remember an unfolding towards Greater Unity that has always been happening through pre/history but has only recently become part of our collective awareness.

‘Sacer Facere’ develops this awareness beyond human history to encompass a sense of all existence as a process whereby Consciousness-in-evolution comes to recollect its origins in Divine Consciousness. This transcends evolution and is the substance of an ‘End of Time’ predicted by the Mayan Calendar. It allows us to experience Unity directly in our Hearts, extending our sense of com-passion to embrace all levels of the process of cosmic evolution.

A ‘quickening’ happens as this occurs but it doesn’t just happen in us. It happens also in Existence, Cosmos and Consciousness/Being, of which we are integral expressions. ‘Unity Remembered’ brings these elements together.

It starts by recollecting Darkness as a benign nurturing state in which we can safely rest and truly awaken. We ‘Raise Spirit Fire’ out of this Darkness – in ourselves and from the Heart of Earth, overcoming histories of trauma which have suppressed it on both levels. This transformation triggers an awakening within Cosmos and throughout Existence. We focus our Passion to activate it fully, illuminating All That Is across time as well as space, igniting a Revelation of Being that must be experienced to be known. Once this happens it registers in Consciousness, embellishing Reality forever.

Our journey is not from Darkness into Light but of Darkness by means of Light, of implicit to illuminated Consciousness (3). Existence is the stage of this unfolding. It engenders opportunities for clarity, reflection and enlightenment that bring Love to Awareness and Awareness to Love. Simple yin-yang alternation models miss this point of dynamic balance, in which Life thrives. It is our highest destiny to realise a balanced interplay of Light and Love, radiating the bliss of their union to all worlds.


(1) ‘Dreaming’ could be enacted 13 times, each with particular reference to one of 13 Heavens (18 day periods) that make up the Ninth Underworld. This permits specific focusing on vertical tracks within the Calendar established by ascending sequences (levels one through nine) of first days and first nights, second days and second nights, and so on. See ‘The Mayan Calendar: History, Purpose, Applications’: http://www.sacredplay.info/articles/themayancalendar-historypurposeapplications/  and 

‘13/1’: http://www.sacredplay.info/articles/13-1-of-consciousness-and-convergence/

(2) See ‘Darkness and Shadow’: http://www.sacredplay.info/articles/shadow-and-darkness/

(3) Within frames of human intelligibility, Darkness is a metaphor for implicit Consciousness: as it was ‘before the Beginning’. Light serves as a vehicle for the self-illumination of implicit Consciousness such that it becomes articulate, reflexive and lucid within a context of Mystery. Mystery is ineradicable in any frame of understanding because ways that can be spoken are not the true Way. Unity can only be known by Heart, beyond words and wilful operations of Mind.

John Graham Ph.D. has thirty years experience teaching philosophy and psychology. He also has thirty years experience of tai chi, martial arts and other dance/movement forms.

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