Living from Heart

          a sacred play in magic, music, story, dream and dance

                               with John Graham                                                                                                                     

  Seville Lodge, Callan Road, Kilkenny, November 19-21, 2010      

Heart is our place of Balance, Stillness, Dynamism, Love and Truth. It is a focus for spiritual communion, linking us to threads of Origin, Destiny and All That Is in Existence and Being. It is where God/dess sensibility becomes accessible to our centres of differentiated consciousness. To live from Heart is to be NOW, active in a vital stream of flowing Presence, expressing who we truly are and what we are for.

Our play establishes this awareness over a series of carefully graduated meditative stages. Starting from a review of core patterns in our early formation it builds to a celebration of ‘the impossible transcendence of I AM’. This entails direct experience of an untrammelled, unconditional Love that is forever reaching out, holding close and dreaming alive.

It aligns us with the essential trajectory of our creativity, locating this within the flow of Divine Creation as we approach a culminating Shift of Ages in ‘2012’. This process is clarified with reference to insights from the Mayan Calendar and Western Grail traditions. We learn that to live from Heart is to participate creatively in the great unfolding of What Is.

Night 1           Introduction: Love That Is

AM1               Love That Grows: Soul Arises in the Dream of God

                       A Great Calling Forth

                       Song of Innocence

                       Experience and Transformation

                       Duality (Our Wounding)

                       Exile and the Passion

                       Love That Reaches Up: Personal Mother/Goddess Dreaming

                       The Mother’s Spell

                       Mammy do you love me?

                       Rites of Passage

                       White Wo/Men Weep

                       Mother Beyond Mother

PM1               Love That Reaches Down: Absent Father, Hidden God

                       House of Many Mansions

                       My Father’s Hand

                       What place is this (I want my Daddy)?

                       Sorrow of the World

                       God Pours Light

                       Love That Reaches Out: Twofold Grail and the Flowering of Life

                       Echoes of Before

                       Divine Parents

                       Sacred Wound

                       Grief Becomes Redemption

                       Courage to Receive and Express

Night 2           Love That Reaches Back: Divine (Christ/a) Child in Time                      

                       Born Again of Water

                       At Play in the Garden of the World

                       Tear Down the Walls

                       Reweaving Soul                     

                       My Father’s Hand (2)

AM2               Love That Reaches In: Conscious Realignment with Source

                       Straying Maps the Path

                       Song of my Soul

                       The Point of Creation

                       Holy Breath

                       In My Heart Whole Worlds Are Made

                       Love That Reaches Through: Conscious Co-creation from Source

                       Flow: Entering/Engaging

                       Breaking Diamond Seals

                       The Way of Heaven

                       Riding Winds of Time

                       Whole Being Prayer

PM2               Love That Is (More): The Impossible Transcendence of I AM

                       Out of This Madness

                       What is my Com/Passion?

                       Surfing Waves of Oneness

                       Birthing a New Sun

                       A Light unto All Worlds

John Graham Ph.D. has thirty years experience as a teacher of philosophy, psychology and movement. To secure a place, please send a deposit of 75 euro by end September to Carrowmore Lacken, Ballina, Co Mayo. For information, email or call +353-(0)86-2100772.

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