Over Nine Waves

                     The Mayan Calendar and the End of Time

               a sacred play in music, story, dream and dance

                                     with John Graham

                          Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland

                                     July 16 – 18, 2010

The Mayan Calendar is coming to an end. The last of nine Waves of Creation which govern its unfolding is set to begin in March 2011. Its onset will trigger a rapid acceleration in the rate of evolutionary change, for which humanity needs to prepare. Towards this end a global event known as ‘Conscious Convergence’ is being staged on July 17-18, 2010. These are key dates during which an anticipatory pre-wave will begin to impact our consciousness. ‘Over Nine Waves’ is an Irish contribution to this worldwide manifestation. It offers an experiential programme that blends sacred movement practice with Calendar lore to integrate us into gathering energies of the most powerful inspirational surge ever to hit our planet. Consistent with the theme of the ninth wave, our focus will be on fulfilling personal creativity and purpose with regard to the ever-more empowering Flow of Creation. A full briefing will be given as part of the week-end, together with joyous experiential immersion.

Night 1:      Introduction

AM1:         The Dream of God

                  Divine Consciousness

                  Falling Through Dimensions

                  Earth Awakening

                  Towards Light

                  With Eyes of Spirit

                  Farewell to the Garden

                  Conscious Realignment with Source

                  Wizard Goes Backwards

                  Song of my Soul

                  The Point of Creation

                  Holy Breath

                  In My Heart Whole Worlds Are Made

PM1:         Conscious Co-creation from Source (1)

                  Flow: Entering/Engaging

                  Breaking Diamond Seals

                  The Way of Heaven

                  Riding Winds of Time

                  Whole Being Prayer

                  Conscious Co-creation from Source (2)

                  What is my Com/Passion?                 

                  Sword of Light/Cup of Love

                  Surfing Waves of Oneness

                  Birthing the New Sun

                  A Light unto All Worlds

Night 2:    The Examination of a Life

                 (What is my Passion-Purpose -Freedom-Creativity-Gift?)

                  Pan-Celtic, Trans-Global Fire Dance

AM2:        Over Nine Waves

                 Divine Consciousness

                 The Tree of Life

                 Waves of Creation

                 The Ninth Wave           

                 Descent of the Time Lords/Apotheosis               


                 A Common Passion

                 Still Sad Music

                 A Time of Change

              Neighbour, hold me through this storm

                 Renewing Earth

                 O Creator, Beauty Way


PM2:        The Marriage of Heaven and Earth                

                 Big Bang, Great Wave(s)

                 Womb of Earth

                 Her Inner Being

           And Sun will Bless this Day

                 Monkey Mind (Tree of Knowledge)

                 One Heart Beating (Tree of Life)

                 Galactic Consciousness

                 Mother Universe


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