Raising the 7th Heaven


Below is a notice of recent work. I call it a Sacred Play because it aligns with the Flow of Creation, which manifests the unfolding of Divine Consciousness/Creativity in time. There is a spark of this Consciousness/Creativity in us all. Engaging it in Sacred Play, we participate actively in the process of Divine Creation, surfing its waves and freeing its potentials simply by expressing them. All named sections are matched to music, linked by story and enacted through dance. This serves as a powerful means to awareness. The practice is embodied, full-brained and whole-Hearted. Immersion in it cues realisation of our creative power as vessels of Divine Self-remembering, which is exactly the quality of human stewardship that the Mayan Calendar now calls for.

‘Raising the 7th Heaven’ is planned for the first weekend of July, to coincide with the crest of the 4th Day/7th Heaven of the Mayan Calendar’s 9th Wave. This marks the mid-point of the Wave as a whole, its ‘Proliferation’ stage, during which the most concentrated surge of the most powerful energies ever to inform our planet will impact. We will engage the energies of this 4th Day as they approach their zenith and, following them, make of their passage a prayer – an aspiration on behalf of All – from the top of a Sacred Mountain at the time of their peak expression. We will then integrate returning inspiration into our Hearts and relay it back to the Heart of Earth and What Is.

Excepting our title sequence, the music and structure of ‘Raising the Seventh Heaven’ will be similar to that of ‘Dreaming a New Earth’, which marked Day 1 and onset of the Wave as a whole. That said, the energy and narrative of the event will be different, as in a leap from softest whisper to loudest roar. Schematic representations of the Wave see it as a uniform succession of Days/Nights. This is misleading in that the flow of energies across the sequence of 13 Heavens is not uniform. We now have for the first time an opportunity to track the energetic unfolding of a Wave by experiential means. It is no accident that this arises in relation to the 9th Wave of Great Remembering.

The 7th Heaven marks its point of maximum power. The ‘Raising’ of our title entails a Raising in consciousness. No 4th Day in all pre/history will ever have been celebrated with such focused awareness. And because this happens in Existence and in Being (as we do), our Raising of consciousness in time also entails a Raising of Consciousness beyond time. This event will create a further bridge towards the integration of these formerly sundered but properly integral modes of awareness so that the Divine can awaken in time and, knowing the place for a first time, reflect in joy ‘I AM that I AM!’ This awakening of Divine Consciousness in time is the End of Time that the Mayan Calendar foresees.

Understanding this is not the same as realising it. It would be a great boon to have realisation in place in time for our observances of 2012. Please find a notice of the planned event below:

                          Raising the Seventh Heaven

        a sacred play in magic, music, story, dream and dance

                                  with John Graham

       Star of the Sea, Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, 2-4 July 2011

      The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
      Drives my green age
– Dylan Thomas

The final wave of the Mayan calendar offers unprecedented opportunities for healing and creativity. It promotes unity consciousness and an ‘End of Time’. Both entail re-centring in the Presence of Heart awareness. This radically facilitates Earth’s ascension. Currently her way is blocked by a power of creative consciousness that we have exercised unconsciously till now. Our aim at this moment is to help Her ascend beautifully by rising in consciousness ourselves, away from the separation focus of polarised mind into the integral unity of Heart.

This renders our awakening and Earth’s sublimely peaceful. It requires us to create in conscious alignment with Divine Will rather than unconscious divorce from it. ‘Raising the Seventh Heaven’ integrates energies of the final wave at its point of greatest power and highest impact. It clarifies difficult patterns engendered through pre/history and undoes a polarising of Light/Dark imposed by dualistic mind. It also leads to awareness of Darkness as the Source of Light and of Existence as the self-revelation of Being/God-dess/What Is. In the course of this, All is remembered as One.

Night 1      Introduction

AM1:       Over Nine Waves

                 Divine Consciousness                

                 Waves of Creation

                 The Ninth Wave          

                 Descent of the Time Lords               

                 Unity (prefigured)                                             

                 Spanning the Thirteen Heavens

                 O Creator, Beauty Way

                 The Cycle of Creation

                 Nights and Days

                 A Terrible Beauty

                 Sowing, Proliferation, Fruit                                

PM1:        Deep is the Well of the Past

                 Earth after the Wars

                 House of Memories

                 Ruined City

                 In Beauty May I Walk

                 Portrait of the Goddess as a Young Woman

                 Raising the Seventh Heaven               

                 The Force That through the Green Fuse Drives


                 Flame-tipped Spears

                 Zenith: the Height of the Sun


Night2:    Into That Darkness

                Monsters and Teddy Bears

                Unburdening Shadow

                The Heart of Darkness is the Heart of Love             

                Pearl of Great Price (The Birth of Light)


AM2:      Rebuilding the City of God

                Brave New World

                Entering the City                

                Angels of Mercy

                Rebuilding the City

                All We Have Been

                Sacer Facere (To Make Holy)

                This is my Body

                Heart of Compassion

                Making Holy

                Let Beauty Shine

                And God/dess Sings


PM2:      Unity Remembered

               Rapt in Gentle Folds I Sleep

               Raising Spirit Fire: Out of That Darkness

               Flowers for Mama (Earth Ascension)

               Existence Illuminates

               The Revelation of Being

John Graham Ph.D. has thirty years experience as a teacher of philosophy and psychology. He also has thirty years experience of tai chi, martial arts and other dance/movement forms. For information please email john8graham@gmail.com.

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