Return of the Ancestors

                                with John Graham                                                                                                                     

  Seville Lodge, Callan Road, Kilkenny, February 26-28, 2100             

Indigenous prophecy relates that it is time for wo/men of wisdom to return to Earth. The mission is to facilitate her Ascension and humanity’s. We assist this process by aligning with the passion and learning of all who have gone before us across genetic and cultural streams in which we have previously incarnated. One purpose of such remembering is to mediate between diverse traditions so that a species-wide Unity Consciousness may be forged, especially between ancient and modern peoples.

This is achieved by undertaking feats of deep remembering. Potentials so released are activated as attainable destinies in humanity’s collective consciousness. We begin by remembering the Dreaming of Existence out of Void, how Spirit entered Cosmos, manifested Earth and came to see with physical eyes before getting lost in reflections. We then disperse symbolically over four directions of the Cross of Matter, charged with retrieving and rebalancing essential gifts of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

These elements sustain us in form. Bringing them into right relationship allows us to intuit Essence: to remember what we are and what we are for. We are then ready to let Ancestors become present through us. After due preparation, we enter a ‘Cave of True Remembering’ intent on recalling what it means to be ab-original: from the Origin, or Source. We carry this remembering into sleep, where it builds through dreams and Dreaming towards manifestation.

Thus empowered, we call on Ancestors of this country to merge their vision into our awareness, so that the promise of its highest dreaming may be restored. We then universalise this mergence via a process of ‘Awakening in the Heart’ which prepares us to live consciously, carrying forward the passion of all our Ancestors so that our true purpose as human beings may be realised on Earth. (‘Living from the Heart’ will bridge this accomplishment into the conduct of our so-called ordinary lives.)

Night 1: Introduction


Dreaming Earth Alive             Infinite Void

                                                The Dream of Earth                                                 

                                                Falling through Dimensions

Earth Essence                          Earth Awakening          

                                                The Dawn of Light

                                                With Eyes of Spirit

                                                Our Wounding


Water Essence                        Oceanic

                                                Woven out of Mist

                                                Water Temple

                                                Re/Living Atlantis                                                



Fire Essence                            Building a Temple of Fire

                                                Another Myself

                                                With Beauty Shining

                                                Eternal Flame

                                                Burning Ground                                                

Air Essence                             Temple of Winds

                                                The Coming of Solar Birds

                                                Flight of the Condor

                                                Heart of the Sun

                                                Ones we have been waiting for

Night 1

The Fifth Element                  Ab Origine                                                  

(Quintessence)                       Grandmothers’ Council

                                               Cave of True Remembering

                                               Seeding a New Sun                                              

                                               Womb of Earth


A Dream of Ireland (1)          Raising Spirits

                                               Giants Walk this Land

                                               Healing Trails of Tears

                                               New Morning

A Dream of Ireland (2)          In-Essence

                                               The Tribe Remembers

                                               Journey Beyond Time



Awakening in the Heart         E/mergence

                                               Dancing Polarities

                                               Raising Inner Sun

                                               Heart Song

                                               Return of the Ancestors

                                               Soul Communion/Home

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