The 10th Wave: articulated outline


‘The 10th Wave’ is an extended healing ritual to facilitate our passage through End Times of the Mayan calendar. This outline describes its transformational process and offers a preliminary rationale.  I will provide a full account after the event.


Part of the fruition process for every Wave in the unfolding of the Mayan calendar has been the sowing of a seed that initiates the launch of its successor. This has happened 95% of the way through the trajectory of all waves. A seed will drop on October 16. Its purpose is to sow the promise of a new humanity into our collective awareness. Its fulfilment requires a wakeful response and can be facilitated by people meeting to receive it consciously (1). The 10th Wave is a Sacred Play dedicated to this end. A group will meet in Ireland over the weekend October 14-16 to facilitate reception of the seed and on October 28-29 to embody its fruition.                                                                    

No literal Wave will launch on October 29. Instead, a species that has been favoured through all previous Waves will have an unprecedented opportunity to awaken. Up till now our task has been to co-operate with the energies of successive Waves more or less consciously but the cumulative purpose of all Waves is to carry us beyond alignment to a point of remembering our origins in Consciousness, thereby facilitating an awakening of Divine (Unity) Consciousness in time. This has been especially favoured by the 9th Wave. After October 28 there will be no Waves. It is our task to awaken sufficiently before this ‘End Time’ to find our own Way, having absorbed the energies of all 9 Waves.

                                The 10th Wave

               a sacred play in magic, music, dream and dance                 

Night 1     Introduction                           14 October/12 Cimi  

15 October, 13 Manik

AM1:       Over Nine Waves 

                Infinite Void            

                Divine Plan                

                Waves of Creation

                The Ninth Wave          

                Unity Prefigured                                                                             

                Spanning Thirteen Heavens               

PM1:       Deep is the Well of the Past

                House of Memories

                Deep is the Well

                Ruined City               

                The Aeon is a Little Girl (Playing by the Shore)

                Portrait of the Goddess as a Young Girl               

                Sacer Facere (To Make Sacred)

                This is my Body

                Heart of Compassion

                Making Holy

                Let Beauty Shine

                And Goddess Sings

Night2:    Born Again of Earth               

                The Calling                

                Man is the Baby             

                The Journey Home:

                Part 1 – Entrance

                Part 2 – Middle Passage

                Part 3 – Amen                                  

16 October, 1 Lamat

AM2:      Rebirth of the Mother              

                Hero in 9 Underworlds                             

                Skeleton Woman (Kali-Durga)




                The Last 13 Days               

PM2:      The Alchemy of Nine is One             

               Needle’s Eye

               A Dream of Love

               Light Becomes Her


               Love Is (Beyond Lover and Beloved)

               The Measure

               Sacred Space


               The Way that Can’t be Spoken

Our Introduction creates a context for the Journey and establishes all elements that need to be in place for it to happen effectively.

It’s not possible to stand on top of a pyramid without at the same time standing on its lower levels. Likewise, we can’t grasp the scope of our imminent transformation without a sense of All We Have Been. ‘Over Nine Waves’ recaps the sequence of 9 Underworlds, all of which complete simultaneously on October 28. This provides the necessary momentum and trajectory for our journey.

‘Spanning 13 Heavens’ brings our recap up to date and allows direct experience of the Mayan calendar’s basic genesis pattern. This presents development as a 13-stage process that runs from the sowing of a seed to its fruition. The fruit of the 9th Wave is our Awakening and is due now. ‘Spanning 13 Heavens’ brings us into our present and raises the question: what are we to do? The first thing is clear old wounds, individual and collective. Clearing these not only raises the vibration of our planet, it also brings us into new relationship with Her. Our Play provides a ritual context for engaging our species’ core wound: the dissociation of its fe/male, yin/yang aspects.

‘Deep is the Well of the Past’ lets us access earlier levels of the Calendar’s unfolding. We enter a Ruined City that has been devastated by violence many times. At its centre is found a sacred well, buried under the debris of ancient conflicts. Uncovering it, we hear the Voice of the Goddess rising from below. Digging deeper we each come upon a little girl, a Divine Child who has long been hidden from us. Taking her hand, you walk with her by the sea, opening to vast potentials of Consciousness from which she has been separated. At first she is wary but later starts to play. Tired, she agrees to rest in your Heart. Feeling safe there, she begins to sing.

Sacer Facere (To Make Sacred)

Touched by her innocence, you take her on a walk through all levels of the pyramidal structure of space-time, going intuitively where you must to bring healing and receive it. All the while, the Feeling-based awareness of your feminine soul grows stronger in your Heart. Returning to the origin of space-time you rejoin a group of fellow-travellers and move out through the unfolding of Creation, seeing it with new eyes. You witness the coming into being of many forms – plant, animal, human – and their falling away. Moved in your Heart of Compassion, you behold all evolution as a process of making holy, where earlier forms give way so that later ones can bear Consciousness further into existence, to a point where it becomes aware that it is doing so Now! Struck by the wonder of this and the Love that underpins it, you are filled with a sense of gratitude and beauty. Impelled to express, you let beauty shine as Goddess once more sings through you, this time with the voice of a grown woman.

[Our relationship with Earth is now transformed but the process is not yet complete. Every development on our feminine side needs balancing on the masculine. This brings them into new relationship and further transforms our relationship with Earth.]



Born Again of Earth

The trajectory of humanity in existence has been dominated for several millennia by its masculine yang aspect. Now it is time for new balance and new marrying. As a representative human group we journey to the Heart of Earth to deliver a prayer and plea for new covenant. To do this, we must first pass through layers of trauma which afflict her emotional body, imprinted there by virtue of our violence and neglect as stewards. As for any wounded being, parts of her find it hard to open and grant access to those who have been known as aggressors. We must bear all necessary expressions of her pain and rage – admitting, processing and releasing them on her behalf, thus re-opening a prospect of creative stewardship. Our earlier work qualifies us to secure entrance and make beauty of this preliminary dance.

We each find our way through the Middle Passage, feeling deeply what has been the Passion of Earth by virtue of a renewed feminine sensibility and resolved still to bring our formerly dissociated yang tendencies back into right relationship. Our journey is supported by the most gloriously passionate music I have ever heard. We ride the storm of Earth’s unsung wounds, her fury and her hurt, making Beauty of her sacrifice with reverence. This brings us to the inner chamber of her Heart/Womb. Will it open for us? A newly conscious dance between her Passion and ours begins until finally, the last veil is removed. She will hear our prayer: ‘Mother (Goddess/Beloved) … I am sorry for the suffering we have caused you. I love you and I thank you (x3). May we be forgiven and forgive. Let us make a miracle this time.’ Something essential opens in us as we speak these words, and in the Heart/Womb of Mother also. We are drawn in, enfolded and challenged ourselves to surrender. Resolute beyond ego fears of annihilation, we do so. A new music is heard, promising rebirth.


Rebirth of the Mother

We awake next morning in a ritual cave of the Mother’s Heart/Womb, intact but transformed. We carry a memory of having risen recently from depths to which we were admitted last night. Memories of lost music linger, as if in a dream. Then the dream dissolves and you are adrift, alone again on a barren plain – a Hero in 9 Underworlds, plagued by unprocessed traces from your dream and fated to experience while awake all the numbness and unfeeling which our species has forced upon the Body of Earth and forgotten.

You stumble through a desert of grey ash, half-sustained by memories of gratitude and beauty. If you are to re-marry Goddess consciously, there must be a test. You strive to hold awareness; to admit, make beautiful, give form. Every release summons new inertia. Undismayed, you persist. Suddenly Bone Woman appears, Kali-Durga, fanged and snarling, wreathed in skulls, blood dripping from her lips. The wrathful Goddess spits and hisses. We hold, hold, hold … and her appearance changes, from tornado to shimmering apparition. The music of her craziness abates.

She steps out, cautious but drawn, prepared to take a closer look and perhaps even engage. We must abide her reserve. This face of Goddess will not surrender lightly, nor suffer outrage ever again. She ventures a dance, half-mutual, poignant, seductive but steadfast in its power. You negotiate through movement: let us make a miracle this time. Her dance grows vigorous, assertive, erotic. She withdraws then, leaving you uncertain, but returns. A new music plays: tender, vulnerable, intimate. Finer feelings are broached. The Goddess as Maiden considers opening, trusting, marrying again. We yang emissaries remain constant in our suit. She touches your face as a blind woman might, to check if this person/species can be trusted. At last, she chooses: Yes! You dance, like lovers, in unison. The music shifts. She whoops in joy, her power undiminished. Your resolution also has endured. A Divine Child is faintly heard amid the celebrations. Our seed has fallen. The music builds to a triumphant, ecstatic climax.

It takes a while for human participants to contain the searing grace of such marrying. In sacred time, the wedding night has passed when we come to. The Goddess has risen early, put on her finest clothes and gone to dance an ‘Alleluia’ in the Garden of the World. Still feeling her feelings, we give beautiful expression to her joy.

The Last 13 Days

A sacred marriage has been seeded in Consciousness and the spontaneity of a Divine Child restored but it is not yet time to meet the Mayan 9-part god. Another 13 days (condensed Heavens) must elapse before that appointment can be kept. To prepare, we meditate on the passage of these last days of all 9 Underworlds. I can’t detail this in advance because inspiration will be of the moment but the exercise bridges between 1 Star and 13 Sun, serving to link the two phases of our Play: the dropping of a seed of human awakening on October 16 and its fruition on October 28th. I will share an outline to facilitate peaceful reception of these energies for October 16.

The Alchemy of Nine is One

Our meditation leaves us on the x-axis, at a zero point of absolute stillness and pure potential where yin and yang subsist in perfect balance, mirroring the accomplishment of our sacred marriage. It is neither Day nor Night. No further ascents are mandated, nor descents. This Point of Pure Creation is found at the centre of our Heart(s), from which All arises. The birthing of this Sun of new awareness will be empowered on October 28 (13 Ahau), when the creativity of Source can be discerned in the midst of its projections. For now, we recognise how the course of these projections has brought us to a point of reflecting ‘That Art Thou’. We remember the mysterious Alchemy of Nine, disclosing Cosmos as the image of God/dess in existence, poised to become aware of itself through us.  I will explain this as best I can after October 16 and 28. The first account reads back from external projections of Divine creativity; the second focuses inner experiences of it.


October 16-28 is an interval during which our connection is sustained by meditating on each of the Last 13 Days, knowing that each is attuned by fractal resonance with corresponding (1st, 2nd etc.) Heavens of all Underworlds. This presents unprecedented opportunities for healing. October 16-28 also marks the final trecena not just of the 9th wave but of the Calendar as a whole. This last trecena incorporates the last 13 days of all 9 Underworlds. It starts on 1 Star, where 1 signifies Unity and new beginning while ‘Star’ evokes abundance and cosmic vision. We absorb the seed of this potential on October 16/1 Star and follow its maturation through the last 13 days of all Underworlds, mindful that these correspond to the 13 Heavens of a 10th Wave and resonate with those of the previous nine. This correspondence is not just fanciful.

The 13 days of a trecena share in the 7 Days/6 Nights structure of the 13 Heavens of all Underworlds. Thus the empirical order of our lived experience finally converges on the paradigmatic structure of the Calendar’s underlying genesis pattern. A last healing review of all Underworlds can be undertaken through this period by anyone who approaches with awareness. This allows us to tend the seed of our new humanity mindfully through 13 qualitative stages (Heavens) of development from sown seed to mature fruit. The last episode in our sequence anticipates an encounter with a 9-part ‘god’ on October 28/13 Ahau, when the highest quantum state of the Universe is attained. What happens next is our responsibility. Having been carried by Waves of Creation through all stages of existence to date, it will then be time for us to fly alone.

The gift of a virtual 10th Wave is that it gives us an opportunity, having incorporated our new seed, to attend to its development over the last 13 days (Heavens) of the calendar’s 16+ billion year unfolding. This allows for a final review, utilising energies of fractal resonance and the genesis pattern of 7 Days/6 Nights to clarify residual issues associated with all Heavens of all Underworlds.  The calendar’s core organising principles converge at its end in preparation for our meeting with a ‘9-part god’. This is enacted ritually in our gathering on October 28th and channelled forward to assist all that is yet to manifest. Our second gathering also provides a structure to facilitate transition from 13 Ahau into 1 Imix (Crocodile). It is auspicious that the highest quantum state of the Universe should transition directly into 1 Crocodile in view of our need to integrate ‘reptilian energies’ associated with our ‘dark side’ (2).

October 28, 13 Ahau:   The Last Day

In Calleman’s words, October 28 marks ‘the highest quantum state of the Universe’. In the language of Mayan mythology, it is the day when a 9-part god will ‘manifest in full regalia’, signifying the end of a creative cycle that has been carried by 9 Waves over 16.4 billion years. These frequencies must be sustained by those who are capable of ‘meeting the God’ and embodying them in a climate of ambient fear. Our task will then be to build a culture based on principles of Unity and Love. We start by bridging the energies of October 28 (13 Ahau: Ascension/Enlightenment) into a healing recap of our species’ evolutionary ascent. This entails redeeming our ‘Fall’ and integrating spurned reptilian energies associated with it. It is perfect that this happens on 1 Imix.

PM1:       Introduction

Night 1:  The Last 13 Days (review)                             

               Meeting the 9-part God              



               One that Lives              

               The Sun at Midnight

               O Creator, Beauty Way

October 29, 1 Imix (Crocodile):    The First Day

AM1:     Falling Through Dimensions

              One(s) who Fell to Earth

              God/dess Awakening

              Crocodile Rock

              Saint Dragon

              Grandmothers’ Circle

AM2:     Remembering Origin             

              In Stone and Soil

              Out of the Ocean

              Eyes of Spirit, Hawks of War

              Peoples of the Book

              Of Exile and Passion

AM3:    From Alignment to Source


             Return to Source

             Raising Inner Sun

             The Breath of God

             Coming Forth by Day

PM1:     Unity in Motion

             A Great Awakening

             Raising the Flame

             The Flowering of Earth (Ascension)

             Existence Illuminates

             The Revelation of Being

The aim of our second phase is to carry to fulfilment the seed of new awareness engendered in phase one. Revisiting ‘The Last 13 Days’ allows us link these phases and integrate interim developments. This prepares us for ‘Meeting the 9-part God’ of Mayan tradition and, more importantly, for direct experience of the Unity (One) that lives through all forms. ‘The Alchemy of Nine is One’ has prepared us for this. Then, approaching 12 pm, as 13 (Ascension) becomes 1 (Unity), we experience the mystical initiation of a ‘Sun (Ahau) at Midnight’. This not only fits perfectly with the climactic scenario implied by the Mayan profile of 13 Ahau – raising a Sun of new awareness – it also resonates deeply with many other mystical traditions.

The next day, the first after the End of Time, is 1 Crocodile. Our purpose is to relate the enlightenment energies of 13 Ahau/October 28 directly to themes of October 29. 1 Crocodile implies a new beginning for human consciousness and Consciousness on Earth. This is best facilitated by applying our highest spiritual insight to our species’ age-old problems with primitive ‘reptilian’ (Crocodile, Dragon, Serpent) energies. A widespread repression of these energies in the interests of power cabals is the Sacred Wound that led to our Fall. It imposed the guilt, shame, addictions and dependencies of abused Inner Children upon the innocent spontaneity of every Divine Child, which our group has played hard to retrieve. Today will see a fulfilment of these efforts.

We start by ‘Falling Through Dimensions’, remembering how Consciousness ‘fell’ to Earth and became vested in matter. We echo its awakening here as a crocodile might respond to Dragon lines (Earth meridians), registering impulses and prompts, being driven by them, stimulated, challenged, expanded. Consciousness rises through us as a result, mimicking patterns of reptilian evolution as we drag our dinosaur tails to a point where marshalling such energies permits the establishment of a spiritual culture. This develops through ‘Saint Dragon’ and ‘Grandmothers’ Circle’ into what Calleman calls the Regional Underworld.

The Unity Consciousness of the Regional Underworld is compact and circumscribed. Thus evolutionary passage beyond it was always warranted. Our next cycle sees a modern group, cognizant of what must come in future time, consciously restage a pre-historic ritual in which our Regional ancestors remember origin and their connections to it. We recap their sense of flow and presence, nesting it within our post-9th Wave individuated awareness. We then enact the motions of energy/consciousness ‘In Stone and Soil’ and ‘Out of the Ocean’. We experience the wonder of Spirit as it looks out through animal eyes, especially with regard to a species that grows awe-struck by all that can be seen. Then ‘Hawks of War’ bring violence to our Region.

We invite memories of derailment of our species’ native (pagan) forms of spirituality by ‘Peoples of the Book’ – Judaism, Christianity and Islam: all monotheistic religions associated with conflict, righteousness and patriarchal institution. Instead of recycling pain and bitterness associated with this, we hold a sense of primal integrity retrieved by virtue of our work and make beauty of whatever dissonant traces arise, honouring also the beauty produced by these traditions. The sanctity of our kundalini Dragon remains intact as our Play focuses a Passion that has brought us Home rather than the experience of Exile (yin/yang, fe/male, nature/culture dissociations) which made this necessary. We then negotiate the transformation of our renewed spiritual awareness away from a sense of being aligned with a Source outside us to a finding of this Source in our own Hearts. I will write about this after the event.

We end with a ritual sequence (Unity in Motion) that could be enacted any time after October 28, since the highest quantum state of the Universe will persist thereafter. This celebration offers a direct means to experience Unity Consciousness, allowing us to grasp directly how Existence illuminates the Revelation of Being. These words mark a Beginning as well as an End (3).



(1)   October 16 is correct to the nearest whole day, counting 6.3 days out from October 11, when the 7th Day begins. This dating is opportune in that it marks the start of the final trecena. It also expresses a power of human creative intent that becomes crucial from October 29. The ‘falling seed’ acknowledges the creative role of the immanent aspect of Divinity in time, meaning that creativity in our world is fuelled by developments that arise here as well by provisions made Beyond. It is time now for us to cultivate this potential and start bringing forth our latent powers of divine creativity while there are still ‘Waves’ to support us.

(2) See ‘The Politics of Spirit’ and

‘Reflections on the End of Time’

(3) As with ‘Dreaming a New Earth’ at the beginning of Wave 9, I expect a huge influx of inspiration after this event. May ‘The 10th Wave’ be known by its fruits rather than prejudice concerning the ‘unscientific’ language in terms of which it is presented. My reports will make clear that all I have written is theoretically coherent as well as poetically cogent. It also supports and is supported by a practice that is empirically accessible.

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